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Drawing Horses

We have found several places on the web that offer lessons on how to draw a horse.

Hope you enjoy them and have lot's of fun drawing!

Toad Hollow Studio
An illustrated horse drawing lesson of "Gingersnap"

illustrated drawing lesson

How to Draw Horses
Join artist Sue Sydney as she takes you on a step-by-step equine drawing lesson.
Learn to draw a cartoon horse

Black Horse Studio
elcome to "How to draw a horse head". This lesson will give you a little insight as to how I plan my drawings, how I arrive at a line sketch, then on to the final drawing in stages to see how I develop the pencil layers. Hopefully, as you watch me progress, you can pick up on it. So grab your pencils, paper, and eraser and let's go! :-)
Offers a cute drawing lesson of a horse head

The Saddle Club
 Steps on how to draw a horses head

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