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men who change diapers change the world

Stay at Home Dad Handbook
Topic: Stay at-Home Dad Handbook
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Read What's Inside 

Should I be an at-home dad?

Being called "Mr Mom"

Isolation creeps in.. 

Living Up to a Higher Standard of Cleaning

At-Home Dads and Marriage: When the Rush Hour Starts at Home

Starting a Dad's Playgroup

Avoiding At-Home Dad Burnout

Is There Life After Kindergarten?

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About the Author

Peter Baylies has been a stay-at-home dad for his two sons for 12  years. He writes the At-Home Dad Newsletter which has been turned into the stay at-home dad handbook.

Peter's work has been featured in the national media including the Christian Science Monitor, Fox News , Men's Health, O, The Oprah Magazine, Parents, USA Today, and Woman's Day.


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The Stay-at-Home Dad Handbook


Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi
1 Starting Your New Career 1
Making the Decision 2
The First Days 6
Losing Your Status as Breadwinner 8
Mr. Mom 10
Isolation Creeps In 12
Finding Other Dads 14
Establishing a Routine 15
And Then There Were Two 18
Spotlight on Dad 19
2 At-Home Dads and Marriage: When the Rush Hour Starts at Home 23
Hell Hour 24
Creating a Game Plan 25
At-Home Dad Contract 27
Family Meetings 29
Simplifying Dinnertime 29
Bedtime Routine 30
A Message for the Moms 32
Loss of Intimacy 37
Jealous at Home Versus Guilty at Work 39
Discipline 44
Spotlight on Dad 47
3 Men Who Clean Bathrooms and the Women Who Love Them 51
Living Up to a Higher Standard of Cleaning 53
The Wife's Point of View 55
Resolving Your Differences 56
Getting the Kids to Help 57
Childproofing 59
Setting a Schedule 60
Cleaning Tips from Other Dads 61
Spotlight on Dad 64
4 Making New Connections 67
Playgroups 67
Starting Your Own Playgroup 69
The First Meetings 71
Dads' Night Out 73
Hanging Out with the Moms 74
Play Dates 77
Connecting with the Internet 79
Other Suggestions to Help You Connect 82
Spotlight on Dad 83
5 Living on One Income 87
Changing Your State of Mind and Adjusting Your Lifestyle 90
Adding on to the Savings at Home 91
Kid Fun: Free Activities That Will Save You Money--and Not Skimp on the Fun 93
Shopping at Yard Sales and on eBay 97
Sweat Equity: Doing Your Own Home Repairs 99
Shopping for Bargains 102
Spotlight on Dad 104
6 Working at Home: A Juggling Act 109
Weighing the Pros and Cons 110
Choosing the Right Job 111
Setting Reasonable Expectations 116
Daycare Dads 117
Getting to Work 120
Spotlight on Dad 126
7 Avoiding At-Home Dad Burnout 141
Watching for the Signs 142
Getting Out 144
Taking the Kids 146
Avoiding Burnout at Home 148
Take It in Stride 149
Spotlight on Dad 154
8 Is There Life After Kindergarten? 157
What Should You Do Now? 159
When You Stay at Home 162
Returning to Work 166
Spotlight on Dad 168
From the Frontlines of Fatherhood: More Dads in the Spotlight 173
Resources 199



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14.95 (free shipping)


Media Contact: Peter Baylies - 978-685-7931 - - 


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