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  • Anatomy
  • Breeds
  • Color Chart
  • Horse Markings
  • Buying A Horse
  • Body Language
  • Grooming A Horse
  • Rider Position
  • Mounting &Dismounting A Horse
  • Stop, Go & Turning A Horse
  • Handling Your Horse's Hooves
  • Basic Jumping Positions
  • Safe Ground Handling
  • Horse Gaits
  • Parts of the English Saddle
  • Parts of the Western Saddle
  • Selecting A Saddle
  • Haltering & Tying A Horse
  • Choosing & Using Bridles
  • Parts of the Bridle
  • Emergency Rope Bridle
  • Foaling Chart
  • The New Foal
  • Braiding
  • Horse Facts
  • Safety Tips
  • Barn Safety
  • Dictionary
  • Horse Rescue
  • Printable Contracts

  • Welcome everyone to our little equine corner of the world.  It is designed to bring horse lovers of all ages together. We hope you will enjoy learning more about God's wonderful creation, the horse, and have lot's fun too. All ideas are  welcome. We hope you enjoy our site. And remember....dreams really do come true!

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    We have had several complaints lately due to the fact that we do not allow copying of images or pages. We would like to make sure everyone understands that it is a copyright infringement  when this is done. Not all of the photos or information is ours, but belongs to others who have given us permission to use it. Most of the complaints are most likely coming from other's making their own websites who wish to "steal" instead of using their own brains. We only do not allow electronic copying, but those who wish to use any of our information for their school reports, 4-H, or for personal educational use, are most welcome. Just use the print button at the top of your browser and print it out or the "Print Button" added to the page! All others may be prosecuted accordingly to the copyright laws.

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  • Useless facts about horses and other animals.
  • Totally useless facts yet interesting stuff about animals and our favorite horses only in The Useless Facts Website.
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