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Mayberry Days 2000

After the Mayor's Proclamation, there was more time for walking and shopping and visiting. We went to the Downtown Cinema in the early afternoon and saw "The Darling Baby" episode. Maggie Peterson Mancuso made a few comments before the episode was shown. George Spence then talked a bit and showed a very interesting film about the play, "The Lost Colony". This was followed by a showing of the episode "Guest in the House".

After that, it was time for the trivia contest.

First and Second Place winners

00md_11 Rafe came in 3rd!!

Jeff sees that I'm PROUD of my 6 stickers.
I also won a doorprize, a genuine official full size pair of Mt. Airy socks!


Barney gave Otis a sobriety test.

Presiding Goober Jim Clark, a prince of a fella.

The annual WBMUTBB group picture
(provided by Therapetic)

After the Trivia Contest, we had time for supper at the AAA and then for Donna and Jeff and me it was on to the Michael Hoover "Memories of Elvis" show at the Downtown Cinema.

Barney, Floyd and Ernest T. always help out any way they can.

Phil (Ernest T.) Lee practices his moves, using the handrail from the steps.
Ernest T. and Elvis (or is it Elvis T. and Ernest?)
Like Barney says, the man don't have to iron them pants.........

While we were at the Elvis show, the Doug Dillard show was going on at the Andy Griffith Playhouse. Don and Joyce Kernan and Neil and Pat Coleman provided these pictures!

m002sa npc15
The V W Boys opened the show

Doug and some of his band

m006sa m008sa
Charlene joined in with them

npc10 npc16
Doug Dillard and Ginger Boatwright
Floyd (a PRINCE of a fella) taking a break

npc20 m014sa
m015sa npc21
I didn't see the show so y'all will have to tell me what was goin' on HERE

Friday (pg.1)
Friday (pg.3)
Friday (pg.4)
Saturday 1, 2, 3
Bowling and Breakfast