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Deku Tree Walkthrough

The Start

In the beginning there is not much I can say about where to go and what to do. The thing you have to do before you can go to the Deku Tree is get the Deku Sheild and the Kokiri Sword. Talk around to people to learn how to do different stuff.

The Kokiri Sword is behind the Training Center in the feild of grass and all those fences. To get there leave your house and do a U-Turn up that hill. In the wall you should see a hole. Go into the hole and go to your left. You will see a rolling rock. Go up behind it and follow it in it's circle until you get to a tresure chest. Open the tresure chest and you will get the Kokiri Sword.

Now leave that area and go around Kokiri Forest getting Rupees and once you get 40 rupees, go to the Kokiri Shop (the one with the red roof) and buy the the Sheild.

Now go to the Deku Tree but Mido will be blocking the way there. So talk to him and he will see you have a Sword and Sheild so he will move out of the way. Then go down the pathway and you will encounter 3 Deku Babas. Kill them with the sword. They might give you somthing in return such as Deku Nuts (use to stun enemies) or Deku Sticks (use to light torches or hit enemies with it, these sticks break esaily). After you killed them, keep going and you will end up infront of the Deku Tree. Talk to him and he will ask if you will go into him and destory the monsters inside. Say yes and he will open up and then you can enter the first dungeon.

Deku Tree

Right when you enter you will see three Deku Babas. Kill them if you want and collect the items they give to you (if they give you any). Then on the left wall you will see vines. Climb them and go to the second floor.

Go towards your right and circle around until you get to a tresure chest. Open it to get the Dungeon Map (this is a map of the whole dungeon).

Keep going in the same direction you were going until you get to a door. Go in there and you will encounter a Deku Scrub. Z-Target him and hit it's nuts back at him with the shield (press the R button) and he will run around. Catch up to him and talk to him. If you don't catch him, hit the nuts back at him again. Now the next door will unlock. Go through the door and jump onto that platform and jump across quickly to get to a tresure chest. Open it to get the Fairy Sling Shot (set it to a C-Botton. To get more ammo for the Sling Shot, collect Deku Seeds). Then turn around and arm the sling shot. Shoot the ladder above on the other side and it will fall. Jump down and climb up the ladder and go through the door. Then keep going and go through the other door and go back to where you got the Dungeon Map. Shot the three Skulltulas that are on the vines and climb up to the third floor.

Then go around in a circle until you get to a door. Go in there and jump on a switch on the right side and three platforms will rise. Jump across going forward but you will have to hurry because there is a time limit until the platforms go down. Go to the chest across the room and open it to get the Compass (this shows you things on the map such as where the chests are). Then go back and activate the switch and go to the left this time. On the wall you will notice a Gold Skulltula so kill it. Go back to the beginning of the room but you can not leave because there are bars covering the door. So take one of the Deku Sticks and light it on fire with the burning torch and set the not burning torch on fire. Then the bar will open and then you can leave the room.

Go around and find a place where there is no web behind. If there is a giant skulltula there, kill it by hitting it on it's back with the slingshot. Then jump down and aim for the webing in the floor on the main level. If you hit it, it will slap and you can go to the basement. If you miss it then go back up and try again.

Once in the basment, you will see a switch on the ground. Hit it and a torch will light behind you and it will burn away a web. Use a Deku Stick to burn away the web on the other side that is covering a door. Burn the web and go thourgh the door. In there their will be a Deku Scrub. Hit it's Deku Nut back at him and talk to him before he gets back to it's spot. He will tell you that the only way to get past his brothers up ahead is to punish them in the right order and that is 2 3 1. He will disappear and then you will see there is a door there with an eye above it. Hit the eye with your slingshot and it will open up.

Go through the door and there will be a platform with water and a spiky bar. Go into the water on the left side and there will be a switch under water. Dive and hit it so that the water level will lower. Go back out of the water and jump on the platform. Go to the other side and kill the giant Skulltula. Move the block so you can jump up to the door. Go through the door and kill the Deku Baba then use the Deku Stick to light the torches to go to the next room.

In the next room, kill the 3 baby Gohmas that fall down. After that, look for an area in the wall that has a hole in it. Burn the web infront of it and go through the hole. You will notice you have come back to the room you were in when you fell down.

Push the block on the left forward into the water. Go onto the other side and light the Deku Stick on fire and run back to the other side to the and go to the area with the web on the floor. Burn it and fall down.

Go to the area of land with the three Deku Scrubs. Punish them in the right way. Hit the middle first, then right, then left (in other words, 2 3 1). Talk to the left one and he will give away the secret to killing Queen Gohma. Then the door unlocks and you can go in and greet Queen Gohma.

Queen Gohma
Once you enter the room, press C-UP and look upwards at a green light. She will then fall down and let the games begin. When she comes towards you, shot at her eye with the slingshot only when her eye is red. Once you hit it, she will fall and you can go and slice at her with your sword. Do this until she had enough and starts to climb the wall. Once she does this, shot at her with the slingshot (if you ever run low on ammo, just slice at some grass on the side and maybe it will give you ammo). If you hide her right she will fall down and then you have to go and slice her with your sword. But if she gets to the top, she will drop Baby Gohmas. Kill those with your sword and once you did, she will come back down. Do this until she can take no more.

Once she is dead, a heart piece appears and a blue light appears. Pick up the heart piece to get a fourth heart. Now go into the blue hole and you will get floated up.

Now you will appear infront of the Deku Tree. He will thank you for getting rid of all the evil inside of him. Then he will tell you the story of the Triforce and the give you the first Spiritual Stone, the Kokiri's Emerald. Then he will tell you to go to Hyrule Castle and go visit the Princess. Then he will dye.

Now make your way out of the area the Deku Tree is in and make your way down the tunnel and leave. But Mido will be in the way so you can not leave. Talk to him and he will blame you for killing the Deku Tree.

Now make your way to the other side of the forest and leave the forest and go to Hyrule Field. You be on the bridge to Hyrule but Saria will stop you. She will ask if you are leaving and then give you the Fairy Ocarina (not the Ocarina of time but it's a start). Once she is done, you will run out.