Mounting & Dismounting A Horse
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Mounting & Dismounting A Horse

There are a few safety considerations to keep in mind when riding on your own
  • Don't mount inside the barn or in an area with a low overhang.
  • Don't mount while your horse is tied. He is apt to start moving, and the feeling of restraint may upset him, even if he normally stands tied quite patiently. Also you'll need to do a a lot of acrobatics to untie him, putting yourself in an unbalanced and dangerous position.
  • Keep hold of the reins at all times while mounting.
  • Mount quickly and lightly. The most dangerous position is half on and half off, so spend as little time in that position as possible. The same is true for dismounting. Drop both stirrups and vault off.
  • If your horse is too tall for you to mount easily use a mounting block (anything from a milk crate to a stump)


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