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Thursday, 16 June 2005
The search for the perfect at-home dad
Topic: articles
Taking a quick google news check with the keyword

Sharon Jayson of USA Today tapped several blogs, at-home dad playgoups members, myself. and the National Center for Fathering several weeks ago looking for the perfect dad in the Maryland area. The search was tough as she was looking for one of the 98,000 dads who fit the definition of an at-home dad. Her frantic week-long search came up with Michael Paranzino of Bethesda who writes his Full Time Father Blog.  He got the full USA Today treatment in today's issue with a full day interview profile, a photographer who tagged along for the day resulting in a nice audio gallery show complete with Mike's narration. A sidebar was also added repeating the 98K number and comparing it to a staggering 5.4 million stay-at-home moms stat. She threw in a quote from Yale researcher Kyle Pruett who agreed that kids of at-home dads, feel loved, adored and treasured but says at-home dads will always be a small segment.... .I don't see us having mass societal shifts in that direction.... our society wants men working hard and making lots of money.  I agree to a point with Pruett as dads who don't make a penny will probably remain scarce.. However you can't ignore the increasing number dads who make a few bucks on ebay  to pay for the diapers.

Posted by athomedad at 9:30 AM EDT
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