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Horse Freebies

Looking for free horse stuff? We have listed below, some things we have found on the net and even tried ourselves. As with any kind of freebie, some of these items go real fast. If you are unable to find the freebie on the listed website, they may already have been overwhelmed with request. Let us know, so we can try and keep this page updated. Please, if you know of or have a horse freebie out on the web, tell us, so we can list it!

The VPD Mounted Squad- offers children (young and old)
a Mounted Squad baseball card. You can request a VPD Mounted Squad baseball card (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Horse Fun- Email them for a free horse sticker. They also have a free online newsletter and a gift catalog with lots of horsey gift ideas. (I received mine already!)

Arabian Horse Registry- Will send you their free publication "The Arabian Experience, A Guide to Arabian Horse Ownership." (Got it!)

Right Balance-Free sample of "Right Balance" Supplement for Horses (Must sign their guestbook....never got it!)

Handy Bit Measure from Libertyville Saddle Shop-  The wrong size bit causes pain to your horse. Download, print and trim out this free bit measurer. Requires Adobe Reader.

Free Gaited Horse  International Association  Newsletter-Offers a Gaited Horse  Books and Gifts. 

Equine Skip Owners Manual- Unfortunately, the most important facts you need weren't given to you with your horse. Don't worry, you can get a free horse manual! Email for one at: or you may call toll free at: 1-800-495-6067.

American Miniature Horse Association- Send off for a free informative booklet entitled "The Horse For Everyone". (I got mine and I love the photos!)

Golden Horse Shu- They have free sample Horse Trading Cards. Requires a pre-addressed stamped envelope. (I like mine!)

Valley Vet Supply- Free catalog for the horse lover. They have medical supplies, wormers, tack, t-shirts, gifts, and much more at a real reasonable price. (We buy our vaccines and wormers here!)

American Livestock Supply- Free catalog with livestock and horse supplies. (Got it!)

EQUINE RESEARCH, INC.- Free horse book catalog.


MINITACK.COM- Free 54 page Color Catalog of Equine Products, Veterinary Supplies and Exclusive Gifts made especially for Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Ponies, and their owners.

HORSE E BUCKETS BIRTHDAY CLUB- Fill out the form to be entered in their drawing for a free Treat eBucket for your special equine companion! Every month a Birthday Horse will be picked to receive a Treat eBucket filled to the top with an assortment of freshly baked homemade treats!

Christian Cowboys and Friends- Free cowboy bible. (Got mine!)

How to Buy a Morgan Horse - A free booklet available from The American Morgan Horse Association. This link will donwload a .pdf file version. Request the booklet version from AMHA Here


800-582-5604 Free Trial Issue of "Horse" Health Care Magazine (US only)
800-227-8941 Free Booklet "A Complete Guide to Feeding Adult Horses" from Purina



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