Complete GH Episodes, 1993

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1992 - January 5, 1993:   12/29 Ryan goes to see Felicia, 12/30 Mac & Feicia go to the cabin to search for evidence and find the rings, 12/31 New Year's Eve Party, 1/4 Dom gives Lucy a job, 1/5/93 Felicia's trial for the attempted murder of Ryan begins, Monica testifies [Episode Descriptions]

January 6-12, 1993:  1/6 Trial continues, Jagger & Karen go to the cabin, 1/7, 1/8, 1/11, 1/12 [Episode Descriptions]

January 13-19, 1993: 1/13 Felicia is declared guilty, Brenda takes photos of Karen as she showers, 1/14, 1/15, 1/18 Dom has a possible tumor, Scott & Dom flashbacks to "I Will Always Love You", 1/19, (no show aired on 1/20) [Episode Descriptions]

January 28 - February 3, 1993:  1/28, 1/29 Dom tells Scotty about her illness, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3 Marco & Reginald in Hollywood [Episode Descriptions]

February 4-10, 1993:  2/4, 2/5, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10 [Episode Descriptions]

February 11-17, 1993:  2/11 Felicia's hospital hearing, 2/12 cm. Scotty & Dominique remarry, Valentine's Dance with Karen, Jagger, Jason, Brenda, 2/15 wedding continues, Valentine's dance continues, 2/16 Lucas' custody hearing, Sean Kannan begins as AJ, 2/17 Hearing continues, Ryan visits Felicia [Episode Descriptions]

February 18-24, 1993:  2/18 (missed 3 mins due to news report), 2/19, 2/22, Bill has a flashback to Victoria (Teri Garber), Tony & Bobbie win custody of Lucas, 2/23 Scotty & Dom in mt cabin, Mac plans to break Felicia out of the hospital, 2/24 Jason & Jagger fight [Episode Descriptions]

February 25 - March 3, 1993:  2/25, 2/26 cm, 3/1 Tiffany delivers Lucas to Tony & Bobbie, 3/2 Mac rescues Felicia and they make their getaway, 3/3 [Episode Descriptions]

March 4-10, 1993:  3/4 Lucy masquerades as Victoria, 3/5 Lucy back from Portugal, Brenda & Julia have a big fight, 3/8, 3/9 Bill has flashbacks, 3/10 [Episode Descriptions]

March 11-17, 1993:  3/11 Scott & Lucy plan a party for Dom, Mac & Felicia meet with Sean, 3/12 Scott & Dom go ice skating then have a fancy dinner, Gary Morris sings to her "If Tommorrow Never Comes" and "Bread and Water", 3/15 Jason & AJ at the gym, Someone from Ryan's past shows up, 3/16, 3/17 [Episode Descriptions]

March 18-24, 1993:  3/18, 3/19 Scott & Dom talk about a baby, 3/22 Dom in the hosp temporarily blind, 3/23 AJ finds the cancelled check Alan paid Nikki off with, 3/24 Ryan gets rid of Michelle (Gloria Renaldi's friend) [Episode Descriptions]

March 25-31, 1993:  3/25, 3/26 Dom asks Lucy to be a surrogate mom, 3/29 AJ confronts Alan about the check, 3/30, 3/31. [Episode Descriptions]

April 1-7, 1993:  4/1 GH 30th Anniversary Episode, 4/2, 4/5, 4/6 (:35 mins, about 8 mins missing), 4/7 [Episode Descriptions]

April 8-14, 1993:  4/8, 4/9 Dom falls ill and is taken to GH,  4/12, 4/13, 4/14 missed 4 mins news interrupt [Episode Descriptions]

April 15-21, 1993:  4/15 Bill & Victoria dream sequence, 4/16 Tony confirms Lucy is pregnant, 4/19 (missed 1/2 Waco news report), 4/20 Dom & Scotty flashbacks, Sean sleeps with Jessica, 4/21 [Episode Descriptions]

April 22-28, 1993:  4/22 Scott & Dom have a Parisian fantasy dinner, 4/23 Sean tries to rattle Ryan with news of Felicia's death, 4/26, 4/27 (line thru) cm, 4/28 [Episode Desciptions]

April 29 - May 5, 1993: 4/29 Felicia's memorial, 4/30, 5/3, 5/4 cm Bill learns the truth from Victoria, Dom dies in Scott's arms, 5/5 Scotty & Dom flashbacks, Scotty & Lucy pick out a dress to put on Dom for her funeral [Episode Descriptions]

May 6-12, 1993:  5/6, 5/7 Dominque's funeral, Scotty & Lucy go to the cemetary,Tiffany learns she is pregnant, 5/10 Mac & Felicia flashbacks, 5/11, 5/12 [Episode Descriptions]

May 13-19, 1993:  5/13, 5/14 Ryan flips out, Regina Ball sings at Dom's memorial, 5/17, 5/18 Lucy faints when she sees Felicia in the attic, 5/19 [Episode Descriptions]

May 20-26, 1993:  5/20 Reading of Dom's will, 5/21 Tracy accidentally hits Jenny with her car 5/24 Felicia appears before Ryan as a ghost, 5/25 Ryan discovers Felicia is not dead and chases her, 5/26 cm Mac rescues Felicia from Ryan, Karen helps Jagger search for Stone, Tiffany is shocked to see Felicia alive! [Episode Descriptions]

May 27 - June 2, 1993:  5/27, 5/28 Ryan terrorizes Steve & Audrey, Jenny regains consciousness, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2 Mac & Felicia fly to Texas [Episode Descriptions]

June 3-8, 1993: 6/3 Victoria regains her sight, Lucy goes to Vegas to get Scott, 6/4 Ryan has kidnapped Maxie, 6/7 cm Jagger finds his sister Gina, 6/8 cm [Episode Descriptions]

June 9-15, 1993:  6/9 cm Mac & Sean rescue Felicia, Ryan falls off the cliff,  6/10 (no end credits), 6/11 High School Prom with Brenda, Jason, Robin, Karen & Jagger, 6/14 Prom continued, 6/15 [Episode Descriptions]

June 16-22, 1993:  6/16 Tracy takes Marco's money and leaves town with baby Dillon, seductive scene as Felicia's shaves off Mac's beard, 6/17 AJ & Jagger boxing match, 6/18 Mac & Felicia share at romantic evening alone at the Outback (lots of kissing), 6/21 Katherine arrives, 6/22 Ray arrives, Brenda & Jagger photo shoot [Episode Descriptions]

June 23-29, 1993: 6/23, 6/24, 6/25 Mac & Felicia date, Karen & Jason HS grad, 6/28 Mac & Felicia make out, Party at the Quartermaine's, 6/29 Ryan is transfered to jail, Jessica tells Sean she might be pregnant [Episode Descriptions]

June 30 - July 6, 1993:  6/30, 7/1, 7/2, 7/5, 7/6 [Episode Descriptions]

July 7, 1993 - January 4, 1994

Expanded Descriptions

December 29, 1992 - January 5, 1993:   12/29 Ryan goes to see Felicia, 12/30 Mac & Feicia go to the cabin to search for evidence and find the rings, 12/31 New Year's Eve Party, 1/4 Dom gives Lucy a job, 1/5/93 Felicia's trial for the attempted murder of Ryan begins, Monica testifies

December 29, 1992 - No Commercials - The press bothers Felicia at her apartment at the Brownstone. Jenny tells Julia that she believes under all Ned’s anger, he still loves her. Jenny sees Ned bring Julia a rose. Jenny asks Ned if he and Julia were involved. Scott tells Mac and Felicia that they must go back to the cabin. Tiffany wants to renege on going to Bobbie’s for their court ordered supervised visit with Lucas. Sean makes her go. Ryan plays the dedicated doctor role at GH. Sean and Tiffany bring Lucas over to see Bobbie and Tony’s for a supervised visit. Ned and Julia have dinner, but she is still upset about the scene with Jenny. Ned doesn’t care if Jenny thinks they are having an affair. Ryan makes an appearance at Felicia’s apartment. Mac offers Jenny a job. When Sean confronts Ryan about going to Felicia’s apartment, he denies it saying he has been at GH all evening.

December 30, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia and Maxie spend the night with Mac and Robin. Jenny tells Ned she will be out of the gatehouse today. Tracy insists to Paul that it was never her intention for Ned to hear the tape.  Tracy tells Paul his happily ever after with Jenny will never a happen. Mac thinks there may be ashes of the wedding dress in the fireplace where Felicia burned it. Ryan fishes around Tom for information on Felicia. Jenny accuses Julia of pretending to be her friend and sleeping with Ned. Paul tells Tracy he is seeing a lawyer after the first of the year. Tracy tells him she will have full custody of Dillon if he does. At the cabin, Mac finds remnants of the wedding dress. Alan and Monica push AJ to go to rehab. AJ tells them he doesn’t care if he lives or dies. At GH, Robin tells Ryan off when he asks about Felicia. Alan convinces AJ to go to rehab. Mac and Felicia find the wedding rings that Ryan brought to the cabin. Paul moves out of the Q mansion. Paul offers Jenny help to move out of the gatehouse.

December 31, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul helps Jenny moves into her new apartment. Ned and Julia attend the NYE party at The Grill. Bill finds out that everyone that lost a painting has been invited to the party. Mac and Felicia tell Scott about what they found at the cabin. Scott tells Sean that the police missed evidence at the cabin. With their curiosity peaked, Bill and Holly make an appearance at the party. Dominique thinks Julia should be careful as Ned is on the rebound. All of the paintings that were stolen are returned but Bill’s. Halifax is revealed as the host of the NYC bash. Halifax tells Bill that he is sorry but he could not locate his painting. Jenny gets a little tipsy and things get hot and heavy with Paul. He puts the brakes on as she has had a lot to drink. Brenda and Jagger end up back at her hotel suite and in bed. Ned and Julia make love.  Mac assures Felicia that things well get better.

January 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia and Ned wake up in bed together. She wants to know if he has any regrets about last night. A social worker surprises Sean and Tiffany for a home visit. Mac tells Felicia that he may have found the jeweler that sold Ryan the rings. Lucy learns all the paintings but Bill’s have been returned. Halifax lets Lucy know he has no intention of paying her for the heist. Mac and Felicia strike out at the first jewelry store. Lucy wants Julia to let back into Deception. Julia offers her the Deception Spa manager position. Dominique gets a dizzy spell.  Sean tells Mac and Felicia that the ashes proved that a satin material was in the fire. Bill thinks he and Holly can find out more here than if they went to Paris. Halifax does indeed have Bill’s “Summer in Province”. Mac gets served with a subpoena to testify for the prosecution.   

January 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan tries to talk with an obviously hurting Tracy, but she tears his head off. Brenda and Jagger flirt in front of Karen. Lucy tells Scott she is staying in PC to manage the spa. Tom is going to talk with Steve about Ryan working at GH. A social worker visits Tony and Bobbie at the brownstone and interviews them. Marco wants to take Lucy to dinner to celebrate her new job. Felicia’s trial resumes. Edward tells Tracy that she must get Paul’s ELQ stock back in the divorce. Karen learns that Jason will not be back in time to drive her to her college interview. Jagger offers to take her. Jessica questions the first police officer at the scene of the crime at the cabin. Monica also testifies about how serious Ryan’s injuries were when he was brought into GH. Marco offers to keep tabs on Paul for Tracy. Tom thinks Steve should ask Ryan to take a leave of absence from the hospital. Ryan takes the stand and recounts his version of what happened at the cabin. Robin lets Brenda know that Jagger has taken Karen to her college interview.

January 6-12, 1993:  1/6 Trial continues, Jagger & Karen go to the cabin, 1/7, 1/8, 1/11, 1/12

January 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen is late showing up to see the dean for her scholarship. Brenda is peeved with Jagger for taking Karen to meet with the dean as she thinks Karen has the hots for him. Jason overhears her talking. Scott continues his questioning of Ryan on the stand. Ryan says he is in love with Felicia. Scott has Ryan recount the time he and Felicia spend at the cabin. Jason tells Brenda that she is just jealous as Jagger is not as interested in her as she would like. Jenny apologies for throwing herself at Paul on New Years. Jenny and Julia slap each other after they come to blows over Julia sleeping with Ned. Karen is excited as her meeting goes well and she has a good chance of getting her scholarship. Mac tells Scott that he wants to have a convenient loss of memory on the stand but Scott tells him he must tell the truth. A snowstorm drives Jagger and Karen to stop as his bike can go on further. They need to look for shelter. Jessica and Scott question Mac on the stand. The prosecution rests. Jagger and Karen find an abandoned cabin to stay in for the night. Paul takes Jenny ice-skating and she hurts her ankle. Mac is worried that his testimony has damaged Felicia's case.

January 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Julia hopes that Jenny will come to the party for the Deception Spa opening as she designed it. Paul brings Jenny breakfast and he nudges her to go the opening. Jason is worried, as no one has heard from Karen and Jagger. Marco convinces Lucy to give him the masseur job at the spa. Paul convinces Jenny to go to the opening. Bill tells Holly that Halifax has still not come up with his painting yet. Karen admits to Jagger that she was going to tell him her feelings but she heard him in bed with Brenda. He tells her it is not too late for them and kisses her. Sean tells Bill he is already investigating Halifax. Bill is convinces that Halifax stole the paintings. The Deception Spa Opening party gets underway. Sean accuses Halifax of stealing the paintings. After lying to Jason and Brenda so they can spend more time together, Karen and Jagger play in the snow. After Ned makes a snide comment about Jenny, Paul decks him. Jagger and Karen arrive back at Kelly to a waiting Jason and Brenda. Julia questions whether Ned still has feelings for Jenny.

January 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda wakes up in Jagger's bed but he fell asleep on her the night before. Sean is irked with Tiffany over the stories he has seen on Felicia's case that make Ryan look like a saint. Felicia's defense begins in court today. Rhonda is angry when Karen seems to be leaning toward Jagger over Jason. Jagger almost gets expelled for missing another class due to the storm, but Karen comes to his defense. Tom takes the stand and one of his audio tapes from his session with Felicia is played. Bobbie sees Lucas at the park and takes him to GH when he complains about his stomach hurting. Mac finds the store where Ryan bought the wedding ring for Felicia. Monica offers to help Karen with a letter of recommendation for her scholarship. Jason invites Karen to a ski weekend in 3 weeks. Bobbie arrives with Lucas at GH. Sean takes the stand (Note: Glitchy picture in the very beginning of the scene) Tiffany learns that Lucas is at GH. Felicia takes the stand in her defense. Jagger breaks up with Brenda. Tiffany arrives at GH and learns that Lucas is unconscious.

January 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Halifax has some information for Bill about Bishop pharmaceuticals. Tiffany and Bobbie are worried that Simone will not be able to stabilize Lucas's blood sugar levels. Jessica cross-examines Felicia. Scott enters the wedding ring into evidence despite Jessica's objections. Halifax tells Holly that she should convince Bill to sell his shares in Bishop. Simone tells Bobbie and Tiffany that Lucas will be fine. Scott lays out his case and questions the jeweler that sold Ryan the wedding ring. Jessica recalls Ryan to the stand and explains that he was going to propose to Felicia. Bobbie and Tiffany argue when Bobbie insinuates that she and Tony are better capable to take care of Lucas. Tiffany refuses to let Tony see Lucas at GH. Scott questions Ryan. Sean tells Bobbie and Tony that he will talk to Tiffany. Scott and Jessica give their closing arguments. Halifax reviews his dossier on Bill. 

January 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda walks in on Ned in Julia's hotel suite. Dominique finds Scott sleeping at his desk in his office. He is worried that there is not enough evidence to support Felicia's testimony. Lucy tells Marco she has a trump card. Tracy wants to know what Marco has come up with on Paul and Jenny. Brenda tells Julia she is moving into the PC Hotel. Brenda wants a thank you for helping Julia get Ned by planting the cassette tape in his car. Felicia wants Bobbie and Tony to take Maxie if she is convicted. Felicia makes a scene at GH when Ryan tries to talk with her. Tracy tells Ned that she did dig up dirt on Jenny but she did not put the tape in his car. Dominique tells Tony that she has been having headaches and dizziness. Lucy realizes her charms will not work on Scott. Ned tells Julia that the airline deal will go through despite the objections of Sen. Kensington. And she and Scott make love, Dominique has a dizzy spell. Scott and Felicia learn the jury is in.

January 13-19, 1993:  1/13 Felicia is declared guilty, Brenda takes photos of Karen as she showers, 1/14, 1/15, 1/18 Dom has a possible tumor, Scott & Dom flashbacks to "I Will Always Love You", 1/19, (no show aired on 1/20)

January 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda sees Jagger and Karen kiss in the school hallway. Sean is upset with Tiffany over her manipulation of Lucas. Brenda plays it off like seeing Jagger with Karen does not bother her. Jason is hoping Karen will change her mind and go to PCU and not go away to college. Brenda tells Karen off for stealing Jagger from her. Karen calls her a slut. Felicia is found guilty but the judge orders a psychological evaluation on her. Felicia is released on bail. Ryan and Mac get into it at the courthouse. Brenda develops some photos she took of Karen in the locker room shower. Scott is already ready to file an appeal tomorrow morning on Felicia's behalf. Bobbie and Tiffany come to blows again. Brenda plants the photos of Karen in the school lockers. Mac insists to Felicia he will not give up. Ryan has slipped up somewhere and they will find it. Sean is angry with Tiffany for arguing with Bobbie after what happened with Felicia. Tiffany calls social services.

January 14, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly wants to talk Halifax with Lucy. Bill has to cancel on Sly for his father son banquet, as he has to go out of town. Jagger wants to know when Karen is going to break up with Jason. Jason finds the Karen photo in his locker. Jenny shows Paul some sketches she is working on for her new apartment. Lucy insists to Holly that she does not know Halifax but Holly suspects that she was working with Halifax in the painting theft. (Note: Glitchy picture during the scene) Sly calls Bill selfish and storms out of Kellys. Paul and Jenny refinish her bed frame. Halifax barges in on Holly and Lucy's conversation. Bill interrupts Jenny and Paul to ask her to baby-sit for Sly. Karen is humiliated when the whole school is talking about her. Jenny tells Bill to find someone else to baby-sit Sly as she feels he takes advantage of her just because she is his sister. Jagger confronts Brenda. Bill finds a bug in his room. He and Holly put on show for whoever is listening. Jason finds Karen crying on the docks. Halifax wants to make sure Lucy does not plan to rat him out.

January 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill and Holly continue their show for Haliflax's bug. Karen knows that it was Brenda who took the photo of her and they come to blows. Scott preps Felicia on her meeting later with the probation board. Brenda insists to Robin that she did not take the photos of Karen. When Karen wants to stay home from school, Jason shows up her apartment to convince that everything will be okay. Scott tells Mac he needs concrete evidence for an appeal and Mac has to get it. Felicia meets with the probation board.  Holly meets with Halifax while Bill breaks into his hotel room. Jagger gets expelled when he gets into a fight with some classmates over Karen's photos. Holly and Halifax walk in on Bill in Halifax's suite. Mac suggests Felicia, Maxie and he run.

January 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott is frustrated when he can't find any angles for an appeal for Felicia. Felicia thinks running is crazy but Mac reminds her she is looking at 25 years in prison and prison will be worse than she can imagine. Holly and Bill stage a fight for Halifax's benefit. Mac wants to leave PC with Felicia tonight. Dominique meets with Tony about her severe headaches and he wants to run a cat-scan. Tom loses his cool when Ryan brings up Felicia. Simone thinks Tom is being unfair to Ryan. Bill and Holly continue their fake fight back in their room for Halifax's bug. Tony tells Dominique that she has a spot on her brain and that only an MRI will determine if she has a tumor. Mac admits to Sean that he is leaving town with Felicia and that he wants Sean not to come after them. Felicia tells them both that she has reconsidered and she is not going to leave. (Note: News brief interrupts the scene: 3 Minutes lost) Holly and Bill make their “breakup” public and put on show for the patrons of Kellys. Dominique does not tell Scott about her test. Felicia explains to Mac why she can't go on the run with her daughter. Halifax hears Holly and Bill “breakup”. Episode ends with a Scott and Dominique montage.   

January 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen returns to school and Jason helps her through the day. Julia learns that Bill and Holly broke up. Sly is still upset that Bill is leaving town. Jenny apologies to Bill for their fight and Sly can stay with her. The Quartermaines plan a family dinner. Ned wants to invite Julia as his date. The Q's get a letter from AJ from the rehab. Jagger cleans out his locker. Tracy tells Ned she has had Bill and Paul evicted from their offices at ELQ. Brenda and Robin tell Karen that Jagger has been thrown out of school. Paul tells Tracy he is fighting the eviction. The Q's have their family dinner. Edward tells Tracy it was a mistake to evicted Bill considering how much ELQ stock he has. Brenda is hoping that Jagger has changed his mind about them but he is not interested. Jagger tells Ruby about his expulsion and quits Kellys. He is leaving town and leaves a letter for Karen. Paul and Jenny cause a scene at the Quartermaines and they get into it with Tracy and Ned. Bill and Holly fake another fight for the bug and end up in bed together. Karen learns Jagger is gone and reads his letter.

January 21-27, 1993:  1/21 Dom she has a malignant melanoma, 1/22, 1/25  Felicia is sent to a mental hospital, 1/26, 1/27 (beg cut)

January 21, 1993 - No Commercials - Paul is looking in the paper for some new office space. When Lucy see Dominique at GH, she thinks that Dominique is pregnant. Scott tells Felicia her appeal has been turned down. Dominique has her MRI. Jenny wants Paul to take an hour off work and go to the spa. Tracy tells Marco that he has till midnight to get something on Paul and Jenny. Felicia packs up Maxie's things to go stay with Bobbie and Tony. Lucy tells Scott that she knows now that they are history. Tony tells Dominique that she has a brain tumor and it's inoperable. Tony tells her she has 6 months or less to live. Jenny surprises Paul at the spa. Marco and Tracy get into it with Jenny and Paul at the spa complete with mud flinging. Lucy breaks it up. Scott and Dominique make love. Felicia tells Mac all the things she will miss about her life. End montage with Felicia, Mac, Dominique, Scott, Lucy, Paul, and Jenny.

January 22, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger scores a mechanic job in a shop and a place to live. Felicia does not want Robin to go to the courthouse for her sentencing. They say goodbye. Ryan tells Simone he is just as torn up as everyone else is about Felicia going to jail. Sean tells Ryan he should do the descent thing and plead for a lighter sentence for Felicia. Mac gives Felicia his good luck charm and vows to get her out of jail as soon as possible. Karen tells Jason about Jagger leaving PC. Felicia drops off Maxie at the brownstone and they say goodbye. A social worker meets with Bobbie about her not being truthful about her past. Bobbie learns that a phone call was placed and is sure that it was Tiffany that tipped off the social worker. Brenda breaks into Karen's locker and reads the letter from Jagger. Karen finds that Jagger's letter is missing. At the courthouse, Bobbie confronts Tiffany. The parole board psychiatrist testifies that Felicia is delusional. Karen and Brenda come to blows after she learns Brenda read her letter. The judge gives Ryan the chance to speak before Felicia is sentenced.

January 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy wants her money from the art heist from Halifax. Ryan testifies that Felicia needs help not punishment. Lucy tells Halifax about the scam Bill ran on her and how she was forced to give Bill his name. Lucy gets half her money for now. Sean breaks up another fight between Bobbie and Tiffany. Felicia tells the court she doesn't understand why they believe Ryan and not her. Holly views a painting in Halifax's suite and they have lunch. Dominique faints after an argument with Lucy at the spa. Felicia is sentenced to 5 to 15 years in a state mental hospital. Bobbie tells Scott that Tiffany set the ground rules and she can play dirty too. Dominique arrives at GH and Lucy finds out she has a brain tumor. Dominique swears her to secrecy, as she has not told Scott yet. Sean learns that Tiffany called social services and tipped them off to Bobbie's past. Tony tells Dominique that her episodes will become more frequent and she has some decisions to make. Sean arranges for Mac to see Felicia before she is transferred.

January 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Bobbie needs to see Scott immediately about the custody case. Felicia sees her room in the mental hospital and insists she does not belong there. Mac and Sean make a plan to recheck everything they have on Ryan. Scott wants to renew his vows to Dominique on Valentines Day. Sean thinks Tiffany is out of control when it comes to the custody case. He feels that their marriage is not a priority for her. Bobbie tells Scott that she wants to dig into Tiffany's past. Scott tells her he wants no part in her plan. Sean gives all the police records and court transcripts on Ryan to Mac. Felicia meets fellow patient Cathy and she warns Felicia that Jimmy, the attendant, can't be trusted. Bobbie wants Mac to recommend a good PI. Marco overhears them talking. Dominique has a follow up checkup with Tony and he pushes her to tell Scott the truth. Lucy realizes just how much Scott loves Dominique. Jimmy wants to be “friends” with Felicia. Marco offers his services to Bobbie but she turns him down. 

January 27, 1993 - No Commercials - Tony is not too happy with Bobbie looking into hiring a PI. Ned wants to take Julia to Sun Valley as Sen. Kensington will be there. Ned wants to apply more pressure on him regarding the airline deal. Angela learns that Jenny's marriage is over and she suspects that she was having an affair with Paul. Angela wants Jenny to save her marriage. Monica tells Alan that she is having a hard time getting past what he did to AJ. Marco gets the scoop on Bobbie from Amy. Angela tells Ned it was her fault that Jenny lied about her affair with the senator. Alan tells Tony he is not sure that he and Monica can work out their problems this time. Paul and Jenny hit The Outback as do Ned and Julia. Alan has drinks with Meg and Amy. Marco convinces Bobbie to hire him. Jenny tells Paul she knows now that she never should have married Ned as she was just on the rebound from him. Ned and Julia make love.

January 28 - February 3, 1993:  1/28, 1/29 Dom tells Scotty about her illness, 2/1, 2/2, 2/3 Marco & Reginald in Hollywood

January 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Ned and Julia in Sun Valley. Felicia is duped by a fellow patient. Mac gets a phone call from Nelson Seiger, who tells him he saw Ryan's wife the day she was murdered. They make plans to meet. Julia is worried that the audio tape will go public. Paul moves into his new office. Halifax wants to rent part of the space from Paul and wants to hire Jenny to decorate it. Paul thinks that Bill will not like the idea, as he dislikes Halifax. Ned gives Kensington a copy of the tape to listen to. Later Kensington calls Jenny and makes it clear that she must stop Ned. Felicia has a session with Dr. Leonard to decide which ward she will be placed in. Mac meets Nelson and realizes he is a fake. After believing that she faked her amnesia, Leonard places Felicia on floor #2 with the highly unstable patients. Julia twists her angle on the sloops. She and Ned make love. Paul tells Jenny he intends on stopping Ned from exposing her. An upset Felicia calls home telling Mac that if she stays in the hospital much longer she will lose her mind.

January 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda accuses Karen of stringing along Jason. Lucy visits Dominique to see if there is anything she can do for her. Lucy lies when Scott wants to know why she is at his apartment. Jagger comes clean with his boss about why he left PC. Halifax tells Holly that he has learned that Bill is in Japan not Paris. Marco looks into Tiffany's past and fishes around Lucy for information as well. Jason tells Karen that they will be the King and Queen of the Valentines Day school dance. Jagger calls Ruby as he needs wage earnings from last year for his new employer. Sneaky Brenda gets Jagger's new address. Karen tells Rhonda that she has feelings for Jagger but he left town. Karen wants to tell Jason the truth as she can't hide her true feelings. Rhonda does not want her to sacrifice her relationship with Jason as Jagger is gone. Marco asks Tracy for the dirt on Tiffany. Brenda shows up at Jagger's work after tracking him down. Scott takes Dominique to an old church where he wants to renew their vows. Brenda finds Jagger. Bill lies to Holly and insists he is in Paris not Japan.

February 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique tells Scott that she is dying. Felicia has a nightmare about Maxie forgetting her. Ryan shows up at the brownstone to give Maxie a present. When Bobbie calls Mac and tells him about Ryan, he insists on coming over to stay the night at Bobbie's. An unbelieving Scott wants Dominique to get a second opinion. With the roads now bad, Brenda has to stay with Jagger. Karen is not wild about all the hype she and Jason would receive as king and queen at the school dance. Felicia calls the brownstone and Mac tells her he is coming tomorrow to see her. Jagger and Brenda talk about their childhood's. Jagger puts the brakes on when she kisses him though. When Karen admits that she has feeling for Jagger, Jason thinks they should put things on hold for a while. The next morning, Karen tells Jason that Jagger is gone and she wants to see what happens with him. Dominique wants to make the most of the time she has left with Scott. Jimmy is irritated when he hears a male friend is coming to visit Felicia. Ryan shows up to see Felicia. 

February 2, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott wants answers from Tony. Felicia throws a fit when Ryan tries to talk her. The doctors sedate her. Mac has to explain things when Maxie wants to go see her mommy with him. Marco comes to Bobbie for more cash, as he needs to go LA to check on Tiffany's past. Sean tells Tiffany that she may lose more than she bargained for if she continues to tear down Bobbie in the custody case. Scott and Dominique discuss options with Tony. Chemo and radiation may prolong her life but there are no guarantees. Dominique does not want to spend her remaining time in a hospital so she declines treatment. Mac finds out that Ryan visited Felicia. Tiffany smoothes things over with Sean and they make plans for a romantic dinner. Bobbie learns about Dominique. Mac strikes out when he argues with the hospital doctor about how Ryan should not be able to visit Felicia. Marco leaves for LA and scores a half price fair ticket thanks to Reginald. Sean and Tony are relived when Tiffany and Bobbie are civil to each other when they meet at The Outback. Scott wants Gail and Lee to come to PC. Sean tells Mac he will try and get a restraining order against Ryan so he can't visit Felicia. Cathy shows Felicia a knife she has for protection in the hospital.

February 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Jenny goes to Julia to stop Ned from using the tape. Kensington pays Edward and Tracy a visit to make a play for them to stop Ned from ruining him. Karen learns Brenda knows where Jagger is. Mac confronts Ryan about going to see Felicia. Tom and Steve have to break it up. Ned walks in on Jenny and Julia. Kensington tells Edward of Tracy's role in getting the tape. Tracy tells Kensington that the Quartermaines do not back down. Sean and Tiffany have Chinese food in bed after making love. Marco and Reginald meet with one of Tiffany's old film producers. Seems one of Tiffany' first films was an adult film. After talking with Mac, Steve agrees to let Mac look at Ryan's file. Ned tells Julia that they are close to getting everything they want. Tracy tells Ned that if he releases the tape, Kensington will make sure that Washington will be less than kind to ELQ. Edward and Tracy want Ned to back off, but he refuses. Sean tells Mac that Ryan has got a restraining order against him. Steve has a word with Ryan. Jenny goes to Tracy. Tiffany makes another phone call to social services to portray Bobbie in a bad light. Marco digs up some more dirt on Tiffany.

February 4-10, 1993:  2/4, 2/5, 2/8, 2/9, 2/10

February 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Tiffany lies to Sean and then has to cover her tracks. Marco is back from LA and wants to meet with Bobbie. Tiffany lets Bobbie and Tony have Lucas for the night. Marco tells Tracy he has nothing on Paul and Jenny. Marco wants to tell Bobbie what he dug up on Tiffany but she is not longer interested. Tiffany meets with her attorney to discuss her strategy. Brenda shows up back at the garage to see Jagger. Tracy tells Alan she knows all about his pay off of Nikki and it is just a matter of time before AJ finds out too. Sean and Tiffany drop off Lucas with Bobbie and Tony. Karen joins the Qs for dinner. Monica wants to make sure Karen does not mention the Nikki pay off to AJ. Brenda and Jagger make dinner at his place. Bobbie and Tony take the kids to Kellys for dinner. Marco blackmails Tiffany.   

February 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean tells Scott he has struck out on getting a restraining order against Ryan. Scott tells Sean he will have to have to drop Felicia's case because of Dominique. Bobbie comes clean with Tony about what she almost tired to do to Tiffany. Marco wants $50,000 from Tiffany for his silence on her past adult film career. Dominique does not want Scott to drop his cases because of her. Scott wants to still renew their vows. Paul tries to get Ned to back off Jenny. Jenny goes to Scott about a quickie divorce from Ned. Tiffany pays off Marco and covers with Sean. Dominique tells Julia she is dying. She asks Julia to be her maid of honor for the vow renewal. Dominique wants Scott to cut Lucy some slack. Paul makes plans to liquidate his assets. Scott apologies to Lucy and invites her the wedding. Sean learns that Tiffany is still looking to smear Bobbie.     

February 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Note: this episode is a bit jumpy in the beginning. Scott tells Mac that Ryan has petitioned the court to deny Felicia to have visitation with Maxie. Sean confronts Tiffany. Felicia has to play by Jimmy's rules if she wants to see Maxie. Edward reigns in a squabbling Ned and Tracy. Edward thinks Jenny and Ned could work things out if Ned was not so stubborn. Jenny gets a new designing job. Sean tries to talk Ryan out of his petition regarding Felicia seeing Maxie. Felicia visits with Maxie. Lucy has a new investment opportunity for ELQ. Edward doesn't mind Tracy getting involved in ELQ. Mac tells Felicia about Ryan's petition. Sean walks out on Tiffany and moves out. Paul has an offer for Ned. Jimmy picks a fight with Mac.

February 9, 1993 - No Commercials - When her car breaks down, Jagger has to come and get Brenda. Karen leaves for another college interview. Paul offers Ned his ELQ stock and his part in the waterfront project in exchange for him not making the Kensington tape public. Halifax and Holly on a plane to Connecticut. Holly is surprised to find Bill secretly onboard the plane. Ned tells Paul he will consider his offer. On her way to visit college, Karen finds where Jagger is working. Holly and Halifax arrive at his house. Bill breaks in. Jenny and Meg talk about her affair with Kensington. Ned tells Julia about Paul's deal. Jenny asks Paul if her past affair bothers him. Karen finds that Jagger is staying at the cabin where they got stranded. Karen sees him return with Brenda. Bill pulls a gun on Halifax.

February 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott and Dominique meet Gail and Lee at The Outback for dinner. Lee and Gail tell them that they are going to move back to PC. Bill tells Halifax that he has learned that he has been investigating him. Lee and Gail learn that Dominique is dying. Karen confronts Jagger. Lucy is trying to get some of PC to invest in her new perfume idea. Halifax gets Bill to put the gun down and has him escorted out of his house. Karen tells Rhonda she wants nothing to do with Jagger ever again. Marco takes Tracy to a same dive bar as Jagger and Brenda. A bar fight breaks out between Jagger and the patrons. Karen breaks down when she tells her mother how stupid she feels for believing that Jagger cared for her. Dominique tells Mac about her brain tumor. Bill sneaks into Holly's room. Scott and Dominique enjoy a private dance at The Outback.

February 11-17, 1993:  2/11, 2/12 cm Scotty & Dominique remarry, Valentine's Dance with Karen, Jagger, Jason, Brenda, 2/15, 2/16 Sean Kannan begins as AJ, 2/17

February 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott tells Felicia she has to keep her temper in check. Tiffany is desperate to talk with Sean who is avoiding her messages. Bill and Holly oversleep and Bill has to hide when Halifax comes knocking at her door. Halifax tells Holly that they must return to PC today. Sean tells Mac about his issues with Tiffany. Bobbie tells Tiffany  that no matter what happens in the custody trial she is happy they will not be enemies. After hearing from Ryan and a lying Jimmy, the mental hospital board panel decides to revoke Felicia's visits with Maxie for 30 days. Holly tells Bill that he should stay away from Halifax. In front of Halifax, Bill “fires” Holly from The Outback. Halifax tells Bill that he has found his painting in a gallery known for stolen art. He wants Bill to go with him to NYC. After learning that Tiffany lied to Bobbie, Sean goes home to confront her.

February 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott and Dominique's friends help them make last minute wedding plans. Jason and Karen get ready to go to the Valentine's dance. Alan and Monica go another round about the Nikki payoff. Jason gives Karen a necklace. Felicia has a nightmare about Ryan. Brenda wants Jagger to come back to PC with her for the school Valentine's dance to see that Karen has moved on. The guests begin arriving at the church. Julia and Gail help Dominique get ready. Dominique gets a dizzy spell but does not want to take her medication as it make her groggy. Brenda takes photos at the dance for the yearbook. Jagger heads back to PC. Sean asks Tiffany again to stop her tactics in trying to get custody of Lucas. Jagger arrives at PC High just as Karen and Jason are crowned King and Queen of the dance. Jagger tries to talk with Karen. Mac comforts Felicia after her dream. Lucy helps Dominique as she faints again right before she is to walks down the aisle.

February 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger asks for two minutes to talk with Karen. Lucy gets Dominique her pills. Jagger explains everything to Karen and insists nothing happened with Brenda at the cabin. Dominique and Scott renew their vows. Karen has to admit to Jason that she has feelings for Jagger. They break up. Karen finds Jagger at Kellys and they admit their love for each other. Scott and Dominique's reception at The Outback. At the church, Lucy asks God to give Scott the strength to get through this. Ned agrees to Paul's deal for the tape. Bobbie and Tony tell Tiffany that that they will accept the ruling in the custody case. Ned still goes ahead with his blackmail of Kensington. Brenda tells Jason that Karen and Jagger have been carrying on at a cabin. Scott and Dominique's wedding night.   

February 16, 1993 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tony are nervous, as today is the custody hearing. Bill wants to know why Sean didn't tell him that he and Halifax go way back. Karen returns Jason's high school sweater and tries to apologize to him. Jagger apologies to Brenda for giving her the wrong idea when he let her stay at the cabin. Jason tells the Qs that he and Karen broke up. Alan, Monica, and Jason visit AJ at rehab. (Note: First appearance of Sean Kanan as AJ) Opening arguments are given in Lucas's custody hearing. Halifax, Holly, Bill leave for NYC. Tom and Edward testify at the trial. AJ seems to have his head on straight now and is taking responsibility for his actions. Jagger is back working at Kellys. Jason tells AJ what went wrong with Karen. Tiffany takes the stand at the custody trial. Bill and Halifax arrive at the shady art gallery but the dealer has already sold the painting. He gives them an address in Lisbon. Tiffany thanks Sean for coming to court, but he is only there to make sure she does the right thing by Bobbie.

February 17, 1993 - No Commercials - Mac is nailing down some early leads on Ryan. Sean wants Tiffany to tell her lawyer to back off and make sure Bobbie gets a fair shake. Ned finalizes the deal with Paul. Jenny is upsets when she finds out Paul gave up all his business holdings for the tape. Scott presents his case and Simone testifies. Ned gets word that the airline deal has gone through. Tracy tells Ned that the tape must remain out of the press. Ned tells Tracy about his sweet side deal with Paul. Bobbie testifies at the trial. Tiffany's lawyer brings up Bobbie's past. Tiffany pleads innocent with Sean but he walks out of the courtroom. Tracy confronts Paul for giving to Ned what she was going to get in the divorce. Ryan tries to goad Felicia. Mac shows up just in time. Paul takes Jenny back to the “bed and bath” shop. Tony takes the stand. But when it comes time to call Sean, he is awol. The court wants Sean there in the morning. Jenny and Paul make love. Felicia wants Cathy to teach her how to make a knife. Ned sees where Tracy has hidden her copy of the tape and steals it. The Jenny/Kensington scandal hits the newspapers.

February 18-24, 1993:  2/18 (missed 3 mins due to news report), 2/19, 2/22, Bill has a flashback to Victoria (Teri Garber), Tony & Bobbie win custody of Lucas, 2/23 Scotty & Dom in mt cabin, Mac plans to break Felicia out of the hospital, 2/24 Jason & Jagger fight

February 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill suspects his upcoming trip to Lisbon is a setup. Halifax has a proposition for Lucy. Jenny and Paul in bed together. Ned pleads innocent when Julia sees the Kensington tape headlines in the newspaper. Halifax wants Lucy to go to Lisbon. Jenny sees the newspaper. Kensington confronts Tracy and tells her that the Quartermaines will go down right along with him (Note: News brief interruption a few minutes lost) Marco tells Lucy she will get burned messing around with Halifax. Jenny thinks it was Tracy and not Ned that leaked the tape. Marco thinks Jagger should train as a boxer. Rhonda is upset that Karen broke up with Jason. Lucy tells Halifax she is in to go to Lisbon. Paul confronts Tracy and she insists she has nothing to do with the tape hitting the press. But when she can't produce her copy of the tape Paul is not convinced. Tracy tells Paul that she would never hurt ELQ to get back at him. It had to be Ned. Paul grabs Ned in the parking garage.   

February 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia has a group therapy session. Cathy gives Felicia a homemade knife just in case Jimmy comes after her. Tiffany shows up at the PCPD and tries to convince Sean to support her in court. The press harasses Jenny. Ned decks Paul in the parking garage. Jenny calls Julia naive when it comes to Ned if she thinks he is not responsible for the tape. Lucy volunteers to help Scott find somewhere special for him and Dominique to take a trip. Dominique tells Tony that her headaches are getting worse. Sean tells Tiffany is he does testify he will be truthful and he may ruin her case. Tracy thinks that Ned released the tape because he is still in love with Jenny. Jimmy finds the knife on Felicia. Mac saves the day. Felicia tells Mac she needs out of the hospital now. She can't wait any longer for him to find evidence against Ryan. Jenny tells Paul that she wants to leave town for a while but Paul convinces her to stay. Tiffany asks the court that Sean's name be removed as a petitioner on the custody documents. She tells the court that she and Sean have separated temporarily. Mac and Felicia plan her escape. Ned tells Julia about Paul attacking him. Lucy goes to Tracy to lease the Q cabin for Scott and Dominique. Bobbie is recalled to the stand in the trial. Jimmy lies saying that Mac gave Felicia the knife and her visitors are suspended. The judge is back with her decision about Lucas.

February 22, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ returns home from rehab. Jagger tells Karen that nothing her mother can say can keep him away from her. Marco will not let the Jagger being a boxer thing die. Sean tells Holly that he wants Lucas as much as Tiffany, but he could not testify that they could provide the best home for Lucas. Bill is on a plane to Lisbon. He has a flashback of why his painting means so much to him and her name is Victoria. Bobbie and Tony are granted custody of Lucas. Tiffany accuses Bobbie of destroying her family. Lucy tells Scott about the Q cabin. Sean and Tiffany come to blows over him not supporting her. She asks him to leave. Jagger tries to takes Karen to dinner at The Grill and the run into the Qs. Scott runs out of gas on the way to the cabin. Jagger and Karen make the best of their night back at Kellys. Halifax has Victoria's journal. A horse and sleigh rescue Scott and Dominique.

February 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott makes Dominique breakfast at the cabin. Felicia tells Cathy that Mac was going to help her escape but now she has to do it all alone. Mac shares his plan to break Felicia out with Tony. Tracy calls a family meeting to discuss how Kensington can hurt ELQ. She tells them that Ned is responsible for their problems and she wants to replace Ned at ELQ as CEO. Jenny loses a job due to the scandal. Senator Kensington lies about Jenny in a press conference to save himself. Ned defends himself against Tracy trying to take his job. Mac steals some supplies from the GH linen closet and gets Ryan's ID badge. Felicia asks Cathy for help in escaping. Jenny confronts Kensington. Edward is back to reign in Ned and Tracy who are at each other's throats. Jenny tells Paul about her past with the senator and her miscarriage. Edward tells Ned and Tracy that they both disgust him. Mac is denied a visit to Felicia. He is tossed out by security. Dominique has a dizzy spell at the cabin and passes out. 

February 24, 1993 - No Commercials - Note: Episode is slightly glitchy in spots. In Lisbon, Bill is confronted by a man who claims to be able to help him find his painting. It is with a private dealer and Bill wants him to set up meeting. Scott finds an unconscious Dominique. He helps her with her pills but he has to get her to the hospital. Alan and Monica want to make sure that AJ does not over do it by going back to school and taking on too much too soon. Jagger has concerns about holding Karen back. Brenda tells Jagger that as soon as Karen goes off to college she is sure to meet a rich fraternity boy and he is history. Marco wants to take Jagger down to the gym but one again he is shut down. Karen has an interview at PCU and she runs into Jason. Bill is beaten and robbed. Chris who was following him helps him out. Halifax gives Lucy a fake passport with the name Victoria Parker on it for her trip to Lisbon. Tony admits Dominique into GH. After Jason makes somejabs at Karen, he and Jagger come to blows and things get physical. Tony suggests a living will for Dominique. Halifax tells Holly that he thinks that a woman is the reason that Bill is so attached to his painting.

February 25 - March 3, 1993:  2/25, 2/26 cm, 3/1 Tiffany delivers Lucas to Tony & Bobbie, 3/2 Mac rescues Felicia and they make their getaway, 3/3

February 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Note: Episode is slightly glitchy in spots. Alan and Monica learn about Jason's fight with Jagger. Jagger feels bad about the fight. Ned learns that ELQ has got trouble in Washington. Ned needs to get things under control before the Q's find out but Tracy and Edward already know. Tracy tells Edward he needs her now to get ELQ back on track. Jason tells Alan and Monica that he started the fight and Jagger was just protecting Karen. Brenda argues with Karen about the fight being her fault. Brenda tells Jagger that since he and Karen got together he is too tense. AJ admits to Jason that he is not over Nikki yet. Monica overhears AJ say that he still has to fight the urge to drink everyday. Ned tells Tracy that there is no way she will have ELQ as there is no way he is stepping down. Dominique tells Julia that she is more like Ned than she thinks. AJ asks Ned for his job back at the hotel but Ned turns him down. Brenda and Jason have a chat at the Q boathouse and they kiss. AJ has some harsh words for Karen about what she did to Jason. Tracy makes a meeting with Kensington.

February 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill wants to find out who paid for him and Chris to kidnap Victoria Parker as he thinks the painting theft is related. Lucy arrives in Lisbon. Robin knows that Mac is planning to bust Felicia out of the hospital. Holly tells Bill that Halifiax has been making phone calls to Lisbon. Tracy makes a deal with Kensington to place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Jenny for their affair in exchange for him to drop his vendetta against ELQ. Felicia pacifies Dr. Harris at the hospital. Mac asks Holly to supply him with a fake ID for Felicia. Lila asks Jenny do so more redecorating at the Q mansion. Tracy wants to pay Marco to lie and testify that Jenny paid him to exhort money from the senator. Cathy warns Mac that Felicia has a plan of her own to break out of the hospital. Bill has a flashback of kidnapping Victoria. Bill gets another tip on his painting. Tracy tells Paul that if he continues to let Jenny be around Dillon, she will get a court order barring him from seeing his son. Felicia insists she has to get out of the hospital with or without Mac's help. Bill gets word that a dark-haired woman claimed his painting when it arrived in Lisbon. Lucy meets her contact, Chris, in her hotel room.   

March 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Ned and Edward learn that Tracy has neutralized Kensington. Holly gives Mac Felicia's fake ID. Felicia plans her escape for tonight. Mac tells Holly his plan to get out of the mental hospital. Tiffany explains to Lucas why he is going to live with Bobbie. Felicia plans to drug Jimmy to make her escape. Dominique talks to Scott about drawing up her new will but Scott has a hard time even talking about it. Tiffany is upset when Sean shows up at the penthouse and wants to help her get through today. Scott agrees with Dominique that they need to get Dominique's life in order. Tracy is livid when she finds Jenny and Paul in the Q den. The Qs, Jenny and Paul watch Kensington's latest press conference saying that Jenny tried to exhort money from him. Tiffany hands over Lucas to Bobbie and Tony. Bobbie has a little party for Lucas's homecoming. Mac says goodbye to Robin. Holly lets Mac know of a place for him and Felicia to stay. One catch they have to pretend they are married. Felicia plan to drug Jimmy goes awry and he goes off the deep end. Dominique sees how good Scott is with Lucas. Edward thanks Tracy.

March 2, 1993 - No Commercials - The press is all over Jenny. She checks into the PC Hotel, so that Ned will have to deal with the press just like she has to. Mac comes to Felicia's rescue. Jenny sets the press straight about her relationship with Kensington. Julia and Ned learn Jenny has checked into the hotel and the press is camped out in the lobby. Lucy is going bonkers waiting in her hotel room for Chris's instructions. Mac and Felicia tie Jimmy up and head for the airshaft. Lucy gets dressed up like Victoria to walk past the café where Bill is. Ned confronts Jenny about using his hotel to sick the press on him. Chris tells Bill they are off going to go to Paris. Bill thinks he sees “Victoria”. Ned and Paul come to blows in the PC Hotel lobby. Brenda sort of lets it slip to Jenny that she was the one that put the tape in Ned's car for him to hear.

March 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott still refuses to draw up Dominique's new will, as they need someone impartial. Brenda admits to putting the tape in Ned's car and that she got the tape from Julia. Felicia is almost caught climbing into the airshaft. Scott suggests Lee help with the will. Dominique tells Scott that Tony is certain that she has less time than what she was originally told. Mac and Felicia make their way out of the hospital. Scott asks Rhonda to research some options for Dominique. Jenny confronts Julia about the tape. Julia tries to explain that she was trying to protect her. Jimmy suspects Felicia and Mac are using the air vents in their escape. Brenda and Jason bump into Jagger and Brenda on the waterfront. Scott tells Sean he should fight for his marriage. Jimmy finds Mac and Felicia on the roof of the hospital. The two fight it out and Mac and Felicia are able to get away and bust out through the gate. Dominique thinks Julia should talk to Ned and tell him about her role in the whole audio tape mess. Sean learns about Felicia's escape. Mac and Felicia make their escape in a hospital ambulance that Mac had stashed in the woods. That is until they come to a police roadblock.

March 4-10, 1993:   3/4 Lucy masquerades as Victoria, 3/5 Lucy back from Portugal, Brenda & Julia have a big fight, 3/8, 3/9, 3/10

March 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy, dressed as Victoria, barely gets away from Bill. Sean learns that Tony knew that Mac was going to break Felicia out. The police at the roadblock insist on checking Mac's vehicle. Holly gives Sean a letter from Mac. Felicia poses as a doctor and the police let them pass. Chris settles Bill down and but he insists on still searching for Victoria. Mac doesn't think it is safe for him and Felicia to go to the brownstone to get Maxie as the cops will be all over. They head to Beecher's Corners to Holly's contacts house. Sean and Ryan come to blows when Ryan forces his way into the brownstone wanting to know what happened to Felicia. Felicia and Mac arrive in Beecher's Corners. Bill finds the hotel “Victoria Parker” is staying in. Mac and Felicia play the loving married couple act to the hilt for Holly's contacts. Tiffany gets the rest of the press to give it a rest outside the brownstone. Chris warns Lucy that Bill is down in the hotel lobby and he knows “Victoria” is here. Lucy wants out of the plan and leaves to return to PC. Bill gets the hotel room number and searches it. He finds a scarf he gave to Victoria.   

March 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Brenda is staying with Robin as she does not want to face the music with Julia. Dominique wants to have a dinner party tonight at the apartment. Rhonda asks Karen to do some research for Scott on Dominique's case. Robin asks Brenda if there is something going on with her and Jason. Brenda tells her that Jason is not her type. Scott is knee deep in medical books doing research secretly on Dominique's condition. Monica and Alan take the boys to dinner. Julia is searching for Brenda. Lucy returns back in PC. At Dominique's dinner party, Tom announces that he is taking a position on a medical relief team going to Somalia leaving tomorrow morning. Julia finally tracks Brenda down and confronts her for telling Jenny about the tape. Brenda tells her she is moving out for good. Julia drops the bomb on Brenda that their father did not include her in the will. and that she has been supported Brenda all these years. Lucy joins Dominique's dinner party and they all play charades. After yet another fight with Monica, Rhonda joins Alan for a drink at the grill. Jagger and Karen head upstairs to his room.   

March 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Robin worries about Mac and Felicia. Jagger knows that Karen is not ready to make love with him yet. Julia tells Brenda that their father cut her out of the wall because she was a painful reminder of her mother and he couldn't stand to watch her make the same mistakes as her. Brenda walks out on Julia. Maxie being without Felicia reminds Robin of how much she misses her own parents. Julia tells Ned the truth about the tape and Brenda. Ned is not upset though, as he is happy he learned the truth. Holly's contacts hide Mac and Felicia when the state police come looking for them. Jagger checks out Marco's gym. Mac makes contact with Sean to let him know he and Felicia are safe.     

March 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Maxie sees Felicia's face on TV. Tiffany wants information on Felicia from Sean. Halifax confronts Lucy about leaving Lisbon. Bill has a nightmare about Holly/Victoria. Jessica suspects Sean knows more about Felicia's escape than he is saying. Paul picks up Dillon from the Quartermaines. Halifax finds out that Holly has been in contact with Bill. Paul talks to Scott about going back to his private practice. He wants to see if Scott has any room for him at his practice. Scott asks Paul to take care of Dominique's will. Sean visits Lucas at the brownstone. Things gets awkward when Tiffany shows up too. Marco and Lucy have a very expensive dinner at The Grill. Scott asks Lucy if she has any connections in the music biz. Marco. Tracy meets with Kensington telling him that the press conference was just the beginning, now they are taking the next step. Tracy wants to dredge up Jenny's miscarriage. Bill gets a letter left under his hotel room door from “Victoria”.  Holly books a flight to Lisbon and Halifax overhears her. Halifax wants Holly to ask Bill about Victoria Parker.   

March 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly arrives at Bill's hotel room in Lisbon. Jenny is at the Q's with her sketches for Edward and Lila's bedroom. Paul tells Lila that Ned and Tracy out for blood and Jenny needs someone on her side. Holly wants to know from Bill who Victoria is. Lila wants an explanation from Edward and Tracy about their schemes against Jenny. She threatens them with voting her ELQ stock against them if they don't stop. Bill tells Holly about his kidnapping of Victoria and her connection to the painting. Holly accuses him of still being in love with Victoria. Jason thinks that Brenda should give Julia the benefit of the doubt. Julia tries to explain to Brenda that she was just trying to protect her but Brenda does not want her charity. Jagger tells Karen he has begun looking for his brother and sister. He has begun putting ads in the papers so that they can contact him. Edward warns Ned to make peace with Tracy. Luke tells Holly that he needs to find the truth about what happened to Victoria. Bill gets a message from Victoria to meet him at the gallery in Paris.

March 11-17, 1993:  3/11, 3/12 Scott & Dom go ice skating & dinner, Gary Morris sings "If Tommorrow Never Comes" & "Bread and Water", 3/15, 3/16, 3/17

March 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean wants to meet Mac to discuss routes that he and Felicia can take to New Hampshire. News breaks of Jenny's “abortion” of her and Kensington's baby. Jenny needs proof to clear her name but the medical records were destroyed. Jessica learns that Sean and Tiffany have separated. Scott is planning a surprise for Dominique with Lucy's help. Marco gets a subpoena to appear before a senate ethics committee. Sean meets Mac and Felicia to plan their route to New Hampshire. Jenny learns that Sly has gotten into a fight at school over the newspapers. Jenny gets served in the senate ethics committee. With Tiffany's help, Scott books singer Gary Morris to sing for Dominique. Marco tells Tracy he wants out of testifying in front of the senate committee. Mac and Felicia leave for New Hampshire. AJ learns Alan stopped the search for Nikki the same day he agrees to pay the bill to start it.   

March 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly learns Bill has left Lisbon for Paris. Halifax tells her it is not to find his painting but to find Victoria. Halifax denies being the man that paid Bill to kidnap Victoria. Scott takes Dominique ice-skating. Disguised as TV crime producers, Mac and Felicia look into Ryan's first wife. The meet a woman who dated Ryan and she tells them that Ryan eventually became possessive. Alan is forced to lie when AJ asks him about the PI. Bill arrives at the gallery but no Victoria. Holly admits to Halifax that she never really broke up with Bill. Halifax tells Holly his history with Victoria. Gary Morris serenades Dominique and Scott. Alan wants to tell AJ the truth but Monica is against it. AJ now wants the PI to find Nikki. Holly tells Halifax she is going to Paris to find Bill. Mac and Felicia learn Ryan left a role of film at a local pharmacy.       

March 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia find a photo of the women Ryan's murdered. They learn that the women in the photo worked in the Top Notch Coffee Shop in the next town. Bobbie tells Tony that she invited Tiffany over to see Lucas. A woman has come to GH looking for Ryan. AJ tells Jason that Alan stopped the search for Nikki. Tiffany visits Lucas at the brownstone. Tiffany tells Bobbie and Tony that she hates being beholden to them. At the gym, Jason gets into it with Jagger. Felicia and Mac learn about the women in the photo, Michelle and Gloria. Michelle finds Ryan at GH. Jessica drops in on Sean at his office again. Bobbie shots down Tiffany's idea about Lucas going for visits at her house. Mac gives Sean information on Michelle Bails. Brenda is hurt when she sees Karen and Jagger on the waterfront. Jessica offers an ear to bend to Sean. Sean requests a background check on Michelle and Gloria. Michelle tells Ryan that she is thinking of staying in PC if she can find a job.     

March 16, 1993 - No Commercials - When she sees him at the PC Hotel, Jenny dogs out Kensington. Julia hates Ned's smug attitude regarding Jenny. Mac and Felicia meet with Sean. Jenny smacks Kensington right in front of the cameras. Julia tells Ned she wants to come clean with the press about how the tape came to be. Ned tells Julia the truth. Sean tells Mac and Felicia that he can't place Gloria in Texas yet. Brenda wants a modeling gig at Wyndams, but only gets a sales sample job. Julia sees Brenda working at Wyndamns. Ryan meets with Michelle again. Jenny tries to get through to Ned and ends up slapping him. Paul wants Marco to tell him what he plans on saying at the senate panel. Marco tells him Tracy was the one that paid him to lie. Paul offers to pay him more but he does not have the money now. After getting into a fight with a customer, Brenda is fired from Wyndamns. Jenny wants Julia to tell the truth about the tape. Ruby tells Michelle that Ryan is bad news. Mac and Felicia leave for St Louis.     

March 17, 1993 - No Commercials - Chris arrives in Paris and Bill tells him that he struck out at the gallery. Jenny makes the papers again. Angela arrives at Jenny's hotel room. Jenny finds out just much money that Angela took from Kensington. Lila puts a stop to Ned and Tracy's bickering. Paul lets Tracy know he has filed for divorce. Bill wants to know how Chris found him in Lisbon. He suspects Chris is working with Halifax. Dominique tells Scott that if she goes into a comma he will be the one that has to let her go. Bill gives Chris a pair of cement slippers but he still refuses to admit he is working for Halifax. Ned accuses Tracy of being out to destroy him. AJ tells Monica that he will not rest until he finds out why Nikki left. Bill finds his painting in Paris. Halifax is there waiting for him.

March 18-24, 1993:  3/18, 3/19, 3/22 Dom temporarily blind, 3/23 AJ finds the cancelled check Alan paid Nikki off, 3/24 Ryan gets rid of Michelle

March 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia and Mac question Michelle's mother in St Louis to find out her daughter's whereabouts. Halifax explains that he bought the painting for Victoria as a gift for their wedding day. Bill tells Halifax that Victoria is not dead, he saw her. Felicia and Mac ask Michelle's mother about Gloria. Jagger tries to be a friend to Brenda. Brenda wants to prove to Julia that she can make it on her own. Brenda looks for a new job. Ryan shows up at the Scorpios. He fishes around Robin to find out what he knows about Felicia and Mac. Brenda steals Karen's term paper. Halifax makes Bill choose between Holly and Victoria. Bill gets Holly's whereabouts. Halifax tells Bill that his painting is not real. Karen wants Jagger to take her to the bar he goes too. They practice some dance moves. Felicia and Mac learn Michelle is in PC. Ruby fills in Michelle on Ryan. She tells Michelle to look at back newspaper on the trial. Robin tells Sean about Ryan showing up at her house. Brenda rewrites Karen's term paper. Bill shows up to find Holly in a warehouse where Halifax said she. But he only finds Chris.     

March 19, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ wants to question Karen again about Nikki. Scott tells Dominique that he was found someone in Paris that can help her. Chris ties Bill up and refuses to help him find Holly. Dominique explains to Scott that the treatment in Paris will not help her particular case. Gail agrees to take Tom's staff at GH. Monica sees AJ ask Karen about Nikki (Note: Glitchy picture during the scene) Bill manages to free himself and starts looking for holiday.Monica, Alan, and the boys meet for a therapy session with Gail, but AJ does not drop the bomb that he knows about the PI. Dominique wishes they had she and Scott had time to have a baby. Bill finds Holly. Monica thanks Karen for not telling AJ the truth about Nikki. Bill comes clean about being in Japan and lying about it to Holly. Holly walks out on Bill after he admits he still loves Victoria. Dominique wants to find a surrogate so she and Scott can have a baby. Dominique loses her sight.

March 22, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia and Mac tell Sean that Michelle being in PC. Lee and Gail arrive to be with Scott at GH. Tony tells Dominique that the tumors are applying pressure on her optic nerve. Ryan searches for where Michelle is staying. Sean confronts Ryan for going to the Scorpios. Scott visits the hospital chapel. Gail tries to convince Tiffany that Bobbie is her friend and is not out to get her. Dominique regains her sight but Tony warns her that it will happen again. Sean and Tiffany go another round on him not supporting her. Ryan finds out that Felicia and Mac have been to see Michelle's mother. AJ finds the check that Alan wrote to Nikki.     

March 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean finds Felicia and Mac a place to crash. Karen learns that she has been accused of cheating on her term paper. Michelle reads the newspaper articles on the trial. Ruby shows her a police sketch of Ryan's wife that he murdered. Ryan tells Jessica about Sean harassing him. Jessica warns Ryan that it appears that Ryan is being watched by a PCPD detective. Jason tries to get AJ to face the fact that Nikki took the money. Jessica tells Sean that she knows that he is having Ryan followed. Mac and Felicia are getting on each other nerves. Ryan gives his tail the slip. Karen tells Jagger that she knows that Brenda set her up. Ruby gives Sean the addresses that Michelle may be at. Karen confronts Brenda. Ryan finds the newspaper articles from the trial in Michelle's room.   

March 24, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott tells Dominique that he is not sure he can raise a child alone. Karen tells Brenda that because of her she may lose her scholarship. Jagger breaks their fight up. Michelle tells Ryan she is leaving town. Scott tells Bobbie that he and Dominique are thinking about having a child. Dominique tells Julia, who thinks she is asking her to be the surrogate. Ryan offers to give Michelle $5,000 to get her to go back to St Louis. Robin doubts that Brenda didn't set Karen up. Sean show up at Michelle's room and sends his men to the train station. Mac and Felicia are trying to keep busy while they wait to hear if Sean has Michelle. Brenda gets fired after one day on the job as a photographer's assistant. Brenda finds Julia crying after her visit with Dominique. Scott tells Lee about the surrogate plan. Scott agrees with Dominique to try for a baby. Ryan returns to GH. Sean tells Mac and Felicia found out where Michelle was living but she was gone by the time he arrived. (Note: Episode ends abruptly…about 1 minute lost)

March 25-31, 1993:  3/25, 3/26 Dom asks Lucy to be a surrogate mom, 3/29 AJ confronts Alan about the check, 3/30, 3/31

March 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Tiffany and Holly bend each other's ear about their problems with Sean and Bill. Tracy preps Marco for the senate hearing. Bill is back in PC. He catches up on Jenny's problem and learns Ned is his new partner in the Pier 5. Tracy expects thanks from Ned for cleaning up his mess. Sean questions Ryan about Michelle and Gloria. Sly gives Bill the cold shoulder. Sean asks Tiffany to put Michelle's picture on her newscast. Jenny, Paul, and Angela arrive in DC for the hearing. Marco testifies that Jenny paid him to record the tape and that she planed to blackmail the senator. Tracy and Ned watch the hearings on TV. Ned tells Bill that their partnership is legal and binding. Jenny testifies. Sean tells Tiffany he wants them back together. They decide to go and see Lucas together. Bill reminds Ned that he is the largest shareholder of ELQ stock.       

March 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen learns from Robin that Jason is the chairman of the honor's committee that could take away her scholarship. Dominique and Scott meet with Tony about  in-vitro. Sean tells Mac and Felicia that he thinks Ryan may have got to Michelle first. Felicia sneaks out to go to the brownstone to see Maxie. Sean hauls Ryan into the PCPD for questioning. Monica tells Gail the truth about Alan's role in Nikki's leaving. Mac finds Felicia at the brownstone. Bobbie offers to have a look through Ryan's office while he is at the PCPD. Tony tells Dominique that all systems are a go for in-vitro. Monica tells Alan that she has changed her mind and wants to tell AJ the truth about the payoff. Sean grills Ryan. Jessica breaks up the interrogation claiming Sean is abusing his authority. Bobbie covers when Ryan finds her in his office.  Mac thinks he and Felicia should go to New York. AJ confronts Alan about the check to Nikki. Dominique asks Lucy to be her and Scott's surrogate.     

March 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Paul confronts Tracy about her role in Kensington keeping his job after the senate hearing Alan defends his actions to AJ. Julia questions Ned's feelings for her. Bill tells Jenny that his quest to find his painting is over. Lucy tells Dominique that Scott would never agree to have her carry their baby. (Note: Video jump during the scene) Tracy tells Paul that all she wants is to make him and Jenny suffer as much as she has. Paul goes off the deep end and breaks some of Tracy's jade collection. Bill tries to buy Ned out. Julia tires to offer Jenny a job remodeling some floors of the hotel. Jenny turns her down flat. AJ breaks down at the boathouse and almost takes a drink. Monica tries to explain that Alan just did not want to see him get hurt. Bill tries to get through to Sly that he means more to him that the painting. Scott is against Lucy being the surrogate. Tracy wants a restraining order against Paul.   

March 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger wants to go with Karen to her honor committee hearing on cheating. Felicia convinces Mac to speed on their way to NYC and they get pulled over at the police. Simone gets a letter from Tom. Tiffany and Sean visit Lucas. Tiffany gets into it with Bobbie and Tony again. Brenda tries to convince Jagger that she had no reason to want to screw up Karen's scholarship. Mac and Felicia meet with the family of Linda Carson, the finance of Ryan, who was killed in a hit and run accident. Bobbie agrees to let Sean and Tiffany take Lucas to the zoo. Bobbie admits to Sean that she searched Ryan's office and found a phone book with initials in it. Bobbie wants to go back and get a better look at it. Mac and Felicia learn that Ryan had quit a jealous streak when it came to Linda. The honor committee is deadlocked when it comes to a decision on Karen and Jason as to break the tie. Jessica invites Sean to The Outback for drinks. Ryan hears Amy talking about how she thinks she recognized Michelle. Amy tries to call Sean.   

March 31, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott tells Dominique that he does not want Lucy carrying their baby. Tiffany and Holly have drinks at the Outback. Thanks to Jason, Karen is found guilty of cheating at the honor committee meeting, thus ruining her scholarship money. Brenda and Karen come to blows after the meeting. Karen confronts Jason for voting against her. When Tiffany sees Sean with Jessica she accuses him of flirting with her. Scott tells Lucy that he would never let her anywhere near anything to do with his child. Bill asks Holly to come back to work until Mac returns but she turns him down. Jagger takes Karen back to the gym so she can let off some steam with the punching bag. Robin tells Jason that she is disappointed that he was not able to put his feelings aside where Karen was concerned.

April 1-7, 1993:  4/1 GH 30th Anniversary Episode, 4/2, 4/5, 4/6 (:35 mins, about 8 mins missing), 4/7

April 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Note: John Bernadino announces the beginning of the celebration flashback episodes for GH's 30th anniversary. The opening of the April 1, 1963 episode transitions into the debut of the new “faces” opening of GH.  Bobbie and Tony want to make sure that Amy keeps the secret of the party for Steve's 30th anniversary of being at GH. The first patient Angie Costello that Steve saved 30 years ago visits with him. (Flashbacks of that day) Her daughter is in labor at GH. Amy tells Sean that she saw Michelle Bails at GH looking for Ryan. Scott interviews surrogates to carry the baby with disastrous results. Bobbie thinks the party for Steve at GH will be the perfect over for her to sneak into Ryan's office. Tony distracts Ryan and Bobbie gets a copy of the address book from Ryan's office. Robin offers to take a look at Karen's disk that her paper was on it to see if it was tampered with. The GH staff surprises Steve with a party. Felicia misses home when she sees the party on TV.   

April 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique tries to get Lee and Gail to help her convince Scott that Lucy is the right choice to carry their baby. Scott continues his search for a surrogate. Sean shows Mac and Felicia the initials of Ryan's victims from the address book. They only know four of the eight. Scott tells Lee and Gail that he has reservations about Lucy, but Dominique does not want a stranger carrying their child. Gail gives Sean her observations on how Ryan may pick his victims. Ned tells Julia he will be fighting for Jenny to not get any divorce settlement. When Paul arrives at the mansion to see Dillon, Tracy tells Paul about the restraining order. At the divorce hearing, Jenny tells Ned she wants no settlement. Paul goes to Scott for help to fight the restraining order. Mac and Felicia are driving each other crazy. Sean informs Ryan that he has a witness that says Michelle was looking for him. Lee talks to Scott about reconsidering Lucy to be the surrogate. Sean gives Mac travel audio tapes that Michelle sent to her mother. Mac has the idea to edit the tapes to send Ryan a message from Michelle beyond the grave. Paul defies the restraining order and goes back to the Quartermaines. Scott tells Lucy he has reconsidered about her carrying the baby and she agrees to do it.   

April 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Lila breaks up the fight between Tracy and Paul. Dominique, Scott, and Lucy meet with Tony. Tony tells them that there is a small chance that Lucy could contract cancer through the transfer of cells from Dominique. Lucy still wants to go through with the procedure. Lila and Edward learn about the restraining order against Paul. To pacify her, Edward gives Tracy a made up title at ELQ, vice president of special projects. Lila has a little talk with AJ about Alan. Karen wants to help Jagger in his search for his siblings. Scott thanks Lucy. (Lucy and Scott have flashbacks of all the their past relationships) Tony tells Dominique that she and Lucy are on the exact same schedule but it is still a long shot. Paul has a heart to heart with Lila (Flashback montage of the Quartermaines) Tony shares his memories of being a father with Scott. Ned asks Edward about him giving Tracy a role at ELQ. (Flashback of Edward/Tracy) Marco spars with Jagger and AJ at the gym. Scott gives his sample for the in-vitro. Dominique's egg is harvested.   

April 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly agrees to help out at The Outback for one night only. Tiffany visits Lucas. Bobbie accuses Tiffany of drinking before her visit. Tiffany accuses Bobbie of trying to poison Lucas against her. Sean tells Jessica his theories on Ryan. Jessica agrees to not interfere in Sean's investigation for the time being. Holly and Robin talk relationships (Holly flashbacks) Tony tells Dominique, Scott, and Lucy that the egg has been successfully fertilized. Sean finds Tiffany drinking at The Outback. Sean wants to drive her home as he thinks she has had one too many. Lucy is prepped for the implant. Scott gives Lucy the legal papers to sign. Bill wants Holly to consider managing The Outback. Dominique visits Lucy after the implantation. Sean and Tiffany end up in bed together but when the subject of Bobbie comes up the evening is ruined. Later at The Outback, Sean invites Jessica to have drink with him   

April 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean agrees to help Jessica get the DA gig if she agrees to give him the slack he needs to go after Ryan and he wants her help. Karen learns that PCU has withdrawn her scholarship. Mac and Felicia are a bit stir crazy in the motel room. Alan learns from Rhonda that Karen has been accused of cheating and Jason has voted against her. Karen is determined to still go to college. Karen gives her disc to Robin to check. Alan asks Jason about him voting against Karen at the honor meeting. Mac and Felicia sneak out to a movie. Mac kisses her to cover when Ryan shows up in the theater. Alan tells Monica that he wants to try and help Karen. They agree that they are tired of fighting. (Flashbacks of Alan and Monica) Alan is not able to make love with Monica though. Jason and Brenda take a drive but she stops him when he tries to kiss her. She explains that their friendship means a lot to her and she wants to take things slow. Sean is worried when he arrives at the motel room but no Mac and Felicia. (Sean flashbacks) When they return he reams them for leaving the room. Sean tells them that Jessica has agreed to get a court order to bug Ryan's apartment. Jagger takes Karen to look at the city lights. Robin reveals to Jason and Brenda that she is searching to see if Karen's paper was tampered with.

April 8-14, 1993:  4/8, 4/9 Dom falls ill and is taken to GH,  4/12, 4/13, 4/14 missed 4 mins news interrupt

April 8, 1993 - No Commercials - Tiffany wants Jenny to come on her TV show to tell her side of the scandal. Tracy wants Julia to let her see the hotel accounting book, Tracy flashbacks of hr men. Jagger wants to give Karen his savings for her college tuition but she refuses to take it. Jenny goes off on Marco right in front of Sly. Ruby kicks Marco out of his room at Kellys, Ruby has flashbacks of Q's, Mike Webber, Heather, Rose. Tiffany tells Holly about her night with Sean but it changed nothing between them. Tiffany orders another bottle of wine. Ned has Tracy tossed out of his office at the hotel. Robin and Karen search for her original paper using a utility program but come up empty. Brenda makes a switch on Robin's laptop and later she and Robin find Karen's original. Ned and Julia make love on the desk in his office. Jagger gets into it with Jason and AJ at the gym. Robin insists to Karen that Brenda helped her find the paper. Ned insists to Julia that he is not still in love with Jenny. Bill explains to Holly that he made a mistake not telling her about Victoria and he wants to start over. They agree to take things very slowly.     

April 9, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique insists Scott help Lucy with all her errands for the day. Mac teaches Felicia some self-defense moves. Sean asks Bobbie and Tony to help trap Ryan. Bill learns that Lucy was in Portugal the same time he was. Sean breaks into Ryan's apartment and plants a bug. Dominique visits the hospital chapel. Tony warns Bobbie to be careful with Ryan, Bobbie has flashbacks. Bobbie gives Ryan a message from “Linda Carson”. Mac and Felicia learn that Ryan flipped out when he got the message from Linda. Ryan finds evidence of Linda in his apartment. Bill and Holly in bed together. Bill gets a package delivered to him containing Victoria's diary. Bobbie and Tony join Dominique and Scott for dinner. Scott has to try and keep the peace between Lucy and Bobbie. Dominique passes out.  Julia 30th Anniversary Promo 

April 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique arrives at GH. Bill shows the diary to Holly. Ryan tells Jessica that Sean has broken into his apartment but Jessica tells him that Sean was in a meeting with her. Bill tells Holly he wants to put the past to rest but he is not so sure he can. Sean shows Mac and Felicia the tape of Ryan flipping out when he finds Sean's setup. Jessica is upset about what Sean did in Ryan's apartment. She tells him she covered for him. From now on they will have to meet in Sean's hotel room as they should not be seen together for the Ryan plan to work. Bobbie warns Lucy not to hurt Dominique and Scott. Tony tells Scott that he wants Dominique to continue to stay at GH until the end. Sean asks Monica to give Ryan a message from “Gloria”. Halifax tells Bill that Victoria is alive. Scott has to tell Dominique that she can't go home.     

April 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Scott surprises Dominique with filling her hospital room with flowers. Jagger wants Brenda to just admit to setting Karen up. Karen tells Jagger that the principal is going to write a letter to PCU to reinstate her scholarship. At the family therapy session, AJ fills Gail in on what Alan did the day of his wedding. Alan blows his top at the session, telling all of them he is done being the family scapegoat. Steve and Audrey visit Dominique. Scott gets a baby name book for him and Dominique. Alan bends Rhonda's ear while they have coffee in the cafeteria. Monica tells Gail about her problems with Alan. Jason tells Brenda that Lila's is looking of an assistant. Karen suggests to Jagger that they go back to social services to get information on his siblings. Scott and Dominique toss a few names around for the baby. Lee and Gail visit Dominique. Dominique admits to Scott that she is scared.  Tony & Bobbie 30th Anniversary Promo 

April 14, 1993 - No Commercials - PCU informs Karen that she is only get a partial scholarship. She will have to make up the difference. Paul thinks Jenny should do the TV interview with Tiffany (Note: News Brief Interruption minutes lost) Jagger agrees to go to see social services. Lila hires Brenda as her assistant. Tracy is peeved when Edward and Ned exclude her from their meeting. Holly tells Bill that she still love him. Jagger works out at the gym with Marco. AJ shoots his mouth off again about Karen to Jagger. Tracy threatens to have her restraining order reinstated against Paul. Lila stops Tracy from calling the police. Tracy admits to Lila that she is scared of being alone. Bill can't stop thinking of Victoria. Ned gives AJ his job back at the hotel. Social services tells Jagger that they can't help him find his brother and sister as they were place in foster care five years ago, the case is closed. AJ makes a deal with Tracy.  Sean & TIffany 30th Anniversary Promo.

April 15-21, 1993:  4/15 Bill & Victoria dream sequence, 4/16 Tony confirms Lucy is pregnant, 4/19 (missed 1/2 Waco news report), 4/20 Dom & Scotty flashbacks, Sean sleeps with Jessica, 4/21

April 15, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia catches Mac in a towel. Bobbie leaves another message for Ryan from “Gloria”.  Scott and Dominique give it another shot at naming the baby. Bill talks to Sean helping him with any leads he may get on Victoria. Ryan tells Jessica about all the crank calls he is receiving. Bill has to tell Sly he is leaving town yet again. Julia visits Dominique at GH. Dominique asks Julia to be the baby's godmother. Jessica fakes a fight with Sean at GH for Ryan's benefit. Lucy is worried about disappointing Scott and Dominique if she is not pregnant. Bill tells Holly that he is going to NYC. Holly thinks Halifax should go back to Connecticut. Halifax clues Holly in that Bill has indeed gone to look for Victoria. Bill books a flight to Connecticut. Jessica and Sean have dinner in his hotel room. Mac decides he has to say goodbye to Dominique. Scott surprises Dominique with a dinner party in her hospital room.  Robin & Asian Quarter Anniversary Promo.

April 16, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger wants to take Karen to the cabin. Felicia is worried that Mac will get caught if he goes to GH to see Dominique. Scott and Lucy are nervous about the test later today. Lila thinks that Monica is compounding the problem by not trying to forgive Alan. Karen plans her lie to her mother so that Jagger and she can go to the cabin. Brenda overhears Karen's plan. Sean learns that Mac went to GH. Mac sneaks into GH and visits Dominique. Bobbie helps Mac to avoid Ryan seeing him. Alan and Rhonda have a chat at Kellys. Rhonda learns from Ruby that Jagger and Karen both have the weekend off. Karen and Jagger arrive at the cabin. Taking Lila's advice, Monica wants Alan and her to spend some time together. Brenda is given the opportunity to blow Karen's story to her mother right out of the water. Ryan gets a call from “Michelle Bails” Dominique and Scott learn Lucy is pregnant.

April 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia want to turn up the heat on Ryan. (Note ABC News Brief Interruption: 24 minutes lost) To freak Ryan out, Sean, Mac and Felicia vandalize his apartment. When Sean's beeper goes dead, Garcia is unable to warn Sean that Ryan is on his way back to his apartment. They barely get away. Tracy, Ned, and Julia watch Jenny being interviewed by Tiffany. Jenny accuses Tracy of blackmail. Robin feels bad for not being able to cover for Karen when Rhonda came looking for her at the house. Rhonda finds Karen and Jagger at the cabin. Tracy confronts Jenny about her interview. Ryan reports his apartment break-in. Sean learns Tiffany has been arrested for drunk driving.

April 20, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique wants Tony to allow her to go home. Tiffany wants Sean to help make her DUI arrest go away. Tony suspects that Dominique's joy over Lucy being pregnant is masking her symptoms but still allows her to go home. Sean can't rewrite the laws just because Tiffany is his wife. Brenda fills Jason in on Karen and Jagger's night at the cabin. Jason doesn't understand why she cares so much and thinks it's time she moves on from Jagger. Brenda invites him out to dinner. Monica tracks Alan down at the hospital. Alan apologies to her for last night as it is the second time he was not able to make love to her. Karen gets a letter from Northwestern saying that the scholarship committee is offering her a full ride. Sean checks in on Ryan at his apartment. Ryan suspects it is Sean, Mac and Felicia that are toying with him.  Karen tells Jagger that the only way she is going to Northwestern is if he comes with her, Brenda owns up to Jagger that she told Rhonda they were at the cabin. Lucy have dinner with Dominique and Scott. Jessica puts the moves on Sean at his hotel. 

April 21, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly flat out asks Halifax if Victoria is alive. Sean and Jessica wake up in bed together. Bill is back in PC. Dominique thinks Scott and Julia should start looking for a new model for Deception. Felicia and Mac talk about their past relationships. Sly visits Scott and Dominique. Bill admits to Holly that he went to Halifax's estate in Connecticut. Holly doesn't understand why a ghost is taking priority over his son. Lee and Gail learn from Scott and Dominique that Lucy is pregnant. Felicia is driving Mac crazy. Ryan returns to his apartment to find it vandalized again complete with pictures of his victims. Holly vows to see it through with Bill. She does not think that Victoria is alive but he needs to see that fact for himself. Sean shows Mac and Felicia proof that Ryan is unraveling.

April 22-28, 1993:  4/22 Scott & Dom have a Parisian fantasy dinner, 4/23 Sean tries to rattle Ryan with news of Felicia's death, 4/26, 4/27 (line thru) cm, 4/28 missed 5 mins news interrupt

April 22, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique writes Scott a letter to read after she is gone. Dominique wants Scott to leave the apartment for a few hours so she can plan a surprise for him. Sean meets Mac and Felicia to go over the plan to put Ryan behind bars. Bobbie and Tony drop information for Kevin to hear that Maxie is going to Texas. Sean fills Scott and Dominique in on the plan to get Ryan and that Jessica has to continue to be on the plan. After seeing her on Tiffany's show, Jenny thinks Lila is going to fire her. Tracy has a new proposition for Marco but he is not interested. Lucy helps Dominique plan her surprise for Scott. Sean lets Robin in on the plan. Ryan tells Jessica that if Maxie is going to Texas than Felicia and Mac will not be far behind. Jenny tells Paul that Lila wants her to call a truce with Tracy. Scott arrives home to a Paris inspired dinner that Dominique has put together. After her doctor's appointment, Lucy wants Tony's opinion on whether she can carry the baby full term since her previous miscarriage. Dominique gives Scott a photo album of their baby pictures. Jessica shows up at Sean's hotel room. Mac and Felicia get Sean's signal to leave the hotel room.

April 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill and Holly bypass the security system at Halifax's house and gain entry. Tiffany and Sean rehash all that has gone wrong with their marriage. Jessica busts in on them. Karen introduces, Rhonda's new boyfriend, Frank Dobson, to Jagger. Jessica thinks it is a bad idea for Sean to tell Tiffany about the plan to trap Ryan. Tiffany goes to Alan for pills to “relax” her. Jagger files a petition with the court so he can find his brother and sister. But Jagger goes not have a birth certificate for ID purposes so he can't access the records. Bill and Holly get caught by Halifax nosing around. Bobbie finds out that Tiffany has just been prescribed tranquilizers. When he learns that it will take a month to get his birth certificate, Jagger convinces the clerk to help him get it faster. Bill is convinces that Victoria is in the house. Halifax tells Bill about the night Victoria died. Jessica reports back to Ryan that Maxie has indeed
been send to Texas. Jagger learns from his birth certificate that his father is unknown. Later he tells Karen he is glad he never knew him. Jessica tells Ryan that Felicia has been killed and Mac is injured. Mac and Felicia arrive back at the brownstone to hid out in the attic.

April 26, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill insists to Holly that Victoria is alive. Everyone learns that Felicia is dead, but Ryan refuses to believe Felicia is gone. Sean and Jessica play their roles and come to blows right in front of all of GH. Holly tells Bill she will continue helping him search for Victoria as she knows he will not move on with her until he learns the truth. Karen tells Alan she is staying in PC and attending PCU and she now needs job at GH part-time. Sly works out with Jagger at the gym. Bill wants to head to Paris to look for Victoria. Karen confronts Rhonda about assuming that she is going to Northwestern so that she and Jagger will be apart. Rhonda does not want her to throw away her future on Jagger. Alan makes an effort with AJ but he will have none of it. Karen and Jagger fight about her not going to Northwestern. Jagger thinks they can make it work even if she is away at school. Bill tells Sly he is going to Paris. Karen finds Jagger at the gym and they make up. Ryan goes off on the GH staff telling them he is not the reason that Felicia is dead.

April 27, 1993 - No Commercials - Ned confronts Brenda about the tape she slipped into his car stereo. Mac is admitted into GH under a flurry of press. Sean puts a guard on Mac's room. The guards shut Ryan down when he wants access to Mac's room. Scott and Dominique baby-sit BJ and Lucas. Tracy plans to meet with Marco at Kellys. Dominique and Julia dish on her relationship with Ned. Jessica has Mac sign a fake statement. Mac is concerned that Sean did not tell Tiffany the truth about Felicia. Tiffany breaks down when Sean confirms that Felicia is indeed gone. Dominique visits Felicia in the attic. As part of the plan, Robin goes off on Ryan at GH. Scott and Mac talk about how Dominique has changed his life. Robin smuggles Mac some junk food into his hospital room. Marco lays out his plan to Tracy to frame for embezzlement. Dominique wants Scott to name the baby after he meets him/her but the middle name should be “Lee”. Ryan hears laughter coming from Mac's room.

April 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Note: A total of 8 minutes are missing due to the two news briefs. Jagger and Rhonda have a talk about Karen. Bill and Holly arrive in Paris and take a suite right across the street from Halifax's apartment. Robin visits the going bonkers locked up Felicia in the attic. When the guard steps away, Ryan gains access to Mac's hospital room. Luckily Mac is in character as it was the plan to let Ryan in. Bill and Holly spy on Halifax. (Note: News brief interruption) Felicia leaves the attic to get food from the brownstone kitchen. Jagger tries to persuade Karen to talk with Rhonda as she is lucky to have someone who loves her. (Note: brief interruption again)  Felicia is almost caught by Ryan when he shows up at the brownstone. Bobbie covers for her. Jagger gets Karen to remember a happy memory about her mother. Bill and Holly meet with a waiter that knows Halifax's chauffeur. They learn Halifax goes to a small town outside of Paris every month. Ryan confirms that Felicia's body was shipped to PC. Ryan gets a disturbing note courtesy of Sean. Karen and Jagger find Rhonda beat up in the apartment. Robin gives Mac an audio cassette from Felicia. Ryan learns that funeral service will be tonight for Felicia.

April 29 -  May 5 , 1993:  4/29 Felicia's memorial, 4/30, 5/3, 5/4 cm Bill learns the truth from Victoria, Dom dies in Scott's arms, 5/5 Scotty & Dom flashbacks, Scotty & Lucy pick out a dress to put on Dom for her funeral

April 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique hides her dizzy spell from Scott. Karen and Jagger bring Rhonda to GH. She claims she fell down the stairs. Alan treats her. Felicia gives Bobbie a eulogy for Mac to read at the service. Dominique asks Lucy to give Scott a poem that she wrote. She has also written letters to the baby for special occasions. Lucy suggests she make a video for the baby. Sean makes Felicia's phony funeral preparations. Scott visits Felicia in the attic. Karen presses Rhonda to tell the truth about being beaten by her boyfriend. Monica wants Alan to continue counseling with her. Dominique tapes a message for the baby. Later, she has another spell and Lucy insists on staying with her until Scott returns. Alan tells Rhonda that she is one of the few people he has been able to talk to recently. Dominique tells Scott that they have to go to the hospital. Ryan arrives at the funeral parlor early.

April 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Jagger stops Karen from calling the cops on Rhonda's boyfriend. If Rhonda is not willing to press charges there is nothing they can do. Mac and Ryan get into it at the Felicia's funeral. Ryan sees Felicia in the coffin. Alan has a heart to heart with Rhonda. Bobbie thinks Sean should let Tiffany in on Felicia being alive. Sean and Mac speak at Felicia's fake funeral. Jagger takes Karen out to get her mind off her mother. Dominique is admitted back into GH. Tony warns Scott he has to prepare himself, as this is the end for Dominique. Monica finds Alan in Rhonda's room. Tiffany rails on Sean after she finds everyone back at the brownstone after the wake and she was not invited. Karen has a flashback of her childhood. Ryan gets a call from Felicia back from the dead. 

May 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill and Holly follow Halifax. Dominique wishes she could hold on long enough just to see the baby once. Lucy asks Tony to move her ultrasound to today so Dominique can see the baby. Ryan visits the cemetery. Bill does not know how he is going to feel when and if he finds Victoria. Ryan gets another call from Felicia from the grave. Dominique tells Lucy that she would have her blessing if ever she and Lucy wanted to raise the baby together. Dominique and Scott tell Lee and Gail that they want the baby middle name to be “Lee” and asks Gail to finish the sweater she was knitting for the baby. Bill finds Victoria. Mac and Ryan come to blows when Mac is returned to GH. Ryan gets another call from dead Felicia. Dominique gets to see the baby through ultrasound thanks to Lucy. 

May 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Dominique falls unconscious. Halifax finds Holly on the covenant grounds. Victoria reveals that she lied and staged her death. Jagger thinks he sees his brother Mike in the park but he is wrong. Jagger asks Paul for some legal advice. Paul offers to call a judge to see if he can speed things up. Julia arrives at the hospital. Julia and Dominique say goodbye. Victoria explains that the accident she planned went wrong and she lost her eyesight. Scott takes Dominique to the gazebo to see the flowers he planted. Karen tells Rhonda that she is going to PCU. Tracy asks AJ to plant an envelope in Ned's office. Dominique dies in Scott's arms.

May 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Tracy tells Ned that merchandise from one of their ELQ warehouses is missing. Holly agrees to go back to Paris with Halifax. Bobbie and Tony find Scott and Dominique in the park. The hospital staff gets word that Dominique is gone. Scott brings Dominique back into the hospital. AJ plants the envelope in Ned's office at ELQ. Scott returns home and is flooded with memories of Dominique. Lucy finds him looking through Dominique's clothes to find one for her to wear for the funeral. Holly leaves to go back home. Alan forgets Monica birthday. Paul starts the ball rolling in helping Jagger find his siblings. Ned and Edward learn that Tracy is right, a warehouse of electronics is missing from ELQ. Ned points the finger at Paul as he was running the company then. Scott goes back to the park and breaks down.

May 6-12, 1993: 5/6, 5/7 Dominque's funeral, Scotty & Lucy go to the cemetary,Tiffany learns she is pregnant, 5/10 Mac & Felicia flashbacks, 5/11, 5/12

May 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan apologies to Monica for forgetting her birthday. Brenda overhears them talking about Rhonda being beaten up. Jagger meets with a judge about having him contact social services for him. Ryan tells Steve about all the crank calls he has been getting. Felicia is scared their plan is not working anymore. AJ tells Monica he is going to find Nikki. She agrees to get him a copy of the check that Alan gave Nikki. Julia gets a call from Brenda's guidance counselor. Brenda goads Karen with a crack about her mother. Jessica tells Sean that her boss is insisting Mac be transferred to jail. Monica angers Alan when she tells him about AJ wanting to find Nikki. Alan insists it is a mistake. Jagger has a few choice words and some fists for Frank, the man who beat up Rhonda. Sean tells Felicia and Robin that Mac is going to jail. Ryan is beginning to wig out.

May 7, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill brings Victoria flowers. She explains why she never tried to find him. Holly visits Mac in jail and he tells her about the plan to trap Ryan. Sean puts the next phase of the plan in motion. Things are tense between Tiffany and Sean at Dominique's burial. Holly visits Felicia in the attic. PC residents say goodbye to Dominique. Tiffany tries to get more pills from Alan. But he insists on running some tests on her before any refills. Everyone heads back to the brownstone after the burial. Julia makes Ned promise her will be there when she gets home tonight, as she doesn't want to be alone. Scott needs some time alone and asks everyone to leave. Lucy gives Scott the poem from Dominique. Ryan gets another message from Felicia, this time through his TV. Ryan confronts Mac in jail about the calls and messages from Felicia. Jessica tells Sean she thinks it is time to come clean with her boss about their plan to trap Ryan. Alan tells Tiffany she is pregnant.

May 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill accuses Halifax of not helping Victoria get her sight back to control her. Tiffany tells Alan that she is excited about the baby but worried as she and Sean are separated. Sean convinces Jessica to keep going along with the plan. Holly visits Felicia again. Bill wants Victoria to come back to PC with him. Monica tells Alan about giving the check to AJ. Alan thinks Monica is setting AJ up for a fall. Victoria refuses to go back to PC with Bill. Thanks to Jessica, Mac is denied bail at his hearing. Alan has a drink with Rhonda and insists she join him for dinner. Tiffany tells Holly she is pregnant. Sean tells Felicia about Ryan's latest reaction to her phone call. Ryan has insecurities regarding his mother and that is his Achilles heel. Felicia thinks of Mac.     

May 11, 1993 - No Commercials - Alan and Rhonda have dinner together. Scott rereads the poem from Dominique. Lucy tries to get Scott to go to dinner with her. Tracy sets up Edward to look in a warehouse that Paul owns for the stolen ELQ merchandise. Gail and Lee check in on Scott. Karen has another flashback of her childhood. Lucy returns with food from Kellys for Scott. Tracy accuses Paul of being a thief. Lucy tells Scott she thinks he should have a memorial service for Dominique, as people need a chance to say goodbye. Rhonda is upset when she finds out that Jagger beat up Frank. Alan tells AJ it is a mistake to go looking for Nikki. Marco tries to warn Paul that Tracy is setting him up. Jagger gets word that the judge has some news on his siblings. 

May 12, 1993 - No Commercials - Bill is back in PC. Sean tells Felicia that he has found out information on Ryan's mother that they can use. Holly visits Mac in jail and he has a note for her to give to Felicia. Bill hangs his painting above his mantle. Jagger learns his brother, Michael, has run away from his foster home. His sister Gina's parents do not want Jagger to have any contact with her. Holly thinks Felicia has stronger feelings for Mac than just friendship. Sean wants Jessica to delay the court date for Mac's sentencing. Holly tells Tiffany about Victoria being alive. Sean gets Jessica to see things his way. Tiffany calls Sean to get together to talk. Holly arrives at Bill's to talk and finds Victoria there.

May 13-19, 1993:  5/13, 5/14 Ryan flips out, Regina Ball sings at Dom's memorial, 5/17, 5/18 Lucy faints when she sees Felicia in the attic, 5/19

May 13, 1993 - No Commercials - Marco warning Paul about Tracy. Bill insists to Holly that he brought Victoria to the states only to find out if her sight can be restored. Ned apologies to Julia for not making it to her hotel room, after Dominique's funeral like he promised. Julia takes down Dominique's photos at the Deception Spa. Paul tells Jenny about his warehouse and that he is pretty sure Tracy is going to plant the stolen ELQ property there. AJ admits to Jason that he doesn't know what he will say to Nikki when he finds her. Tracy tells Ned that they have found the stolen inventory in a warehouse registered to Paul. Halifax gives Victoria's previous medical records to GH. Paul and Jenny find the stolen ELQ property in his warehouse. Paul needs to get it out of there and fast. AJ gets word that the PI has found Nikki. Tony examines Victoria and she is a prime candidate for a corneal transplant. Garcia arrests Paul. Tracy and Ned have front row seats for
the show.

May 14, 1993 - No Commercials - Tracy and Paul gloat while Paul is hauled off by the PCPD. Scott thanks for Lucy for talking him into a memorial for Dominique. Ryan and Audrey get into an argument at GH over his late billings. Bobbie breaks into Ryan's office and takes the picture he had on his desk of his mother. Tiffany tells Sean she is pregnant. They want to get back to the way things were between them. Scott speaks at Dominique's memorial. Jenny arrives at the PCPD to bail Paul out. Ryan flips out when he sees the photo is gone. Regina Bell sings at the memorial. Julia breaks up with Ned. Sean tells Mac that he has been having an affair with Jessica and that Tiffany is pregnant. Tiffany shows up Sean's hotel room.

May 17, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ leaves for Los Angeles to talk to Nikki. Sean vows that Tiffany can never find out about his affair with Jessica. Tiffany almost walks in on Jessica waiting for Sean in his bed. Paul pleads his case with Lila and Edward about Tracy's set up. Ryan reports to Steve that it had to be someone who works at GH that stole the photo from his office. Tracy tells Paul to kiss his son goodbye, as he will not be able to when he goes to jail. Sean finds Jessica waiting in his bed for him. Lila wants some answers from Tracy about the ELQ theft. Ryan gets another phone call from Felicia. After Ryan wants his calls screened by the nurses, Audrey has to warn him that is not the nurse's job. Alan blames Monica for giving AJ all the tools to find Nikki. 

May 18, 1993 - No Commercials - Bobbie learns Tiffany is pregnant. Jagger is worried that Mike is alone on the streets. Sean is caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to Jessica. Lucy helps Scott packs up Dominique's things Lucy asks Scott if she can move into Dominique's old apartment. Felicia has to hide when Lucy comes up to the attic to stash some of the boxes from Scott's apartment. Lucy faints when she sees Felicia. Scott and Bobbie have to trust Lucy to keep her mouth shut about seeing Felicia. Sean and Tiffany vow to wipe the slate clean. Jagger gets caught rifling through the judge's desk to find his sister's address. Sly visits Scott and invites him to a baseball game. Karen comes up with the idea to check the schools in the area for Gina. Bobbie tells Felicia that Tiffany is pregnant. Tiffany tells Jessica that she and Sean are getting back together as she is pregnant.

May 19, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly runs into Bill and Victoria at GH. AJ arrives at Nikki's beach house in LA. Alan tells Monica he is not dropping the subject of Nikki until he is certain that she can't ruin AJ's life. Ned apologies to Julia for not being there for her, but she tells him there is not future for them. Tiffany tells Holly if she wants Bill she should go and get him. Victoria gets to know Sly. Jessica is livid when she confronts Sean about the baby. She accuses him of using her. Monica talks with Audrey about being confused that she did the right thing in helping AJ find Nikki. Nikki tells AJ that Alan threatened to take away his trust fund if she married him. If they married, his family would turn their back on him and she could not separate him from them. Julia explains to Brenda that she wants “the real thing” when it comes to a relationship. Bill tells Holly his feeling for Victoria are about the past. She insists he has to make a choice. Jessica tells Sean she is out of the plan to get Ryan.

May 20-26, 1993:  5/20 Reading of Dom's will, 5/21 Tracy accidentally hits Jenny with her car 5/24 Felicia appears before Ryan as a ghost, 5/25 Ryan discovers Felicia is not dead and chases her, 5/26 cm Mac rescues Felicia from Ryan, Karen helps Jagger search for Stone, Tiffany is shocked to see Felicia alive!

May 20, 1993 - No Commercials - Paul is upset that Jagger broke into the judge's office. Paul thinks Jagger should petition the family court to make Gina's adoptive parents tell him what they know. Scott tells Lucy he is not going to the Dominique's will reading. Sean tells Felicia that he had an affair with Jessica. Jason asks Brenda to the senior prom. Sean tells Felicia that the next step is sending electronic messages to Ryan to rattle him. Karen has another flashback of her childhood. Ryan gets an email from his “mother”. Karen and Jagger decide to go to the prom. Brenda wants to make sure Robin is okay with her going to the prom with Jason. Dominique's will is read. Lucy is given 10% ownership of Deception. Scott is given the rest of her estate in the amount of $100 million dollars. Audrey triggers an outburst from Ryan. Jessica finds out where Felicia is hiding out. 

May 21, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ wants to know how Nikki feels about him. She “fits in” in LA the way she never did in PC.  He wants her to come back to PC with him. Robin brings Felicia a care package from Kellys. Felicia tells Mac that everyone is finding out about her being alive and they have reason to be worried about Jessica. Felicia wants to know why Mac did not tell her about Sean and Jessica. Paul is worried about going to jail. Jenny has the idea to work over Marco as she thinks he likes her. Bill and Victoria reminisce about the past. Jessica busts in on Felicia in the attic. Bill kisses Victoria. Jenny and Tracy get into a huge fight in the PC Hotel parking garage. Tracy tells Jenny that she will regret their conversation. Jessica is set to turn Felicia in.  AJ hears another man on Nikki's answering machine. Felicia ties Jessica up to stop her from turning her in. She is going after Ryan solo. Tracy hits Jenny with her car.

May 24, 1993 - No Commercials - Robin finds Jessica tied up. Bobbie finds a very agitated Ryan in his office. Tracy realizes what she has done and leaves Jenny laying on the floor of the parking garage. Sean tells Mac that he now wants to tell Tiffany about Felicia being alive. Sean and Mac learn that Felicia is gone. Nikki tells AJ she is married. He realizes she never loved him. Sean agrees to let Mac go with him to GH. Tracy anonymously calls 911 to get Jenny help. Julia and Ned find Jenny. A “dead” Felicia taunts Ryan at GH. Sean, Bobbie, and Mac search GH for Felicia and Ryan.  AJ takes a drink on the plane back to PC. Jenny is rushed to GH. 

May 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Jenny is brought into GH. Tracy keeps replaying the accident in her mind. Marco finds Tracy in the Q garage with her car. Felicia pokes at Ryan until she gets his confession on tape. The PCPD question Julia and Ned. They learn a woman called 911 and she witnessed the whole accident. Halifax tells Holly she should fight for Bill. She just thinks that he wants Bill out of the way. Julia calls Bill with the news of Jenny's accident. Paul arrives at GH. Tony has to operate on Jenny as she has bleeding on the brain. Marco notices the broken headlight on Tracy's car. Felicia falls and hurts herself. Ryan knows she is real and goes after her. Tracy admits to Marco that she hit Jenny. Bill arrives at the hospital. Ryan stalks Felicia around GH. Marco agrees to help Tracy. Felicia hides in the morgue.

May 26, 1993 - With Commercials - Karen and Jagger search for Mike. Tony is able to relief the pressure in Jenny's brain. Ryan finds Felicia in the morgue. Marco wants some of Tracy's “time” in exchange for his help. Alan and Rhonda have beers and play pool at Jakes. Felicia and Mac square off with Ryan in the morgue but Ryan gets away. Tracy learns that Jenny is alive but critical. Lila wants to go to GH and she wants Tracy to drive her. Paul breaks down at Jenny's bedside. Tracy and Lila arrive at GH. Felicia gives Ryan's confession to Sean. Felicia passes out. Alan has to step in when Frank harasses Rhonda. Karen sees Alan and Rhonda together. Amy and Meg learn Felicia is alive. Thanks to the tape, Mac and Felicia are released. Tiffany sees Felicia.

May 27 - June 2, 1993:  5/27, 5/28 Ryan terrorizes Steve & Audrey, Jenny regains consciousness, 5/31, 6/1, 6/2 Mac & Felicia fly to Texas

May 27, 1993 - No Commercials - AJ is back in PC. Jagger asks for more time off from Kellys to continue searching for his brother. Tiffany is livid when she learns she was the only one that didn't know Felicia was alive. AJ tells Jason that Nikki was only after the Quartermaine money. With Jenny in the hospital, Victoria wants to postpone her eye surgery. Bill thinks it is more to it than that. Mac and Felicia return home to the brownstone. Lucy is worried when Scott has not returned any of her phone calls. Monica accuses Alan of avoiding her. Rhonda makes sure Karen knows that Alan and her are just friends. Karen explains why it is important for Jagger to find his brother and sister. Jagger checks with schools for his siblings. He finds out Gina is in a private school. He manages to steal the keys to principal's file cabinet. Sean tries to talk with Tiffany but she wants nothing to do with him. Mac wants Felicia to stay with him until Ryan is put behind bars. Ryan arrives at the Hardys

May 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Tony tells Paul that Jenny is improving. They have to wean her off the respirator. Felicia wants to go to Texas and see Maxie. Mac does not think it is safe to bring Maxie back to PC. Audrey opens the door to Ryan. He forces his way in. Paul unloads on Tracy for being at GH to check on Jenny. Ryan has gone off the deep end and believes Audrey is his mother. Ned visits Jenny and tells her he is sorry for hurting her. Sean refuses to accept Jessica's apology for almost blowing the Ryan case. Audrey tries to play along and settle Ryan down. Steve arrives home and both he and Audrey try to calm Ryan down. Marco does not want Tracy hanging around the hospital as it will look suspicious. Ryan attacks Steve and Audrey. Lila visits Jenny. Mac offers to rent a plane and take Felicia to see Maxie in Texas. Jenny wakes up.

May 31, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia packs for Texas. Sean learns about Steve and Audrey. Jessica wants a statement from Jenny. When Ned's car won't start, he wants to borrow Tracy's. Marco saves the day. Audrey is brought into GH with internal injuries. Sean wants Felicia and Mac out of the way in Texas. Monica and Bobbie operate on Audrey. Tracy learns from Alan that Jenny has regained unconsciousness. Jessica and Sean question Jenny but she can't ID the driver of the car who hit it. Jessica shows up at Quartermaines to verify the charges against Paul. Tracy is freaked out that it was about Jenny. After Alan examines him, Steve is questioned by Sean. Steve blames Sean for not doing enough where Ryan was concerned. Mac and Felicia leave for Texas. Audrey makes it out of surgery. Tracy checks in on Jenny.

June 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Steve does not want to leave Audrey's bedside. Jagger puts off Karen helping him look for his siblings tonight. Audrey wakes up after surgery. Brenda and Robin are going to stay with Bobbie until Ryan is caught. Alan has dinner at Rhonda's apartment. Victoria is out of surgery. Karen applies for a part time job at GH. Jagger breaks into the school files to get information on his sister but finds that the files are all on a computer database. Lucy is worried, as she still can't find Scott. Jessica gets a statement from Audrey. Alan lies to Monica about the fact that he had dinner with Rhonda. Jagger asks Robin about computer programs.   

June 2, 1993 - No Commercials - Jason helps Lucy move out of Kellys and into Dominique's old apartment. Scott returns to his and Dominique's honeymoon Las Vegas hotel room but is disappointed as it looks different. Jagger returns to the school to break into the computer to look for his sister's file. Brenda follows him. Mac and Felicia are on their way to Texas in a small plane. Mac plays a joke on her about the plane losing altitude. Lee and Gail visit Lucy as they are now worried too about not hearing from Scott. Scott loses a bundle gambling in Vegas. Mac and Felicia arrive in Texas. The police are there as Maxie is missing. Julia tells Lucy that she is envious of her as she is giving something so special to Scott. Brenda helps Jagger break into the school computer. Julia treats Lucy to a huge dinner at Kellys. They learn Scott is in Vegas.

June 3-8, 1993:  6/3 Victoria regains her sight, Lucy goes to Vegas to get Scott, 6/4 Ryan has kidnapped Maxie, 6/7 cm Jagger finds his sister Gina, 6/8 cm

June 3, 1993 - No Commercials - Gail visits Audrey in the hospital. Halifax wants to be in Victoria's room when her bandages are removed. Bill convinces him not to be. Tiffany tells Holly that what hurts the most was that Sean thought she was the weak link in the plan to get Ryan. A drinking Scott gives away his Vegas chips to a couple of patrons. Gail gets Audrey to take about the beating. Gail wants her to see her professionally when she is ready. Victoria's bandages are taken off but all she can see is shadows. Steve blames himself for Audrey's attack. Lucy finds Scott at the chapel that he and Dominique got married at. Halifax accused Bill of setting Victoria up for disappointment. Victoria's sight comes back. Holly learns from Bill that Victoria's surgery was a success.

June 4, 1993 - No Commercials - Lila tells Tracy she does not like her taking pleasure in Paul's misery. Given Jenny's accident, Lila wants the embezzlement charges dropped against Paul. Jagger tells Karen he found out Gina's last name and what school she goes to. Sean arrives in Texas to help find Maxie. Jenny still can't remember anything about the accident. Robin gets asked to the prom by Darren Harris. Jason thinks AJ will use the Nikki situation as an excuse to just start drinking again. AJ tells him he only went to rehab to get his parents off his back. Julia misses Dominique. Ned gets a message from Jenny for him to stop by the hospital. Sean gets the FBI in on the search for Maxie. Felicia finally gets a call from Ryan. Ryan wants to see her alone. Jenny thanks Ned for saving her life. She wants them to call a truce. Tracy tries to convince Edward to not jump the charges against Paul. Jenny has a flashback of the accident. Brenda gloats to Karen about helping Jagger find his sister. Jagger finds Gina at her private school. Jenny calls Tracy to come to the hospital for a talk. Felicia wants to meet Ryan alone. 

June 7, 1993 - With Commercials - Ryan calls Felicia on where to meet him. Sean wants Felicia to where a tracking device so that he and Mac can follow at distance. Tracy tells Marco that she is sure that Jenny knows the truth about the accident. Brenda tells Karen all about her and Jagger breaking into the principal's office to get his sister's records. Gina tells Jagger it is too late, too much time has past and she has a real family now. It was her decision for him not to contact her. Audrey is very jumpy since the accident. Jenny tells Tracy that she knows she was behind the wheel of the car that hit her. Felicia arrives at the set location to meet Ryan but he calls and knows that she did not come alone as he instructed. Robin meets musician Val Duncan. Karen confronts Jagger about not telling her about Brenda helping him. He tells her about Gina wanting nothing to do with him. Jenny makes her demand that unless Tracy gives Paul a divorce and drop the grand larceny charges against him, she will be going to the police about the accident. Felicia ditches Sean and Mac.

June 8, 1993 - With Commercials - Holly visits Victoria at the hospital. Sean and Mac know that Felicia gave them the slip. Ryan and Felicia agree to meet at “Broken Top”.  Holly tells Victoria that she is not about to talk away from Bill. Victoria tells Bill that she will be going back to Paris after she is released, but he refuses to let her go. Julia tries to give Brenda  money for a prom dress. Mac thinks that Felicia may have gone to “Broken Top”. Ryan arrives to meet Felicia but does not have Maxie with him. Ryan wants to take Felicia to a place where they can “be a family”. Brenda gets caught shoplifting a prom dress. AJ is already off to a rocky start at helping out Ned at the hotel. AJ tells Julia that if dealing with Ned is his cross to bear that he will have to deal with it to get involved in the Q businesses. Holly tells Bill she does not want to lose him. Lucy tries to be a friend to Scott. Julia helps Brenda out of being arrested for shoplifting. Like a flip of a switch, Ryan turns on Felicia.

June 9-15, 1993:  6/9 cm Mac & Sean rescue Felicia, Ryan falls off the cliff,  6/10 (no end credits), 6/11 High School Prom with Brenda, Jason, Robin, Karen & Jagger, 6/14 Prom continued, 6/15

June 9, 1993 - With Commercials - Alan blows off dinner with Monica. Tracy stalls for time to meet all of Jenny's demands where Paul is concerned. Felicia tries to calm Ryan down. Jessica arrives to see if Jenny remembers anything more about the accident. Tracy has no choice but to agree to all of Jenny's demands. Felicia agrees to marry Ryan. Mac and Sean arrive at “Broken Top” and Ryan takes Felicia hostage. Tracy has to come clean with Edward about setting up Paul and hitting Jenny. After struggling with Felicia, Ryan goes off the side of cliff. Lila is disgusted with Tracy and Edward after she hears them talking. Monica follows Alan to Jake's bar and sees him with Rhonda. Monica tells Bobbie about seeing Alan and Rhonda together. Maxie is reunited with Felicia. Mac and Sean find Ryan alive at the bottom of the canyon and he is arrested.

June 10, 1993 - No Commercials - Monica and Alan argue before he leaves for an out of town convention. Rhonda finishes making Karen's prom dress. Halifax finds Victoria living with Bill at the lighthouse and tries to get her to come back from Paris with him. Rhonda insists to Karen that she and Alan are just friends. Jagger and Brenda argue about her telling Karen that she helped him find Gina. After the band cancels their gig at the prom, Robin gets Val and his band to fill in. Jason makes sure Darren's intentions are good toward Robin. Alan stops by Rhonda's apartment to say goodbye and they end up kissing. Karen has another flashback of her childhood and it ruins a moment with Jagger.   

June 11, 1993 - With Commercials - Mac leaves Texas to accompany Sean and Ryan to PC. Paul tells Jenny he is getting his divorce from Tracy. Edward and Tracy have to tell Jessica that they are not going through with the charges against Paul. Jagger picks up Karen for the prom. Mariah asks Felicia about her feelings for Mac. The PC High senior prom gets underway. Edward banishes Tracy. Sean and Mac accompany Mac on the plane back to PC. Ryan has an attack. Brenda asks Jason if he ever slept together. Robin is surprised and hurt when Darren's girlfriend Sandy shows up at the prom. Tracy comes clean with Ned about Paul's set up and Jenny's hit and run. Tracy tells him that Edward has asked her to leave and she doesn't have a choice. Marco wants to leave with Tracy and go to the Bahamas.

June 14, 1993 - With Commercials - The senior prom continues. Ryan is brought into GH. Val turns Robin's night around. Tracy wants a guarantee from Jenny that she will not breath a word about her role in the accident. Tiffany accuses Jessica of being the one that convinced Sean to not tell her about Felicia being alive. Sean swears to Tiffany that it was Jessica that wanted her excluded. Tiffany tells him that the trust is gone from their marriage. Karen wants to go back to Jagger's room. Sean tells Jessica that it is over between them. Tracy tells Marco she is going to Haiti. Marco tells her he is rich thanks to selling all the electronics they set up Paul with and he wants to go with her. Karen thinks she ready to make love with Jagger, but she can't block out her childhood memories. Jason puts the moves on Brenda. Tracy tells Monica that Edward wants her out.

June 15, 1993 - With Commercials - Felicia and Maxie return to PC. Brenda puts the brakes on with Jason. Jason accuses Brenda of using him to make Jagger jealous. Karen flees Jagger's room. Mac is worried about the not home yet from the prom Robin. Robin thanks Val. They say goodbye as Val is going to NYC for an audition. Bill and Victoria make love. Brenda apologies to Jason for leading him on. After seeing Karen run out of Kelly, Ruby questions Jagger about what happened between them. Robin returns to the brownstone to an upset Mac. Mac wants all the details on Val, the musician. Brenda wants some kind of reaction from Jagger when she tells him she spent the night on the beach with Jason.

June 16-22, 1993:  6/16 Tracy takes Marco's money and leaves town with baby Dillon, seductive scene as Felicia's shaves off Mac's beard, 6/17 AJ & Jagger boxing match, 6/18 Mac & Felicia share at romantic evening alone at the Outback (lots of kissing), 6/21 Katherine arrives, 6/22 Ray arrives, Brenda & Jagger photo shoot

June 16, 1993 - With Commercials - Lucy tells Paul to watch his back with Tracy. Complete with a bag of cash, Marco arrives at the Q mansion all ready to go to the airport with Tracy. Tracy wants him to meet her in the first class lounge at the airport. Ned and Tracy say goodbye. Jenny tells Bill he has to decide between Victoria and Holly as it is not fair to either of the. Holly asks Bill to a meeting at her hotel room about The Outback. Julia agrees to dinner with Ned. Marco say goodbye to Lucy. Scott reads a letter that was written to Dominique from a woman named Katherine. Tracy says goodbye to Lila and AJ. Julia, Lucy and Scott discuss getting a new model for Deception. Lucy thinks Scott should write back to Katherine. Tracy leaves town not only with Dillon but also with Marco's bag of money. Paul learns that Tracy and Dillon are gone.

June 17, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger gets ready for the boxing tournament but his mind seems to be somewhere else. Felicia returns to work at The Outback. Felicia wants Mac to shave the beard he has grown over the past few months. Paul confronts Marco about what he knows about Tracy leaving town with Dillon. Karen avoids Jagger to not have to talk about what happened between them. Jenny learns that Tracy is gone. Bobbie and Tony try and plead Sean's case to Tiffany. Lucy drags Scott to the boxing fight. Jagger wins his fight. Lucy thinks Brenda would be a great model for Deception and wants to set up a test shoot for her. Felicia helps Mac shave off his beard. 

June 18, 1993 - With Commercials - Jagger wants to talk about what is bothering Karen. Audrey freaks out when she learn Ryan is in the hospital. Steve assures her that Ryan will not regain consciousness and that she has nothing to worry about. Karen blows Jagger off. Mac wants Felicia to admit that she wants him. Felicia wants a real date with Mac before she can make a decision. Mac comes up with something on the fly. AJ and Jason invite Monica to the boxing fight. Monica tells them that Alan has not called once from the convention. Rhonda gets a call from Alan. Tiffany agrees to let go of her anger toward Sean for the sake of the baby. Steve thinks it would be best for everyone concerned if Ryan just died. Mac and Felicia share their first kiss. Karen can't shake her memory from her childhood. Steve assures Audrey she will never have to worry about Ryan again. Felicia lets Mac know that she will be sleeping alone tonight. Steve gets rid of the guard at Ryan's hospital room.

June 20, 1993 - With Commercials - Sean moves out of the hotel and back into the penthouse. Ned admits to Julia that he misses her. When Lucy gets an upset stomach, Scott insists he take her to GH. Sean and Tiffany make love. Mac wants Felicia to explain her feelings for him. An awake Ryan tells Steve he doesn't have the guts to kill him. Steve decides that killing Ryan would be too easy on him. Lucy just has morning sickness. Tiffany tells Sean she was numbing her pain with pills and alcohol. Jessica interrupts them with the news that Ryan is awake. Sean and Jessica question Ryan. Claiming he is innocent, Ryan refuses to sign any confession. During dinner, Julia wants to keep things professional with Ned. Julia shoots down Lucy's idea to use Brenda in Deception's new campaign. Julia gives in to Ned when they arrive back at her hotel suite and they make love. Mac asks Felicia to go on a real first date. Dominique's friend, Katherine, arrives in PC and checks into the PC Hotel. (Note: First appearance by Mary Beth Evans)

June 21, 1993 - With Commercials - Karen keeps Jagger at a distance with preparations for her graduation. Bill and Holly wake up in bed together. Lucy tells Scott she is not going to give up on convincing Julia that Brenda should be their new model. Scott meets Katherine. Victoria is worried when Bill is out all night. Scott has to tell Katherine that Dominique has passed away. Brenda asks Ruby for a room at Kellys. Lucy asks Jagger to help her convince Marco to use the gym for Brenda's test shots for Deceptions. Bill denies to Victoria that he was with Holly last night. Victoria moves out the lighthouse for the PC Hotel. Lucy persuades Jagger to be Brenda's sparring partner for the photo shoot. Karen apologizes to Jagger for blowing him off. Katherine tells Scott about Dominique's childhood. Halifax tells Victoria that Holly is very much still involved with Bill. Bill tells Holly that Victoria has moved out. Brenda gloats to Karen about Jagger being in the gym photo shoot with her. Ruby allows Brenda to rent a room at Kellys. Karen has a strange reaction when Rhonda's old boyfriend Ray Conway show up in Kelly's.

June 23-29, 1993:  6/23, 6/24, 6/25 Mac & Felicia date, Karen & Jason HS grad, 6/28 Mac & Felicia make out, Party at the Quartermaine's, 6/29 Ryan is transfered to jail, Jessica tells Sean she might be pregnant

June 23, 1993 - No Commercials - Karen passes off her stressed attitude on her upcoming graduation. Brenda moves into her Kellys apartment. Right before Jenny is released from GH, she gets a visit from Marco. He tells her that he knows all about her deal with Tracy. A very shaky Audrey is released from GH. The nurses arrange a day at the spa for her when she is up for it. Jessica shows up at Tiffany's penthouse to apologies to her. Paul finds Marco in Jenny's hospital room. Marco tells Paul that he found out that Tracy is in Switzerland. Jagger and the Q boys get into it at Kellys. Audrey freaks out when she returns home to the scene of the crime. Sean is not too happy to find Jessica at home chatting with Tiffany. Audrey tells Steve she can't stay at their home and he takes to a hotel room for them. Tiffany invites Jessica to dinner. Jagger watches AJ in a boxing fight at the gym. Gail arrives for Audrey at her hotel room. She tells Gail she doesn't know how to move on with her life.

June 24, 1993 - No Commercials - Rhonda and Ray make Karen breakfast on the day of her graduation ceremony. Scott wants to hear more stories from Katherine about Dominique. He asks her to stay one more day in PC. Jagger gives Karen a present for her graduation. Alan returns from the convention just in time for Jason's graduation. Scott wants Katherine to visit Dominique's grave with him. After Holly can't make lunch with him, Bill invites Victoria. Jagger suspects that Ray is the reason that Karen is acting so strange. Sean tells Mac and Felicia that they must prepare themselves for the fact that Ryan could go to a mental hospital and not prison. Scott and Katherine bring flowers to Dominique's grave. Scott is still missing his wife very much. Scott tells Katherine that if she is in any trouble, Dominique would have wanted him to help her. Katherine tells Scott about her husband who also past away. Halifax sees Bill with both Holly and Victoria and knows he is playing both sides of the fence. Felicia is excited for her first official date with Mac. Right in front of the PC Hotel, Katherine and Scott are almost hit by a speeding car. Katherine hurts her ankle. Ray gives Karen the creeps.

June 25, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia fishes around Robin to see if she knows where Mac is taking her for their first official date. Karen remembers that it was Ray who abused her when she as a little girl. Complete with flowers and chocolate covered cherries, Mac picks up Felicia for their date. Victoria wants to take Bill on a picnic. Bill is secretly worried that someone will see them together. Halifax tells Holly that she is being overconfident where Bill is concerned. After their picnic is a bit of a wash, Victoria and Bill end up making love. Jagger arrives to pick up Karen for graduation, but she is gone. Mac has The Outback all decked out with flowers and candles for his date with Felicia. Alan and Monica meet Rhonda's boyfriend Ray at the graduation. Jagger finds a very upset Karen but she refuses to tell him what is wrong. Holly finds out Bill and Victoria slept together. Karen's speech is less that spectacular and she ditches Jagger after the graduation ceremony.

June 28, 1993 - No Commercials - Katherine has a sprained ankle after the car almost hit her. Jagger is worried when Karen still has not shown up at her mom's apartment and goes after her. Karen can't escape the memories of her abuse. Things get very passionate between Mac and Felicia, and she wants to take things back to her apartment. With her angle pain, Katherine agrees to stay one more day in PC. The jealous Lucy can't wait till Katherine leaves. The Quartermaines have a party for Jason back at the mansion. Alan drops off a present for Karen at Rhonda's. Jagger returns with no Karen. Lucy joins Scott and Katherine for dinner. Karen finally returns and lies about where she was. Jagger suspects something is wrong. Katherine learns that Lucy is carrying Scott and Dominique's baby. Maxie interrupts Mac and Felicia when they return to the brownstone asking if Mac is going to be her new daddy. Brenda gets ticked when Julia tells her that she is not going to consider Brenda for the new Deception model. Julia confronts Lucy about doing test shots of Brenda behind her back. Katherine gets a threatening message that she hides from Scott. Felicia now gets cold feet when it comes to her and Mac making love, as she is scared about what it might mean.

June 29, 1993 - No Commercials - Holly tells Tiffany about Bill sleeping with Victoria. Bill tells Victoria she can't spend the night at the lighthouse. Felicia puts her and Mac on hold indefinitely. Felicia doesn't think Mac is ready to being a part of Maxie's life on a daily basis. A room service attendant at the hotel scares Audrey. Mac and Felicia argue about her having doubts about him and Mac storms out. Sean and Jessica oversee the transfer of Ryan from GH to jail. Jessica tells Steve that Audrey will have to testify against Ryan in court. Steve learns about Audrey's freak out at the hotel. Mac returns to Felicia's and apologies. Jessica tells Sean that she might be pregnant. Bobbie and Steve find a frightened Audrey hiding in the hotel room. Holly sees Bill and Victoria again back at the hotel. Not ready to confront him yet, she makes an excuse when Bill wants to come up to her apartment.

June 30 - July 6, 1993:  6/30, 7/1, 7/2, 7/5, 7/6

June 30, 1993 - No Commercials - Rhonda finds the graduation gift that Ray gave Karen in the trash. Marco tells Jenny that he wants to find Tracy as she has his money. Jagger tells Brenda that if he and AJ both win their next fight they will then face each other in the ring. Ned is teed AJ switched his schedule at the hotel. But then agrees to check AJ out in the ring later with Julia. Jenny tells her mother about her deal with Tracy that blew up in her face. Angela does not think she should ever tell Paul the truth. Jenny insists she must tell Paul, as she wants no secrets between them. Holly overhears Victoria and Bill make plans for the 4th of July next week. Bill lies to Holly after she asks him out for the 4th.  Jenny tells Paul about her deal with Tracy after the hit and run. Paul is angry with her for not trusting him but he understands why she did it. Julia tells Brenda she will think about letting her model for Deception. Paul wants Jenny to go to the police now about Tracy being the hit and run driver. Proving that Tracy is a felon is the only way he will ever see Dillon again. Bill tells Angela to butt out of his life. After doing some investigating, Paul later learns Tracy got ride of the car and all evidence that she hit Jenny. Rhonda tells Karen that her Aunt Sally broke her hip and she has to go to Michigan to take care of her. Holly makes plans with Bill for tomorrow afternoon.

July 1, 1993 - No Commercials - Felicia invites Mac to lake with her, Maxie, and Robin on the 4th of July. AJ and Jagger taunt each other at the gym. With Ray hanging around, Karen is not wild about Rhonda being out of town for a long time. Scott wants to go to NYC with Katherine as he has to go threw Dominique's apartment there. AJ is happy when Alan and Jason show up for his boxing fight. AJ makes quick work of his opponent. Sean wants to know if Jessica is for sure pregnant or not. Lucy wants to go to NYC with Scott and Katherine to keep on eye on Scott. After the boxing fight, Alan offers Rhonda a ride home and they decide to stop off at Jakes for a beer. Jagger defeats his opponent as well. AJ, Jason, and Brenda see Alan kiss Rhonda at Jakes. Karen wants to know why Rhonda feels that she can trust Ray so much. Julia wants to know from Ned where their relationship is going. Felicia learns from Mac that Jessica might be pregnant. Mac tells Lucy that Dominique never went to school as she was tutored at home so Katherine can't be an “old school chum” of hers.

July 2, 1993 - No Commercials - Lucy tells Scott he can't go to NYC with Katherine, as she is a big fat fake. Holly tells Bill that her plans for him are a surprise. Victoria shows up at The Outback to surprise Bill. Lucy quizzes Katherine about what school she went to with Dominique. Bill shuffles Victoria out the club before Holly can see her. Holly tells Felicia and Mac that she is not in the dark anymore where Bill is concerned. Lucy suspicions about Katherine are blown out of the water and Scott tells her to stay out of his business. Steve, Sean and Felicia meet with the grand jury before Ryan's trial. Felicia asks Jessica if she is pregnant and she suspects it was no accident. Holly invites Victoria to a cup of tea in her room. Steve decides to take some time away from the hospital to be with Audrey. When Amy sees a Jessica's lab report for a pregnancy test, she theories about whom she may be sleeping with. Bobbie tells Amy to mind her own business. Felicia takes an interest in boxing. Holly sets up Victoria to find her and Bill in bed together. Scott and Katherine arrive at her apartment in NYC to find it has been broken into. Katherine does not want to call the police. Tiffany overhears Sean talking with Mac about sleeping with Jessica and how she might be pregnant.

July 5, 1993 - No Commercials - Victoria finds Bill in Holly's bed. Tiffany flees The Outback after overhearing Sean's confession. An upset Victoria runs into Halifax in the PC Hotel lobby. Katherine explains to Scott that she does not want to hassle of calling the police after the robbery. Jessica tells Mac, Felicia and Sean that the grand jury handed down an indictment against Ryan. Jessica tells Sean that she is not pregnant. Tiffany returns home to find Lucas with Bobbie waiting for her. Halifax tells Victoria that what Bill did is unforgivable and that she deserves better. Bobbie senses that something is wrong with Tiffany, but Tiffany insists she is just tired and emotional from her pregnancy. After Bobbie leaves, Tiffany breaks down. Scott convinces Katherine to file a police report about the burglary. Scott offers Dominique's apartment for Katherine to stay in. Halifax congratulates Holly on a job well done. Bill and Victoria have it out about what he has done. He asks her for another chance. Tiffany confronts Sean when he returns to the penthouse.

July 6, 1993 - No Commercials - Sean finds out that Tiffany knows all about Jessica. Sean tells Tiffany for what it is worth Jessica is not pregnant. AJ tells Jason that he intents to confront Alan about his relationship with Rhonda. Brenda tells the Q boys that Rhonda probably came on to Alan at a vulnerable moment but Jakes Bar is very public and that people may have seen them together. Karen wants to make Jagger dinner. Scott and Katherine arrive at Dominique's apartment. Gail suggests Bobbie go with Audrey to a victim support group meeting for support. Karen overhears them talking and ask Gail about the group. Brenda and Jagger read in the paper about a teenage boy who overdosed in an alley. Jagger is worried it may have been Mike. Monica overhears Alan and AJ talking about Alan kissing Rhonda. Tiffany tells Sean she doesn't care if they were separated; his affair is still a betrayal. Tiffany gets a sharp pain in her stomach. Jagger checks with the morgue at GH and learns that it is not Mike that was found dead. Lucy arrives in NYC, to find Katherine with Scott at the apartment. Lucy is very suspicious when she hears about the burglary. Sean rushes Tiffany to GH. Brenda fills Karen in on Alan and Rhonda. Alan tells Monica he is not having an affair. Tony tells Sean that Tiffany may lose the baby.

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