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10 Big Poes

To find all of the Big Poes you MUST use Epona. Otherwise you will be too slow. Once you kill one take it to the Ghosthunter in the Castle Market. For every one you take in you get 100 points on your Score Card. If you kill all 10, you get your forth bottle. Tip: Listen to there laughs.

1. By that sign that says Hyrule Market.

2. By a tree in the North west area beside that little river.

3. By that lookout point near Kakariko Villiage, go under the lookout.

4. By that wall east of the Lon Lon Ranch.

5. By that Y shape path, there is a rock where the two paths meet.

6. In the south east section of Hyrule there is a brown tree with cutable grass by it.

7. There is a brown tree by all green trees in the south east section in Hyrule.

8. Beside the tree beside the Geroudo lookout.

9. There is a tunel like thing heading to Lake Hylian from Geruodo.

10. The tree at the entrance of the Lon Lon Ranch.