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100 Gold Skulltulas

10 Big Poes

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Bottle Items

Green Potion-Refills your magic meter.

Red Potion-Refills all of your hearts.

Blue Potion-Refills both your magic meter and hearts.

Lon Lon Milk-Refills 5 of your hearts. Two drinks per bottle.

Fairy-Get these from Fairy Fountains. Brings you back to life automatically after you die.

Poe-Sell it to the Ghost hunter in Hyrule Market for 10 rupees.

Big Poe-Sell it to the Ghost Hunter in Hyrule Market for 50 Rupees and 100 points on your Card.

Bug-Use it to get Gold Skulltulas out of soil spots.

Fish-Use it to open up Jabu Jabu's Mouth.

Blue Fire-Use it to melt the red colored ice.