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The Useless Facts Website

This is a web site of all the useless facts, cool trivia, and interesting information that have been collected from various sources over the past few years. True to its name, most of the facts are useless, but many of them may actually help you in the future.

useless facts
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    WARNING! There's a lot of facts here, and I can't say that I know for sure every one of them is accurate. I'd like to, but I know there's probably some error in here somewhere.

    Many people ask me where I get all my facts, so click here and see all my sources.

    Hey, guys, if you want more of what I've got here, go to Their site is a lot like mine, but I have to admit, it's a bit better done...

    OK, I know there are is a lot of faulty information in here somewhere, but you guys have been bugging me too much about it. From now on, I'm not going to touch this site again. It's just gonna stay how you see it now, and no 'new version' is ever coming. Have a nice life!

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