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My Lord, welcome. I understand that you wish to create a castle to protect your county. I have assembled a list to help you make your decision. The bonus of building a castle is it's added defense and a small addition of free soldiers to your ranks.

Wooden Palisade

First is the Wooden Palisade. This castle is in-expensive, simple to construct and boosts taxes by 50%. However, it will only barrack 150 soldiers, and comes with just 1 pot of boiling oil. A medium sized army would probably fair better on the battle field. Build these only away from threatening borders, or if you do not have allot of supplies. They cost 400 wood and 40 stone.

Mott and Bailey

These are okay. Against a large or well equipped army though, probably not. They boost tax revenues by 75%, can hold 200 men, and cost 800 wood and 80 stone. I suggest one of these in all your unthreatened counties. 2 pots of oil, and a couple of secrets.

Norman Keep

This castle has its ups and downs. It is not really a full upgrade of the bailey, but more of an enhancement. It still only barracks 200 men, and you don't receive new troops after the construction, but it is made of stone so it is harder to get into. Taxes are boosted 100%, and you get 3 pots of oil. It costs just 200 wood, but 1000 stone to build. They are good once you get the stone, but upgrade after a while. Defenses though, can quickly turn against their creators.

Stone Castle

This castle is great! It barracks 400 men, and boosts taxes by 125%. It is really easy to keep guys on the outside, but if they get in its over fast because there is no keep inside. 4 Pots of oil will really wear down guys trying to bypass the moat, and there is even room for grunts just in case. All you need is 400 wood, and 2000 stone. It is worth the stone though, believe me. Put this in unsafe areas.

Royal Castle

Only the richest and most powerful lords could erect such monumental structures. It is safe to say that bringing this castle down is nearly impossible, especially with a full garrison of 600 troops. You have 6 pots of boiling oil at your disposal, and your taxes will be up 150%! A real plus here is battering rams cant get through the narrow passage to the keep door, so footmen will have to hack it to pieces causing massive casualties. 800 wood and 3000 stone for this one. Put it in your capital and any strategic county. This is the best castle in the game.

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