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Timeline of Abuse


The Beginning:

The Nicholsons were married August 31, 1990. Then, on May 11, 1992, Mr. Nicholson abandoned mother and daughter after abusing them both. Mrs. Nicholson was given an extended order of protection by Court and filed for divorce in December 1992, for "Extreme mental and emotional cruelty and physical abuse" and was, awarded Sole custody of daughter. Due to Mr. Nicholson's THREATS that he was going to Kidnap their minor daughter Adjani "Out of State" and not pay, childsupport.

However, after 9 months, against Sila's better judgement, she reconciled with her husband after he pleaded with her. She felt compelled to try again for the daughter's "sake" because, she did not want to deny her of a father's relationship. Due to Sila's, strong Cristian beliefs family values and morals, Respect of the Familia.

January 1995 - August 1996:

They moved to Florida.

January 1995, just 3 days after moving to Florida, Sila's beloved father suddenly dies of a heart attack, (he destraught Sila&Adjani were moving to florida) while he, vacationed in Colombia. Sila had to leave her new Florida house full of boxes fly Adjani's grandmother to take care of Adjani for, Sila to fly on Emergency basis to her country to bury her father with her Family. Sila, did not want Adjani to be traumatized seeing, her adored grandfather funeral. Upon, her return Sila was hospitalized for Cardiac sympstoms due to her father's death.

Then, in August 1996, the abuse started all over again. After she, had taken Mr. Nicholson in a 6 month world wind trips all-over Europe and Colombia prior to moving to Florida (in good faith, with her job injuries lawsuit won, Sila paid Mr.Michael Nicholson's Ex-wife 3 months Advance Childsupport as well, as Paid All expenses for his minor son from a prior Marriage in Dallas, to go with them) with their daughter Adjani for, their Family unity. (per avail canceled checks) Afterwards, Mr.Nicholson upon moving to Florida bank records reflect he Squandered and remove $80,000 from their joint bank account, leaving only $60.00 for mother and daughter, and walking-out on them, with no explanation.

September 1996:

Immediately, Mr.Nicholson "cut-off all utilities" in the Marital residence, without notice to Mother and Child with total disregard, that Monday his daughter Adjani was starting Kindergarten, the most important day in her life.

. Mrs. Nicholson got an order of protection from Ft.Lauderdale Judge Horowitz, and husband based on Established violence history was Awarded, "Supervised" visit with Minor child. NOTE: Mr.Michael Nicholson called Sila, left message in Answering Machine, that HE WAS CANCELLING HIS RIGHTS TO SUPERVISED VISITS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, which Deputy Brown listened to and evidenced in his police report on file. - Afterwards, Sila's case was "transferred to Judge Korda" court, when Sila filed for divorce because of Assaults and threats from husband and his girlfriend. Judge Korda, "ignored Active Order of Protection" and gave all rights, to husband.

October 1996:

Mrs. Nicholson's doctors requested "emergency out of state relocation" in the best interest of Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter. Judge Lawrence Korda Denied, request and locked mother and daughter (violence victims) into the same City and State with perpetrator. A grave Violation, of the VAWA Act Protection of Survivors, Mothers & Children of Domestic Violence, incorporated May 8, 1958, and honored by the Justice Department. Judge ORDERED CONSFICATION of mother and child PASSPORTS, because Mr. Nicholson is American. A VIOLATION OF THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT ACT GUARANTED TO ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, as are, this Mother and Child. (dual citizenship)

It was Mr. Nicholson that walked-out on his wife and daughter Adjani, and it was, Sila that stayed to nurture take care of her child's needs. Why does judge Korda, victimize Mother? /p>

In court, Mr. Nicholson falsely alleges to judge Korda, "She doesn't let me speak to my daughter." Sila's lawyer replies quote: "If you wouldn't have cut-off your wife and daugther's telephone and Utilities then, you could speak to your daughter. Because, of you your wife and child, are without utilities!" -- Sila begs Judge Korda, "Please help me your Honor", don't make us move, so my child Adjani wont' have to change prestigeous school with her friends to shield her from further, trauma or life disruption. -- Judge Korda, tells mother, "Tough, get over it! Learn to live homeless and destitute in Florida. Guess what, you aren't going nowhere. And get use to seeing your husband with his new lovers and teach your daughter to see her father with his new significant others because, as of today, I am awarding the respondent weekend visitation at his girlfriend's house. I am warning you, if you don't take the child to the police station to hand over to the respondent today, I will imprison you and take your child away! Am I clear on that? --- Motion is Denied."

Judge Korda with Respondent's lawyer, that owns Apartment buildings, make court arrangements, and Orders, Mrs. Nicholson and her daughter are forced to live in a drug and violence-infested apartment complex 3 bedrooms for $400 a month. "Without Sila, the Petitioner's, consent." However, Sila sold all her worldly personal assets, liquidated her savings, family inheritance, her childs college funds she had saved for Adjani just, to buy a house in a family oriented community with school 1 block away for her daughter's sake.

November 1996:

Mrs. Nicholson presented deed of newly purchased 3-bedroom home to Judge Korda and the, respondent. They were not pleased with Sila's good faith action.


Husband is taking child for visitation but arrives Agitated and instead, commits Assault and battery (almost hit and run) on mother, 5 feet from Ft.Lauderdale police department Surveillence, while child witnessed from the car, Crying for Mama. Despite "Active Order of Protection", nothing was done by the Ft.Lauderdale to Protect Mother and Child, they called it "simple misdemeanor." Despite, they talked to the Child, she Confirmed her father's violence. (Sila, has photos of bruises of this incident that, match date/time of police report) One incident, among MANY, of Violence committed by Mr.Nicholson against Mother&Child, "unprovoked". Violations of Order of Protection, VAWA "ignored by Judge Korda" and Florida Police. (Over 30 police 911 reports, on file ignored)

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