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We have found several horse treats on the web, have had some sent in, and even made up a
few of our own. Most of these we have tried and our horses LOVE them! Give them a try!
Do you have a special horse treat you would like to share? Send it in to us!

Dreams Oat Balls
Cheerio Treat
Horsey Cookies
Birthday Cake
Oatmeal Carrot Cookies
Salad of the Day
Bran Mash Treat
Dancer's Favorite
Lightning's Yum-Yums
Little Miss Muffins
Carrot Crispies
Meadow Muffins
Horse Oat Cookies
Apple Carrot Delight
Horse Cookies with Oats
Apple Cinnamon Soup
After Riding Cookies
Jack's Specialty
Carrot Mash
Instant Sweet Feed
Buddy's Yum Yum Treats
Stuffed Molasses Apples
Glory's Treat
Lindsay's Cake
White Apples
Oatie Sweet Feed Bar's
Alphie's Oatmeal Crisp
Horses Delight
Corral Cookies

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