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Ah, Yer'Majesty. We are running a surplus in grain this season. I shall give the order to begin construction on the new Granary at once! During this time, please relax yourself at the Inn and look at these strategies.

Full Walk-through

I have decided against posting a full-walkthrough on my site. Instead, one is being made for Lords2HQ. It will be available following the launch of the site.


In Lords II, you require a supreme military to conquer new lands (duh). In order to maintain these men-at-arms, you have to pay them. In order to pay them, you need to have something everyone running a country loves: Taxes!! The problem here is that if you don't charge enough taxes, your people are happy but your armies mad, and vise-versa. So how do you cope? There are 2 ways:

The first is simple, and the one I like to use. Charge 0% tax until you hit 96 or so happiness. Then charge 3% or whatever is needed to reach 100 hearts. When you are at 100, charge 7%. This is basically all you need to pay for your armies.

The second way, is pretty simple too. 100 hears - 7%, 90-99 - 6%, 80-89 - 5%, 70-79 - 4%, 60-69 3%, 50-59 - 2%, 40-49 - 1%, 0-39 - 0%. I find however, that this is a less effective way to keep happy later in the game, when you must have maximum happiness, since you have to conscript so many peasants into the army to fight. It works early in the game though, as it brings in extra revenues for a castle or small army, but it will take longer to get to 100 hearts.

Cows or Grain?

Lords II provides 2 types of food: Meat and grain. I have found that grain overall is better than cows, as long as advanced farming is on. If it's off, than it really doesn’t matter.

With advanced farming off, just plant all of your fields with either cows or grain (cows are usually better). When it is on, things are a little more complicated.

Cows require a huge amount of work, and basically take up the whole of your work force. This isn't any good because you need most of your people to build castles, make weapons, chop wood, and mine iron/stone. This is why I recommend grain. When you are ready to proceed to the advanced farming level, you should plant roughly 2 - 3 fields on the first year, 3 - 4 on the second, and 4 - 5 on the third and past that. You need to leave at least 50% of your fields fallow, so your grain will have very high fertility and be healthy. Can you say "Bumper Crop"?

The more fallow fields, the better your grain quality. If you can have 2 fallow fields for every harvested field, you will have perfect or close to it grain. Provided of course that you don't get a bad random event. Always maintain the number of people needed for grain care. In the fall, if you've got good grain you will need everyone to help harvest it. But in the other three seasons, you require less than 15% of your people to maintain it, allowing you to concentrate on military and castle matters.

Cows alone will get you nowhere. However the truly advanced player will be able to properly mix cows with grain to get maximum production. In those first couple of years when everyone is rushing to get their industries up and running, and happiness to 100 hearts, you can direct much labor to other things, like reclaiming a few fields. But also taking care of some cows. You begin with 40 - 45 cows, depending on where you start. If you have a merchant, you should sell 20, but keep 25 on hand. They produce cheese and other things to feed your people so they don't all pig out on grain. While you maintain cows, do your best to get your grain growing and reclaim any undone fields. The cows produce the right amount of cheese to feed most people, and you will have lots of grain.

When all of your industries are up and running, eat all of your cows!! Then get a steady grain ration going for the rest of the game. You will have the majority of peasants to work at industry.

Random Events

Random Events are things that happen during the course of a game. Arguably, some of the worst events are mad cow disease and sickly calves for cow users, or drought/floods/frost/pests for grain users. These are second worst only to the plague. The plague is the worst of all random events, no matter what anyone says. It slowly kills of your people, and your nobles, dropping happiness, dropping health, and making everyone suffer. It spreads across the land to all of your counties and towns. The only way to get recover from it is to feed your people triple rations, charge no taxes, and buy ale.

Random events are not all bad. In fact, there are some very favorable ones. These include tradesmen supporting your bid to the throne, finding ancient ruins which add stone/wood to your treasury, coming across an old battlefield with still usable weapons, finding extra sacks of grain, finding witches and burning them at the stake, having nature take its course and make one of your fields fallow, and more. Of course the best random event is having your opponent get the plague, or another of the worst events you can think of.


If you get mad cow disease, send some cows to the nearest hostile noble. 1/3 times he will get mad cow disease as well.

The Nobles

Click here for a description of your opponents.

Submit your Strategies

You can email your tactics to me at Instead of providing a form here, I have decided to implement this on Lords2HQ, not unlike the walkthrough.

Submitted Strategies

By: Liam Roach
"This is my own alwas used roale castle atack plan.

1.Make anamy of about 600 archers, 200crossbowmen, 4catapults, and 100 pikemen (add more for yor first time)

2.move all you troops out of "AFR" (archer firing range)

3.use your four cataputs to take out a coner turret (if the archers in the turret leave skip to #5)

4.use your 600 archers to take out the archers still in the turret

5.use all you troops to fill the moat in the corner (make sure to stay out of ATR)

6.tell your melee units to break open the keep dorr while your archers and crossbowmen get on a turret and rain hell on those in the turret.

7.if your melees get in go for the flag. if not just let hell kepp raining from your archers and crossbowmen

If an enemy does other then what is writen tell mee and I will make anoter plan :) (please include FOR LIAM ONLY in the suject)"

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