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Hello fair trader. Shall I hawk my wear? I have many things for sale, including weapons, supplies, food, cattle, and more.

A Little About Merchants

In the old ages traders and good sellers, called merchants, traveled around the country via horse and wagon, selling their goods and using the money to purchase more. Lords 2 is no different. Merchants are all over the place. They come in very handy when you are low on supplies and need to buy some, or low on cash and have an over abundance of stock. One of these guys can become you best friend....Fast!

Using the Merchant Wisely

The thing about merchants is they are extremely unreliable. Never depend one for your standard supply of something because often times they are not around when you need them most. You should also take note, that buying things from a merchant is more expensive. My suggestion is if you can produce it yourself, don't buy it. If ever you find yourself with more wood, stone, iron etc. than you need, try selling it to one of these guys. Its a great way to pick up fast cash.

The Differnt Guys

Have you ever noticed that the merchants have names? If you havenít, well, they do! Here are the ones that I have seen:

  • Fat Barry
  • Olde George
  • Jock McTooth
  • Bob the Shop
  • Honest Jim
  • Bernard Slap

    If you find any more, then don't hesitate to email me.

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