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Sire! The battle rages, our Royal Guard has quashed the first troop, as the archers move forward. Shall I give the command to mop?


Pikemen are the best for the middle, since they can stand all kinds of punishment. The key here is not to get your troops split down the middle. Put your swordsmen and peasants at the sides, maybe make 2 lines with them if you can because they are not as strong. Put crossbows right behind them, and your archers behind them. Then your knights and macemen behind that to discourage flanks. That is a pretty good fortress of troops.

Moving Your Army

Now you know how you should line your troops up. In battle, the best way to conquer is offensively. You will need to slowly advance this fortress of Troops Together, and in formation so you remain strong. I suggest Practicing this against the computer. Take this troop about a screen and a half away from your opponent.

How to Fight it Out

You have to lure your enemy toward you. Archers do well for this. take one pikeman and move him out of the way, then take a few archers and put them in range of enemy infantry. They will shoot at them automatically. Your opponent will do one of 2 things.

1: Your opponent will hit them with macemen and/or knights. So retreat your archers, the fast guys will follow on their own, only to find they are under heavy arrow fire, and they will fall back.

Bring up your 4 or 5 archers again, and fire some more arrows.

2: Your enemy will bring up his archers and start firing at you. Use this secret: Test the waters, find out how far your archers will shoot. Take your archers one line behind the firing range. Move them up one, give them time to fire once, and then pull them back. You will hit his archers but he wont hit yours. Do this again.

Keep doing this as long as you can. After doing this a few times, the enemy usually gets impatient, restless, and pissed off. He will send his whole army at you in one, big unorganized clump, and hit you head on. Your organization will give you an edge, and it also helps that your enemy may be outnumbered now. The battle swiftly ends, with no reason why it shouldn’t end in your favor or close to it.

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