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Biggoron's Sword

First go to Kakariko Village and talk to the lady who is by the chicken pen. Talk to her and she will give you a Pocket Egg. Wait for it to hatch and take the Cocco to wake up Talon. Once Talon wakes up, go back to the women. Show her the Cocco and she will give you a Cojiro. Talk this Cojiro to her brother in the Lost Woods (he is at the same spot as the Lone Skull kid was) by a tree. Use it to wake him up and he will take it and give you a Odd Mushroom. Then take the Mushroom to the woman in the store behind the potion shop. But with the Mushroom you have to hurry because it expires in a little time. Then she will give you a Odd Potion. Take this back to the same spot but instead there will a little girl there. Give her the Odd Potion and she will give you a Poacher's Saw. Take the Saw to the Carpenter in Geroudo Valley. Give it to him and he will give you a Broken Goron's sword.

Take the Goron sword to the top of Death Moutain to Biggoron. He will start to say that he would fix it but his eyes hurt so he gives you a prescription. Take this to King Zora (if you haven't already unfrozen him then do so). King Zora will give you a Eye Ball frog. Hurry and take that to the professor inside the Lakeside Laboritory but you have to hurry otherwise it will expire. He will then give you the eye drops which you have to take back to Biggoron. You have to hurry with this too because it also expires after a while. Give the eye drops to Biggoron and he will give you a claim check. Wait three days and go back to Biggoron to get the Biggoron sword.