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36 Hearts

1. In the Lon Lon Ranch, there is that house with all those boxes and those two cows. Move the boxes out of the way and enter the little hole. Young Link only.

2. At the mouth of Dodongo's Cavern, plant a Magic Bean there and travel up it as an adult to get a heart piece. Or as a kid move the bomb out of the way and jump down to the Heart. Young or Adult Link.

3. In that area that is fenced in infront of Lake Hylian, drop a bomb in the middle and go in the hole. Young or Adult Link

4. North west of the entrance of the Lon Lon Ranch there is a tree that has a different color. Drop a bomb there and go in the hole. Young or Adult Link

5. Go on top of Death Mountain and have Kaepora Gaebora ( the owl ) drop you off ontop of Impa's house and go in the hole at the side. Or hookshot on to the top and go in the hole. Young or Adult Link.

6. Hookshot on to the roof with that guy in Kakariko Villiage and talk to him. Adult Link only.

7. Have Dampe dig one up for you in the graveyard. Young Link only.

8. After finishing Dampe's race, play the song of time infront of those to blocks to move them and jump to the heart piece or use Boomerang. Young or Adult Link.

9. Finish Dampe's race under one minute. Adult Link only.

10. After getting 50 Gold Skulltula's get your reward in the House of Skulltula. Young or Adult Link.

11. Use the Magic Bean or the Longshot to go up to the box in the Graveyard and break that box. Adult Link only.

12. Go into the secert Grave and play the Sun's Song infront of the wall. Young or Adult Link.

13. Play the Song of Storms to the frogs in Zora's River. Young Link only.

14. Play your top row of songs to the frogs and beat the fly eatting game that follows. Young Link only.

15. Use the Cucco to jump to the Heart piece that is closer to begging of River. Young Link only.

16. Use Cucco or Hover Boots to jump to the Heart Peice near Zora's Domain. Young or Adult Link.

17. Finish the Treasure game in Market place. Use Lens of Truth to see through chests. Young Link only.

18. Win the Bombchu game when the prize is a Heart Piece. Young Link only.

19. Return Richard ( the dog ) to owner in allay house. Young Link only.

20. Play Saria's Song to the Lone Skull Kid. Young Link only.

21. Follow along with the two Skull Kids' song. Young Link only.

22. Light all the torches in Zora's Domain and go to the chest behind the waterfall. Young Link only.

23. Jump to the Iceburg with Heart Piece on it in Zora's Fountain. Adult Link only.

24. Melt the red ice with a heart piece with in it in the Ice Cavern. Adult Link only.

25. Using the Iron Boots to go to the bottom where Jabu Jabu used to be in Zora's Fountain. Adult Link only.

26. When you are flying beside the rough wall inside Daeth Mountain with the Bean Plant jump on the wall. Adult Link only.

27. Use the Bean Plant to fly on top of the thing with the Heart Piece inside Death Mountain. Adult Link only.

28. Throw a bomb into the Giant Spinning Pot in Goron city when the Pot is smiling at you. Young Link only.

29. Catch a 9-10lbs. fish in the fishing pond at Lake Hylian. Young Link only.

30. Touch the bottom of the Lakeside pool. Young or Adult Link.

31. Use Pierre or the Magic Bean to go to the top of the Lakeside Laboritory. Adult Link only.

32. Fly behind the waterfall in Geurado Fortress using a Cucco. Young Link only.

33. Fly to the box that is near the river in Geroudo Fortress and break the box. Young or Adult Link.

34. Use the Longshot to get to the chest on top of the Geroudo Fortress' Thevies hideout. Adult Link only.

35. Get one thousand points in the Horesback Archery game in Geroudo Fortress. Adult Link only.

36. Use Bean Plant to get on top of giant pelar infront of Spirit Temple.