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Jabu-Jabu's Belly Walkthrough

Getting There

Leave Kakariko Village and Navi will say 'I wonder if Saria knows anything about the thrid Spiritual Stone?' So play Saria's Song and talk to her and she will say that she heard King Zora has it. So go to Zora's river and use the chicken to jump to the other side. Walk up the river until you get to that big waterfall and go to the place where Navi turns green and there play the Royal Family Song so the waterfall will slow down and you can go in. Jump in to get to Zora's Domain.

There if you want, talk to the people. Then beside the shop, there is a circular pathway, go up there to get to King Zora. Talk to him to learn that Princess Ruto is missing. Go to the left down that pathway and talk to that Zora at the end of the waterfall. She will ask if you want to play a game, say yes and she will throw a whole bunch of rupees down below. Jump down and get them all in the time allowed. If you make it she will tell you to go up there and get a prize. If you don't then just keep trying. Go up to her and she will give you a Silver Scale. This allows you to stay underwater longer.

Jump back down and under ground you should see a hole. Dive into that hole and you will find yourself in Lake Hylia. Look at the bottom of the lake and you will see a bottle. Dive down and pick up the bottle, there is a note in it. If you read the note, it will say that I (Princess Ruto) am stuck inside Jabu Jabu. The note is from Princess Ruto.

Go back to Zora's Domain using that same warp. Go to the King and show him that message. He will keep the note and you keep the bottle. Then he will move out of the way and you can go to Zora's Fountain where Jabu Jabu is.

But before you do that, go back down the waterfall and go left, there will be a torch there with fish beside it. Use the bottle and catch a fish in it. Go back to the King and go behind him into the place that he is no longer blocking. You will be in Zora's Fountain.

Go infront of Jabu Jabu's mouth (the big whale) and drop the fish infront of his mouth. He will open it up and he will suck you in with the fish in.

Jabu Jabu's Belly

Right when you get in, kill those two Octoroks and go on to the other side of the water. Hit the thing hanging at the top of his mouth to open the door ahead. Go through the door and go across to the other side of the room and go throught the door.

In this next room the Princess will be in there. Talk to her and she will tell you that Jabu Jabu ate her while she was feeding him. So she is stuck in him now. Then she walks away but then falls down below. Fall down too and talk to her again. She will tell you to leave her alone. Talk to her again and she will say that if you are that worried you can carry her around. So pick her up and go out the door behind you.

Avoid the bubbles cause then can hurt you. Once you are in the room with the pit of water, throw Ruto on to the other side and hit the switch so the water level will rise and then climb up to her. Pick her up again and continue, go into the other hall and go throught the door and there is an elevator thing there. Ride it up into the room above. You are in the second room you were in when you entered.

Go across to the two boxes, continue down to the room where you first meet Ruto. Avoid the Bari (the thing flying above) because you can only kill them with the Boomerang. Walk to the other side avoiding the holes.

Go throught there and you will be in a room with three ways to go, go to your right and go straight do not turn. Hit the switch and go in the room. Put Ruto down and walk around, if you hit one of the enemies they will fly up. Kill them all and a chest will appear. Open it to get the Boomerang.

Go out of the room and go straight, do not turn into any of the other places, go straight and there is a room there with a blue switch infront of it. Place Ruto on it and the door will not be blocked by all that stuff. Go throught the door and walk to the center of the room. This thing will come down. Z-Target it and hit it in the center with the boomerang but watch out because it can swing and hit you. Hit it about two or three times and it will die. Then a chest will appear and open it up to get the Dungeon Map.

A slimy thing that moves around and electricit you if you touch it. There is one of those in front of all the doors you have not been in but now that you killed one of those things that come down, one has gone away, go into that room and kill the thing that hangs down the same way as before. Then another one will go away keep doing this to all of them and one of the rooms has the Compass. Once you did that to all of the rooms, go to the room where you first meet Ruto and carry her there. The slimy thing there is gone so drop down that hole and you will be in the room Ruto fell into.

There are two Gold Skulltulas on the wall. Kill them and then there is a door behind you. Go in there with Ruto and the Spiritual Stone of Water is in there. Ruto tells you to throw her up there so do that. Then she get shot up and a big Octopus comes down call Bigocto. To kill it, circule around the center platform and once you are chasing him from behind, Z-Target him and fire you boomerang at his back and then that will stun him and then go up to him and hit him with your sword. Do that until he is dead. Every time you hit him with the sword he changes direction so after you hit him, change direction as fast as posible so you get a head start on him. Do this until he is dead.

Once he dies, jump onto the platform in the middle and that will shot you up. Go down the hall until you get to a part with water and two wigging things and a Octorok. Kill the Octorok and then with the Boomerang, hit the wigging thing and jump on it and do the same with the other one and then jump across and go throught the door and go to the place with the gap. Jump onto the platform on the other side and it will carry you down to the room with the two boxes.

Pick up one of the boxes and carry it to the blue switch by the platform that fell down. Put it on the blue switch and go throught the door. Kill all the Bair in the next room and then there is a thing in the room with a Gold Skulltula on it and webing on it. Kill the Gold Skulltula and climb up the webing. Hit the thing hanging in the room with the Boomerang and the door to the boss will open. Jump down and go into the room.

This boss is esay to kill but it takes some time. First, throw the boomerang at the stuff that are conecting him to the roof. Once those are all cut away, he will send out little pods that circle round him. Hit all of those until they are all gone and then once his whole body is shown, throw the Boomerang at him and then go up and strik him with the sword. Repeat this until dead.

Now once he is dead, go collect the heart peice and go into the blue thing to get carryed up and end up in Zora's Domain with Princess Ruto. She will tell you some stuff then tell you that the Zora Sapphire used to belong to her mother and it is sort of like an engagement ring. So yes to her when she asks if you will marry her. Then she will give it to you and leave. Now leave all the Zora places and go to Hyrule Castle.