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A Mesoamerican Archaeology Web Site

On this Web site you can find collected scholarly files, links, resources, software and reports relevant or interesting to Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian Archaeology. There is a collection of Maya calendar programs, as well as collected documents and arguments about unsubstantiated claims of transoceanic contact with the Americas.
This Web site was created in 1994, at a time when the internet as we know it today was just starting to grow. Few Mesoamerican Archaeology related Web sites existed at the time. Nowadays though, many archaeological research institutes have their own web pages, this page will be updated less frequently, but all the material, including the software, will of course remain.
The contents of this site is copyright of those mentioned as authors/sources. The information provided here is for scholarly information and not for profit. Copyright 2004.

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Precolumbian Link Page

Statement against looting, University of Pennsylvania.

Linda Schele fundraising effort

  • An Introduction to the American Indian, by Paul E. Pettennude. 
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