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Dodongo's Cavern Walkthrough

Getting There

Start going and an owl will stop you and talk to you. After you are done, go to Hyrule Castle and talk to the princess. If you wanna explore Hyrule feild then go ahead. Go north to Hyrule Castle market. If you are there at night you can not go in because they raise the bridge at night.

Go into Hyrule Castle Market and explore if you want. You should play some games to get upgrades for weapons. Talk to the girl that is standing there by the fountain (the one that is just swinging side-to-side). She will tell you her father is the owner of the Lon Lon Ranch and he went to deliver food to the Castle.

Now leave to Market, (go to the alley or some places) and go back to the Market and go to the Castle and Malon should be there (the daughter of the Lon Lon Ranch owner). Talk to her again and she will ask you to wake up her father so she gives you a weird egg.

Wait a day for the egg to hatch (time does not pass in the Market). After it was hatched talk to the gaurd by the gate to find out he will not let you past. So go to where you talked to Malon and climb the vines beside her. On the top there, go past the gate and go down to the ground. Go to the dead end sign and there, follow the track going forward and to the left and avoid the gaurds or else they kick you out.

Then go straight avoiding the gaurds towards the stairs and by the wall there are some rocks in the wall. Climb it and go up then jump into the river that is right beside the castle. Swim down until you get to a corner and there get out of the river. Go left towards the boxes and the sleeping man (Talon) and use the Cucco to wake him up. He will then talk to you about some stuff.

After he leaves move the boxes to where he was. Use the boxes to jump into the little place with the water flowing. Go in and get past all the gaurds (I can't tell you how because you just avoid them, there is no walkthrough getting around them). Once you get around them, you will end up by the Princess.

Talk to her and she will say a hole bunch of stuff for a long time. After you are done talking to her, she will give you a message so you can get to Death Mountain, then go to her assistant Impa. She will teach you the Royal Family Song and then assist you out to Hyrule feild. There she will tell you to go to Death Mountain because the second spiritual stone is there and that below Death Mountain is the city she grew up in, Kakariko Village.

So go to Kakariko Village. If you want to look around then go ahead because there is a thing you have to do to get a bottle. Go to the left when you enter and go up the stair until you get to a gate with a guard beside it. Talk to the guard and he will tell you that the trail is closed. Show him Zelda's letter and he will open the gate and ask if you are in the Castle Market to stop by the Happy Mask shop and get him a mask so he can give it to his son. Now the owner of the Happy Mask shop is there.

Now go to Hyrule Field and make your way back to Kokiri Forest. Once you enter go to the left and climb up the walls until you get to a big log. Go into to go to the lost woods.

There is a certain pathway you have to go here. The pathway is as follows, Left, Right, Left, Forward, Left, Right. Now you will end up in the Sacred Forest Meadows.

Kill the Wolfo that appears so that the gate opens. Once the gate opens, go through that little mase that is there (use the map for assistance) but be carefull for all the Deku Scrubs that shoot nuts at you. Once you are up the stair case at the end, you will meet Saria. She will teach you Saria's Song which you need in Death Mountain. With it you can also talk to Saria where ever you are. Once you got it, leave the lost woods and go back into Hyrule Field.

Now go to the Lon Lon Ranch (it is in the middle of Hyrule Field). Go inside and go to the thing in the middle where Malon is (the girl from the Castle Market) with all the horses. Talk to her over and over until she says, 'My mother compossed this song, sing along.' Take out your ocarina and she will teach you Eponia's Song which you need as an adult to call your horse to you and if you play it to a cow you get free Lon Lon Milk. Now leave the Ranch, or if you have enough Rupees, go to the right as you are leaving in through that door and play Talon's game to get a bottle. What you have to do there is catch his three Super Cuccos in 30 seconds. It does take some practise but it is worth it.

Now go back to Kakariko Village and go to the graveyard. Go to the very back row of graves and stand in front of the one in the left and a poe should come out. Kill him and then take to him. He will explane a whole bunch of things about a song him and his brother wrote. Now go to the other grave on the other side and do the same. This one is the brother. Now stand in front of the middle grave and play the Royal Family song. Now the grave will explode so go in. In the first room, kill all the Kesses and the door will open. In this next room, be carfull about these things in here because they kill you very esaily. Just avoid them and go into the next room. In here just walk up to the wall and read it and it shall teach you the Sun's Song. This song allows you to control night and day. Now on the way back, play the song you just learned in the room with all the monsters (Redeeds) and they will freeze. Now just leave the grave. Now go back to Kakariko Village.

If it is not night time wait for it to be and then go in. Go to the Kakariko Graveyard and on the first row of graves after the fence, on the second to the left, pull that grave back and go in the hole. Open the tresure chest and get the Hylian sheild (better to get it here then in the Castle Market because here it is free).

Now go on to the trail and go up until you get to a red flag, go to the right of the flag and go up until you get to a gate and go in to Goron City, home of the Gorons. Talk to them and they will tell you how hungary they are because the tastey rocks are in Dodongo's Cavern.

Then talk to the guy that is on that little platform hanging over everything in the middle and he will say that big brother has locked himself in his room.

Go to the bottom of the city where there is a pot. Go to the spot in a corner with a rug where Navi turns green and there is a closed door there. Play the Royal Family song and the door will open up. Then go in and talk to Darunia. After you are done talking to him, then play him Saria's Song to get him to dance, then he will tell you he will give you the spiratual stone if you go in Dodongo's Cavern and destory it. He will then give you the Goron Braclet so you can pick up bombs from bomb flowers.

Now leave Goron City once you enter Death Mountain Trail go to your right, right away and there will be a Bomb Flower and a Goron beside it. Pick up the bomb from the the Flower and throw it down. If you threw it right, you should have droped it infront of a big rock that will blow up once the bomb blows. Now go down there and go in the hole to enter Dodongo's Cavern.

Dodongo's Cavern

Once you enter the first thing you have to do to get into Dodongo's Cavern is pick up a bomb that is on the side and drop it infront of that wall straight ahead (all walls like that are bombable) and once it blows up you are in Dodongo's Cavern.

When the rising platform infront of you rises to the top, jump over and avoid the thing there and go to the left. Take a bomb from the Flower and throw it at the enemy there (they don't like it when smoke gets in there eyes).

Once they blow up, drop a bomb infront of the bombalble wall there and go into the little opening and get the Dungeon Map. Then if you move along more there will be a buisnes scrub that sells Deku Sheilds (if you get hit by a burning Kesse your Deku Sheild will burn so use the Hylian Sheild here).

Go back onto the other side of this room and kill the thing that is over there with a bomb. Pick up another bomb and drop it infront of the bombable wall closest the the entrance of the dungeon.

Go in there and kill the baby Dodongo's by hitting there tails with the sword and then move out of the way because by blow up like a bomb after you hit there tails. Go straight in the room until you get to a blue switch. Move one of the statues onto the switch so the bars on the door stay open. Jump up and go throught the door. Then go through the little hallway there and go into the next room with all the lava and the two Lizalfos. Kill the two so the door on the left will open up.

Go in there and hit all the big Dodongo's on the tail and move away because they will try and hit you with their tails. Do that until it dies and do that to all of them. Once they are all dead, go to the lighten torch at the bigining room and light one Deku Stick on fire and quickly light the other three on fire to open the door. Go down that little pathway and hit the switch to make the door open on the other side of the main room.

Go arcross to it and go in. Pick up the bomb beside that bombable wall and bomb the wall, go in that door. Kill that statue that moves around by freezing it and hitting it with your sword while it is frozen. Then open that chest to get the Compass. Now leave the room and pick up the same bomb and put it to that spot where there is no bomb and that will cause a chain-reaction and bomb the others so the stair case will come down. Go up and go left or right and go through the door. Do not touch any of the statues in this room except for the one with a ladder behind it. Move that one out of the way and climb the ladder and hit the switch on the top to open the door. Go throught the door and go across the bridge making sure not to fall.

Once you are across the bridge go into the next room but watchout for those sharp things that are on the floor. Go straight across the room to the grey block and climb up to the bombalbe wall and jump across to the platform with the chest and the bomb flower. Pick up the bomb and throw it infront of the wall (this may take a few trys because it may bounce off).

Once it is blown up go into it and go into the other door with that little room. Shoot the eye above with the slingshot so the flame goes down then go down the pathway to another room with two Lizalfos. Kill both and the door on the left will open, go in there. In the next room there will be two flames. First, hit the one ahead with the slingshot and jump to the paltform that went down, now turn left and shot the eye there and the other flame will go down. Jump across and go to the next room. Jump across the gap in the next room and open the chest there to get the bomb bag.

Go through the door and hit the switch ahead so one of the moving platforms down below move up higher so it is esaier to get to the second floor. Go to the right and go to the other bridge and once you get to one of the gaps, drop one bomb into the face of the dragon's eye. Then do the same to the other eye and the mouth will open up.

Go down the bridge to a chest and open it. Jump off the bridge to the main room down below and go into the mouth. Kill the two flaming Kesses and go to the right and down the hall way and go into that room and kill the flaming Kesses and go to the end of the room with all the blocks and go to the top part and go down there to that block. Push it off and go down that hallway and push that block there down. Jump down to it and pull the block to the switch to open the door to the boss. Go throught the door and open the chest to get some bombs and then bomb the center dark spot and go down the hole.

King Dodongo
Killing the King is an esay task I must say. Once he is done looking at you, ring the bell and let the fight start. All you have to do is once he opens his mouth to blow fire on you, throw a bomb into he's mouth. Once it blows up in his mouth, he will colapse so go up to him and hit him with your sword as much as you can. Then he will get up and start rolling. Avoid getting hit by standing near the pool of lava in the middle. Do this about six times and then he will roll into the middle pool of lava and it will harden.

After that, another heart peice will appear which you have to get to get another heart and a blue thing will appear again. Go into the blue thing to appear infront of Dodongo's Cavern entrance. Now Daurina will appear and give you the second Spiritual Stone, the Goron Ruby. He will tell you that there is a Great Fairy at the top of Death Mountian. Then a whole bunch of Goron's come to congragulate you but you get scared off.

You will appear infront the red flag. Go to the left and go up the trail and bomb the rocks to get up farther. Then all these rocks will fall so use the Hylian Shield to not get hurt. Then once you get to the wall, kill the three Skulltulas and climb up the wall, you will be at the top of Death Mountain. There will be a wall with a little design on it, bomb it and go in. Stand on the Triforce symbol and play the Royal Family song and you will get a Magic Meter. Now leave the place and get a ride to Kakariko Village by riding on the owls feet. Now you will appear back down in Kakariko Village.