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Kokiri Sword
This is the sword you start of with in the game and the only one you use as young Link. You get this behind the Kokiri Training Ground.
Master Sword
This is the sword you mainly use in the game as an adult. This is also the sword you use to travel back and forth in time. You get this sword as a kid in the Temple of Time and once you put it out of it's spot you turn into adult.
Giant's Knife
This Knife is not good at all, it is more of a bonus. It is too heavy too carry with one hand so you have to use both making it slower to attack. It is also very weak (go up to a rock on Death Mountain and hit it three times and it breaks). You get this sword from the big Goron for 200 rupees.
Biggoron's Sword

This sword is the same as the Giant's Knife in every way but one, it is a lot stronger. It will not break. You get this sword by doing a thing with your event items. You have to take different stuff to different people. Getting Biggoron Sword


Deku Sheild
This is the sword you start of with in the game. You have to find it to move on in the game. It is the sheild you use for about half of your child hood. It is made out of wood is it is not very strong so it can break esally and can also burn. You get this in the Kokiri Shop.
Hylian Sheild
This is a shield you can use as a child or an adult. As a child it is not too good because you can put it infront of you so all you can do is bend over. It is a very strong sheild and is use by the Hylian Soldiers. You can get this in the Castle market Bazzar or in a hidden chest in the Gravyard.
Mirror Sheild
This a sheild that you can only use as a adult. It has a very shinny serface deflects special attacks. You get this sheild in the Spirit Temple and you should use it all the time after you get. It is better then the Hylian Sheild.


Kokiri Tunic
This is the clothes you start the game in. It has no special abilities. You can wear this as young or adult link.
Goron Tunic
This peice of clothing allows you to stay inside intense heat. You wear this mainly inside of Death Mountian and in the Fire Temple. You can wear this only as an adult. You get this from the rolling Goron in Goron city (Daurina's son) or you can buy it in the Goron Shop.
Zora Tunic
This peice of clothing allows you to stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time. You use this mainly in the Water Temple. You get this after unfreezing King Zora.


Kokiri Boots
These are the boots you start of with in the game. It has no special abilites. This is Link's standard choice of footwear.
Iron Boots
These boots have metal at the bottom of it. Use this to walk on the bottom of Lake Hylian. You also use it to walk against wind. Use it and the Zora Tunic to get into the Water Temple. You get this in the Ice Caverns.
Hover Boots
These boots allow you to walk on air or over water for a short period of time. You get this in the Shadow Temple.