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In My Opinion

Michael R. Alexander, M.D.

Diplomatic American Board of Family Practice,
Ft, Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A
Justice For Adjani Katarina - Florida #96-13281-41


RE: Sila Hernandez-Nicholson

The above has been a patient in our office since 1995. We at Dr. Alexander's office have been in close contact and friendship with Sila since this time. We do not usually get involved with legal matters of our patients, but in this matter we cannot stand by and let this injustice take place. Sila is a loving and caring person who loves her child very much. We all as mothers can feel Sila's pain. The only thing Ms. Nicholson is asking for her sweet child, who we know loves her mother very much. Everytime they were together there was a great bond between them, which this so called justice system of ours has torn apart.

The incidents which took place Dec. 24, 1999 put Ms. Nicholson and her family in severe distress. She came into our office on Dec. 29, 1999 stating just what took place to us. We are appalled at the way this woman and her child have been treated.

We in our office are of all different nationalities. We all speak with different accents and have no problems understanding one another. Sila can speak in several languages and English is one of them which is very easily understood. Everytime this woman makes another attempt to get her child, another wall is put in front of her. "This is very unfair." Ms. Nicholson is an outstanding human being, and I quote "HUMAN." What has happened to humanity in this country? Ms. Nicholson's main priority at this time is to see her child, not whether she is in love or is having sex. Since when does this make a difference to the court or anyone else in this matter whether she gets her child back. This is a crime. She is being raped by a system who is supposed to help her. What has happened?

We will not stop until justice is done. Our letters will go from the Governor all the way to the President. We will not stop until Sila is helped now. If we need to get the media involved, we will. As a matter of fact, we will work on that at this time. We want justice for Sila and her child and justice we will have. This family needs to go on with a happy life. Isn't that what America is about, as President Clinton states "Family Values" keeping families together. I am sure President and Mrs. Clinton will have a word or two in this matter.

"Justice For Mother Sila And Daughter Adjani Katarina"

Copies have been sent to the Senator, Governor, President, and First Lady.

Thank You,
(signatures on file)
L. Hampton, B. Tanner, B. Karatali, M. Simmons, J.D. Sen


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