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A Mother's Message to Her Precious Child -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY DARLING CHILD, ADJANI, Mommy will Always be "Your voice" Protect love never leave you, my Sweet baby! You are my life. They can say anything they want, but, they can not take away this precious Love, that will Always be inside me, and You. The Loving Family Traditions of Our Culture and Heritage, that I taught you since birth. ALL the Happiness we Shared together all-over the World with Family and friends who Adore you and greatly, Miss You. For Our Souls are bonded, Forever. And the Lord will guide me, where I need to go for Help, to get JUSTICE for ADJANI in Peace and Happiness. Not a minute goes by daily, that my Heart Aches Yearning to hold Love my Child Anguished for her!My Child is the Most important Part in my life, my #1 Priority! IT IS MY PROMISE UNTIL DEATH, I WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU. Your Mommy Loves You, Very Much. I Wait For You With LOVING ARMS And ALL MY LOVE!