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Hello and Welcome to the Battlefield! This site has been created in hopes that all of your Lords of the Realm 2 needs will be fulfilled. Please look around, tell me what you think, and if you happen to find an error of any kind, tell me about it. Use the Forum to talk to other players, and let us know when you first visited by signing the guest book. If you wish, you may also vote on the current subject at the poll center.

If you were looking to play LoTR online, there isn't an actual 'site' to do it. Instead, you will need the expansion to Lords2 (The Siege Pack). Once you have it installed, select multi-player, and Sierra Internet Gaming Service. This will take you to the WON (World Opponent Network) server to play friends and random opponents on Lords2.
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Monday July 3, 2000
I guess I owe you an apology. Over the past billion years, I have actualy moved on to other things. This site slowly fell back in my priority, and has now reached the point of last.

I now work at Starcraft Nation as a news reporter under the name Xelius. I am working on a personal Starcraft campaigns site, and am doing some things with CGI that take up some time. That's my story. is still fully under construction. We need to find a host before we can really do more on it though. We are hoping to have it online maybe by summer's end or sooner, but work is going slowly.

I am Canadian, so I don't celebrate July 4. But if you are American, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! (tommorow). Thank you for still visiting my humble abode on the web, and I urge you to look over everything on the site. There is lots of stuff, even MP3s, so please make sure you get the full expierience.

I don't really have anything else to say other than "sorry for not updating. And that poll is months old, sorry about that too." will be much bigger, better and more fun than this site. Please spread the word about it to friends who play Lords2, it will be a great site with lots of goodies.

"Est Sularus oth Mithas! - My honor is my life!" -unknown

Saturday May 6, 2000
Boy, was I sure suprised when I saw Angelfire's new webshell for the first time. It's got a sleek layout, so if you are looking for a free host for your website, try Angelfire.

I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news:

Lords2 Headquarters is going to be postponed. For how long, I have no idea. Yes, I know that I've been babbling about it for months, but the truth is that the original design wasn't as good as what we were capable of. The second is a bit better, but it's difficult to code due to the relative complexity of it. We are still hoping to have the site launched by Summer, and that still is well in site, however it may just be a few weeks later than planned.

The good news is that there is a new poll. Now, the question MAY have to do with Lords2HQ, and the answers MAY have something to do with the final product. Not that I'm really hinting at anything... or anything. As alway, it can be found at the bottom of this page.

Now, for some community updates (AMAZING!). I recieved the following ICQ message from a former member of The Reservoir Dogs. Very, very grim.

OK Guys - the new LOTR2 update patch will kill the game completely if we dont act.
The Situation : - The new WON update requires us to be in 16 bit otherwise it wont load up. Lords requires 256 colors to get a multiplayer game started and to get to won in the first place.
Action required: - We need everyone to put a complaint to WON at their won website ASAP! This game will die for good and quickly if we dont act.

In the meantime there is a way we can get into WON.
(1) Set screen to 256 colors
(2) Start Lords and choose Multiplayer and connect as usual.
(3) When the Password window pops up, change screen to 16 bit (high color)
(4) Log into WON.
(5) Change screen color back to 256 Color once into WON chat room.

Classic WON -- First they take away the moderators so all Hell can break loose and there's nobody to do anything about it. Now this. Be sure to file a complaint with them, and let them know what they are about to do.

Monday April 24, 2000
I'm just posting because I haven't updated in a while. Unfortunately, there isn't much to say, besides what I have posted on top of the news. You can read it if you haven't already. May is just around the corner, so the poll will be changing shortly. Not as many people have voted this month, which may hint to me that the poll topic was a bad idea.

I have begun working on my Starcraft/Broodwar site. The design is much better than the plain, lonesome one right here. I will be aiming to get a staff of fifty persons (Map-makers, news reporters, strategiests, editors, administrators, and some more), so if you play Starcraft you might want to keep your eyes peeled for any more updates about that. Otherwise, have a good week!

Saturday April 8, 2000
March's poll is over, and the results are in!

How often do you visit this site?
First Time: 70.8%
Monthly: 0%
Weekly: 16.6%
Daily: 12.5%

A lot of first time visitors. Let's hope that they come back! You can check out the new poll at the bottom of the page.

I saw the design for Lords2HQ last night, and I spent the better part of the morning editing and re-aligning it. It isn't at all bad, but a better one will take it's place following the launch of the site. Since the design aspect is partly completed, then (you know what I'm going to say) it looks like we'll be uploading all sorts of content and our special little goodies in the weeks to come. I'm sorry, I can't set a specific date for the release of the site quite yet. In general, it is looking to be released sometime in the early summer, however at the rate things are going, we could see it up and running much sooner than that!

Monday March 27, 2000
Okay, I've renovated the news page. I'm in a hurry, so here goes:

MP3s are now available in the music section, I removed the headlines feature because I didn't know where to put it, the Lords2 HQ status has been removed as well, the poll is located on the bottom of the page now, I changed the default font to Tahoma, I will be doing that to all of the other pages as well as running them through Word 2000 to check all my typos. *Wipes forehead*. Wow!

Sunday March 26, 2000
Liam Roach has submitted the third edition of his popular FAQ, and it is available in the Files section. The newest public version is v1.2, so take a look. If you already have it I suggest updating, this one is better.

I think I will be going back to the old news format on this site. The MP3's and poll will just be put at the top, because I'm getting really sick of this thin little column. I'll be changing the poll as soon as April comes around the corner, so if you havent voted yet and want to, now is the time.

I also recieved a note in my inbox about a new online LotR ladder. Now, I wasn't able to access the site for some reason so I can't give you an explination, other than it's free and you need ICQ. This is the URL for the ladder site. Notice the similar addy (Mine is


Your Host - Mandango


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