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Do you have old Beta or vhs tapes with classic soap episodes but no way to view them or transfer them to dvd? If you have GH episodes from prior to March, 1984 please let me know. I would be happy to do the transfering of any episodes I don't have, return the original tape and a dvd copy of it. Another friend has been offering to transfer classic GH episodes (and occasional other old soaps) from Beta tapes to dvd and we have uncovered quite a few classic GH and Days episodes with his help. He is also interested in additional classic shows like All My Children, One Live to Live, Santa Barbara, DOOL, Edge of Night, ect. Email me at with information on any Beta or vhs tapes you mighT have. I'm particularly interested in any GH or Days episodes prior to March, 1984, and classic 1980's, AND 1990-1994 for AMC & OLTL.

Linksto other GH episode recaps: recaps begin on July 22, 1994 and is a good resource into maybe 2002. The recaps are more erractic from 2003 onward, so a better source for the recaps in the last few years is soapcentral listed below. But Soapzone is a great source for the mid to late 1990's recaps, into early 2000's. is a great source, their recaps begin Nov 4, 1996 - current time.

The TV MegaSite has recaps begin July 7, 1997 - current time. has daily episode recaps from January 1, 2001 - current time.

General Hospital Episodes from 1960's thru the 1980s

  • GH Episodes: 1960's
  • GH Episodes 1978: Laura & Scotty & Bobbie, Luke arrives, Alan & Monica & Tracy, Rick & Leslie, Jeff & Anne. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.
  • GH Episodes 1979: 1979 12 complete good quality episodes. New Luke & Laura edits listed separately.

  • GH Episodes: 1980 I have organized all of my 1980 episodes, combining episodes that re-aired on Soapnet, and on the classic Daytime To Remember show from 1996 that reaired a few classic GH episodes in addition to some good quality originals. I have put theses shows in chronological order, with no commercials. The quality on these should be pretty good as they are all original episodes.
  • GH Episodes 1980-1981: Luke & Laura, Robert & Tiffany, Alan & Monica, Heather & Joe, Scotty, Anne and Jeff. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.


  • GH Episodes 1982: Laura Spencer disappears off a foggy pier, Demi Moore & Janine Turner arrive as Jackie & Laura Templeton, John Stamos arrives as Blackie Parrish, Robert & Tiffany make love, David Grey Museum caper, Holly arrives, Oil Scam, Mystery Mountain Amusement Park, Vancouver, Sammy Davis Jr appears as Brian's father, Alan & Susan's custody trial for Jason, Heather attempts to seduce Alan, Susan & Scotty get married. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1983: There was a lot of action during 1983, great avalanche location scenes that buries Luke during his snow camping trip. This sends Tony Geary off for a few weeks/months as he does another project. Luke is presumed dead as his ID is found on another man who had stolen his wallet. Luke wakes up unconscious in a hospital, paralyzed with no ID and fakes amnesia as he doesn't want to be a burder to his friends and family. His loved ones in PC learn of his death and have a memorial with flashbacks to grieve over their loss. Holly learns she is pregnant with Luke's child and Robert marries her to keep her from being deported. She later loses the baby, they begin falling in love and just as they make love, Luke returns from the dead! Lila Quartermaine is at risk for being a bigamist when her former husband Crane Toliver shows up and attempts to blackmail them. Susan Moore is murdered and all of the Q's are suspected.
    A new doctor, Grant Putnam arrives in town and then Jimmy Lee arrives as Edward's illegitimate son and he falls hard for Celia Quartermaine who arrives for the big Q party that is thrown to welcome him to town. The same night Crane Toliver is stabbed and later dies. Edward and Lila remarry. Bobbie becomes pregnant with Brock's baby and then miscarries. Connie Townsend comes to town and asks for Robert's help protecting Dr. Jerrold's top secret work on the Promethus Disk. It is soon revealed that Natalie and Grant are both DVX agents. Ceila and Grant marry and when she is considered an interference, several attempts are made on her life. Grant steals the disk and has it on him during Luke's casino opening. When all of the patrons are searched, he tries to hide it amongst the chips. Luke notices, creates a distraction and retrieves and hides the disk for several months as he tries to figure out what is going on.
    Celia and Holly are kidnapped and held in one of the pavillions during the internationl Expo. Soon after they are rescued Luke is elected as mayor, Laura returns to town and Luke & Laura are reunited. Stavros follows her, and won't accept that she wants to be with Luke. He attempts to rape her while making Luke watch. Luke hits him over the head with the bedpost and Stavros winds up falling down the stairs to his death. Luke and Laura quickly grow weary of the demands of public office and Luke decides to abdicate to Lee Baldwin who seems better suited for the position, and Luke & Laura leave town on a grand adventure.  Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Hostage Crisis June 13-20, 1983 - Five Complete Episodes and 1 partial episode, no commercials.  This 4 hr dvd covers the original Hostage Crisis at General Hospital. A patient dies during an operation and her crazed husband takes Bobbie, Monica, and Brian hostage. Brian is released after he is shot, and Robert enters with coffee and becomes a hostage. Luke saves the day and the two former friends work together again albeit briefly (they are on the outs as Luke has just returned from the dead to find his best friend married to his girl). The first five episodes are complete, the sixth episode was edited a bit so I could add a few addiitional scenes, there are no commercials. Quality is overall pretty good as most of these epis are originals that I transfered to dvd. I have also edited all of the Hostage Crisis on the Luke & Robert & Holly 1983 #23A dvd.  Click here to read the full episode descriptions.
    During the last episode, they go back to the Dr. Jerrold and the Promethus Disk storyline. For anyone who is interested in seeing more of the disk storyline and/or Luke's return from the dead, check out the Luke & Robert & Holly 1983 #23-27 on the Early Robert page at or on the Luke page at

  • GH Episodes 1984: Frisco arrives on GH, Blackie & The Riff Raff, Leslie is killed in a car accident, Blackie is sent to prison for Lou's murder, Dr. Tony Jones arrives, Felicia arrives and the Aztec storyline begins, Luke calls Robert for help as he is wanted for murder in Mexico, they meet up with Sean Donnelly at his hacienda, great location scenes at the Riverwalk and the Alamo, Tony gives Tania an engagement ring for Christmas, Sean meets Monica. Click here to read the full edit description.

  • 1984 Aztec Storyline: Luke & Laura Return, Luke & Robert & Holly Mexico Adventure, Laura & Frisco & Felicia in Texas, Laura is Pregnant. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

General Hospital Episodes 1985 to 1989

  • GH Episodes 1985: This was a great year, Ginny murders Brock but Bobbie is arrested for it until Robert & Holly work to clear her name, Ginny on trial, Tony & Tania marry, Tony is shot by Slater, Anna Devane arrives as fence in April, flashbacks of her relationship with Robert play heavily in June, Jimmy Lee & Celia marry on the wedding train, Robert finds the treasure, Robert & Sean fight on the tram, Holly leaves the show in September, Robin arrives and the Asian Quarter storyline begins, Robin is kidnapped in November, Asian Quarter wraps up in December and Robert leaves the show to join Holly in Australia, Anna becomes police commission just as Neil Johnson is found murdered in the Brownstone which kicks off the Laurelton murder storyline. Teri & Kevin get engaged.  Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1986: Sean & Monica's affair, Bobbie is kidnapped in Laurelton when she discovers them moving Earl's body, Terri & Kevin get married, Jennifer Talbort is murdered, Kevin arrested, Lucy arrives as a librarian that Kevin is having an affair with, Catalina Island adventure when Kevin kidnapps Teri, Frisco & Anna follow, Teri kills Kevin O'Connor in self defense by sending him over a cliff, Frisco & Felicia's wedding, Duke arrives, Frisco & Felicia's adventure in Atlantic City after she has been set up for embezzlement by Duke, Burt is revealed as Mr. Big, Robert returns, the broke Quartermaine's go to live above Kelly's diner, Jake & Bobbie get married, Rick Webber leaves Port Charles, Frisco shoots Damian, Damian is killed by the mob, Duke is shot while saving Robert, Robert arrests Mr. Big, BJ born to Tony & Tania, Charity & Jimmy Lee get married and leave town. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1987: Frisco sings "Lady of My Heart". Robert leaves for Australia, Duke released from prison, Duke proposes to Anna, L'Orlean, Camilla believes that Duke is her brother,Lucy pregnant with Jake's baby, Tania hit by a car and dies, Anna & Duke's wedding is broken up by Camelia's past being revealed, Niagara Falls, Sean Cassidy arrives as "Dusty", Robert returns, Biscayne islands, Robert & Sean captured by Ramos (later saved from firing squad), Robert and Anna fake their deaths and go undercover to pursue Terry and Dusty in Mt. Rushmore, Duke arrives at Mt. Rushmore, Dusty plants bomb on the train. Robert and Anna wind up on a runaway train filled with explosives. Duke arrives in time to rescue Anna, Robert and Anna arrest Dusty and head back to Port Charles, Robert receives a letter from Holly that was found in her things, Robert & Holly flashbacks, Duke and Anna get engaged again, Dusty cleared of all charges and he leaves Port Charles, Anna & Duke's scottish wedding and honeymoon (filmed on the Disney Ranch), Autumn turns to Robert for help. A murder is committed in the Quartermaine mansion, Anna meets Autumn and is very suspicious of her. Another murder in the Q mansion. Robert denies his attraction to Autumn, Anna finds a sexually compromising videotape hidden in Autumn's past, Frisco returns to PC for three days, Scott Baldwin returns to help Bobbie out of a jam, Cheryl Stansbury turns up on Sean's doorstep, Autumn arrested for murder until the real murderer is caught. Grant Putnam is released from the sanitarium, Robert receives a threatening letter from The Snowman (Grant Putnam). Victor Jerome calls on Duke to repay a debt. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1988: Grant kidnaps Anna when his botched attempt at kidnapping Robin is foiled, Robert returns, Filomena dies. Robin can't speak. Scotty introduces himself to Lucy, Colton Shore arrives, Anna attempts to escape from Grant. Robin finally speaks, Grant takes Anna to a cabin in the mountains, Julian Jerome arrives when Duke goes to Victor for help in finding Anna, Robert takes a helicopter to search for Anna, Duke & Julian are also on their way to the cabin, Tom & Simone's wedding, Anna finally escapes into the cold, Duke and Robert rescued Anna from Grant and put him away again. He has not returned since. Duke, Robert and Anna square off. Felicia believes Frisco has died, Coltin mentions "Ariel" mumbling in his sleep, Ned arrives (played by Kurt Robin McKinney), Bobbie & Scotty have an affair, Sean & Tiffany's wedding. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1989: Katherine & Paul's engagement party, Tracy returns, Duke is presumed dead in a warehouse explosion, Garden party, Domino, Dragon bone Robert and Katherine first kiss, Katherine is locked in a sarcafogus by ? (he is wearing Egyptian garb), he promises that Robert will never find her and that he will be with Katherine forever, he falls to his death as a worried Sean watches below not knowing who fell, Robert rescues an unconscious Katherine, Colton's bachelor party, Felicia's bridal shower, Colton & Felicia's wedding, Frisco returns from the dead, Frisco reveals himself to Sean and confronts him about why he didn't look for him, Sean tells Robert that Frisco is alive. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

General Hospital Episodes 1990 to 1995

  • GH Episodes 1990: Felicia & Frisco's second wedding, Olivia Jerome dies, Anna & Duke reunited, Casey the Alien storyline, Julian Jerome dies, Duke is killed on the day of Robert & Katherine's wedding, and he dies in Anna's arms, Faison is introduced, Anna and Robert go to Scotland to scatter Duke's ashes, Felicia is kidnapped, Frisco and Sean find Felicia, Sean meets with Faison, Katherine renovates Duke's old club. Anna and Frisco begin to believe Casey's story, Lucy and Alan's wedding, Felicia is pregnant. Anna meets with Faison and warns him off. Anna and Casey go looking for the last part of the crystal, Robert meets Faison, Frisco & Sean shot, Robin meets Faison, Casey goes home, Shep Casey arrives in PC, Anna plays on Faison's feelings for her, Opening night at Delafield's, Sean tells Robert and Anna how he betrayed them years ago. Anna tries to convince Katherine to give Robert a second chance, Monica calls a family meeting to tell everyone about Lucy & Ned's affair, Faison is captured, Drago revealed as the killer, Anna bails Shep out of jail, they join forces to find Decker, Lucy tells the Q's that she is pregnant, Ned saves Decker from falling, Colton Shore vs. Rico, Tom & Simone discover Harrison isn't Tommy's father. Rescue is complete after Rico stabs Frankie, Carla shoots Rico, Colton tells Frisco that he shot Rico, Robert & Anna help Robin celebrate her 13th birthday, Alan has Lucy's pregnancy confirmed, Halloween party, Felicia goes into labor, Maxie is born, Cheryl cures Lucas's insulin attack, Bobbie suspects something, Bobbie discovers Lucas is Cheryl's baby, Robert & Katerine call it quits, Katherine says goodbye and leaves PC for good, Anna prepares for a date with Evan Jerome. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1991: Tiffany discovers Cheryl's obsession with Robert, Lucy loses her baby, Alan finds out it was Scott's baby, Robert learns the truth about Lucas and returns him to Cheryl, Robert tells Cheryl that he is NOT Lucas' father, Robert is taken hostage at Wyndham's, Frisco is shot, Simone leaves for Romania, Frisco brings Felicia breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day, Robin's dance recital, Robert & Anna infamous red dress Valentine's seduction when she ties him up, Mac Scorpio and Bill & Sly Eckert arrive, Dawn dies during surgery, Larry Ashton leaves PC, Paul Hornsby shows up in PC, Mac works for Paul. Anna gets threatening phone calls; Frisco in the dog house with Felicia; and Robert sneaks out to confront Mac over the calls, Frisco Investigates Mac; Mac Blames Paul For His Troubles; Robert Warns Mac To Stay Away From Anna After She's Threatened; Frisco & Anna Run Into Bank Robbery; Mac & Finian planning a jail break, Lucy & Alan's divorce hearing, Anna taken hostage at bank, Harlan & Tracy go rollerskating, Earthquake: Robert feaks when he finds Anna gone; Robert & Anna make love; Mac escapes during the earthquake, Tribute to Jessie Brewer (Emily McClaughin) who died, Fred Eckert dies, Bill finds him, Dominque joins the show, Leopold Taub (Dominique's husband first appears), Robert proposes to Anna, Frisco leaves PC, Anna's Bridal party at Wyndham's, bridal shower, Anna is spooked when she receives an orchid and senses being followed, Faison has returned and is member of a cartel, Julia Barrett arrives, Robert & Anna wedding, Faison surprises Anna, Robert punches him, Dominque freaks out, R&A leave for honeymoon on board a train, Sean confronts Faison, Robert & Anna honeymoon in the hotel they first honeymooned in 13 years ago; 4th July picnic in Port Charles, Paul threatens Tiffany; Cesar poisons Tiffany, Outback opening night, Alan & Monica marry again, Wally takes over as Ned Ashton, Nancy blackmails AJ, Nancy Eckert murder mystery begins, Paul & Tracy marry, Jason arrives. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1992: Sean admits he is Conner's Father; Sean & Anna Help Paul Get Cleared, GH hospital emergency when plane crashes into a mall, Robin is arrested Holly returns from the dead, Faison returns, Mac's birthday party, Anna Is kidnapped by Faison, Party at Q's for Ned & Jenny's engagement Robin Is Trapped In Cannery By Faison; Paul Saves Jenny From Bomb, Jenny & Ned's wedding, Faison lures Robin to the cannery to kidnap her, Robert rescues Robin at the cannery, Ned & Jenny's reception, Robert leaves PC to look for Anna, Faison Shoots His Mother When She Tries To Protect Holly; Sean Becomes Police Commissioner; Mac Finds Faison's Microchip, Scott Suspended From Being Lawyer; Holly Gets Divorce Papers; Ned Sabotages Bill's Plan To Buy Cannery; Mac Punches Out Sean For Hiding Information About Anna Being Double agent; WSB Declares Robert & Anna Dead, Lucy says goodbye to Scott and leaves town, Karen & Jagger arrive, Leigh McClosky as Dr. Baranski, Robert & Anna memorial, with flashbacks, Bill & Mac Become Partners; Jagger Saves Ruby, Cal Threatens Jagger; Simon Romero Arrives, Nikki Announces Her Lawsuit; Holly Sees A Video Of Paloma Being Tortured; Cal Is Arrested, Ruby Drops Charges Against Jagger; Simon Tells Holly That Paloma's Dead; Bill & Paul Plan A Big Project On The Docks, Holly Leaves Town To Pose As Paloma; Felicia Returns & Is Gagged Outside Of The Brownstone; Felicia Has Amnesia, Dave Coz Appears At The Outback's Grand Opening; Bill Saves Holly From Killer In San Francisco; Monica Wins Malpractice Suit; Simon Thinks That Holly Died In Fire; Mac Hires Felicia; Bill Has Flashbacks of Father Martin; Scott & Dominique Are Arrested In A Bar Brawl; Ryan Chamberlain arrives, Holly & Bill's San Sebastian Adventure, Bobbie Is Threatened By Joe Atkins; Karen, Jagger & Jason Are Shipwrecked During A Hurricane; Bill Hides Holly Aboard The Ship; Father Martin Shoots Bill; Scott Annoys John Stamos in LA (during guest appearence as himself); Scott, Julia & Dominique Go On The Home Show, Jagger & Jason Kill Cal After He Tries To Attack Karen; Holly Removes The Bullet From Bill's Leg; Jason, Jagger & Karen Get Threatening Notes From Joe Atkins; Paloma's Men Find Bill & Holly; Tracy Hires A P.I. To Get Dirt On Jenny, Hot barn scenes between Mac & Felicia, Scott & Dominique Get Married In Atlantic City; Ryan Tampers With Mac's Plane; Jason Steals Edward's Coins To Pay Off Atkins; Simon Kidnaps Holly, Scott & Domonique wake up married in Las Vegas while drunk, Cal Tries To Kill Jagger, Jason & Karen; Bill Shoots Father Martin; Brenda arrives, Joe Atkins Holds Bobbie Hostage; Sean Is Shot By Atkins As Mac Pilots The Getaway Helicopter; Bill & Holly's First Date, Cheryl Dies; Ryan Takes Felicia To Cabin; Marco Finds Out About Jenny's Baby, Felicia Gets Memory Back; Cheryl Leaves Lucas To Bobbie; Ryan Tries To Kill Felicia; Marco Makes A Tape Of Jenny & Senator Kensington; Mac Sees Felicia Stab Ryan. Felicia Is Arrested For Attempted Murder; Lucy Returns; Ryan Denies Everything When He Wakes From His Coma, Julia Finds Marco's Tape; Scott Suspects Lucy In Art Theft; Tiffany Starts A Custody Battle; Bill Holds Lucy At Gunpoint To Get A Confession, Felicia's Trial Begins; Bill & Holly Search Richard Hallifax's House; Ryan Kidnaps Felicia, Ned & Jenny marry, Robin turns 15. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1993: Dominique gives Lucy a job, Dominique & Scott's second wedding in a church, Jason & Brenda kiss! Felicia's trial for the attempted murder of Ryan, elicia is declared guilty, Jagger & Karen go to the cabin, Brenda takes photos of Karen as she showers, Valentine's Dance with Karen, Jagger, Jason, Brenda, Sean Kannan begins as AJ, Marco & Reginald in Hollywood, Bill has a flashback to Victoria (Teri Garber), Tony & Bobbie win custody of Lucas, Jason & Jagger fight, Mac rescues Felicia and they make their getaway, Sean tries to rattle Ryan with news of Felicia's death, Felicia's memorial, Scott & Dom go ice skating then have a fancy dinner, Gary Morris sings to her "If Tommorrow Never Comes", AJ finds the cancelled check Alan paid Nikki off with and confronts him, Dominique is dying, Lucy gets pregnant with Dominique’s baby, Dominique’s death & funeral, Tiffany learns she is pregnant, very first episode of GH is reaired as a black & white flashback during the 30th Anniversary episode, Tracy accidentally hits Jenny with her car, Tracy double crosses Marco, takes his money and leaves town with baby Dillon, Ryan discovers Felicia is not dead and chases her, Ryan terrorizes Steve & Audrey, Ryan kidnaps Maxie, Tiffany is shocked to see Felicia alive, Mac & Sean rescue Felicia, Ryan falls off the cliff, seductive scene as Felicia's shaves off Mac's beard, Mac & Felicia date. High School Prom with Brenda, Jason, Robin, Karen & Jagger, HS grad, Karen helps Jagger search for Stone, Brenda & Jagger photo shoot at boxing gym, Katherine arrives, Tiffany loses her baby and attempts suicide, Karen & Jagger break up, Jagger & Brenda make out, Stone arrives and takes care of Karen when she is drugged at a rave, Felicia goes undercover to search for Stone, Sonny arrives and operates the Paradise Lounge, Sonny & Karen meet as they watch strippers at Paradise Lounge, Karen begins stripping, Jagger follows Stone and sees Karen stripping, Brenda & Robin follow her there, Jagger finds Karen in bed with Sonny, Sonny has Jagger beaten up, Julia & AJ make love, Ryan's trial, Jagger finds Stone, Damian arrives, Jessica tells Sean she is pregnant and soon she is found murdered, Ned sings "Heartbreak Hotel" at Karokee bar, Luke & Laura return, Lucky arrives, Luke & Laura jump out of the plane, go over rapids and are rescued by helicopter just before they are about to go over the falls, Luke & Bill Eckert come face to face, Bill Eckert dies, Sonny & Luke first meet, Scott & Katherine’s wedding broken up by Lucy, Lucy is carjacked, she goes into labor at a mountain cabin, Kevin arrives in PC, Brenda meets Sonny on the docks, Lois arrives, Ned & Lois meet and he introduces himself as “Eddie Maine”, Scotty leaves, says goodbye to Lucy at Dominique's grave. Alan tells Monica he killed Ray, AJ tells Alan that he set up Jagger for the murder, Laura’s birthday, Felicia Bell arrives as Simone, Lucky is shot and rushed to the ER, Ned performs as “Eddie Maine” on New Year’s Eve. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1994: Lucky is shot & paralyzed, meets Foster, Sonny & Brenda at car dealership, Mac & Felicia's failed wedding, Ryan interrupts with a bomb strapped to his chest. Mac injured, wedding cancelled. Paul & Jenny marry instead, Ned meets Lois' family in Brooklyn for the first time, Miguel arrives, Luke & Sonny break Frank Smith out of jail, Jagger gets hurt & cancels his first planned wedding to Karen, Brenda helps Sonny after he is shot, Maxie’s illness, Karen & Jagger wedding, Luke & Laura go to Atlantic City to see Jennifer Smith (played by Roseanne Arnold, and Tom appears as her husband), Mac goes to look for Frisco, Frisco returns for Maxie's illness, she needs a heart transplant, during his visit BJ has the accident, transplant occurs, BJ's funeral, F&F sleep together which creates Georgie, Brenda receives a diamond bracelet from Sonny, Frisco leaves to go undercover again, Ned & Lois first wedding with Justus of the peace, Justice arrives in town, S&B make love for the first time, First Annual Nurse's Ball, Lulu's birth, Monica has breast cancer, Lily arrives, Tony & Felicia leave for Cairo to find Frisco, Miguel & Lily & Sonny & Brenda & Ned & Lois all go to Puerto Rico, Luke & Lucy arrive in PR, big location shootout, Sonny rescues Brenda and they go on the run, Luke shot and falls overboard,Miguel's concert, Rivera kidnapps the gang, Ned & Katherine marry, Lois jumps out of cake at Katherine’s birthday party, Laura gives birth to Lulu. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • GH Episodes 1995: Explosion at Luke’s new club, Sonny rescues Foster from the fire, Laura takes Lulu and leaves town, BB King performs at the opening of Luke’s Club, Robin & Stone make love, Felicia receives a letter from Frisco, Emily arrives, Kevin gives Lucy Sigmund the duck, Tiffany tells Sean she is pregnant, Sean & Tiffany leave town, Felicia goes into labor and Georgie born under a table at Luke's, Ryan kidnaps Georgie, Kevin & Felicia find Ryan in the house of mirrors, Ryan dies in the fire at the funhouse, Annabelle has her puppies, Brenda’s 21st birthday party, Stone is diagnoised with AIDS, Shoot out at Luke's, Brenda shot at in her shower, in aftermath of shootout Laura asks Luke to move out, Lucy is kidnaped by Scully, Ned’s bachelor party, Ned & Lois' wedding train, wedding party aboard yacht, Brooklyn wedding, then Coney Island honeymoon, Robin & Stone recite mock vows, lace mantilla, Emily's mother, Paige, dies from breast cancer, Robin & Stone go to her prom, Second Annual Nurse's Ball, Stone's picnic, Sonny finds Brenda wearing a wire for the FBI, After a confrontation, Sonny walks out on her and leaves her in tears, Karen & Jagger return to see Stone, Brenda & Miguel make love, Miguel's concert, Brenda & Miguel video shown, AIDS Walk in the park, Miguel leaves town, Kevin & Mac go undercover in drag to get info on Madam Maia, Kevin exposes Maia, Lucky & Emily runaway to find her aunt Corie, Luke & Laura follow them, Lucy interrupts everyone’s Thanksgiving looking for Sigmund, Robin is HIV+, Anna and then Robert vist as ghosts, Stone’s death and memorial dies of AIDS, AJ injures Jason when he drives while drunk, Robin and Sonny spread Stone's ashes from the bridge, Sean Donnelly shot, Frisco comes home. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

  • New Year's Eve Episode List, 1993-2004 - I have compiled a GH New Year's Eve edit. This edit contains 11 episodes from 1993-2004. I began this edit with an episode from 1993, fun to see the cast from that time. This one is not an original episode but a good copy. There were not any New Year's themed episodes in 1994, 1995, or 2000 so I skipped those years. I've listed the dates of the 11 episodes below, and expanded descriptions of each episode below that. Click here to read the full episode descriptions.

General Hospital Episodes 1996 to 1999

  • Valentine's Edit, 1996-2003: This edit compiles Valentine's Day episode from 1995-2003. These are complete 9 episodes without commercials and a few additional scenes as some of the valentine's storylines carried over into the next episode (Jax & Brenda's failed wedding went into a second episode, and Liz and Lucky's valentine vows went into two additional episodes). I also added the Unforgettable Love Stories Special and a few additional clips. Click here to read the full edit description.

  • Thanksgiving Edit, 1996-2002: I have compiled the Thanksgiving episodes from the last 7 years, there are 6 episodes all together from 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 all with no commercials.  No Thanksgiving episode of GH aired for the 1998 or 2003, 2004, or 2005. Click here to read the full edit description.

  • Christmas Edit, 1996-2005: The GH Christmas edit contains 11 GH Christmas episodes from 1996-2005 and is about 7 hours 45 mins. There are two episodes included from 1993, the main Christmas episode at the hospital and Luke's Scrooge dream on Christmas Eve. These are edited with no commercials. This is my orignial edit from my original episodes. Click here to read the full edit description.

  • GH Episodes 1996: "Twist of Fate" Primetime episode with Laura's funeral, Sonny drugged, Jason shot. Earlier in the year, Jason wakes up from coma, Jason "meets" Robin on the bridge as she grieves Stone's death, Robin & Jason's relationship, R&J go to Montauk, Robin leaves for college, Carly arrives, Carly & Jason's affair, Jason meets and goes to work for Sonny, Jax arrives and is smitten with Lois, Sonny marries Lily, Brenda is hit by a car, and Jax whisks her off to Malibu, Brenda arranges for her and Jax to follow Sonny & Lily on their ski trip to Canada, Brenda deliberately gets stranded in a snowstorm and Sonny follows her and is trapped as well until Jax rescues them by helicopter, Lily is pregnant, Lily killed in explosion at Luke's as Brenda marries Jax, Sonny brings Miranda to town during J&B's second wedding. Ward House fire and benefit, Laura arrested for Damian's murder, Lulu's Bone Marrow illness, Laura contacts the Cassidines for help, Nik becomes Lulu's bone marrow donor and the Cassidines arrive in town, L&L's 15th anniversary, Alexis arrives and meets Luke, Helena returns, Laura "dies" in an explosion. Mary Mae's funeral, Nurse's Ball, Tom & Felicia, Steve Hardy's death and memorial, Tracy returns and sees Ned perform as "Eddie Maine", Lois leaves town and gives birth, Bobbie finds Tony in bed with Carly, anniversary of Stone's death, Stefan & Bobbie marry, Taggert arrives, Ned & Alexis first scene together, Emily takes drugs for the first time. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 1997: Robin returns to celebrate Jason Morgan’s first birthday, Luke & Laura return to town and Bobbie then Nik see Laura alive at Wyndemere (Laura was buried during the Twist of Fate Primetime Episode in Dec, 1996), Laura shows up at GH during her dedication, Monica’s sexual harassment trial, Dr. Pierce Dorman, S&B trapped in cave and make love, Emily kisses Nik, Emily smokes a heroin laced joint and tries to fly off the Quatermaine roof, Jax arrested for drug possession, Monica kidnaps and drugs Dorman, V arrives, Brenda arrested for Dorman’s murder, Sonny breaks her out of jail and they go on the run, Tiger Key, Tinman shoots Jason, Carly is pregnant with AJ’s baby and tells Tony the child is his, Liz arrives, Sonny shoots Rivera, Alan & Monica Anniversary episode, Sonny leaves Brenda at the altar and leaves town to protect her, Julia visits Brenda, Nik shot outside of Luke’s club, Jason heads to Paris after Moreno threatens Robin, Brenda has breakdown at a photo shoot, Carly finds legal papers that Tony plans to sue her for full custody of her unborn baby and seeks refuge at Jason’s, Helena returns. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 1998: Jax brings Robin home from Paris after Brenda’s breakdown, Michael’s baptism, Sonny introduces himself to Alexis, Liz is raped in the park and Lucky finds and takes care of her, Ned & Alexis make love for the first time, Robin tutors Nik in speech therapy, big storm hits Port Charles, Nik tells Lucky that Luke raped Laura, Lucky confronts Luke and he tells him the story, Tony kidnaps Michael, Robin finds out and confronts Tony and he kidnaps her too, Jason rescues them both, Carly shoots Tony after he is released from jail, GH 35th Anniversary, Primetime Special, Waterfront Gala, Brenda saves Jax’s life from sniper, Jerry arrives, Jason & Brenda crash aboard ELQ jet and stranded in wilderness, Brenda proposes to Jax on a beach in Malibu, Sonny’s spring return, Bacchanalia Ball at Wyndemere, Katherine falls off parapet, Laura returns and Lucky confronts her about he rape, Jax & Brenda in theatre during primetime episode, Jax & Sonny trapped in warehouse fire, Kevin & Lucy & Mac & Felicia Double wedding, Alan drug storyline, Alan arrested, Mac & Felicia honeymoon in Paris, Edward & Lila Anniversary party, Veronica arrives as Brenda’s mother, Brenda dies in a car accident, Emily’s first photo shoot, Emily is blackmailed by photographer and ask Nik for help, Nik asks Lucky to help Emily, the four musketeers begin, Nik’s birthday party, Luke confronts Laura about Stefan being Nik’s father. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 1999: Jason tells Robin that AJ is Michael’s father and she tells AJ, Robin leaves town, Ruby’s Memorial, Sonny meets Alexis, Nik learns Stefan is his father, Liz & Lucky say unofficial vows in a church on Valentine’s, Big storm, Carly & Sonny trapped together in penthouse, Jax & Alexis go to Greece, Faison returns as Heir Kleige, Luke sells a piece of the Ice Princess to him, anniversary of Robert & Anna’s death is acknowledged, Liz & Lucky go to New York, Lucky dies in a fire, Faison is holding him captive and Lucky leaves the show, Chloe arrives, Sonny meets Hannah, Jax & Alexis helicopter crashes, Carly marries AJ, Jax & Chloe meet, Carly’s nightmare episode about being married to AJ (classic!), Juan arrives, Emily & Juan meet, Jax & Alexis Las Vegas wedding, Luke & Felicia locked in the crypt, Coltin arrives as Nik, Ned marries Chloe, mixed married storyline, Carly finds Sonny during his breakdown, Jason & Liz meet and hang out at Jake’s and their relationship begins, Jerry & Bobbie in car accident, Sonny arrested, Luke & Faison face off, Luke & Felicia arrive in Mexico, Roy De Lucca returns, Katherine falls off parapet again (see 1998) and dies for real this time, Liz’s 18th birthday, Nik finds out he is not Stefan’s son but Stavros was his father, Alexis tells Stefan, Laura & Stefan make love, Jason shot, Sonny & Carly sleep together. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

General Hospital Episodes 2000 to 2004

  • GH Episodes 2000: Carly Babes makes her first appearence at a Quartermaine party, Faison tells Luke that Lucky is alive and then dies in a boat explosion, Jason leaves town, Helena runs down Chloe, Bobbie tells Sonny that Carly is pregnant with his baby, he interrupts the Q’s to announce that he is the baby’s father, Carly moves in with Sonny, Carly miscarries after fall down Quartermaine stairs, Carly & Sonny get married, Carly seduces Sonny in limo, Jacob arrives as Lucky, Luke sees him and tells Laura that Lucky is alive! Luke & Felicia sleep together, Helena poisons Stefan, he later returns from the dead with a kidnapped Chloe in tow, Rave storyline begins, Gia arrives and blackmails Emily, Alexis is discovered in Eddie Maine’s hotel room and dubbed “Eddie’s Angel” by the papparazi, Alexis’ bridal shower, Ned’s bachelor party, Alexis is a runaway bride from her wedding to Ned, Zander arrives, he kidnaps Emily, Jason & Zander have a showdown and Emily released, Sonny is shot outside of the PCPD during the Christmas episode. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2001: Sonny “dies” and sees Lily and his dead sons, Sonny & Cary marry again in Martinique, Jason returns to PC, Jason rescues Sonny from being trapped in another warehouse fire, Jason difuses a bomb sent to Sonny wrapped as a gift, Jason leaves town again, Sarah’s Cary leaves town and Tamara takes over the role, Sonny throws Carly out after he feels betrayed, Sorel stabs Sonny at cemetary, Angel arrives and cares for Sonny at her cabin, Sorel takes Carly & Alexis hostage at the penthouse, bomb strapped to Sonny goes off, Zander shot, Sonny & Carly divorce, Jensen Buchanan arrives as Melissa, Face of Deception contest between Elizabeth and Gia, Laura is locked on the roof during the Deception Gala, Skye arrives, End Game begins, Helena brainwashes Lucky into drugging Lucas, then Luke, she blackmails Tony into defrosting Stavros, he awakes and Robert Kelker Kelly arrives, Emily & Zander prom, Em & Zander make love in Quartermaine boathouse, Emily injured in bus explosion, Emily leaves for rehab, Lucky arrested and sets fire to jail, Liz & Lucky’s engagement party, Luke & Laura sign divorce papers, Scotty takes Laura to Hollywood, Dream episode, Luke realizes Stavros is alive!, Art Auction, Sorel is murdered, Kristina arrives, new Michael arrives, Stavros kills Chlowe, AJ in meat packing plant hung up on hook, final showdown between Stavros & Luke, Stavros dies, Helena goes to jail, L&L’s 20th Wedding Anniversary, Luke tricks Laura into cruise caper, Luke asks Laura to marry him again, Liz returns, Sonny invites Alexis to go to Puerto Rico with him, Nik & Gia engaged, Carly & Zander kiss, Courtney arrives, Laura’s surprise birthday party, Liz & Lucky’s New Year’s Eve wedding, Gia blurts out to Liz before the wedding that Lucky no longer loves her. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2002: Liz & Lucky’s Wedding begins, Liz stops the ceremony and tells Lucky she can’t marry him, Gia drinks and drives and crashes into Courtney and injures LIz, Valentine’s Day Fantasy episode, Sally Struthers plays Jennifer smith, Melissa arrested, Carly’s club opens, Carly locks Skye in the shed, Jax & Skye make love, an arrested Sonny confides in Alexis, Sonny & Alexis interrupt AJ & Courtney’s honeymoon, Sarah arrives and Lucky kisses her, 10,000th episode of GH, Sonny & Alexis kiss then make love and Carly finds them together, Zander tells Sonny that he thinks Carly’s car has gone off a cliff, Rae arrives for Monica’s birthday party, Sonny realizes that Carly saw him in bed with Alexis, Carly shows up alive at her own funeral, Jason returns and meets Courtney, Liz & Zander kidnapped and take to crypt, Zander & Liz kiss, Jason rescues Zander & Liz from crypt just before it explodes, Alexis is pregnant with Sonny’s baby, Jason tells Sonny that the baby is his, Sonny & Carly renew their vows, Courtney starts stripping, Sonny finds out and asks Jason to guard her, AJ burns down strip club, Jason protects Courtney when she is stalked, Rick Webber returns and is reunited with Leslie & Laura, Laura remembers killing Rick’s girlfriend, Laura kills Rick, Lucky drives Rick’s car off a cliff to cover up the murder, Laura has a breakdown and leaves for a sanitarium, Zander & Liz make love, Jax & Skye’s wedding, bomb explodes at warehouse and kills Kristina, Zander accidentally shoots Liz, Brenda returns and sets fire to Alcazar’s yacht with a flare gun, Jason & Brenda’s Las Vegas wedding, Halloween party for a charity benefit, Luis kidnaps Brenda, Luis & Sonny & Brenda in plane crash, Sonny kisses Brenda, Rick Hearst begins as “Ric”, Cameron arrives played by Lane Davies, Mickey Dolenz gues appearence as Logan (psychiatrist who leads Luke’s group therapy session), Jax & Brenda make love, Alexis goes into labor and gives birth to Kristina, Luis Alcazar is murdered, a drunk Skye hits Nik with her car, Jason & Sonny arrested, classic black & white 20’s theme episode in speakeasy found in Kelly’s basement. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • Kristina's Death July 31 - August 8, 2002: The following 7 episodes, with no commercials, cover from Kristina discovering that Sonny is the father of Alexis' baby, through her efforts to find and tell Sonny, which leads her to the coffee warehouse and is caught in the explosion. This also has the episodes of the aftermath of the explosion, rescuing Kristina from the wreckage, rushing her to GH, emergency surgery and her death. It contains the aftermath of her death as Alexis grieves and makes funeral arrangements and concludes with Kristina's funeral when Alexis reams pretty much everyone there.  Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • 10,000th Episode, April 17, 2002 - Take a walk down memory lane... The hospital staff and friends celebrate Audrey's 10,000th day of work (also the 10,000th episode of GH). They give her a lovely heart pendant. She is touched by the warm reception she receives and spends time reminiscing about her first years on the job with Steve.  Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2003: Sonny travels to South America to investigate Alcazar, Brenda & Jason are on trial for Luis’ murder, Brenda is found unconscious in the lake, Casablanca-esque S&B scenes on the airport tarmac, Jason & Brenda are found guilty but court overturns verdict, Jax & Brenda are engaged, Jason & Brenda fly to Dominican Republic for a divorce, Sonny & Carly go to the cabin, Ric kisses Liz for the first time, Ric shot at Speakeasy, Ric & Liz make love, Rick shoots Faith, Jason & Courtney in a car accident, Jason breaks up with Courtney, Faith kidnaps Courtney and takes her to a mountain cabin, Jacob leaves as Lucky and Greg replaces him, Carly is pregnant, Jason & Courtney get back together and Sonny fires him, Courtney shaves Jason, Emily returns home, GH 40th Anniversary two episode special, Carly falls through the ice and almost loses her baby, Courtney breaks up with Jason, Jason kidnaps Faith, Tracy returns and brings Dillion to town, Georgie kisses him, Tracy tells Skye that she isn’t a Quartermaine, Monica learns Emily has cancer, Emily has surgery, Ric shot again escaping from Sonny, Carly tells Sonny about being drugged and Ric raping her, Ric kidnaps Courtney, Tyler arrives as Nik, Ric confronts Sonny in Martha's Vineyard, tells Sonny he is his brother, Jason rescues Courtney from mine shaft, Carly drugs Ric and ties him up, threatens to shoot him, Maxie sleeps with Kyle, he videotapes it and airs on web cam, Maxie ODs, Cameron & Alexis Salem witch trial fantasy, Alexis dresses up as Dobson and gets hired as a Quartermaine butler, Liz is pregnant, Ric & Liz get married, Faith pushes Liz down stairs and she miscarries, Sonny’s limo explodes, Zander is shot, first scene between Tyler’s Nik and Natalia’s Emily, Emily & Zander marry in the hospital, Venice is recreated in the hospital for their honeymoon, Journey’s failed bachelor and failed bridal shower, Stefan returns, Prom for Georgie, Lucas & Maxie, Lorenzo arrives and kidnaps Sonny, Jason & Courtney's wedding day, Ric drugs Liz and kidnaps Carly, Carly meets Alcazar while Ric holding her captive, Carly rescued, then Lorenzo kidnaps Courtney, she jumps off ship and loses her baby, Courtney hits Elizabeth with her car, Carly sends Courtney’s car over a cliff to cover it up, Jax returns, Sam arrives, Carly’s baby shower, Jason & Courtney get married in France, Carly falls downstairs, Sonny shoots Alcazar, Carly shot, Morgan is born, Carly's coma dreams begin, Brian arrives, Sage arrives, Sonny takes Sam hostage at gunpoint after trying to shoot Lorenzo, Jason stops Capelli from shooting Sonny outside his penthouse and is arrested, Jason & Sam first scene at PCPD while they are both in custody for helping Sonny, Zander is the father of Liz’s baby, Ric & Liz leave for their honeymoon, Luke's Scrooge Christmas Eve episode, Stavros returns, Dillon's silent film dream New Year’s Eve fantasy episode. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2004: Alcazar kisses Carly, she checks herself into Shadybrook, Carly is injected with drugs, Jason injected while trying to rescue her, Sonny kisses Sam, they make love, Carly & Lorenzo make love, Maxie helps Zander escape the police and hides him in the basement of the hotel, Jason tries to pay Sam off to leave town, Winter Formal, Port Charles Hotel Fire, Alexis tells Carly that Sonny is Kristina’s father, Brian shot & killed, helicopter rescue, hotel explodes, Nik presumed dead in explosion, Courtney receives $10 million from grateful lady, LIz admits to murdering Zander, Sonny’s limo explodes outside custody hearing, Sam is stabbed and shows up at Sonny’s penthouse for help, Emily sees Zander is alive but he is soon shot and killed, Nik is in a car accident, Sonny kills an assasin at Carly’s, Liz divorces Ric, Jason & Courtney also divorcing, Carly kidnaps Alcazar and holds him in her basement, Nik’s memorial, Michael fakes his own kidnapping and falls in a well, Jason rescues him, Michael has surgery, Sam is pregnant and Jason takes her in, Sam loses the baby, Emily sees Nik is alive, Jax & Courtney go to Monte Carlo, Jasper kiss in Gazebo, Connor (Nik) marries Mary, Lucky kisses Emily, Brook Lynn arrives, Alexis & Ric first kiss, Jason & Sam’s failed wedding, Lois returns, Nik & Emily make love but he thinks he is Connor, Randy Jackson appearence, Liz returns from maternity leave, Lila’s memorial, Sonny & Carly reunite and make love, Murder Mystery at the Quartermaine mansion, teens hold a seance, Sage killed, Trent killed, Mary shot by Nik, Carly’s father (John Durant) shows up in Port Charles, Steven Webber arrives, Nik & Emily’s engagement party, Helena “dies” by falling after off a cliff during a struggle with Nik, Kristina is rushed to GH, Ric & Alexis get married, Carly tells Sonny that he is Kristina’s father, Emily & Nik marry, Maria (Diego’s mom) arrives, big snowstorm, Kristina’s christening, New Year’s Eve Masqurade. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Fire Storyline, February 2-23, 2004: I have done an edit of the Port Charles Hotel Fire storyline with all the complete episodes, no commercials from all of the fire episodes. In addition, I edited scenes from Feb 2-5th to start the tape and included Zander escaping from GH, hiding out in the basement, taking Maxie hostage, Edward finding out about the faulty wiring. I included pretty much all of the hotel action from 2/5 including the auction, the treasure stealing, and the confrontation between Nik & Zander. From the 2/6-2/19 episodes I included the entire episodes (minus commercials), in the aftermath of the fire, I added Nik returning from the presumed dead and reuniting with Emily, Ric and Luke watching Scott's farewell tape, and finally Ric announces Zander is dead and then arrests Nik for his murder.  Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Murder Mystery, August 20 - September 9, 2004 I began this edit with scenes from the August 20th episode. I included the action at the Q's, the teens getting ready for the séance, and Nik and Em and Mary. I then included complete episodes (without commercials) for the 8/23, 8/24, 8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/30 episodes. Then I began editing again more to the aftermath of the murder storyline from the August 31-Sept 9th time frame, including Mary's death, Lois telling Alcazar about Sage's death and the teens part in it, and Lorenzo giving Dillon the letter from Sage, and Brook putting it to music. This edit contains the complete murder mystery storyline involving Georgie, Dillon, Brook, Sage, Trent, Nik, Emily, Mary in first Sage’s death, then Trent’s, then Mary’s.  Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

General Hospital Episodes 2005 to 2009

  • GH Episodes 2005: Connor rapes Emily and she kills him, Emily visits Nik in jail and tells him the truth about the rape, Sonny meets Reese, AJ’s funeral, Faith kidnaps Michael & Morgan, shootout with Faith at the church, Michael’s funeral and playground dedication, AJ tricks Michael into thinking Sonny doesn’t love him, Jason & Sam go to the Bahamas, Reese hurt as car bomb explodes outside of Sonny’s, Tamara leaves the show as Carly, Jennifer takes over the role, Carly sees Michael alive in the park, Jason confronts AJ and they both fall over the banister at the Quartermaine mansion, AJ is smothered to death while laying in his hospital bed, Sonny goes on trial for his murder, Tracy brings Luke home as her new husband, Kirsten Storms begins as Maxie, Jax & Courtney’s wedding and honeymoon, Maxie’s surgery, Nik & Emily kiss, Reese in car accident, Carly marries Lorenzo in Venezuela, Reese has high school flashbacks of her and Caroline (Carly), Emily tells Sonny she was raped, Elizabeth offers to be a surrogate mother to Jax & Courtney’s baby, Georgie has surgery, Hurricane strikes, Courtney & Nik make love, Sonny takes Carly to Rose Lawn and Jennifer’s Carly departs, Robin returns to the show, Emily and Nik arrange a romantic wedding for Liz & Lucky, Laura Wright begins as Carly, Train Wreck, tunnel collapses, Alexis goes into labor while trapped and gives birth to Molly, Carly & Manny shoot out, Reese dies, Cave explodes after Manny sets charges, Robin finds Noah Drake to operate on Jason, Patrick arrives. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • Train Wreck, November 1-16, 2005: I have done an edit of the train wreck episodes. This edit contains 11 complete episodes, no commercials. I also included additional scenes from three other episodes to complete the storyline. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2006: Luke in the Markham Islands, Virus Storyline begins, Robert returns and is reunited with Robin, GH Quarantined, Tony dies, Georgie & Dillon marry, Courtney's baby is born, Courtney dies, Holly returns and ransoms the antidote, Courtney's funeral, Luke's casino night as Haunted Star re-opens, Carly & Jax make love, Jesse shot at carnival, Manny kidnapps Liz, Jason rescues her, Jesse's funeral, Carly's bachelor charity auction, Sam is shot, Anna arrives, Jason tells Alexis that she is Sam's mother, Jason breaks up with Sonny, Prom, Robin & Patrick make love for the first time, John's christening, Anna meets Lorenzo, The guys of PC fantasize about Carly while drinking at Jake's, Jason arrested, Alexis, then Jason see Ric & Sam making love, Jason & Liz make love, Liz learns she is pregnant, Lucky steals heroin from the PCPD to frame Jason, Jax proposes to Carly, Luke tells Robin to give Laura the drug, Sam arrested after Rick plants evidence in her room, Sam shot at the cemetary, Liz helps Sam escape from the hospital Spinelli's first day, L&L's wedding & reception, Jason's car explodes, Jason shot on the docks, Sam shoots and kills Diego, Sonny & Carly kiss in relief that Jason is alive, Spencers celebrate an early Christmas together, Laura slips away again, Luke grieves over losing Laura again, Lulu meets Spinelli, Robin & Sonny reminiesce on the anniversary of Stone's death. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • Virus Storyline, January 25 - March 2, 2006: I began the Virus edit with Lulu receiving the shrunken skull from Luke, postmarked Markham Islands. I included Luke's scenes on the island, Robert's return to the show and all of Luke and all of Robert's scenes during this time frame up through Robert leaving in early March. The first six episodes from Jan 25-Feb 2 are edited to the set up of the virus storyline, then I included the complete episodes from Feb 3-27, then edited again from Feb 28-March 2nd to wrap up the storyline. I also included Tony's and Courtney's memorial as the conclusion to wrap up this storyline. This edit is contained on four dvds. Virus #1 is about 7 hrs 45 minutes. Virus #2 a bit over 5 1/2 hours on two dvds. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2007: Carly marries Sonny, Metro Court Hostage Crisis begins, hotel explosion, Liz tells Jason that he is the father of her baby and he asks her to marry him, Alan dies, Kiko arrives as Stan, Logan arrives Tracy sees Alan's ghost, Luke arrested for assaulting Scotty, Craig injects Nik with a poison, Liz & Lucky remarry, Lulu & Cooper meet at Kelly's, Maxie & Cooper make love, Alcazar sends a hit on Sonny & Jason at The Cellar, Spinelli impersonates Jason at Carly's wedding rehearsal, Carly & Jax's wedding, Kate arrives in PC, Jason finds Liz on the floor of her home in labor, Liz gives birth, Lucky arrests Jason for Alcazar's murder, Logan kisses Lulu, Amelia fills Jason in on Sam's past, Jason tells Sonny that he is Jake's father, Jake is kidnapped from his stroller in the park, Sam confesses to Jason that she knows that he is Jake's father, Jason released on bail, Eli Love (Rick Springfield) arrives for treatment at GH, Anna returns to GH, Sam breaks up with Jason while he is in prison, Eli Love/Noah Drake benefit concert, Jason threatens to kill Sam if she hurts Liz or Jake, Jason sees Lucky kissing Sam, Jason & Carly find Leticia dead on the floor, Text message killer, Lucky sleeps with Sam, Lulu meets Johnny, Black & White ball begins, Emily's funeral, Maxie is attacked, Georgie is murdered, Felicia returns for her daughter’s funeral, Dillon returns and learns Georgie has died, Luke sings "My Way". Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • Metro Court Hostages, January 3 - March 6, 2007:Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • The Black & White Ball:This edit contains all of the complete episodes (no commercials) for the Black & White Ball. I also included some edited scenes prior to the start of the ball of Nik planning the ball, his irrational behavior, ball invitations go out and the town talks about going to the ball. I included the 11 ball episodes, then the few action packed episodes after Nik has found Emily dead. I continued through the action at GH, Dillon's return to PC, the aftermath of Em's death, the two episodes on the day of Emily's funeral including her memorial. Since there was room remaining on the dvd #4, I decided to include some of the Emily ghost visitation scenes into early January. I also included Georgie's murder and Spinelli and Mac finding her. I included a few more post-Ball scenes into 2008 showing the text message killer then attacking Sam and Alexis, the DNA showing Coop is the killer and then Maxie finding him dead. The 2008 scenes are very highly edited to just touch on a few highlights of the storyline to finish off the last dvd and is not a complete edit for the post-ball text message killer storyline. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2008: Luke's imaginary trial while Luke in hospital, Alexis & Diane "litigator of the year"; adventure on plane, Skye leaves PC, DNA results show Cooper is the killer, Alexis & Sam are attacked, Maxie finds Cooper dead, Claudia meets Sonny in a bar, Text Message Killer attacks Sam, Michael is shot, Jason asks Liz to marry him, Reopening of the Haunted Star, Anna learns Robin is pregnant, Nik & Emily dance & great Nem montage as he says goodbye before the surgery, Sonny proposes to Kate, Kate is shot at her own wedding, Lulu kills Logan, Eli Love concert, Lulu went to Shadybrook to visit Laura, Johnny takes crazy Lulu to Shadybrook, Laura speaks to Lulu, Sonny is in a head on collision, Robin & Patrick's failed wedding, Robin goes into labor, Jason & Sam caught in explosion, Sonny stabbed and tossed into the harbor, L&L see each other, Robin’s dream episode, Robert returns to GH, Anna finds him in Robin's apartment, Robert runs into Luke down on the docks, then Mac, Spinelli helps Santa find out everyone's Christmas wishes, Monica sees Alan's ghost, Robin & Patrick's wedding. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

  • GH Episodes 2009: Biotoxin storyline, Nik sees Rebecca, Ethan arrives, Luke holds Ethan at gunpoint, OR explodes, BJ's dream episode, Opening ceremony for new GH, New Michael (Drew Garrett), Nik kisses Liz to make Lucky & Rebecca jealous, Holly returns, New Kristina arrives, Dante Falconeri appears as gunman Claudia hired, Karokee - Robin & Patrick, Spinelli, Maxie/Lulu/Rebecca sing, Maxie & Spinelli make love, Lulu meets Dante, Helena warns Luke about the Cassidines, Maxie & Spinelli’s non wedding, Luke trapped in cell, Helena seen, Jonathan returns as Lucky, Claudia kidnaps a very pregnant Carly, Dante & Lulu get trapped in freezing water in mine/tunnel after car accident, Carly goes into labor, Michael kills Claudia to protect his mom and baby sister, James Franco begins, Steven Webber arrives in PC, Rebecca meets Zander’s double on a plane as she leaves PC, Robin & Patrick’s first anniversary, Franco kidnaps Sam. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    General Hospital Episodes 2010 to 2019

    • GH Episodes 2010: Michael tells Sonny that Dante is an undercover cop and Sonny shoots Dante, a shocked Olivia informs Sonny that he has just shot his own son, Dante tells Lulu he loves her, Dante & Lulu make love for the first time, Josselyn’s christening, Lucky beings drinking again in the aftermath of him finding out LIz had been sleeping with Nik, Liz is pregnant but doesn’t know if Lucky or Nik is the baby’s father, Helena is happy to learn Lucky is the father of Liz’s baby but pays the lab tech to switch the results to show that Nik is the father. New Michael begins, Kristina is battered by Kiefer and blames Ethan, Alexis hits and kills Keifer, his father goes nuts and shoots Mac in the butt. Franco returns, Dante testifies that Michael killed Claudia and is sent to prison, Jason makes a deal so he can go to prison and protect Michael, a furious Carly brings Brook Lyn to town and pays her to sleep with Dante, Brooklyn drugs Dante and Lulu walks in to find Brooklyn and him in a compromising situation, Michael is released into Dante’s custody, Jason is released to act as bait to lure Franco out of hiding, Liz gives birth to Aidan, Franco breaks into a mansion and hires Kalup Ishmael to singe “Route 66” as a clue for Jason, Jason and Dante follow the clues to LA for an outdoor location shoot at “MOCHA” (Museum Of Contemporary Art). Franco fakes his death, kidnaps Aidan, and takes him to Karen (his mom). Jason is taken back into custody however Franco isn’t dead, Spinelli helps Lucky locate Karen’s home in Portland and Lucky rescues Aidan. Jason is once again released from custody on a technicality. Brenda Returns, Sonny goes to Rome and sees Brenda, Jason goes to Rome to protect Brenda and brings her back to Port Charles, Sonny & Brenda make love, Lisa (Patrick’s ex) arrives, Patrick sleeps with Lisa while Robin is in Africa, Patrick later tells Robin, Lisa turns psycho and drugs and kidnaps Robin, Stone returns when Robin is trapped in a well, Siobhan arrives and Irish storyline begins, Lucky impersonates a terrorist "Ronan", bus crash. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2011: Sonny and Brenda finally get married, their wedding, reception, limo explodes with Brenda in it, Theo has kidnapped Brenda and left Sam in her place. Jake is hit by a car and has traumatic brain injury and dies, Josslyn has kidney cancer and receives one of Jake's kidney's, DNA shows Luke is the driver. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2012: Jason shoots and kills Franco, Sam learns from Heather that Franco was Jason's twin brother, Robert & Anna return, Robin's death, John McBain arrives, Todd & BLair & Starr Manning arrive, Johnny shoots out Anthony's tires causing an accident that kills Starr's daughter and her boyfriend, Johnny later kills Anthony (his father), Felicia returns as Maxie is on trial for Lisa's murder, it is revealed that Matt killed Lisa, Maxie marries Matt so she doesn't have to testify against him, Sam and Tea give birth on the same night and Heather gives Todd the idea to switch Sam's live baby with Tea's deceased baby. Haunted Star opening, Robin returns! Jerry’s news broadcast about the tainted water, the 1% meet to come up with Jerry’s ransom for the antiserum, Ewen shoots Jason when he tries to rescue Elizabeth, Jason shoots Ewen, Jason & Sam fantasy, warehouse and marina location scenes, Johnny shot, Edward gives Emma the only dose of antiserum, John rescues the antiserum, explosion on the docks, Jason & Sam meet at the Chinese restaurant on their anniversary, Jason & Sam kiss, Jason gives Liz the baby’s DNA sample to take to the lab, Jason is shocked when the DNA tests come back that the baby is NOT Sam’s, Kate’s bachelorette party, Milo is forced into stripping. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2013: Nurse's Ball returns! GH's 50th Anniversary with appearences by Emily & Alan. Allison, Caleb, Lucy, and Kevin return in a nod to the Port Charles vampire storyline. The character of Rafe is introduced and meets Molly. Steven Webber is killed by his mother, Heather. Frisco returns! Laura returns! Franco is Scotty & Heather's son, Franco kills Heather. Anna & Robert kill Faison. Sean Donnelly makes a brief appearence. Michael shoots Max. Spinelli gets custody and leaves town. Julie leaves the role of Lulu and is recasted. Robin returns and is reunited with her family, Scorpio family Christmas. Lulu realizes Connie is Maxie's baby. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2014: Robin leaves town after being enticed to save Jason's life by Victor Cassidine. Sonny shoots AJ, AJ is murdered at GH. Emily & AJ's ghosts appear. Liz is shot. Jason returns with no memory as "Jake". Dante & Lulu learn that Britta's baby is their son! They get their baby back. Donna Mills guest role. Nathan arrives and Maxie & Nathan begins. Faison Returns, Anna & Faison show down! Luke meets his newest grandson, Nik finds out about Britt’s deception, Helena tells mystery man that he is JASON MORGAN! Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2015: Sonny tells Carly that he loves her. Spinelli returns. Luke taken to asylum. Silas tells Ava she is dying. 52nd Annv - black & white flashbacks of Luke killing his parents, goes back to GH 1963 Audrey, Steve, Phil/ Nurse’s Ball, Liz finds out Jake is JASON! Magic Mike performance. GH LIVE episode! Laura Returns, Jonathan Returns as Lucky, Luke sees little Jake in person, alive! Luke reunites Liz with her son. Luke leaves town! Silas is murdered Carly finds out Jake is Jason, Carly tells Jake he is Jason, Jake confronts Liz at the church on their wedding day,Patrick calls Robin to tell her Jason is alive! Jerry Jax orders Robin’s death Robert arrives to help Anna & Patrick rescue Robin, Robert, Anna, Patrick, Robin & Emma reunited just in time for Christmas. Nutcracker Gala, Julian proposes to Alexis. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2016: Robin & Patrick get married and leave town! Julian & Alexis Wedding, Jason's accident, Nurse’s Ball begins, Nik presumed dead after a fall, Robin returns! Morgan dies. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2017: Nathan & Maxie's wedding, Nurse's Ball, Robin is pregnant, Alex impersonates Anna, Franco has flashes of Jason's twin, Finn goes undercover for Anna. Jessica Tuck appears, Steve returns as Patient Six and Ava helps him escape the Russian hospital. Patient 6 is revealed to be Jason, and Jason is revealed to be his twin brother, Andrew. Kim arrives in town, and turns out she has a past with Andrew and they have a son together, Oscar. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2018: Obrecht reveals that Faison is Nathan's father, Faison shoots and kills Nathan, Jason shoots and kills Faison. Nathan's funeral “End of Watch”, ghost Georgie Returns, Ava’s surgery nightmare, Laura withdrawals from mayoral race, earthquake, Kim & Julian sleep together, Mike's Alzheimer storyline, Nurse’s Ball episodes, Ryan switches places with Kevin and takes over Kevin's life including a romance with Ava (after leaving Laura), Ryan stabs Franco (who reveals Ryan is alive), Ava & Fake Kevin elope to Niagara Falls. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

    • GH Episodes 2019: Laura sworn in as Mayor of PC, Oscar's death, Maxie dates Peter, Lulu divorces Dante, Willow & Chase make love, Robert Scorpio returns as PC DA, Helena returns in flashback, Shilow's death and Sam framed for his murder and arrested, Drew presumed dead, Franco becomes Drew, Jax returns, Hayden returns with Flynn's daughter, Carly gives birth to Donna, Drag Bingo Night, Nina learns Sasha is not her daughter, Dev arrives, Franco & Liz get married, Cassandra returns, Nik returns from the dead, Halloween dance, Tony's return. Click here to read the list of episode dvds.

      General Hospital Episodes 2020 - 2023

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