Complete GH Episodes, 1984

These are original good quality episodes unless otherwise noted, many commericals have been deleted to fit more episodes on each dvd. From February 10, 1984 continuous complete episodes are available through current time. I am interested in locating the episodes I'm missing from Jan-Feb, 1984. My thanks and appreciation to Norm Fisher and Paige for all of their work in getting these dated and described!

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1983 - January 5, 1984: 12/29 L&L call home (they aren't seen), real Grant Putnam is shown, 12/30, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5 [Episode Descriptions]

January 9 - 19, 1984: 1/9, 1/12 Edited to Robert :20 mins, 1/13 glitchy, missed begining, 1/17 glitchy, 1/18, 1/19 [Episode Descriptions]

January 24 - 31, 1984: 1/24, 1/25, 1/27 Frisco arrives and meets Blackie, 1/30, 1/31 :25 mins only[Episode Description]

February 1 - 10, 1984: 2/1, 2/3 :5 mins only, 2/7 "Sneak Attack" is a big hit on the radio, 2/8, 2/9 :9 mins only, 2/10 Blackie & Frisco in NY for an interview [Episode Descriptions]

February 13 - 17, 1984: 2/13, 2/14, 2/15, *2/16 NEW, 2/17 [Episode Descriptions]

February 20 - 23, 1984: 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23 [Episode Descriptions]

February 27 - March 1, 1984:  2/27, 2/28, 2/29, 3/1 [Episode Descriptions]

March 2-9, 1984: 3/2, 3/5, 3/6 Josh plays "Make Me Believe It" for Blackie, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9 partial episode continued on next dvd (3/9 Leslie is in a car accident, Rick is told that Leslie is dead, Blackie & Josh, Robert & Holly, Ginny Blake, Frisco, Brock, A&M) [Episode Descriptions]

March 9-16, 1984: 3/9 partial episode continued from previous dvd, 3/12 Leslie dies in car accident, Frisco/Blackie/Steff, 3/13 Jimmy Lee's mother, Beatrice arrives, 3/14 Leslie's funeral, the Quartermaines, Jimmy Lee & Beatrice, 3/15, 3/16 Blackie & Josh [Episode Descriptions]

March 19-23, 1984:  3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22, 3/23 [Episode Descriptions]

March 26-30, 1984:  3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 3/30 [Episode Descriptions]

April 2-6, 1984:  4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6, 4/9 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 9-16, 1984:  4/9 partial, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16 [Episode Descriptions]

April 17-23, 1984:  4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/23 [Episode Descriptions]

April 24-30, 1984:  4/24, 4/25, 4/26, 4/27, 4/30 [Episode Descriptions]

May 1-7, 1984:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/7 [Episode Descriptions]

May 8-14, 1984:  5/8, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/14 [Episode Descriptions]

May 15-21, 1984:  5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/21 [Episode Descriptions]

May 22-28, 1984:  5/22, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/28 [Episode Descriptions]

May 29 - June 2, 1984:  5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2 [Episode Descriptions]

June 5-11, 1984:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11 [Episode Descriptions]

June 12-19, 1984:  6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15, 6/18, 6/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

June 19-25, 1984:  6/19 partial, 6/20, 6/21, 6/22, 6/25, 6/26 [Episode Descriptions]

June 27-July 4, 1984:  6/27, 6/28, 6/29, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4 partial [Episode Descriptions]

July 5, 1984 - January 2, 1985, 1984

Expanded Descriptions

December 29, 1983 - January 3, 1984:  12/29, 12/30, 1/2, 1/3, 1/5

Thursday, December 29 - Rick, Leslie & Mike back in chaos once again and Blackie and Amy continue to argue about rehearsals. The strange man in the hospital says his name is “Grant Putnam”. Real Grant reads the newspaper with reports of fake Grant's spy drama and goes crazy, his memories flooding back of what he had lost. Our Grant confides to Celia that he thought he would be able to make a new start in America. He tells her she is the last thing he has left as he had broken all ties in his birth country. He continues to worry about the upcoming hearing about his medical license. Holly is making arrangements on the telephone and when Robert comes up, she quickly hangs up and acts nervous and suspicous. He wants to know what is up and why she is acting so mysterious? Grant arrives with Carla having made arrangements me for her to use Robert's equipment to work out on. Holly stops by to see Celia and tries to smooth things over. Celia is cool and distant and Holly confronts her about her still being angry with her. Celia denies it and claims Holly is being overly sensitive. Holly apologizes again and says she knwos her remarks were uncalled for. This time they do truly make up and all is forgiven. Holly says this calls for a celebration and invites Celia and Grant to join her and Robert for dinner. Later, Jimmy Lee arrives again this time bearing sandwhiches for Celia, conviently while Grant is meeting with Jake about the hearing. Jimmy Lee is out of the room when Grant returns. He happily reports he has come up with someone not associated with the DVX who can verify his pre-med education. Jimmy Lee strolls back in and Celia tells him that they ate sandwiches together. Grant snarks that he guesses she doesn't want to go out to dinner? She says she didn't know how long he would be gone. Real Grant shakily points to the newspaper and points out that he remembers who he is. When asked, he declares that he is Grant Putnam! Daytime Dilemma.

Friday, December 30 - Vanessa, the beautiful saleswoman, arrives to see Edward. When Stella informs Edward of his visitor he has no desire to see her and brushes it off telling Stella to have her contact Monica. Overhearing, she charms her way in the room and when he sees how pretty she is, he suddenly becomes quite accomodating. He takes her to GH and begins introducing her to Audrey and Gail and giving them free passes. After they leave, Edward introduces Ruby and Bobbie and sizing them up she brushes them off deeming that they can't afford the spa and hence no free passes. Edward comments on it and she points out that she is very selective on who is given the free passes to and they only want to entice those with the money to be able to come back. Edward admires her ruthlessness and cunning. Blackie and Lou talk at Kelly's. He is very busy with band business and is too distracted to pay attention to Lou. She later shows up to rehearsal with t-shirts for the band. They all love them and Blackie can't believe she did this and asks if she is sure that she can afford it? Blackie is touched and actually spends a few minutes actually connecting with her and kisses her and they make leave together. Rose wonders where Lou is? She is in bed with Blackie and she says she will sneak in after Rose goes to bed and before Rose gets up, and Rose won't even know that she wasn't home.   

Monday, January 2, 1984 - Blackie and Lou are in bed together in Blackie's dorm room. Rose panics when she can't find Lou, and enlists Jake's help to find the missing girl. The real Grant tells his Dr's that he knows who he is. Holly gets the urge to do something different and tells Robert she wants to go ice skating. Rose tries Mike at the Webbers, but he doesn't know where Blackie is. Rose agitatedly calls the police who descend on the campus and arrest Blackie for statutory rape. Grant P starts to remember what happened. He was kidnapped and left for dead, so another man could take his place. His doctors have a hard time believing their patient. Robert and Holly dine with Grant and Celia at Kelly's. Grant A is worried that he will have his medical license revoked. Jake joins them for a stradegy lesson. Unfortunately, the nosy reporter Jackie interrupts to dish out her poisonous barbs. Robert tells her to practice her yellow journals elsewhere. Learning that Lou is all right, Rose declines to press charges against Blackie. Rick and Leslie pick the troubled teen up at the police station. Lou is furious at Rose and storms out of the diner. When Grant's Dr's tell him he was found years ago at the bottom of a cliff, which in turn led to his stay at the sanitarium, he collapses. Meanwhile, Grant A stirs in his bed with Celia and wakes from a nightmare. ABC GH promo.  

Tuesday, January 3 - At the sanitarium, the real Grant P has another memory. He remembers the family lawyer Henry Armistead. He can settle his claim. When the doctors phone Amistead, the lawyer, hardened by many false Grant stories over the years insists that Grant Putnam is dead. Lee starts putting pressure on Robert because of his association with Grant. Jake and Grant A go to the medical Conduct hearing in Albany. Jake makes a valiant defense of his client, but without documented proof from Putnam, all the board can consider are the falsified records. His entire career in medicine was a lie. At the mayor's mansion. Lee marries Bobbie and Brock. Ruby urges Bobbie to tell Brock about her hysterectomy. Holly hearing about Robert's pet as a child in Australia, surprises Robert with a real live Wallaby! Robert decides to donate it to the local zoo. Upon returning from Albany, Celia shows Grant A Jackie's flaming headlines in the evening paper. Grant P's doctors inform him that Amistead didn't believe his claim of being the real Putnam. Grant P goes ballistic and begins screaming he is the real Grant. The orderly's take him away.  

Thursday, January 5 - Holly is bored and Robert is shocked when he sees his wife take up cooking! Tiffany tells Blackie that her agent got him a meeting with the hottest Rock manager in the country. The social worker hearing about the arrest incident with Blackie and Lou, arrives at Kelly's. Rose tries to brush off the troubles. At that moment, a surly Lou comes in and tells the social worker that Rose hates her, causing the social worker to think about moving from the hostile environment. Holly is making a mess of things in the kitchen with piles of food all over the counter. Robert doesn't help with is sarcastic comments. All dirty from all the cooking, Holly gets a call to go to a ladies luncheon. Later, Robert comes home to have a hearty lunch, and Holly serves him a wet soggy salad and cold soup! Rose tells Jake that Lou has decided to go live with Blackie, but when Lou tells Blackie the news, Parrish thinks it's a terrible idea and tells her to go back to Rose. Robert comes home reviewing his boring list of complaints he got during the day. Holly is intrigued by one of them, a complaint from a woman who claims she was ripped off by a dancing scam. Lou and Rose meet on the docks and come to a truce. Trying to make sense of his troubled life, Blackie writes a new song with lyrics that say, "What does she want from me? I'm not hers alone, I won't ever be."

January 9-19, 1984: 1/9, 1/12 Edited to Robert :20 mins, 1/13 glitchy, missed begining, 1/17 glitchy, 1/18, 1/19

Monday, January 9 - No cm. Holly is making another mess in the kitchen when she shows Robert an ad for dance lessons in the morning paper. Holly thinks this has something to do with complaint she read about in his police files. Mayor Lee tells Brian that Luke misjudged the city's budget and unfortunately they can no longer afford to pay Grant for his service. Meanwhile, Grant P secures the help of Henry Armistead to get him a passport for the US. He is successful, Grant P can leave first thing in the morning!  Grant A gets into an argument with Jackie, when she finds out the ex spy is collecting a city paycheck. At GH, Rick and Leslie are bothered by a rash of botolism. They finally track the food poisoing down specifically to a product of canned goods. Holly and Celia find Jackie badgering Lee and then hear her comments about Holly being an ex con and Celia's ex lover spy. Brian tells Monica that Grant is is being let go from service on the city budget. Monica offers to pay Grant herself provided he doesn't know about it. Brian agrees to see if he can work it out. But later, Lee and Brian fail to convince the account office to arrange for Monica's "contribution". Bored, Holly calls the dance ad and makes arrangements to come by for an audition. Robert gets tangled up with Holly's messy cooking in the kitchen. Jimmy Lee has agreed to let Grant and Celia live at the gatehouse. Celia surprises Grant. At first he doesn't want to take Holt's charity, but decides he can live there with the woman he loves. (Picture jumping) The real Grant P tells a nurse that he will be on his way home to America tomorrow morning after 8 long years.

Thursday, January 12 - EDITED TO ROBERT AND HOLLY POOR PICTURE QUALITY, JUMPING--NOT COMPLETE, only :20 mins.  Holly comes down in her dance outfit ready to meet Hannibal the dance scam artist. Robert has hesitations about letting his wife take on this assignment. Robert is informed by the state department official that the real Grant Putnam is alive and well and in NY.  Holly posing as "Mrs. Mctavish" auditions for Hannibal (Barry Williams of the Brady Bunch) After watching her perform Hannibal tells her she has talent, and makes promises of a Broadway show. Later Robert tells Holly about the real Grant and that the state department wants to give the fake Grant a new identity. 

Friday January 13 - No cm. Robert gives Holly some marked bills to fool Hannibal with. Blackie at PCU with Amy rehursing their band. He meets Steffi Brand the hot shot rock manager from NY. Grant A working at Jimmy Lee's construction job gets into a nasty brawl with 3 workers who know he 's the ex DVX spy. Robert gives Holly a tracking braclet in case she runs into trouble with Hannibal. Holly pays Hannibal his first installment. Grant P has lunch with an old med school student he has not seen in 8 years. Grant P learns how his easily his imposter took his place. He even excelled the real Grant in top honors at med school. He's even more taken aback when informed that Celia even married the imposter. The state department and Robert inform Grant A that the real Grant is alive. Grant A is stunned beyond belief. Steffi likes what she sees in Blackie's band, but wants to make some changes and impose some ground rules. Holly overhears Hannibal on the phone trying to enlist one of his students to invest more money in his class. 

Tuesday, January 17 - No cm. Monica receives a letter from a law firm informing her that a woman claiming to be a cousin to Monica traced her name from her orphanage. Edward thinks she is just a gold digger. Grant A finds out Jimmy Lee is the boss of the construction form he is working for. A furious Grant quits, rather than work for Holt. Armatage shows Grant P a photo of Celia, then shows him a picture of his double Grant A. Robert not happy that Holly is getting deeper in the dance scam. He shows her how to use the electronic bracelet. Brock and Ruby standing vigil over Bobbie's bed. Robert calls the Broadway promoter that Hannibal is claiming to be referencing, but Robert is informed that he has no connection with Hannibal's dance school. Holly watches as Hannibal promises more visions of stardom for a potential client Melissa. Later, Holly watches as the woman sells some of her jewelry to Benny the fence in order to get more cash for Hannibal. After Melissa leaves, Holly buys the ring back from Benny. The state department urges Grant A to change his name and leave the country so his life won't conflict with the real Grant. Holly tells Robert that she plans on giving the ring back to Melissa once she busts Hannibals dance scam. Celia answers a knock on the door and it's Grant P. Not knowing he is the real Grant, Celia begins kissing him passionately. Grant A calls and asks her to meet him at the rib---Celia is stunned, she just kissed the real Grant! 

Wednesday, January 18 - Armasted tells Robert that the real Grant left NY to parts unknown. Meanwhile, Grant P is standing next to Celia at the gatehouse. Celia faints. Grant carries her to the couch. Jimmy Lee has great news for daddy Edward. Holt/Quartermaine construction has been offered the job to renovate the Avalon Spa soon to be opening in PC. Celia wakes and Grant P tells her his story. Grant P tells Celia that he will leave her and her husband alone but he does want. At GH, flowers arrive for Monica. They are from her cousin who is looking forward to meeting her soon. Holly meets Melissa during a break at the class and the woman is complaining her lesson is over too quickly and she has to come up with more money for the teacher. Brian and Claudia run into the real Grant at the PC hotel and think he is the other Grant. An hysterical Celia bursts in on Robert and Holly telling him the real Grant is in town. Celia is upset about the fact that everyone knew the real Grant is alive exept her.  Grant P rents a room at the PC hotel and meets with Alan. He enlists Alan's help to break the news to the family and he wants his story to be heard by all. Grant A tries to calm Celia who's still shaken after seeing the real Grant. LOVING/EDGE OF NIGHT   

Thursday, January 19 - Steffi tells Blackie that it's time to make some changes to the band She wants him to fire Amy so he can be a star. Grant A wakes up on the couch with Celia staring at him. They both try to deal with the ordeal of the real Grant's arrival. Robert and Jackson from the State Department meet with Grant P. Jackson wants to know what Grant is doing in PC any why he went to see Celia. Grant tells them he lost 8 years he couldn't wait any longer. Jackson wants to arrange a press conference to reveal the whole story. Brock comes over to the Webbers. He tries to get Rick to let him reopen his plant and will even replace the machinery. (Due to the poisoning epidemic that his contamated machinery caused)  Rick refuses and Brock goes ballistic, warning him he will be sorry. Holly visits Celia at the cottage. Grant A swallows his pride and asks Jimmy Lee for his job back. Jimmy Lee takes him back. Blackie informs Amy that she is fired. Amy is devastated. Jackson and Robert visit Grant A to inform him that he needs to accept his offer, and start over with a new life and name. Celia visits Grant P.  He apologizes for dropping in unexpectedly. Celia tries to assure Grant that her husband had nothing to do with his loss of 8 years or the DVX conspiracy. Jimmy Lee finds a drunk Grant A at the Bucket of Blood. Blackie excitedly tells Rick that Perrelli signed them to a recording contract. Rick is unhappy with the way he handled Amy's firing. Jimmy Lee carries a drunken Grant A back to the cottage. Meanwhile Grant P is pouring over news articles of Celia's wedding to his imposter. LOVING/FAMILY FUED PROMO

January 24 - 31, 1984: 1/24, 1/25, 1/27, 1/30, 1/31

Tuesday, January 24 - No cm. Monica informs Alan and Edward that she is redecorating the East wing to welcome the visit of her long lost cousin. Holly tells Robert that Hannibal knows how to run a con game. He is having Holly audition for a Broadway show later today for Matthew Irving. Jake asks Brock why he lied to him. He did purchase the Lease Gourmet foods machinery, with knowlege that the equipment could have been contaminated. Robert gets a call from a Broadway producer, and he informs Scorpio that his friend Matthew knows nothing about Hannibal's supposed Broadway connections. Robert worries that Holly is getting involved too deeply in the con since Hannibal has an accomplice in crime. Monica giving Alan the cold shoulder treatment since he and Edward object to her bringing her cousin into the house. At their meeting with the social worker, Jake and Rose fervently plead that Lou not be taken away. Things seem hopeless till Lou walks in the meeting and informs the social worker that she lied. Rose means everything in the world to her. The decision is reversed, Lou will stay with Mrs Kelly. Hannibal asks Holly for more money for the "audition". Alan tries to convince Edward to let Monica have her way and allow her cousin to stay.Brock enlists one of the terminated workers at his plant to try to convince Rick to reopen the plant but the Dr knows that Brock is behind his motives and refuses. Robert and Holly get into a spat over her involvement with Hannibal's scam. Furious, Holly locks her husband out of the bedroom overnight.&

Wednesday, January 25 - No cm. The next morning Holly emerges in her sweet forgiving mood and plants a big kiss on Roberts lips.  Promising she will stay away from Hannibal, Holly keeps her fingers crossed behind her back. All dressed up for lunch with Tiffany at the Versailles Room, Holly is stunned to run into Mellissa, her fellow student who is waiting on tables. Quickly, Holly claims to have won her clothes and meal in a contest. Grant P shows up at the cottage and Celia tells him to go away. Henry Armistead is jangled by a call from Grant's British psychiatrist Dr Campbell. Campbell cautions that the real Grant is a walking time bomb and could go off at any moment. Armistead heads for PC while Grant tries to make several attempts to visit Celia. Robert and Jackie get into a shouting match in front of her editor. Robert pleads with Ian to not let her print photos of Holly in the paper since it could endanger her life in a secret assignment she is working on.  Robert promises Ian exclusive rights to the story, and Ian agrees. Ian informs a furious Jackie that he sides with Robert on this issue. Jackie is having lunch with Grant P for a series of articles on his story. When Jackie mentions her editor Ian, Grant becomes ill and breaks off the interview. Later, Grant P drops in on Celia at the cottage. Letting her guard down, Celia begins remembering old times with him. Grant tries to pump her for information on his imposter. When Robert unexpectidly comes home in midday, he again tries to get her to drop the case. He doesn't want her in danger. Celia's husband is upset to see Grant P leaving the cottage when he comes home from work. Grant resents the strain this intruder is putting on his marraige. AMC promo. 

Friday January 27 - No cm. Steffi introduces Blackie to Frisco Jones, (Jack Wagner's first show) the new lead singer of his band. Blackie has reservations about Jones but the rest of the band takes to Frisco immediately. Holly secretly planning to see Hannibal and continue with the case. Robert comes home midday in a frisky mood and the two make love. However, when her alarm bracelet goes off she removes it to the nightstand. After Robert leaves, Holly sneaks out to see Hannibal but forgets her bracelet. NEWS INTERUPTION ON SOUTHLAND FIRES. Suspicious, Melissa mentions to Hannibal that Margaret, (Holly) seems to be well off since she saw her at the Versailles Room. Grant becomes angry when Armastead comes to PC to check up on him. He mentions the concerns of Dr Campbell, but Grant assures him he is completely normal. Edward welcomes the real Grant to the Q house for tea. Grant P announces he is leaving town. Spotting the real Grant having a cozy time with the Q's and Celia, Grant A angrily marches home and hits the bottle. When Holly meets with Hannibal he is graciously handing his student her dance bag when a tape recorder falls out. Hannibal and his partner demand to know what she is up to.  Frisco tells Steffi that he wants to be a star but on his own terms. He doesn't want to rock the boat and cause tension between the band and Parrish.Steffi tells Frisco he will do as she and Perrelli want or else.Robert returns home and finds Holly gone but her alarm bracelet is on the table!

Monday, January 30 - Although Celia insists the real Grant will soon be on his way, she is unsware that Alan has offered Grant P the chance to study at Port Charles Medical School. Flustered Holly convinces Hannibal and his associate that she carried around the tape recorder to help her practice. After Holly erases the tape and promises not to bring it again, the men appear convinced. At last Bert and Robert think they have found a woman who can pass as a dance student, but the undercover agent is not very agile. Suspicious, Irving makes Hannibal give back the prospective students money. Grant P announces to Celia that he has considered staying in PC and going to medical school with Alan's help. Celia confides to Jimmy Lee her concern about Grant's stay in PC. Elated to learn of the Police department's failure, Holly slips away to her next class. Celia and Grant A get into an arguement when Celia tells him that Putnam is staying in town. Grant storms out. Dr. Campbell announces to his supervisor that he is going to PC to pay a visit to his former patient Grant P. He feels that Grant is a totally unstable individual.  

1/31 :25 mins only, No Description yet

February 1 - 10, 1984: 2/1, 2/3 :3 mins only, 2/7, 2/8, 2/9 :9 mins only, 2/10

Wednesday, February 1 - Robert forbids Holly to leave, he suspects she is going to see Hannibal. Alan tells Monica he is going through with his plan to help Grant P to get his medical licence. When Grant points out that an article in the local medical journal is wrong, Celia urges him to ask the editor for a space to rebut. Grant makes his request, but the medical editor slams him down. Putnam is crushed, especially when he overhears Alan raving to the med school dean about the real Grant. With Steve Hardy also supporting the man, it seems a certainty that the returned Grant will get into the school. Holly sneaks away from Robert to her next class. Hannibal wants another 500.00 to pay for an audition he says. Locating Melissa at the Versailles Room, Holly asks the other girl for help in finding a job. But Mrs. Scorpio is horrified to see Robert and Lee dining there. Robert remains silent, until Holly gets home. Then he demands an explanation for her still seeing Hannibal. When Holly tells Robert about the new high stakes in the con game, Robert reluctantly permits her to stay on the case.

February 3 - :3 mins only

Tuesday, February 7 - Rick and Lesley enlist Jake's help in proving Ginny a fake. They present him with a copy of the birth certificate that Ginny presented to them. Jake suggests that the Webbers compare Mike's footprints to verify that the bc is authentic. However when Mike is home alone, Ginny pays him an unexpected visit. Rick and Lesley get Mike's footprints and after comparison they find Ginny is telling the truth. Bert and Robert at another of their Chinese lunch pigouts. Holly arrives to collect her $500.00 for Hannibal. Blackie and Frisco await Steffi at Dino's, when they notice her handing an envelope to a disc jockey. Making sure their record stays "hot" Frisco tells Blackie, but Parrish is angered by the idea of payoffs. After Blackie stomps off, Steffi acts very sultry towards Frisco. To her dismay, Jones doesn't want any pressure or problems in his life and feels sympathetic toward Blackie. Holly gives $500.00 to Hannibal and she is given the details of her so called audition in NY. Happily reporting the set up to Robert and Ramsey, Holly is dismayed to be told she's no subject to the Police's plans for catching the con men. Bobbie and Ruby discuss the idea of her idea to adopt. OLTL/Newlywed Game promo

Wednesday, February 8 - Robert and Ramsey ready the snare of the trap toward Hannibal and Irving. Holly is enlisted to set Hannibal up, and then the police will move in. Reporting into a tape recorder, Dr Campbell announces that Grant P is hiding something, and he has found a way to break through his defenses. Edward, battling Monica over her cousin Lorena. Celia becomes depressed when she is officially relieved of her surname Putnam. Grant can accept another shift of identity more matter of factly than his wife who feels cut off from a big part of her past. Celia's unhappiness only makes Grant feel even guiltier about what he's done to her. Trying to cheer up his friend, Jimmy Lee suggests that Celia might be able to do some work for Avalon Spas. Dr Campbell asks Celia about Grant P's strange reaction to his dead brother Ian. Later, Dr Campbell visits Grant P and prys him for information on his late brother. Outwardly going along with Scorpio's schedule, Holly instead tells all the dancers about Hannibal's scam. When Holly returns Melissa's pawned ring, the girls believe her story. Bravely accusing Hannibal and Irving of being crooks, they begin to tie her up. Just then the door bursts open and the other students pile in and turn the tables on the crooks. Robert is stunned when Holly's alarm goes off too early. Robert signals Burt and they decide to meet at the school. When they arrive they find the con men tied up and his proud wife triumphant. Monica tells Celia that her cousin Lorena is the president of the Avalon Spas. Grant P lurks outside DR Campbells hotel room. Using a pass key he swiped from the chamber maid, he listens to the Dr's tape recordings. They hint at further investigation of Ian's death.

2/9 :9 mins only.

Friday, February 10 - Frisco and Steffi in NY. Blackie soon joins them much to Steffi's dismay. Jimmy Lee meets Lorena Sharpe snooping through his papers at the construction site. Holt never expected Lorena to be such a fox. Jimmy Lee drives Lorena to the Q's where she finally meets her cousin Monica. When Alan demands proof of their relationship, Lorena produces a twin locket to Monica's. Over Alan's objection, Monica invites her newfound cousin to move into the mansion. Faking a British accent, Grant P pretends to be Dr Campbell and sets an appointment with the Andrewses at 6 pm. In the Versailles Room, Putnam next arranges for Dr Campbell to meet Celia at 6:30pm at the gate house. Reserving a ticket to NY in Campbell's name, Putnam packs the doctors clothes and has the bags sent to the airport. He steals his tape recorder.  Holly gloats to Robert her victory at Hannibals arrest.  Holly promises no more dangerous cases in the future....While Celia and Grant wonder what's keeping Dr Campbell, the psychiatrist finds no one at home at the gate house. As he walks away, Grant P attacks him and strangles him with a scarf. Bidding the doctor goodbye with horrific finality, "Goodnight Doctor, from Number 402."

February 13 - 17, 1984: 2/13, 2/14, 2/15, 2/16, 2/17:

Monday, February 13 - Lorena chats with the Q's about Avalon Spas. Edward is cordial to her, but puts the whole spa idea down in front of Lorena. Later, Edward and Alan try to convince  Monica that Lorena is a gold digger. Robert and Holly dine with Celia and Grant.  Grant P drags Campbells body in the bushes and nearly misses being spotted by Jimmy Lee who knocks on the cottage door for Celia. After leaving a phony message for Grant A that Dr Campbell has been called out of town, Putnam drags the dead Dr's body to the boat house. He removes Campbell's overcoat and inscribed pocket watch, ties his victim to an anchor, and tosses him in the water. Jimmy Lee escorts Lorena back to the hotel, where they run into The Scorpios and the Andrews. Putnam dressed as Dr Campbell arrives at the airport and picks up the Dr's ticket for NY, then flies to Laguardia Airport. Putnam then slips the Dr's watch into a derelict's pocket. He then calls the police, claiming to be Campbell and to have been mugged, He then follows up with a call to the airport security anonymously informing them that his wife was just bothered by a derelict! Having completed the frame, Putnam returns to PC via train. Lorena and Jimmy Lee get aquanted over dinner.  Holly finds a teddy bear valentine from Robert in the kitchen. Holly gives Robert a bright red sweater. The two happy lovers go back to bed. Celia meanwhile gives Grant a Valentine gift but Andrews totally forgot. A card arrives for Celia, and thinking it's from her husband, it turns out to be from the real Grant.

Tuesday, February 14 Lou and her friends come into Kelly’s. They are giggling and excited that she knows Blackie. They start offering her bribes to be able to meet him. Blackie comes in and they all start screaming and rush up to him for autographs. Frisco sits at the counter and Lou is curious why the girls aren’t all over him, he is a lead singer after all. He is fine without being the center of attention. He tells her that no one recognizes him as it is Blackie’s face on the record, not Frisco’s. Lou doesn’t think it is fair. More girls come in and start screaming when they see Blackie. Rose comments on all the chaos. Frisco apologizes and says he can’t leave as they are meeting Steffi there. She comes in and tells them she has business to discuss, big business. She ushers the disappointed girls out of Kelly’s.

Rick & Leslie are at GH, eagerly awaiting a call from Jake. Jake arrives at Ginny Blake’s home. He is there to determine whether or not she is really Mike’s mother. He begins interrogating her and she gets upset with him and insists that she is Mike’s mother and he won’t bully her into saying otherwise. She can take care of her son and the only thing she is guilty of is loving her son. Once he verifies her info, he and the Webbers will realize that she means business and will do whatever it takes to get her son back!

Jake goes to GH and tells Rick & Leslie that he may have blown it for them. He tried to strong arm her into admitting she isn’t Mike’s mother but it backfired. She is even more determined to get her son back. He tells them that she was very convincing. He tells them to brace for a long court battle and she may turn out to be his mother, but even then the law is on their side. Leslie says if she is really his mother that changes everything. She later goes to the pay phone and calls Ginny and asks to see her.

Lorena arrives at GH to see Monica. Alan wants to know why she is there. Monica tells him that she is going to lunch with Lorena. Alan wants to go along too and crashes their party though Monica tries to discourage him. Leslie interrupts and asks Alan to take over for her in the clinic. After the ladies leave, Alan calls his father to tell him they are getting too chummy and tells him where they are headed. Edward says he will go over there and pump her for info, its about time they find out how this mystery woman operates!’

At lunch, Lorena gives Monica a picture of their mothers together. Monica is touched to see her family. Lorena tells her that her mother was very strong and she regretted giving her up. She never contacted her as she didn’t want to disrupt her life and thought she was in a good home. Monica shares that living in the orphanage wasn’t much fun. Monica admits she was skeptical about Lorena but now she has a cousin! She has family.

Edward makes his appearance and joins them. He asks if they were talking about their business venture? He then begins asking questions about Avalon. She recaps who has shares in Avalon, she has 40%, Q’s have 38%, Mrs. Barrington has 12%, and a few other small shareholders. Edward sets a meeting with her to go over more specs and details. Monica invites her back to live at the Quartermaines and tells her she is the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. Edward is struggling not to groan and roll his eyes.

Bobbie tells Ruby that there is a sale at Wyndham’s and she is looking for something stunning and sexy as she plans on winning back her husband. She thinks he is having an affair and plans on getting his attention back. Ruby cautions her against jumping to conclusions. She tells her that a new wardrobe isn’t going to solve the problems in her marriage, she must talk to her husband.

Bobbie stops by Brock’s office. He is on the phone wheeling and dealing and Bobbie interrupts. She wants to talk to him and he brushes her off and says that he will see her later at home. She tells him that is too late, hands him his gift and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day! She turns around and storms out. He realizes he screwed up, hangs up and brings her back into his office. She accuses him of having an affair and he reassures her that she is the only woman for him.

Blackie comes home and the screaming girls are outside the Webber’s waiting for him to come and go. Rick isn’t happy, it is getting worse every day. He reminds Blackie this is their home, not some rock palace. Blackie tells him that he is going on tour to NY. Rick is frustrated as Blackie hasn’t even read the contract he signed. Blackie completely trusts Steffi and blithe says rock stars make millions. Rick warns him that Steffi strikes him as the kind of person who would use anyone. He asks Blackie if he has a contract, if he has anything on paper? Blackie insists that he owes Steffi everything. Rick hopes he doesn’t wind up literally owing her money and says he will be more convinced when he sees money in Blackie’s hand!

Later they make up and Rick urges him to not take things for granted and not trust Steffi. He asks him to treat this like a business. He is off to meet Steffi. Rick asks him to remind her that he is available to read that contract any time. He apologizes for blowing up and excuses that he is under a lot of pressure.

Bobbie is wowed to received long stem red roses but is puzzled by the lack of a card. Brock suddenly appears bearing a large box of valentine’s chocolates. She joins him in the lounge and he tells her that it shook him up to think all of his work pressure was pulling her away from him. He wants to talk to her again about having a family. He suggests they adopt a little DL? She estactically jumps into his arms and says, “YES!”

Leslie shows Ginny a valentine that Mike made her and talks about all the things he has made her. Ginny shows her the outfit that he was wearing the last time she held him. She cries that she will do anything to get him back. Leslie asks if she has any idea of the damage a court battle would do to him? He loves them and they love him. Leslie begs her to give up trying to take him away from them. Ginny refuses and says she can’t. Ginny tells her next time she will see her in court. Leslie sobs into her napkin as Ginny leaves.

When Leslie gets home, she tells Rick about meeting with Ginny. He tells her that they are letting Jake handle this. She says she just had to find out for herself. She believes Ginny is his mother, she is so desperate. There is a part of Leslie that wants her to get her son back. Rick tells her to let Jake do his job and there is no way he is going to let Ginny put Mike through hell.

Back at the Q’s, Lorena, Monica, and Edward return from lunch. Edward hands some paperwork to Alan and suggests they form a board. Lorena disagrees, she wants to maintain control.

At Kelly’s, Jake brings Rose a bottle of champagne and wishes her “Happy Heart Day”.

Frisco warns Steffi that she is pushing Blackie too hard. He is concerned about the kid, she is setting him up for a big fall. She accuses him of being jealous.

Thursday, February 15, 1984 Lorena tells Jimmy Lee that she is not going to let Edward set up a board of directors for the spa. Lorena invites Amanda Barrington to lunch. Lorena tells Edward the spa is hers and there will be no board of directors. Edward wants to talk to all of the stockholders in Avalon Spa. Lorena has lunch with Amanda and gets her backing. Edward plots to undermine Lorena.

Gail and Bobbie talk about her adoption plans. Gail gives Bobbie the number of an adoption worker that can help her. Brock tells Bobbie he is too busy to think about adopting a child right now.

Ginny calls Leslie and Rick and agrees to meet with them at her hotel room. Rick and Lesley make one last ditch effort to get Ginny not to take them to court over Mike. Ginny would like to see how they interact with Mike but Leslie is not so sure that is a good idea. Rick and Leslie discuss it at home and believe they have to try it. She doesn’t want her around Mike at all, and he warns her that it will all come out in court. Rick calls Ginny and asks her to meet them at the hospital cafeteria. He demands that she not say anything to Mike about being his mother or touch him, and she agrees.

Ginny meets Webbers and watches him with Mike. He babbles on and tells her all about the time when Doc Rick got sick and he was scared and thought he had died and he ran away. Now he likes hospitals as people like his parents help people get better. He is obviously a happy, charming little boy.

Blackie asks Steffie if she is sleeping with Frisco but she tells him she does not think of him like that. She brought him into the band because he is a damn good singer. She shares that Frisco is upset about his deadbeat father and she was just comforting him, he had too much to drink. She comes onto Blackie and tells him that he is the one she likes, she can’t believe that he didn’t figure that out. She kisses him and then pulls away and tells him that song he showed her still needs work. She shoos him out and tells him to go write that new song.

Lou notices a very hung over Frisco at Kelly’s. She tells him that she knows Rose’s old family secret and she guarantees that it will take care of it. She starts massaging his neck and tells him the cure works better if he is more relaxed.

Rick and Leslie return home and find two girls draped over Blackie. They ask the girls to leave and Blackie gets annoyed. He goes back to playing his music and they ask him to go upstairs as they need to talk. They argue back and forth, Blackie insisting that he has to write this song as people are depending on him. Leslie makes a snarky comment about the audience at the casino being more interested in gambling and he gets mad and says something nasty about her gambling.

When Rick and Leslie return home, they argue again about Blackie playing music in the living room. Rick demands that he apologize for the way he spoke with Leslie later. Blackie tells them he is moving out. Frisco offers Blackie a place to stay. Steffi doesn’t think that is a great idea.

Friday, February 16 Jimmy Lee & Lorena show up at the Q’s. Edward is less than pleased to see Jimmy Lee carrying Lorena’s suitcase as he announces she is moving in! She sits down to have coffee with Edward as he reads the paper. As they talk business, she reminds him that he only has 38% share. Monica comes in excited to see that she has arrived and she tells Lorena that she has taken the day off.

Edward signs for a telegram for Lorena and is dying of curiousity. After he is out of the room, she makes a call to verify that Phoenix is going bankrupt.

Ginny shows up at the Webber’s and tells them she has something important to discuss as she has made her decision. She has seen Mike with the two of them and sees the love between the three of them and she has to do what is right for Mike, it isn’t about what the adults want. They are relieved at her decision as she cries heart breaking tears.

Leslie tells Rick about the offer and he doesn’t like the idea. Leslie says that he might give her peace of mind and help her feel like she is contributing to his future. Leslie continues to argue that she is doing a huge thing by giving up on getting custody of Mike. Rick calls Ginny and tells her that it is not easy for them to say yes to her offer, but agrees to accept her offer and Rick will come by her hotel tomorrow.

Leslie is worried when Ginny suddenly shows up at GH wanting to talk again. She assumes she has changed her mind? She says no and promises that she will not change her mind. She would like to be involved in his life, she wants him to know that his mother did care about him. She offers that she would like to contribute to his college education. Leslie tells her that isn’t necessary. Ginny insists that she would like to give her a check to go towards future expenses. Leslie says she will discuss this with Rick and give her a call and let her know.

Ceilia wants Grant to buy a new jacket for the cold of the winter. She spills coffee on him and gets upset with her and tells her to stop it, she has mentioned the jacket three times already. She doesn’t understand why he is so upset about the idea of buying a jacket, she knows it is his pride. After Grant leaves, Jimmy Lee arrives and Cecilia tells him about her fight with Grant. She is edgy and thinks it is because she is not working. He offers to talk to Lorena again to give her the job as a decorating consultant for the spa. He thinks she would be terrific at it. She loves the idea. He also offers that he is going to offer Grant a promotion that comes with a raise and he thinks Grant will find the work more interesting.

Ceilia sees Grant P from behind at the college and runs up to him, thinking he is her husband. He turns around and she realizes her mistake and pulls away, and then sees Grant A and runs into his arms. Grant tells his wife that GP looked at him like he wanted to kill him. He wants to leave as that guy gives him the creeps.

Brock brings Bobbie to the hospital and he is grumpy over business. He tells her that Dan Rooney & Rick Webber have a personal vendetta against him. She suggests that they are fair minded and he should met with them. He doesn’t believe it will make any difference but agrees to try. Brock meets with them both and accuses them of it being personal and they are out to get him.

Friday, February 17 - Frisco and Rose at Kelly's. Rose asks about Lou's interest in him. Grant A excitedly tells Celia that he is one step closer to getting his pre med license. Armistead calls Robert and tells him that he is concerned about Dr Campbell, he's disappeared. When Robert invites Putnam over, he anxiously calls the NY police department and again anonymously complains about the airport derelict. Now self assured, the real Grant easily responds to Scorpio's questions. Sure enough, when Robert contacts a former WSB colleague now in the NYPD, the cop tells him about Campbell's mugging report. Discovery of the derelict with Campbell's watch soon follows, just as Putnam planned. Blackie gets into fight with Frisco when Frisco tries to help him with a song. Grant P runs into Celia at Kelly's and buys her coffee. Putnam tells her that he knows he can never have her again but that doesn't keep him from admiring her.

Later Holly warns her friend Celia to be carefull around Putnam. Brian asks Lee's help to investigate the living conditions of some of the waterfront people. An angry Blackie barges into Steffi's hotel room demanding to see his contract and royalty rights to his songs. Blackie orders her to call Perrelli, but she fakes a call and claims he's busy. In order to calm Blackie, Steffi comes onto Parrish and the two make love. Grant A runs into Grant P at the local library. Putnam is very cordial to Grant.

February 20 - 23, 1984: 2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23

Monday, February 20: Blackie and Steffi in bed. Robert calls NYPD and wants to fly down to aid in the Campbell investigation. Robert and Holly running over idea's on Campbell's disappearance. Frisco warns Blackie to stop fooling around and concentrate on his music. Holly and Celia dining at the rib notice a smirking Jackie is there too. Holly and Celia discuss the idea of having children with their respective spouses. Robert in NY, makes plans to talk with the vagrant.During the talk, the vagrant claims he hit no Dr. Campbell's luggage turns up but yields no clues for Robert either. Grant A is helping the foreman lift some boxes when suddenly someone walks by and steals his jacket. Celia is at first annoyed with Grant's proud refusal to by a new coat, decides to apologize. Robert informs Holly that he is going to be staying the night for further investigation. Grant P meets Jackie at the Rib. He tries to pump Jackie for information on what Robert is up to. Grant panics when he learns that Robert is en route to NY. LOVING/OLTL promo.

Tuesday, February 21, 1984 Rick prepares to go to Ginny's hotel room. Lesley warns him to be careful.  Rick meets with Ginny and thanks her for her contribution to his education as that is the only way she can be involved with him. She has agreed to give up her rights to him and hands him a check for $25k. He assures her that they love Mike very very much. She knows that or she wouldn’t be going through with this. Ginny is tearful and sincere all the while Webber is there. After he leaves, she pulls out a hidden camera, dials a number and reports that baited and hooked, fish is on the line and all you have to do is reel them in.

Back at GH, Rick admits that he feels sorry for Ginny too. He tells Leslie that she came through and gave them $25k for Mike’s education.

Robert returns home from NY and reunites with Holly. He fills her in on the Campbell case. Grant P listens to the late Dr Campbell's recordings. The recordings allude to the Dr's findings that Grant is an unstable individual.

Grant P. smoozes a travel agent with a story about two dear friends not being able to take a ski trip and he would like to pay for it without them knowing. She loves the idea but doesn’t know how she could accomplish this but will think about it. He swears her to secrecy to not spoil the surprise and he never wants to let them know the trip came from him. He and the agent devise a method to hide the giver's identity. The lucky couple will be told they won a free ski week. The travel agent reports to Grant P that one of the runs on the ski trail is a real "killer". Grant P smiles in delight, wishing he could watch the two lovers take the plunge.  

Edward picks up the hallway phone and overhears Lorena demanding that she isn’t going to lose the Phoenix spa and to take money from Boca Raton if needed to keep it afloat. Edward joyfully shares his news about Lorena’s shaky financial situation and tells him she is going broke. Alan isn’t thrilled as they have money invested. Edward isn’t concerned at all as he will be proven right about her.

Ceilia wants to buy Grant a new coat as it is freezing outside. He won’t hear of her spending her hard earned money on him. Jimmy Lee offers Grant A. a promotion and tells him that he needs his help. Holly calls and invites him and Ceilia for dinner. As he leaves, Jimmy Lee also suggests that Grant get a coat. Grant shows up to see Cecilia and he is wearing a new warm coat. He excitedly tells her about the promotion and the expected raise. She is hoping that she will get a job at Avalon Spa.

She tells him that she can’t make dinner tonight with Robert & Holly, as Lorena invited her to dinner. He gives her attitude as Jimmy Lee has given them a place to live, a job, a raise, and with Jimmy Lee pushing Lorena then she too will have a new job. He warns her that he is too good to be true. She also has to tell him that Jimmy Lee is joining her and Lorena for dinner. He snarks, now why is it I knew you were going to tell me that.

Brian & Claudia arrive for the dinner party at Robert’s. They talk about Grant & Cecilia. Grant arrives and apologizes for Cecilia not being able to make it. He didn’t know that she would be meeting with Lorena, of course they all understand and hope she gets the job. Holly admits that she wouldn’t mind being gainfully employed. Robert comes in and informs them that Campbell’s overcoat was found in a dumpster.

Wednesday, February 22 - Rick prepares to go to Ginny's hotel room. Lesley warns him to be careful. Robert returns from NY to a delighted Holly. He fills her in on the findings regarding Campbell's disappearance. Meanwhile, Grant P listens to the late Dr Campbell's recordings. The recordings allude to the Dr's findings that Grant is an unstable individual. Edward overhears Lorena's conversation on the phone that she will do anything she can to save her sap which is going bankrupt. Later, Edward reports to Alan that Lorena may b broke. Grant P visits a travel agency and wants to arrange a skiing trip a surprise to two "old Friends". He and the agent devise a method to hide the giver's identity. The lucky couple will be told they won a free ski week. Jimmy Lee gives Grant A a raise and he buys himself a new coat much to a delightful Celia. Leaving a nervous Lesley at the Hospital, Rick arrives at Ginny's hotel room. Ginny presents him with a check for 25,000. Ginny is tearful and sincere all the while Webber is there. The moment he leaves, she pulls out a hidden camera, dials a number and reports that the bait was swollowed.  Grant dines with the Scorpio's and Brian and Claudia. And Celia with Lorena to discuss future employment with Avalon Spa. The travel agent reports to Grant P that one of the runs on the ski trail is a real "killer"Grant P smiles in delight, wishing he could watch the two lovers take the plunge.

Friday, February 23rd Blackie shows up and demands Steffi pay him what he feels she owes him. He wants his 50%. He demands to know exactly how much the band is making, and what the expenses are. She snarks about him becoming a businessman all of a sudden. She promises that she will get him the accounting of the bands financial situation within a few days. She reminds him that if it wasn’t for her that he would still be playing frat parties if it wasn’t for her. She reminds him that without her promotion, they would be nowhere. She tells him if he wants to make money to write some new songs and write a hit album.

Robert fills Burt in that they found Campbell’s tape recorder. The note near the recorder implicates Robert in his disappearance. Robert is going to go back to NY to work on the Campbell case. A former patient was supposed to be visiting the doc. Robert is also going to investigate Ginny while he is there. Out in the hallway, Jackie listens in as Robert talks to Burt about the Dr. Campbell case.

Grant P is meeting with Jackie T. He is approached and asked if he is picking up the ticket for his trip. Jackie starts asking questions about his vacation, and then comments that he seems awfully nervous. He chalks it up to his exams. She says it is too bad Dr. Campbell isn’t here so he could have someone to talk to. She asks if he has heard from him and Grant gets defensive. He says the doc was supposed to call but he hasn’t heard from him since he left Port Charles and doesn’t have the slightest idea where the doc is.

Edward isn’t happy to see all the ladies gathering for a tea at the Q’s. Alan comes home and won’t let Edward leave him alone with all the gals and insists he stays too! Mrs. Barrington, Holly, Gail, Audrey, Lila are all in attendance. Lorena invites them all to fill out an application if they like what she has had to say. Holly has to leave early as her and Robert are getting ready to leave for a ski trip with Grant & Ceilia. Jimmy Lee tells her that he NEEDS to talk to her PRIVATELY. She agrees to meet him later for a drink.

Frisco arrives at Steffi’s room and she starts coming onto him. He isn’t interested and asks, “What about Blackie?” She says he is a project while Frisco is fun. She says that this band is her big shot, and all she needs is the littlest of breaks. Frisco tries to entice her to run away with him and give this all up. She isn’t going anywhere, he laughs as he knew that would be her answer (it was a test).

Blackie & Frisco meet up and Frisco counsels him to wise up to the scammers. He warns him that a manager can take up to 25% depending on how greedy they are. Blackie admits that Pierelli seemed kinda shady but he trusted Steffi. Frisco says yes she will take good care of him as long as it is in her best interest to do so. Blackie says that she did give him an accounting of all the money. Frisco says he bets that was creative and should make for interesting reading. Blackie determines to stay out of the business side and just focus on making music.

Holly arrives at Robert’s office and shows him two ski sweaters. He looks at them in consternation. She thinks he is having a hard time making a decision. He tells her that he doesn’t need a sweater as he won’t be able to go skiing at all. Holly is horrified at this news! She tries to talk him out of canceling. He tells her he has to go to NY and wants to be there when the PD there questions Dr. Campbell’s former patient, “Bunny”. She accuses him of using this as an excuse and says that he never wanted to go. Holly refuses to go without him. He then invites her to go to NY with him and she happily accepts.

Lorena joins Jimmy Lee. He compliments that her tea seemed like a big success. She agrees practically every woman there signed up for a membership and took more forms home for their friends. He has to tell her that tiles arrived busted and they are over budget and can’t make the grand opening schedule.

Jackie shows up to see Grant P. and tells him that something has happened to Dr. Campbell. She overheard that Robert is going to NYC to investigate and has something to do with one of his former patients.

February 27 - March 1, 1984:  2/27, 2/28, 2/29, 3/1
Monday, February 27
- Blackie is on cloud 9 with the smash hit of his rock tune. Frisco is disgusted with the whole thing and tells Blackie to come back down to earth. Grant P pays a visit to the Travel agent. The Andrew's still have not accepted the ski offer. Jimmy Lee and Grant find the tiles for the spa are all smashed to pieces. Meanwhile, Grant P walks by the trashed tiles smiling. The destruction frees Grant and Celia from going on a vacation.The news of Rick taking Ginny's bribe has hit the newspaper. Jesse and Amy try to hide the news from Rick and Lesley. But they soon find out and are both stunned. Fortunately the article doesn't point to the fact that Ginny is Mike's real mother. Bobbie is furious to read the report in the newspaper about Rick taking a bribe from Ginny. Brock thinks Rick is guilty as sin, but Bobbie sticks by her friend. Blackie bursts in with support to Rick, but his concern quickly turns to the subject of his hot career. But Rick's problem does convince Parrish that he needs to get a hold of his contract with Steffi.

Robert hits the roof when he reads Jackie's expose and summons the reporter to his office. Robert doesn't expect cooperation nor does he receive any from an icy Jackie. He then orders Ramsey to bring in Mr Brock, who maintains that Ginny told him about the bribe after the fact. And with Ginny unreachable for now. Rick's innocence cannot be proven. Grant P has a blackout while listening to the Dr's recording. He is tormented by sounds of his brother Ian's death. Blacke confronts Steffi. He wants to see his contract. To his surprise, she hands it to him whereupon Blackie notes that his escape clause is gone. Claiming she made the switch for "his own good" Steffi offers Blackie the chance to tear up his contract right now. Unsure Blackie decides to trust Steffi and hands it back. Holly wants to take a few days off with Robert but he can't because he's tied down with the Ginny and Campbell case. Celia and Grant prepare for their ski trip. Meanwhile, Grant P privately prepares his trip to the same slope that the Andrews are heading.

Tuesday, February 28 - Having no choice, Rick and Lesely tell Mike that a lie about Rick ahs been printed in the paper. Put there by Mr Brock. Rick then consults with Lee, who refuses to let Webber resign as Health Commissoner. They agree on a 4 week suspension. At GH Steve won't stand for any restriction of Webber's duties. NEWS INTERUPTION FROM KABC 7 NEWS. 3 minutes missing. Celia showing Holly some ski moves she learned. Celia wants Robert and Holly to join them on the ski trip. Robert, Grant, Celia and Holly try on ski equipment at the sports shop. Grant P erases any unflattering references to him from Dr Campbell's tape. Then he wipes his fingerprints off the recorder stickes Campbell's name on the case and slips it into a paperbag with an enticing note. Then he packs up everything in a briefcase. Disguised, Putnam takes the bus to NY, then travels to the police station near Laguardia Airport and stashes the paper bag in the vestibule. When some cops find the bag, Putnam happliy slips away.

Wednesday, February 29 - Blackie asks Steffi for his royalties, complete with a full accounting. When she is alone with Frisco, she coyly complains Blackie's a project, but Frisco is fun. But as far as Frisco is concerned, he, Blackie and Steffi are all at Perrilli's mercy. Robert gets a call from the NYPD concerning Dr. Campbell's tape recorder and a note that refers to him! Robert can't possibly go off on the ski trip now, but to soothe Holly's disappointment, he invites her to come along to NY. Lila and Mrs Barrington host a tea party for Lorena at the Q mansion. Edward is displeasd to discover dozens of woman flocking to sign up for the spa. When Jimmy Lee tries to tell Lorena about the cost overruns, and delays caused by the broken tiles, she acts totally unbothered. Observing Tiffany asking to invest in the spa, Edward pulls her aside and stresses to stay out of Ms Sharpe's affairs. Then Edward meets with Mrs Barrington and explains about Lorena's terrible troubles. Jackie overhears Robert mention his trip and psses the news to Putnam who acts concerned about Dr Campbell's safety. But inside he is very glad. LOVING/OLTL promos

March 1-  Jake returns from Albany and tells Rose he wants to marry her immediately!  Robert and Holly in NY investigating Campbell's disappearance. At the Ski Lodge, Grant P buys 2 tickets for the "killer run". A dangerous slope for many skiers. He has the tickets delivered to Grant and Celia as a surprise. Bobbie overhears Steve and Audrey making deragatory comments about Brock. Rick shows Jake a newspaper article  showing that Ginny and Brock are working together. Rick is accused of accepting bribes from a Delice employee who happens to be Ginny. Jake and Rose visit his rabbi. Soon however it appears that Rose's catholic backgound is going to interfere with Jake's Jewish background. Robert and a NY detective question one of Campbell's  former patients. Grant and Celia arrive at the ski lodge and are surprised to find two tickets for Killer Run waiting for them. The scandal involving Rick is invading on his work when a patient refuses to be treated by him. Jake and Rose next visit her Catholic priest and decide to have him conduct the ceremony. But the problem here is any future children they have would have to be raised as Catholic! Another disappointment. Jake and Rose call it off. Grant P checks out the Killer Run site (location footage shot in Utah).

March 2-9, 1984: 3/2, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8, 3/9 partial episode continued on next dvd

March 2, 1984 Blackie and Frisco. Blackie is trying desperately to come up with another hit song. Edward is shocked to find Tiffany and Lorena talking investment business. Tiff wants to invest in Lorena's spa. Edward takes Tiffany aside and tells her flat out not to trust Lorena. Lorena overhears and is furious. Grant and Celia out on the slopes having a great time. They decide they are ready for Killer Run. Grant and Celia snuggling by a fire at the lodge. Putnam waits patiently out by the Killer Run to make his move. Steffi gives Blackie a check but the amount is hardly what he was expecting. Edward tells Mrs Barrington that Avalon Spa is in trouble (Mrs B is one of the investors). Grant P "fixes" one of the screws on Celia's ski. Later, when Celia and Grant prepare to hit the trail, Celia's binding come undone. Not wanting Grant to miss the Killer Run before it closes, Celia tells him to go ahead and she will catch up when she repairs her ski's. Andrews takes off. Tiffany, Frisco, Blackie all at Kelly's. Lorena has it out with Edward when she finds he has been badmouthing her all over town. After the heated battle, Edward collapes outside of a heart attack!   

March 5, 1984 Jimmy Lee wanders by and finds Edward collapse on the ground. In a panic Jimmy Lee provides CPR and has someone phone an ambulance. Robert and Holly still in NY. They go over the clues to the Campbell Case. Putnam waits for Grant to arrive at Killer Run. When Grant appears nearing the dangerous mountain edge, Putnam makes a tumble over the cliff hanging on for dear life. Grant reaches the cliff shocked to find it's Putnam. Andrews reluctantly pulls Grant to safety. Jesse calls the Q mansion and informs the maid that Edward has been admitted with a heart attack. Grant and Celia have taken Putnam to a local hospital where he's admitted with a broken leg. Robert grills Ginny hoping to trip up her story about the bribe against Rick. Later Ginny is so shaken she calls Brock to tell him that she is coming to PC to get her check. Celia visits Grant in his room and Putnam pours on the praises for her husband saving his life. Later Putnam smiles to himself that his plan is working perfectly. Jimmy Lee watches over Edward who is in critical condition. Andrews meets with Grant P who tells him that he saved his life and will be eternally grateful.   

March 6, 1984 Edward regains consciousness. Jimmy Lee bends over his bed. Edward wants his son, Alan! Jimmy Lee is crushed and upset at the same time. Blackie is struggling trying to come up with a song. Brock tells Ginny that she must continue with the plan against Rick. He has come to far with this to not see it through. If she turns and runs from him, she will regret it he threatens. Edward tells Alan that he wants him to have his power of attorney. Alan is the only one he can trust while Jimmy Lee fumes. Bobby runs into Ginny who is leaving Brock's office. Bobbie is furious and confronts Brock with consorting to ruin Rick. Blackie on a big dry spell answers his door to bellhop Josh Clayton. Josh is an aspiring songwriter and offers to play one of his songs for Blackie. Blackie reluctantly agrees and starts to record Josh's song. Turns out the song that Josh plays is a catchy tune called "Make Me Believe It." which has the makings of a hit. After Blackie hustles Josh out, he cant' get the song out of his mind. Frisco meets with Josh in the hall. Jimmy Lee unloads his anger about Edward with Lorena. Ginny gives her statement to Capt Ramsey. Ginny sticks by her story that Rick accepted the bribes. Jake tries to break her story but it's ironclad. Monica reports to Jimmy Lee that Edward will recover. Frisco hears Blackie playing "Make Me Believe It" and loves it. Blackie lies to Frisco that he came up with the song. Rejected by Edward, Jimmy Lee calls his mother and asks her to come to PC. Jake tells Bobbie that he knows who is out to get Rick. Bobbie knows he is refering to her husband, Brock. Jake tells Rick that things don't look good for him since he took that check from Ginny.  

March 7, 1984 Holly tells Robert that she's bored to tears. Grant and Celia at breakfast. Grant P and Jackie at GH. She wants to do an article on him. Holly tells Robert she wants another investigation to sink her teeth into. (some discussion here about Robert wanting Holly to have his baby) Putnam talking with Monica who is surprised to hear that Andrews saved his life at the ski lodge. Grant, Jimmy Lee and Boris Raskov at the trailer, take charge of the new tiles that just arrived. (Putnam smashed the old ones) Robert questions Grant P on the Campbell disappearance. Alan, Monica and Celia over Edwards sick bed. Holly has lunch with Tiffany and Claudia. Mrs. Barrington shows up with a proposition for Holly. Will she take over her annual British Club Charity? Holly gladly accepts! Boris, (a Russian immigrant) and Grant discuss the old homeland. Grant is shocked to find of Boris's heritage and goes to Robert and asks him to run a check on him to see that he is not a DVX plant. Robert and Burt discussing the Campbell case. They both believe he was murdered and Putnam is the prime suspect. Grant P and Celia run into each other at GH. Putnam wants to pay Andrews back for his generosity in saving his life. Robert questions the desk clerk at Putnam's hotel trying to find out if Grant could have sneaked out the night Campbell disappeared. Another false lead as the clerk cannot say for sure that Putnam was not in his room that night. Robert next questions a usually snobby Jackie about her relationship with Putnam. Jackie only tells him that unlike Robert, Grant is a total gentleman. Andrews cuts his hand on the job. Robert and Holly snuggling. Putnam calls Armistede and wants him to come to PC.

March 8, 1984 Blackie and Frisco singing Josh's song. Brock and Bobbie. Bobie sees Ginny on a TV commercial and realizes that she is an actress. Brock is not pleased. Bobbie knows that Ginny never worked for Brock, he hired her to railroad Rick. Mike and Rick are at home. Lee and Robert discussing how they can breakdown Ginny to confess to setting up Rick. Steffi listens to Blackie's new "song" and she loves it. She wants to record it immediately! Putnam tells Armestede that he wants to revise his will. He wants to leave his entire estate to Grant and Celia upon his death!! Bobbie tells Rick that she believes him, she saw Ginny on a TV commercial. Lee talks to the assistant DA who agrees that Rick is innocent. But they have to go by the so called evidence that has been presented to them. Robert arranges for interviews with all involved. Rick interups Ginny's lunch and confronts her with the fact that he knows she's an actress and the DA will be the next one to find out! Amy reads a letter to Rick that Luke and Laura are in the Himalaya's. Steffi kisses Friso and wants to party and make out with him. (Blackie has already passed out). Frisco doesn't buy it and walks out on Steffi. Robert tells Armestede that the bellhop and chamber maid both verified that Putnam was in his room the night of Campbell's disappearance.  

March 9, 1984 Partial episode, conitinued on next dvd. Rick, Amy and Blackie in the Cafeteria. Robert and Holly snuggling by the fire at their Townhome. Grant and Celia received a bouquet of flowers from Putnam. Grant is totally upset. Robert confronts Ginny with being an actress, but Ginny provides a list of Delice employees that will testify that she works at Brock's plant. Josh plays another song for Blackie. Frisco and Steffi arrive and want to play the tape of the new song. Blackie rushes Josh out not wanting him to hear the new hit as it is a song that Josh wrote. Celia pays a call on Putnam, thanking him for the flowers. Putnam tells Celia that he wants to make sure he pays Grant back for his kindness by putting them both in his will! Celia taken by surprise tells him that she will talk it over with her husband. Celia chills champagne as an upset Grant returns home to tell Celia that he flunked his exam, that he wasn't prepared to take the exam and there goes his pre-med certification. He is tired of seeing Putnam everywhere he goes and he would like to shove his champagne down his throat! Rick talks to Leslie over the phone planning a romantic evening. (Denise is not seen as she had already left the show in February).

March 9-16, 1984:   3/9 partial episode continued from previous dvd, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16

March 9 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd, Ginny goes to Brock telling him that the plan with Rick is failing. Robert tells Grant that his check on Boris turned up nothing. He is exactly who he says he is. In fact his daughter Tanya is working at GH as a therapist. Celia and Holly discussing Putnam's offer of putting her in his will. The cold weather has turned all the roads to ice. A furious and hot tempered Brock storms into GH demanding to see Leslie. He then has a heated argument with Leslie (off camera) and now he is going after Rick. Celia tells Putnam that she accepts his offer of being his heir, she just has not discussed it with her husband yet. Ramsey stops by the Webber's with grave news for Rick.

March 12 - A woman is brought into GH dead on arrival. Bobbie is horrified to realize that it is Lesley Webber!!! Rick is horrified when Ramsey breaks the news to him that Leslie was in a terrible car accident. Her car skidded of the icy road killing her instantly. Not telling Amy or Mike Ramsey and Rick take off for GH. Steve, Audrey, Ruby, Gail, Monica are all in grief over Leslie's passing. Blackie, Steffi and Frisco having dinner at the hotel. Blackie is interviewed as to what his new song will be. When he sees Josh the bell boy show up, Blackie hustles everyone out and up to the hotel room. Alan and Monica discussing Leslie. Rick arrives at GH rushing to Leslie's side (off camera). Robert and Holly show up at GH as well. Bobbie lashes out at Brock calling him a murderer. Brock is stunned that Lesley is dead but doesn't take the blame. Rick arrives home with grim news for Amy and Mike. Amy runs screaming upstairs, and Mike takes the news hard as well. Lee, Gail, Bobby and Audrey and Steve all show up at the Webber's to offer their support to Rick. Josh comes by just as Blackie was going to play his song for the reporter. Robert trying to reach Luke and Laura to tell them about Lesley. Blackie finally comes by answering Rick's call. He is naturally crushed to hear about Lesley. A group hug for Rick, Mike, and Blackie.

March 13 - Jimmy Lee greets his mother, Beatrice at the airport. Rick and Blackie at the Scorpio's. Robert has not been able to reach Luke and Laura. Alan consults with Putnam who wants to get back into medicine. Alan agrees to be witness to the re signing of Grant's will. Alan is stunned to learn that Putnam is leaving everything to Grant and Celia. Celia meets Beatrice when Jimmy Lee brings her home to live with him. Rick, Ruby, Dan Mike, and Amy preparing Leslie's memorial. More friends stop by the Webbers to pay their respects. Jimmy Lee tells Beatrice that Celia's a Quartermaine. He was in love with her at one time but it's passed though Beatrice doesn't think so. Alan is shocked when Andrew's tells him that he was just a witness to Grant's new will leaving his estate to he and Celia. Beatrice tells Jimmy Lee why she gave him up when he was a boy. When Robert tells Rick that he still can't reach Laura, Rick decides to have the funeral without her. Grant argues with Celia when he learns that she never told him of Putnams offer to be added to his will. Robert and Holly discuss what would happen if they lost each other. They both reaffirm their love for each other. 
March 14- Jimmy Lee and Beatrice make plans to meet with Edward. Alan, Edward and Monica at the mansion. Rick and Rose. Everyone prepares for Leslie's memorial. Beatrice calls Edward who turns white as a sheet! Beatrice tells "Teddy" that she's on her way over. Mr. and Mrs. Whittiker arrive at the the Webbers. Hugs all around for Rick when the Whitiker's offer their deepest sorrow. Edward dresses to the hilt when Beatrice pays him a call. Edward tells Beatrice she doesn't look a day older. Bobbie gets a call from the library. Seems that Brock has defaced some reference books and he neglected to pay for them. Bobbie asks what books and is informed that they were old High School year books and the missing picture is that of Ginny Blake! Bobbie now knows that Brock was behind the scam against Rick. Everyone is at the GH chapel to pay their final respects for Leslie. Alan and Steve both speak about her. Jimmy Lee finds Beatrice and Edward getting along, that is until Beatrice tells him that she's decided to stay in town for a while. Bobbie lashes out at Brock for causing Lesley's death. Frisco tells Blackie about his late mother. More tears and remembering Leslie back at the Webber's. Bobbie tells Robert that Brock was behind the Ginny Blake case. He researched her whereabouts from the local Library. Rick tells Blackie, Mike and Amy that they must never stop loving Leslie.

March 15- Rick, Amy, Blackie and Mikey at home. Robert arrives with news for Rick. Bobbie told him that Brock is in cahoots with Ginny. Robert urges Rick to be with him when he questions Ginny. Hopefully they can break her story. Josh is looking for Blackie. He runs into Frisco and Lou at Kelly's. Blackie's new hit song is playing on the radio and Josh is horrified to hear that it's his song. ("Make Me Believe It"). He tells Frisco and Lou that Blackie stole that song from him, naturally the two don't believe him. Celia begs Grant to remove her and her husband from his will. Ginny is escorted by Burt into Robert's office. Robert confronts her with the knowledge that he knows Brock tracked her down with the help from old yearbooks at the Library. Ginny finally breaks down and confesses. She says she never knew that Brock was going to frame Rick. She thought she would go along with it for Mikey's well being. Ginny agrees to a full confession but Rick shocks Robert when he tells him he won't press charges. If Ginny stays far away from her son, that's good enough for him. Ginny agrees. Josh finally confronts Blackie but he denies he stole the song. Celia tells Andrews that Putnam agreed to remove them from his will. Later, Grant summons Armested to PC and tries to get him to find some way to put the Andrew's back in his will. After much pressing by Armestede, a busy Andrews at work allows Grant to put him back in the will. Armestede calls Grant who is delighted with the news, his plan is back in motion. Robert brings Brock to his office and confronted with the truth, Brock smugly admits it's true but he only framed Rick because he was left with no choice. Robert let's Brock off with a stern warning. Rick won't press charges if Brock will retract everything in the press about the bribes from Delice. Blackie almost confesses his theft of the song to Frisco. Brock finds Bobbie leaving him. But she stops short when he vows to change for the better. Andrews meets Boris' daughter, Tayna. Putnam delights in telling Celia that her husband has agreed to be put back in his will.

March 16- Josh confronts Blackie again about the theft of his song. Steffi overhears and is ticked off. Blackie admits the truth to Steffi. Alan and Monica want to know from Edward what he's planning for Beatrice. Putnam calls Celia. He's got exams to study for so he offers her and Andrews tickets for a symphony concert this evening. Celia accepts Edward, Alan and Monica's plot of bribery in order to get rid of Beatrice. Holly asks Lorena if she can use her spa for Amanda's charity auction. Jimmy Lee introduces Beatrice to Holly and Lorena. Lorena is interested in marking Beatrice's special beauty cream. She offers Beatrice to work for her and sell her product at the spa. Frisco, Lou and Steffi at Kelly's. Steffi tells Frisco that Perrilli has agreed to a video for the band. Robert is getting a cold so he is going to have to miss the concert. Holly and Robert eat Chinese food and watch an old Charlie Chan movie on tv. Andrews refuses to go to the concert with Celia because he needs to study. Alan and Monica read a clause to Edward that hopefully Beatrice will sign and be forced to leave town. Steffi has lunch with Josh and offers him a contract with Perrilli in order to keep him quiet about the stolen song. Grant runs into Tanya at the Library. Putnam is also there and he is intrigued at Andrews blossoming friendship with Ms Rascov. Holly and Robert are in bed.

March 19-23, 1984:  3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22, 3/23

March 19 - Holly intercepts an urgent message concerning the Campbell case on Robert's computer. Scorpio is irked to find his wife taking notes. Finally Holly informs him that Campbell's overcoat was found to contain "traces of marine life" Caught off guard, Robert decides to re question Putnam. Andrews and Celia akwardly run into Putnam talking with the Dean of the University. Jimmy Lee and Celia are reviewing the spa's decor when the real Grant invites her to lunch. Moments later, after the twosome leave, Grant takes his lunch break and fumes when he learns that Celia's dining companion is Putnam. Putnam buys a cabin in the Adirondacks. The same cabin that Putnam and Celia spent a few summers at. Grant consoles himself by having lunch with Tanya. Putnam and Celia hash over old times just as Robert arrives. Wanting to talk with Grant privately, Celia leaves, but not before Putnam filches her scarf. Putnam explains to Robert of Campbell's love of fishing, which might have led to his accidental death and explain the marine life on his clothing. Robert doesn't buy it, especially when he learns the debris was of local origin. Claudia tells Brian she's expecting!

March 20 - Monica and Alan escorting a grumpy Edward into GH for a medical test. Jesse shows them the latest headlines that Rick is free of all charges in the Brock incident! Blackie tries to convince Steffi to do a video of "Sneak Attack" but she is all for doing a video on the latest song "Make Me Believe It" which unknown to her is the song that Blackie stole from Josh. Frisco also agrees with Steffi. The threesome plan a trip to NY to shoot the video. Dan, Steve, Audrey, Amy and Rick at GH. All are delighted that Rick has been cleared. Brock tries unsuccessfully to run Ginny out of town. Ginny throws him out of her apartment. Rick gives Edward a clean bill of health. Blackie consults with Tiffany on the music video. He invites her to go along. Ginny finds a old school chum working as a station programmer at WLPC. He asks her to be a moderator for "Teen Time" a local late afternoon program. Blackie, Mikey and Frisco visit the studio, since they are being interviewed about the band. Mikey is surprised to see the nice lady who's car broke down is also at the studio, Ginny! Smiling at her son, Ginny lightly chats with the boy. Jimmy Lee, Lorena and Mrs Barrington dine together. Spotting this unholy alliance, Alan and Monica demand Beatrice leave town in accordance to their agreement. A Brash Beatrice informs the Q's that she sold the villa they tried to blackmail her with to get her out of town. Beatrice calmly invites them to sue her! That night, Jimmy Lee makes a play for Lorena, but she notes that his lingering feelings are still on the surface for Celia. Blackie and Tiffany are off to NY. Mikey happily tells Rick that he met that "nice" lady Ginny at the studio earlier in the afternoon!
March 21 - Brian and Claudia at Kelly's In NY, Blackie and Frisco are in NY taping the video for "Make Me Believe It". Soon after work Blackie gets a call from Josh who vows  to tell the press abot Parrish's theft of his song. Blackie lays into Steffi for giving Josh a contract with Perrilli and legitimatizing him. Quickly Steffi seeks out Blackie at their hotel room and pours on the charm. The two fall into each others arms and make love. When Putnam returns Celia's scarf, he leaves a pair of his theater tickets at the gate house and refuses to take them back. After Grant helps Tanya by Boris a present for his Birthday, he asks Celia if she has plans for Friday night. Unsure of what to do, Celia says nothing. Rose and Jake delight when Claudia and Brian share the news of their upcoming bundle of joy. Jake and Rose discuss their future. Rose tells them they have none. Tears in her eye's, Rose gives Jake back his ring. Jake devastated begs Rose to reconsider. Steffi tells the camera man on the video shoot to focus the camera on Frisco.....just leave Blackie in the background!
March 22 - Celia is meeting with Lorena and becomes mortified to find her treating Grant like a common laborer even if he is one. Mikey excitedly sees Ginny on TV. Rick forbids Mike to watch that show Teen Time. Later he storms over to confront Ginny about her not leaving town. Ginny says Rick can't force her to leave town. She has a job now at WLPC. Blackie is furious when he finds the video is focusing more on Frisco than him. Brock upset about Ginny staying in town, starts drinking heavily. Bobbie complains and Brock in a drunken rage slaps her across the face! Celia filled with jealosy when Holly and Claudia go out to a fancy luncheon with Lorena. It seems Celia is "forced" to have lunch with Grant and his blue collar friends Boris and Tanya. Putnam working with his Realtor to acquire the Aderondeck Cabin. Celia and Lorena at the spa. Celia overhears Boris assure Grant that he wants him to go to the play with Celia. Lou arrives in NY to watch the video. Lou is surprised to find Josh is hanging around as well. Holly and Claudia at the spa. They discuss the baby. Claudia and Holly observe Putnam delightedly asking Celia to help him decorate the cabin. Alan and Monica are livid when Lorena asks Beatrice to sell her Beauty cream at the spa. A tearful and bruised Bobbie runs to Ruby, who immediately tells her to stay with Jesse till Brock gets over his drunken state. Grant suggests that Celia he wants to celebrate Boris' Birthday at the gate house. Celia blurts out NO! and persuades Andrews to attend the night's symphony instead. Rick returns home and tells Mikey to never watch Teen Time again. Tiffany confirms Blackie's suspicion, he's being pushed out of his own video! Blackie and Steffi argue and the whole event is witnessed by Josh who stares daggers at Blackie.
March 23 - Claudia and Holly observe Celia and Putnam chatting up a storm. Putnam delightedly asks Celia to help him renovate his cabin and she happily agrees. Then the real Grant later persuades Claudia to sell him an expensive purse at the spa. (Holly earlier turned down his sale) Steffi orders Josh to leave the studio immediately, she will meet him later. Robert arrives to pick Holly up at the spa. At the theater, Grant realizes where the tickets came from Putnam. At the same time, Putnam shows up with Jackie on his arm. They sit right down in from of the Andrews! Angrily he grabs Celia and takes off, leaving a delighted Grant and a confused Jackie. Steffi labels Josh a jealous fortune hunter. But Josh says he won't let go of the fact that Blackie stole his song. Later, Lou is cleaning up Blackie and Frisco's hotel room and is shocked when she plays the tape of Josh playing his song for Blackie. Later back at Putnam's hotel suite he and Jackie make love. Celia and Andrews argue over Boris. Burt interups Robert and Holly's romantic interlude. After cleaning some fish that the cops confiscated from a local Poucher, Burt shows Robert a key that they found in the stomach of one of the fishes. The key belongs to DR Campbell!

March 26 -30, 1984:  3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 3/30

March 26 - Robert and Holly discussing the newly turned up key and what might be Putnam's involvement. Charmed by Putnam's persistent attentions, Celia joins him on a trip to his old cabin. At the airport, Blackie and the band arrive back in PC. Lou follows them trying to decide what to do about the incriminating tape. Rose wonders what is bothering Lou. She can't tell Rose just yet. Back at the Hotel room, Blackie and Steffi and Frisco watch a video of "Make Me Believe It". Celia and Putnam at the old cabin. Celia enjoys the outing. Unaware of his wife's activities, Grant drags himself home after a hard day at the construction site. Andrews and Celia argue about his new chum Boris. Are Boris and Tayna just friends? Or comrades?? Rose gets a call from Lou's school. SHe didn't show up. Lou's at the Hotel trying to talk with Blackie but gets tossed out by Steffi. Lou can't bring herself to tell Rose about the tape. Putnam joins Robert and Holly at the Hotel Restaurant and Robert shows a stunned Putnam the key they recovered from the fish. Lou arrives at the Hotel to find to her surprise that Steffi and Blackie are in a bedroom romp. Lou shouts that Blackie is a theif! And runs out in tears. Blackie is devastated.

March 27 - Ginny is the new Host of Teen Time, much to Mikey's delight. Rick is disgusted that Mikey is watching. Rick forbids him to go to the studio to see Ginny interviewing Blackie. Mike sneaks out anyway against Rick's orders hoping to catch a glimpse of the interview. Steffi and Blackie enjoying the success of the new video when Josh arrives. WHen Ginny hears that Mike is at the studio she panics and tells him to go home afraid that Rick will find out. Edward is stunned when Lila returns home unexpectedly from her Europeon Trip. Edward tries to hid the truth of Beatrice being in town. Steve and Rick discuss adding new personnel to the Hospital, namely Dr Anthony Jones who will be on staff in a few weeks. Rick and Rose having lunch. Pandemonium reigns at Blackie's hotel as fans swamp the place and Ginny's camera crew set up for the interview. Since neither Lou or Josh can get Parrish alone for even a few seconds, they hang out together and wait. All Josh wants is to get the rightful royalties to his song that Blackie stole he tells Lou. Just before Ginny starts to interview Blackie, Lou breaks the news to him about the song. Blackie screams at the top of his lungs calling her a liar and to get out of his life forever. Comical mischief ensues as Edward frantically tries to keep Lila from seeing Beatrice who just arrived at the mansion. Ginny begins the interview with Blackie, while Josh is staring at him intently.
March 28 - Carla visits Andrews on the job. Unwittingly, Tanya accidentally knocks Celia down with a respirator! Upon hearing Tayna's name, Celia stares harshly at her. When Putnam hears of Celia's accident, he deliberately positions himself so that Tayna bumps into him too! Putnam notes' Tayna's shocked look when she sees his face. Blackie screams at Lou to get out of his life. Josh comforts her. Now angry and determined to confront him, Lou distracts the hotel desk clerk, while Josh steals the key to Blackie's room. Celia confides to Monica of Grant's growing affection with Boris and his daughter Tayna. When Parrish walks into his suite, he finds Lou is waiting for him. Lou plays for him the incriminating tape and Blackie instantly realizes that he did plagerize Josh's song. Steffi comes in and hears the whole thing. She's livid and upset at Blackie's stupidity. Celia arrives home to find that Grant has been running with Carla. Steffi tries to cajole Lou into giving her the tape. When Lou refuses the two struggle and Lou falls after Steffi pushes her. Lou hits her head on a table. Frisco is called in and he calls an ambulance. Blackie cradles Lou's lifeless body in his arms and is in tears.
March 29 - In the Emergency Room, Alan attempts in vein to save Lou's life. Lou is dead. Blackie shrieks that he killed Lou. He begs Ramsey to take him away and throw him in jail. Rose is devastated by Lou's tragic death. Robert and Holly are called in as well. Alan allows Rose to see Lou's body. Robert arrives at the ER. Blackie gives a full confession that he killed Lou. He doesn't care what they do to him. Ramsey tries to get him to think about what he is doing to himself. Rick and Robert arrive at Headquarters and are stunned that Blackie signed over a confession of guilt. Rick tries to get through to Blackie but he insists on punishing himself. Alan and Edward plot to keep Lila away from the spa. Or else she will see Beatrice. Robert questions Frisco of Lou's death. (This is Robert and Frisco's first meeting) Frisco and Steffi argue. He finally realizes that he's being used and wants out of the music business. Steffi reports to Perrilli that they have big problems. Rose and Jake comfort each other. Blackie sits alone in his jail cell as "Make Me Believe It" pounds over and over in his head.

March 30 - Tiffany arrives back in town and reads that Blackie has been arrested. Rick tries to talk some sense into Blackie but to no avail. Alan and Jimmy Lee escort Lila to the airport. She's going to Palm Beach. THe Q's lied to get Lila out of town for a while. Grant flatly refuses to go to the Spa opening. Celia is crushed. Rose sits in solitude mourning the loss of Lou. Holly at the spa opening with Beatrice and Lorena. Celia persuaded Grant to go after all. Josh confronts Steffi. Putnam and Jackie also arrive for the Spa Festivities, as does most of the GH staff. Jimmy Lee is smitten once agian by Celia who is wearing the same blue dress she wore when she first arrived in town and made her grand entrance on the Quartermaine stairs. Andrews is upset and starts getting drunk. Boris and Tayna carry him out of the spa after embarrassing Celia. Jake tries to talk to Blackie but all he wants is to be put away. Josh talks to Robert about his stolen song. Jake can't get Rose to forgive Blackie his crime. She hopes he rots in jail. Celia arrives back at the gatehouse and Andrews apologizes. He and Celia forgive each other and have a romantic dance. Frisco talking with Blackie behind bars. He manges to get Blackie to understand that his friends are all trying to help him.

April 2-6, 1984:  4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6, 4/9 partial

April 2 - Next Morning, Grant and Celia discuss the disastrous grand opening of the spa. Putnam calls Celia just then, and wants her to meet him and discuss the renovation of the cabin. Rick and Ruby discussing Luke and Laura. Rick's finally gotten a hold of Laura to tell her about Lesley. Blackie tells Jake to put him away in prison forever. Rick tries to comfort a devestated Rose and convince her to forgive Blackie. Tayna stops by with lunch for Grant. Brock tries to reconcile with Bobbie. Rick visits Blackie in prison. Blackie learns that Ginny is Mike's mother and regrets that his career got in the way of helping Rick deal with the news of Ginny. Frisco is forced to sign autographs for screaming teenagers at the court house. Jake has Rose's priest talk to her about Lou's death. In court, Blackie's teenage groupies disrupt the court session. Blackie wants the judge to put him away. The request for Blackie's bail is denied.

April 3 - Rick, Ruby, and Mike. Jake discussing Blackie with Ramsey and Robert. Rose is in a deep depression but she has agreed (sort of) to forgive Blackie. Robert and Tiffany discussing the case, when Rose bursts into Robert's office with an annoying Jackie in tow. Robert tosses her out of the office. Brock tries desperately to find some cash to save his company. Bobbie has sympathy for him and agrees to take him back and she puts up a mortgage on the cottage to save Brock's company. Tommy visiting Blackie in jail. Rose gives her statement to the DA absolving Blackie of all blame. Robert allows Mikey to see Blackie. Jake tells Rick Robert and Tiff that the DA has pushed for first degree murder. Frisco's chat with Blackie may have gotten through to the youth. Jackie is pestering Rick for a statement. When Rick purposely shoves Jackie out of the way, Jackie makes a snide comment "Like Father Like Son"! Tiffany slaps Jackie in the face! Rick urges Blackie to think about his future sentance and change his plea. Tomorrow he faces the judge.

April 4 - An angry Edward visits Beatrice at the spa demanding to know her game. Calmly Beatrice says that she wants to make sure that Jimmy Lee gets what he deserves. In court, Blackie repeats his guilty plea. Before he passes the sentence, the Judge allows Blackie 24 hours to leave and visit the funeral home. Holly is working for Lorena at the spa. Beatrice wants Jimmy Lee to get all the benefits that Edward is giving Alan which means a half a million dollars for herself and for Jimmy Lee, Alan's power of attorney, along with an equal share for her sonin Edward's will. Edward is appalled at the thought! Jimmy Lee warns his mother to stay away from the Q's. Holly gets a call from a man named "Leo" who is calling for Lorena. When Holly mentions to call to Lorena she gets all nervous and jumpy. Holly later reports to Robert about this, but Robert shrugs it off as maybe a bill collector. Blackie at the funeral home crying over Lou's death. Rose comes in and fixes him with a wounded stare then rushes out. Blackie disolves into tears of remorse.

April 5 - JOHN STAMOS LAST SHOW. Putnam arranges for a secret meal for two. Andrews arrives home early for lunch and picks up some books for his exam. Celia was hoping Grant could stay home but he heads over to the library. Putnam arrives at the cottage moments later and arranges for Celia to accompany him to the cabin. The real Grant has arranged for some of their old neighbors to visit and spur Celia with memories. Expecting to celebrate with Grant that evening, Celia calls home but her husband isn't there. Blackie at the Webber's. Ruby has prepared a feast for him and Rick. Rick and Ruby engage in small to to cheer Blackie up. Later, Mikey arrives home and they all play cards but Blackie's mood is grim. Before Blackie goes to the courthouse, he says his farewell's to Mikey. At the cabin, Celia accidentally falls into Putnam's arms when she tries to hang something over the fireplace. Andrew's meanwhile runs into Tania at the library and is puzzled when he phones the gate house and gets no reply. Grant and Tania end up eating dinner together at Dino's a local Pizza place. Unfortunately a nosy Jackie notices the chummy pair. Later, Andrews and Celia have a furious argument about the deceptions that are threatening their marriage. Steffi and Frisco at Dino's. Steffi informs the singer that they are leaving for NY in the morning to record a new song. Frisco tells her to forget it that he's done with the music industry. Unable to change Frisco's mind, Steffi informs Pirelli about Jones jumping ship. At the courthouse, Jake points out to the judge that Blackie became a victim of his own success, Jake delivers a fervent plea for leniency. The Judge finally comes back with his decision. Blackie is sentenced to 2 years. 6 months in Prison, followed by 1 1/2 years of rehabilitation. Blackie says his final farewells to Frisco, Jake, Robert, Tiffany and Rick. "I'm ready" he then tells Ramsey, who takes him away. Before leaving, Blackie gives Rick a great big hug. He then walks to the door and turns to Rick and gives him a salute with a devilish smile.

April 6 - Jackie wakes Grant as he sleeps late. She's there for an interview. Meanwhile at the Andrew's cottage, Grant has spent the night on the couch. Steffi barges into Frisco's suite telling him to get dressed. Frisco tells her that he's through with her. Jackie blabs to Grant that he saw Andrews and Tania holding hands at Dino's. Andrews and Celia make up. They both agree to have Boris and Tania over for dinner. Putnam asks a favor of Jimmy Le he asks him to return a pair of gloves to Celia that she left with him. (Putnam swiped them) Jimmy Lee agrees. Frisco visits Rose at Kelly's. She and Frisco share a tender moment talking about Lou. Holly overhears and argument with Lorena and Leo over the phone. Lorena tells Leo that she doesn't want him here. Jimmy Lee is returning Celia's gloves when Andrews comes home and misunderstands the situation. After visiting Rose, tow of Perilli's thugs beat Frisco to a pulp on the docks. Grant and Celia's dinner with the Raskov's isn't too successful. Boris' old world customs are too primitive for Celia. The evening ends with Boris breaking one of Celia's expensive crystal wine glasses. Frisco runs into Kelly's with a bleeding through. In a panic, Rose calls for an ambulance.
April 9 - Partial, episode continued on next dvd. Rick and Mikey and Ruby at the Webbers. Amy tells them that Frisco was beaten up last night. Celia and Grant discuss the failed dinner with the Rascov's, pointing out that she and Andrew's are faking their getting along. Andrew's agrees to make an effort. Alan admits to Frisco he will in time get his voice back, but he's unsure that Jones will sing again. Rose stays by Frisco's side. Once Frisco accuses Perrilli of the beating, Ramsey launches a full investigation. Mike takes the news of Frisco's beating really hard. Everyone he knows is getting hurt.

April 9-16, 1984:  4/9 partial, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16

April 9 - episode continued from previous dvd. Jackie arrives at GH to try to interview Frisco, she is sent to wait in the Nurse's Lounge where she finds GInny Blake also waiting. Ginny introduces herself to Jackie. Mike slips out of the house and sneaks into Frisco's room at GH. He finds Rose there who lectures him about skipping school. Mike insists that he had to see Frisco. Rose assures him that Frisco is going to be just fine. Frisco is very horse and has lost his voice. Delighted to hear from Celia that Andrews will come to the cabin, Putnam carves his and Celia's initials in a heart on an old bench near the cabin. Then he beings to age it. At GH, Mike is delighted to run into Ginny who is there to interview Frisco. But Rose notices the cold looks between Ginny and Rick. Rick confides to Rose that Ginny is Mike's real mother. The two old friends cling together. Andrews runs into Tania at the library. 

April 10 - Upon hearing that Ginny will be interviewing a local baseball star, Mike once again slips out of the Webber's and down to the TV station to watch the program. But when there he trips on a wire cable cutting himself. Ginny quickly gives Mike first aid. Edward argues with Jimmy Lee when he finds out that Holt was going to give Lorena a "discount" for the work down on Avalon Spa's. "NO DISCOUNT", shouts Edward! Having come to believe that DL is sincerely trying to reopen his factory, Bobbie allows him to mortgage the cottage. Brock bends backwards to please his wife. Rick and Ruby can't locate Mike anywhere. Upon hearing that Delice isn't getting any new business, DL blabs to an employee that he's launching an expensive campaign but says nothing of this to Bobbie. Instead Brock acts very agreeable. He even offers to make up with Rick. Knowing that Lorena can't get a loan to pay off the Spa repairs, Edwards tells Alan that he will loan Ms Sharpe the money, thus giving him complete control over Avalon! The Brock's arrive at the Webbers just as Rick is full of concern of Mike's whereabouts. Rick accepts DL's apology just as Ginny arrives with Mike in tow. An angry Edward confronts Beatrice at the spa and offers her a plane ticket out of PC. Alone for a moment, Webber fumes at Ginny for staying in town. But she has no intention of leaving now. Mike's enthusiasm toward Ginny is limitless.
April 11 - Robert opens his door for the morning paper and smack into a sign proclaiming him a male chauvinist Pig! The sign was left by the WIB. Lorena asks Monica for a loan of 250,000 but she turns her down. Alan is checking over Frisco when his song is playing on the radio. Frisco befriends Greg, a young man with a heart condition who is sharing his room. Greg advises Frisco to stay in the music business. WIth nowhere else to go, Lorena has no choice but take Edward up with his offer of the money loan. Robert learns the WIB stands for "WOMAN IN BLUE" and his female officers are pushing for equal rights that the men get. Tiffany pushes her way through Frisco's door and his groupies in order to visit him. Frisco meets with Tania who turns out to be his vocal therapist. Ramsey tells Robert that he was presented with a list of female officers demands many months ago and he ignored them. Now the female officers are on the uprising. Adding to Robert's frustration is Holly, who has heard the WIB's demands and decides to join their group! After a visit from Steffi who swears to Frisco that she had no idea that he would get beat up, Frisco passes on the same advice to Josh to get out of the music biz. Edward tells Lorena that he will loan her the 250,000 in exchange for most of the stock of Avalon. Under duress, Lorena sells Edward her shares. Holly tries to convince Robert that he needs to bend to the WIB's demands. Steffi lays an offer of a new contract thta is so tempting, Frisco has to think about it.
April 12 - Robert and Holly discussing the WIB. Andrews and Celia planning a trip to the cabin. Putnam calls Celia to tell him that he will see her there. Afterwords, Putnam combs his hair in the same way as Andrews! Ramsey tells Robert the WIB is serious in their demands. Leo (John Callahan) arrives in PC and the Spa demanding his share of the profits that Lorena has made. Lorena tells him that she has no money to give him. Leo threatens to expose her past to the Q's, so Lorena gives him a job at Avalon. The WIB toss PC headquarters into a frenzy. Robert tells them they are disrupting working conditions and if they persist they will be tossed in the slammer! Putnam, (dressed as Andrews) shops for a nightgown for Celia. Recognized by the clerk as "Grant Andrews", the woman helps him pick one out. Having been locked out of the police files by Bertha, (leader of WIB) Robert enlists the aid of a thief from the local jail to break into the files. But even he can't open it!  Monica and Alan meet Lorena's "friend" Leo. Robert arrives at the Spa looking for Bertha, but Holly has her disguised. Robert mistakes Mrs. Barrington for Berth in a comic mishap. Arriving at the cabin before anyone else, Putnam plants the nightgown in his closet. Andrews, Celia, Grant arrive at the cabin. Lorena introduces everyone to Leo, her new massuer. Holly recognizes him as the man arguing with Lorena over the phone. Putnam tells Celia that he took the liberty of inviting over Chuck and Peggy Nielson as well. Andrews finds himself out of the conversation when the old group gets together.
April 13 - Confused and torn over Lou's death, even more friction between Jake and Rose because of it. Josh visits Frisco at GH. Andrews plants Grants sweater in his closet, right next to Celia's nightgown. Confused and torn, Rose admits to Jake that it would be better for both of them to simply forget each other. Boris and Tania at Kelly's. Later, Tania works with Frisco on his voice. Frisco is smitten with Ms Raskov and quickly asks her for a date. Andrews and Celia taking a walk happen upon the bench by the tree and find the "Grant loves Celia" initials carved on the bench. However Andrews tells Celia that this carving was not on the bench when he studied films of the area for his DVX training. Later, Grant tries to cover his story by telling Celia that he carved it without her knowledge 8 years ago. Andrews calls him a liar, but Celia takes Putnam's side. Frisco's stay at GH is causing quite a stir with the candy stripers. Rose and Mike visit Frisco at GH. Desperate and Broke, Brock enlists the aid of an arsonist to burn down Delice so he can collect the insurance. Just as Putnam planned....Andrews finds his sweater in Putnam's closet right next to Celia's nightgown!
April 16 - Monica tells Alan about a new resident arriving, Dr. Anthony Morgan Jones. Frisco is trying to impress Greg with his singing but hurts his voice. Edward denies Lorena any additions to the Spa. Andrews becomes enraged upon finding Celia's nightgown in Putnam's closet and confronts Celia. The Nielson's arrive and make Andrews uncomfortable talking negatively about his homeland. Tania aids Frisco and he again asks her on a date. Making the most of his job as a masseur, Leo fascinates the older women especially Mrs. Barrington who intervenes when Edward tries to fire him! When Grant P tells the Nielson's that Celia and her husband are having marital problems, the nosy couple spy on Andrews and Celia by the bench. They overhear Andrews tell Celia that he could kill her!  Leo charms Edward by giving him a great massage. When Leo tries to touch Monica and show her his technique, a very jealous Alan hotly tells him to stop it! Celia confronts Putnam with the nightgown, but he covers up by saying that it belongs to an old girlfriend of his.

April 17-23, 1984:  4/17, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, 4/23

April 17 - Brock covering his tracks with Bobbie, plans the fire at Delice. Rick's problems increase when Mike becomes an avid viewer of his friend Ginny's TV show. One morning, Ginny announces a prize for the best compostion on "Why my pet is my best friend." Mike takes great pains to win the contest unaware that Ginny has it rigged so he will win anyway! Holly and Robert acting cold toward each other due to Holly's involvement with the WIB. Rick and Rose at Kelly's. Brock needing an alibi to cover for the arson, feigns being ill, in order to get Bobbie home. Holly;s loyalty to Robert is strained even further when Crystal and several other WIB members accompany her to the Rib where Robert is having lunch with Lee. Also along is nosy reporter Ian. Robert is stunned to see his wife marching into the Rib with the WIB in tow. After exchanging angry words, Ian notes the whole thing for the evening edition of the paper. Bobbie is nursing Brock back to health. At the same time a phone call Bobbie answers with news that Delice is on fire! 
April 18 - Although Frisco has recovered from his beating, he seems strangely reluctant to leave GH, for fear of his life. Ramsey and Robert discuss the supposed fire at Brock's company. Robert's convinced Brock has something to do with it. But DL's insistance he was home with his wife at the time. But a determined Scorpio learns from a factory workman that Brock's business was in trouble. Celia and Andrews argue over the nightgown when Celia insists that it doesn't belong to her. Her rage escalates, Celia tells Andrews that he's impossible to deal with. The fight terminates with Grant storming off. Holly comes up with a way to solve the WIB problem, she will train the women in the art of self defense with the help of a teacher. Bryan attempts to change Frisco's mind to leave the Hospital. Celia unloads her problems with Grant on Holly. Burt tells Robert that the WIB has agreed to return to work provided Robert review their demands in 30 days. Frisco turns violent when Dr Anthony Jones arrives. Taking a punch at Dr Jones, Frisco goes silent, leaving Rick and Bryan to wonder if the two are related since they have the same last name. Robert tells Bobbie the truth about her husband's factory. Then later Ramsey adds that the arsonist was arrested in NY. Celia remains cold toward Grant. Robert arrives home to find Holly and Bertha practicing self defense which Holly tries to pass off as a new excersise. For the time being, Andrews and Celia make amends. Later, Putnam begins forging a love letter between him and Celia.
April 19 - Leo arrives at the Q mansion for Edwards massage. Stella lets him in and Leo heads upstairs to search Lorena's room. When Edward arrives at the Spa looking for Leo, Lorena realizes he's snooping in her room. A noisy Amy tries to find out the connection between Frisco and Tony. Finding a deck of Tarot cards in Lorena's drawer, Lorena barges in with a gun and orders him to drop them! He does so, but demands his fair share of his money. Lorena insists she's broke. But warns Leo not to think about pulling any scams. Upset, Lorena asks Jimmy Lee to install a secret safe in her office. Frisco and Tony argue. He admits he followed Frisco to PC. But Frisco orders him to leave. Jimmy Lee chats with one of his workers and learns he's a former expert safe cracker. The man agrees to build Lorena's safe. Tania and Tony have their first scene together tending a patient at GH. Tania asks Tony about Frisco, but only says that they were close once. Suspicious, Bobbie demands Brock tell her the truth about the fire. Brock hotly admits it's true and in a drunken rage tries to slap Bobbie! Brock calls her a conniving slut, in which Bobbie throws him out of the house for good. Tania scolds Frisco for giving Tony a hard time. Edward finds Jimmy Lee smooching with Lorena and advises him to not go there! Frisco agrees to bury the hatchet with Tony for as long as he's a patient at GH.
April 20 - Rick and Mike have breakfast at Kelly's and watch the end of Ginny's TV contest. Mike is thrilled when Ginny annonces he's the winner of the contest--but Rick is furious. Robert is sleeping alone until Holly is honest with him about her involvment with the WIB. Next morning, the Andrew's are all blissfully happy again. Putnam forges a love note between he and Celia and makes sure that Jackie sees it. Then he guiltily denies that he and Celia are lovers. Once the reporter leaves in a huff, Putnam sends Celia an elaborate bosquet of flowers which naturally Celia thinks her husband sent her. Realizing that Putnam is is playing tricks on him, Andrews keeps silent. Rick accuses Ginny of planning the set up with Mike. Although she denies doing it, Ginny now refuses to stay away from Mike. Putnam drops by the construction site and accidentally drops a motel key implying to Jimmy Lee that he had a rendezvous with Celia. Stealing a piece of metal wire, Putnam's next plan of action is building a bomb! Holly has been conducting self defense classes with the WIB at home. However, Robert comes home unexpectedly with amour on his mind, he surprises Holly in the sauna but finds she's with the WIB! Robert stalks out as Holly calls him back.
April 23 - Robert comes home from work early with a bad case of the flu. Grant tells Boris that he's worried about Putnam's continued interest in Celia. Seething, Holt gets plastered and barges into the gate house, where he hotly kisses Celia on the lips! Comical mishaps occur as Holly tries to aid a sick Robert, while Mr Chu comes by for the martial arts lesson. Grant comes home just in time to find Celia tossing Jimmy Lee out the door. Celia insists nothing happened, but Grant loses his temper and informs her that Putnam sent her flowers. Grant then bolts out of the house and seeks out Tania at the library. At the Spa, Beatrice notices Bryan showing Claudia a jeweled necklace worth a fortune. It was left to her by her late mother. Claudia asks Lorena if she could keep it in her private safe, to which Beatrice finds most interesting. Following his drunken bout with Celia, Jimmy Lee is more than ready to take Lorena to his bed. Celia confronts Putnam ove his latest incident with the flowers. Putnam insists he sent them to her because he was lonely. Celia buys his whole scheme.

April 24-30, 1984:  4/24, 4/25, 4/26, 4/27, 4/30

April 24 - Jake tries to patch things up with Rose. Blackie has sent Frisco a get well card from prison. Rick goes to visit Blackie but he turns down Mike's request to go with him. Hurt and upset, Mike reaches out to the only person that makes him feel wanted, Ginny! Surprised to find Mike waiting at her hotel room. Ginny takes Mike out for a picnic. Frisco giving Tony the cold shoulder. Alan tells Tony that there is nothing wrong with Frisco. Bobbie and Ruby discussing Brock. Gail tries to determine if Frisco's "headaches" are related to his beating. Trying to rebuild her shattered life, Bobbie signs up at the Spa and Lorena introduces her to Leo. Lee and Jake at the law office. Jake wants to go back to private practice.Tiffany interups asking Lee and Jake to help her incorporate. Jake agrees to have dinner with her to discuss. Tony has managed to extend Frisco's stay at GH for another week. When Mike returns home, Rick asks him if he did anything special today? Having just come home from a picnic with Ginny, Mike says nothing special.
April 25 - Bryan is upset that Claudia wants to show off her expensive necklace. Meanwhile the necklace has drawn the attention of a pair of crooks. Bobbie, Tiff and Lorena at the Spa. Bobbie encounters Ginny there too. Soon the venom starts flying as Ginny calls Bobbie a hooker, (having learned this from Mrs Barrington) and Bobbie calls her a gold digger and the two begin slapping each other. Soon they are slugging it out on the floor and Leo and Tiffany break the catfight up. Robert is running Holly ragged while sick in bed with the flu. Rick and Bryan at lunch discussing Ginny and Claudia. One of the men following Claudia shows up at the Spa. Striking up a conversation, he tries to lift the necklace but is interrupted. Sporting a fat lip, Bobbie arrives at work in such a miserable state, Monica urges her to consult with Gail. Burt stops by and tells Robert that the arsonist they arrested won't be making a confession against Brock. Ginny arrives at the TV Studio all scratched up and Mikey is worried sick about her. Holly and Robert getting amorous with Robert planting kisses on her cheek. But exhausted from her running around on errands for Robert, she falls asleep on him! Ginny has a chest pain and Mike goes running to Rick for help. Rick passes it off as nothing, and Mike gets upset running upstairs. 
April 26 - Steffi visits Frisco but it does nothing to perk up his spirits. Perelli expects a return on his investments. Tony overhears Steffi admit to Frisco that her boss is going to inflict real pain on him if he refuses to sing for them. At GH for a check up, Putnam arrives and contrives to steal one of Tania's textbooks. He then phones the young woman and posing as a student, says he found the book, and will leave it at the Library the following day. Tania is thrilled. Grant admits to Boris to GH with a cut hand. After another disturbing visit from Jimmy Lee, Celia runs into Monica for help. Putnam informs the medical school dean that he will pay for the redecorating of the Library, if Celia Andrews gets the job. Bobbie still smarting from the fight with Ginny, breaks down at the main desk. Monica tells her to go to her office. Tony tells a disappointed Steffi that Frisco will be staying at GH for a while. Frisco's delighted. At GH, Grant Andrews notes Frisco's attraction with Tania, he's both delighted and puzzled. 
April 27 - Leo takes full advantage of his charming manner to persuade Monica into letting him massage her. Alan goes on jealous alert when he discovers his wife being handled by Leo. Setting hi plan into motion, Putnam disguises his voice and calls Jimmy Lee. Putnam asks that Grant come to discuss a job, way out in the country. Holly and Claudia at the Spa. With Robert recovered and back to work, Holly is at the spa. While she and Bertha are preoccupied, the robbers confront Claudia with a gun and take her necklace. But as the crooks attempt to flee, Holly and Bertha come out of the back room and disarm the pair with karate! Robert promises to put similarly skilled policewomen on street patrol. Lorena warns Leo to stay away from Monica. Once Grant is on the wild goose chase in the country, Putnam phones back Jimmy Lee with a change in address. He then fixes himself up to look like Andrews and goes to the library where he "meets" Tania. Just as the dean leads Celia into the Library, Putnam disguised as Andrews grabs Tania and starts kissing her. WHen an exhausted Grant arrives home later Celia snaps at him that he's got a lot of nerve! Andrews is bewildered.
April 30 - Mrs. Barrington showing off all her diamonds to Amy at the Spa. Tania going over a speech lesson with Frisco at GH. Frisco again pushes her for a date. Celia taunting Grant about his "girlfriend" Tania. Grant storms out. Tony promises Frisco a surprise for later in the day. Holly and Robert at the Spa. Holly happens at the vincinity when Leo waves a deck of Tarot cards in front of Lorena. Panicky, Lorena grabs the cards and is relieved to note that they are not hers. After Leo gives Mrs. Barrington a massage that puts her into a sleep, he steals her diamond bracelet. A few minutes later, Mrs B shrieks when she realizes that her jewelry is gone. Knowing exactly who did it, Lorena orders Leo to return the gems. Reluctantly Leo vanishes then later triumphantly sails in with the "found" bracelet. Holly insists to Robert that Lorena fears Leo for some reason. Scorpio passes it off as nothing. Celia confirms with Jimmy Lee that Grant did indeed run a wild goose chase the other day, at the same time when he was supposed to be "kissing" Tania at the Library. Grant is stunned when he learns from Tania that he supposedly kissed her in the Library. Tony shocks Frisco when he hands him the phone and it's their father on the other end. Frisco yells at him to get out. Enraged, Grant storms over to Putnam's hotel room searches through his clothing and puches his adversary. Mission accomplished, Putnam removes the lookalike clothing from under his mattress.

May 1-7, 1984:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/7

May 1 - Edward tells Monica and Alan that Lila is due back in town any day now so they must get rid of Beatrice! Enraged, Grant storms over to Putnam's suite and searches his room looking for the clothes that he used to impersonate him. Finding nothing, Andrews punches his adversary. Jimmy Lee tells Beatrice all about the Tolliver papers proclaiming Lila and Edwards marriage a bigamy, making Alan illegidamate. Monica unsuccessfully tries to get rid of Beatrice by having her fired at the spa. Edward offers his former lover a return ticket to Europe. But Beatrice is not going anywhere now that she knows about the Tolliver papers. Edward still doesn't know the papers were actually destroyed at the University fire. When Frisco turns down Ginny's offer for a Teen Time interview, Ginny then calls Mike and "convinces" the boy to change Frisco's mind. Putnam with a badly bleeding lip, tells Celia about Grant's irrational behavior. Ginny and Mike with Frisco at GH. Rick is disturbed that Mike is with Ginny and reads her the riot act for using the boy that way. Celia asks Tania about the "kiss" with Grant. Slick and Emma visiting the Spa. Slick gets into a card game with Mrs Barrington and Beatrice. Celia tells Grant that she confirmed with Tania that it was he that kissed her. Putnam removes the look alike clothing of Grant's and heads out. A drunken Andrews comes by GH looking for Tania. He tries to convince her that Putnam is the one that kissed her, not him.

May 2 - A drunken Grant tries to convince Tania of his innocence. Tania suggests that Grant sleep off his hangover at her place. Mike refuses to go home to Rick unloads his frustrations on Ginny. Frisco asks Bobbie's help in arranging a private dinner in his room with Tania. But later Tania breaks off her date with Frisco to tend to Grant. Frisco hurt asks Bobbie to join him for Chinese food in his room. Amy blabs to Frisco that he saw Tania head off with Grant! Jake tries again to get Rose to speak to him and give him a second chance. Celia arrives at the trailer in search of Grant. Holt insists that he help her find him. When Mike refuses to go home, he falls asleep at Ginny's hotel room. Ginny alerts Rick to the boy's whereabouts. Learning from Rose that Grant was in with Tania, Celia storms over to the Raskov home. Unfortunately she and Holt walk in just as Tania has taken off Grant's shirt! (he spilled coffee on it)  Ric arriving at Ginny's leads a halfway sleepy Mike from Ginny's room. He demands a talk with her in the morning. Taking her good friend Putnam's advice, Celia decides to take a vacation to Long Island to visit her family. Rick unburdens himself to Rose, who urges Webber to fight for the boy.  

May 3 - Ready to do battle, Rick is upset but not really surprised when Ginny tells him that she wants her son back. Lila returns from her trip and tells Alan that she wants to see the Spa! Holly finds a solitary Robert making paper airplanes in the living room. Scorpio is still distant to Holly for her WIB involvment. The Q's decide to throw Lila a lavish welcome home party. Beatrice becomes miffed when she finds out that Jimmy Lee is not invited. Lorena  is ticked off at Holt for shuttling Celia around town the other night to look for Grant. Dan reveals a plaque at GH as a memorial to Lesley Webber. Mike and Rick as well as Robert and Holly all attend the unveiling. Ginny is going another interview at GH with Frisco. Bobbie becomes horrified to find her rival there and tries to get Dan to toss her out. Scorpio runs into Ginny at GH and wonders why she is still in town. Beatrice tells Edward that is he doesn't invite Jimmy Lee to the party, she will blab about the Tolliver papers. Consequently, Holt attends the party where Celia is noticeable without Grant. She tells him that she is off to Long Island for a few days. Robert and Holly attending the Q Party. Robert makes a strange discovery at the Q boathouse. A piece of fabric hanging from a rope tied to the docks.
May 4 - Robert gives the fabric to the Burt for analyzing. In line with his master plan, Putnam steals the distributor cap from Grant's car so that Andrews and his wife must drive Celia's car to the airport. Once they are gone, Putnam plants a ticket envelope in the gate house which implies that he and Celia went away together! Frisco and Tony at GH, Tony keeps making overtures to make peace with his brother, pleading him to hear his side in the falling out. Tony admits to being in love with their father's nurse years ago, long before the woman became their stepmother. Finally moved by Tony's protestations of love, Frisco reaches out to his brother with a warm hug. Robert plans a surprise wedding anniversary for Holly. Celia calls Holly to meet her at the airport, her plane has been delayed for 4 hours. Dressed in Grant's clothes, Putnam replaces the distributor cap and drives Andrews car to his cabin, making sure that "Grant" is seen by others prowling around the area. Assuming an English accent, Putnam calls Andrews claiming to be Dr Campbell. He warns Andrews that Putnam is dangerous and he fears for his life. Putnam then leads Andrews on a wild goose chase, and while this is going on, Putnam switches back to his old clothes and tells the Hotel he is going back to NY. He then packs Andrews' look alike clothing in a suitcase and drives off. Burt informs Robert (interrupting Robert and Holly's anniversary) that he found out the fabric is of European origin, similar to what Dr Campbell used to wear.
May 7 - Frisco finally is out of the Hospital and pays a call on Ginny at the studio. There he runs smack into Josh who is running for his life in fear of Perrelli's men. Frisco introduces Josh to Jake and the two plan to meet to go over the battle plan to regain a copy of Josh's contract. Robert tells Holly that he thinks Dr Campbell was murdered near PC and the Q boat house. Upon Celia's return from Long Island, Grant accuses his wife of enjoying a rendezvous with Grant Putnam! Celia dismisses Grant's accusation of Putnam being a homewrecker. Tiffany, Josh, Frisco and Jake at the studio. Frisco is appalled as Josh gives Ginny quite a new scoop on how ruthless the music industry is. After consulting with Jake, Josh agrees to get a copy of his contract. Grant plans some sessions with Gail at GH. Andrews tells Robert about the message from Dr. Campbell and swears that Putnam is out to get him. Robert questions Putnam and mentions Grant's accusations that he's out to get him. Robert conducts a search of Putnam's room but turns up nothing. Punam later makes plans for the next phase, a bomb!

May 8-14, 1984:  5/8, 5/9, 5/10, 5/11, 5/14

May 8 - Robert and Holly going over the Putnam case. Grant and Celia arguing with him accusing her of spending the weekend with Putnam. Leo is busy flattering all the Spa's wealthy clients particularly Mrs Barrington and her friend Slyvia Whitney. After a check with the WSB computer shows that Andrews is clean, Grant drops by the Scorpios and walking into the computer room is horrified to find that Robert has been checking on him. Andrews becomes unglued, yelling at Robert for not trusting him and being on Grant's side. Poor Grant all alone in the world except for Tania. While Scorpio ponders if Andrew's American identity might be collapsing under the strain. Putnam acting as a loyal friend of Celia's, lets the name of Grant's former medical teacher slip out, Putnam jots it down. Later Putnam steals dynamite from Holt's construction site. Lorena doesn't want Leo to take advantage of the female clients as he did at their last spa location. However, Lorena does give Leo permission to install a hidden camera in his massage room. Holly walks in on Leo as he is installing it (but she doesn't see what he is doing). Ginny runs into Mike at the Spa and agrees to take him to GH to see if Rick won't mind her taking him to a ball game since Rick can't make it. 

May 9 - After dragging the lake in the Q boathouse, the divers come up with a belt buckle and present it to Robert. Grant runs into Tania at the University. Thinking he's wrong about doubting Grant Andrews, Scorpio tells his wife as they leave for dinner. At the same restaurant, are Alan and Monica who are doing their best to cheer up their dinner guest Celia. Boris upset that Tania is inviting Grant for dinner. Monica, Lorena, Celia, Holly and Leo at the Spa. At the Hotel the maid accidentally drops Putnam's case filled with Dynamite. Putnam becomes enraged, then later calms down with the frightened woman. Seeing Putnam walk into the dining room, Celia convinces him to check his case and join them. But when Robert retrieves his briefcase, he picks up Putnam's by accident. Grant flings ope the other case before Robert finds the hidden dynamite in Putnam's bag. Grant shows up at the Roskov home while Boris treats his roommate coldly. Back at his room, Putnam begins to assemble the bomb.
May 10 - Despite Alan's best attempts at dissuading her, Lila and Stella insist on going to Avalon Spas. The frantic Q's try to ensure that Lila won't run into Beatrice there. However, Alan's plea to Jimmy Lee's "family" loyalty falls on deaf ears and later they can't persuade Lorena either. Rick is horrified when Mike's school coach brings the boy home in a semi-conscious state. Poor Mike got hit with a ball. The child is rushed to GH and Rick has Amy phone Tony Jones. At that moment Steffi is dropping by the Jones hotel room and Tony throws her out!  Alan asks Lorena for help. He begs her to get Beatrice out of the Spa before Lila shows up. At GH, Frisco asks Tania for another date. When she backs away, Jones recalls hearing the stories of her and Grant Andrews. Leo is giving Sylvia a very seductive massage that ends up in a kissing session. Mrs. Barrington walks in on them accidentally! Leo mediates peace between the two fighting ladies. Tony gives Bobbie a hard time when he catches her having an argument with Brock on the phone. Lorena convinces Monica to try and keep Beatrice and Lia apart. But when Lila walks into the Spa the first person to greet her is Beatrice! Beatrice loudly introduces herself as Jimmy Lee's mother. Lila regally leaves the room as Lorena smiles to herself.
May 11 - Josh barges into the Jones apartment. He's scared to death as two of Perrille's thugs are after him. Josh's story is backed up when the two thugs appear at the door. Hiding themselves, Frisco and Tony overpower the men and knock them to the ground! Frisco recognizes them as the same ones that beat him up on the docks. After another night spent apart, Celia and Grant feel even less trust for each other. Andrews tries to talk to his wife at the library but Tania walks in and Celia leaves in a huff. Putnam meanwhile makes an appointment with Gail for another session. Putnam "claims" he's remembering about his DVX attackers. While at GH, Grant steals a syringe packed with phenobarbital. Depressed he can't go to the ball game, Mike is cheered up when Ginny stops by and the two watch the game on TV. Rick is ready to explode, but later he has no choice but to join in the fun when he finds out Mike is having such a great time. As Ginny leaves, she feels a shortness of breath. Boris blows up at Grant when he finds Tania with him at the library. Later, Andrews pleads with Celia to talk but she doesn't want anything to do with him.
May 14 -  Back at the Q's, Lila demands that Edward get Beatrice out of PC NOW! Again family requests to Holt, Lorena and Beatrice herself are unsuccessful. In that case, Lila coldly informs her husband that she's leaving her. Grant gets good news that he's passed his medical exams. He's ready to celebrate with Tania. Seeing his wife in the library, Grant urges Celia to join them, but she declines rather akwardly. Putnam then presents her with an offer. Why don't she and Andrews use his cabin as a way to be alone together? Celia presents the idea to Grant who blows up at the idea. In that case she has no intention of going to the St Basil's Day Festival. Grant immediately tells Tania that he be delighted to meet with her at the Festival. Peeved that his cabin idea was refused, Putnam substitutes "Festival" on his list. Tiffany and Jake. Tiffany signs over papers of incorporation to Jake. The two make plans for dinner that night. Disguised as Grant Andrews, Putnam goes to the Festival Hall and pays a gypsy girl to do him a favor. When she reads Tania's fortune she is to tell the young girl that tonight will be a night of love for her!

May 15-21, 1984:  5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/21

May 15 - For his won safety, Josh is advised to remain in PC while the culprits are arraigned and Robert alerts the NYPD about Perrelli's dangerous activities. Robert and Holly discussing how easy it would be for Putnam to impersonate Grant. Frisco, Josh and Tony giving their statements to the police. Rick acts rude when Ginny stops by to see Mike. Mike hurt withdraws into a sulk until Ruby makes him understand that it's hard for Dr Webber to deal with Lesley's death. Mike surprises Rick with a family album he created as a tribute to mom Lesley. Holly offers to help Josh get a job at the Spa. The Jones boys insist that Josh bunk with them till he can get a place of his own. Holly notices an expensive necklace Leo is wearing that Mrs Barrington gave him. Holly wonders, why all the fuss over Leo? Leo invites her to find out with a massage. Ginny is having heart palpatations at the Spa. Rick and Rose at Kelly's. Brock shows up at the Webbers and confronts Ruby with Bobbie's whereabouts. Ruby tracks down Bobbie and warns her not to go home for awhile as Brock is back in town. Leo gives Holly a massage rather forcefully and she can't understand why all the woman keep coming back for more. Later she's all sore when Robert comes home for a little romance. 
May 16 - Summoning Jimmy Lee to the mansion, a hurt Lila asks Holt why he's turning against her with Beatrice. Holt tells her that he did it to get back at Edward, not her. To Grant and Jake's shock and dismay, the medical board decides not to reinstate Andrews at this time as a practicing Dr, on ethical grounds. Grant blows his top and beats a hasty retreat to the bottle. Later he shows up at the Festival all lovey dovey to Tania. Leo, Slyvia, Mrs. Barrington warns Leo to be careful "coming on" to Sylvia. Beatrice is shocked to find Mrs B and Leo kissing! Tiffany gets an urgent call from Sen Drake so she breaks off her date with Jake. On Putnam's orders the gypsy woman tells Tania about her night of "love" with the man of her dreams. After refusing to order his mother out of town, Holt tells Beatrice about Lila's appeal. They realize that if the Q's ever learn about the divorce papers going up in smoke, they are out of luck. Boris upset that Tania is dancing with Grant at the Festival. Putnam spies on Andrews and Tania kissing with great delight. Leo at the spa tries to seduce Mrs. Barrington, but Beatrice interups walking in on them just in time. Sen Drake urges Tiffany to buy the local TV station. As Grant kisses Tania, Putnam phones Celia assuming a "motherland" accent. He warns her to get down to the Festival if she wants to save her marriage!
May 17 - Robert and Holly kisses at the Spa. They both decide to go to the St. Basil's Day Festival. Celia races to Putnam's for advice. Putnam urges Celia to go to the Festival. Meanwhile, Grant and Tania are dancing together. Leo would like to see Beatrice depart, she keeps interuping his romantic blackmail schemes! When Sylvia seductively asks Leo for a massage, a jealous Mrs Barrington buys Beatrice's cosmetics for her rival, and the businesswoman delivers them. Lorena however refuses to fire Beatrice. Robert and Holly spotting Grant and Tania kissing at the St Basil's Day Festival. Later Celia arrives at the Festival and follows Grant and Tania on the patio where they lovingly declare their love for each other. Grant and Tania go back to her place and Celia follows. Back at her apartment, Celia watches in horror as Grant and Tania make love. Meanwhile, Putnam is hard at work. He steals Grants work boots and returns to his Hotel just before Celia arrives. Celia tells Putnam that she and Grant are through. Ginny offers Frisco a guest spot on her TV show. When Ginny gets a pain in her chest, the Jones brothers admit her to GH for tests. Grant and Tania in bed.

May 18 - Ginny wakes up in the Hospital room screaming in fear. Ringing for the nurse she gets Bobbie, her worst enemy. Ginny's fear of illness slowly evokes Bobbie's compassion. Remembering the horror of seeing Grant in Tanya's arms, Celia breaks down. Telling the hotel desk clerk he's not to be disturbed, Putnam slips out of the building. Dressed as Grant, Putnam sneaks around making sure the neighbors see him. He then makes muddy tracks to the boat with Andrew's boots, then hides the time bomb on board the boat. Bobbie gets a shock when DL insists on making peace with her. Bobbie tells him it's over but DL keeps pressing that he wants to repair the damage. To prove it, he walks over to Rick with a heartfelt apology. But that's not enough for Bobbie who walks out. Rick informs Ginny that she needs an operation to replace a heart valve. Ginny asks Frisco to be the temporary host of Teen Time. Returning to the Festival Hall, Putnam pays a janitor to present "him" (actually Grant) with a note at 10:30pm. Back in his room, Putnam hacks up Grant's clothing and shoves them in the maids cart. Although Tanya dances with Frisco at the Festival, she only has eyes for Grant. Upon being handed a note at exactly 10:30, Grant heads to the alleyway where he is bushwhacked by a waiting Putnam. Grant lays unconscious for hours. Meanwhile, Putnam has taken Celia to his cabin. But later he panics when Celia falls asleep in the boat and he can't get her out in time for the bomb to go off!
May 21 - Tania is looking all over for Grant. Meanwhile a groggy Grant wakes up in the alleyway and staggers for home. Deliberately, Putnam grabs a knife and slashes his wrist. He then runs out screaming for Celia to help him. As Celia steps out of the boat the bomb goes off sending the two of them falling to the ground. Leo visits Monica at GH with a proposal. They both want Beatrice out of the Spa right? The two join forces to make this happen. Rick is with Ginny when Mike runs in the room and straight to her arms. Learning that Putnam's boat contained dynamite, Celia insists on going home to see where her husband is and if he has a good alibi. At the Festival, Frisco finally realizes that Tania isn't interested in him only in Grant. Ginny tells Rick she is checking out of GH. Celia and Grant Putnam arrive at the cottage just as Tania has found Grant nursing him back to health. Celia is stunned but Putnam is delighted at the turn of events. He couldn't have planned a better show!

May 22-28, 1984:  5/22, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25, 5/28

May 22 - Tiffany tries to apologize to Jake about the night before when she stood him up for Sen Drake. Grant can't account for his missing time when Celia was almost killed. Brock again makes overtures to Bobbie at GH. Rick and Rose at GH. When Robert is notified of the bombing, he questions Grant, then suggests that Andrews have his head checked out and the possiblity that he might have been drugged. Because it doesn't seem that type of injury would keep him dazed for hours. Putnam is out to get him Grant keeps pleading. Leo meets with Monica at GH with a proposal. They both want Beatrice out of town, so they try to come up with a way to do just that. At Tiffany's on a date, Jake helps her move some heavy plants. But when his back goes out, Tiff takes Jake to GH. The two are having such a jolly laugh about the whole thing when Rose and Rick walk off the elevator. Rose lowers her head and walks away. Medical tests show that Grant sustained no drugs in his body. Furious, Grant walks out. Holly comforts Celia who is staying at the Scorpios. Grant starts drinking.
May 23 - Monica, Edward and ALan plotting to get rid of Beatrice. Robert and Holly arrive at the cabin (with Putnam and Celia) for some investigation. Boris blows up with Grant about his effects on his daughter. The two nearly come out slugging when Jimmy Lee breaks it up. A plaster cast of Grants boots are presented to Robert by the local authorities. Monica and Leo join forces in an attempt to get rid of Beatrice. Leo convinces many of Beatrice's clients who buy her cosmetics that they are having a damaging effect on their skin. The nosey Nielson's tell Robert that Grant is capable of violent outbursts since they heard an argument between them in which Grant proclaimed that he could kill Celia. Tania seeks out her dear love Grant and finds him at the Bucket of Blood drowning his sorrow in booze. Celia is staying with Robert and Holly. Burt drops by with news that only Grant's fingerprints were on the piece of wood found in the alley.
May 24 - The morning papers proclaim Grant as a suspect in the bombing of the boat. Leaving the hospital against Rick's orders, Ginny places a call to Mikey at his school. He can visit her at the studio later that day. Brock keeps sending flowers to Bobbie at GH. Jake and Tiffany pay a call to her new studio. (Tiffany purchased the TV studio) Brock discusses with Brian the plans for developing a low cost housing facility on the waterfront. Brock hopes this move will get him back in Bobbie's good graces, but Brian is not sure if he can trust him or not. Dining with Tania at the Rib, Frisco is hurt when all Tania wants to do is talk about Grant. Ginny is taken aback when introduced to Tiffany as the new owner of the station. Tiffany has big plans for "housecleaning."  While meeting Mike at the studio, Ginny gets a chest pain. Lee asks Rick for his opinion on Brock's offer. Frisco calls Tania but she keeps putting him off waiting for Grant to call her.

May 25 - When Robert and Burt ask Grant for his work boots, Grant claims he lost them. BUt he does give them his keys and allows them to search away and find them if they can. Celia is a nervous wreck staying at the Scorpio's. Beatrice enlists Holly's help in finding out why her cosmetics are getting a bad name. Robert and Burt produce Grant's boots found in the trunk of his car. Hearing this news, Jimmy Lee suspects Andrews of threatining his beloved Celia! Angry words escalate into a fight with Jimmy Lee punching Grant on the mouth! Grant rudely quits. Holly is poking around Leo's room when she almost finds the hidden camera. Leo arrives just in the nick of time. Robert questions some local residents who swear they saw Grant prowling around the boat area. before the bombing. Scorpio thinks the mounting evidence is too pat. Grant however becomes his own worst enemy when he calls Celia on the phone and later drops by the Scorpio's. Pounding on the door, Celia yells at him to go away. But Grant has sneaked in using a secret passagway that he learned about through is DVX training. Celia heads for the computer room and begins punching buttons alerting Robert. Leo gets rattled when Mrs Barrington arrives for a lovemaking session before he has a chance to set up the camera. Bursting into the house, Robert and Ramsey drag Grant off Celia and bring him to Police headquarters. Putnam in his hotel room smiles in delight as his plan is working out wonderfully.
May 28 - Leo is delighted that he will get another shot at Mrs Barrington today and informs Lorena. Celia collapses in tears to Holly. She knows that Grant and Tania are lovers. Celia admits to Holly so he had a motive for wanting her and Putnam dead. Grant insists to Robert that he only wished to talk to his wife not hurt her. And then denies being intimate with Tania. Scorpio isn't prepared to arrest Grant so Andrews returns to the gate house and runs into Tania who professes her love for him. Grant tries to convince Tania to leave him alone till he can clear himself of all blame. Knowing that Celia can tell him more about her husband's private lives, Robert tries to question Celia but she runs upstairs in tears. Edward, Alan and Monica at the mansion. Beatrice can't imagine why Leo would spread lies about her, but complains to Lorena. Just as Leo is about to seduce Mrs Barrington, her brother storms in interrupting. Lorena was not able to keep him out. Bobbie runs into Slick at the Spa and tells him that she heard from Luke and Laura. They are finishing their tour of Europe. The Q's throw a dinner party. Lorena scolds her partner. On his guard, Edward refuses to let Lorena and Leo trap him into selling back his share of the spa to her. Immediately following the tension filled meal, Lila announces that she is leaving. Is this just for the holiday weekend, the family frets, or is Lila really leaving Edward for good. Back at the cottage, Grant is burning his TV dinner while at the Hotel, his adversary is dining on caviar and smiling to him self in the mirror. Toasting, "To the REAL Grant Putnam."

May 29 - June 2, 1984:  5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2

May 28, 1984 - Leo is delighted that he will get another shot at Mrs Barrington today and informs Lorena. Celia collapses in tears to Holly. She knows that Grant and Tania are lovers. Celia admits to Holly so he had a motive for wanting her and Putnam dead. Grant insists to Robert that he only wished to talk to his wife not hurt her. And then denies being intimate with Tania. Scorpio isn't prepared to arrest Grant so Andrews returns to the gate house and runs into Tania who professes her love for him. Grant tries to convince Tania to leave him alone till he can clear himself of all blame. Knowing that Celia can tell him more about her husband's private lives, Robert tries to question Celia but she runs upstairs in tears. Edward, Alan and Monica at the mansion. Beatrice can't imagine why Leo would spread lies about her, but complains to Lorena. Just as Leo is about to seduce Mrs Barrington, her brother storms in interrupting. Lorena was not able to keep him out. Bobbie runs into Slick at the Spa and tells him that she heard from Luke and Laura. They are finishing their tour of Europe. The Q's throw a dinner party. Lorena scolds her partner. On his guard, Edward refuses to let Lorena and Leo trap him into selling back his share of the spa to her. Immediately following the tension filled meal, Lila announces that she is leaving. Is this just for the holiday weekend, the family frets, or is Lila really leaving Edward for good. Back at the cottage, Grant is burning his TV dinner while at the Hotel, his adversary is dining on caviar and smiling to him self in the mirror. Toasting his glass, "To the REAL Grant Putnam."

May 29, 1984 - Tiffany barges into the WLPC tv studio with Jake and proclaims she is the new owner. The news of Grant's arrest is all over the radio at GH. Brock arrives looking to make up with Bobbie. Bobbie's not interested. Rick and Ruby at the Webber's. Rick suggests that a party might make Mike cheer up a bit and be happier at home. When Ruby tells Mike that he can invite two friends, Mikey invites Ginny and Frisco to the bash. Frisco sings a song, and Rick becomes upset when during the party, Ginny casually calls Mike "son." Rick flies into a rage and tosses Ginny out, and Mikey runs up in tears. Touring the station with Jake, Tiffany has big plans for some housekeeping. Ginny flies into a rage when Tiffany suggests that Frisco become the new host of Teen time. Ginny knows that Ms Hill is just getting back at her for what she is doing to Rick. Brock faces the council and swallows his pride when he presents his case about creating a low housing community on the waterfront. The group, including Lee, Brian and Rick, agree to think it over. Rose and Claudia at GH.
May 30, 1984 - Alan, Monica and Edward all with worry over where Lila could be. Robert, Holly and Celia. Celia is staying with the Scorpios. Ramsey and Robert organize a police lineup and after it's over, Grant is positively identified by several of Putnam's neighbors as the man seen prowling around the cabin. As Lila continues to hide from the Q's, the family's panic grows. Putting a new plan into effect, Monica and Alan wangle their way into Jimmy Lee's apartment and search it. They're intrigued to find a photo of a regal looking man signed with love to Beatrice from "Dukey." This could be just the trick, they conclude. If "Dukey" were to shower Beatrice with Gifts, maybe she'd want to leave PC. Sure enough, the presents start rolling in, making Beatrice wonder what, or who might arrive next. Tension mounts at the Spa when Leo lashes out at Holly  for accusing him of slandering Beatrice. Standing her ground, Holly threatens to bring her husband into this if Leo persists. Following confrontations with Jimmy Lee, Lorena, and Beatrice herself, the masseur decides to concentrate on his original scam with Sylvia. Robert confirms with Jimmy Lee that the dynamite used on Grant P's boat was indeed stolen from the construction site. Determined to unearth the truth about Andrew's possible motive for murder, Robert presses Celia for info. Celia tells him about Grant and Tania. Pushed to the limit, she suddenly explodes, "I saw them making love!"  Later, Robert and Holly discuss the Grant case.
May 31, 1984 - Bobbie and Amy at GH. Amy wonders from Dan if Brock's proposal of the city plans have been approved? Jake runs into Celia as she is preparing to movie out of the gate house. Frisco knocks on Ginny's door just as she has another chest pain. Frisco encourages her to go to the Hospital for a check up. Ginny denies anything is wrong. But later when Ginny helps Tony and Frisco move into their new apartment, Ginny suffers another attack when she lifts a box. Tony pleads with her to have the operation. But still unsure and fearing for her job at Tiffany's mercy, Ms Blake can't make up her mind. Jake though has been so involved in Grant's case that he barely has time for Tiffany anymore. And to make matters worse, he is forgetting about his corporate clients. After an altercation with several unhappy customers, Meyer informs Lee that he'll have to dissolve their partnership and plans to leave the firm in 2 weeks. Ian snoops around the Hospital and learns from Amy, that Tania and Grant are involved. Smoothly questioning the Raskov girl, Ian gets her to blurt that "I love Grant!" Brock and Bobbie get into a mini argument at GH. Later, Brock returns with flowers and pleads with Bobbie to talk with him. In short order, DL presents Bobbie with a contract promising that he'll stay on his best behavior. Moved Bobbie realizes that her loving feelings are becoming impossible to deny.

June 1, 1984 - Grant's affair with Tania is front page news. Robert and Holly in bed. Robert's being forced to arrest Grant by the DA.  Celia is devastated by the newspaper headlines. Boris flies into a rage and calls his daughter a disgrace. Then he storms out. Of course the moment Grant sees the headlines he flies to Tania's side and comforts his lover. As Andrews leaves her home, he's assaulted by a barrage of reporters. Knocking Ian to the ground, Grant then goes home to meet his fate. Meanwhile, Putnam busily persists with his frameup of Grant. At an appointment with Gail, Putnam puts on a great show and pretends to have seen "my own face" among the DVX men who ambushed him! By now, Robert knows that he has no choice. Following the DA's orders, Scorpio arrests Grant for the attempted murder of Grant Putnam and Celia Andrews!
June 2, 1984 - Edward, Alan and Monica at GH. Edward panics wondering where Lila is. Gail tries to get more information out of Grant about the night he was ambushed. All roads lead to Putnam claiming that Grant Andrews was his attacker. But Gail is more cautious. Monica pokes around the spa questioning Beatrice about "Dukey." Jake dedicates himself to Grant's case. Robert and Jake discuss the damning evidence against him. The Q's try to get Celia to go home till the Andrew's trial blows over. Celia cries on Monica's shoulder. Jake questions Jimmy Lee and learns that he and Celia witnessed Grant making love to Tania. Lila permits Stella to phone home to inform the Q's that she is all right but won't be home till Beatrice is gone. Jake next questions Celia and gets nowhere. Putnam later shows up and "urges" Celia to stick by her husband. Jake questions Andrews in Jail. Andrews denies being intamate with Tania and the lawyer marches off till Grant decides to come clean about his "affair" with Tania.

June 5-12, 1984:  6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/11, 6/12 partial

June 5, 1984 - Jake's been so involved with Grant's case that he barely has any time for Tiffany. When Ginny is about to go on the air, she suffers another attack and asks Frisco to go on without her. Watching the show at home, Mikey wonders what's happened to Ginny? Finally Ginny agrees to consult with Rick. Tony and Frisco take her to see Dr Webber where he is adamant about her having the surgery. Ginny agrees to the surgery. Unknown to them, Mike has overheard the whole conversation flies into Ginny's room in tears that his friend is going to die! Frisco is pleased that he's been given a clean bill of health. Steffi ambushes Frisco at GH and shows him a new contract. Leading her on, Frisco then tears up the contract telling her to stuff it! He's through with her and the music business. Tiffany asks Frisco to take over teen time while Ginny is recovering.
June 6, 1984 - At the spa, Sylvia is fawning all over Leo, until he presents her with the "compromising" photos of the two of them making love! She's appalled when Leo demands $125,000 for them or he will mail a copy to her husband! Holly notices Sylvia's attitude with Leo. While Holly waits for Sylvia, Josh shows up for his first day of work at the spa. It's the most unhappy anniversary ever for Grant and Celia. The husband is in jail for trying to murder his wife, and Celia sobs on Monica's shoulders. Jake persuades Tania to confide that she made love to Grant. Robert tells Grant that the judge could put a huge amount of bail on his release. Celia visits Grant in jail. Crying she urges him to tell her if he ever loved her. Sadly the two realize that there is no trust between them anymore if there ever was. Holly convinces Sylvia to meet her at the Rib. But the frightened girl clams up when she sees Leo come in with Lorena. Twisting the knife in further, Leo walks over to her table and during the chat, Sylvia becomes so unglued that Holly has to take her to GH! Tania insists to Jake that her Grant doesn't "kiss" like the other Grant. Rick preps Ginny for her surgery. Robert and Holly at the spa. Ginny assures Mike that she's going to be all right. Mike blurts out that he loves her.
June 7, 1984 - Tania has a bitter argument with her father. Tania tries to act normal at work, but is very fragile under her strong facade. Frisco, Bobbie and Amy at GH. Mike rushes in a panic convinced that Ginny is going to die. To aid the boy's torment, Rick takes him to ICU where he can see for himself that Ginny is fine. Alan, Sylvia and her husband at GH. Tests show no problems. Barred from visiting Sylvia, Leo enlists Amy to deliver the bouquet of flowers that he has brought over. Sylvia takes one look at the them and lets out a scream so loud Alan comes running in! But Sylvia is stalling. Alan is not convinced and insists on releasing her. At dinner with Frisco, Tania is terrified when she thinks that people are watching her. Jones makes it clear that he intends to stand by her in her crises. Jake and Tiffany.
June 8, 1984 - Alan tells Syliva that he has no choice but to let her go as there is nothing wrong with her. Leo soon convinces his victim that unless he gets the money in 48 hours he will send the pictures to her husband. Holly persuades Robert to check out the masseur Leo's record. Robert tells Grant it's judgement day. Jake tries to get through to Celia and convince her that Putnam is trying to frame her husband. But Celia staunchly supports her "compassionate" friend Putnam. Robert is intrigued by Meyer's theory that Grant is innocent. Especially since Robert is still grappling at Dr Campbell's alleged murder. Still dubious of Brock's business ethics, Brian and Lee greenlight Brock's plans for the low housing income. Thrilled, Brock gives Bobbie the news. In return, he's stunned when his wife invites him back into her home. Later, Jimmy Lee manages to sneak by Quentin and see Celia. There the two ex lovers have a nice chat where they bond their friendship. Putnam tells Gail his memory has returned and he's sure it was Andrews that assaulted him! Grant pleads to the judge that he's not guilty. But the DA assures Robert that Grant doesn't have a chance. Grant overhears this.

June 11, 1984 - Lorena pushing Leo to get the money from Sylvia as quickly as possible. Grant urges Tania to stay away from him for good as their relationship is over. The DA and Robert discuss Grant's case. Robert and Holy going over the evidence in the Andrew's case. The DA is pressing Celia to testify against her husband. Celia reaches out to Jimmy Lee as her only protector. When Holt holds Celia in a comforting embrace, his friendly feelings turn to passion, but he breaks off at the last moment and flies out the door. Alan, Monica and Edward along with Quentin all agree that Celia must not testify for the good of the family. Holly comes across Sylvia shrieking in front of Leo. Holly convinces the troubled woman to come home with her and talk. As Sylvia starts to cry, a pawn ticket falls out of her purse which Holly notices. Just before Sylvia is about to spill the beans to Holly about Leo, Robert walks in and the woman clams up. Another argument with Boris for Tania. Edward appeals to Jimmy Lee. Lila won't return unless Beatrice is out town. Holt is shocked that Edward would even turn to him. Even an increase in the ELQ profits can't convince Holt to help out his father.

June 12, 1984 - Rick, Mike and Ginny at GH. Rose gets an eviction notice ordering her out of Kelly's in two months, courtesy of DL Brock! Rick becomes so tense that Mike is in Ginny's room that he orders Mike to leave once and for all. Mike however convinces Steve Hardy to let him stay. Jake tells Tania that the only hope for Grant is to Celia testifies for the defense. Frisco, Tony, Bobbie and Brock at GH. Ian has written some damaging statements toward DL and his housing project. Rick supports DL and gets him to call Lee and Bryan to see if they can help. Tania is in desperation and goes to have it out with Putnam.
June 12-19, 1984:  6/12 partial, 6/13, 6/14, 6/15, 6/18, 6/19 partial

June 12, 1984 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd, She knows what he's up to but a smug Putnam denies doing anything to Andrews, or having designs on Celia. Rose swallows her pride and goes to see Jake. Meyer is swamped with Grant's case and acts to help his former lover. Yet when Tiffany bursts in and Jake hands over all her work, Rose storms out. As Tania opens the door of Putnam's room, she is taken a back to see Celia waiting outside. Celia then persuades Putnam to remove her from his will. Putnam agrees. Ian interups Brock's talk with Lee and Bryan. DL has to control his temper from bashing the reporter in the face. Rick finally gets Mike out of Ginny's room but not before the boy gives Ginny a big hug. Jake tries to make peace with Rose and she accepts the offer. Tony tries to discourage Frisco from being seen with Tania. But Frisco insists on asking her out anyway. Celia's nosey friends Chuck and Peggy show up and urge Celia to prosecute Grant to the fullest. Meanwhile, Grant sits in jail.

June 13, 1984 - Robert and Holly at the spa. Holly takes delivery of a package for Beatrice. Putnam tells Gail that he wants to end their sessions. Celia reads the morning paper headlines stating that Tania's been visiting her former lover Grant in jail. Grant is writing down all the details of his frame up. He tells Jake that he needs to question the janitor that gave him the note leading up to his concussion. At the Spa, "Dukey's" latest gift arrives. Beatrice does not seem too impressed. Slyly she tells Monica that such costume jewelry is only the first step in his game. Then the real thing arrives. Immediately Monica orders Alan to spring for an expensive item. Putnam again urges Celia to support her husband. Confronted by Leo at the spa, a frantic Sylvia tries to stall for more time, but the masseur won't hear of it. Panicking, the woman screams drawing the attention of Josh and Holly. Jake and Robert question the janitor and the man assures them that "Grant" gave him the note to give to "himself" at the Festival. Beatrice shows off another gift from"Dukey" that just arrived. Jake and Grant going over the case. Jake tries to get Grant to talk with Celia and urger her not to take the stand or they won't have any case. Checking the newspaper back files room, Putnam notes the names of some of Grant's former DVX cohorts.
June 14, 1984 - Bobbie gets a call from Luke at GH. He and Laura are currently in Bangkok. Tania is stunned when Steve summons her to his office and demands that she break off any connection with Grant, otherwise the board of directors will cut her off at the fellowship. Later, she pours her troubles out to Frisco who is still smitten with the girl. Everytime Rick checks in on Ginny they end up arguing about Mike. Dr Webber makes a crude remark about Ms Blake's friendship with Tony and Ginny spits back that he's a puritan. Rick tells Amy to keep an eye on Mike and make sure that he stays away from Ginny. Frisco and Tania share a kiss and she breaks off. Brock overhears some gossip about his past and he screams at Bobbie for airing his dirty laundry. Bobbie insists on the right to confide to her friends and Brock apologizes. Brock isn't thrilled when Ruby joins them for lunch. Mike sneaks past Amy and Jesse at the nurses station to go see Ginny. Amy flies into a rage that she cant' find Mike. Mike ambles in and Amy reads him the riot act. In a fury, Amy accidentally blunders out that Ginny is Mike's real mother. Mike in shock runs upstairs.
June 15, 1984 - Rick, Amy and Mike the next morning. Rick notices that Mike is unnaturally quiet and remote. Amy starts to come clean about her outburst but when Ruby shows up she clams up. Josh reports to Holly that a very nervous Sylvia is waiting to speak to Leo. Robert, Grant and Jake in the courtroom. Jake tries to convince Grant to not let Celia take the stand, or he will go to prison for sure. Alan, Monica and Celia. Celia sees a photo of Tania in the paper and becomes infuriated. The jury finally selected, Grant's trial begins amid much fury. Celia hides from the world at Holly's place. Holly follows her instincts straight to Benny's pawnshop where she notices a load of Sylvia's jewelry for sale. Beatrice happens by at that moment to have some of "Dukey's" jewelry appraised. Back at the spa, Sylvia turns over Leo the money for the pictures. But Leo gloats and even though he gives her the negatives, he informs the shaky woman that he has a duplicate set! Holly fails to get Sylvia to confide her troubles to her. Jake persuades Holly to get Celia to at least hear Grant out. Putnam informs Gail that he's regained his memory of Grant attacking him and needs no more sessions. Holly talks with Celia and she weakens when Holly appeals to the love that she and Grant once shared. Rick and Ruby puzzled by Mike's lack of interest in Ginny. The meeting between Andrews and his wife is cold. After Grant insists that he'll always love her, even if she does not testify, Celia flies out of the courtroom torn by indecision. Putnam tells Robert and Ballentine that it was Andre (Grant) along with Natalie and Fletcher who knocked him out 8 years ago. This won't help Grant's case Robert says.
June 18, 1984 - Holly and Celia. Celia staying at the Scorpio's. Frisco and Tania. As the prosecution launches it's onslought of Grant's accusers, things look pretty grim for Andrew's until Jake grills the witness with poor vision. The man might have seen Grant Putnam in the woods, not Andrews but can't be sure. Rick and Ruby are puzzled when Mike turns off Ginny's TV program. Amy wonders if Mike will blab to Rick about Ginny being his mother. Mike yells at her not to worry. Jimmy Lee tracks down Celia at the Scorpio's. Robert takes the stand for the DA. Rick releases Ginny from the hospital, and Ginny can't understand why Mike doesn't want to see her. Tania takes Tony and Frisco's advice and makes peace with Steve Hardy. To her delight, Steve will argue in favor of continuing her fellowship. The days trial is over and Robert and Jake meet the press outside the courtroom. Jake tells the reporters that the prosecution is in trouble and things will get worse for them.
June 19, 1984 - Partial Episode (continued on next dvd) Brock is handed more trouble when Bryan barges into his office screaming that he lied about the measurements of the space being used for the housing project. Brock discovers that he was deceived too. He is able to prove that the contractor was at fault. Nonetheless, Bryan reports the incident to Dan.  Robert and Holly in their sauna, going over the Putnam case. Monica overhears Beatrice flaunting her jewelry from "Dukey" to Mrs. Barrington and the Spa clients. Rick and Ruby discuss Mike and Ginny. Mrs. Barrington asks Leo why she doesn't see Sylvia at the Spa any longer? Beatrice announces to the spa ladies that the next gift that "Dukey" will shower her with is trip to some exotic local. Ecstatic, Monica tells Alan to buy the woman a first class plane ticket to Tahiti! Holly tries to get Syliva to admit that she pawned her jewels but the woman acts superficially casual about it. Rick and Ruby think that Mike's deep freeze toward Ginny is a sign that he is still grieving for Lesley. Noting that Leo has a vacancy on his massage schedule, Holly asks for a rub down. Wondering if he might be dealing with a lonely police commissioner's wife, Leo starts coming on to Holly and readies his private camera. 

June 19-26, 1984:  6/19 partial, 6/20, 6/21, 6/22, 6/25, 6/26

June 19, 1984 - Partial episode, no end credits (continued from previous dvd) Leo is quite suggestive and offers "special services" and suggests that her husband is neglecting her. He tells her if she wants a seductive massage, she only has to ask. He tells her what a beautiful back she has and kisses her neck. Just as he's about to get some compromising pictures, Josh shows up with a well timed call for Holly. Edward calls Lila to inform her that she can come home as Beatrice is leaving town. Dan Rooney shows up to see DL and he explains that his man made an honest mistake, one that can be rectified. Dan tells him the city's policy is that all construction stops as of now until this matter can be investigated. Bobbie comes blasting in to DL's office, assuming he knew about the discrepancy and Bobbie assumes that her husband has reverted back to his old ways. The contractor interrupts them, apologizing to DL for his mistake. After he leaves, Bobbie immediately apologizes. Brock tells her that she has absolutely no faith in him at all. She tells him she is sorry and asks for another chance. Beatrice receives a First Class ticket to Tahiti with a telegram telling her that he is waiting for her on his yacht in the lagoon. A triumphant Monica returns home and tells Edward and Alan that Beatrice fell for it, hook, line and sinker! When Lila, calls a happy Edward tells her she can come home as Beatrice is leaving town tommorrow! Beatrice calls the airline and arranges to cash in her airline ticket, saying she can't leave town in the near future. Back at the Scorpio's, Robert and Holly sip champagne, and eat caviar in the sauna and Robet tells her about his day. When she thinks he is holding out on her, she reminds him they have a pact that anything said in the sauna stays in the sauna. Holly spreads the caviar on Robert's hand and then sucks it off! Robert wants to know how much caviar they have!

June 20, 1984 - Hearing about Ginny's plight with Mike, Frisco phones the boy and puts Ms Blake on the line. Mike responds by hanging up on the woman. Tony and Tania at GH. Tony agrees to go to bat for Tania with Dr Hardy. Mira the gypsy fortune teller from the St Basil Festival meets with Robert with some news on the Putnam case. Putnam is horrified to spot the woman from the travel agency that he "arranged" to surprise the Andrew's with ski tickets. Knowing her presence in town could convict him and free Grant, Putnam makes up a fictitious job offer and is able to send the woman out of town. Frisco tried to get Tania's mind off of the trial. But her father Boris angrily lashes out at Grant on the witness stand. When Jake questions Boris, he once again manages to help Andrews by forcing Roskov to admit that he never actually saw Grant seduce his daughter. The DA sulks at this latest turn of events until Robert brings forth a surprise witness, Mira the gypsy. Grant's case is dealt a serious blow when the woman recalls his (really Putnam's) asking her to forsee a "night of love" for Tania. Frisco tries to get Mike to go out with he and Ginny, but Mike's not interested. Ginny is crushed when Jones returns empty handed.
June 21, 1984 - Alan, Edward and Monica. Edward delightedly finds Lila has come home. However when Alan and Monica run into Beatrice, they are aghast to learn that she's played them for a fool. "Dukey" it seems is the dog once owned by her former lover the Duke who is now deceased! When Edward hears of the news, he refuses to lie anymore. Begging Lila to stay, Edward confesses to her that Beatrice is still in town. Lila agrees to stay until after the CHarity Ball. Frisco tries to cheer Tania up. Celia is upset by Mira the Gypsy's testimony and she tearfully tells Jimmy Lee that she is now believing that Grant's actions were premeditated. Holt tries to get her to remove everything from the gate house. When Celia packs Grant's sweater, a photo of her falls out and Celia realizes that Grant must have carried it with him every day. Celia once again backs out of testifying. Frisco is hosting Teen Time and introduces Josh who sings a song. After the program, Tania (who is at the studio with Jones) is served her summons by the court to testify for the prosecution. Jake and Rose discuss her problems of being evicted from Kelly's. Later Rose makes plans to meet Jake for dinner. Arriving at the office, Jake is so exhausted that he has fallen asleep!  Rose tenderly leaves him the dinner with a note and sadly leaves.
June 22, 1984 - Mike yells at Rick that he won't go near Ginny. Rick comes to believe that the child is suffering from more than grief. WHen Ginny asks Dr Webber about her son, Rick flatly refuses to discuss him. Robert informs Celia that Tania takes the stand today. Terrified at taking the stand, Tania gets some coaching from Jake. As Celia looks on in horror. Grant loudly protests about Tania's grilling from the DA. Back on the stand after a short recess, Tania still denies making love to Grant, but changes her earlier statement and says she feels unrequited love for Andrews. Moved, Grant is ready to face any judgement bolstered by his lover's self sacrifice. Robert arranges with Ballentine for a meeting with Fletcher to confirm Putnam's "accusations." At Grant's trial, Jimmy Lee next takes the stand and admits that he trailed Grant to Tania's apartment where he saw the two making love. Grant in a fury screams at Holt claiming that he's lying because he wants Celia for himself! Ballentine and Robert meet with Fletcher in prison. Fletcher confirms that it was he and Natalie that abducted Grant Putnam and tried to kill him. Ginny is happy to run into Mike at GH but Mike just yells at her to stay away from him.
June 25, 1984 - The aftermath of Tania's confession of love at Grant's trial has caused quite a stir in the courtroom. The Judge has to break up a shouting fest with the DA and orders a recess. Lorena tells Leo that she plans on getting her stock back from Edward. Suspecting a trap, Edward persuades Monica to sign certain documents. WHen Lorena makes her offer, Edward smiles and says NO SALE! A frustrated Lorena orders Leo to get cracking on obtaining blackmail money from Mrs Barrington. When Leo taunts his partner about her high flying aspirations, they begin an argument that leads straight to the bedroom! Grant catches Celia during a break in the trial and warns her to beware of Putnam! He's out to frame him so he can have her all to himself. Celia outraged storms off. Robert informs the DA that Fletcher admitted that Andrews was in on the kidnapping/attempted murder of Putnam. Holly and Celia at the Spa. The DA puts Tania back on the stand trying to prove that she and Grant are lovers. Monica corners Alan at GH trying to find out what those mysterious papers were that she signed. Alan sidesteps the issue. Robert pays a call to Grant and informs him that Fletcher did indeed admit that Andrews had a part in his memory loss 8 years ago. Putnam smiles secretly to himself. (He only guessed that was true) When Robert wants him to testify, he flatly refuses.

June 26, 1984 - Bobbie wants to spend the day with him but Brock has other plans all dealing with business. Frisco and Tony discuss Tania's problems. Amy opens the Webber's door to Ginny who barges in wanting to see Mike. The ensuing argument causes Ginny severe chest pains. As Ginny catches her breath, Mike runs downstairs and upon seeing her hastily tells her to save all her lies. When Rick hears of this, he suspects that Ginny told Mike she was his mother and he's reacting against it. Of course, Ginny denies saying any such thing, But Rick angrily vows that he will never give Mike up. Tony notices Ginny's disturbed behavior and convinces her to tell him the problem. Dr. Jones advises Ginny to send Mike a gift and she immediately dispatches a skateboard to Mike. WHen he gets the gift and sees who it's from, he tells Ruby to return it. Brock meets with Dan and Bryan who promise that all future building plans must be approved by them before Brock can continue. Brock happily agrees, but when he's alone outside the office he curses below his breath at his adversaries. Later, Brock tells Bobbie that she thinks that Ruby is putting bad words about him in Dan's mind. Shocking Brock, Bobbie agrees! Brock wants her to dump her old friends and make new ones if their marriage is to succeed. Frisco is crushes when Tania tells him that she only thinks of him as a friend. When Frisco tries to force a kiss on Tania, she storms out saying that she never wants to see him again. Ginny is crushed when the skateboard that she gave Mikey is returned.

June 27 - July 4, 1984:  6/27, 6/28, 6/29, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4 partial

June 27, 1984 - Monica is take aback when Lorena seeks her help an appeal. Upon learning that Edward's refused to sell the spa stock, Monica agrees to speak to Edward. Edward coolly replies that he can't resell the stock because Avalon has been absorbed by Boulen chemicals! It's all legal because Monica signed the papers herself. Thinking back to when Edward had her sign some papers in a hurry that day in the Hospital, Monica is furious and lashes out at Edward and Alan. Feeling betrayed, Monica decides to move out of the mansion and into a Hotel. Robert and the DA are waiting out the mystery witness that is provided by Ballantine of the WSB. Holly is miffed at Robert for trying to railroad Grant. Tania by chance, runs into Putnam at the library. When a summons arrives for him to testify against Grant, Tania loses control and starts shouting at Putnam. The dean of the University has to practically drag her out of the building. When Steve Hardy hears of Ms Raskov's latest escapade he is livid!. As Grant's trial resumes, Ballantine leads a hooded man into the courtroom. Celia alerted to this new development spends the day in court, still unsure whether or not to testify. When Jake objects to the mystery man, he's overruled. The DA's witness is a former DVX agent--now shielded to protect his identity. The man states that he knew Andrei Chernin and that the DVX agents were trained killers. However under Meyer's cross examination, the former spy admits that he never actually saw or met with Chernin. Celia spots Putnam at the courtroom and learns that her friend wishes he didn't have to testify. When this makes Celia have doubts about speaking out, Putnam struggles to hide his chagrin.
June 28, 1984 - Frisco becomes pre-occupied with Tania's problems. And Tania does everything to make Jones go away. But Frisco has no intention of going away. When Frisco's personal problems start to intrude on his Teen Time job, Tiffany lashes out at him. Jones is relieved to find that Ginny is back on the job and pours out his problems to her. Ginny is strangely bitter. She knows how Tania must feel because she once made the mistake of loving someone. Thinking of Mike, and unable to take Frisco's advice and let Mike come back to her, Ginny packs up the skateboard and goes to the Webber house. Overly hostile, Mike refuses to talk with her. Feeling pressure to ensure that no mistakes occur with his project, Brock is livid to find some damning remarks about him in the newspaper courtesy of Dan Rooney. An angry Bobbie confronts Dan about his cheap shots at DL and flustered Dan later apologizes to Brock. Claudia announces to Brian that they are going to have triplets! Rose has divided her half of the diner into two, showing how half will be demolished in the renovation.Though Jake has persuaded former Mayor Jake Everett to plead her case, Rose still worries about the future.
June 29, 1984 - When Bobbie and DL stop by Kelly's, Rose is very upset and refuses to serve them. Pointing out that it's Brock's fault for her losing the diner. Bobbie is totally upset at Rose and quickly losing her temper storms out. But Brock refuses to go and explains himself to Rose. He convinces Rose that he was ignorant in her plight and when Dan agrees that DL isn't at fault, Rose changes her tune. However Bobbie isn't so quick to forgive Rose's outburst. Brock however enjoys hanging around the diner and even goes behind Bobbie's back and has a "business" dinner with Rose! Putnam seeks out Robert and Holly's help in keeping Celia out of the courtroom while he testifies. After Putnam testifies for the prosecution, Jake can't bust through his armor. In desperation, Grant asks for a brief recess, and returns with his hair combed back like Putnam! The court erupts into pandemonium. Andrews knew that only such a drastic move could underscore the possiblity of confusion between himself and Putnam. Next, Scorpio makes a futile attempt to link Grant to Fletcher's accusation that Andrei Cherin assaulted Putnam, but Jake shoots it down as basic revenge. At that point knowing that she's the DA's last hope Celia agrees to testify, the statement of which Grant Andrews overhears.

July 2, 1984 - Bobbie and Amy at the main desk. Amy blabs to Tania that Celia is taking the stand. Robert tells Holly that Celia wants to meet with her. She's having doubts about testifying. Monica tells Amy that she separated from Alan and is staying at the PC hotel. Edward and Alan plead their case, but Monica won't budge. Lorena meeting with the trio at GH is informed by Edward that her Spa is now merged with the Quartermaine chemical plant. Lorena is livid! Grant agonizes all the way through Celia's testimony. She documents everything her husband tried to do to her and that she saw him kissing Tania. Though he tries his best, Jake can't attack Celia's insistance that her husband tried to kill her. The DA rests it's case. Leo and Lorena plot to get her spa back and revenge on Edward. Beatrice eavesdrops as Leo and Lorena discuss their plan to acquire control of Boulen Stock particularly from Mrs. Barrington. Pursing Monica to her hotel room, Alan grabs his wife in a fury. The two end up making love. Jake persuades the judge to summon Grant to the stand one more time.
July 3, 1984 - Two petitions are circulating: Rose and friends try to save Kelly's, and Tony tries to save Tania's job at GH. Frisco admits to Ginny that Tania's troubles are affecting him. Ginny is strangely bitter, she knows how Tania must feel. Unable to take Frisco's advice and let Mike come back to her in his own time, Ginny packs up the skateboard and goes to the Webber house. Steve puts an end to Tony's petition for Tania. Brock shows his good side for once and signs the petition that Rose started to save the demolition of Kelly's. Ginny's gift to Mike ends badly. Mike won't tell her why he doesn't want to talk to her. Ginny frustrated walks away. Tony offers Tania his full support. But Tania informs him that she's decided to leave town. After Frisco finds out he locates Tania and hustles her into the linen closet. He begs her to stay but Celia's testimony was too much for her. Former Mayor John Everett tells Rose that a loophole in the city's contracts might in fact show that Rose owns the land that Kelly's is built on! Brock lies to Bobbie that he has to work late, but he actually is taking Rose out on a "business" dinner. Frisco tries to enlist Tony to help with Tania's case but he must stand by his promise to Dr Hardy. Jones continued workload causes the Dr to pop a few pills secretly to keep him going.
July 4, 1984 - First :26 minutes of episode, continued on next dvd - Tiffany enlists Ginny to do a special broadcast of Teen Time during the annual PC picnic in the park. But Ms Blake dreads going. As Rick and Rose prepare their picnic basket, Mike announces that he doesn't want to go. Amy knowing that Rick is convinced Ginny is the cause of Mike's black mood, almost blurts out that she told the boy about his real mother. Just then Mike walks in and she clams up. Brock insists he and Bobbie tag along with Rose to the park. At the park, everyone shows up for some celebrating! Robert and Holly chat with Claudia and her mother. The Q's show up and hope not to run into Beatrice. Mayor Lee gives a speech. Glaring at Ginny, Mike sulks. Finally the boy yells at Ms Blake that she lied to him about being his mother. Ginny starts to run after him but is stricken with a heart pain that causes her to collapse. Jimmy Lee and Celia steal away from the park for their own private 4th of July at the Q mansion. Frisco sings "American Girl" and is the hit of party.

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