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Court Updates

February 2, 1999 COURT ORDERED:

  1. The Petitioner wife Motion to Set-Aside Judgment of October 1998, is Denied.
  2. The Petitioner wife Motion to RECUSE judge is, Denied.
  3. That, "Sanctions" be imposed "against Petitioner" for Respondent wages and Attorney fees.
  4. This is Abuse of process by Petitioner, waste of time of this Court.
  5. Therefore, Petitioner, wife is hereby "enjoined" from Filing papers, or causing papers to be Filed, from Appearing in the matter Pro Se (make a mother's Plea of help for her child) and will be imposed Sanctions unless; represented by an Attorney.
  6. And, it must be an attorney of the Florida Bar association, not another state.

October 21, 1999 hearing COURT TRANSCRIPT:

"The Petitioner, wife has NEVER had the Opportunity to Present her case facts, or to Cross-Examine anybody. More so, when it Concerned the Custody of her, Minor child, Adjani. It is important because, the JUDGE HAS NEVER HEARD what happened and Why, this case has gone as far, as it has and Why, things went AWRY. Three Years later, Still, the wife, has NEVER testified in a Final divorce hearing. - "There was NO notice of Appearance. There was NO service, to the Petitioner, sole Caregiver Mother." Petitioner, wife, was given NO notice of a hearing for, an "income Deduction Order" against, her Social Security injury Benefits pension which, the Respondent (a FEDEX courier) is taking more than, 65% of her ONLY Source of income. There is, equitable distribution that has NOT been addressed.

AND THERE IS A SMALL CHILD LIFE THAT IS, "HANGING IN BALANCE in PARENTAL ALIENATION" HERE! The Petitioner, wife, has NEVER had an Opportunity to Present any Evidence, that Show the Respondent's Established Violence history a Critical determine factor, in the "Best interest of Custody of her Minor child, Adjani". Who had never been apart from her Mother's nurturing NOT 1 day since, birth. The Petitioner, wife Motion for a "new trial" .so that, we can Present facts Testimony for her child, "Adjani's rights" - and EQUITABLE distribution was again, DENIED on, October 21, 1999. Judge Korda, visibly irritated by the Petitioner wife Supporting case facts, Judge SENT PETITIONER WIFE BACK TO APPEALS TO REVERSE HIM AGAIN. Quote, "If you Mrs. Nicholson, want Relief for your Child and civil rights." Note: (further Victimization of Victims, knowing each Appeal is $15,000 Usd to file) Despite, WE PROVED FRAUD perpetrated upon, the Florida court by Respondent lawyer and judge in collusion, via Petitioner legal evidence, hospital, 19 subpoenaed, FBI and witnesses that support Petitioner case and "grave undue hardship" inflicted, to a Disabled mother in great Distress Anguished for her Only Child, she adores." "THIS IS A REAL SHAME THIS CASE, Your Honor".

(Nicholson vs. Nicholson, FMC96-1328141)

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