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Mayberry Days 2000


We arrived in town on Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the Bluebird Diner for a light supper. We were too late fot the Golf Tournament, but we have a few pictures from Neil and Pat Coleman. After checking in at the Comfort Inn, it was on to the Cross Creek Country Club for the V W Boys show.


David and Phil and Allan were handing out the golfing prizes when we got there

md007 md006
The VW Boys were great, as usual. David joined them on "Whatever Happened to Mayberry"

md00_3 md004 md005
Maggie sang as David and Allan mingled
md009 md0010 md0011
Floyd does his magic trick
Jeff and Pat md00_2 md008 Ron, Trisha, Bob and Carolyn

(Therapetic provided these pictures from the motel and Arby's)

After the show, we met up with some other folks at the motel, then it was over to Arby's for a late snack......
taz05 taz06

taz07 taz01

taz08 taz14

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Saturday 1,2, 3
Bowling and Breakfast
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