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10 Main Bosses

Queen Gohma

Once you enter the room look to the top for a little light. Once you see it Gohma comes down. Z-Target her and once her eyes turn red shot her eyes and she will fall then strik her with your sword as much as you can. Then she climb to the top and drop three Baby Gohmas. Kill them and she will come back down. Repeat this until dead.

King Dodongo

Once you enter the room you should see him right away. To kill this boss, Z-Target his mouth and when he opens it throw a bomb into his mouth. When it blows up inside him, he will fall then go up to him and strik him with your sword. When he gets up again he will roll around, to avoid him stand near the lava in the center. Repeat this until dead.


This one is not that hard, it just takes long to kill him. First, throw the boomerang at the stuff that are conecting him to the roof. Once those are all cut away, he will send out little pods that circle him. Hit all of those until they are all gone and then once his whole body is shown, throw the Boomerang at him and then go up and strik him with the sword. Repeat this until dead.

Adult Link

Phantom Ganon

This eneimes first form is kind of hard. In his first form, he will jump from picture to picture. The problem is that there is a fake and a real one. The fake one stops at the picture and turns around. The real one will come out. Once it starts to come out, fire a arrow at it. Once you do this enough he will come off his horse and float there. Z-Target him and when he fires his magic at you, use your sword to fire it back at him. Once you hit him with his own magic, he will fall on the ground, go up to him and strik him with your sword. Repeat this process until dead.


Once you enter the room jump to the center platform and Volvagia will appear. It will pop out of the holes in the ground. Once it does go up to it and hit it on the head with the Megaton Hammer. Keep doing that until it comes out and flys around. Avoid the falling rocks and the fire it breathes. Do that until dead.


This boss is esay now that you have the Longshot. Z-Target the red thing inside of Morpha and pull it towards you. then strik it with your sword. If you get too close, Morpha will pick you up and takes away a lot of your hearts. Repeat this until dead.

Bongo Bongo

You should leave the Lens of Truth on the whole time while fighting this boss. While it is hitting the floor, Z-Target one hand and fire an arrow at it then Z-Target the other hand and he wil come after you. Shot it's red eye and it will freeze then go up to him and strike him with the sword. Be carefull, when he is not puonding he will come after you and squeeze the life out of you. Repeat this process until dead.


These two sister are hard in the first form. What you have to do is when one of them fires there magic at you, Z-Target the other one and fire the magic at the other one. Do this until they go onto there second form which is esier. Here they become one. What you have to do is collect three of the same magic (fire or ice) into the Mirrior shield and when you have three of the same the magic will get shot at her. Then you have to go up to her and strick her with your sword. Repeat this process until dead.


Ganondorf is very esay considering it is one of the last bosses. You should leave your hover boots on the whole time (you will see why). First you have to fire his magic back at him with your sword (just like with Phantom Ganon). When he is hit with his own magic, fire a Light arrow at him, then he will fall down onto the ground, then run over to him and strick him with your sword. When he gets back up go to where you were before. Repeat this process until dead.


This boss is one of the easiest bosses there is on the game. To kill him, in his first form, run up behind him on YOUR left because he always swings to the right and hit his tail with the Megaton Hammer. Do this until the ring of fire disappears then run to get your Master Sword by the Princess then go back into the ring of fire. In this next form he is a lot faster. Fire a light arrow into his face (use Z-Targetting) and go up behind him and strick him with your sword. Or instead of firing a light arrow you can just roll under his legs. Do this until the princess holds him down and she charges up your sword. Then hit him with it and enjoy the rest of the game.