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Greetings, my King. This is the files section. You may download all sorts of things here, like music, texts, eye candy, and more!

Select a File Below

Many of these files probably are Zipped, and you will need an unzip program (I recommend WinZip) to open them. All of these files have been scanned and are virus-free, but just to be safe I suggest you scan them. I am not going to be held responsible for anything that happens to you with these files.

FileName Size Description
CoH Tactics Book 14 KB This file was written by 'King Mathew' of the old Clan of Honor. It has many good strategies but some parts may be a little hard to read.
Skirmish Guide 6 KB I wrote this file myself. It's to help fight battles in Lords2. Pretty helpfull for many people.
US Skirmish Set 4 KB This is a set of custom-battlemaps made in the map editor for the Siege Pack. Includes a few good scenarios and fortresses.
Lords2 Demo 7 MB For those of you who don't own Lords2. Its a great demo, but barely lets you see what's loaded in the full-version. Note that this is linked back to Sierra.
Lords2 FAQ v1.2 8 KB A FAQ with some strategies etc. Done by Liam Roach, a visitor of this site. This is the third version, fixing some errors of the original copies.

Send your files or strategies to me at: Full credit is given. The files should be sent as an attachment, and it would be best if they were zipped prior to you sending them to me. A short description would be appreciated.

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