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The Horse Lover's Corral
Horse Rescue

You're walking down a quiet country road, enjoying the view, when you see him: a little spotted pony standing in the middle of a weedy field in the hot midday sun. Flies are clustered around his eyes and ears, and he looks as if he's like to run away from them, looking for refuge from the heat and bugs. But there isn't any shelter in the field, as far as you can tell, and besides, it seems as if something is wrong with this pony. Not only is he pitifully thin, with protruding ribs and a sharp backbone jutting through wasted flesh and a dull, matted coat; he also seems to be rooted to the spot where he stands, shifting his weight as if to move but unable to lift his feet. You walk closer to the edge of the field, which is enclosed with a single electric wire topped with a strand of rusty barbed wire, and you discover why the little gelding isn't moving: his hoofs are more than six inches long, deformed into ridged stumps that curve up like the runners on a sleigh. As you talk to him softly, the pony pricks his ears a little and takes one painful step in your direction, then sighs and drops his head again, his muzzle almost touching the ground. You look around, but there are no people in sight, and a huge dog chained to the front porch of the farmhouse is eyeing you menacingly. You turn slowly back the way you came, but you keep looking back over your shoulder at the pony. For as long as you can still keep him in your sight he stands, unmoving in the dusty field. You wish you could help him, and for a long time you can't get the memory of the starving, neglected animal out of your mind, but who can you call for help? He's not your pony, and it's none of your business.

Well it is your business!! First, start by contacting your local animal shelter if you see neglect. Second, you can get involved by contributing yourself or contributions. There are several horse rescue groups or organizations you can choose from. If you are interested in helping or need more information on horse rescue, I have added several links below you.

Horse Rescue Resources

WYN Equine Sanctuary - We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing refuge and sanctuary to Premarin foals, former race horses, and any injured or abused horse in need. Our ultimate goal is to place them with qualified adoptive families.

Equine Rescue League, Inc - located in Leesburg VA. The ERL is a nonprofit organization that supports the responsible use of working, sport, and pleasure horses and ponies. Our goals are to prevent the neglect or abuse of any horse or pony, offer educational programs to the community, and provide rehabilitation and adoption for those animals who need our services.

Ohio Hooved Animal Humane Society - Equine Rescue, based in Ohio and extending into surrounding States. Loads of Educational material!

The Equine Placement Network - Visit our site for info on our efforts in PA to pass transport legislation & New Holland auction.

H.O.R.S.E. Horse Rescue and Sanctuary - (Help Our Rescue Save Equines) - Our mission is to save abused, abandoned, neglected, or slaughter bound horses of all ages and breeds and place them in quality adoptive homes whenever possible. Those horses that are deemed "unadoptable" due to age, health, or are too traumatized from abuse will remain in sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.

Equine Rescue Internet Canada (ERIC) - The "Primary Purpose for Equine Rescue Internet Canada" is to save Equines! To assist and unite all equine rescuers, rehabilitators and adoption programs; by becoming a common source for education, participation and awareness. To, above all else, avoid unnecessary euthanasia whenever possible.

The Phoenix Equine Foundation - a nonprofit organization that is part of the National Heritage Foundation. Based in Northern California, this small group is dedicated to providing safe and loving homes for horses.  The horses that are placed in our program are guaranteed a home for the remainder of their lives.

ETTA - The Equine Transitional Training Alliance (ETTA), Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized in Kentucky for the purpose of preventing cruelty to horses. ETTA retrains the horses or rehabilitates them if injured. ETTA then sells the horses, and takes that money to purchase horses that would otherwise be slaughtered.

Arabian Horse Rescue Network - The goal of the Arabian Horse Rescue Network is to become the main source of intervention for Arabian horses at risk of being shipped to slaughter from southern California feedlots.  We are putting together a database of people interested in purchasing an Arabian horse in need, donating funds to assist others in pulling one of these beauties, or for the AHRNetwork to take the horse under its care by providing temporary foster care until such a time as a good home can be found.

Horse Haven - This site is dedicated to bringing home horses that have been lost or stolen as well as providing a haven for those that are injured, abused or just seeking peace.

Foster Family Horse Page - Great stories on horse rescues, info on horses needing rescue and stolen horses, and a good source of information on new legislation and happenings in preventing cruelty to our beloved equines!! 

Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Station - Hooved Animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center serving Minnesota and surrounding area.

The Equus Sanctuary - rescues horses. They raise money to buy them from the "killer buyers" who supply the slaughterhouses.  The Equus Sanctuary is a refuge for horses pulled from the slaughter pipeline - operating on 40 acres of leased land in a farm community just outside Los Angeles. Many of these horses were starving and traumatized when Equus bought them from the middle men who supply the slaughterhouses.  They need your help to help the Horses!!

Equine Rescue Network Incorporated - ERNi is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland to prevent the abuse of equines through education and by supporting and fostering the growth and effectiveness of equine rescue organizations throughout the United States.

Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd. -G.E.R.L, Ltd. is a non-profit organization, registered with the State of Georgia that works together with the Georgia Department of Agriculture's (G.D.A.) Equine Division, to help Georgia's starved, abused, and neglected horses.

LIFESAVERS, INC. - RESCUE, REHAB AND RETIREMENT RANCH - Dedicated to saving abused, abandoned, neglected, and slaughter bound horses.

Colorado Horse Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to horses and the people who love horses. Our mission is to find new homes for abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted horses.

Horse Protection League - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in the greater Rocky Mountain Region.

Horses' Haven was incorporated in 1995 as a Non-Profit Corporation whose mission is to take in and provide humane care for aged, abused, unwanted and neglected horses whose owners can no longer keep or care for them.

HORSEFACES...AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A FREE RIDE - Basic purpose: to provide free transport for older, retired, or rescued horses, donkeys, mules, and burros to their new homes - that there might be more homes for them!

Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer humane organization - Horses are adopted to homes in Maryland and neighboring areas.

CALIFORNIA EQUINE RETIREMENT FOUNDATION, INC. - Rehabilitation - Placement - Retirement.  A full care facility, boarding, breaking, re-training, retiring, and laying-up horses - All members of CERF are volunteers, thus allowing all possible monies to go to the care and maintenance of the horses.

Flicka's Ranch and Rescue - Abused and Unwanted Hooved Animal Sanctuary.

The National Thoroughbred Trust, of South Africa - an equine rescue making its own unique and indelible mark in the field of equine welfare, their aim being to ensure the well being of all breeds of horses.

Pine Trails Ranch Rescue Horses - If you or someone you know has a horse that needs a home, please contact us. Our goal is to prevent the sale of horses for meat whenever possible. 

Second Chance Ranch - was founded to prevent horses, ponies, donkeys and mules from going to slaughter and to find them loving homes.  The Bacons are purchasing these animals from slaughter houses, auction houses, abusive environments, and transporting them to SCR where they are fed, given medical treatment, groomed and given the love and care they need. These animals sense that they have been taken from perilous conditions and reward their new caretakers with lots of love..Adoptions are available and Volunteers always welcome!!

ReRun - ReCycling Racehorses - a group dedicated to Thoroughbreds in Kentucky. Under the mantle of the Humane Society of Kentucky, they also handle abuse cases. The focus of ReRun is to take ex-racers and find new homes after evaluating soundness, temperament,etc. and matching them with suitable adopters.

United Pegasus Foundation - We are a registered non-profit organization dedicated to protecting horses from abuse and slaughter. Our rehabilitation, retraining farms currently care for more than 80 rescued and donated horses with a limited staff. We need your support through donations to continue the care and feeding of these beautiful creatures. We believe that all horses deserve our respect and compassion, so won't you PLEASE HELP US HELP THE HORSES.

B.R.R.R.O. (Burro Rescue-Rehab-Relocation Onus) - Whether donated or purchased at auctions, BRRRO provides a home for unwanted donkeys until a kind, loving home can be found for  them.

HorseAide - HorseAid was initially founded in 1984 by the International Generic Horse Association (World's Largest All Breeds Registry) as a worldwide equine relief program funded entirely through surplus IGHA registration fees, unsolicited outside donations, and personal grants and endowments from the IGHA Board of Directors. The main purpose of HorseAid is the rescue and care of horses and ponies that have been abused or neglected " that all horses and ponies may lead a full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."

Mylestone Equine Rescue - nonprofit New Jersey Corporation dedicated to providing sanctuary for horses subject to cruelty, neglect, and disabilities. We provide shelter, care, rehabilitation, adoption, and retirement homes for horses such as these. M.E.R is a valuable alternative for these horses because there are limited facilities to care for large animals. Currently, the only alternative for these horses is slaughter.

The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH) - based in the UK -  has operated as a charity since 1927, dedicated to preventing and alleviating the suffering of horses and other equines, wherever they are located, and however humble their roles. ILPH is currently operating in over twenty countries. The charity's worldwide activities embrace, rescue and rehabilitation, education and training, scientific research, and influencing political opinion and legislation.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary - built to educate the public about the care and plight of equines and to protect them from abuse and slaughter.

LIFE IS FOR EVERYTHING FOUNDATION,INC. - Dedicated to ending Horse and burro abuse and the rescue of equines.

Fforest Uchaf Horse and Pony Rehabilitation Centre is a charity registered with the Charity Commissioners (Registered Charity in Wales No 1002933) to provide a safe haven and Tender Loving Care for horses and ponies that have suffered through neglect, ignorance or cruelty, or find themselves in need through other causes.

The Donkey Sanctuary - Over 6800 donkeys have been taken into care and are housed on the Sanctuary's nine farms in England and Ireland . The Donkey Sanctuary is a registered charity whose headquarters are in Sidmouth, Devon, U.K.

BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Program - Mission is to affirm wild free-roaming horses and burros are a living legacy of our American heritage, ensuring that they are recognized and maintained as a part of the natural ecosystem and are valued for their biological, social, and cultural attributes.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston - is committed to the rescue and relief of suffering homeless animals and other charitable or benevolent acts for the welfare of animals.

HOPE -  a Michigan-based equine rescue organization.  Dedicated to the well-being of all equines, H.O.P.E. is committed to preventing needless pain and suffering of these magnificent animals through the power of education. Where intervention is needed, H.O.P.E. will investigate, rescue, and rehabilitate those in extreme need.

Ipswich Equine Rescue  -is a nonprofit organization providing refuge and sanctuary to Premarin foals, former race track champions and any injured or abused horses. Our goal is to place these horses with loving, qualified adoptive families.

Horse And Pony Rescue Association - Horse rescue and adoption in Birmingham, England.

Jolene's Horse Rescue - Jolene's House Rescue is dedicated to the rescue of those unfortunate horses bound for slaughter. We work directly with the killer buyers in Southern California and New Mexico, where our people find buyers for the animals destined for a 1,500 mile trek to the packing plants in Texas. At our ranch we currently have many horses who are simply waiting for the right owner to give them a new lease on life, along with a dignity they deserve. Many are young, sound, intelligent and broke to ride - and have many more years ahead on the trail. Volunteers are very much needed. Electricians, contractors, marketing, fundraising, and much much more.

SECOND CHANCE HORSE RESCUE RANCH - An all volunteer, Washington State registered, non-profit organization dedicated solely to the protection of horses. With the support of the horse loving communities and volunteers, we rescue neglected and abused horses and rehabilitate them back to health. The horses are then available for adoption.

Pet Finders - provides a pet information HOTLINE and adoption placement service for stray or unwanted pets for Northern California including Sacramento and surrounding counties.   Pet Finders, a non-profit, no-kill organization, is dedicated to saving lives and placing as many homeless pets as possible in new and loving homes for the benefit of animals and the people who love them.

Horse Rescue - this site is intended to be an online resource to share information about the abuse and neglect of horses in the state of Washington. Help them save horses from abuse and neglect!!

Lone Star Equine Rescue, Inc.-A a non-profit, tax-exempt equine rescue serving the state of Texas. Their goal is to improve and preserve the lives of equines throughout the state.

If you are a horse rescue organization and would like to be added to this group, please email me at

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