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Mayabase, Release 5.1, by T. Bürglin.

21.May 1997.
Bibliographic Cross Reference for Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions.
Copyright Thomas R. Burglin 1994 - 1997.

Available freely.

I would like to ask users to send me their comments, improvements, additions by email, rather than incorporating them themselves. I would not like to see various inconsistent versions floating around the net.

The files are available either as MacIntosh Filemaker Pro files (compacted, binhexed), as Tab-delimited text files for MacIntosh (compacted, binhexed) or PC (zipped and uuencoded) or PC (zipped). Or access this site directly by ftp: /pub/meso.

I would like to thank R. Alvarado for providing me with a scanned list of the site abbreviation codes from the CMHI Volume 1. I have corrected and updated this list. Site codes containing lower case letters are provisional designations by myself.

As is obvious from the files, all the various abbreviations have been split into separate database files. This allows for much greater flexibility and automatic lookups in database programs.

There is the main file - MayaMonuments - , which has the sites with monuments and the codes for the publications where pictures/drawings can be found.

There is the file - Sites - , which lists all sites according to CMHI, and expands on this list as appropriate. Smaller sites with no known inscriptions have been included, but not necessarily given a code.

There is the file - Monumentcodes - , which gives the codes for the various Monument types, as taken from the CMHI and expanded.

A further file - Cities/Regions - lists abbreviations of Regions, Cities and Museums. I gave 3 capital letters to cities, and further 3 to museums/galleries in those cities. This list needs much further expansion.

Then there is the file - References - , which gives the full references.

Last, the file with general abbreviations - Abbreviations -, or abbreviations of buildings for particular sites.

There are still a couple of publications I have not gone through:

- The books by Mayer, on unprovenanced sculptures, only one covered so far.

For vases, one should consult:
Painting the Maya Universe,
The Maya Vase books by Kerr, Vol I - IV

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