Complete GH Episodes 1995 recaps begin on July 22, 1994 and is a good resource into maybe 2002. The recaps are more erractic from 2003 onward. You can read my descriptions for GH 1995 below.

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1994 - January 5, 1995:  12/29 cm, 12/30, (1/2 no show aired in LA Rose Parade), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 [Episode Descriptions]

January 6-12, 1995:  1/6, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11 , 1/12 [Episode Descriptions]

January 13 - 19, 1995:  1/13 Explosion at Luke's new club, 1/16 Sonny rescues Foster from the fire, 1/17 Laura takes the baby and leaves town, 1/18, 1/19 [Episode Descriptions]

January 20 - 25, 1995:  1/20, 1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26 [Episode Descriptions]

January 27 - February 2, 1995:  1/27 Ned performs at Outback, Lois slugs Katherine & arrested, 1/30, 1/31, 2/1, 2/2 Ned’s Gene Autry fantasy [Episode Descriptions]

February 3 - 9, 1995:  2/3 Luke's club opens, BB King performs, 2/6, 2/7 Robin & Stone make love, 2/8, 2/9 Felicia gets a letter from Frisco [Episode Descriptions]

February 10 - 16, 1995:  2/10 Kevin asks Lucy to move in, 2/13, 2/14 Outback VDay celebration, Tiff tells Sean she’s pregnant, 2/15, 2/16 [Episode Descriptions]

February 17 - 23, 1995:  2/17 Luke shoots Sean, Tom Hardy is home (Matthew Ashord), 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 Kevin & Lucy share a bubble bath, 2/23 [Episode Descriptions]

February 24 - March 2, 1995:  2/24 Sean & Tiffany last show, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2 Ryan's funeral [Episode Descriptions]

March 3 - 9, 1995:  3/3 Ryan kills Connie, Felicia goes into labor, 3/6 Felicia has Georgie, 3/7, 3/8 Ryan poses as Kevin at GH, 3/9 [Episode Descriptions]

March 10 - 16, 1995:  3/10 Ryan kidnaps Georgie, 3/13 Kevin & Lucy realize Ryan is alive, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16 Edward breaks his leg [Episode Descriptions]

March 17 - 23, 1995:  3/17 Foster goes to get help for Edward, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22 Monica brings Paige & Emily home, 3/23 Mac, Felicia, Kevin & Lucy chase Ryan thru house of mirrors [Episode Descriptions]

March 24 - 30, 1995:  3/24 Kevin & Ryan fight and dislodge a gas pipe, Ryan causes an explosion and dies in fire,  3/27, 3/28, 3/29 cm, 3/30 [Episode Descriptions]

March 31 - April 6, 1995:  3/31 Brenda's 21st birthday party, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6 Party for Georgie, Mary Mae recording session [Episode Descriptions]

April 7 - 13, 1995:  4/7 Cerillo's visit Q's, 4/10, 4/11 Lucy sets up Scully, 4/12, 4/13 [Episode Descriptions]

April 14 - 19, 1995:  4/14 Jason & Keesha plane to Paris, Ned's Pirates of Penzance fantasy, 4/17 cm, 4/18 cm, 4/19 cm Luke truck hijacking [Episode Descriptions]

April 20 - 26, 1995:  4/20 cm, 4/21, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26 [Episode Descriptions]

April 27 - May 3, 1995:  4/27 Lucy is kidnapped, 4/28 Frisco returns home, 5/1 Luke & Sonny rescue Lucy, Scully shoots Mike, Robin visits sick Stone, 5/2 Sonny shoots Scully, 5/3 [Episode Descriptions]

May 4 - 10, 1995:  5/4, 5/5, 5/8, 5/9 Stone learns he is HIV+, 5/10 Laura returns to PC [Episode Descriptions]

May 11 - 17, 1995:  5/11, 5/12 Scully's associates shoot up Luke’s house, club and Sonny's apartment, 5/15 Aftermath of shootout, 5/16 Laura wants Luke to move out, Stone tells Robin he is HIV+, 5/17 Frisco leaves town again [Episode Descriptions]

May 18 - 24, 1995:  5/18 Anniversary of BJ's death, 5/19, 5/22 Stone has full blown AIDS, 5/23 Stone tells Sonny he has AIDS, 5/24 [Episode Descriptions]

May 25 - 31, 1995:  5/25 Robin first AIDS test is negative, 5/26 Ned & Lois Wedding train departs, 5/29 Party on ship, 5/30 ship hits a sandbar and the guests have to bail water, 5/31 Ned's bachelor party [Episode Descriptions]

June 1 - 7, 1995:  6/1 cm Ned & Lois's wedding, 6/2, 6/5 Tom returns to PC, Sonny tells Brenda Stone has AIDS, 6/6, 6/7 [Episode Descriptions]

June 8 - 14, 1995:  6/8, 6/9 Paige (Emily’s mom) dies, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14 [Episode Descriptions]

June 15 - 21, 1995:  6/15, 6/16, 6/19, 6/20, 6/21 Nurse's Ball begins [Episode Descriptions]

June 22 - 28, 1995:  6/22 Nurse's Ball continues, 6/23, 6/26 Stone tells Luke he has AIDS, 6/27, 6/28 Jason throws a picnic for Stone [Episode Descriptions]

June 29 - July 5, 1995:  6/29, 6/30, 7/3, 7/4 4th of July picnic, 7/5 [Episode Descriptions]

July 6 - January 4, 1996

Expanded Descriptions

December 29, 1994 - January 5, 1995:  12/29 cm, 12/30, (1/2 no show aired in LA Rose Parade), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5

December 29, 1894 - With Commercials - Alan and Bobbie talk about their marriages and the New Year. Has not exactly been a stellar year for either of them. Katherine tells Mac he is in the doghouse for digging up the dirt on her. Katherine wants him to find out which Q poisoned her. Mac tells Katherine that he doesn’t understand why Katherine thought she could hit Q and they would not hit back. Kevin and Lucy celebrate at The Outback about him being free. Tony and Tiffany wish each other a happy new year. Lucy and Kevin get caught in the rain and find cover in the back of Mac’s car where they make out. Mac, who has to go get liquor for the bar, agrees to give Katherine a ride home after Damian cancels on her. As Katherine insults Lucy, Kevin has to stop Lucy from popping out of truck and telling her off. After a quite evening with Bobbie, Tony wants to be able to wipe the slate clean but he doesn’t know how. Mac finds Lucy and Kevin in the parking lot of the liquor store and they make up a story about their car breaking down.

December 30, 1894 - No Commercials - The Spencers arrive at the Wards for Kwanzaa. Edward arrives and is politely greeted by the other Wards. Justus begins the ceremonies. Alan and Monica quietly toast the New Year. Lucy and Kevin meet at her place and agree no talk, as it will just jinx the evening. He gives her a sponge and a rubber ducky. Monica prepares for her trip to Arizona, but Alan interrupts saying he needs her attention focused elsewhere. Alan asks Monica to focus on them. She tells him been very patient, but she feels devoid of any sexuality and can't respond now. Lois arrives at the mansion to give Ned his concert and promotion schedule. Ned tells Lois he'll show her what he can do over the next six weeks. Luke asks Mary Mae to sing at his club. Edward takes Justus aside for a private conversation. Alan and Monica lie in bed together. She apologizes for not being able to respond to him as she would like to. Just as thing get passionate between Lucy and Kevin in the bathtub, Kevin slips and falls hitting his head, rendering him unconscious. Edward asks Justus to meet him at ELQ the next day to discuss a plan Edward claims will benefit ELQ, Charles Street, and Justus. Ned thanks Lois for giving him another chance and wishes her a Happy New Year. She responds and they kiss softly. Lucy phones for help.

January 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Lila pays Mary Mae a visit. Kevin gets the all clear at GH after his head injury. Bobbie is amused about just how Kevin got his injury. Kevin and Lucy wonder if the universe is trying to tell them that they should not be together. AJ and Edward discuss with Justus what to do with the properties on Charles Street they bought for the now moved incinerator. Annabelle, who is waiting in the car with Jason while Lila visits Ward house, escapes and runs off with Foster. After she tucks him into his bed to rest, Kevin and Lucy ponder if they could be just friends. Lucy and Kevin make love for the first time. Jason tells Lila and Lucky that the dogs got away from him and he was too late. Lila suggests they not mention it to Edward.

January 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin and Lucy in bed together. They make plans for dinner later. Luke’s club is coming together. Mike Corbin comes looking for a job at the club. (Note: first appearance by Ron Hale) Monica says goodbye to the family and leaves for Arizona. Bobbie and Tony have a session with Kevin. The have a frank talk about love and acceptance. Monica meets Paige Bowen at her first session at La Mesa. Monica is very uncomfortable. Alan and Bobbie have drinks and dinner at The Outback together. After seeing how close Lucy and Kevin are Bobbie tells Alan that does not instill a lot of confidence in her therapist. Monica calls home telling Ned that she may have made a mistake going to La Mesa. Ned tells her to stick it out. Kevin tells Lucy there is still one more ghost he has to put to rest; he has to see Ryan.

January 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned does a ton of promotion for his show in Skinecktity. Lois gets a little jealous with all the female attention he receives. Brenda makes Sonny a breakfast in bed. Luke tells Justus that he should be suspicious of any business deal with the Qs. Election day is a busy day at Justus’s campaign headquarters. Damian throws some capital into Sonny’s take over of the organization. Luke is angry when he walks in on their meeting. Sonny lies to him saying that Damian just showed up at his door. Later, Brenda asks him too why Damian showed up at their door. Ned performs. Brenda is already driving Sonny crazy at the apartment. Justus wins his bid for City Council. By the end of the day, it Lois that is exhausted not Ned after a full day of promotion.

January 6-12, 1995:  1/6, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12

January 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Ryan tells Lucy that he has decided to see Ryan today. Lucy wants Kevin to just forget about Ryan. Robin gets accepted into Yale but is now not so sure she wants to go away and be far from Stone. Mac is livid. Miguel and Lily meet with a priest to begin counseling for their marriage. Lucy is teed when Damian and Katherine show up at Miguel’s benefit for Justus at The Outback. She needles them. At the benefit, Edward is worried that Justus will publicly rake him over the coals again. Mac tells Sean and Tiffany about Robin’s acceptance into Yale. Stone learns and wants to talk to Robin privately. Damian offers Justus a check. Luke warns him about Damian and Justus returns the money. Alan breaks up a fight between AJ and Edward about upcoming plans for Charles Street. Justus thanks his supporters. Robin asks Stone to make love. Miguel sings at the benefit. Kevin arrives to see Ryan.

January 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned’s concert tour continues. Lois is jealous after he is mobbed after the show by groupies. Robin assures Stone that she wants to be with him, but he puts the brakes on saying he does not have protection. They agree to be safe. Robin is torn about what to do about Yale. Ryan tells Kevin that he is not surprised he came to see him; he knew he would eventually forgive him.  The women in Monica’s support group call her out on her cynical attitude. Mac finds Robin and Stone together and they argue. He grounds her. Kevin shares with Ryan that he is seeing Lucy and that Felicia is pregnant. Talk turns to Grace and Kevin informs Ryan that they are not as similar as he once believed. He is not a murderer. Paige gives Monica a peep talk about letting LaMesa work for her. She was just like Monica but now embraces her treatments because she has so much to live for. After another long day, Lois is exhausted and Ned is rearing to go. Ryan tells Kevin he cannot invalidate that they are alike. Kevin tells him he is finished and walks out.

January 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda and Sonny find an exhausted Lois at the gatehouse. She tells him the woman ate up the Idle Rich. Lois wants back up for Buffalo. Laura wants to plan a dinner party for Lucy and a guest. Ryan hits it off with Connie Cooper, his new occupational therapist. Kevin tells Lucy about his meeting with Ryan. She is thrilled that he is putting Ryan behind him. Sonny suggests Stone help out at L/B. Laura invites Lucy to dinner. Brenda thinks that Ned got to Lois on the road. She admits that all of the old feelings are getting stirred up again. Brenda congratulates Ned on his progress.  Lucy and Kevin join the Spencers for dinner. Bobbie unexpectedly stops by and is not happy to see Lucy there. Laura is not amused when Lucy lets it slip that she almost was going to seduce Luke on a bet. Ned tells Lois that he wants to finance a video for Miguel starring Brenda.

January 11, 1995 - No Commercials - In hopes of scoring a job, Mike Corbin brings another stolen “gift” to Luke’s new club. Bobbie and Kevin try and clear the air about his relationship with Lucy. Monica shares her diagnosis story in group therapy. Bobbie and Tony have a session with Kevin. Tony is anxious to make some progress. He wants to know what Kevin and Bobbie were discussing when he walked in. Bobbie resents Lucy’s part in their problems. Tony thinks that all Lucy did was open the door; it was Bobbie who walked through it. Bobbie blows her top and storms out. Tony tells Laura about his and Bobbie’s session. Bobbie needs a friend and goes to talk to Alan. Luke tells Mike he will think about giving him a job. Luke does a reference check on him and finds out Mike is a liar. Monica calls Alan from Arizona. Harry tells Sonny that Cusack is back in PC.

January 12, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois tells Sonny about Ned’s offer to fund Miguel’s video. He tells her that it is her call. Luke calls Mike out on lying and turns him down for a job. Lois accepts Ned’s offer. Robin is giving Mac the silent treatment. Mac tells Sean how ridiculous it is for Robin to pass on Yale. Sean offers to reason with Robin. Jason gets Edward to work out in the Q gym. Jason and Ned have some questions about the Charles Street Development Foundation. Ned thinks the weak link is AJ. AJ meets with Justus for a preliminary meeting for the foundation. Justus wants Mary Mae, Dr. Phillips, Orville Leads, and Simone on the board. AJ gives the impression that Justus and company know nothing about business and Justus takes offense. Lois tells Miguel and Brenda about the video. Harry tells Sonny that Cusack is bad mouthing him. Lily tells Miguel she got a job. Lois has a concept idea for the video; she wants Lily in the video too. Brenda thinks it is unfair, as Lily has no experience. Robin and Stone plan to go to Luke’s club opening, and Mac will be none the wiser. Justus calls Edward and wants AJ out and Jason in. Edward tells him no way.

January 13-19, 1995:  1/13 Explosion at Luke's new club, 1/16 Sonny rescues Foster from the fire, 1/17 Laura takes the baby and leaves town, 1/18, 1/19

January 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke and Lucky show Laura the finished Luke’s Club.  They toast with Sonny to their partnership. Mac admits that Lucy has had a positive affect on Kevin. Katherine and Damian plot their torture of Lucy. Edward tells AJ that Justus wants to add Jason to the Charles Street Foundation board. AJ has objections but Edward already has made up his mind. Justus tells Keisha that AJ rubs him the wrong way and he does not trust him. Keisha does not think that Justus should dismiss AJ so fast. Damian tells Katherine that to hurt Lucy they need to go after Deception. An explosion outside rocks Luke’s place. When the fire gets out of control, the Spencers and Sonny head outside. Shots are fired. Jason accepts a spot on the board. Later, Jason tells Keisha that he is happy to be on the board, but he ruffled feathers again in his family. Keisha calls a meeting between Jason, Edward, and AJ. Lucky goes back inside into the fire to get the missing Foster.

January 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda and Stone help out Lois at the merchandise table at Ned’s insane concert in Buffalo. Ned is hunted down by crazy “groupies”. Sonny and Luke go back in the club after Lucky. Luke drags Lucky out screaming for Foster. Sonny carries out Foster in a blanket and he is fine. Paige and Monica talk about life before cancer. Later, Monica teaches Paige about opera. Keisha tries to convince AJ and Jason that they are on the same side. She does not want the foundation to have to choose between the two of them. Later, AJ and Jason argue but come to an understanding. Laura is angry with Sonny, as she believes he brought this down on them. Lois gets Ned back to the hotel amid of flurry of crazed women. Ned reminisces about the night he meet Lois. Laura tells Luke that she is afraid that their old life of looking over their shoulders is starting again. She is concerned about this partnership with Sonny. Luke assures her he can find a way but it will take a time. Laura has to go back to Beecher’s corners. Lucky insists he is not going.

January 17, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois return to PC. Ned is still on a tremendous high. After the police find a professional bomb at the club, Sonny is questioned by the PCPD. Brenda and Stone return and learn about the firebomb. Brenda questions Sonny about why someone would want to hurt him and how it will affect L/B. The Spencer’s agree to let Lucky stay in PC with Ruby. Luke and Laura say goodbye. Mary Mae worries about Keisha placing herself in between Jason and AJ.  Luke now wants the particulars of Sonny’s takeover of Frank’s business and where does Cusack fit in. Harry confirms that Cusack was behind the bomb. Brenda tells Lois and Ned about the explosion. Ned tells Brenda to not bury her head in the sand. Sean questions Luke and then Sonny. Ned goes to Mac to get the goods on Sonny. Ned suggests Mac talk with Lois’s parents discreetly.

January 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny fills Stone in on his plans for Frank’s organization. Mac shows Robin the newspaper with the headline about Luke’s club. Ruby scolds Luke for complicating his life with Sonny. Sonny has some explaining to do where Lois is concerned. The new Charles Street Board meet for the first time and discuss their goals. (Note: News brief interruption: 2-3 minutes lost) Alan and Tony talk Bobbie and therapy. Tony tells him he is already tired of therapy. Alan thinks therapy will help him and Bobbie gain closure. AJ and Jason disagree about the goals of the foundation. Sonny explains Cusack to Lois, Ned, and Brenda. He insists he is small potatoes and it will all blow over. Mac quizzes Luke on what happened at his club. Mac warns Luke that Sonny is nothing but trouble. Luke does not believe he is asking because he wants to protect Robin and asks who he is working for. After telling her that Sonny’s taking care of old business, Robin wants Stone to be careful. The L/B gang sees that Sonny is traveling with bodyguards now. 

January 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie is late for the first therapy session since she went storming out of Kevin’s office Tony is sure she is not coming. When she arrives, he has to take back his words about her not wanting to take responsibility for anything. Connie is back for another therapy session with Ryan. Talk changes to what Ryan’s ideal mate would be. Luke wants to know what Sonny’s plan to put Cusack down is. Sonny offers him the deal that he will bow out of the club if anything else happens. Mac questions Stone about what went down at the club. Sonny takes a meeting with Damian. Sonny turns down Damian’s request to ruin Lucy. Sonny is not his errand boy. Mac suspects that Katherine and Damian are already planning their next scheme. Another therapy session with Kevin goes south with Bobbie telling off Tony and storming out. Kevin accuses Tony of sabotaging the session. Harry tells Sonny that Cusack is missing. Somebody did their work for them. 

January 20 - 25, 1995:  1/20, 1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26 

January 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac has some questions for Lois and Brenda about Sonny. Jason overhears AJ whine to Edward about Jason undercutting him in front of the Charles Street board. They go at it as Jason accuses AJ of making things personal. Alan hears the boys arguing and thinks Edward is promoting a rivalry between the boys. Mike Corbin is back at Luke’s after hearing about the fire and offers some help with the cleanup. They joke around but Luke still turns him down for a job. Paige invites Monica to her house for dinner to meet her daughter, Emily. Sonny’s bodyguard finds Ned lurking in the bushes outside the gatehouse. Sonny and Ned almost come to blows. Monica meets Emily. (Note: first appearance by Amber Tamblyn) Lila announces that Annabelle is pregnant by Foster. Sonny tells Mac and Ned that his bodyguards are only temporary. Mike changes Luke’s mind and gets a job with conditions. Alan goes to Bobbie’s for some coffee and sympathy. Edward calls Luke livid about Annabelle’s puppies.

January 23, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke gets Mike a room at Kellys. With Sonny wanting Brenda to stay at the gatehouse, Brenda and Lois have a slumber party. AJ crashes in on them. AJ questions why the two of them have fallen for men who hurt them. Ned arrives and is ticked AJ is badmouthing him, Luke tells Lucky that Annabelle is pregnant. Harry has the two men who torched Luke’s place and brings them to Sonny. Brenda tells AJ that she does not want him stirring up things for Lois and Ned. Lily and Miguel give Ned and Lois some perspective. Luke thinks Mike is overly interested in his partner Sonny.

January 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois pays her mom in Bensonhurst a surprise visit for some advice. She tells her about Ned’s sabbatical from ELQ and that he has changed. Kevin and Lucy have breakfast in bed. Mac is in Bensonhurst to talk with Carmine. He shows up at Carmine’s sporting goods show with a phony Queens accent and questions about Sonny. Connie brings Ryan a present. Katherine plots the worst day of Lucy’s life. Katherine has contacted the BWC with an anonymous tip that Deception is testing products on animals. She also tips WLPC to the news. Tiffany and her cameras descend on the PC Hotel about the animal cruelty. Ned and Lucy assure the press that Deception has never tested their products on animals. Mac takes cover when Lois arrives at the sporting good store.

January 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Amy and Audrey that she feels like her sessions with Tony are achieving nothing. Lucy assures Ned that Deception is not guilty as Katherine gloats. Mac makes a hasty exit out of Carmine’s sporting goods store to avoid Lois. Lucy and Ned plan damage control. Lois tries to convince Carmine that Ned is really trying. Mac does some more fishing around about Sonny. He gets a tip to talk with Joe Scully. Steve asks Tony about his relationship with Bobbie. He tells him if he needs a leave of absence all he has to do is ask. Lucy and Bobbie come to blows when Lucy goes to GH to see Kevin. Tony breaks it up. Lois tells Brenda that her parents are not ready to forgive Ned right now. Mac gives Ned the information he dug up on Sonny.

January 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Edward wants AJ and Justus to find a way to work together. Paige visits Monica after a particularly brutal chemo session. After Monica tells her she would rather be on her own, Paige questions why. Alan and Bobbie discuss her behavior with Lucy. Bobbie questions how much blame she has to take for it to be okay with Tony. Alan gives her some straight talk. He invites her to The Outback with him to see Ned sing. Sean returns Edward’s guns from the Ward case. Edward wants to get rid of his guns and tells Justus he will donate the proceeds to Ward House. Mac wants Sean to run a check on Joe Scully. Mike steals the Idle Rich’s speakers and gives them to Luke’s Club. Lois has to bit the bullet and tell Sonny. Mac questions Lois when Sonny just throws money at her to get some new ones. Justus tells Mary Mae that he is confused by Edward as he is a mass on contradictions. Monica calls Alan and asks him to come to Arizona. Sonny sees the new speakers at Luke’s clubs.

January 27 - February 2, 1995:  1/27 Ned performs at Outback, Lois slugs Katherine & arrested, 1/30, 1/31, 2/1, 2/2 Ned’s Gene Autry fantasy

January 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois sweats Ned’s gig at The Outback. She has a bad feeling about tonight. Mac tells Ned that Sean is running a check on Joe Scully. Sonny questions Luke about where he got the speakers. Lucky talks with Lila about the Annabelle/Foster puppies. He wants some of the puppies for his family and friends. Lois tells Ned about her visit to Brooklyn. Luke confronts Mike about the speakers, telling him that Sonny is anxious to meet him. Half of PC arrives to see Ned’s gig at The Outback. Sean tells Mac that Joe Scully is serious trouble. Ned plays his new ballad. Tony joins the Q and Bobbie at their table. After Katherine gets in her face, Lois punches her right in front of everybody. Sean has to arrest Lois when Katherine presses charges. Mike meets Sonny and it is reveled that Mike is Sonny’s father.

January 30, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny explains his relationship with Mike to Luke. Sonny wants to know what Mike’s angle is. Aftermath of Lois punching Katherine. The Qs send Mac in to post Lois’s bail and he tries to convince Katherine not to press charges. Ned sends in Justus to be Lois’s lawyer. Lois tells Justus that Katherine grabbed her first. Lois wants to make sure that Ned’s sham of a marriage does not come out in court. Lucy wants to know what Kevin is going to do to get Bobbie back into therapy. Kevin tells her to mind her own business. Mike tells Luke about meeting Sonny’s mother Adella, his gambling, and walking out. Lois and Katherine go to court and the case is dismissed. Bobbie and Tony talk and both agree to bend and not be so stubborn. Luke admits to Sonny that if it was his father that walked through the door, he would not so fast to toss him out until he got some answers.  Sonny breaks down after remembering a fight between his parents when he was a little boy.

January 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Lila finds Edward listening to a song Mary Mae used to sing. He recounts the first time he heard her sing. Alan arrives in Arizona. Sonny finds Mike at Kellys and asks him why he is really in PC. Sonny tells Mike that he does not care if he stays or goes, just to keep out of his face. Stone presses Robin to go to Yale. Monica suggests a support group for families of the cancer patients to Alan. Simone airs her frustration to Mary Mae about having to parent Tom Jr on her own. Edward pays Mary Mae a visit telling her he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. He regrets letting Bradley go so easily. Alan meets Paige and Emily. Sonny tells Luke it is his call to keep Mike at the club, but warns him not to trust him. Edward and Mary Mae reminisce.

February 1, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Kevin that the animal rights protesters are now throwing water balloons at her. Kevin gets a creepy message from Ryan. Kevin insists it does not matter as he is finished with Ryan. Ryan gets upset, when Connie tells him that she has been reassigned and will not be working with him anymore. Sonny tells Lily about Mike showing up in town and that he like her hates his father. Bobbie sort of apologies to Lucy. Kevin tells Bobbie that her apology did not have an once of sincerity. Brenda sees a moment between Lily and Sonny and goes open loop on them. Brenda is ready to walk out but Sonny stops her saying that he needs her. Tony and Bobbie have an impromptu therapy session. She is tired of him sitting in judgment of her. Tony tells her that he can’t forget her betrayal. Mac overhears Lily tell Miguel that Sonny’s father is in town. Lucy invites the head of BWC to take a look around Deception. AJ tries to charm the head of the BWC. Sonny tells Brenda about his father.

February 2, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned is back on the road with Lois. Lois tells him that her punching Katherine was her closure to a really rough past year. Ned wants to know if he is in the next chapter. Brenda discusses her relationship with Sonny with Mike. Brenda apologies to Sonny about being jealous of Lily; she just wants to be as helpful to him. Sonny tells Brenda about his childhood and how Mike came and went. Ned and Lois arrive back at the gatehouse and things get passionate. Lois gets an attack of second thoughts and Ned has to coach her out of the bathroom. They make love. After a nightmare about Juan being taken from her again, Lily questions her and Miguel’s decision to not be a part of his life. Miguel agrees to go back to Puerto Rico. Even though she tries to push him to talk with Mike, Sonny tells Brenda he does not want to think about him anymore. 

February 3 - 9, 1995:  2/3 Luke's club opens, BB King performs, 2/6, 2/7 Robin & Stone make love, 2/8, 2/9 Felicia gets a letter from Frisco

February 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois in bed together. Alan attends a family of cancer patients support group meeting. Luke is preparing for opening night of his club. Lucky is sad that Laura can’t be at the club opening. Since Mac is not letting Robin go to Luke’s opening, she and Stone make plans to watch the show up on the video monitors in Sonny’s apartment. BB King arrives at the club. Sean gives Mac more information on Joe Scully. Justus learns that Tom will be home from Somalia in a week. After seeing Lois and Ned all lovey dovey at Luke’s club, AJ warns Lois she is making a mistake taking Ned back. Joe Scully arrives at the opening. BB King hits the stage. After watching the show in Sonny’s apartment, Stone wants Robin to be sure that she wants to make love. Brenda is thrilled at Lois and Ned’s reconciliation. Wanting to talk with Luke privately, Mac finds Robin and Stone together in the apartment.  

February 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke has to stop Mac from attacking Stone. Robin and Mac get into a big fight and Robin storms out. Stone accuses Mac of not wanting to see Robin happy. Sonny introduces Brenda to Joe Scully. Simone tells the Wards that she is not sure that Tom will be staying in PC after his visit next week. Sonny introduces Joe to the rest of the L/B gang. Ned is very suspicious when Joe says he is just “a businessman”. Lucy tells AJ that she has not heard a peep from the BWC organization so she thanks him for whatever he did. Lucy asks Kevin to go away for a weekend together in Bermuda. Stone goes after Robin and they end up at a motel. BB King plays his second set. Mac tells Sean and Tiffany about finding Robin and Stone upstairs. Lucy pegs Katherine as the one that sicked the BWC on her. Miguel and Lily tell Lois that they are going back to Puerto Rico to talk with Juan’s parents. Monica thanks Alan for being and trying at the wellness center. He needs reassurance that she still needs him. Scully tells Sonny that he was the one that took care of Cusack for him.

February 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac tells Sean and Tiffany that he has not seen or heard from Robin since Luke’s Club. Mac is sure they went to some cheap motel. He starts calling some. Back at home after the concert, Ned and Lois make love. Joe tells Sonny that he is in a position to help him. He has already taken a suite at the PC Hotel and plans to stay for awhile. Robin and Stone make love. Later, they end up getting food from the vending machine as they are starving. Sonny and Luke set up a back room poker game at the club with Scully. Sonny and Brenda make love. Later she finds him sitting in the dark thinking. Lois worries about what happens when the 6 weeks are up and he goes back to being solely Ned Ashton, CEO of ELQ. Robin leaves the motel to face Mac. Stone wants to go with her but she wants to do it alone.

February 8, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone tells Brenda about spending the night with Robin and Mac blowing his top. Robin faces the music with Mac. She tells him that she and Stone slept together; he is ready to kill Stone. He thinks she is throwing away her life on a stupid adolescence infatuation. Tony welcomes Felicia home when she returns from Texas. He fills her in on the happenings in PC. She learns that there is trouble between Mac and Robin. Lily and Miguel are on the plane to Puerto Rico. Alan awakens early at La Mesa. He has an idea how to occupy the time but Monica decides to take a shower. He misses her but she avoids him. He wants to be close to her the only way he knows how. She tries to shock him with her body but Alan is not shocked.  Felicia breaks up Robin and Mac’s fight. Felicia and Robin have a talk while Mac takes a walk. Brenda arrives and she and Robin dish on her night with Stone. Mac goes to talk with Kevin. Mac has to accept that Robin has very strong feelings for Stone or he will get nowhere with her.

February 9, 1995 - No Commercials - At the Outback, Felicia read a letter from Frisco to Tony. Frisco wants to be back in time for the baby’s arrival. Miguel and Lily talk with Juan’s parents. Juan’s parents worry that they will contest Juan’s adoption but Miguel and Lily are not there to take him away. They just wanted them to know the truth. Mac storms into Luke's looking for Stone. He tells Luke who Joe Scully is. Luke maintains calm, but is grateful for the information. Mac interrupts a moment when Brenda and Sonny wanting a word with Stone. Stone and Mac have a discussion in the hallway. They go another round on the whole Stone is holding Robin back. Sonny insists Robin is lucky to have Stone. Someday, Mac will eat his words. Tiffany and Tony dish with Felicia about Robin and Stone.  Mac returns to the Outback, Felicia tells him she advised Robin to start birth control. After destroying the glassware, Mac tells Felicia that she's not the best role model for responsible sex. Joe meets Brenda and Sonny for dinner. Mike watches Sonny and Joe together.

February 10 - 16, 1995:  2/10 Kevin asks Lucy to move in, 2/13, 2/14 Outback VDay celebration, Tiff tells Sean she’s pregnant, 2/15, 2/16

February 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone comes to see Robin. They are even more sure they made the right decision. Ned bounces into the Outback for a late dinner with Lois. He engages Mac in a conversation about Sonny. They both express worries over Sonny's associations. Luke invites Bobbie to stay for the poker game at the club. Luke asks Harry about Joe’s interests these days. Mac tells Ned he alerted Luke about Scully. Lucy and Kevin arrive for dinner. Kevin asks about Felicia, Lucy gets huffy. Mac tells him Frisco is returning for the baby's birth. Ryan starts to compose a note for Connie. He writes that he believes someone is going to kill him. In Luke's backroom, the poker game begins. Stone mentions to Mike about his sore throat. He just can’t kick the flu bug he is battling. Mike hits him up for a loan and heads for the poker game, which he cheats at and is declared the big winner. At dinner, Ned mentions his professional reservations about Sonny to Lois. He wants Lois to buy Sonny out. Lois disagrees. Outside, Luke angrily tells Mike he knows what went down, and it better never happen again. Mike plays innocent, but agrees never again. Kevin asks Lucy to move in with him. She has to thinks about it. Mac returns home to Robin and her list of demands. They agree to try to respect each other's feelings. Sonny admits to Luke that Scully took out Cusack. Luke asks if it's safe to bring Laura and the baby back now. Sonny suggests Luke give more time. Luke warns Sonny not to mess with him.

February 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica tries on wigs before her chemo treatment. Alan questions what he is doing there. Would it not be better if he went home and waited for her. She wants him to stay and is scared if he leaves they will never get back to the way they were. Brenda tells Stone that Mike is Sonny’s father. Sonny questions what Joe is really doing in town and how it will affect him. Joe tells him that his new way of doing things will not work. Joe has a proposition for him. Mike questions Brenda about what she knows about Scully. Sonny tells Damian that Scully took out Cusack. Sonny does not want to let Scully take over as he will revert back to the old way of doing things. Robin tells Stone about what happened with Mac. Paige waits with Alan while Monica has chemo. They talk about Emily. Stone and Robin make love. Damian shows up at Scully’s door.

February 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Valentines Day in PC. Tiffany tells the Hardy’s and Amy that she is pregnant. Ned and AJ give Lila flowers and cards. Edward brings her Belgium chocolates. Brenda wraps herself up as a present for Sonny. Damien asks Scully to sabotage Deception's shipping. Scully asks why not have Sonny do it. Damian explains Luke’s friendship with Lucy. Scully will get back to him. Kevin and Lucy meet at the Outback. She gives him a book by Freud on dreams. At the Outback, Tiffany tells Sean that she is pregnant. Ned comes by the gatehouse with champagne and a cheesecake from Brooklyn for Lois. Inside the cheesecake is a ruby ring. Lois gives Ned his gift, a picture of the Coney Island Cyclone. Damien and Katherine exchange gifts and he tells her that he thinks Scully will do the deed on Deception since it would meld nicely with whatever it is than Scully has planned for PC. Kevin gives Lucy her Thanksgiving duck (Sigmund) and he is wearing diamonds. Jason and Keisha exchange gifts, he tells her he wants to show her the world.

February 15, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Luke about his meeting with Scully. Sonny recounts how Scully set him straight when he was young. Luke understands his loyalty to Scully but thinks it is time to draw the line with him. Sean pays Scully a visit asking what he is doing in PC. Kevin visits Felicia. Kevin tells her about his revelation where Grace is concerned and that he is in love with Lucy. Ryan gives Connie his letter to read. Tiffany tells Felicia she is pregnant. Felicia suggests Tiffany take a leave of absence from the TV station and just be pregnant. Sean questions Sonny and Luke about Scully. He warns them not to provide Scully with a safe harbor. Bobbie and Tony once again decide to go back into therapy. Sonny tells Scully that Luke’s club is clean. Luke tells him he is not welcome in the club anymore. Ryan comes stumbling out of the mental hospital bathroom bleeding from his head.

February 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Luke that he going to talk with Scully to resolve things. Scully tells Damian he is in to help him set up Lucy. Lucy is having shipping issues. She has to blow off lunch out with Kevin. They decide on a lunch in. Connie visits Ryan, who claims he was attacked by two men while he was cleaning the bathroom. Brenda and Lois yak about their Valentine’s Day with their significant others. Sonny turns down Scully’s proposal. He has a life now and he is not willing to throw that all away to throw in with him. Scully feels betrayed. Robin is home from school early with the flu. Tiffany tells Luke she is pregnant. She wishes Laura was here to share this with her. Lois tells Brenda that she is still nervous about the Qs. Sonny tells Luke that Scully is playing hardball. Sonny tells Luke about how Scully took care of his horrendous stepfather. Scully has plans for Luke and Sean. Scully asks Luke to dinner.

February 17 - 23, 1995:  2/17 Luke shoots Sean, Tom Hardy is home (Matthew Ashord), 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 Kevin & Lucy share a bubble bath, 2/23

February 17, 1995 - With Commercials - Luke is packing heat for his meeting with Scully. Justus gives Simone a ride home after her car dies at Ward House. She invites him to stay for dinner. Lily asks Mary Mae to volunteer at the house. Sonny and Mike have it out over his comment about making up for lost time. Luke meets with Scully at “The No Name”. Scully wants Luke to give him 10% of his profits for protection. Luke tells him no deal. Sean gets word of their meet thanks to Scully. Lily tells Miguel that she now does not want to wait till their married to make love. Miguel thinks that her changing her mind has nothing to do with them; that she is trying to replace their son. Tom Hardy returns home from Africa (Note: Now played by Matthew Ashford) and walks in on Justus playing with his family. Sean is shot in the parking lot of “The No Name.”

February 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned brings Lois roses. She dampens the mood a bit by telling him that they have to tell her parents that they are back together. They have to go to Brooklyn together to tell them with gifts. Justus meets Tom. Justus makes himself scarce so the Hardy’s can have a family reunion. Luke takes care of Sean. Luke insists he was not trying to shoot Sean. He was just defending himself. It was an accident. Garcia arrests him. Tom has presents for Simone and Tom Jr. Things are a bit awkward between Tom and Tom Jr as it has been so long. Sean is brought into the ER with a bullet in his neck. Luke calls Justus as his attorney. Audrey calls Tiffany. Luke is questioned by Garcia. Luke’s only corroboration of his story is Sean. Tiffany arrives at GH as Sean is going into surgery. Simone is not so sure that she and Tom have anything to work for in their marriage. Tom suggests moving the family to Africa. Felicia arrives to be with Tiffany. Tiffany learns that Luke has been arrested.

February 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Connie visits Ryan. He wants her help. He wants her to steal three pages from a doctor’s prescription pad. Sonny learns Luke has been arrested. Tony is with Sean in surgery. Sean whispers something to Tony just before he goes under. Garcia questions Scully. Tom sees Steve and Audrey. He tells them he has been offered a permanent position in Chad and wants to go back. He will work things out with Simone. Tiffany can’t believe Luke would hurt Sean. Felicia tries to calm her down. Luke is arraigned. After testimony, Luke is denied bail. But then Sean’s testimony is given, it clears Luke and he is released. Luke arrives at GH and tells Tiffany that the shooting was an accident. She wants to know why people are shooting at him in parking lots. Sonny pays Scully a visit. Sonny is angry when Scully tells him about his proposed “deal” with Luke. Connie agrees to get drugs for Ryan.

February 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Tony tells Tiffany that the bullet destroyed Sean’s carotid artery. He came through surgery but there are complications. Sean will need additional surgery to remove bullet fragments in his brain. Sonny tells Brenda about the accident. Lois and Ned arrive in Brooklyn. She questions what Luke was even doing at the “No Name”. Gloria is suspicious when Lois arrives with gifts/brids. Gloria flips her lid when Lois tells her that she is giving Ned another chance. Lucky reads the headlines about Sean. Carmine is ready to tear Ned apart. Ned plans to earn their approval by making Lois happy. Luke explains things to Ruby and Lucky. Kevin and Felicia rein Lucy in when all she can think about is her Deception woes. Bobbie assures Tiffany that Sean will come through this. Kevin evicts Sigmund from Lucy’s bathtub so he and Lucy can get in. Luke is worried about telling Laura about the shooting. Sean is awake but quickly starts to hemorrhage.

February 23, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica and Alan agree that he can go back home to PC. He will leave tomorrow. Mac tells Robin about Sean. Robin rails about how unfair it is to Stone. Tiffany is ushered out as Tony goes back to work on Sean. Tom presses Simone to come back to Africa with him. She wants him to come home for good. He admits to being with another women in Africa. He questions her about Justus. Tony stabilizes Sean. Tony recommends Sean be transferred to Mass General in Boston for the bullet fragment surgery. Emily proves to be quit the card shark when she plays hearts with Alan and Monica. Emily does not want Alan to leave. Emily shows Alan her pet taranchulas. Paige tells Monica a new lump as been found on her rib and she has some tests scheduled for tomorrow. Mac comforts Tiffany at GH. She tells Mac she is tired of the guns and violence that come with Sean’s job. Simone is not ready to make a decision about Africa.

February 24 - March 2, 1995:  2/24 Sean & Tiffany last show, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2 Ryan's funeral

February 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy’s Deception shipping and ordering problems continue. Monica worries that Paige’s reoccurrence is the end. Alan leaves Arizona. Tony notices Sean is having speech problems due to the bullet fragments in his brain. Tony makes plans for Sean to be flown to Mass General to have surgery and have rehabilitation. Tiffany wants Tony to go with them just through the surgery. Connie gives Ryan the pills. Luke apologies to Sean. They agree that Scully set them up. Emily hangs out with Monica while Paige has her tests. Felicia and Mac visit Sean. Damian and Katherine think the Charles Street Foundation is a good place to start to hit the Qs. Luke tells Sonny that he has to pick a side. After saying goodbye to their friends at GH, Sean and Tiffany leave PC. Paige tells Monica that her tests revealed two new tumors and she has three months to live. Kevin learns that Ryan is dead.

February 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Paige tells Emily that she is dying. Monica invites Emily and Paige to PC for a visit. Kevin tells Lucy that Ryan was found dead in his cell and they don’t know how he died yet. Lucy insists on going with Kevin. Sonny and Luke agree to work together to take care of Scully in a nonviolent way. Damian wants to use Sonny to bring down Luke. Kevin learns that Ryan may have died from a heart attack and that he was beaten a few day ago. Sonny tells Brenda about his past with Scully but insists he can handle things. Kevin and Lucy meet Connie. She tells him that she saw another side to Ryan. Luke tells Lucky that they will be going to see Laura. He is upset that Laura will not be coming home yet. Monica offers to take Emily after Paige is gone. Paige can come to PC and meet the Qs and decide then. Connie pulls a switch-a-roo at the morgue.

February 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois is nervous about joining the Qs for dinner. Mac wants Robin to stay away from Luke’s club. Felicia is having contractions. Lois has dinner with the Qs to officially welcome her. Alan arrives home to the Qs bickering about Ned’s leave of absence. Paige works on acceptance of the fact that she is going to die. She needs to prepare Emily. She worries about cramming a lifetime into a few months. Lois and Edward get into a fight at the dinner table about the music world being a far cry from the real world. Simone resents Tom’s ultimatum about moving to Africa. She is not giving up her life in PC. Lily tells Miguel that she wants to get married now. Miguel tells her he is not happy with what is happening with L/B involvement with Sonny now. She accuses him of using that as another excuse not get married. Lila wants to invite the Cerullos to the mansion.

March 1, 1995 - With Commercials - Monica tells Alan that Paige is dying and that she has offered to take care of Emily. Alan has serious reservations but agrees to keep an open mind. Mary Mae is nervous about her Luke’s Club debut tonight. Sonny asks Scully for time to work on Luke. Tom tells Steve and Audrey that he and Simone have decided to end their marriage. He is not giving up his opportunity in Chad and she does not want to go. He tells him about his affair. Luke and Lucky see Laura and Lulu in Beecher’s Corners. Luke tells Laura about Sean. She and Lulu have to stay put. Sonny blows his top with Mike when he mentions Scully. After a visit with Simone, Mary Mae tells Justus that she and Tom are splitting up. Bobbie invites Alan to Luke’s Club.

March 2, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia tries to warn the WSB to get word to Frisco that she is due any time now. He needs to get back to PC pronto. Robin tries to convince Stone to distance himself from Scully and the club. Stone and Robin argue. Mac offers him a job again, which he turns down again. Connie throws a fit when Kevin tells her that he plans to have Ryan cremated. Kevin reconsiders and a burial is planned. Luke and Laura fight over the fact that they never get any peace. Connie reverses the switch-a-roo at the morgue. Kevin and Lucy learn that Ryan died of a heart attack. Tony is back in PC with the news that Sean is going to be fine. Felicia gets a fax from Frisco. Ryan is buried.

March 3 - 9, 1995:  3/3 Ryan kills Connie, Felicia goes into labor, 3/6 Felicia has Georgie, 3/7, 3/8 Ryan poses as Kevin at GH, 3/9

March 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Mary Mae arrives at Luke’s for her singing debut. Lucy does not want Kevin to dwell on Ryan. The way that Ryan died bothers Kevin. Connie digs up Ryan’s grave and lets him out. She is relived he is alive. Ryan quickly takes care of Connie. Felicia has a few choice words for Luke about the shooting. Bobbie joins the Qs at Luke’s Club. Audrey is happy to see Simone and Tom together. Mary Mae sings at Luke’s Club for the first time. Felicia continues to have contractions. She insists the baby is not coming till Frisco gets there. Monica vows to take care of Paige and Emily both. Ryan buries Connie. Lois has big plans for Mary Mae. Felicia goes into labor.

March 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Lily wants to call off her wedding to Miguel. The truth is that Miguel thinks that she just wants him now to make a baby. A room of doctors try and help Felicia give birth. Ryan heads back to PC, but gets a flat tire. A good Samaritan offers help and soon the police show. The cop recognizes him as Dr. Collins and calls a tow truck. Paige tells the LaMesa group that she is dying. She and Emily are going to PC with Monica. Tony delivers the baby. Mary Mae second set at Luke’s. Paige worries about being strong for Emily. Ryan checks into a hotel in PC.

March 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Maxie and Mariah meet the baby. Tony brings presents for everyone. Lois tells Brenda that she wants to sign Mary Mae to L/B. Miguel bends Brenda’s ear about his problems with Lily. The conversation changes to Sonny. Brenda assures Miguel that Scully is not a problem for Sonny and L/B. Lois goes to Sonny and Luke about signing Mary Mae. Felicia and Maxie name the baby Georgie. Bobbie and Tony have a session with Kevin. Bobbie has a breakthrough and they make serious progress. Ryan breaks into Kevin’s house and takes a look around. He steals a credit card, money, keys and then changes into Kevin’s clothes. Lucy tells Luke that she thinks Deception is beginning sabotaged. She asks him to snoop around for her. Lois asks Mary Mae to join L/B. Kevin visits Felicia and the baby.

March 8, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac visits Felicia and Georgie. Seeing Felicia with the baby gives him a pang of regret. Lucy tells Kevin that Deception is for sure being hijacked. Ryan arrives at GH. Robin tries to talk to Stone about why she worries about him. They agree to disagree. Harry lets Sonny know that it was Scully who is putting the heat on Lucy. Lucy tells Kevin that Luke is looking into her Deception woes. She suspects Damian is behind her problems. Robin brings Georgie a present. She tells Mac and Felicia that Stone and she have made up. Ryan cons his way into Kevin’s office at GH. Bobbie comes in wanting to change her next appointment. Ryan learns Felicia gave birth. Luke breaks up a fight between Sonny and Mike. Kevin tells Lucy he will be out of town tomorrow in Rochester for a lecture. Ryan shows up in Felicia’s room. Sonny tells Luke about Scully being behind Lucy’s problems. Sonny wants a chance to take care of it. Lucy and Kevin make love.

March 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny confronts Damian about asking Scully to go after Lucy. Damian claims he does not want a war started, he just wanted a job done. Lucy and Kevin in bed together. Later, Kevin notices some of his clothes missing. Lois tells Ned about signing Mary Mae. Foster shows up at the Qs as he knows his puppies are due any day now. Ryan playing the role of Kevin, shows up at Lucy’s apt claiming his lecture in Rochester was cancelled. She notices he is acting strangely. Alan tells the Qs about Monica bringing Paige and Emily with her to PC and the fact that the Qs could be responsible for Emily after her mother is gone. Brenda tells Sonny that Miguel is worried about his association with Scully. Ryan flips out on Lucy when she mentions how horrible Ryan was. Luke interrupts them and Ryan storms out. Luke tells her about Scully being the source of her trouble and he was hired by Damian. Luke and Lucy team up.

March 10 - 16, 1995:  3/10 Ryan kidnaps Georgie, 3/13 Kevin & Lucy realize Ryan is alive, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16 Edward breaks his leg

March 10, 1995 - No Commercials - AJ asks Jason and Keisha to dinner to talk about a new proposal for the Charles Street foundation. Lois asks Mac if Robin can help out at Ned’s concert in Ithaca. Simone and Tom tell Tom Jr that Tom will be going back to Africa and that they are getting divorced. Felicia tells Tony not be too mad at Frisco for missing the birth. Mac and Katherine get to know each other. She thinks he needs to loosen up. He gets her out on the dance floor at The Outback. Damian sees them together. Kevin tells Felicia that Ryan is dead. Simone tells Justus that her marriage is over. Ryan steals Georgie from GH. AJ tells Keisha and Jason that he needs a part-time assistant and he hires Keisha. Kevin learns Georgie is missing. Ned tells the L/B gang that he will share his plan regarding his double lives after the gig in Ithaca. The pregnant Annabelle takes off with Foster. Ryan is on his way to Canada with Georgie.

March 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke tells Sonny about bringing Lucy into the fold to get Damian back. Felicia freaks out. Kevin calls Mac and tells him that Ryan took Georgie. Lucy learns about Ryan and she tells Kevin that he was in her apt last night. Reginald tells the Qs that Annabelle ran off with Foster. Lucky and Ruby arrive telling Edward that Foster escaped from Kellys. Keisha and AJ decide on a office on Charles Street. Jason warns AJ it is hands off where Keisha is concerned. He better not have ulterior motives. Justus tells Simone that he is happy she is not leaving PC. Mac assures Felicia that he will find Georgie. Miguel tells Sonny that if Scully makes trouble for L/B he is out. Mac and Kevin search Kevin’s house to see what else Ryan took. Keisha thinks Justus should take things slow with Simone. Luke wants to run a sting operation with Lucy. Mariah brings Maxie to Felicia at GH.

March 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Kevin what happened at her apt and that if Luke had not shown up Ryan would have killed her. Audrey is nervous with Ryan on the loose. Tom tells his parents about Tom Jr’s reaction to the divorce. Ned performs in Ithaca. Ned tells Lois he has a plan so that they can have it all. Ned tells Lois that he wants to make his double life a way of life. Lois agrees that she can life with it. Kevin and Lucy go back to the mental hospital to verify that Ryan is not dead, so that an ABP can be issued on him. They find Connie in the coffin. Ned tells Lois that Lila has invited the Cerullos for a visit. She hyperventilates.

March 15, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky calls Laura. He tells her about the trouble with the dogs. Edward wants AJ and Jason out looking for the dogs. Felicia is back home. Mac gets word that Garcia is on his way back to PC and will brief them. Ryan rents a motel room in Canada with the baby. Garcia tells Mac and Felicia how Ryan escaped with Connie’s help. Garcia sets up phone taps. Kevin bets Ryan will call as he wants to be back in the spotlight. Luke tells Laura that there is a plan in the works to get rid of Scully. Ned tells Edward about his plan to return to make his double life his real life. Back from Ned’s concert, Robin learns about Georgie. Ryan makes plan for a new car and new ids. Ned tries to persuade Edward not to go after the dogs himself.

March 16, 1995 - No Commercials - AJ and Keisha take an office on Charles Street. Lila worries about Annabelle. Annabelle has her puppy. Bobbie and Felicia try to explain to Lucas what happened to Georgie. Felicia is frantic. Stone tells Lois that he is interested in more work at L/B.  Lucy tries to help Felicia but makes her feeling worse. When Foster returns to mansion, Edward follows him. Tony and Bobbie worry that Lucas is resigned to loss. They need to reassure him that they will always be there for him. Jason sees the Charles Street office. (Note: Slight audio hiss for 2 minutes) Robin notices that Stone is having trouble with the numbers when he does inventory at L/B for Lois. She thinks he may be dyslexic. Edward takes a fall going after the dogs. Garcia has no news on Georgie.

March 17 - 23, 1995:  3/17 Foster goes to get help for Edward, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22 Monica brings Paige & Emily home, 3/23 Mac, Felicia, Kevin & Lucy chase Ryan thru house of mirrors

March 17, 1995 - No Commercials - Robin explains dyslexia to Stone. She suggests he see Kevin. Kevin is worried that Ryan may want to keep Georgie as a form of transference of his feelings for Felicia. Lucy assures Luke and Sonny that she can play in the big leagues with them to get Scully. Luke tells them the plan. Sonny has reservations, but agrees that is they get Scully, he has to be sent away for a long time. The Qs are worried as Edward is missing. They fear be went after Annabelle. Edward’s leg is broken after a fall in the catacombs. The dogs take care of him. Robin and Stone tell Lois that Stone may have dyslexia. Georgie begins in annoy Ryan with her crying. Alan tells Monica that the family has some reservations but they will make Paige and Emily feel welcome. Annabelle sends Foster off to get help for Edward. Ryan calls Kevin. The police get a trace on Ryan. Foster finds Lucky at Luke’s Club to get help for Edward.

March 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin and Lucy tell Felicia that Ryan called. Garcia and Mac tell her that the local police have been notified. The Qs mount a search party for Edward. Lois agrees to wait with Lila. Sonny tells Brenda about the beatings he received from his stepfather. She wants to help him. He tells her it is over now. Monica takes a late night call from Paige who can’t sleep. Monica convinces her to get some rest as they leave tomorrow for PC. Lucky and Luke find Edward. Lucky keeps Edward awake while Luke gets help. Luke and Lucky return to the Q mansion with Annabelle and the puppy. Mac Felicia, Kevin, Lucy arrive at the motel but Ryan is long gone.

March 21, 1995 - No Commercials - Edward is laid up at GH with a broken leg, making a big stink. Tony and Bobbie update Steve on Ryan. Tom says goodbye to Simone and Tommy and leaves to go back to Africa. Mike and Brenda have a frank talk about how his actions shaped who Sonny turned out to be. Sonny sees them talking and he is not happy with Brenda telling him anything about his childhood. Luke calls Laura with the news that the puppy is here. They discuss his plan to get Scully with Lucy’s help. Lucky talks to Edward about who gets custody of the puppy. Edward is not so willing to give up the puppy. Lois brings the laid up Edward cold pasta. Everyone wants to sign Edward’s cast. Brenda worries that Sonny will not trust her again. She apologies.

March 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Sonny wants to throw a 21st birthday party for Brenda at Luke’s Club. Sonny tells Luke that he needs to convince Scully that he would be willing to give him a piece of Luke for their plan to work. Mac and Felicia plan to circulate some mug shots of Ryan. They make plans to be able to tell Ryan and Kevin apart if they come face to face. Ryan steals a car. Sonny tells Scully that Luke is coming around and they arrange to meet. Bobbie arrives at the Q mansion for Monica’s homecoming. Luke and Sonny have a meeting with Scully. Luke is less that cordial and asks for more time. Monica returns home with Paige and Emily. Paige has a spell.  The Qs argue about the puppy. Kevin is spotted by a gas station attendant and is mistaken for Ryan. The attendant makes a citizen’s arrest. Kevin is cleared at the police station.

March 23, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Monica that she and Tony are really connecting. An eyewitness claims to have seen Ryan on the side of the road with a baby carrier. Based on his description the police think Ryan is maybe headed toward an amusement park. Lucy tries to catch up with Kevin in Canada. She has to be there to tell the twins apart. She learns they headed to the amusement park. Alan warns Monica that Paige may not want Emily to stay with them once she gets to know the Qs. With Mac gone, Robin and Stone hang out together at her house. They end up making love and ordering pizza. Mac, Felicia and Kevin arrive at the amusement park with Lucy hot on their trail. Lucy is taken in the hall of mirrors by Ryan. Mac and Felicia get separated. AJ and Monica have a talk. Felicia finds Lucy tied up. They are both quickly taken and are tied up. Alan finds Monica sitting alone and takes her upstairs just to sleep. Mac finds Lucy and Felicia. Kevin and Ryan come face to face in the hall of mirrors. Ryan gives them the slip.

March 24 - 30, 1995:  3/24 Kevin & Ryan fight and dislodge a gas pipe, Ryan causes an explosion and dies in fire,  3/27, 3/28, 3/29 cm, 3/30

March 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie little birthday party for Tony is ruined when he is called in for surgery. Simone joins Bobbie for a pity party. Felicia, Mac, Lucy and Kevin go after the baby. They get out of the mirror maze. They find Ryan on the carousel with Georgie. Mary Mae wants to back sure that Justus is not the reason Simone’s marriage is ending. Justus assures her that all fault lies with Tom. Both Keisha and Mary Mae want to know if he is going to pursue Simone. Felicia is reunited with Georgie. Ryan eludes capture. Kevin goes after Ryan back into the hall of mirrors. Tony feels bad when he arrives home and sees the birthday party Bobbie planned that he is late for. Laura calls Luke. She misses him and Luke assures her it will not be much longer till she can come home. Brenda apologies to Sonny again for telling Mike about what happened to him. An explosion rocks the house of mirrors and Ryan is killed, right before Kevin’s eyes.

March 27, 1995 - No Commercials - PC hears that Ryan is dead. Kevin is haunted by the memory of the fire that killed Ryan. Seeing Felicia with Georgie reminds Tony of BJ. Tony wants Felicia to contact the WSB and tell Frisco that everything is okay. Felicia is beginning to doubt Frisco is coming at all. Emily has her first Qs breakfast. As a new experience, she tries Edward’s daily breakfast of herring. AJ and Jason joke with her about ghosts in the attic. With Lucy back in town, Luke and Sonny are ready to put their “get Scully” plan in motion. Kevin tells Lucy about what he saw before Ryan was killed in the fire. Emily meets Lucky, when he comes to talk to Edward about the puppy again. Edward wants Lucky to neuter Foster or no puppy. Lucy comes into Luke’s office, all huffy about what she has been through with Ryan. Luke and Sonny rein her in and tell her about the plan. They plan to use her to set up Damian to set up Scully. Stone see Kevin about his dyslexia. Kevin wants to run some tests on him.

March 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Brenda and Lois meet with Mary Mae about the tunes for her CD. Ned has questions for Lucy regarding the Deception crisis. She tells him that Damian is sabotaging her but she is handling it. Kevin is not happy about Lucy’s plan to get Damian and walk out on her. Monica and Paige meet with Dr. Cahill. Cahill thinks Monica is clean. However, Paige gets another confirmation of her prognosis. Sonny announces the party for Brenda at Luke. AJ voices to Monica his concern that Paige’s diagnosis may affect her recovery. Lois wants the L/B talent to sing to Brenda at her birthday party. Brenda tells Lois that she thinks Sonny may have gotten her an engagement ring. Lois tells her not to get her hopes up. Sonny personally invites the Qs to Brenda’s party. Monica tells Alan that Cahill thinks that she is clean. Laura calls Luke with the news that Lulu said her first word. Gloria calls Lois with the news that Lila has invited the Cerullo’s to dinner. Ned wants Mac to find more info on Sonny/Scully. Mac has not stopped looking but Sonny is good at covering his tracks. Lucy puts the “get Scully” plan in motion.

March 29, 1995 - With Commercials - Lois tells Ned about Lila’s invite to her parents. Brenda wants Robin at her party; Sonny tells her he will handle it. Stone wants Robin to try and get Mac to let her go to Brenda’s party. Lucy drops a hint to Damian, which she knows he will get to Scully. Lois and Ned go over the plans for the Cerullo’s visit with Lila. Sonny personally invites Mac and Robin to Brenda’s party. Mike tells Brenda it is a mistake to expect a long-term commitment from Sonny. As expected, Damian tells Scully about Lucy’s new line of supply. Lucy reports back to Sonny and Luke that she dropped her hint to Damian. Next step is for Lucy to get close to Scully at the next Luke’s Club crap game. Ned thinks it is about time Lois and he live together.

March 30, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky calls Laura and tells her about Edward’s blackmail attempt. AJ horns in on Jason and Keisha’s date at The Outback. Jason tells him to take a hike and Keisha thinks he is being rude. Once again, Kevin voices his concern about Lucy going after Scully with Luke. Bobbie wants in on the craps game on Luke’s, but the minute Luke gives the signal she is out. After hearing Miguel and Lily fight, AJ swoops in. Lucy joins the crap game. Kevin busts into Luke’s Club looking for Lucy. Mike tells him to chill. If he breaks up the game, it is his neck. Bobbie and Lucy get into it and Luke tosses Bobbie out of the game. Justus invites Simone to dinner. Lucy cozies up to Joe. Bobbie sees Kevin sitting alone at the bar and tells him that Lucy was in the craps game throwing herself at every man in sight. Justus and Simone share a kiss. Kevin sees Lucy and Joe Scully together and storms out the club.

March 31 - April 6, 1995:  3/31 Brenda's 21st birthday party, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/6 Party for Georgie, Mary Mae recording session

March 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Tony has to bail on Brenda’s party, as he is wanted in surgery. Bobbie has to go alone. Monica bails on the party as well, as she wants to go stay home with Paige. Kevin wants an explanation about what Lucy was doing flirting with Joe Scully right under his nose. She is less than forthcoming. Guests arrive for the party. Lois finds Brenda getting ready. She is sure she is getting a ring from Sonny. Mariah convinces Felicia to go with the now available to go Tony to the party. Bobbie and Alan agree to be each other’s dates for the night. Lila is furious when she hears about Edward’s demand that Foster be neutered. Miguel, Ned, and Mary Mae sing happy birthday to Brenda. Sonny gives Brenda a ring, but she is disappointed when he puts the ring on her right hand. Miguel and AJ come to blows after AJ and Lily get close on the dance floor. Sonny and Miguel have words. Brenda ends up in tears.

April 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Back at home, Jason has some words for AJ about his flirting with Lily. Alan too thinks AJ caused a public brawl. Sonny apologizes to Brenda for the party beginning a disaster. Brenda blames Lily. Sonny defends her. Lily goes to talk with Miguel. Miguel accuses her of provoking a reaction from him. Kevin asks Lucy for the keys to his house back. He wants to break-up, as he is tired of her schemes. She thinks he is just jealous, but quickly realizes he is very serious. Lucy refuses to any kind of breakup and he will come to his senses. Lois and Ned are worried about the rift between Miguel and Sonny. Sonny realizes what kind of ring Brenda was expecting. She lies and tells him that she is not ready for that step. After making love, Lois tells Ned that she is very uncomfortable with taking his money. However, she reserves the right to change her mind at any time.

April 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Robin gives Stone a peep talk for his tests with Kevin. Brenda opens her presents from last night. Inside Mike’s present to her is a picture of Sonny when he was a little boy. Lois checks on Brenda. Lois does not buy that Brenda is not hurt that she did not get engaged. Sonny tells Mike to never use Brenda to get to him. Stone sees Kevin for his dyslexia tests. Sonny apologizes to Lily for coming to blows with Miguel. Miguel tells Brenda he is sorry for ruining her party. Brenda feels that Lily is the one to blame. Miguel has no answers on how to fix things with Lily. Lucy tells Luke that the Deception inventory was stolen by Scully as planned. Brenda goes to see Lily telling her that she does not appreciate the games she is playing with Sonny. She is turning to Sonny when she should be turning to Miguel. Lucky and Luke surprise Laura in Beecher’s Corners for an overnight visit.

April 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke and Lucky visit with Lulu. They fill Laura in on what is going on in PC. Justus and Simone have fantasies about each other. Justus invites her to a last minute dinner at The Outback. He calls Keisha and Jason to baby-sit for Tom Jr. Tony is planning a welcome home party for Georgie. Bobbie wants to know why Tony is so gung-ho about the party. Jason recounts to Keisha his last trip to Paris. Jason suggests he take Keisha to Paris for spring break next week. She is excited but has to convince her family to let her go. Justus and Simone meet for dinner. Luke assures Laura that he will be bringing her and the baby home soon. Bobbie and Tony agree that they need to take the pressure off each other.

April 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke and Lucky head back to PC. Lois almost has a panic attack with her parent’s eminent arrival at the Q mansion. Lila warns Edward to behave himself tonight. Jason asks Ned to borrow the ELQ jet to take Keisha to Paris. Emily asks Paige what they are really doing in PC. Paige asks Emily what she thinks about staying with the Qs, but she doesn’t know yet.  Mary Mae records a track for her cd at L/B. Emily takes Annabelle for a walk and meets Lois at the gatehouse. She lets Emily sit in on Mary Mae’s session. Robin and Stone help Tony set up for Georgie’s party. Robin notices that Stone’s fever is back. She sends him home to rest. At the party, Felicia thanks everyone for their support. Kevin is less than thrilled when Lucy arrives. Jason tells Keisha that they are set for Paris. Mary Mae overhears them taking about it. The Cerullo’s arrive at the Q mansion.

April 7 - 13, 1995:  4/7 Cerillo's visit Q's, 4/10, 4/11 Lucy sets up Scully, 4/12, 4/13

April 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Mary Mae is not wild about Jason and Keisha’s planned trip to Paris. Keisha insists she knows what she wants. Mary Mae wants her to inform her parent. Keisha plans to take Jason home to Philadelphia and tell them then. The Cerullo’s meet the Qs. Luke reminds Lucy that she can’t tell Kevin the details of their plan to get Scully. At Luke’s Club, Lucy cries to Scully about Deception. She drops a hint about her next “shipment” to Chicago. Edward and Carmine disagree about taxes and just about everything else. Brenda, after seeing Scully and Lucy together, she wonders what is going on. Sonny tells her that it is business, she is teed that Lucy is included and she is not. Carmine and Gloria have dinner with the Qs.

April 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois and Ned oversleep and are worried that the Qs and the Cerullo’s are at breakfast tearing each other apart. The Ceullo’s are flabbergasted when Lila bids $20,000 on the phone for furniture. Keisha calls her father and he offers to come to PC for a visit. Luke and Sonny make a plan to get their hands on some illegal drugs to spike the Deception shipment with to bust Scully. Brenda asks Miguel if he would be more comfortable if they reworked the concept for his video. Lois does not want to replace Lily. The Cerullo’s meet Brenda, Miguel, and Lily and see L/B. Lucky introduces Sly to Emily. The boys invite her to lunch Kellys. The Cerullo’s meet the Wards. Lucky and Edward go another round on who should get the puppy. Bobbie joins Paige and Monica for lunch at The Outback. Ned warns Mac that Carmine will be coming to The Outback. Emily meets Foster. Mac is spotted by Carmine. Mac covers for Ned and claims he was working for himself to protect Robin when he asked all about Sonny.

April 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Tony tells Stone that there are no neurological issues related to his dyslexia. Luke plots to frame Scully with his own illegal drugs. Lucy works on Kevin’s disapproval of her plans. She uses some unfair manipulation on him. They are interrupted by a call from Luke and Kevin walks out. Stone tells Robin that all of Tony’s tests were negative. Robin tells him that Mac went sniffing around in Brooklyn about Sonny. Luke asks Mike to be in on his Scully plan. Lois and Ned take her parents to Luke’s club. They play some craps in the back room with Edward and Lila. Over drinks at The Outback, Tony gives Kevin some insight into Lucy. Gloria offers Lois her wedding dress for the big church wedding. Lois asks Brenda to be her maid of honor. After they make love, Stone is worried as they did not use a condom, but Robin assures him she is on the pill. Lucy lays the trap for Scully.

April 12, 1995 - No Commercials - As craps night at Luke’s Club continues, Carmine is on a lucky streak. But when his streak ends, Gloria and Lila put on end to the game. Monica asks for Alan’s support in starting a wellness center at GH. A drunk Kevin finds Lucy and Sigmund in the bathtub together. He tells her he had some interesting conversation with “the guys” about her. She is worried he spilled the beans about her and Luke’s plan. He does not approve of anything she is doing, but he hates being without her. They end up in the tub together. Luke fills Mike in on his “get Scully” plan. Sonny is against Mike riding shotgun for Luke. After returning from Luke’s, Gloria makes the Qs a late night snack of omelets and pasta. Sonny tells Brenda that Mike is a con-man pure and simple. After some late night conversation, Simone and Justus take things to the next step.

April 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned, Lois and her parents have breakfast while soaking in the Q Jacuzzi. Carmine admits that the trip has been better than he expected. Lois brings up the wedding. The Cerullo’s give their blessing. Justus makes Simone breakfast. Audrey brings Tom Jr home unexpectedly. Justus feels bad for causing trouble between her and Audrey. Simone is ready to move on with her life. Monica asks Edward for help with underwriting a wellness center for GH. Audrey tells Steve about walking in on Simone and Justus. The Qs and Cerullo’s plan Ned and Lois’s rehearsal dinner. The Cerullo’s head back to Brooklyn. Keisha’s dad arrives and Keisha and Jason spring the plan for Paris on him. He is not happy but she tells him she is going and that is it. Keisha packs and she and Jason head to the airport. AJ lays out the plans for the Charles Street Foundation to Ned. Katherine and Damian plot against the foundation. Audrey thinks Simone is rushing things with her new relationship. Alan shares his reservations with Bobbie about Monica taking on too much with the center. She suggests they get a drink at Luke’s and talk.

April 14 - 19, 1995:  4/14 Jason & Keesha plane to Paris, Ned's Pirates of Penzance fantasy, 4/17 cm, 4/18 cm, 4/19 cm Luke truck hijacking

April 14, 1995 - No Commercials - Miguel reworks a song and Lois and Brenda suspect it has everything to do with Lily. Lily burst into L/B with a picture of Juan that she received in the mail from his parents. Miguel and Lily argue. Katherine barges in on AJ at Luke’s Club offering “her services” to ELQ to which he promptly turns down. Katherine steals files from AJ’s briefcase. Alan and Bobbie have a drink at Luke’s. The discuss Alan’s hurt over being pushed aside by Monica. Tony and Lucas bring pizza to Felicia, who is very focused on Georgie. Felicia asks Tony to be the baby’s godfather. Lois wants Brenda to get over the bee she has in her bonnet about Lily. Ned closes a big takeover for ELQ, much to Edward’s delight. Jason and Keisha arrive in Paris. Their dingy motel is a nightmare. Jason wants to take her to a four star hotel. Ned has a “pirate king” fantasy. Mike thinks the plan to get Scully is his chance to maybe clean up his image with Sonny.

April 17, 1995 - With Commercials - Katherine shows Damian a copy of the file on the foundation she stole from AJ. The Qs learn that Jason took off for Paris without a word. Jason and Keisha arrive at their four star hotel. Alan and Bobbie have a talk on the brownstone stoop. Bobbie tells him to hang in there. Emily tells Paige that she likes it in PC, but she can’t imagine life without her. Monica tells Alan about Jason going to Paris. Alan voices his hurt over feeling pushed aside. They are interrupted by Emily. Jason and Keisha make love for the first time. Emily and Paige talk with Monica about just staying in PC and not going back to Arizona. Damian and Katherine plot against the Q’s and Justus. Alan applauds AJ for handling the start up of the foundation so well.

April 18, 1995 - With Commercials - When a very joyful Lucy comes into his office, Kevin deduces something is up. Katherine again offers “help” to AJ. She has a friend; who can shepard a grant for the foundation. AJ is semi-interested. Justus warns him to watch his back. Luke calls Lucy with the news that phase one is going down tonight. He wants her there to hang out with Scully at the club for her deniability factor. Sonny still cannot convince Luke to dump Mike from their plan. Stone has a session with Kevin. He is making progress with his reading. Laura tells Luke that Lulu is crawling. He tells her that phase one is a go. Laura warns him to be careful and wants him to call when it is over. Lucy keeps Scully company at Luke’s club. Katherine and Damian plan to set ELQ up for tax fraud. Luke and Mike ready their disguises.

April 19, 1995 - With Commercials - Jason and Keisha in Paris enjoy some wine and people watching. Lucy continues to entertain Scully. He invites himself into her apartment with the hope of getting a lot closer with her. She stalls and eventually gets rid of him. Luke and Mike put on a show and hijack the truck carrying his drug shipment. Brenda comes home to the apartment to find Sonny in a funk. Sonny tells Brenda that he is worried about Luke as he brought Mike into his business. Brenda tries to convince him that Mike has changed. She is sick of fighting with him just because she asked him what is wrong. Jason tells Keisha that he loves her.

April 20 - 26, 1995:  4/20 cm, 4/21, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26

April 20, 1995 - With Commercials - Justus and Simone in bed together. Justus is worried that Tom Jr will see him. Stone is still sick with the flu and has no energy. Robin wants him to have a full physical. He wants to deal with his dyslexia first. Luke plans to stash the shipment right in his office at the club. Sonny is worried about having the drugs in the club. Scully learns his truck has been ambushed. Luke tells Lucy the plan went off without a hitch. Felicia asks Bobbie to be Georgie’s godmother. Lucy brings Georgie a present. She sees Tony and Bobbie together being civil and asks if Kevin is working “his magic” on them. In therapy, Kevin asks Bobbie about her feelings about Tony being so involved in Felicia’s baby life. Scully wants an answer from Luke regarding a piece of the club. Luke wants 24 hours to think about it. Justus wants to cook dinner for Simone. Simone asks Audrey to watch Tommy. Lucy gives the keys to the Deception truck to Luke and Mike.

April 21, 1995 - With Commercials - Paige, Alan and Monica agree that Emily will stay with them after she is gone. Alan assures Page he is not doing it for Monica or even her, he is doing it for Emily. Justus cooks Simone dinner, which he ends up burning. At L/B, Mary Mae and her backup singers lay down a track for her cd. Luke and Mike load up the Deception truck with the stolen drugs and set off in the truck for Cleveland. (Note: ABC News brief interrupts the next scene: around 3 minutes lost)  Laura calls Lucky asking if everything is okay with Luke. While Edward is out for the evening, Lila and Emily plot to have Lucky and Foster visit with the puppy. Lois asks Mary Mae to sing at her and Ned’s wedding. Emily and Lucky name the puppy “Raoul”.  Ned and Lois agree to get married on May 31st Ned wants to hire a private railroad care for wedding party.  Luke and Mike are held up.

April 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois worries that she and Ned are setting themselves up for a wedding disaster by getting married in 5 weeks. She wants to do a lot of the work herself. Edward and Mary Mae discuss Jason and Keisha. Jason and Keisha in bed together in Paris. She is already dreading going back to PC. The Deception truck is stolen from Mike and Luke. Luke takes a superficial bullet wound to the arm. Sonny fills Harry in on the Scully plan. Gloria calls Lois with the news that her wedding dress that Lois was going to borrow is ruined. Lucy wakes Kevin up with all her worry about the Luke’s plan. Luke and Mike report the truck stolen and phone in a tip that Scully will be meeting the truck at a garage. Luke calls Lucy to meet them at the police station. Ned and Lois decide that Brenda will be there “all around best person” for the wedding. Lois wants AJ in the wedding party. Luke and Mike report the hijacking of the truck to the cops. Bobbie covers for Luke at GH for his gunshot wound. Scully is busted by the PCPD.

April 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Tony she thinks Luke is in trouble again. She tells him about seeing Luke at GH. Bobbie and Tony are excited about sharing a little girl again by being godparents to Georgie. Scully is arrested. Lucy, Luke, and Mike take care of things at the PCPD. Garcia brings in Scully. Lucy “plays surprised” to see Scully in handcuffs. Scully accuses Lucy of setting him up and threatens her. Justus and Simone discuss their childhoods. They make love. Brenda and Sonny are worried about Stone still being sick with the flu. Sonny insists he see a doctor. For her safety, Luke suggests Lucy take a vacation with Kevin after Scully’s arraignment. Garcia questions Scully. Sonny learns Scully got nailed. Scully wants to see Sonny asap.

April 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie questions Luke about what he as up to. He tells her not to worry. Lucy gives Kevin a white rose and she wants him to take her away for the weekend. She tells him Scully was arrested for drugs. Kevin wants to know what her hurry is to get out of town. He agrees but she better tell him everything that happened with Scully. Gloria and Lois sweat the wedding details. Lily tells Lois she cannot be in Miguel’s video as there is too much tension. Luke offers Stone a job helping with the booking of the acts for the club, as long as he continues working on his dyslexia. (Note: Slight tracking problem during the Lucy scene) Lucy gives Alan a red rose in honor of their anniversary. Sonny meets Scully in prison. Kevin arranges for Stone to have a checkup. Lucy and a disguised Luke testify at Scully’s arraignment. Lily is uncomfortable watching Brenda and Miguel rehearse for the video and takes off. Alan invites Bobbie to the Q mansion for a drink. Scully makes bail.

April 27 - May 3, 1995:  4/27 Lucy is kidnapped, 4/28 Frisco returns home, 5/1 Luke & Sonny rescue Lucy, Scully shoots Mike, Robin visits sick Stone, 5/2 Sonny shoots Scully, 5/3

April 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Luke wants to make sure Lucy is on her way out of town. He wants to see her before she leaves. Miguel and Brenda’s video rehearsal continues. Ned tells Lois that Lily took off. Sonny tells Brenda that Scully has been arrested for drugs. AJ takes a call from Katherine’s “contact”, Howard Forbes from the EDA. He suggests AJ put an application for matching grant funds for the foundation. Jason is back from Paris. Jason and Edward are not happy about Katherine giving AJ any help. AJ insists he is just using her. AJ questions Jason about Paris. Sonny tells Luke that Scully will be coming after them. Jason gives Monica a present from Paris, saying that things are serious between him and Keisha. Lucy asks Mac to watch Sigmund, while she is away. Lucy gloats to Damian and Katherine that Scully has been arrested. Katherine is worried that Damian could be implicated. Bobbie arrives at the mansion with gifts for Paige and Emily. Lucy is nabbed. Mac sees a car race off behind The Outback with Lucy in it.

April 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Mac calls the PCPD and Kevin telling them that Lucy has been kidnapped. Monica irked with Alan’s rose from Lucy. Emily and Paige open their presents from Bobbie. Alan tells a funny story about his college days. (Note: Short video drop out during the scene) Paige has a spell, but she does not want to go to the hospital. Keisha gives Mary Mae her present from Paris. She fills her in on the trip. Katherine finds out Lucy was nabbed. While Katherine finds it amusing, Damian is worried. Kevin goes to Luke about who nabbed Lucy. Luke explains everything. Garcia questions Mac. Damian pays a visit to Scully wanting to know where Lucy is. Tony pays Felicia a visit with pizza for dinner. Damian overhears where Scully has Lucy stashed. Luke and Sonny are anxious for news on Lucy. Damian tells them he knows. He offers a temp truce to ensure Lucy’s safe return. To Felicia and Tony surprise, Frisco arrives at the apartment.

May 1, 1995 - No Commercials - Scully questions Lucy about the setup. He wants to know who helped her steal the drugs and plant them. Lucy makes up a story. Garcia just misses Sonny at the club. Robin checks in on the sleeping Stone. He is anxious to get his blood work back and find out what is ailing him. Frisco meets Georgie. Tony questions where he has been the last two months. Frisco has been laid up in Istanbul after a blow to the head. Frisco apologizes to Felicia for not being there.  Sonny and Luke arrive at the warehouse where Lucy is being held. Frisco asks Felicia how long she wants him to stay. Sonny distracts Scully while Luke rescues Lucy. (Note: Glithy picture during the scene) Sonny and Scully pull guns on each other and Mike, who followed them, takes a bullet for Sonny.

May 2, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia has a hard time talking about the future with Frisco. Frisco is ready to be responsible for his family and stay. They share a kiss, but she makes him sleep on the couch. Scully is ready to finish Mike off, so Sonny has no choice but to take him out. Sonny and Luke rush Mike to GH. After Paige is sad that so many family mementoes were left in Arizona that she wants to give to Emily, Monica offers to go and pack up her apartment. Alan is less than thrilled with Monica taking on yet another project. Mike is brought into the ER and Bobbie and Tony go to work on him. He is rushed to surgery. Garcia questions Luke and Lucy, but Luke refuses to tell him who tipped him to Lucy’s location.

May 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Mike has made it through the night after surgery. Brenda arrives at GH. Luke tells her that Scully is dead after being shot by Sonny. Mariah finds Frisco sacked out on the couch. Lois has a bad dream about not being able to find a dress for the wedding. Luke calls with the news that Mike has been shot. Kevin is relived that Lucy is okay. After getting all the details, Kevin wants a promise from her to never put herself in danger again. They make love. Frisco takes care of Georgie and Maxie for the day, while Felicia and Mariah go shopping. Frisco calls Rakim for backup. Lois and Ned arrive at GH. Sonny insists Brenda and Lois still go wedding dress shopping as planned. Brenda and Lois take a trip to “Fifi’s Bridal Barn” to look for a discount dress. After, trying on some hideous dresses, they decide the have to head to Wyndams. Ned confers with Mac about Sonny’s latest problem. Lucy tells Kevin that she has to go talk to Damian. Harry tells Sonny and Luke that word has hit the street about Scully.

May 4 - 10, 1995:  5/4, 5/5, 5/8, 5/9 Stone learns he is HIV+, 5/10 Laura returns to PC

May 4, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is glitchy in spots - Harry tells Sonny and Luke that Scully’s loyal supporters will be looking for revenge. Harry sets up security for the club. Lucy pays Damian a visit wanting to know why he tipped Luke to where Scully had her held. Damian denies even knowing Scully. Katherine walks in on them demanding to know what Lucy is doing there. Alan gives Monica her birthday present and proposes a night at Luke’s Club to see Mary Mae sing. Felicia suggests that she Frisco take Rakim to Luke’s. Luke calls Laura with the news that Scully is dead. Simone tells Justus that she sent the divorce papers to Tom in Chad and he is not there anymore. She is worried.  Sonny explains to Brenda why he had to take down Joe to save Mike’s life. Mary Mae sings at Luke’s. Luke and Luke learn that Mike has taken a turn for the worse. Mike has had a heart attack. Monica insists on going to GH.

May 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie explains to Sonny that Mike experienced severe chest pains after waking up. Monica returns to the OR for Mike’s surgery. Katherine is miffed when Damian sends champaign to Lucy’s table at Luke’s. Damian insists it is just part of the game. Later, Katherine needles AJ about giving him her contact name for the proposal for the foundation. She thinks AJ should go for a huge grant. Rakim is quite taken with Mary Mae and asks her out. Frisco realizes he has some more convincing to do where Felicia is concerned. Ned voices his concern to Lois about Sonny again. Luke tells Lily that Mike has been shot. Paige thanks Alan for his generosity. Kevin wants to see Stone about his test results tomorrow morning. Lily arrives at GH to see Sonny. Monica tells Sonny that Mike has made it through surgery.

May 8, 1995 - With Commercials - A frustrated Brenda and Luke discuss how she just can’t win with Sonny. Lily convinces Sonny to go home from GH and gets some rest. He offers to drive her home. Tony wants to know from Frisco how long he will be staying this time. Frisco tells him he is back for good if Felicia will have him. Lily whips up some food for Sonny at Kellys. They discuss his mother and his anger for Mike despite him saving his life. She tells him she understands where he is coming from. Miguel finds them together. Ned and Lois have a serious discussion about Sonny. Lois disagrees that she is in any danger or that she is wearing blinders to Sonny. Ned thinks Sonny gets a free pass because he is from Lois’s “hood”.

May 9, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica revels in her return to the OR. Lucy comes clean with Ned about all of Deception’s problems and how Scully and Damian were involved. Ned warns her that she will have to make a formal report to the ELQ board and Edward will not as forgiving as he is. Kevin tells Stone that he is HIV positive. Kevin pushes him to see a doctor. AJ double-checks his grant application. Kevin reminds Lucy that Katherine cannot reveal anything about the Deception sabotage to the ELQ board unless she wants to incriminate herself. Lucy decides to head Katherine off at the pass and warns her not to make trouble for her. Stone almost comes clean with Robin but ends up taking off. She follows him to Luke’s and he begs her to leave him alone.

May 10, 1995 - No Commercials - Mike is awake and wants to see Sonny. A worried Robin goes to Kevin to find out what is wrong with Stone. She gets upset when he can’t tell her anything. Laura brings a sick Lesley Lu to GH. Simone diagnosis her with just an ear infection. Frisco gives Bobbie some advice about her and Tony. Mike who expects at least a thank you gets nothing of the kind from Sonny. Bobbie asks Kevin what he thinks of her idea to not be so passive where Tony is concerned. Kevin warns her not to be expect a miracle. Frisco and Felicia take the girls on a picnic in the park. Felicia sees a very upset Stone. He quickly takes off. Suspecting that it has something to do with him, Robin questions Sonny about why Stone is acting so strange. When he returns home, Luke finds Laura waiting for him.

May 11 - 17, 1995:  5/11, 5/12 Scully's associates shoot up Luke’s house, club and Sonny's apartment, 5/15 Aftermath of shootout, 5/16 Laura wants Luke to move out, Stone tells Robin he is HIV+, 5/17 Frisco leaves town again

May 11, 1995 - No Commercials - Laura explains to Luke why she is back. Luke wants her and the baby to go back to Beecher’s Corners immediately. She questions why Luke won’t end his partnership with Sonny. She refuses to go back into hiding and if the kids are not safe with him around than she wants him to leave. He won’t leave her alone with danger still out there. Lois is ready to call off the wedding after she tells Ned that she can’t find one suitable wedding dress. (Note: Low audio for about 10 seconds) Lila offers Lois her wedding dress. Lila also suggests that after the rehearsal dinner the wedding party take a champaign cruise around the harbor. Keisha tells Justus she is worried about Mary Mae’s date with “the spy” (Rakim). AJ has Justus sign off on the grant applications for the foundation. Keisha finds out where Mary Mae is going on her date and sends Justus to spy on her. Justus busts in on Mary Mae and Rakim. Back at Ward house, AJ interrupts Keisha and Jason to celebrate the grant application. Lucky finds Laura at the house. Luke informs Sonny that Laura is back to stay.

May 12, 1995 - No Commercials - Robin is worried as Stone is still MIA. Sonny wants Brenda out of the apartment for a few days while he takes care of business with any of Scully’s supporters. She refuses to leave. Robin tells Mac about Stone being missing. She and Mac discuss what could be troubling him. Felicia arrives and tells Robin about seeing a very upset Stone in the park. At the ELQ board meeting, Lucy explains to the Qs about Deception’s woes. Katherine does her best to point the finger at Lucy’s pour management but the Qs keep Lucy in place as CEO. Sonny warns Damian to keep a low profile. Bobbie and Monica leave for Arizona to pack up Paige’s apartment. Katherine whines to Mac about the Qs backing Lucy. Robin checks in with Brenda about Stone. Sonny tells Luke that Scully’s men are not willing to negotiate. Robin finds Stone outside of the club. Shots are fired outside the club as Stone pushes Robin to the ground. Scully’s men shoot up the apartment shower with Brenda in it. Shots are fired at the Spencer house.

May 15, 1995 - No Commercials - After being hit, Stone is worried that his blood has gotten on Robin. She wants to take him to GH but he takes off. Luke and Sonny take out Scully’s men. A scared Laura upstairs hides the baby and gets the gun from the closet. She takes out another one the men,  who was about to shot Luke. Harry finds the scraped up but alive Brenda. Frisco starts looking for a job in the paper as Felicia razzes him. They end up making love. Brenda is relived to see that Robin is okay but learns that Stone was shot. She is frantic about Sonny. Luke reports the attack on his house to the PCPD. Sonny learns about what happened at the club. Mac arrives after learning about the shot-up at Luke’s Club.

May 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Garcia and the PCPD take statement from the Spencers and Sonny. Frisco questions why Felicia seems to be shoving him out the door. He assures her one again that he want to be in PC. Mac checks with GH and other local hospitals to see if Stone went to get help. Robin thanks Mac for helping try to find Stone. When he returns to the apartment, Brenda questions what Sonny has gotten them into. Robin decides to check the motel where she and Stone first made love. After realizing that Luke will never have things under control, Laura wants him to leave their home. Rakim informs Frisco that he just got a call from the WSB and they are needed in Paris. Frisco turns the job down, but Felicia thinks he should go. Bobbie and Monica pack up Paige’s apartment. Laura tells Lucky that Luke is leaving. Robin finds Stone in bad shape at the motel. Luke tells Lucky he is leaving to give Laura some room.

May 17, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia convinces Frisco to go to Paris as she can tell he still wants to. Despite his pleas, Robin refuses to leave Stone. She learns that he is HIV positive. Stone wants her to get tested immediately. She persuades him to get to the hospital and get his leg treated. Sonny tells Harry that Scully’s group will now be taken down. Luke wants assurances that Scully’s men will not come back to his house. Robin brings Stone to GH. Kevin explains to both of them why Stone may have tested negative in the past and now test positive. Steve takes care of Stone’s leg and recommends Alan take Stone’s case. Frisco says goodbye to Maxie and Tony.

May 18 - 24, 1995:  5/18 Anniversary of BJ's death, 5/19, 5/22 Stone has full blown AIDS, 5/23 Stone tells Sonny he has AIDS, 5/24

May 18, 1995 - No Commercials - Alan becomes Stone’s doctor. Stone explains when and how he believes he may have been exposed. Stone believes any kind of treatment is just a waste of time but Robin convinces him. After Felicia assures Tony that she is fine with Frisco leaving, he thinks she is being way too generous. Tony quickly realizes his anger is about him and his pain. Bobbie is back from Arizona. She learns about what went down at Luke’s house. Luke needs a place to crash. Tony is not wild about the idea of Luke staying, but Bobbie puts her foot down. Lucy visits BJ’s grave on the anniversary of her death. Brenda tells Lois about the apartment shootout. Lois is loaded for bear to get answers from Sonny. Alan and Kevin convince Robin to get tested for HIV. Sonny is ready to back out Luke’s club, but Luke does not see the point, as ending their partnership will not get rid of the link between them. The Jones’s visit BJ’s grave.

May 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Mike is anxious to get out of GH and learns about what happened to Luke and Sonny from Brenda. (Note: Abrupt cut to the next scene) Brenda questions whether Sonny is running the game and not just a victim. Lois questions Sonny. Sonny wants Lois to give him 6 months to prove to her that everything is over. He will pull of the L/B if anything happens. Mary Mae visits Laura as she cleans up her house. She learns just what Laura had to do to protect her family. Bobbie broaches the subject of sex with Tony. All systems seem go, but Tony can’t perform. Lois tells Miguel and Ned about her deal with Sonny. Ned is happy that Sonny has given Lois an out but they are both still worried. Later, Lois and Ned discuss the wedding and honeymoon plans. Laura allows Luke to spend the night on the couch at the house for the night. Luke tries to assure Lucky that a separation is only temporary.

May 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Robin and Stone await his test results to see how far the disease has progressed. Alan learns that Stone has full blown AIDS.  Paige and Emily go through the things Monica brought from Arizona. Seeing all of her things makes Emily sad. Gloria works on Lois’s practice wedding cake. Lois’s ex-boyfriend Danny shows up at the Cerullo house when he learns Lois is getting married. He is ready to win Lois back. Gloria threatens him with bodily harm. Kevin and Lucy commiserate about their rough days. Alan calls and wants Kevin at the hospital when he tells Stone. Lois gets a “bad feeling” about the upcoming wedding. Alan and Kevin tell Stone that his T-cell count is very low and he has advanced AIDS. He is put on AZT. Gloria calls Lois with the news that Danny dropped by but she sent him packing. Robin calls Mac and tells him she will be staying the night with Stone at the hospital.

May 23, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia has a busy morning with her girls. Robin questions if the lab could have made a mistake in Stone’s full blown AIDS diagnosis. Alan assures her that no mistake was made and releases Stone from GH. Stone worries about people’s reaction. Bobbie tells Kevin about Tony not being about to make love with her. Kevin asks her if she felt rejected. Lucky question Luke if he and Laura are really trying to work things out. Luke assures him that things will work themselves out. Stone returns home and tells Sonny that he has AIDS. He offers to leave the apartment but Sonny won’t hear of it. Luke visits Mike at GH. Mike tells him that Brenda has visited asking questions and Sonny.

May 24, 1995 - No Commercials - Lois goes over wedding details with Lila and Emily. Stone decides not to go to the wedding. He does not want Sonny to tell anyone about his condition yet. Sonny makes sure that Stone takes his meds. After seeing an infomercial for a psychic named Madame Maya, Damian has an idea for Lucy. After finding an upset Sonny, Brenda is angry when he will not tell him what is wrong. Mac is confused when Robin does not want to go to Lois and Ned’s wedding. Ned gives Mac a tip to look at Sonny’s financials in his retaliation against Scully’s men. Damian calls Madame Mia with a business proposal. They agree to meet in Chicago to discuss things. Sonny visits Kevin with his questions about Stone.

May 25 - 31, 1995:  5/25 Robin first AIDS test is negative, 5/26 Ned & Lois Wedding train departs, 5/29 Party on ship, 5/30 ship hits a sandbar and the guests have to bail water, 5/31 Ned's bachelor party

May 25, 1995 - No Commercials - Alan gives Robin her HIV results and she is negative. He warns her that she will have to be tested again in 6 months. Lucy packs for an out of town trip to France to deal with a Deception supplier. She will miss the wedding but wants Kevin to go without her. Damian offers Madame Maya a job to help break up Lucy and Kevin and steer Lucy back to him. Lily checks on Sonny. Later, they talk about how she is worried that Miguel’s career will suffer due to the problems between them. Robin tells Stone that she is HVI negative. Robin convinces Stone to go to Lois’s wedding. Emily meets Alan’s “Sydney the Bear” Sonny tells Robin that he talked with Kevin on how to help Stone.

May 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois pick the song that Mary Mae will sing at their wedding. Paige is not well enough to go to the wedding. Monica decides to stay home with her; Alan agrees to take Emily to the wedding. Later, Paige tells Monica how much she regrets missing the wedding. Sonny apologies to Laura about all the trouble he brought to her door. She does not blame him and tells him that her problems with Luke go way beyond his choice in business partners. Luke gives his regrets to Lois and Ned, as he and Laura will not make the wedding. Mary Mae wants Luke’s take on what is happening with him and Laura. The wedding guests board the train car. Katherine questions Damian about Lucy. Audrey has a bit of a reaction when she sees Justus and Simone together. Brenda has a pang of jealousy when she sees Lily and Sonny talking. Brenda suspects that Sonny told Lily what is bothering him. Lois and Ned break up their fight. Mac tries to offer Stone a job again.

May 29, 1995 - With Commercials - The wedding guests board the yacht for the rehearsal dinner. Paige is not doing well. Paige tells Monica about her late husband. Katherine hates Damian plan for Lucy and will not compete for his attention. Stone gives Sonny permission to tell Brenda about his AIDS diagnosis if it will keep the peace between them. Sonny agrees to tell her after the wedding. Sonny smoothes things over with Brenda. Lois asks Emily to be in her wedding. Bobbie is miffed when Tony loses track of time helping Maxie with a project Frisco promised to finish. Lois feels bad that Miguel and Lily are so far apart when she is so happy with Ned. Then the yacht gets close to Coney Island; Edward wants the boat pulled closer to the shore so the guests can get a better look. With Monica ready to take Paige to GH, Emily calls Paige with the news of her being in the wedding. The Q yacht hits the rocks near the shoreline.

May 30, 1995 - No Commercials - The Q yacht begins to take on water and the guests begin to panic. Paige is admitted into GH in a lot of pain. Dr. Cahill puts her on a morphine drip and tells Monica that she does not have much time. Monica has Paige sign a do not resuscitate order. Tony and Luke have a talk about their marriages. The guests have to bail water out of the yacht but it does make it to Sheepshead Bay. Back at the Cerullo house, Lois tells her mother that despite all of Ned’s money she will never get her priorities messed up. She makes Lois a bowl of pasta and they talk about her childhood. Gloria gives Lois her grandma’s rosary. Mac and the boys bust in on Ned for an impromptu bachelor party.

May 31, 1995 - No Commercials - Day of Ned and Lois’s wedding. Lois and her bridesmaids get ready. Alan finds Ned with a hangover after his night of partying. Alan helps him get ready. Alan calls home and finds out how little time Paige has left and reminds Monica that they need to get Paige’s written wishes for Emily. Brenda gives Lois a present for her honeymoon. After overhearing a conversation between Bobbie and Luke, Laura realizes that Luke was listening to everything she said about protecting their family. She doesn’t want to live without him buts she does not know any other way. Monica and Paige finalize her wishes for Emily. Danny holds up Lois just as she is about to leave for the church. With his bride now very late, Ned decides to go to the Cerullo house.

June 1 - 7, 1995:  6/1 cm Ned & Lois's wedding, 6/2, 6/5 Tom returns to PC, Sonny tells Brenda Stone has AIDS, 6/6, 6/7

June 1, 1995 - With Commercials - Mike is out of the hospital and is eager to go back to work at Luke’s. Danny pleads his case with Lois. Ned arrives and straightens things out. Mac offers to throw Robin an prom after party at The Outback. Ned and Lois make a run for the church after a cabbie is blocking the path of the limo. Lucky admits to Luke that he is finding it hard to be the man of the house and protect Laura and Lulu. Luke assures him that everything is okay and he should not blame Laura for keeping him away. Lois and Ned’s wedding and reception. Brenda, Carmine and Edward give toasts. Danny serenades Lois and Ned as an apology. Episode ends with a Lois and Ned montage with the Brooklyn Bridge backdrop.

June 2, 1995 - No Commercials - Wedding guests on the train back to PC. Stone is having a hard time with the nausea from the AZT he is taking. He passes it off as from the painkillers he is on. Kevin admits to Mac that he thinks about marrying Lucy. Paige is drifting in and out of reality. Monica prays that she will hold on till Emily gets home. Steve asks Kevin to he the head of the psychiatry dept at GH. With a bad storm rolling in, Luke decides to check on things at the Spencer house. Kevin is happy to find Lucy home from France when he gets back from the wedding. Alan and Emily return home. Emily learns that Paige has very little time left. A noise wakes up Lucky and he thinks Scully’s men are back. He ends up shooting at Luke. Justus and Simone find Tom waiting for Simone at her apartment.

June 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Tom tells Simone he has changed his mind. He has returned as he belongs with her and Tommy. Tom tells Justus that he plans to work things out with Simone. Simone makes Tom find an alternate place to stay. Luke is okay after just hitting his head after the shot was fired. Laura blows up over guns in the house and tells Luke to leave. Stone is worried that the minute he and Robin tell Mac about his AIDS, that is the end for him and Robin. Stone tells her that the wedding just reminded him of all the things he’ll never experience. Robin shows him the veil that she has of her mothers and they make vows to each other. Now that they are back in PC, Brenda wants to know what Sonny is hiding from her. He tells her that Stone has AIDS. Lois and Ned’s honeymoon. Luke apologizes to Lucky for putting too much pressure on him. Laura tells Luke that she does not feel safe with him anymore. Lucky begs his parents to figure things out together.

June 6, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone learns that Brenda knows that he is dying. Stone warns her that he is not ready for others to know yet. Luke tells Bobbie about Lucky almost shooting him. Luke admits that he does not know what to do anymore. Emily tells Paige about the wedding. Emily gets nervous when Paige drifts back to sleep in the middle of their conversation. Lucy makes Kevin breakfast. Lucy has a busy day planning the Nurse’s Ball. The theme this year is “Rainbow of Hope” and she wants Kevin to perform. Lucy sees an ad in the paper for Madame Maya’s book signing. Damian gives Mia information on Kevin. Brenda and Robin talk about Stone and Robin admits that she and Stone were not always safe. Paige gives Emily some mementoes.

June 7, 1995 - No Commercials - Justus tells Keisha and Mary Mae that Tom is back. Steve learns Tom is back. Tom wants his job back at GH. Steve has to tell him that Kevin has been given a verbal offer for his job. Tom wants his name to be given for the board approval as well. Lily gives Miguel his ring back saying she knows that they will never be happy again together. Lucy meets with her co-chair John Handley to plan the Nurse’s Ball. Katherine wants no part of Damian’s scheme for Lucy. Damian butts into Lucy and John’s table at The Outback with an offer to underwrite the ball again this year. John is eager to accept but Lucy just tells him they will entertain his offer. Miguel tells Brenda that Lily has given back his ring. Lily tells Sonny that things are over between her and Miguel. Lucy asks Mary Mae to sing at the Nurse’s Ball and she gets Luke, Lucky and Justus to be her “pips” on a Motown number. Miguel learns that Lily went straight to cry on Sonny’s shoulder about their breakup.

June 8 - 14, 1995:  6/8, 6/9 Paige (Emily’s mom) dies, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14

June 8, 1995 - With Commercials - Miguel tells Sonny to back off of Lily. Things get physical between them. Brenda tries to explain Miguel’s point of view. She reminds Sonny that they cannot afford to have Miguel walk away from L/B. Later, Brenda tries to convince Miguel to throw himself into his work and work things out with Sonny. She play moderator between them and the three of them come up with ideas for Miguel’s video, but quickly the two men argue again. Audrey assumes that Simone and Tom will be resuming their lives together as a family. Simone resents Tom just thinking he can waltz back into her life and everything is forgotten. Simone wants him to go back to Africa before Tommy knows he is back. Bobbie checks in on Alan and she convinces him to take a walk with her. Bobbie tells Alan that her making a move with Tony was a bust. Alan knows just how she feels. Emily asks for some time alone with Paige. Simone asks Justus if Tom can just ignore the divorce action. Justus questions her feelings. She tells him what she wants is him.

June 9, 1995 - With Commercials - Damian and Maya plot her first encounter with Lucy. Bobbie finds Alan sleeping on the couch. Monica and Emily have been up all night with Paige. Bobbie reminds Alan that what is happening with Paige is happening to him too. Luke tells Laura that he will not accept being kept from his kids. He wants to work things out together. Robin tells Stone that she has been doing research on patients living long lives with AIDS. Stone is having a hard time not thinking about death. Bobbie visits Paige. Emily is quick to usher Bobbie and Monica out so she can have time alone with her mom. Damian is ready to give Lucy a check for the Nurse’s Ball but she is sure there are strings attached. He wants public acknowledgment and a dance from her at the ball. Lucy literally runs into Madame Maya in The Grill. She bowls Lucy over with visions of “a duck” and “a child”. Paige passes away after a final goodbye to Emily. Tony pays Laura a visit. Laura voices her concern that she and Luke will not find their way back o one and another and her kids will blame her for not getting to grow up with their father. Lucy tells Kevin about meeting Madame Maya. Monica learns that Paige is gone.

June 12, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Kevin about all the information Madame Maya sensed about her. Kevin thinks that Maya could have been clued in by someone and is a fraud. Lucy still wants a private consultation with Maya. Brenda tells Miguel she is sorry for butting into his fight with Sonny as it just made things worse. She is scared that Miguel will leave L/B. Emily tells Monica that Paige’s last moments were not what she expected. Emily wants to make sure that Monica is not mad at her making her leave the room to be alone with Paige. Simone invites Tom over to see Tom Jr. Tom explains to Simone why he really came back. He is still very adamant about getting his family back. Lois and Ned return from their honeymoon. Lois learns that Lily and Miguel are done. Brenda puts the blame on Lily for Miguel and Sonny fighting. Monica is worried about Emily holding everything in. Emily sleeps in her mother’s bed. At her request, Ned carries Lois over the gatehouse threshold.

June 13, 1995 - No Commercials - Monica finds Emily asleep in Paige’s bed. Lucy looks around Kevin’s place to find the videotape Scott sent of Serena. Kevin and Lucy watch the tape. Lucy thinks that Maya may be her way to know Serena again. AJ brings some breakfast to Emily. Brenda and Robin have some girl talk about her upcoming prom. Robin feels weird throwing Stone into a room of kids planning their futures. AJ gets word that the Charles Street Foundation got their full grant. Lucy gets a consultation with Madame Maya. Emily tells Monica that she worries that once she leaves her mother’s room things will never be the same. Monica convinces her to take a walk with the dogs with her. Stone convinces Robin to go to the prom after she expresses doubts. Jason wants to celebrate the grant with Keisha and AJ wants in. Maya calls Damian with the news that their plan has worked perfectly.

June 14, 1995 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is slightly glitchy (tracking is off) in spots - Lucy comes up with a Wizard of Oz theme for the Nurse’s Ball. Lucky gives Laura some lip about chores that Luke would have done if he were living at home. Brenda wants to build a bridge with Lily and she wants Sonny to be there for their talk. Monica invites Lucky and Foster over to hang out with Emily. Damian has another request of Lucy for the ball: he wants to sing with her. Mac tells Robin his plan the after prom party at The Outback. Lucky and Foster pay Emily a visit. Brenda and Lily have their little chat. The conversation goes south when Brenda tells Lily to stay away from Miguel and L/B. Sonny and Brenda argue. AJ, Jason, and Keisha discuss finding more help for the foundation. Robin might just be what they are looking for and offer her a job. Edward and Lucky decide to give the puppy, Raoul, to Emily. Lucy comes up with idea to have Emily play Dorothy at the Nurse’s Ball. She is not too wild about the idea but Alan convinces her. Amy visits Laura.

June 15 - 21, 1995:  6/15, 6/16, 6/19, 6/20, 6/21 Nurse's Ball begins

June 15, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin shows up at The Outback for what he thinks is a romantic dinner with Lucy but then Tony shows up and joins them. Lucy convinces both of them to be in the Nurse’s Ball. Later, Lucy has to break the news to Kevin about Damian’s demand of a performance with her at the ball. Justus and Tom meet for a drink. Tom warns him that his fling with Simone is just retaliation. Emily meets Alan’s Sydney the Bear again. Alan suggests they watch the Wizard of Oz together to prepare for their roles. Brenda helps Robin get ready for the prom. Brenda gives her an engraved bracelet. Felicia and Maxie arrive at the Scorpio house to see Robin off to the prom. Mac sends Felicia to fish around Robin about how things are with her and Stone. Sonny gives Stone the keys to his jag for the prom. Stone picks up Robin for the prom.

June 16, 1995 - No Commercials - Justus asks Simone about her past affairs and what Tom insinuated. She explains and they agree to always be straight with each other. They end up in bed together. Simone has some explaining to do when Tom Jr. finds them in bed together. Stone and Robin at the prom. Lucy tries to make sure Kevin does not bump into her ex-lover, Tom Hardy, at Luke’s Club. But no such luck. Tom and Kevin learn they will be vying for the head of psychiatry at GH. Brenda apologies to Sonny but he is not so inclined to accept. Mike and Sonny get into it. Robin and Stone hit the after party at The Outback. Robin asks one of her bigoted classmates to leave. Mac and Felicia lament about how they would not want to relive their teenage years.

June 19, 1995 - No Commercials - Emily receives Paige’s ashes and is sad that all is left of her mother is in a box. She tells Monica that she does not know where to spread the ashes. Lucy prepares the Nurse’s Ball. Lucy feels the aura of the ballroom is off so she calls Maya for an onsite consultation. Alan gives Stone an update on his T-Cell count since being on AZT. Alan urges him to share his diagnosis with people who care about him. Later, Monica worries about how she can help Emily. AJ asks Lily to the Nurse’s Ball as his date. When Alan finds out that Emily would like to spread Paige’s in the Arizona’s desert, he suggests they take a trip. Stone has to cover when Mac sees him at GH. AJ tells Miguel about his intention to take Lily to the Nurse’s Ball just as friends. Stone tells Robin that his T-cell count is up.

June 20, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucky services Felicia’s worm farm. Amy agrees to be Lucy’s personal dresser for the ball. Tony asks Felicia and Mariah to join him and Bobbie at his table at the ball. Brenda overhears Sonny and Harry discuss their business of illegal gambling. Later, Brenda tells Lois what she overheard. Lois does not think they have any real proof and wants Brenda to keep her eyes and ears open from now on. Ned questions Damian if he thinks him underwriting the ball will shine up his image in PC. After Katherine learns Damian and Lucy are doing a dance number, Katherine tries to sabotage Lucy success at the ball. Lucy tells Robin and Stone that Ryan White’s mother Jean will be the balls guest of honor. John tells them about the AIDS quilt. Stone and John talk about his treatment. Lois comes clean with Ned about what Brenda heard. Ned reminds her that they are all compromised if Sonny is involved in what they suspect.

June 21, 1995 - No Commercials - The Nurse’s Ball begins. Lucy learns that someone ordered expensive Orchids and caviar in her name for the ball. Lucy gives Kevin a pep talk before his number. Lucy acknowledges Damian at the ball. Ned sings “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” After his performance, Ned fills Mac in on what Brenda overheard about Sonny. Lois seduces Ned backstage. Mac wants to dig something up on Harry. Alan, Emily, Tony, and Kevin do their Wizard of Oz number. Mary Mae and her “pips” perform. Luke and Lucky show off their dance moves. AJ makes a comment about AIDS, which does not sit well with Robin and Stone. Stone admits that he has AIDS.

June 22 - 28, 1995:  6/22 Nurse's Ball continues, 6/23, 6/26 Stone tells Luke he has AIDS, 6/27, 6/28 Jason throws a picnic for Stone

June 22, 1995 - No Commercials - Nurse’s Ball continues. Stone decides to tell Ned and Lois about his AIDS diagnosis before they hear it from someone else. Miguel sings Steve and Tom Jr. perform. Laura meets Mike. Luke asks Laura to talk alone and they decide to step out into the lobby. He tells her that he will not give up on them. Lucy and Damian do a number from “Annie Get Your Gun” John tells Lucy that they are $12,000 behind last year’s total. To make up the difference from Katherine’s scheming to sabotage her, Lucy is forced to perform a striptease and auction off her clothes to the citizens of PC. The Chorus Line number ends the show.

June 23, 1995 - No Commercials - Back at home, Kevin is not too happy about Lucy’s public performance with Damian. Lucy agrees to keep a healthy distance from Damian and she and Kevin end up in bed together. Katherine is in a snit over Lucy and gives Damian the cold shoulder. Katherine suspects that Damian’s game with Lucy has very little to do with getting revenge. Stone has mixed feeling about telling everyone the truth. Robin tells Mac that Stone has AIDS. She has to tell him that she and Stone were not always safe. She tells Mac about Felicia and her discussing going on the pill. Brenda confronts Sonny about the conversation she overheard between him and Harry. Sonny lies and tells her that Harry was just asking his advice. Sonny convinces her that there is no way he could finance such an operation even if he were involved. Mac tells Felicia about Robin and Stone. He is angry about Felicia’s talk with Robin about the pill. But realizes he is just trying to find someone to blame.

June 26, 1995 - No Commercials - Stone tells Luke about having AIDS. Luke assures him that he will always have a job at the club for as long as he wants it. After reading about it in the newspaper, Lucy wants to go to Madame Maya’s book signing. As he knows that Lucy is desperate for information on Serena, Kevin warns her to be careful. Robin tries to convince Mac that Stone is the one that they need to be worried about. Mac goes to see Kevin for help. He speaks with Alan about Robin’s testing. Mac is quick to blame himself. Luke has some very comforting words for Robin. Lucy goes to the book signing and she requests another personal meeting with Madame Maya. Luke goes to see Lulu and Laura. Robin notices a change in Stone’s attitude since receiving everyone’s positive support.

June 27, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy has a personal session with Madame Maya. Luke tells Laura about Stone having AIDS. Their talk quickly changes gears to them and Laura wants Luke to tell Lucky that he can’t spend time at Luke’s Club this summer. Jason visits Stone. Jason asks if Stone would like to be his workout partner at the Q gym. Robin visits Felicia and tells her that the only thing she can do right now is concentrate on Stone. Later, Tony finds Felicia crying and she tells him about Stone. Bobbie walks in on them and gets the wrong idea. She feels terrible when Tony sets her straight. Luke invites Lucky on a camping trip. Mac goes to Laura wanting information on Sonny. Sonny warns Harry that they have to be more careful about the way the conduct business. Lucy is eager to tell Kevin about her session but he does not want to hear any hogwash about auras.

June 28, 1995 - No Commercials - Jason arranges a picnic at the Q boathouse for his friends. He invites Emily, who in turn invites Lucky. Sonny and Lily discuss Stone. Miguel and Brenda rehearse some dance moves. Jason invites Brenda, Miguel, and Lois to the picnic. Brenda tells Lois that she freaked out over nothing as Sonny explained everything about his conversation with Harry. Brenda learns that Lois told Ned. Miguel joins Stone, AJ, and Jason for a workout. The picnic gets into full swing. Miguel and Brenda dancing on the edge of the lake fall into together just as Sonny arrives. Sonny makes a crack about it not being a wet shirt contest and he and Brenda argue.  They quickly smooth things over and things get steamy inside the Q boathouse. Bobbie tells Ruby about overreacting about Tony and Felicia.

June 29 - July 5, 1995:  6/29, 6/30, 7/3, 7/4 4th of July picnic, 7/5

June 29, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin apologies to Lucy. Katherine lends an ear to Mac who vents about Robin and how he feels responsible. Damian gives Maya information on stocks for her to feed to Lucy. Later she drops hints to Lucy about a company called Woodland Glen. Steve is torn between Tom and Kevin as the head of psychiatry. The GH board approves Monica’s Wellness Center. While Alan supported Monica in the endeavor he did make an innocent comment to another doctor that she takes as him trying to sabotage the center. They later argue. The board is deadlocked on the Tom or Kevin issue and Steve has to break the tie. Lucy buys stock in Woodland Glen. Kevin is approved by the board for the head of psychiatry. Steve tells Tom that he voted for Kevin. Kevin and Lucy celebrate the news.

June 30, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Ruby that she thinks Laura is being unfair by kicking Luke out. Bobbie and Laura exchange words when Bobbie makes some snide comments. Mac asks Felicia if she is ready to come back to work at the PI Agency. He sends Felicia on a mission. She agrees to help out with his Sonny investigation. Felicia meets with Fritz to make an illegal bet and open a line of credit for $5,000. He refers her to the credit department (Ronny). Mac sees Stone in front of Kellys. Mac is very angry and blows him off. Felicia meets with Ronny and Harry and she gets her line of credit after they check her out. Tom tells Simone he lost to Kevin as head of the dept. Stone tells Sonny about his run in with Mac and Sonny confronts him. Felicia breaks up their fight.

July 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Felicia fills Mac in on what happened between her and Harry. Felicia listens to the horse race she bet on and she wins big. Mac is thrilled, as Felicia will now be Harry’s best customer. Tom tells Simone about what happened when he was working in Rwanda. Monica tells Bobbie about Alan trying to undermine her. Bobbie calls Monica out for her finding fault with Alan when all he has done is be supportive. Monica tells her to mind her own business. Justus and Laura talk about her feelings toward Luke. Bobbie tells Alan that she went to bat for him and Monica and she argued. Bobbie and Alan agree to have a commiserative drink at The Outback. Monica admits to Ned that she was wrong. Tom offers his congrats to Kevin and gives him his resume for a staff position. Mac and Felicia plot to plant a bug in Harry’s office. AJ and Jason decide to hold a press conference to announce the grant approval. Robin is upset at Mac’s lack of compassion when he tells her that he and Stone had words.

July 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Bobbie talks things out with Kevin about her feelings with Tony and Felicia. Kevin urges her to talk things out with Tony. Mac wants a meet with Ned. Felicia places another bet and plants a bug in Harry’s office. Fourth of July in the PC park. Mac and Felicia tell Ned about the bug. Bobbie apologizes to Felicia and Tony for jumping to the wrong conclusions. Alan and Monica make peace. Lily tells Sonny that her father is in the hospital after taking a bullet. Tom and Felicia spend some time together at the picnic. Lucy asks Edward is he has heard anything about Woodland Glen. PC residents read lines of the Declaration of Independence and enjoy the fireworks.

July 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Kevin that her Woodland stock is on the rise. Later, she meets with Maya again for dinner. Lucy wants to know when she should sell. Mac and Felicia listen in on Sonny’s meeting with Harry. They hear the two men talk about Rivera. Katherine wants in on the Charles St Foundation press conference. The Qs and Wards hold a press conference at the foundation. AJ gets high marks for a job well done. Tom accuses Justus of using his Q connection to further his career. Mac and Felicia share their hot information with Ned.  Katherine tells Damian she plans to use Tom to expose Justus and the foundation, as they hate each other.

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