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Weapons for Young Link

Fairy Slingshot

Use to hit enemies or objects that are far away. You find this in the Deku Tree in a treasure chest. If you use Z targeting with this you will be a lot more accurate. To get more ammo, cut grass or throw rocks and look for Deku Nuts.


Use it to hit enemies that are far away. It can also be use to collect Gold Skulltula tokens that are far away. If you throw it, it will always come back to you. This weapon is found in Jabu Jabu's Belly.

Deku Sticks

This weapon doesn't have too much of a purpose to it. The only good thing for it is to light torches with it. That's about it.

Weapons for Adult Link

Bow Arrow

The Bow Arrow works the same as the Slingshot but the Bow Arrow can only be use by the adult. This weapon is found in the deep inside the Forest Temple. Shot enemies that are far away. There are also special arrows that you can get for the Bow Arrow.

Set your eneimes on fire or activate torches that are far away. You get this in Lake Hylian after beating the Water Temple.


This arrow is just for fun. All it does is freeze your enemies. That is about it. You get this after beating the Gerudo Training Ground.


You get this in the Temple Of Time from the princess. All this is used for is to break the barriers in Ganon's Castle and you also use it in the battle against Ganondorf and against Ganon.


This is a good weapon to have around. It can kill enemies that are far away and collect Gold Skulltula tokens that are far away. It can also out you to far away places. It can also work underwater. Later in the game you get the longshot whick is the samething but goes twice as long. The hookshot you get after you beat Dampe's Race and the Longshot is in the Water Temple.

Megaton Hammer

This weapon is use to battle so of the Boss' in the game. It can also be use as a weapon and to activate rusted switches. This weapon is found in the Fire Temple.

Weapons for Young and Adult Link


Bombs are used to kill some enemies and to blow up some walls and to open up some secret grottos. The bomb bag is found in Dodongo's Cavern. But play Saria's Song to Darunia and he will give you the Goron's Bracelet then you can pick up bombs from bomb flowers.


This is a bomb that travels and blows up after awhile. It has a sticky bottom so it can go up walls. You can get this in the back alley at night in the Bombchu Shop, or kill 40 Gold Skulltula's and that is your reward.

Deku Nuts

Throw this and in a bright flash your enemy will be stunned. It does not work on all enemies. You get this in the Kokiri Forest.