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Adjani's Page

My Precious Child,
Adjani Katarina,
You're my Heart,
Forever My Life's Devotion!!

Mommy will Always be "Your voice" Protect love never leave you, my Sweet baby!

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Mother to her Precious Adjani

Hi, welcome To My Page. Please Help Me, I am, "Adjani Katarina" and I Miss My Mommy and want to go Home!! But We need your Help.

I am now, 9 years old. Court and judge placed me with the same people that are, Abusing me, I'm very Sad. I was Very Scared and CRIED ALOT, when they took me on Mother's Day from my, Mama and my home, they DIDN'T EVEN LET ME BRING MY BEAR! - And, I didn't even get to give my Mommy her Mother's day gift, I made for her! I was Crying so much, that the Police let me see and hug my Mama at the Police station in a tiny room and I was very Sad and Scared.

I WANT TO TELL THE JUDGE, that I WANT TO LIVE WITH MY MOMMY IN MY HOUSE but, THEY WON'T LET ME SPEAK! .~ MY Mommy and Int'l Websites Support groups are working real hard every day to help get me home Safe.

PLEASE WON'T YOU HELP TOO, so SOME ONE WILL LISTEN AND HEAR MY CRIES? Please "read my Story" , it will Show you All Court facts. Its simple, all WE NEED IS YOUR SUPPORT, FOR ME TO GO HOME TO MOMMY, WHERE I WANT TO BE (nadie) NOBOBY WILL LET ME TALK!! - I NEED MY MAMA's Loving arm- because, when I Hurt, it helps me know how much She really Cares. Cause the outdside hurt goes aways, but the Inside NEVER heals. READ MY LETTER HOW SAD it makes me feel, I want Mommy!!!

No Child Should Have
To Be Hurt The Same!

A Mother's Message
to Her Precious Child


You are my life. They can say anything they want, but, they can not take away this precious Love, that will Always be inside me, and You. The Loving Family Traditions of Our Culture and Heritage, that I taught you since birth. ALL the Happiness we Shared together all-over the World with Family and friends who Adore you and greatly, Miss You. For Our Souls are bonded, Forever. And the Lord will guide me, where I need to go for Help, to get JUSTICE for ADJANI in Peace and Happiness.


Your Mommy Loves You, Very Much.

Thank you for your time and Efforts to HELP this Child & Mother in Distress. Abruptly, disrupted their 8 years loving Bond never apart! Result of the Father's Perjury to court, without NO concern of Cruel Trauma, Harm to a Child& Mother. Incomprehensibly "Condoned" by Court. ADJANI HELD IN ALIENATION by FATHER SINCE Mother's Day 1997.....
          Made part of Cultural Genocide the court in FL. waged against a Spanish Mother for trying to Protect my Child from the Hurtful Abuse by Father's established Violence history.

In OUR CULTURE, Life's dear to all. We're Peaceful people, who REJECT VIOLENCE on Principle! EVERY CHILD HAS be loved by their...Mother & Father. A Basic Universal right, a Family Bond must be Respected!
          As Parents we must Unite to regain,our Child rightful place in the world.
           Not a minute goes by daily, that my Heart Aches Yearning to hold Love my Child Anguished for her!My Child is the Most important Part in my life, my #1 Priority!

My "ADJANI", NEEDS TO KNOW..this (Pembroke Pines,FL)..HOW MUCH SHE IS LOVED BY HER MOMMY & Family. Every Child needs to know this. MY DAUGHTER'S MATERNAL NEEDS ARE BEEN IGNORED.. Harm by Court! I'll NEVER STOP ADVOCATING CHILD birth RIGHTS, to have their Mother's tender, Nurturing Affection that Only her Mother, can give!

HELP BRING Adjani HOME WHERE SHE BELONGS, Away from the Abusers!! Safe in her Mommy's loving arms, where she Won't have to be afraid! A Mother's Love is a "priceless human value". I PRAY YOUR SOLIDARITY, Help bring Peace to the world to STOP ABUSE to our Children.

What You Can Do To Help

Please help "Justice for Adjani" Mother&Child Bond rights! Our Children are our "greatest treasure" in life, because, they are our past Roots, Heritage and Our Legacy. The most Priceless gift, you can Offer your Child and others, is our Loving presence Care, Support as often and as Long when they need "Your" help. And just by doing that, You already Offered some relief.

Don't judge others Until, you have Walked a Mile in some one else shoes, First! "When you show Compassion understanding, its Best medicine, Stops violence." Life's too Short, live & Let live, as a Society we Must Respect... All Cultural Moral ethics, family values, traditions...important to us all...Equally. WORLD PEACE DEPENDS, ON IT! Because, "Our Children, are the Future".

MY HERO is My Mother's Unconditional Love and Worldwide Supporters The first time, in our lives, Mother&Child in "great Distress" abused in Oppressive Violence, unfamiliar with Florida. I Knocked on MANY doors of the Florida system for Help to Mother and Child, to NO Avail!

Our Heroes, in Solidarity, the Worldwide Human Chain of Love and Prayers "Court Reform Groups", Family, Colleagues and Friends tireless efforts to help my Child Adjani&Me against,the injustice. How can we express our profound Gratitude for ALL the Nationwide Advocates efforts in Solidarity, of this Vital plight Protect the Children. Following this story since, Mother's Day 1997.. when, my Child was "illegally kidnapped" from my house, despite, I had Active Order of Protection against, Violence in USA. (Grave Violation, of the Violence Against Women Act) After enduring, financial, physical, emotional assaults by court and lawyers gross negligence. Mother and Child's Constitutional rights "Continue" utterly Violated. INCOMPREHENSIBLE, this SAD Spectable to innocent Mother&Child fallen thru court System Cracks. Our only, crime? "To Love each other." God Reward your Compassion, and Humanitarian assistance to help REUNITE innocent Mother and Child - both suffering, apart.

Gracias,Thanks, Danke, Mercy HELP ME I WANT MOMMY!!!

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