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Mayberry Days 2000

After Prof. Brower's lecture came the TAGSRWC meeting and dinner at the Cinema. I didn't get any pictures there but if anyone did and would like to share them, please e-mail or send them to me.

Next came Col. Tim's Talent time. Again, all I have from this show are frames I took from the video so they are top quality. Please share any pictures you may have.

On #2 Amber alert
Brian to Theresa: "I like a good crab joke"
There's no such thing as TOO much fun
md0042 md0043
Barney gasses it up - Floyd checks out Barney's cool shoes
md0044 md0045 md0046
Elvis gets a little help from his friends
NOT a good picture, but this is Idelle right after she got her scarf and kissy from Elvis
Floyd's magic trick was a hit
md0049 md0050
Singing "Bringing in the Sheaves" - Barney tries to get her to 'pick it up a little bit'
md0051 md0054 md0052
Elvis is back
Aunt Bee shows Barney some new moves
md0055 md0056
~Nip it, nip it, nip it in the bud~
This fellow won the afternoon talent show and performed two originals on Col. Tim's. One was a very moving gospel song, the other was "Nip It". He was VERY good.
Maggie Peterson Mancuso
md0058 taz24 md0061
Good ol' 14-A
md0059 md0060
Kathy Taylor 'signed' some of the songs at Col. Tim's as well as at the Mayor's Proc. and most anywhere else that she was needed.

MORE from Col. Tim's
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