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Equine Bookmarks by: ©The Horse Lover's Corral

Do you love reading? We love reading all kinds of books, especially if they are about horses. To print out the book marks below, just click on the one of your choice to see it's original size, then click on FILE (located in the top left corner of your computer screen), then click Print. When you are done printing your book marks, carefully cut out each one of them. To make your bookmark stronger, cut it out, glue it to a heavier piece of paper or thin cardboard ... or you can even laminate it. Use a whole punch to add a hole near the top of the bookmark. You can then cut a few pieces of yarn or ribbon and attach it through the hole.




      No, the last bookmark is not a horse! It is a picture of my little dog "Angel".

Got any idea's or new sayings that can be used on more bookmarks? Email me!

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