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September 26, 1998
Chicago, Illinois

Chief Judge Dale Ross/Judge L. Korda
Broward Family Courthouse
201 SE 5th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33301

Combined Case FL # 961328141/ Chicago DV # 92-D18247

Sent via FedEx (FedEx #8047186455846)

REQ: Appellate Mandate be Honored Mother&Child rights; Petitioner Continuance to secure comptetent legal counsel.

Dear Chief Judge Ross/ Judge Korda:

I would like to retiterate to the Court my written information, we gave to the GAL (attached) Sm. Dicicco dated, September 24, 1998. The critical fact that, at this point and time, I, the Petitioner left destitute by this action, is "not ready" to proceed unable to ascertain a lawyer for, my Defense and entitled rights. Accordingly, in advance, we are kindly informing the courts that, I, Petitioner am asking and need a "Continuance of any trial"/ or proceedings, without, my presence. I am diligently, seeking a lawyer for defense of my entitled rights. In accordance, with the PRIVACY ACT, I, Petitioner, SILA C. HERNANDEZ-NICHOLSON, "do not" consent or give authorization to invasion of my Private information by, Opposing counsel/respondent or the courts; nor future proceedings, without, me.

Meantime, we pray the court Mercy and justice, to Honor the Appeallate court Final Mandate decision. This case is, "reversed Vacated and remanded." --- Nulified dissolution of marriage all parties return to prior Status Quo Prior, to judgement. Asking for my Maternal Presumption rights be Honoroed with affirmative actions my full Custody rights returned to the fit Biological nurturing fulltime Caregiver Mother. I like my daughter Adjani, back.

I would also, like to make the courts Aware that, opposing counsel has "not" made full Disclosure to me, Sila Hernandez-Nicholson, on the basis that, I have been Forced to be my own Attorney against, my will in order to Protect, my child and my rights. "Entitled to all domestic violence victims, battered wife with children." Entitled full disclosure of all facts, that ascertain to this case. Case and point, new guardiams report Demonstrates (unfounded) Prejudice towards the, Petitioner fit Mother and favoritism towards the respondent with, "Established abuse violence history." Mother and Child denied, relief.

Consequent undue Distress, to compliant Petitioner presently with child. But due to violence circumstances and in compliance, denied relief and Protection and in great "fear for my Safety" and my unborn baby, I have been forced to seek help involuntarily in Chicago.

I certify this information s true and correct, Mother&Child seeking Justice.
PEITITONER: (signed)
Mrs. Sila C. Hernandez-Nicholson
c/o 6621 N.W. 22 Street, Sunrise, Florida 33313

CC: Mr. Hurtado, Appeals P.A
       Shepard respondent P.A.
       Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
       Dr. Partenio
       Dr. Alexander
       Chicago Loyola University Dr. Dell'Angela, Psychology Professor

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