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Event Items

Young Link

Kenton Mask-Sell it to guard by Death Mountain Gate.

Skull Mask-Sell it to Skull Kid in Lost Woods.

Spooky Mask-Sell it to kid playing in Graveyard.

Bunny Mask-Sell it to running man in Hyrule Feild.

Mask of Truth-Use it to talk to Gossip Stones.

Goron Mask-Use it to get Gorons to say different stuff.

Zora Mask-Use it to get the Zoras to say different stuff.

Geroudo Mask-Use it to get the Geroudos to say different stuff.

Weird Egg-Wait the next mornig till it breaks.

Cocco-Use it to wake up Talon.

Zelda's Letter-Use it to get gaurd to open gates to Death Mountain.

Adult Link

Pocket Egg-Wait until the next morning till it hatches.

Cocco-Use it to wake up Talon.

Cojiro-give it to the brother of the lady.

Odd Mushroom-Give it to the old lady in shop beind potion shop.

Odd Potion-Give it to the girl in Lost Woods.

Poacher's Saw-Give it to the Carpenter boss.

Goron's Sword-Give it to Biggoron.

Prescription-Give it to King Zora.

Eyeball Frogs-Give it to the Professor inside the Lakeside Laboritory.

Eye Drops-Give it to Biggoron to cure his eyes.

Claim Check-Give it to Biggoron to get Biggoron Sword.