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Justice For Adjani


Subj: Governor Jeb Bush, Freedom, Family, property

Date: 7/5/2000

Governor Jeb Bush
State of Florida
United States Of America

July 4, 2000

Dear Governor Bush:

I am writing to you in the faith that you will do something's besides have one of your aids read this letter. I am Aware of, Sila Hernandez - Nicholson, a citizen and resident of the state of Florida. I am aware of the Violations of her civil rights and the civil rights of her child, by the court system. I am aware of the Severe inhuman treatment to her, her child Adjani, by trial court judge Korda. As we just finished celebrating ' July 4th, 2000 This mother is facing losing her home on the 17th, of July, by being placed with her belonging onto the streets by the Sheriff.

Mr. Bush, do you believe this is America? Do you believe that we as American citizens have rights and those rights must be protected. The Florida Constitution, alone protect citizens, Then We have the Constitution of America, why be an American if, we have to live in a third world with horrible civil rights violations??

America protects the widow and orphan, not make them homeless, ripping their families apart...I would hope that, your office is a moral, Decent, office and that you as Governor of the state of Florida, will do the right thing to stop e the public selling of this mother's home, and restore her, her child, that she is being denied under color of law.

Mr. Bush, Your courts need oversight that will Stop the collusion and the dirty deals that are making mother homeless in your state and trapping them to take their children..

I fully understand we have abused children in this nation and in your state, we also have those in these position of power { Courts & child care } that are Abusing their positions, Families are suffering because someone is not doing their job..

Stop, this abuse, the oversight of these abuses and the power to stop them, investigate them does lay within your judicial duties to the citizens of the state of Florida.

Happy 4th of July { home of the free }

Alma J. Kidd

R. I. P

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