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Greetings, M'Lord. Welcome to the Armory. Before you raise your army, please take a moment to review your choices of soldier. Also here, will be some outlines of the best army for each situation, put together by your loftiest advisors.


Archers are a must. How many of them will alter the effectiveness of your army alot. Not enough will render them useless, but too many and you may find that you can't defend them all. Their strength comes in their range. They are not extremely powerful, but they have very far range. Large groups fair more a pounding than tactical unit. They are weak hand to hand, so don't use them there. Lure your enemy into a trap with them. They are best used inside Castles to keep out attackers.


Swordsmen are the heavy guys, and my favorite. Covered in chain mail and carrying a large shield, they stand their ground for a long time. Wielding a double sided sword gives them the ability to pack a powerful punch. A small portion of them in your army will add quite a bit of power, while a large group (50% or more) make you unstoppable. They are sort of slow, so its best if you just rush them into the heat of battle.


Macemen are cool. They are really fast, and they turn un-armored units into hamburger faster than a blender. The only problem is they have no armor, so they will be crushed by knights and swordsmen. Since their so fast, send them around and chase down archers and then finish off the melee with them. They are real cheap too.


These guys are OK. They are medium speed, but on the battle field they blow guys up like nukes! Well, not really, but they pick them off fast. They have a very short range, a little armor, and can hold their own for a while hand to hand. But try not too do that, because they are the most powerful unit in the game. Keep them just behind pikemen, and they will make your opponent's force of knights about as powerful as a peasant. Look out though, they are macemen's number 1 target. If only they could reload faster.....


Peasants are dumb, stupid and worthless. Their only usefulness is filling in moats because they cost almost nothing. They have no armor, and their "weapon" is an "around the house pitchfork". 5 swordsmen could almost beat up a group of 50 of them (not really). Take my advice, if its not a siege, don't use them unless your desperate.


There has always been a debate about these guys. Are they good or bad? Well, because they are cheap, allot of people just assume that they suck. That is not true (In my opinion). Yes, their cumbersome weapons do make them really slow, but nobody can get through a wall of spears. So they are great to defend archers, crossbows, and just block where your enemy wants to go. Put them in the center of your lines so you donít get split. They are best used in castles to defend breaches, and for attackers to push forward. They are a great part of a tactical General's army. Extremely effective against cavalry.


Ah, brave Nobles riding to face the treachery of war, to lead the forces into battle, to prove their Lord's right to the throne. Knights are cool. They look weird, but they fight well. They are the fastest unit, and will waste almost anything that comes into their path. The only problem here is they cost ALOT, so don't count on having too many in your forces. Send them after archers, peasants, macemen, or swordsmen. Avoid pikemen. Use your own to counter them.

Ideal Armies

Along my travels, I have found that I like to use certain types of troops for different situations. I will list them here. You may, if you wish, adopt and change these accordingly to suit your playing style.

Defensive: 60% pikemen, 30% Archers, 10% crossbowmen.

Offensive: 40% Pikemen, 30% Archers, 30% Swodsmen.

Capturing a town: 40% Archers, 60% Pikemen.

Defending a castle: 75% Archers, 15% pikemen, 10% Crossbowmen.

Attacking a castle: 45% Peasants, 20% Pikemen, 35% Archers.

Riot Quashers: 100% Pikemen

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