Complete GH Episodes, 1992

The year begins as Faison kidnapps Anna, Robert is stunned to discover Holly is alive, he soon leaves town to find Anna, and they are both reportedly killed (along with Faison) in an explosion on his boat and a memorial is held. Ryan arrives and begins romancing Felicia, then he takes her up to the mountain cabin and she realizes he is a crazy man, Mac crashes a snow mobile on his way to rescue her, finds she has stabbed Ryan and she then goes on trial for the deed.

Jagger, Karen, and then Brenda arrive on the show. Jagger, Karen, Jason have some great location scenes up at Big Bear Lake as they take the Q boat out and get stranded on an island during a storm. Robin develops a raging crush on the older Jason who only has eyes for Karen. Bill & Holly have a very Ice Princess-ish looking adventure in San Sebastian, complete with jungle oasis and waterfall. Scott & Dom's romance begins and they get married in Vegas while hammered.

Episode Breakdown

December 27, 1991 - January 6, 1992:  12/27 cm, 12/30, 12/31, (1/1 no show), 1/2, 1/3 first half only rest pre-empted, 1/6 partial [Episode Descriptions]

January 6-13, 1992:  1/6 partial, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10 cm, 1/13 [Episode Descriptions]

January 14-20, 1992:  1/14, 1/15, 1/16 Holly Returns, 1/17 Robert sees Holly is alive, Mac's Birthday party, 1/20 Mac's party continues [Episode Descriptions]

January 21-24, 1992:  1/21 cm, 1/22 cm, 1/23 cm, 1/24 cm Paul & Jenny's engagement party at Q's [Episode Descriptions]

January 27-31, 1992:  1/27 Mac meets Holly, 1/28 cm, 1/29 cm, 1/30 cm, 1/31 partial [Episode Descriptions]

January 31 - February 7, 1992:  1/31 partial, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/10 no show news report [Episode Descriptions]

February 11-19, 1992:  2/11, (2/12 no show aired), 2/13, 2/14, 2/17, 2/18, 2/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

February 19-26, 1992:  2/19 partial, 2/20, 2/21 Ned & Jenny's wedding, 2/24, 2/25 cm 2/25 Robert leaves Port Charles to look for Anna (Tristan's last show until 2006), 2/26 [Episode Descriptions]

February 27 - March 5, 1992:  2/27, 2/28, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5 partial [Episode Descriptions]

March 5-12, 1992:  3/5 partial, 3/6, 3/9 Robert & Holly flashbacks, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12 [Episode Descriptions]

March 13-20, 1992:  3/13, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20 partial [Episode Descriptions]

March 20-27, 1992:  3/20 partial, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25 cm, 3/26, 3/27 partial - learn R&A have died [Episode Descriptions]

March 27 - April 6, 1992:  3/27 partial (note 2 1/2 min section no sound), 3/31, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 R&A memorial, Karen arrives, 4/6 first :15 mins [Episode Descriptions]

April 6-10, 1992:  4/6, 4/7, 4/8 Jagger arrives, 4/9, 4/10 [Episode Descriptions]

April 13-17, 1992:  4/13, 4/14, 4/15 (first few mins messed up), 4/16, 4/17 [Episode Descriptions]

April 20-24, 1992:  4/20 Sean questions Holly about an old murder in San Sebastian, he receives word of another murder and he, Mac, and Hollly head to SB, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24 [Episode Descriptions]

April 27 - May 4, 1992:  4/27, 4/28, 4/29 Monica served with malpractice lawsuit from Nikki in the middle of her party at the Q mansion, 4/30 cm, 5/1 :35 min pre-emption begins at :03 mins into epi, 5/4 [Episode Descriptions]

May 5-11, 1992:  5/5 Monica goes up before hospital board, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/11 [Episode Descriptions]

May 12-18, 1992:  5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15 cm, 5/18 [Episode Descriptions]

May 19-25, 1992:  5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22 Felicia returns towards end of episode, 5/25 Felicia is attacked, Ruby hires Jagger, Tracy goes into labor, Scott & Bobbie find Felicia [Episode Descriptions]

May 26 - June 1, 1992:  5/26, 5/27 Tracy has her baby, Dillon, 5/28 Paloma storyline, 5/29 Felicia is still unconscious at GH and wakes up, Monica's trial starts, Hot line officially starts, 6/1 Felicia has amnesia, Monica's malpractice trial continues [Episode Descriptions]

June 2-8, 1992:  6/2 cm, 6/3 Monica's trial continues, 6/4 Dave Koz appears, Party at the Outback, Robin & her friend Jodi show up alll dressed up, Mac grudgingly agree they can stay for two hours, 6/5 Court case continues, cm, 6/8 [Episode Descriptions]

June 9-15, 1992:  6/9, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12 Rhonda first appears, 6/15 [Episode Descriptions]

June 16-22, 1992:  6/16, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19, 6/22 [Episode Descriptions]

June 23-29, 1992:  6/23, 6/24, 6/25, 6/26, 6/29 Q's party [Episode Descriptions]

June 30 - July 6, 1992:  6/30 Ryan is introduced to Felicia, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 Fourth of July, 7/6 [Episode Descriptions]

July 7 - December 28, 1992

Expanded Descriptions

December 27, 1991 - January 6, 1992:  12/27 cm Shell Danielson begins as Dominque, 12/30, 12/31, (1/1 no show), 1/2, 1/3 first half only rest pre-empted, 1/6 partial epi continued on next dvd

December 27, 1991 - Robert comes to the Penthouse.  They discuss the potential of Connor being Sean's son.  Tiffany comes in and they abruptly stop talking.  Dominique shows up at the Outback.  She wants her old apartment back.  Charlie is there.  Dominique goes to confront her.  She tells her she knows her game plan regarding Mac.  Dominique tells her the game is over.  Paul's mother comes to pick up Susan. She tells Paul he seems very stressed about living at the Qs.  He says he is.  She says he must do something about this marriage.  Tracy walks in with Susan.  Ned and Jenny walk in.  Tracy and Paul see his mother off, and then Tracy tells Jenny it is time for them to go to lunch to discuss the engagement party.  Ned kisses Jenny goodbye and Paul cringes.
     Sean and Robert discuss Connor and why Sean hasn't told Tiffany about the possibility that Connor is his son.  Robert shows Sean a picture of a woman that is Connor's mother.  Sean says she was very special to him.  Sean tells Robert about this woman who captured his heart years ago.  Dominique tells Mac she is glad to move back in.  Tracy has lunch with Jenny (there is an ABC special report which cuts out some of it).  Basically Jenny tells Tracy she is a cold, calculating bitch and that the wedding will go off with or without her.  Robert comes to see Paul with a case update.  Ned wants to stay.  Paul hopes the Tiffany Hill interview will help sway public opinion.  Ned tells Paul that Susan should have stuck around for his interview for the sympathy.  Paul tells Ned he would never use his daughter like that.  Mac asks Dominique out for New Year's Eve.  Dominique gets a call with heavy breathing.   Tiffany conducts his interview with Paul.  He comes clean with the truth about what the cartel forced Paul to do.  Tracy slips into the room and listens in.  She hears Paul tell Tiffany that the cartel was threatening Tracy's life as well, and that is when he met with Faison and jumped him to get the virus so he couldn't give it to Tracy and he could help Tony find the cure.  Tracy is shocked.
     Robert asks Connor if he can get a copy of his birth certificate.  Connor says he doesn't have a copy of it.  Dominique comes in and both Robert and Connor can't believe how strong she is.  Charlie rents an apartment from Bobbie.  Tracy asks Paul if it is true that he risked his life to save hers.  He says yes and at no time did he want to hurt her or cause her harm.  Tracy thanks him for saving his life, and that he hopes they can put it behind them.  Jenny shows up to see Bobbie and tells her about her nightmare lunch with Tracy.  Bobbie tells Jenny that she wonders about the visit Jenny made to Paul when he was in the hospital.  Bobbie asks if he is really just a friend.  Ned shows up. He apologizes for Tracy.  Tiffany comes home and tells Sean the interview with Paul was fabulous.  Mac comes in and asks Robert if he wants to bring Anna to the Outback for New Year's.  Dominique gets another prank call.  She knows it is Charlie trying to make her doubt her sanity.

December 30, 1991 - Fake Anna in this episode - Bill tells Julia he wants out of Barrett industries in two days.  Anna and Dominique discuss her new living arrangements. Tracy gets a call from Paul.  She begs him to try to come home for New Year's.  She goes to talk to Monica about Paul.  She tells Monica she thinks Paul hates her.  Monica tells her Paul said “Can't kill Tracy' on the operating table, and she thinks he really took a knife in the chest for her.  Tracy asks what else Paul said.  Monica goes running out the door.  Robert gets word of another dark-haired victim on the docks.  Dominique and Anna are still shopping, discussing her staying in Port Charles.  Dominique tells Anna how Charlie is making prank calls to her.  She told her once that someone was following her and she thinks Charlie is now playing on that fear.  Julia has a woman show up from Barrett International industries.  Bill is listening in.  He finds out Julia's stock is frozen.  Mac catches Dominique s she falls off a ladder.  They end up on top of each other. Mac tells Dominique he doesn't want her to go anywhere alone until Robert catches this stalker.
     Monica comes home and finds Tracy slumped in the chair. She is all alone.  She asks Monica what else Paul said about her.  Monica says nothing.  She tells Tracy he cares for her and he risked his life for her.  Tracy says she would die if Paul loved someone else.  Monica drags her out to watch Paul's interview in the other room.  Mac insists on protecting Dominique.  She really does have a stalker on her patio.  Bill and Julia discuss him not getting out of the company.  They exchange nasty remarks again.  Dominique is confronted by her stalker.  He wants some of her 50 million dollar.  He knocks her down and pulls a knife on her.  He makes her write a note to Mac saying she went to the movies.  Monica and Tracy talk about Paul's interview.  Monica tells Tracy all men are idiots, but Paul did save her life.  AJ comes in and asks if he can go to an NYE party.  Monica says no.  AJ says there will be no alcohol.  Tracy laughs and tells AJ he should take lessons from Ned.  Monica gets mad and starts hinting that if everyone told the truth, people would be unhappy.  Tracy asks what that means?  She tells her to mind her own affairs.  Tracy doesn't like the sound of that. She and Monica have a big screaming match.
     Mac tells Robert and Anna that Dominique ran off and stood him up that night.  Mac is nervous about where she is. He sees a headline about Dominique inheriting 50 million.  The newspaper stand guy tells him someone bought all 50 papers.  Dominique's stalker starts smashing all her stuff.  She gives him a painting worth 24,000.  Julia tells Bill she got a letter intended for her father.  She tells Bill that he was right about him. Dominique saves herself right as Mac comes in and helps her.  Mac insists on spending the night.

December 31, 1991- Fake Anna in this episode - Ruby has a NYE toast with Scott, Slick, Audrey, Steve and Bobbie and Tony. Lucy arrives wearing her new perfume.  Everyone loves it.  She asks for investors. Bill picks up Julia to go out.   Mac shows back up at Dominique.  He asks if he can shower and change at her place for the party.  Robert tells Robin they are all going to the Outback for NYE.  Robin is having a party with six girls at her house.   Edward tells Lila she has never looked lovelier. Ned and Jenny are with them.  Alan and Monica come in all dressed up too.  AJ and Jason come in.  They are about to leave for a party.  Alan tells AJ and his friend that it is not a night for drinking.  Tracy comes in and she is in a bad mood because Paul is gone.  They invite her to the Outback but she refuses.  Ned and Jenny invite her too. Alan tells her she can end the year miserable just liked she started it.  Edward makes a toast to all the Qs.   Mac and Dominique make a toast to the new year.  They almost kiss, but they call Mac down to the club.  Sean, Tiffany, Anna, Robert, Bill and Julia celebrate before they leave for the Outback.
     Amy gets home from the hospital and her roommates have a little party for her before they leave for the Outback.  The Qs leave for their respective parties, right as Paul returns home.  He tells Edward he knows that he expedited his meeting with the EPA so he would have to come home.  Edward tells him he gives him too much credit, but that he hoped he has a special NYE with his wife, like he is going to have with Lila.  The Outback party is show with most of the cast.  Lucy shows up wearing her perfume which is making everyone sick.  The Qs arrive.  Alan and Monica dances and talk about how much Lucy smells. Anna and Robert dance.  Bobbie/Tony, etc.  Tracy and Paul show up.
     Robin is having a slumber party.  Boys show up with pizza.  Dominique shows up at Mac's party.  Robert tells Dominique that he needs her to make a statement.  Paul dances with Tracy and she thanks him for coming home because it means a lot for her.  Robin is dancing with Roger.  Olin's sister comes downstairs and kicks all the boys out. Mac and Dominique  dance.  Robert and Anna talk about Mac's situation with Dominique and Charlie.  The clock strikes midnight and everyone kisses.  Tracy asks Ned where Jenny is, and he says in the restroom.  They cut to Paul kissing Jenny and telling her Happy New Year.  Lucy kisses Scott and tells him she loves him. Charlie kisses Mac, and Dominique sees and runs out.

January 2, 1992 - Ned is trying to watch the bowl games, but Tracy won't let him. She needs him to help her plan his engagement party.  They exchange some barbs about their events being the laughing stock of the PC social scene.  Tracy stands in the way of the tv and Ned literally shoves her out of the way.  AJ is making plans and Jason is listening in.  Alan and Monica walk in.  AJ threatens Jason about going running to mom and dad and being a tattletale.   Dominique comes back to the Outback and tells them all how great her night was.  Alan asks Jennings to set up a TV in the living room to set up a new tradition, watching every football game all day long.  Alan is so happy he gets to watch the Rose Bowl with both his sons.  Jenny arrives and Ned whisks her out to the gatehouse to avoid Tracy.  But Tracy sees them and says they have to plan their party.  She gives Jenny a five page list of names of guests and Jenny asks why none of her family is on the list.  Tracy says “oops”.  They talk about inviting people their own age, etc.
     Dominique is in her apartment.  Mac comes to her door. She wants to be alone, but he offers to take her to give her statement.  Scott and Lucy are at Kelly's.  Scott is hungover, but Lucy isn't.  He can't understand why as they matched each other drink for drink.  Sean and Tiffany show up at Kelly's.  Lucy asks Tiffany.  Connor gets a subpoena for his immigration hearing.  Mac tells him to call Sean.   The Qs are all watching the game together.  Jason wins the pool.  AJ and Jason have a bunch of tension.  AJ wants to go watch the rest of the games with his friends, not the family.  They send the boys off.  Alan is sad they didn't stay to watch the game with him.  Chips parents show up to talk to Alan and Monica.  They came to return the alcohol that AJ brought to Chip's party.  Alan and Monica are appalled when they see the alcohol, and find out AJ brought strippers.   Alan is livid.  Connor goes to talk to Sean about his immigration hearing the next day.  Tiffany tells Sean he has to help.  Sean says he has nothing new to report.   Dominique is really angry at Mac over Charlie.
     Tracy talks details of tv coverage for Ned/Jenny's party. They are fed up with her. She offers to buy Jenny an appropriate dress. Jenny says she is perfectly capable.  Ned breaks up their fight.  Ned tells Jenny they should elope.  Jenny says there is no way she is not standing up to Tracy.  Lucy and Scott talk about Deception.  Scott is going to represent Connor.  She wants him to get paid so they can use the money for the case for Deception.  Lucy and Scott talk about going away together to reconnect.  Sean calls Robert to say he got the info from the WSB and that Connor is definitely his son. Tiffany walks in.  Sean knows he has to tell her.  They discuss Connor getting deported.  Alan and Monica confront AJ about the liquor and strippers.  They are beyond disappointed with him. They tell him they know Jason has nothing to do with it.  AJ says of course they support Jason.  AJ tries to shift the blame to Alan or Monica. He tells them they have been bad parents.  He tells them they are selfish and sent them away since they were little.  He tells them all they care about is the almighty dollar.  Not their kids.  Connor is about to skip town.  Mac tells him not to leave.  Connor says the only person who can help him is his real father.

January 3, 1992 - Tiffany asks Sean why he is mesmorized by the mask.  Tiffany wants to cover Connor's case to help him.  Dominique tells Connor she has lots of money and resources now.  She helps him escape.  Jason walks into the Q living room.  AJ comes in and blames him for telling Alan and Monica about the alcohol and strippers. Alan and Monica confront Jason to try to point the finger at AJ.  AJ admits it.  Tracy and Delfina walk in.  Alan and Monica ask Tracy to leave as they are in the middle of a family discussion.  Tracy tells them their son is a screw up and her son is the only one who is worthy of the Q name. Tracy tells them that they are at fault for the way AJ turned out.  Alan tells her to shut up. A huge fight breaks out.  Alan tells her the Paul was probably blackmailed to marry her.  Tracy says he loves me.  Ned and Jenny walk in.  Alan chases Tracy out of the room. They are in a screaming match.   Tracy storms out.  They all go to watch. Ned goes to be back up for Tracy.  Jenny is left alone with Delfina who says what a fascinating family they are. 
     Scott shows up and finds out Connor is on the run.   Mac tells Sean and Tiffany Connor has skipped town.   Dominique hides Connor at her apartment.  He decides he has to hit the road.  Jennings asks Jenny if she wants anything because Ned is dealing with family matters.  Paul comes in the living room to see Jenny.  He wants to talk to her. He tells her that he loves her.  She says she is marrying Ned and it is too late for that.  She tells him to stay away from her.  He can't promise that.  Paul tells her she is marrying Ned to cover up her true feelings for him. Paul tells Jenny he is going to get out of his marriage.  Jenny says don't do it for her as it is pointless.  They are done.  Paul says he will see what happens. Edward comes in and tells the rest of the Qs to shut up.  Mac and Scott talk about Connor.  Scott says this was his last case.  Edward tells Jenny and Paul he still can't believe he survived a plane crash.  Jenny and Edward bond a bit.  Ned comes in.  Paul leaves.  Ned tells her this is typical Q behavior.  Tracy comes back in with Delfina.  Alan and Monica come back in too.  They tell Tracy she is doing a good job planning the wedding.  Tiffany interviews Scott about Connor not being deported.  Dominique is talking to someone on the phone to meet her at Kelly's the next day.

January 6, 1992 - partial episode continued on next dvd; Fake Anna in this episode - Edward and Ned are in the Q living room.  Edward is not happy that the Q stock is owned by some outsiders.  Edward wants to buy back all the Q stock before some other unscrupulous group tries to take over.  Edward is mad that the company is not family-owned anymore. Robert and Anna eat breakfast together.   Robin comes in and can't find her homework.  Anna says she needs to figure out what she wants to do about her career.  Robin's friends come over.  They want to know if Robin will accept their nomination as class president.  Dominique and Mac talk.
     Edward tells Ned he will kick a few butts to get what he wants.  He wants to buy out Lucy, Scott, Bill and Julia a good price for their stock.  Ned tells him he thinks they shouldn't be too eager.  He thinks they need to find their Achilles heel.  Edward tells Ned he should change his name from Ashton to Quartermaine.  Ned says there is a mysterious stock holder who owns 8% of the shares and he can't find out who it is. Edward says he will find out who it is.  Lila comes in and says she is the shrewd shark who owns that 8%!!!  Mac tells Sean that Connor is hurting right now.  Sean tells Mac life gets too short sometimes.  Lucy and Scott are at Kelly's she heard he was the big hero at the Connor hearing.  He tells Lucy that Sean fessed up to being Connor's father.  Ned offers to buy Lucy's stock so she can have the cash to start her business.  Connor says he will take the blood test to see if Sean is really his father.  The second in command from the WSB comes to see Robert.  He has an offer for Robert that will change his life.  Connor and Sean take the blood test.  He tells Sean he doesn't accept him as his father yet.  Ned approaches Scott about buying his stock.  They tell Robert they want him to take over the WSB.

January 6-13, 1992:  1/6 partial, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10 cm, 1/13 emergency at GH after plane crashes into a mall

January 6, 1992 - partial episode, 11 Minutes, continued from previous dvd; No Commercials - Robin comes up with a campaign slogan. Robert tells Anna he has been offered the WSB chief job and that she can return to her job as an agent if she wants. They would have to move to DC. Mac asks out Charlie right in front of Dominique making her very jealous.  Dominique packs. Lucy tries to get Ruby to invest in Deception. Scott tells Lucy that he is very suspicious of why Ned wants to buy their ELQ stock. Scott wants to buy Lucy's stock but she turns him down. Robert thinks the WSB job would give him the power to neutralize Faison once and for all. Mac admits to Dominique that he was just trying to make her jealous. She doesn't care and moves out.  

January 7, 1992 - No commercials - Bobbie is reading a book by a reformed convict, Joseph Adkins. Scott goes before the board association panel for plotting with Nancy Eckert against Bill to take his child. Scott claims he only had his client's, Bill, best interest at heart. Bill wants Julia to change the contract removing a loophole. They argue, as Julia won't do it. Lucy goes to bat for Scott with Bill. Bobbie asks Tom if he thinks it might be a good idea to write Joseph Adkins a letter. Julia gets a doll sent in the mail. Ned wants a tour of the cannery from Bill. Julia has a flashback. Scott learns that the board panel concluded that their investigation will continue. Jenny tells Angela she is engaged to Ned. Bobbie tells Bill that Paul said he was in love with Jenny after he was knifed and brought to GH. Alan has a staff meeting. Lucy wants to take Scott to Warsaw, Poland so she can check out a perfume institute. Bill asks Jenny if she is love with Paul but she insists she is in love with Ned. Bill wants to take Julia to Bermuda after their business meeting in New York. Julia removes the loophole in their contract  

January 8, 1992 - No commercials - Tracy plans Ned's engagement party. Ned warns Tracy to be on her best behavior when Angela arrives tomorrow. Robert informs Paul he has been indicted by the grand jury and is arrested. Anna suggests Mac tell Dominique that he cares for her. Jenny wants to re-wallpaper the gatehouse and suggests she and Ned do it themselves. Paul pleads not guilty at his indictment hearing. Jenny wants to wait till their wedding night to make love with Ned. Tracy tells Paul she will never divorce him even though she is embarrassed by him. She tells him that without the support of the Qs he will be a penniless convict. Paul wants to run away with Jenny but she tells him they have no future together. Mac has dinner with Charlie but his mind is elsewhere. A picture of Anna and Faison is blown up instead of one of Robin school campaign posters. Robert calls the printer. Mac gets a telegram to meet Dominique tomorrow in Lake Placid.   

January 9, 1992 - No commercials - Ned makes Julia an offer to buy her ELQ stock. Dominique plans her evening at the cabin with Mac. Charlie trips Mac up by taking his car keys so he can't leave to meet Dominique. Julia tells Bill she is not thinking of selling her ELQ stock. Bill wants to introduce Julia to his mother. Charlie plants Mac's keys on Bobbie. Ned and Jenny's engagement party at the Q mansion. The now totally glam Angela Eckert arrives. Mac arrives late to the cabin. Angela gives Tracy a jacket from her clothes line. Mac tries to take things slow with Dominique. Lucy finally gets a cheap flight for her and Scott to Poland.  Angela wants to take over the wedding plans from Tracy. The cabin accidentally gets set on fire spoiling Mac and Dominique's romantic evening. AJ gets pretty wasted at the party. Mac has an idea to salvage his and Dominique's night.  

January 10, 1992 - With commercials - Lucy and Scott get detained at the airport. Mac recreates Serenity at the Outback for Dominique. Robert gets word that the WSB has lost Faison again. After the party, Tracy has some catty remarks for Jenny and Ned about Angela.  Ned demands she respect Jenny and her family. Seems Lucy had bought senior citizens tickets to Poland and airport security does not believe for a second they are senior citizens or Polish. After a fight with AJ, Alan aggravates his ulcer. Robin wins her class president election. Scott decides to believe in Lucy and springs for their tickets to Poland. AJ takes Alan's car without permission. Mac and Dominique make love. Alan and Monica get word that there has been a plane crash and they are needed at GH.

January 13, 1992 - No commercials - The police bring AJ to GH as he crashed Alan's car. AJ is taken into custody as Alan is going to let him spend the night in jail. GH doctors are treating victims of the plan crash. Jason, who was at the mall that the plane crashed into, is helping victims. Tiffany interviews him. Jenny and Ned convince Amy not to go to GH as she is too sick. In the OR, Monica realizes she knows the man she is operating on. Monica's hand starts to shake and she almost losses him in surgery. Dominique and Mac's romantic evening continues. A package is delivered for Dominique from her lawyer, Dawson.

January 14-20, 1992:  1/14, 1/15, 1/16 Holly Returns, 1/17 Robert sees Holly is alive, 1/20 (first 4-5 mins pre-empted)

January 14, 1992 - No commercials - Bobbie decides to get Tony to consult on Monica's patient. Robert calls Robin and Anna from DC, still undecided about the WSB job. Dominique finds out that it is Mac's birthday this Thursday. Alan bring home AJ from jail. Tony thinks that Monica's patient “John Doe” may have brain damage. He wants an EEG and a CAT scan. Mac takes Dominique to breakfast and they plan to spend the entire day together. Monica blames herself for “John Doe's” aorta rupturing. The mayor's wife invades Anna and Julia's lunch. A fellow classmate harasses Robin. Paul tells Tracy that being married to her is like prison. Monica tears into AJ for his reckless behavior. Dominique lawyer wants her to go to NYC for a business meeting. Mac wants to go with her.    

January 15, 1992 - No commercials - Tony tells Monica that her patient does have brain damage. Paul's trial begins as the charges are read. Dominique and Mac arrive at her penthouse in NYC. Robin is harassed again and she and a fellow classmate get into a physical fight. Anna testifies at Paul's trial on his behave. Tony testifies (Note: Slight video jump) Anna learns Robin has been suspended. Sean testifies. Dawson has important papers for Dominique to sign. “John Doe” is revealed as David Langton, an old flame of Monica's. Monica tells Bobbie that they are responsible for Langton's condition. The judge in Paul's case want to deliberate more and give his decision tomorrow morning. Anna demands a meeting with the principal regarding Robin's suspension. Dominique has to take a meeting with the Justice Dept. and the IRS  

January 16, 1992 - No commercials - Dominique serves Mac breakfast in bed. Paul is edgy while he waits for his verdict. Paul tells Tracy and his lawyer that he won't appeal if he is found guilty. Dominique gives Mac a birthday present. A family friend, Peter Kaufman, shows up looking for Sheila. The judge finds Paul not guilty. Paul tells Jenny that he has his life back and he will be divorcing Tracy. Dominique meets with the IRS and she owes back taxes. Ned and Edward put a plan in motion to get their ELQ stock back. Jenny tells Ned she is a virgin. Mac meets Sabrina (aka Holly) in New York. She lives in Dominique's complex.  

January 17, 1992 - No commercials - Tiffany goes fishing around Alan about David Langton. Alan calls a press conference, as David is a world known humanitarian. Anna suggests Robert stop off in NYC on his back to PC for Mac's birthday party. Sabrina brings a gift to Mac. Mac and Dominique invite her to his birthday party. Robert arrives in NYC. GH holds a press conference on Langton's condition. Robin and Anna meet with the principal at her school but the parents of the boy (Frankie Taylor) that started the fight with Robin do not show up. Anna secretly gets Frankie's address from school records. Mac's birthday party. Anna shows up at the Taylors and the boy's mother is unaware of her son's actions. Anna turns around to see Faison standing there. There is a power failure at Dominique's penthouse. Robert comes face to face with Holly.    

January 20, 1992 - With Commercials; Note: GH joined in progress: first 4-5 minutes missing - Mac birthday party continues. Holly tries to flee the party but with the elevator is out and she is stuck. Robert thinks he may have seen a ghost. The lights come back on but Holly is long gone. Alan and Tracy spend the evening together and the fight over the TV. Anna calls Faison a coward for using her daughter to get to her. Robert searches for Holly. Faison insists to Anna that they have a destiny together. Robert finds out Holly lives in 7H but by the time he gets there Holly is gone. Faison subdues Anna when she wants to leave and is willing to fight her way out if necessary. Robert breaks into Holly apartment and takes a look around. Mac and Dominique make love.

January 21-24, 1992:  1/21 cm, 1/22 cm, 1/23 cm, 1/24 cm Paul & Jenny's engagement party at Q's

January 21, 1992 - With Commercials - Sean is worried as Anna is still not home. Robert explains to Mac and Dominique who Holly is. Cousin Barry wakes up to find Holly sleeping on his couch. She tells him she saw Robert last night. Holly admits she stayed away after her accident, as Robert was involved with Katherine and then Anna. Robert explains to Mac that since Holly is alive they are still married. Robert gets word that Anna is missing. Tracy questions Paul again about the glove found in his hospital room. Paul calls an attorney about a divorce. Jenny asks Meg, Amy, and Sheila to stand up for her at the wedding. Robert arrives back in PC. Holly wants to never see Robert again that way she will be safe. Mac questions the doorman about Holly and learns she has a friend named Barry that comes around and that he frequents the Staten Arms Hotel. Robert questions the principal at Robin's school and he wants to pay a visit to the Taylors. Tracy objects when Lila wants to give Jenny a family heirloom. Sean and Robert arrive at the Taylors but the house is empty. Mac finds Barry at the hotel and gets his hotel room number.    

January 22, 1992 - With Commercials - Julia and Bill on a cruise ship for their holiday. Ned tells Edward his new plan is to sabotage the canneries and blame it on Paul. Paul meets with a lawyer about a divorce. Tony and Monica meet David's chief aid Warren Simon. Bobbie joins Jenny and her bridesmaids to talk about wedding dresses. Jenny asks Bobbie to be her matron of honor. Jenny agrees to meet Paul in a public place. Eric meets, Peter Kaufman, Sheila's stepfather, and he has an envelope for him to give to Sheila. Sean and Tiffany take Robin to Kellys but she is too worried about her mom to eat. Paul informs Bill that he is divorcing Tracy. Simon tells Monica and Bobbie that David has a daughter named Nikki. Sheila freaks out when she opens the envelope from Kaufman and it is a picture of them together when she was little girl. Bill is concerned what a Paul and Tracy divorce will do to his business. Alan is concerned about Tracy not feeling well. Paul presses Jenny to call things off with Ned and she agrees to think about it.  

January 23, 1992 - With Commercials - Jenny calls Bobbie to meet to talk later. Dominique meets Barry and she makes plan for dinner with him tomorrow. Jenny tells Bobbie she is not sure that she wants to go through with the wedding and that Paul is the reason. Barry tells Holly that he recognized Dominique from her description and used a bogus last name when she asks. Holly tells Barry that she thinks Mac is related to Robert. Barry tells Holly that their mission is still Dominique. Lila asks Tracy how she feels about grandchildren. Jenny tells Paul that she loves him. Robert heads to Spoon Island when he gets a lead that Faison and Anna may be there. Jenny and Paul plan to tell Tracy and Ned the truth. Barry calls Uncle Clive and he promises to get Holly off the job. Dominique plans to meet with Barry for dinner while Mac searches his hotel suite. And while Barry is with Dominique, Holly will be searching Dominique's place. Sean and Robert search Wyndamere but all they find is a recording left by Faison. Tracy tells Paul she is pregnant. 

January 24, 1992 - With Commercials - Mac wants Dominique to be careful on her date with Barry. Holly wants to leave town but Barry has her passport. Angela arrives with Jenny's dress for the engagement party. Bill and Julia are on a plane back to PC. Paul calls Bill with a problem at one of the canneries. Paul tells Jenny that she has to go through with the engagement party. Jenny and Ned's engagement party at the Q mansion. Jason wants to finish school in PC and not go back to boarding school. Barry has dinner with Dominique. Holly decides to go back to London. Mac breaks into Barry's suite and learns someone is looking into flight times. Ned gives Jenny Lila's gift. Tracy tells everyone at the party that she is pregnant. Holly tells a sob story and gets a stranger to buy her a ticket to London. The Q's and Eckert's are at each other's throats. Mac arrives at the airport just as Holly is getting ready to board.

January 27-31, 1992:  1/27 Mac meets Holly, 1/28 cm, 1/29 cm, 1/30 cm, 1/31 partial

January 27, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique takes Barry back to her apartment and he snoops around. Holly learns that Mac is Robert's brother. Robert gets a report on the thorough search of Spoon Island. Ned and Jenny's engagement party winds down. Paul is mad Tracy made a public announcement about the baby. Robert meets with the principal and suspects that “Frankie Taylor” was a professional actor. He gets a picture of Frankie. Robert tells Robin he is off to NYC to look for Frankie. Robert tells Sean and Tiffany that he saw Holly in NYC. Mac convinces Holly to stay and he brings her back to Dominique's. Tracy asks Paul if he is sorry if she is pregnant. Holly agrees to talk with Robert, and they plan to meet in NYC. 

January 28, 1992 - With Commercials - AJ gets a court appearance notice for his DUI charge. Lucy tells Scott that they will be rich as her trip to Poland paid off. Alan asks Tracy if she is faking her pregnancy. Lucy wants to have an investor's meeting for her perfume company at Kellys. Lucy and Scott learn Tracy is pregnant. Paul wants Tracy to prove she is pregnant. Ned asks Jason to be his best man at his wedding. Bill and Julia deal with problems at the cannery…they are losing clients left and right. Lucy and Scott plot to woo investors. Jenny insists to Bobbie that she was a fool to believe Paul. Tracy's doctor confirms her pregnancy to Paul. Jenny tells Paul to leave her alone. Lucy invites Edward to her investment meeting. Scott works over the Hardy's to be at the meeting. Jason tells Monica about AJ's DUI hearing. David Langton wakes up with Monica in the room but then falls right back asleep. Bill wants to have lunch with Ned and Edward. Ned asks Paul to be an usher. Paul vows to stay married to Tracy as he will not let the ruthless Q's raise his child without him being around.    

January 29, 1992 - With Commercials - Lucy and Scott's investor meeting at Kellys. As part of his plan, Barry invites Dominique to a stamp auction. Robert meets with the NY police chief as he has located child actor Frankie Taylor. Holly tells Mac her history with Robert. Robert meets with “the Taylors” but they  can't ID Faison. They lead Robert to the motel where they had their meeting. Dominique outsmarts Barry at the stamp auction. She is quit knowledgeable on stamps. Mac tells Holly about the plane crash that killed his parents that causes his and Robert's estrangement. Robert tells Holly how her “death” destroyed him. Barry asks to see Dominique's collection.  Edward agrees to be one of Lucy's investors pushing the rest to reconsider. After Bobbie insults Lucy, they two get into a food fight. Mac calls Robert with the news the WSB may have a lead on Anna. Robert sends Mac over to question the manager of the motel about Faison. Robert cuts his conversation with Holly short.    

January 30, 1992 - With Commercials - Julia wants to know why Bill insists on meeting with Edward and Ned without her. Ned tells Edward that there is no way they will get caught in their sabotage. At his DUI court hearing, AJ gets fined, 100 hours of community service and counseling, and suspension of his license for a year. Sean warns Julia and Bill to be careful as Faison is still out there and dangerous. Steve suggests a vacation for Alan. Bill meets with Ned and Edward for lunch at the PC Grill and makes it known that he knows they are up to something. Nikki Langton arrives in PC to see her father. Monica learns that Nikki's real name is Monica too...Nikki is just her nickname. Nikki learns about the complication during her father's surgery. Steve denies AJ's request do his community service at GH. Bill suspects Ned and Edward are behind the cannery's problems. Jason asks Edward on tips planning Ned's bachelor party. AJ and Alan meet Nikki. Monica turns down Alan's idea to go to Bermuda, as she is too busy at GH.  

January 31, 1992 - Partial episode 24 Minutes continued on next dvd; No Commercials - Paul meets with Bill about the cannery problems. Bill wants it to appear to Ned and Edward that he, Paul, and Julia are a team divided. Robert makes it back from DC in time to meet Mac and the motel's manager about Faison. Jenny and Ned make dinner plans. The hotel manager never met Faison but he left a clue for Robert. (a Playbill in the room “Scorpio Descending” a play by C. Faison) Barry takes a look at Dominique's stamps. Clive insists Holly stay on the case as the Sphinx Stamp belongs to their family. Jenny asks Bill to walk her down the aisle. Bill tells her of his suspicions that Ned is sabotaging the canneries. Robert and Holly make dinner plans.

January 31 - February 7, 1992:  1/31 partial, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7 pre-emption during epi, 2/10 no show news report

January 31, 1992 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd, 18 Minutes; No Commercials - Ned and Jenny have dinner and she tells him of Bill's suspicions. He tells her that ELQ business is not for discussion. Holly tells Robert about her car accident and comma. She feels indebted to her family as they were the one's that took care of her. Robert tells Holly of Anna's disappearance. After looking at all of Dominique's late husbands stamps, Barry does not see the Sphinx stamp. Robert gets another message from Faison.  

February 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Alan thinks Monica is taking her professional concerns too far where David is concerned. He suggests she see Tom Hardy. Robert leaves NYC. Mac insists he come with Robert back to PC. Robert questions why Holly is back. She tells him she is going back to England. Dominique tells Mac she will return to PC in a day or two as she promised Barry he could look again at her stamps. Robert and Holly say goodbye. Mac returns to the Outback. Conner tells him the DNA test is in. Barry wants Holly to distract Dominique so he can have a look around her place. Monica sees Tom. Robert gets a tape delivered to him at the PCPD from Anna telling him they should go their separate ways. David Langton is awake again. He recognizes Monica but not Nikki. Robert refuses to believe that tape is real. Holly takes Dominique out shopping but Barry still comes up with nothing on the stamp. Barry offers to catalogue Dominique's collection while she is in PC. Robert sees Tom about his hypnosis sessions with Anna. Back at her room at the PC Hotel, Nikki reads a past letter from her father.      

February 4, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique has seconds thoughts on returning to PC as she will be a distraction to Mac. Robert strategies with Mac and Sean. Robert is having all of the cartel's property brought in to sift through it with a fine tooth comb. Bill asks Julia to help go through all the cartel documents. Julia tells him it would be too painful. Holly convinces Dominique to go back to PC. Tony reveals that the DNA test proves that Conner is Sean's son. Conner wants to keep the news a secret, as he doesn't feel like Sean's son. Julia visits Robin and helps her with her math homework. Dominique packs some of her favorite treasures to take back to PC and says goodbye to Barry and Holly. Bill helps Robert and Mac to help weed through the cartel documents. Robert finds a clue in Nick Barnes. Tony sets up a little romantic lunch for Bobbie. Bobbie gets a letter back from Joseph Adkin's. Dominique returns to PC. Holly and Barry come up empty after searching Dominique's apartment for the stamp. Bill questions Julia about Nick Barnes.    

February 5, 1992 - No Commercials - Tracy asks Bobbie about the glove that was found in Paul's room at GH but gets nowhere. Bill visits Nick Barnes in prison. Paul asks Jenny to wait for him for 6 months. AJ is going to do his community service at PC High. Nick tells Bill about a secret hiding space in Harlan's hotel suite. Jenny tells Paul that their relationship is over. Sheila freaks out when her stepfather tries to talk to her. Eric comes to her rescue. Tony, Eric, and Monica meet with Nikki to discuss her father's physical therapy. Warren Simone tells Monica and Tony about a 2 million anonymous check that David had with him was destroyed in the crash. Only David can reveal the identity of the donor. Tracy tells Ned that she thinks that Jenny was hitting on Paul. Edward scolds Tracy for butting into Ned's relationship. David still does not recognize Nikki. AJ works in the high school cafeteria. Sheila admits to Eric that her stepfather beat her when she was a child. Tracy questions Paul about if Jenny was coming on to him. Bill gets his hands on a package that was in Harlan's secret hiding place.  

February 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique gives Scott and Lucy an idea for their perfume venture. Scott and Lucy want Conner to create a musical image for Deception. Bill gives Robert the package he got from Harlan's suite and it's $25,000 in cash. Tracy, Ned, and Jenny have tea at the PC Hotel. Tracy confronts Jenny with the glove. Ned claims that he was with Jenny when she visited Paul. Mac and Dominique visit Robin. Mac intercepts a message for Robert to meet at room #780 of the PC Hotel if he wants to find Anna. Robert finds out the test on the audio tapes are inconclusive. Faison sets up his associate to go to #780.  Holly meets with who she thinks is a stamp buyer Martin Petrie (aka Faison) She tells him he is out of the search for the stamp if it involves going to PC. Mac searches room #780. Dominique distracts Harry Shaw (Faison's set-up) Ned tells Jenny he does not care about her past with Paul. Holly searches Petrie's room and finds a letter to Faison from a Sybil “Nanny” McTavish. Mac takes Harry into custody. Holly agrees to go to PC.   

February 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Harry Shaw gets shot outside the PCPD. Holly tells Barry she is reneging on her deal to go to PC. Nikki is starting to take a liking to Eric. Shaw dies before Robert can question him. Holly ditches Barry and changes her flight from London to PC. Robert finds out Shaw was working for Faison (Note: News Brief Interruption 3 Minutes lost) Holly arrives in PC and shows up at Robert's house. She reveals that she was working on a scam for her family in NYC. She is after the Sphinx stamp that Dominique's husband stole from her family. Dominique proves she is no culinary whiz in the kitchen. Holly tells Robert that her buyer is Faison. Robert orders the authorities to search the hotel room that Holly meet Faison in. Holly tells Robert that because of the letter she found that she suspects that Faison is Sybil McTavish's son.

February 10, 1992 - No Show. Pre-empted for news report. Robin receives a forged letter from Anna. Faison has McTavish is beaten up in the park. Robert puts extra security on Robin at Sean and Tiffany's.

February 11-19, 1992:  2/11, (2/12 no show aired), 2/13, 2/14, 2/17, 2/18 R&H's first kiss shown in flashback, 2/19 partial episode

February 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki sees David and Monica holding hands. Amy, Meg, Sheila, and Eric owe their downstairs neighbor $5000 when one of them leaves a window open in their bathroom and it leaks to their downstairs apartment. Tom and Charlie start their therapy on David to help him regain his memory. Jenny and Ned make wedding plans. Ned catches Jenny snooping around his desk hoping to not find anything that implicates him in the sabotage of the cannery. Nikki and AJ have lunch together in the GH cafeteria. Alan accuses Monica of obsessing over Langton and she refuses to turn the case over to Tony. Jenny wants Ned to surprise her for where they are going on their honeymoon. Monica tells Bobbie she will not be relived of her quilt unless David makes a full recovery. Monica starts writing in her journal. Nikki presses David to remember the name of the anonymous donor. David starts to remember Nikki.  

February 12, 1992 - No Show aired

February 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill thinks Julia is trying to pull a fast one with the loophole in their contract. Holly, Mac, and Dominique with McTavish in the apartment across the hall from Sean and Tiffany. Sean gets an address on Bruno Malfatone for Robert. Tiffany and Holly are reunited. Mac sets up a phone tap on Bruno's phone. Bill arrives at Bruno's place and starts fishing around about forging a letter from Anna Scorpio. McTavish goes on the air with Tiffany to make a plea to Faison. When McTavish breaks down on the air, Holly comes to her aid. Robin can't believe it when she sees Holly on TV. Dominique has to explain things to Robin. Bruno contacts Faison with Sean and Robert listening in on their conversation. Robert gets an address for Faison and sends in Bill and Mac. Holly is worried what Robert will think when he learns she went on TV. When Mac and Bill arrive the apartment is empty but Mac does find Faison's agenda checklist and 3 different passports for Robin.     

February 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill and Mac have the apartment thoroughly checked. Jason plans a baseball themed bachelor party for Ned. One of Robin's security guards plants a note on one of Robin's friends as she come to visit her. Robert gets logs from Faison's phone. Robert goes a national newscast and he realizes that everyone knows that Holly is alive because of Tiffany's broadcast. Robert is furious with Holly for telling Faison exactly where she is. Ned's bachelor party at the Outback. Robin reads the planted note from “Roger”. Bill tells Paul about him being on Faison agenda checklist. Robin gives her guard the slip and gets on the elevator. Holly foils a kidnap attempt of Robin.   

February 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Robin shoots the man that was attempting to kidnap Robin. Ned's bachelor party wraps up. (Note: Special News Report interrupts the scene 2 minutes lost)  Robin apologies to Robert for her stupid actions. Holly explains to Robin that she is only in PC to help Robert find Anna. Ned gives Jenny a necklace for Valentines Day. Jenny's gift is dinner on her. Robin gives Holly the cold shoulder. Robert tells Paul he is on Faison's hit list. Eric gives Sheila her gift. Robert questions one of Faison's men. Monica turns down Alan's Valentine's gift of a vacation in Hawaii. Paul tells Tracy that Faison may be out to get him. Robert assures Robin he is doing everything he can to find Anna.   

February 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac and Sean come up with dead-ends on Faison. Holly sets Robin straight and they make peace. Julia blames not signing the new contract with Bill on her lawyer. Julia slaps him, which really sets him off. Bobbie gets another letter from Joseph Adkins. Believing that Faison may use the waterways to escape, Bill and Mac ask their dock contacts to keep a lookout for anything unusual at the port. McTavish tells Robin of stories of when Anna was a child. Conner gives Bill and Mac a tip on a man named Brady that does passport photos. They haul Brady down to the PCPD. Robert questions why Bobbie would want to correspond with a cop killer like Adkins. McTavish gives Robin her mother's copy of “Rebecca” to read.  Robert grills Brady and locks him up. Faison has a new audio tape made. Julia signs the new contract with Bill.   

February 19, 1992 - Partial episode, 30 Minutes,continued on next dvd; No Commercials - Lucy tells Scott her new idea of an advertising campaign for the perfume. Meg tells Bobbie that three men have escaped from Attica Prison. Bobbie fears one of them is Joseph Adkins. David makes strides in walking for the first time. Lucy meets with the Wyndmn's manager about carrying her perfume. He will only consider it if she has big time celebrity endorsement, so Lucy has made some up. Nikki tries to invite Eric to dinner. Monica tries to jog David's memory by telling him the story of the first date. Bobbie gets a call from Joseph Adkins at GH. She is relieved when he tells her he is calling from prison. AJ meets with Tom for his first session. David has an episode when he sees Nikki. Scott brings Nikki's papers to set up a conservatorship so she can take over her father's finances but she is only 20 and you need to be 21.

February 19-26, 1992:  2/19 partial, 2/20,  2/21 Ned & Jenny's wedding, 2/24, 2/25 cm, 2/25 Robert leaves to look for Anna (Tristan's last show til 2006), 2/26

February 19, 1992 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd, 12 Minutes; No Commercials - AJ and Tom discuss his drinking. Nikki and AJ are finding they have a lot in common. Lucy tells Scott that Wyndmns is very close to making a deal with her. Bobbie tells Tony about Adkin's call to her.   

February 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Julia gives Jenny earrings to wear at her rehearsal dinner ( Note: Glitchy picture during the scene) Bill and Mac get a tip on a container on the docks made by Norton Containers. Robert gives Holly a pair of earrings for McTavish to wear but will not tell her why. Ned turns down Paul's offer to take over ELQ while he is on his honeymoon. There is a major flood at the machine room of the cannery because of bad pipes and the place has to be shut down. Holly gives McTavish the earrings. Robert gets a search warrant for the container on the docks. It is a container to move a large animal in and Robert suspects that is how Faison expected to kidnap Robin. Jenny and Ned's rehearsal dinner. Bill suspects Ned in the flood but it was one of Faison's men. Robert gets word that Norton heard from Faison to move the container in 24hours. Tracy wants to make sure Ned has no second thoughts about marrying Jenny.    

February 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Day of Ned and Jenny's wedding. Sean gets a fake call from Robert to meet him on the docks. Bill gives Jenny a loving brotherly chat. Robin gets a fake phone call from Anna to get out of the penthouse and meet her at the cannery. The guests arrive for the wedding. With McTavish's help, Robin sneaks out of the penthouse. An orchid has mysterious made it's way into Jenny's bouquet. Sean knows he has been duped and he and Robert rush back to the penthouse. Paul brings the wedding to a halt when he notices the flower in Jenny's bouquet. Robin is gone when Robert and Sean return. Sean begins to track Robin and Nanny with the earrings McTavish is wearing. Robert leaves for the cannery. The bomb in the bouquet is diffused and the wedding is back on. Robin is caught by Faison.    

February 24, 1992 - No Commercials - McTavish stops Faison from giving Robin a sedative. Robert and his backup have trouble getting into the cannery due to an electric fence. Faison realizes his plan is blown and flees with MctTavish. Robert finds Robin. Ned and Jenny's reception. Bill tells Paul he was wrong about Ned being behind the flood at the cannery. Robert returns with Robin to the penthouse. Faison escapes by boat with Mac hot on his trail. Ned and Jenny's wedding night. McTavish who is revealed to have been in on the plan, pleads with Faison. Mac follows Faison to an abandoned warehouse. Faison notices the earring bugs on McTavish. Mac comes up empty. 

February 25, 1992 - With Commercials - Julia's lawyer wants her to come to NYC. Robin tells Robert she wants to go home. At the warehouse, Bill and Mac get a lead. Julia's lawyer shows Julia that Bill made an agreement with the FBI to betray her father in exchange for his all of Harlan's assets when they are unfrozen. Faison makes McTavish make a phone call to Holly to come and get her. Holly tells Robert and insists she go with him. Julia orders her lawyer to dissolve her partnership with Bill.  Robert and Holly come face to face with Faison. McTavish is shot in the commotion by Faison who was aiming for Holly. McTavish dies. Faison escapes by helicopter. Robert wants go after Faison. He wants to let Robin go back home if Holly agrees to stay with her. Sean and Robert say goodbye. Robert gives Mac a way to contact him in an emergency. They exchange ID bracelets. Robert says goodbye to Robin and Holly.  

February 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott tells Nikki he checked and that she can't get the conservatorship because of her age. David notices Monica's wedding ring for the first time. Sean takes over for Robert as the commissioner. Lucy hears Conner's song for Deception. Nikki is somewhat suspicious of Monica fawning all over David. David questions Nikki about leaving for Europe and not seeing her psychologist. Julia orders her lawyer to make sure Bill will not collect from betraying her father. Joseph Adkin's book publisher comes to see Bobbie about the “Free Joseph Adkin's” campaign she has started. She wants Bobbie to meet Joseph. Tiffany invites Conner to dinner with her and Sean. Tony thinks it is a bad idea for Bobbie to meet Adkins. Tiffany wants to make the dinner with Conner a surprise for Sean. Nikki flirts with Eric. Scott is not so sure about the Deception theme song. Lucy gets word that Wyndmns is going to carry Deception.

February 27 - March 5, 1992:  2/27, 2/28, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5 partial

February 27, 1992 - With Commercials - Lucy and Scott meet with the Mr. Wyndmn again. Sean is sworn in as the police commissioner in Robert's absence. Mac moves in with Robin and Holly at the Scorpio house. Lucy and Scott sign a contact with Wyndmns but Mr. Wyndmn wants photos of all the celebrity endorsers Lucy promised for the store. Dominique is a bit jealous of Mac and Holly's living arrangement. Tom is ticked as AJ blew off his second session with him. Sean and Tiffany have dinner with Conner. Mac finds a microchip imbedded in Dominique's Sphinx box. Ned and Jenny make love. Connor apologizes to Sean for being bullheaded. They agree to start becoming friends.     

February 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac asks Conner to take a look at the microchip. Sheila warns Nikki to keep her hands off Eric. Edward invites Tracy out to dinner just the two of them. Bobbie tells Joseph Adkin's publisher that she will meet him. Bill and Paul meet with Edward about the canneries again being profitable. Edward sets up Paul to meet with Tracy for dinner instead. Bobbie visits Holly. Julia tells Bill their partnership is over. Bill claims the documents are fakes. Sheila tells Monica that she does not trust Nikki. Holly tells Bobbie there is a small part of her that hopes Robert does not find Anna. Bill turns down Julia offer to buy him out. Paul asks Tracy to take a trip with him to see Susan. Tony does not support Bobbie going to see Adkins. Mac has to find a way to access the microchip. Bill and Julia come to a deal. Bill calls the FBI wanting to know how the details of their deal got out. Holly accesses the chip, which contains the “Nanny Network” 

March 2, 1992 - No Commercials - David is frustrated that is progress is so slow. Mac and Holly discover the microchip contains a list of nursery rhymes. Nikki gives Eric a gift for helping her father. Nikki pretends to apologies to Sheila but then sets her up to get in trouble at GH with Audrey. Holly and Mac try to find out how the nursery rhymes fit together. Monica tries to help David piece together his life. David wants to see the letters she wrote to him. Mac asks for Sean's help with the nursery rhymes. Thanks to Nikki, Audrey chews out the nurses. Monica is not too wild about letting David see her letters. Nikki overhears David talking about his past with Monica.   

March 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott gets word that the board panel has made a decision about his disbarment. Lucy tries to cheer him up. Conner tells Dominique that he and Sean have agreed to try on their father/son relationship. Sly asks Bill what went wrong with Julia. Eric is coordinating the GH doctors are planning benefit basketball game with Buffalo Bills football players Jim Kelly and Chris Mohr. Dominique meets with Julia to tell her about the letter she received about the IRS about seizing her assets. Bill tells Paul that his partnership with Julia is over. He asks Paul if he would consider a takeover of PC Cannery with him. Lucy and Scott meet with Conner about the Deception song rewrites. Julia tells Paul to watch his back where Bill is concerned. AJ and Nikki have lunch together and she fishes around for information on his parents. Sly visits Julia.    

March 4, 1992 - No Commercials - AJ meets with Tom for another session. Still on their honeymoon in Gstaad, Ned and Jenny disagree on when they would like to have kids. Connor sings at The Outback. Bobbie and Tony join Sean and Tiffany in the audience. Mac takes Holly to see The Outback for the first time. Steve notices that Alan is in real pain with his ulcer. Tom tells Alan and Monica that AJ has a real drinking problem and is in denial. Dominique tells Mac she has to go back to NY to deal with the IRS. Alan and Monica disagree on how to help AJ. Mac wants Holly to consider managing The Outback. 

March 5, 1992 - Partial 18 Minutes; No Commercials - Lucy pays Edward a visit to give him an update on Deception. Lucy spills the beans to him that Bill and Julia's partnership is over. Tracy and Paul leave to bring Susan to PC. Edward tries to make a play for Julia's stock. Bobbie and Tony just do not see eye to eye on her visiting Adkins. Lucy asks Julia to do public relations for Deception. Bill meets Edward and wants a bigger role in ELQ as he is now the biggest stockholder.

March 5-12, 1992:  3/5 partial, 3/6, 3/9 Robert & Holly flashbacks, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12

March 5, 1992 - Partial 24 Minutes; No Commercials - Ned and Jenny in bed get interrupted by a call from Edward. Jenny is upset when Ned has to cut their honeymoon short. Tracy and Paul take Susan to Kellys. Bobbie's trip to see Adkins gets canceled then BJ gets sick. Tracy wants Susan to move in with them but Paul wants to wait. Edward tells Tracy about Bill now being the majority ELQ stockholder. Bill packs up his things at the cannery.   

March 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott is nervous, as this is the day of his disbarment hearing. The employees at the cannery tell Bill that Julia has now decided to sell it. Mac and Holly learn that the nursery rhymes have been altered by one word. Dominique is back from NYC. Bill and Paul plot to keep the cannery away from Edward. Mac shows Sean his theory on the rhymes. Scott is suspended for 6 months by the board. Dominique questions why Mac would hire Holly. Julia and Dominique talk about their IRS woos. Bill plots to buy the cannery along with the employees. Julia meets with Scott and Lucy and agrees to take the Deception PR job. Robin is really missing her parents. Sean gets a break on the rhyme codes. 

March 9, 1992 - No Commercials - David gets agitated when Nikki ask him if he and Monica were involved. Holly gets divorce papers from Robert. Tiffany thinks Sean is overdoing it with work. Alan warns AJ to get his act together. Holly lies to Mac about the divorce papers. Tiffany visits Holly. Mac takes his frustrations out on Dominique when he can't stop thinking about Robert. Holly has reservations about taking over the management of The Outback. Conner takes things the wrong way when he and Sean discuss his music career. AJ asks Nikki to dinner at the Q mansion. David has another attack and goes into arrest.         

March 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul tells Bill that he may have proof that Ned was behind the sabotage of the canneries. Monica saves David's life after he goes into arrest. Julia arrives at the Q mansion to speak with Edward. Ned and Jenny are snowed in and can't get back to PC. Tracy and Julia spar in the Q living room before Julia's meeting with Edward. Edward calls Ned with the news that Julia may want to sell the cannery to them. Ned and Jenny make love. Nikki is upset that her father had a set back. Tracy tries knitting. Paul tells Tracy that he is leaving tonight on business. Julia calls Jenny and informs her that her and Bill are finished. Julia agrees tentatively to sell the cannery to the Quartermaines. Jenny is upset with Ned for not telling her about Bill and Julia's split. Tracy tells Paul she would like to move out of the Q mansion and get a place for them and the children. Eric warns Nikki about AJ. Because of her fathers's setback, Nikki cancels her dinner with AJ. Bill and Julia officially end their partnership.   

March 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Sly tells Bill he went to see Julia as he is going to miss her. Bill doesn't think it is a good idea for him and Julia to see each other. Sean feeds Mac the news that Robert has been in touch with him. After 2 days of being snowed in, Ned and Jenny are delayed again at the airport. Bill has a meeting with the employees of the cannery about buying it. Tiffany discovers that Sean faked the message from Robert to Mac. Mac and Dominique have dinner. Sean asks Holly if she still loves Robert. Jenny and Ned finally get on the plane back to PC. Holly tells Mac that Dominique has no reason to be jealous.   

March 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Lucy goes to Scott for help to stall Wyndmns when they want all the celebrity endorsements photos she promised. Scott asks Steve to consider him for the job as GH council in 6 months. Bobbie wants to have dinner with all the brownstone residents in Scott's honor. Steve wants Monica to get a second opinion from Dr. Branansky on David's condition. Lucy asks Julia for help. Scott tells Nikki that a lawsuit against the airline is not possible as David signed a waiver. Scott asks Bobbie to help persuade the board for him as GH counsel. Tony and Bobbie argue again when she books a new day to meet with Adkins. Scott has an idea to help Lucy out of her Deception jam. Eric asks Nikki about her father's past family medical history.

March 13-20, 1992:  3/13, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20 partial

March 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned and Jenny return home from their honeymoon. Ned and Edward plan strategy to buy the PC cannery. The Brownstone crew start gathering for their dinner for Scott. Bill and Paul prepare their bid for the cannery. Ned gives Julia a low-ball bid for the cannery. Monica refuses to take a step back from David Langton even though Alan tells her she is obsessing. At Wyndmns Scott brings in regular people who happen to have celebrity names…. Mr. Wyndmn is not amused.  (Note: Video Jump during the scene) Scott spins it as a “Deception” and Lucy and Scott get to keep their contract. Lucy and Scott announce at the brownstone that they have their deal with Wyndmns. The employees of the cannery present their offer to buy the place to Julia. Jenny questions Bill about what went wrong with Julia. Monica comes clean with Bobbie about her past relationship with David. Bobbie thinks she should remove herself from the case, but Monica insists she wants to see this through.   

March 14, 1992 - Note: GH joined in progress-A few seconds lost - David is anxious to see his daughter and set her straight. Bill confronts Julia for confusing Sly. David tells Nikki the truth about he and Monica but insists it was over a long time ago. Paul drops off gifts for Jenny that had been delivered while she was on her honeymoon. AJ reschedules the dinner that Nikki had to cancel with the Qs. One of the cannery employee's, Marty, who was on Bill's side is actually working with Ned. Ned assures Julia that the workers are a front for Bill's planned buy of the cannery. Nikki lies to Monica about what her and her father where talking about before his attack. Julia confronts Marty. Ned and Jenny argue about her lying to him about Bill. Julia tells Bill that she is going to continue to see Sly.  

March 17, 1992 - With Commercials - St. Patrick's Day in PC. Robin tells Holly and Mac that she is signing up for the “Volunteen” program at GH. AJ brings Nikki to meets the Qs at the mansion. Dominique volunteers at GH. Mac finds the divorce papers Holly received. St. Patty's day party at Kellys. Sly tells Jenny how sad he is about Bill and Julia breaking up. Marty tells Bill that Julia is not going to sell the cannery to them. Jason signs up for the “Volunteen” program. Jason and Robin plan on trying to get others from their school to volunteer. AJ takes Nikki to the Kelly's party.  Bill agrees to let Sly see Julia.   

March 18, 1992 - No Commercials - The doctors are getting ready for the GH charity basketball game. The docs meet Jim Kelly and Chris Mohr. The ringer Steve has brought in “Dr. Dunk” is a bit of a klutz. Simone diagnoses Sly with tonsillitis. Mac cheers Robin up by offering to take her to the father/ daughter dance at her school. David tells Nikki that after her mother died, he sold their family home. The GH doctors are getting slaughtered in the game. Paul finds out Tracy is carrying a boy. Ned brings a Jim Kelly autograph to Sly at GH as he missed the game. Jim Kelly gets injured by “Dr. Dunk” in the game and has to be brought to GH.  Mac and Holly get a break in the code.  

March 19, 1992 - No Commercials - Lucy and Scott are having production problems with Deception. Tony diagnosis's Jim Kelly with a concussion. Paul overhears Ned pay off Marty in the cannery business. Lucy goes to Julia for help with her production problems. Tracy gets a cramp in her stomach when she breaks up the fight between Paul and Ned. Tiffany offers Conner a job at WLPC to do jingles. Tracy's doctor tells her to avoid stress. Sean is not happy with Tiffany offering Conner a job. Sly gets to meet Jim Kelly and Chris Mohr. Tony makes plans a weekend for he and Bobbie in NYC but Bobbie can't go as she is visiting Atkins that day. Julia visits Sly at the hospital.

March 20-27, 1992:  3/20 partial, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25 cm, 3/26, 3/27 partial (continued on next dvd, last :10 mins no sound)

March 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill is furious about losing the cannery. Mac cracks more of the code and discovers that Anna was a double agent. Jenny is angry when she finds out Ned is buying the cannery. Julia signs her deal with Ned. Holly tells Mac that Robert told her that Anna was indeed a double agent. Bill crashes Julia and Ned's business dinner at the Outback. Mac learns Sean knew all along that Anna was a double agent. Nikki accuses David of being still in love with Monica. Sean implores Mac not to go after Robert. Nikki accuses David of not caring about her. David has another attack. Bill flirts with Holly at the Outback bar. Sean comes clean with Mac that he never heard from Robert. Mac punches Sean. 

March 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Sean tells Mac he did not betray his friendship with Robert. He could not have stopped Robert from going after Anna even if he tried. Sean tells Mac that his man job is to take care of Robin. Monica tries to resuscitate David but it is no use. He dies. Alan asks AJ what he thinks of Nikki Langton. They argue about what AJ plans to do with his life. Eric tells Nikki that David is gone. Monica breaks down in her office with Bobbie. Mac tells Holly that Sean already knew Anna was a double agent. Sheila suggests Nikki talk to Tom Hardy. Monica offers to let Nikki stay at the Q mansion for the night as she now has no family. Bobbie tells Monica it is a bad idea to take Nikki in. Monica brings Nikki to the mansion. Alan suspects there is  more troubling Monica than just losing a patient. 

March 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Sly wants Bill to call Julia so she can be there when he wakes up from his tonsil surgery. Lucy and Scott need to find a face for Deception thatLucy suggested herself. Jenny wants to know what went down with Ned's dinner with Julia. Julia suggests Dominique do some test shots for Deception. Sly goes into surgery. Ned moves Marty to a plant in New Jersey. Eric tells Tony he fells horrible about Langton's death. Dominique and Lucy agree to take some test shots to see who will be better for Deception. Lucy has her photo shoot. Bill calls Julia to come and see Sly. Tony wants to go with Bobbie to see Adkins. Sly comes out of surgery just as Julia arrives.   

March 25, 1992 - With commercials - Mac accesses the WSB computer, as he wants to find out everything about Anna. But finds the files on her and Robert are empty and the phrase “black box” has been put on them. Sean tells Tiffany that the WSB is sure Anna is a double agent and they have put an order out to terminate her. “Black Box” is code word for elimination. Tiffany comforts Sean when he feels that everything is his fault. Dominique shines during her test shots. Lucy drowns her sorrows at the PC Hotel bar. Advertising agent Greg Bennett buys Lucy a drink. Mac takes Robin to her father/daughter dance. Two WSB agents come to the Scorpio residence and confiscate the WSB computer as Mac accessed it without clearance. Bennett invites Lucy to NYC to come work for him. Sean tells Mac what the phrase “Black Box” means.  

March 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Lucy checks into Greg Bennett. Mac has a meltdown at The Outback and tears the place up. Scott is surprised when Lucy has a about face about Dominique being right for Deception. Sean makes plans to meet with the head of the WSB. Lucy takes the job in NYC. Bobbie meets with Joseph Adkins in prison. Mac and Sean leave to meet with the WSB. Bobbie and Adkins talk about his crime and he asks her to come back for another visit. Scott and Lucy argue about her taking off with someone she doesn't even know and her giving up on Deception. Lucy wants Scott to buy her out. Sean and Mac board the plan to DC. Bobbie tells Tony she would like to go back and talk with Adkins again.   

March 27, 1992 - Partial episode 14 mins, continued on next dvd; No Commercials. No sound last :3 mins. - Monica gives Nikki David's belongings from the hospital. Tiffany tells Holly what “Black Box” means.  Nikki accepts Monica's offer to say at the mansion until she decides what she wants to do. Robin and Jason bring their friends to volunteer at GH. Fellow student Karen Wexler signs up for the “Volunteens” program as well. (Note: Cari Shayne's first appearance) Sean and Mac meet with O'Neal, head of the WSB. Scott and Lucy say goodbye. Nikki with the Quartermaines.

March 27 - April 6, 1992:  3/27 partial episode continued from previous dvd  (2 1/2 min section no sound), 3/31 Leigh McClosky arrives as Dr. Baranski, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 R&A memorial, Karen arrives, 4/6 first :15 mins, continued on next dvd

March 27, 1992 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd, 25 Minutes. No Commercials - Tracy tells Monica she will find out why she invited Nikki to stay. Sean and Mac learn from the WSB that Robert and Anna are dead. Lucy and Scott say goodbye continued. Scott thinks Lucy loves him but she loves herself more. It is time for her to take her shot. Audrey suggests to the “volunteens” about starting a hotline. Robin is jealous of Karen. Mac and Sean arrive back in PC, but Mac does not want to tell Robin that her parents are dead until he sees the bodies. Nikki tells AJ and Jason that she has to go to DC to arrange for her father's funeral. Tony calls Monica with the news that autopsy report is ready on David Langton.  Scott offers Lucy a finders fee for Deception but other than that she gets nothing, as that was their agreement. Tiffany and Holly learn that Robert and Anna are gone.

March 30, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott tells Julia that his and Lucy's partnership is over. Mac still maintains that Robert and Anna might still be alive. When Tony agrees to read Adkin's book, Bobbie hopes he will gain some understanding about the man. Steve tells Eric that the David Langton case will remain open until after they question Nikki. Holly pushes Mac to tell Robin the truth. Julia offers Scott financial backing to get Deception into production. Sean tells Robin that Anna and Robert are dead. Scott and Julia agree to a deal. Mac tells Conner and Dominique about Anna and Robert. Dominique tries to comfort Mac but he just wants to be alone. Sean, Tiffany and Holly mourn Robert and Anna.

March 31, 1992 - No Commercials - The whole family interrupts Paul and Tracy intimate moment. Monica gets the autopsy report on David. He died of a pulmonary embolism. Nothing could have been done to save him. AJ helps Nikki pack for DC. Ned is taken back by Nikki's resemblance to Dawn. Finian wants to move back in with Bill and Sly. Jenny asks Ned what he did with his life before he came to PC. Ned and Jenny make love. Monica talks with Tom and tells him how she is replaying the surgery over and over in her head. She tells Tom about her past with David. Nikki fishes around Tracy for information on Dawn. Jason tells Alan that he doesn't understand why Nikki is staying with them. AJ fills Nikki in on the Q family dynamic. After assuring Paul that the baby is fine, he and Tracy make love. Bill gets a call from someone from his past.

April 1, 1992 - No Commercials - The news of Robert and Anna's deaths hits all of PC. Tiffany goes on the air with an editorial about the loss of her friends. Holly is worried about Mac, as he still does not believe that Anna and Robert are gone. Lila wants to visit Sean. Holly assures Robin that Mac has no evidence that Anna and Robin are alive. Holly thinks Mac is being irresponsible giving Robin false hope (Note: Video drop out during last few seconds of the scene) Paul and Bill plot their next move about how to break up ELQ. Tony comforts an upset Bobbie. Mac tells Holly he is not going to any memorial service for Anna and Robert. Lila pays her respects to Sean. Bobbie is taken back by Robin saying that she is not giving up hope that her parents are alive. Bill finds an upset Holly on the docks. Julia tells Sean she is worried about the media dredging up her father's link to Faison.  

April 2, 1992 - No Commercials - Conner pays his respects to Sean. Robin tells Holly she doesn't want to go to the memorial service. When Bill realizes Mac needs proof that Robert and Anna are gone, he suggests his contact in South America. Alan tells Monica that they are like strangers and questions her love for him. Nikki and Warren Simon go over David's will. Half of David's money will go to charity and she gets the other half in a trust. She gets an allowance every month until she is 25. Sean tries to get Robin to face the truth. Nikki gets David's personal effects and finds a photo of David and Monica together. Bill's contact insists there were no survivors after the boat explosion that Anna and Robert were on. Nikki returns to the Q mansion. Robin tells Holly that she knows now that Robert and Anna are not coming back. 

April 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Sean, Robin, Holly remember Robert and Anna in flashbacks. Mac still has not changed his mind about going to the service. With the Q's out of the house, Nikki pokes around. Nikki fishes around Jennings for information. Mac is haunted by memories of Anna and Robert. Sean speaks at the memorial service for Anna and Robert, more flashbacks. Mac changes his mind and shows up and speaks at the service. Episode ends with a montage of Anna and Robert flashbacks.

April 6-10, 1992:  4/6, 4/7, 4/8 Jagger arrives, 4/9, 4/10

April 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Edward and Ned learn that Scott and Julia are now partners. Mac and Bill discuss how they would like to leave PC if it weren't for their responsibilities. Bill wants in on The Outback if Mac is willing. Julia and Scott hold a Deception casting call. Julia plans to go to NYC with Dominique and Scott. Tiffany visits Holly. Julia, Scott, and Bill get trapped in the elevator at ELQ. Holly is having a hard time with constant reminders of Robert at the house. The claustrophobic Julia wigs out in the elevator until a maintenance worker comes to their rescue.
Dominique is disappointed that Mac did not come to her if he wanted a partner in his club. Bill tells Holly he hopes she will stay on as The Outback manager.

April 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny wants to have Bill over to the gatehouse for dinner. Jason and Robin plan how to get other students to volunteer at GH. Monica suggests counseling for Nikki. Nikki sees Monica put her journal into a desk drawer. Ned tells Jenny he will be civil to Bill for dinner but Ned wants to invite Tracy and Paul too. Steve questions Nikki about what her father was doing before he died. Nikki learns that a blood clot killed her father. Jenny invites Paul and Tracy to dinner. Tom, Audrey, and Eric give an orientation for the “volunteens”. Tracy finds Nikki snooping in Monica's bedroom. Nikki tells AJ she is going to stay in PC for a while. Jason and Robin get to know each other at GH. Tracy tells Alan and Monica that she found Nikki's snooping. 

April 8, 1992 - No Commercials - BJ and Bobbie have dinner at Kellys. John “Jagger” Cates and his crew plan to rob Kellys (Note: First appearance of Antonio Sabato Jr) Tracy bails on dinner at the gatehouse with Jenny and Ned. Monica calls Alan selfish when he accuses her of putting the needs of Nikki above the families.  Amy gets injured when a patient pitches a fit in the ER. Alan calls Tracy a troublemaker and they argue. Bill and Paul join Ned and Jenny for dinner at the gatehouse. Tracy asks Jennings about the fuse box for the gatehouse. When Ned's makes a crack about the cannery's profit, Bill cuts out early. The lights go out at the gatehouse ruining Jenny's dinner. Alan finds the photo of David and Monica in Nikki's room. Bill busts up the robbery of Kellys and Jagger is shot in the commotion trying to save Ruby from being shot. Alan confronts Monica with the photo and she is forced to come clean. Tracy makes an appearance at the gatehouse and Jenny attempts to salvage the night. Jagger is brought into the ER with a bullet in his neck. 

April 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly comforts Robin after a hard day at school. Sean wants Bill to look at some mug shots for the Kelly's robbers. Tony operates on Jagger. Sean offers Mac a job as an undercover cop but he must attend the academy. Meg wants Amy to have her breast implant checked out as she is in pain after she got hit in the ER. Robin asks Holly to put some of Robert and Anna's possessions into storage. Holly sets Dominique straight about her and Mac. Jason confronts Alan about not coming home last night. Alan finds out Tom knew about Monica and David Langton. Mac agrees to take on Bill as a partner in The Outback. Sean questions Ruby about the attempted robbery. Dominique tells Mac that she is tired of him shutting her out of his life. Holly agrees to meet with Luis Perez…but he is killed right after he talks with her.

April 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Ruby looks at mug shots at the PCPD. Nikki goes snooping again and finds Monica's journal. Mac goes undercover on the waterfront. Holly finds Luis dead. Amy has still not gotten her mammogram. Alan is upset with Monica that Bobbie and Tom knew about Langton before him. Julia pushes Scott to talk to his father about his suspension. Holly takes a slip of paper from the battery compartment of Luis's watch. Nikki asks Scott for legal advise. The PCPD investigate Luis's murder and his store's robbery. Nikki sneaks into Monica's bedroom to return the journal.

April 13-17, 1992:  4/13, 4/14, 4/15 (first few mins messed up), 4/16, 4/17

April 13, 1992 - No Commercials - After returning the journal she made a copy of, Nikki gets trapped in Alan and Monica's bedroom while they argue. Holly gets worried when Sean and Mac discuss fingerprints at the Perez crime scene. The slip of paper Holly lifted has an address on Cabrillo Street on it. Tom has another session with AJ. Scott gives Nikki the name of a good lawyer. Alan is not so sure he and Monica should try and patch things up. Sean thinks he has heard the name Luis Perez before. Holly heads to Cabrillo Street. Nikki busts into the GH record room and makes a copy of her father's file. The mayor wants Sean to baby-sit financier Simon Romero when he comes to PC. Holly meets with one of the Freedom Fighters, Rick Ortega. Lila and Monica have a heart to heart. Nikki treats AJ to dinner at Kellys. Mac and Dominique agree they need time apart to think. 

April 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill warns Ruby that Jagger came to Kelly to rob her and whatever happens to him is not her responsibility. Nikki contacts lawyer, Jessica Holms, to meet. With his ulcer really bothering him, Alan stays home from the hospital. Edward wants to meet Simon Romero when he gets to town. Alan tells Jason he is very proud of how serious Jason is taking his studies. Bill tells Paul that it is a great idea for them to meet Romero. Nikki goes asking Tracy about Dawn again and learns Dawn is dead. Tracy tells Alan about Nikki asking about Dawn. Jessica reviews Nikki's case. Ruby visits Jagger at GH. Jason tells Monica that he is really worried about Alan's health. Monica suggests to Alan that they take that trip to Hawaii but Alan is not so sure. 

April 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott, Dominique and Julia arrive at Dominique's penthouse in NYC.  Sean gets the WSB report on Luis Perez. Holly learns Simon Romero is coming to PC. Mac meets his new partner Detective Garcia. Scott and Julia meet Barry when he stops by to take Dominique out to dinner. Tom and Simone oversee the first training session for the “volunteen” help hotline. Tiffany invites Holly to her interview with Simone Romero. Sean questions Jagger but he won't give up the names of his accomplices. Sean tells Tiffany that the mayor has offered him the commissioner job permanently. Julia and Scott do model interviews for Deception. Julie thinks that Barry is very enamored with Dominique. One of his accomplices, Cal, pays Jagger a little visit at GH and threatens him. (Note: Video drop out rest of the episode, a few minutes lost)

April 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique gets an attack of the nerves for the photo-shoot for Deception. Edward wants Jenny to redecorate the den at the mansion. Bill invites Holly to lunch. Dominique does a great job at the shoot. Ned gives Edward the low down on Simone Romero. Ned thinks it would be a good idea for the Q's to throw a cocktail party for Romero. Holly and Bill have a picnic in the park. Holly learns that Luis's daughter, Paloma, has been kidnapped. Amy tells Jenny about her fears that her mammogram may reveal that her implant has ruptured. Lee tells Scott he is planning a trip to PC. Ned asks Jenny to help out with the planning of the Romero cocktail party. Julia, Dominique, and Scott hit a nightclub in NY.

April 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Tony doesn't want Sean to pressure Jagger as he just had major surgery. Tracy finds Nikki outside Monica's bedroom again. Holly asks Tiffany if Sean has any leads on the Perez murder. Bill pressures Mac to sign the paperwork on The Outback partnership. They agree on a 70-30 split. Mac gets a tip on a women leaving the scene of the Perez murder. Jenny tells Ned that she is going back to school to study interior design. Monica confides in Sean about her problems with Alan (Note: Video jump during the scene) Jessica tells Nikki she will proceed with her case against Monica and that she should move out of the Q mansion. Tracy warns Monica again about Nikki. Nikki wants Jessica to leave Eric out of the lawsuit. Mac links Holly and Pulomia as going to the same finishing school in Switzerland. Sean gets a positive match to the prints on Perez's watch. Mac's witness gives a sketch artist a description of Holly. Ned and Jenny hit The Outback for dinner. Now taking Tracy's warnings serious, Monica realizes someone has found her journal. Sean and Mac confront Holly.

April 20-24, 1992:  4/20 Sean, Mac, and Hollly head to San Sebastian, 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24

April 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki tears here room apart looking for the photo of David and Monica. Tracy busts in on Monica in her bedroom thinking she was Nikki. Holly admits to Sean and Mac to being at the murder site after Luis's was already dead. Monica moves her journal to a safer hiding place. Holly tells Sean and Mac about her involvement with the resistance party in San Sebastian but does not give them all the details. Sean gets word about another murder of a San Sebastian national has taken place. Sean wants Holly to go with him to the crime scene. Alan and Monica argue again about her lying about David, but agree to go to dinner to talk. Mac and Sean investigate the murder. Nikki meets with Warren Simon again and he tells her that her father had debts and she is liable for them out of her inheritance. Alan agrees that he and Monica need time away and agrees to Hawaii. Sean thinks Holly knows more than she is says. Mac fishes around Holly to find about what she really knows and she does admit her time in San Sebastian included a man.

April 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Dominique wants to know what Julia is doing talking to Greg Bennett. Tracy is appalled by Jenny's menu choices for the Romero party. Tony thinks Jagger is throwing his life away to protect his two friends. Alan asks Steve for time off for him and Monica. Monica moves the journal to a safety deposit box. Bill gets a call that Sly got into a fight at school. Jagger is booked. Sly tells Bill that he is upset that they don't spend any time together. Paul and Tracy start Lamaze classes at GH. Scott gets the ball rolling on the packaging for Deception. Jenny and Tracy fight over Tracy changing the cocktail party menu. Dominique, Julia, and Scott hit the nightclub again.

April 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill wants to make major changes to The Outback. Nikki assures Jessica she will find the photo of David and Monica. Holly tells Rick it would be best if he left PC. When he insists on staying for awhile longer, Holly wants to find him somewhere safe. Shelia finds Nikki snooping around Monica's office at the hospital. Baranski chews out Shelia. Simon Romero arrives in PC. Holly tries to persuade Rick to speak with Sean. Eric finds Shelia crying after her run in with Dr. Baranski. Nikki finds out Monica saw Tom Hardy. Tiffany interviews Simone Romero at the airport about his plans while he is in PC. Sean learns Tiffany and Simon know each other already. Sean gets word that another San Sebastian refugee was killed in Miami. Simone sees Nikki and Eric together outside of Kellys. Nikki plants a kiss on him.

April 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Simon Romero visits GH for a tour. Bill tells Paul he would like to force a meeting with Romero. Scott is angry when he finds out that Julia has been in contact with Greg Bennett. Tracy wrangles Paul into working on their Lamaze exercises. Karen and Jagger meet at GH while she is volunteering handing out books to patients. Ned and Jenny bust in on Tracy and Paul quiet Lamaze session. Shelia learns about Eric and Nikki's dinner together at Kellys. Scott apologies to Julia for getting angry about Greg Bennett and they agree not to use Greg's agency. Simon tells Steve and Tony that he is considering a donation to GH. Tony introduces Bill to Simon and Bill scores a meeting with him. Shelia accuses Eric of fooling around with Nikki. Tony tells Jagger that he is ready to be released to the PCPD. Tracy and Jenny get into it again over the menu for the Romero cocktail party. Ned makes lunch plans with Simon Romero. Julia and Bill call a verbal truce. Bill and Simon Romero have drinks at the PC Hotel. Simon wants to buy Julia dinner when she interrupts Bill's and his conversation.

April 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Edward and Ned have lunch with Romero. Mac wants more information from Holly but gets nowhere. (Note: Very glitchy picture during the first half of the scene) Paul thinks Bill is jealous of Romero and Julia. He insists it is just business and Julia would do anything to stick it to him. Tracy tells Monica that she has been trying to help her. Romero leaves Ned and Edward flabbergasted when he says he wants to buy ELQ. Monica tells the boys she and Alan are going to Hawaii. Edward wants to call off the Romero cocktail party but Ned and Tracy convince him to go through with it. Nikki tells Jessica that Monica saw Tom Hardy over her guilt about David. AJ and Jason come to blows after a game of one on one basketball.  Mac and Bill audition a band for The Outback. Paul invites Romero to The Outback. AJ puts the moves on Nikki. Monica finds Nikki in her bathroom looking for any drugs Tom may have prescribed for her. Holly and Romero are reunited.

April 27 - May 4, 1992:  4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30 cm, 5/1 :35 min pre-emption begins at :03 mins into epi, 5/4

April 27, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki covers telling Monica she was looking for aspirin. Jenny wants Ned to take her to The Outback for dinner. Bill and Paul treat Romero to dinner at The Outback. Monica suggests that Nikki move out. Simon and Holly dance to their song at The Outback. Dominique sits and stews as she watches Mac and Holly. Ned introduces Jenny to Simon Romero. Tiffany wants to know why Holly never mentioned that she knew Romero before. Bill invites Holly to the Q party but she turns him down. Nikki takes a room at Kellys. Holly has a flashback of her and Simon's romance. Mac blows off Dominique. Simon wants Mac to have Holly contact him at the PC Hotel. Holly tells Mac that her relationship with Simon is over and she intends to keep it that way.

April 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki tells AJ, Tracy, and Jason that she is moving out. Holly meets with Rick in a dive motel. Rick thinks it would be a good idea if Holly got close to Romero again. Tracy tells AJ he should steer clear of Nikki. At a business meeting, Simon is very interested in Paul and Bill's ELQ stock. It is reveled that Holly and Paloma are sisters. Bill gets the papers that Julia's is denying him the FBI money he was counting on. Jenny thinks Tracy is jealous of her. Jagger makes a break for it but his fear of heights stops him from descending from the hospital roof. Karen's helps him down and puts him back in police custody. Amy gets her mammogram results and she is fine. Paul tells Tracy to back-off Jenny. She agrees but later then sabotages Jenny's dress that had been delivered for the cocktail party. AJ helps Nikki move into Kellys. Holly tells Bill it would be wise not to do business with Simon Romero.

April 29, 1992 - No Commercials - Simon invites Julia to the Q cocktail party. Holly receives a emerald jaguar broach from Simon. Lee arrives at the PC Hotel to check in. Alan and Monica invite him to the cocktail party. Tracy tries to uninvited the early Bill from the party. Tony won't be discharging Jagger as his stitches ripped in his tried escape. The Simon Romero cocktail party at the Q's gets underway. Jenny is forced to wear an old dress from her closet due to Tracy's sabotage. Simon Romero arrives with Julia on his arm. Sean calls Mac with the news that there was another murder that may be San Sebastian related. Nikki has Monica served with her malpractice lawsuit right in front of everyone at the party.

April 30, 1992 - With Commercials - Bobbie insists to Monica they did nothing wrong in the operating room. Tracy gives Monica a big I told you so. Scott reams Nikki for lying to him and getting him involved in her scheme. Tony is upset with Bobbie for keeping Monica's secret from him and letting Monica go on treating David. Bobbie storms out. Scott tells Lee about his suspension. Jenny gets angry with Ned over his lack of concern over his family. Bobbie confronts Nikki at Kellys right in front of Eric. Alan presses Monica for the truth about what happened in the operating room. Jenny and Paul have a talk in the Q garden where Tracy finds them. Lee tells Scott he wants to stay in PC for a while. Bobbie bends Ruby's ear about her fight with Tony. Nikki tells Eric he is not being served in her suit. Bobbie and Tony make peace. Episode ends with montage of Lee, Scott Tracy & Paul, Jenny & Ned, and Alan & Monica.

May 1, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Monica the autopsy report will clear them. Tony calls Sean with the news that Jagger is ready for release into police custody. Mac tells Sean that Holly was involved with Simon Romero. Simon shows up at the house to see Holly. After Nikki meets with her lawyer at Kellys, Ruby and Tiffany read her the riot act. (New brief interruption during the scene: around 27 minutes lost) Sean gives Jagger another chance to turn his accomplices in. AJ tells Monica and Jason he went to see Nikki to find out why she filled her lawsuit. Simon Romero visits Sean wanting information about the San Sebastian murders. Simon wants to offer a reward for the capture of the murderer. Rick shows Holly a tape he has of Paloma being tortured.

May 4, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie gives Monica a gift for her birthday. Tom tells Steve he is withdrawing from the GH board review of the Langton case as he has seen Monica professionally. Rick assures Holly that it for sure Paloma on the tape. Jason offers to be Karen's study partner. Dominique admits to Mac that she is confused about them. Eric feels that everyone at GH believes that something is going on with Nikki, as he was not named in the lawsuit. Dominique and Mac break up. Bobbie and Shelia hit The Outback. Eric and Tony meet up with them. There is tension between Eric and Shelia. Gail calls Monica to wish her a happy birthday and Monica has to tell her about the lawsuit. Alan takes Monica out to dinner and surprises her with having the boys show up with presents. Holly tries to put on a brave face at The Outback.

May 5-11, 1992:  5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/11

May 5, 1992 - No Commercials - Ned gives Jenny a bunch of errands to run for him, which infuriates her. Alan tells Monica she will have to come clean with the peer review board over her past relationship with David. Alan and Tony recuse themselves from the board review. Eric is questioned by the board. Jenny and Shelia have coffee at Kellys and chat about their relationships. Bobbie is questioned and tells the board that Monica did everything she could to save David. Julia gets flowers from Simon. Lee tries to convince Scott that despite everything he is proud of him. Monica tells the board the truth. Ned gives Jenny flowers to apologize for their fight that morning. Jenny and Ned make love. Scott tells Julia that he is ashamed that he still needs his father's approval. Bobbie angrily questions Scott as to whether he gave Nikki legal advice. Monica gets word that the board is standing behind her.

May 6, 1992 - No Commercials - Renovations of The Outback kitchen starts. Tiffany sniffs around the locals of San Sebastian for an interview. Tiffany questions Holly why she is down in the area. Bill tells Paul he wants to develop the area around The Outback which would revitalize the neighborhood. Jenny meets Amy's new man Gary. Shelia and Eric talk out their problems. A patient refuses to have Bobbie treat her because of the lawsuit.  Jenny has some ideas for Bill for the décor of The Outback. Mac gets information on Rick Ortega. Holly tells Rick that the only way for her to save the Freedom Party is to become Paloma. Bill gets a visit from Chris Callahan. Mac asks Tiffany for old news reels of Luis Perez and Paloma so he can ID Rick. 

May 7, 1992 - No Commercials - Julia sets up a promotional PR party for Deception, but Scott is very peeved that they have to pay for the party themselves. Monica learns that she could lose all her personal assets including house in the lawsuit. Dominique wants to give capital to the Deception venture. Ned and Jenny join the Qs for breakfast. The Qs learn that Monica could loss the house. Karen arrives at the mansion for a study date with Jason just as the Qs are at each other throats. Dominique tells Julia that she wants a more active role in Deception. Jason and Karen have a study date. Paul tells Tracy to stop worrying about being homeless. With all the Qs worried about losing the house, Jenny tells Ned she doesn't care where they live. Sly invites Julia to one of his baseball games. Nikki returns to her room at Kellys to find Monica waiting for her. 

May 8, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger gets a public defender for his arraignment. Robin is back from her school trip to Boston. Sean tells Jagger that this is his last opportunity to save himself. Simon plans to attend The Outback's “Mambo Night” at Holly's invitation. Simon invites Julia as his date. Sean gets word of another robbery and it looks to be Jagger's two friends (Cal and Buddy). Robin packs away some of her parent's things. Sean gets a license plate number in the surveillance footage from the getaway car used in the robbery. Nikki goes all “fatal attraction” on Eric. Holly lies and tells Mac she has had no contact with Rick Ortega. Nikki tells Shelia that Eric kissed her outside of Kellys. Sean arrests Jagger's friends for the robbery but they insist they don't know each other. Later, they accuse Jagger of being a rat. Conner has an accident at the club and has to go to GH for x-rays. Ned and Jenny hit The Outback as do Romero and Julia. Eric tells Nikki she needs psychiatric help.   

May 11, 1992 - No Commercials - After overhearing her on the phone, Paul thinks Tracy is up to something. “Mambo Night” continues at The Outback. Simon and Holly make plans to meet later at his hotel suite. Conner and Dominique discuss what went wrong with Mac. Conner drags her down to The Outback. Holly asks for Simon's help in finding Paloma and he agrees to try. Conner sings at The Outback. Tracy and Paul watch a Lamaze video. Holly tells Rick that the police are looking for him but Simon has agreed to help them look for Paloma. Holly covers when Julia sees her in PC Hotel lobby. Jenny and Ned continue “Mambo Night” back at the gatehouse. Sean tells Tiffany that Mac is getting very caught up in Holly.

May 12-18, 1992:  5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15 cm, 5/18

May 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Bobbie tells Monica that Jessica Holms is a real tiger shark. Karen and Jason have lunch at Kellys. Bill and Paul meet with a real estate agent about their plan to buy commercial property near Pier 52. Julia gets flowers again from Simon, Ned tells Edward that he thinks that they can still get some of Simon's money without them losing anything. Nikki tells Jessica she wants to change the lawsuit to now include Eric. Tom goes over hotline protocol with the “volunteens” Karen and Jason do some role playing. Julia and Scott freak out when their whole order of Deception perfume for the PR party has the name “Perception” on the boxes. Ned and Edward get into a fight when they don't see eye to eye on Romero. Bill and Paul make a low ball offer for the Pier 52 real estate. At GH, Bobbie gets a collect call from Joseph Adkins again. Bobbie gives him her home number.

May 13, 1992 - No Commercials - Monica gets interrogatories from Nikki's lawyer. Alan wants to get Monica a malpractice lawyer separate from the hospital council. Jagger tells his friends in jail that going after Ruby because she can finger them would be a real stupid move. Sean presses Tiffany for any photos of Rick Ortega. Bobbie visits Holly. Garcia, Sean and Mac go noising around the San Sebastian community for more information on Rick. Sean learns someone has been impersonating a cop and is looking for Ortega as well. The DA meets with Ruby about taking her robbery case to trial. The lawyer Alan is thinking of hiring thinks that Monica should settle. Holly, Robin, and Mac cook dinner together. Monica is worried she will never be able to practice medicine again.

May 14, 1992 - No Commercials - Eric gets served with Nikki's lawsuit. Nikki calls AJ playing the whole lonely girl act and wants to see him. Bobbie is over-eating due to the stress of the lawsuit. Bill thinks Bobbie should fight fire with fire when it comes to Nikki. Bill and Paul go over their plans for Pier 52 with Sly. Bill and Paul's offer is accepted. Paul and Tracy argue when she shows up at his office. After AJ claims he doesn't care if his family knows he is with her, he and Nikki make plans for a date. Tracy tells Paul why the Q mansion means so much to her. Sly calls out Bill about throwing the people out of their homes with his real estate venture. Shelia and Eric run into Nikki and AJ at the movie theater. Tracy surprises Paul with the decorated nursery. Bobbie gets a call at home from Joseph Adkins and Tony is upset that she gave their home number to a convict. AJ promises to not let anyone hurt Nikki but she puts the brakes on when he puts the moves on her. Nikki plays AJ like a fiddle. 

May 15, 1992 - With Commercials - Sean tells Jagger he is being released, as Ruby is not pressing charges. Mac is back on the south side to look for Rick. Alan tries to get Monica to go back to GH but she just wants to stay home. The man impersonating a cop finds Rick's room. Karen and Jason make another study date. Mac calls Sean and tells him he has found Rick's address but the man impersonating the cop beats Sean and Mac there. Simon tells Holly that he has learned that Paloma is dead. Sean and Mac burst into Rick's room and while Rick gets away, they arrest the man impersonating a cop. Karen dodges Jason's questions about her family. Monica tells Steve that she wants to resign but he refuses to accept it. Jagger is forced to live on the streets. Sean and Mac get nowhere when they try and question “the star killer.” Holly tells Rick that she will not let her sister to have died in vain.

May 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac tells Sean that he wants to go after Romero. Alan wants to know why Monica is letting Nikki get the best of her. Eric tells Nikki to stay away from him. Ned wheels and deals with Romero. Alan tries to convince Monica to get over her guilt and stand up for herself. Ned is peeved that Tracy promoted Paul in front of Romero. Ruby refuses to serve Nikki at Kellys. Mac questions Simon Romero about his political ties to San Sebastian. Holly arrives as find Mac in Simon's suite. Simon invites Holly to Hong Kong with him. Monica tells Bobbie she has changed her mind and she is going to fight Nikki every step of the way. Paul shows Tracy the mural he did on the nursery walls. Monica and Bobbie meet their new lawyer, Jeffery Stockton. Jessica tells Nikki that as an added bonus Monica could lose her medical license if convicted. Simon tells Holly that without Paloma the resistance will all but disappear.

May 19-25, 1992:  5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22 Felicia returns towards end of epis, 5/25 Felicia is attacked, Ruby hires Jagger, Tracy goes into labor

May 19, 1992 - No Commercials - Julia and Scott plan their Deception PR party. Sean wants Mac to go to the Deception Party to noise around Romero. Jagger thanks Ruby for not pressing charges against him. Jason invites Karen to a party but she declines. Julia stresses over the party. Jagger asks Ruby to hire him. The launch party for Deception gets underway. Ruby tells Sean about Jagger asking for a job. Mac learns Romero is going to Hong Kong next week. Bill and Sly have dinner together at The Outback. Scott makes plans with Lee for lunch at his apartment tomorrow. Romero tells Steve he will be donating $100,000 to GH and an additional $25,000 in Mac's name for him helping catch the “San Sebastian Killer”.

May 20, 1992 - No Commercials - Lee and Scott make lunch at Scott's apartment. Sean and Tiffany give Robin a present. Mac wants to make sure Simon Romero stays in the country, as Mac suspects he knows more than he is saying about the murders. Eric tells Jason that he saw Nikki and AJ on a date. The GH board (with Tracy taking Edward's place) talks about the hospital's budget concerns. Holly dressed as Paloma tells Rick she can take her sister's place. The GH board and Jeffery Stockton discuss the lawsuit. Alan is surprised when Tracy sticks up for Monica. Jason confronts AJ about seeing Nikki. Eric is angry when he learns Monica and David knew each other years ago and she still treated him. Tiffany and Sean argue about him trying to kill her story about San Sebastian. Scott and Lee say goodbye and he heads back to Arizona. Holly lies to Robin and Mac about her leaving town. She tells them she has to go back to England

May 21, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny wants Ned to leave his cell phone at home during their double date with Amy and Gary tonight. Monica tells Jeffrey Stockton everything about her relationship with David and Nikki. Paul and Bill sign the papers for Pier 52. Dominique and Julia celebrate getting their funds back from the IRS. Stockton questions Shelia about her encounters with Nikki. Stockton sits down with Nikki and her lawyer for the deposition. Shelia thinks Eric should talk to Tom. Gary and Amy join Ned and Jenny for dinner at the PC Grill. Julia and Dominique hit The Outback for drinks. Eric apologizes to Shelia for his attitude toward her.
Ned and Jenny make love.

May 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Ruby is conflicted as what to do about the robbery. Bill gives Ruby a gun for Kellys but again she refuses it. Holly leaves for the airport. Felicia and Maxie book a flight to PC. The “volunteens” have their final training session before the hotline is open for business. A sopping wet Tracy show up at the gatehouse after her car crashes into a gate-post during a thunderstorm. Bobbie meets with Stockton. Jessica Holms informs Stockton a court date has been set for one week from today. Bobbie learns she could lose her license as well if they lose the case. Ruby and Bill go to court. Sean and Mac suspect Holly is not telling the truth about her trip. Karen is reluctant to accept a gift from Jason. Mac tells Sean he is becoming a private investigator. Tracy goes into labor with Jenny at the gatehouse. Mac overreacts on Robin, as he is frustrated with Holly. Felicia and Maxie are on a plane to PC.

May 25, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny is freaking out, as she can't get word to Paul as the phones are down. Tracy wants to wait until someone else to drive her to the hospital as Jenny is a basket-case but her labor is progressing too fast. Nikki feeds Jessica a story about her parents. Jenny drives Tracy to the hospital. Ruby agrees to let Jagger work at Kellys. Tracy arrives at GH. Paul learns Tracy has gone into labor. Felicia is attacked outside the brownstone. Bobbie and Scott find a crying Maxie out on the steps of the brownstone and find Felicia lying on the sidewalk. Paul arrives at GH. Jagger continues to live on the streets.  The unconscious Felicia is rushed to GH.

May 26 - June 1, 1992:  5/26, 5/27 Tracy has Dillon, 5/28 Paloma, 5/29 Felicia wakes up from coma, Monica's trial, Hot line, 6/1 Felicia has amnesia

May 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Sean and Tiffany arrive at Felicia's room. Felicia is still unconscious and no one knows yet is wrong with her. Bill gets a phone call from an old friend named Chris. Mac has to talk to Robin about her parent's will. Holly and Rick are on a plane. Tracy gives birth to a premature baby. Deception is selling like hotcakes, and Julie and Scott get word that other department stores are interested. Bill meets with Chris at Kellys and he tries to convince Bill to go back to the seas with him. Julia gets Barret Industries back from the government. Tracy and Paul's baby is holding his own. Tracy gets emotional when she sees him in the neonatal unit. Mac and Robin visit Felicia at GH. Dominique returns Mac's things from her apartment. Sean tells Mac that no one as heard from Frisco as he is on a 12 month mission and he can't reach Mariah regarding Felicia. Chris lets Bill in on the fact that he was transporting political refuges from San Sebastian on his boat and listing them as crew.

May 27, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny and Ned check in on Tracy after the birth at GH. Stockton tells Monica that an independent medical expert thinks she is guilty of gross negligence but he will find one that backs her up. The “volunteers” redecorate their workspace for the hotline. Simone tells Tracy and Paul that the baby's prognosis is good but Tracy can't hold him yet. Stockton talks to AJ and Jason about their impressions of Nikki. AJ and Jason come to blows when AJ somewhat defends Nikki. Scott offers his services to Alan and Bobbie to do a little research on Nikki in DC. (Note: Video jump during the scene) Paul tells Tracy about his waterfront deal with Bill but he wants her to keep it a secret for now. The Qs visit Tracy at GH. Jagger makes a food delivery from Kelly to the “volunteens” Karen defends Jagger when Jason makes a snide remark about him. AJ blows off Alan when he wants to talk to him about seeing Nikki. AJ shows up at Nikki's room at Kellys with a bottle of wine. Monica visits Tracy. Paul finishes the mural in the baby's room. AJ admits to Nikki that he really likes her.

May 28, 1992 - No Commercials - Nikki questions why Stockton is hanging out at Kellys. Scott digs into Nikki's past in DC. Julia wants Bill to admit that he doesn't want her to go to Sly's baseball game. Simon calls Mac looking for Holly. Nikki plays AJ like a fiddle telling him that he is the only one she can count on. Scott talks to members of Nikki's old sororities and he learns Nikki has seen a shrink. Sean tells Mac he finds it very suspicious that Rick, Holly, and Romero are all out of town at the same time. Romero calls Holly's uncle Clive to check in on her. Rick and Holly arrive in New Orleans. Scott meets with Nikki's psychiatrist and he manages to get a look at Nikki's file. When Chris makes a visit to The Outback, Mac punches him. Ruby gives AJ a piece of her mind where Nikki is concerned. Mac tells Bill to watch his back when it comes to Chris Callahan. Holly makes her first appearance as Paloma.

May 29, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia is still unconscious and the GH doctors are still baffled. Monica doesn't want the Qs to all be in court to support her. Tony is back from his conference. First day of teen GH hotline. Simone delivers the news to Tracy and Paul that their baby has developed a respiratory infection. Eric, Monica, and Bobbie's first day in court. Jessica gives her opening statement and she puts Monica and David's past relationship on the record. Lila, Ned, and Jenny visit Paul and Tracy at GH. Monica comes clean with Jason about David and he is angry about her lying. Chris wants to know if Bill would be game to help him smuggle supplies to the San Sebastian for the underground freedom fighters. Felicia wakes up and she has amnesia.

June 1, 1992 - No Commercials - Jason gets even angrier with Monica when the trial news is plastered all over the front of the newspaper. Felicia does not recognize Bobbie, Tony, Sean or Tiffany. AJ confronts Nikki for not telling him the truth. Tom and Amy get served with subpoenas for the trial. Stockton gives his opening statement. Prosecution starts their case. Eric takes the stand and is questioned by Jessica. Mac fills Felicia in on her life. Tracy is upset when she is discharged without the baby. Mac wants to find the cab driver that dropped off Felicia at the Brownstone. Tracy arrives home from GH and breaks down when she talks with Lila. Stockton and Jessica argue over whether Tom Hardy's records should be immiscible or not. Tony and Amy take the stand. Tracy and Paul name their baby Dillon. Mac sets up a meeting with the cab driver.

June 2-8, 1992:  6/2 cm, 6/3 Monica's trial continues, 6/4 Dave Koz appears, Party at the Outback, 6/5 cm, 6/8

June 2, 1992 - With Commercials - Holly prepares for her next appearance as Paloma. Sean finally gets in touch with Mariah in Mexico. Ruby convinces Bill to hire Jagger as a carpenter to help out with the renovations on The Outback. Robin offers to cook dinner for the other “volunteens”.  Sean tells Mac, Tony and Bobbie that Felicia had filled for divorce from Frisco. Scott and Robin visit Felicia. Scott and Julia go to Sly's baseball game. Mac is not too happy with Bill hiring Jagger. Mac meets with the cab driver. The Jones and Sean fill Felicia in on her past with Frisco. Simon buys two ELQ freighters in Hong Kong. Rick gets jumped outside the rally. Thanks to Jagger, Karen's gets fired from her job at a local restaurant. Robin burns the dinner she made for Jason and the rest of the volunteers. Robin is disappointed when Karen shows up as she senses that Jason likes her. Holly takes care of the injured Rick.

June 3, 1992 - No Commercials - Paul takes Tracy back to the mansion for a break from the hospital. Jessica questions Baranski at the trial. Sean and Tiffany are worried when Felicia is missing from GH. Susan visits Paul and Tracy at the mansion. Bobbie takes the stand and it comes out that Dawn was David's daughter. Tiffany and Sean find Felicia in the GH daycare center with Maxie. Paul and Jenny play a little one on one basketball until the very jealous Ned interrupts. Felicia returns home to the Brownstone. Stockton calls Monica with the news that Tom Hardy's files will be used in court but he has some of his own ammunition on Nikki. Jenny and Ned argue about his actions toward Paul. Tony and Bobbie show Felicia some old photos hoping to jog her memory

June 4, 1992 - No Commercials - Jenny is still angry with Ned about jealous actions toward Paul. Scott invites Felicia to The Outback. Mac is getting his PI license issued next week. Chris tells Bill he has a tip on a boat in San Francisco. Holly leaves for San Diego. The reopening of The Outback after the renovations. Julia drags Dominique to the club. Simon Romero is back in PC and joins Julia at The Outback. At their table, Amy and Gary can sense the tension between Ned and Jenny.
Mac agrees to let Robin and Jody stay at the club for two hours after they show up unexpectedly. Scott convinces Felicia to come with him to The Outback. Dave Koz performs with his band. Ned has Dave play a song for Jenny. Later at home, Jenny and Ned work out their problem. Dominique gets tipsy and goes off on Mac and then passes out. A tipsy Julia kisses Bill on the docks but he tells her that ship has sailed. Romero learns that Paloma has been spotted speaking at rallies around the country. Rick and Holly on a plane to San Diego. (Note: Episode ends abruptly…about a minute lost)

June 5, 1992 - With Commercials - Bill wants to stick to a July 4th opening day for the waterfront project. Paul has his doubts they can get everything done. Tom testifies at the trial. Scott gives Julia his “magic” hangover reliever. Edward gives Tracy a pep talk about baby Dillon being a fighter.  Bill and Paul plot the next month's construction with their contractor.  Nikki testifies and play the sympathy card to the hilt. Bill finds out that Julia has sponsored Sly's baseball team and that Scott is the new coach. Monica testifies and a page of her journal is admitted into evidence. Alan is deeply hurt by what is read and leaves the courtroom. Jagger takes a room at Kellys. Jagger suggests Karen take a job at Kellys. Alan tells Monica he won't be humiliated by her anymore and walks out.

June 8, 1992 - No Commercials - Karen takes the job at Kellys. “Ghost” David makes an appearance to Monica, claiming he has something to tell her. Sean, Tiffany, and Felicia hit The Outback. Alan and AJ come to blows after Alan sees him with a beer can in his hand. Ned and Monica have a heart to heart.  Simone tells Tracy and Paul that Dillon's infection is gone and he is holding his own. Simone wants to start massage therapy on the baby. A drunk AJ shows up at Nikki's telling her she should be careful after what happened in court today. She has no idea who she is dealing with. Steve finds Alan in his office drinking. Steve tries to persuade Alan that his marriage is worth saving. Felicia is driving herself crazy with speculation about what caused her amnesia. Lila and Monica try a diversionary game of scrabble. David contacts Monica thru the game. Tracy and Paul do massage therapy on Dillon. Monica sees Jason bringing a drunk AJ home. Felicia offers her services as a partner to Mac in his new PI venture.

June 9-15, 1992:  6/9, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12 Rhonda first appears, 6/15

June 9, 1992 - No Commercials - Sly touts Scott as a greatest baseball coach ever to Bill. Scott offers Felicia the Deception office receptionist job. Chris tells Bill he has a boat for them to buy and he should come and take a look. Jason confronts Alan about not coming home last night. Stockton tells Monica and Bobbie that he is flying a witness in from DC to testify for them. AJ testifies at the trial that Nikki and her father did not get along. Felicia suggests some changes for the Deception office, which irks Julia. Bill and Jenny attend Sly's baseball game. Right off the bat, Felicia is not working out at Deception. Jason and Alan take a break from the trial and go to Sly's baseball game in the park. Eric voices to Stockton that he thinks that Langton may have had a preexisting heart condition. Sheila testifies for the defense. Eric testifies that Nikki is obsessed with him. Stockton questions Nikki on the stand. Bill tells Sly he has to go to San Francisco.

June 10, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac and Robin have dinner at Kellys. Romero gets word that Paloma is in New Orleans. Bill drops off Sly at the gatehouse as Jenny is baby-sitting him while he is in San Francisco. Paul is curious why Bill is leaving town all of sudden. Romero gets a photo of Paloma and knows it is Holly. Mac meets Father Martin and follows him on board Chris Callahan's ship. Romero wants Father Martin to find Holly. Rick fears for Holly's safety. Bill and Sly have dinner with Jenny. Julia and Ned have dinner at the Grill and Ned lets her in on the fact that the PC Hotel is for sale. He wants Julia to be his partner. Karen arrives home to her mother entertaining a boyfriend and the apartment being a mess. Mac snoops around the ship and sees Romero meet with Martin. Paul takes Jenny up on her offer to take a soak in the jacuzzi where Ned finds them. 

June 11, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac tells Sean about seeing Romero on Chris Callahan's ship. Holly and Bill run into each other in San Francisco and he invites her to dinner. Felicia is driving Julia crazy. Dominique is going to back Deception in a new line of cosmetics. Mac and Sean deduce that Chris is possibly smuggling San Sebastian refugees into the country. Sean wants Mac to investigate Father Martin. The “volunteens” come up with the idea to provide designated drivers for kids who need a ride after drinking at the prom. Bobbie gets another call from Adkins informing her that he has a date for his parole hearing and he wants her to be there. She turns him down. Bobbie tells Tony she has decided to cut ties with Adkins. Felicia quits as the Deception receptionist. Mac tells Bill he is suspicious of Chris. Bill and Holly have dinner and she sticks with her story that she is tending to her sick father.  

June 12, 1992 - No Commercials - Alan returns to the courtroom to support Monica and apologizes for leaving her on her own. Ned and Jenny disagree about Ned's work in front of Sly. Sly asks Jenny if she and Ned are going to break up. Nikki's psychiatrist, Martha James, blows Nikki's image of an idyllic family life that she has presented in court. Edward does not want to sell two ELQ freighters to Romero. Ned pushes the deal through. Stockton recalls Eric to the stand, and he voices his claim that Langton had a preexisting heart condition. Ned fishes around Sly for what Bill is doing in San Francisco. Holly makes another appearance at a rally as Paloma. The judge orders Langton's body to be exhumed for a second autopsy. After her bad day in court, AJ comforts Nikki with alcohol. He eventually passes out on her. Holly is being followed when she meets with Bill for dinner. Jagger meets Karen's mother Rhonda. Bill breaks up an attempted kidnapping of Holly. Ned and Jenny enjoy the Q Jacuzzi Holly convinces Bill to not call the police and she ends up staying in Bill's hotel room for the night. Monica gets another message from ghost David.

June 15, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia is searching for a new job. Mac tells Sean his new theory about the jaguar statue he heard Romero talking about. Bill wakes up but Holly is gone. Jason covers for the hung-over AJ with Alan and Monica. Remi tells Sean about a fire that happened in San Francisco killing some San Sebastian refugees at a community center. Holly returns to her hotel to find Rick hurt and lying on the floor. He was trapped in the community center fire. Father Martin calls Romero with the news that Holly perished in the fire. Bill noses around the fire scene. Felicia wants Mac to reconsider and let her work at his PI office. With David's previous heart condition confirmed, Nikki's lawsuit is thrown out of court. Holly takes care of Rick. Monica tells Alan that her relationship with David was never meant to be but theirs is. Eric, Sheila, Steve and Audrey celebrate at The Outback. Bill tells Chris that the risks are too high with their plan and he suspects Chris is holding out on him. Bill is starting to put together Holly's involvement. Felicia has a nightmare about someone chasing her.

June 16-22, 1992:  6/16, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19, 6/22

June 16, 1992 - No Commercials - Tracy wants to plan Dillon's baptism. Paul and Tracy argue when he wants to keep it simple. Scott scares the very jumpy Felicia. Bobbie and Tony want Felicia to see Tom. Jason lets AJ have it for still seeing Nikki. Tom suggests hypothesis for Felicia. AJ is worried when he finds Nikki is missing. Sheila presses Amy to tell Gary about her breast implants.  Scott tells Julia he is going to Texas for a Deception promotional trip. Amy tells Gary about her implants. Ned and Julia take a tour of the PC Hotel. Felicia has a hypotheses session with Tom but she can't recall the reason why she came back to PC. When Ned cancels on dinner, Jenny invites Paul to join her. AJ asks Jessica about the missing Nikki. Jessica thinks she may be in DC. Nikki cons her way into Dr. James's office and steals the file on her family. Julia agrees to be a partner with Ned in the PC Hotel. Paul has dinner with Jenny at the gatehouse.

June 17, 1992 - No Commercials - Romero learns that Father Martin believes Holly perished in the fire. Bill tells Mac about Holly being attacked on the street. Sean offers Felicia a clerical job in the booking dept. of the PCPD. Rick and Holly catch a flight. Jason hints at meeting Karen's mother the next time he and Karen go out together. Romero makes a date with Julia. Ned agrees to sell the two ELQ freighters to Romero. Mac shows Sean his research on the jaguar statue. Bill and Father Martin are on the same flight back to PC. Scott winds up having coffee with Jessica and he asks her to the go out with him. Guy is not too thrilled when Felicia brings Maxie to work with her. Felicia circulates a petition to get a daycare center started for the PCPD, which irks Sean. Tiffany tells Sean that she may be able to find something for Felicia at the TV station. Mac meets with Romero.

June 18, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger and Karen take a joyride on a motorcycle. AJ books a flight to DC. Tracy asks Simone when she can take Dillon home. Amy tells Jenny that she hasn't talked to Gary since she told him about her implants. Monica learns that AJ is going to DC. Jason and Monica can't talk any sense into him and he insists on going. Jenny and Paul visit Dillon at GH. Tracy finds them together. Gary makes things right with Amy. Monica and Bobbie return to surgery. Sly tells Bill he wants to go to camp this summer. AJ goes to Dr. James to see if she knows where Nikki is. Dr. James finds that the Langton file is gone. Amy and Gary have a romantic evening. The owner of the bike tells Bill that he thinks Jagger took it for a joyride. Jenny gives Paul and Tracy a gift for Dillon. Karen and Jason make another date. Bill gives Jagger a warning about his joyride. 

June 19, 1992 - No Commercials - Rick and Holly arrive back in PC. Sean convinces Mac to hire Felicia to tend bar at the Outback. Romero refuses to believe that Holly is dead until he gets concrete proof. Holly returns home. The “volunteens” gear up for their prom night designed driver program. Mac trains Felicia behind the bar. Jagger runs off some hoodlum kids at Kellys (Note: Slight video jump to the next scene) Holly returns to work at The Outback and Romero is surprised to see her. Julia notices that Romero can't take his eyes off Holly. When some local punks harass Karen, Jason and Jagger take care of them. Mac has to admit Felicia is doing a good job bartending.

June 22, 1992 - No Commercials - Mac tells Sean he wants to put pressure on Holly to tell them what she knows about the San Sebastian situation. Felicia has another nightmare that rattles her. Bill shares his plan for the waterfront with Holly. Father Martin tells Romero their plan is ruined if Holly continues to impersonate Paloma. Felicia meets with Tom for another session and this time she remembers her dream. Robin tells Holly she is disappointed that Jason seems to really like Karen. Mac tries to follow Holly but losses her when he gets distracted and winds up breaking up a robbery on the waterfront. An incident at the waterfront triggers a memory of him being held captive for Bill. Romero tells Martin that he plans to persuade Holly to return to San Sebastian with him as she knows the location of the emerald minds. Holly  is sure Romero knows that she has been impersonating Paloma.

June 23-29, 1992:  6/23, 6/24, 6/25, 6/26, 6/29 Q's party

June 23, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott learns that Jessica Holms has been named to the state bar ethics committee. Nikki listens to the audiotapes of her parent's sessions with Dr. James. Ned tells Tracy and Paul he will not be able to make it to Dillon's homecoming party. Tom tells the volunteens that two of them have been asked to a local radio station to take calls on the air. Robin is disappointed when Jason and Karen are chosen. AJ finds Nikki in a hotel room. She is in rough shape believing that her parents never loved her. Scott takes Jessica to dinner at the PC Grill as he plans to smooth talk her to get his license reinstated earlier. Dillon's homecoming with the Quartermaines.  Ned and Julia celebrate with dinner after putting in their offer on the PC Hotel. Jason and Karen field questions on the radio show. Jason invites Karen to Dillon's baptism. Tracy objects when Paul wants Jenny and Ned as Dillon's godparents. Jenny wants to go away for the weekend with Ned to Cape Cod. Jessica and Scott end up in bed together. Ending montage with the teens and AJ and Nikki.

June 24, 1992 - No Commercials - Bill puts off Chris and the boat trip until after July 4th. Rick tells Holly that he has got word that Bill is considering getting involved in smuggling refuges from San Sebastian. Jessica tells Scott she would disqualify herself from the vote if he petitions for an early reinstatement. Holly fishes around Bill about his upcoming plans. Sean and Mac learn more about the Jaguar statue and that Paloma had the statue last. Sean wants to question Romero. Scott and Felicia talk about his past with Lucy. Sean and Mac talk with Romero about the statue. AJ tries to pull Nikki out of her funk and asks her to come back to PC with him. Scott calls Lee and suspects that his father is sorry that he retired and is not enjoying his life in Arizona. Holly plays dumb when Mac asks her about the statue. Holly questions Bill about his business relationship with Chris. Scott talks with Gail about Lee. Scott and Dominique leave for Texas. Romero and Holly have lunch at The Outback.  

June 25, 1992 - No Commercials - AJ and Nikki leave to return to PC. After seeing how handy Jagger is, Alan asks him to work on the Quartermaine motorboat. Julia gets an invite to Dillon's baptism. Dominique gets wild and crazy at a bar in Texas with Scott. Alan and Jason are at Kellys when AJ and Nikki arrive back at there. Alan voices his disappointed in AJ. Ned cancels the trip to Cape Cod with Jenny to take her to the Caribbean instead. With school out, Robin is looking for a job for the summer. AJ and Alan come to blows when AJ refuses to stop seeing Nikki. Scott gets into a bar fight when he tries to drag the very drunk Dominique out the bar. Later they get arrested. Tracy agrees to Jenny and Ned as the godparents for Dillon. AJ tells Jason that he starting drinking when he was in grade school and now it is the only way he can deal with the family Alan tells Monica that he is ashamed of how he failed AJ. Jason tries to convince AJ to go to AA.

June 26, 1992 - No Commercials - Holly is very suspicious of all of Mac's questions. Rhonda finds out Karen is going to a party at the Quartermaines. AJ tries to convince Nikki that he truly cares for her. Dillon's christening at the Q mansion. Mac finds Holly at Rick's hideout. Holly is forced to come clean with him. Julia learns that Romero may be interested in the PC Hotel too. Robin offers to baby-sit for Maxie. Karen meets the Quartermaines. Robin and Felicia take BJ and Maxie to the park and she is being followed a mysterious man. (Ryan)  Holly tells Mac she is going to see Romero and find out what he knows. Mac agrees to wait to tell Sean about where Rick is. Julia tells Ned about the fact that they may have competition for the PC Hotel. AJ is drinking pretty heavily at dinner with Nikki at The Outback. Holly arrives at Romero's hotel room. AJ and Nikki get into a car accident with a drunk AJ behind the wheel.

June 29, 1992 - No Commercials - Jagger arrives at the Quartermaines to work on the boat. Romero tells Holly that he is still in love with her but she insists that they take things slowly. Sean needs Rick Ortega in a week to testify or the Death Star killer walks. Sean suspects Mac is keeping something from him. Nikki saves AJ from the burning car. A drunk Rhonda shows up at the Quartermaines. Tracy threatens to have her thrown out. Karen is utterly mortified by her mother and flees the party. AJ and Nikki are brought into GH. An upset Karen flees to the boathouse and finds Jagger there working on the boat engine. Alan and Monica learn about AJ's accident. Holly tells Mac that Romero is going to San Sebastian soon on business. Karen reads Rhonda the riot act for coming to the party. Alan and Monica arrive at GH. The PCPD wants blood alcohol levels on both Nikki and AJ. Mac does not want Holly going to San Sebastian with Romero.

June 30 - July 6, 1992:  6/30 Ryan meets Felicia, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 Fourth of July, 7/6

June 30, 1992 - No Commercials - Scott and Dominique in jail together. Their bail is denied. Tom tells Alan and Monica that AJ does not remember anything about the accident and that Nikki is in surgery for a ruptured spleen. Det. Garcia tells Alan and Monica that AJ will be charged if it is proven that he was behind the wheel of the car. Nikki is saved in surgery. Bobbie and Simone think that Felicia for sure needs to continue with her therapy to get to the root of her nightmares. Felicia's stalker is collecting more and more photos of her. Scott calls Julia to bail he and Dominique out but she is not there. Scott winds up breaking the phone, which prolongs his stay. Jason tries to get Alan to see that him coming down on AJ so hard is not the way to get through to him. Felicia has another session with Tom. She remembers that it is man that is chasing her in her dreams. Jason breaks down at AJ's bed-side. Scott and Dominique are at each other throats (Note: Video jump during the scene) AJ wakes ups and learns Nikki has made it through surgery. Simone intrudes the new GH pediatric Dr. Ryan Chamberlain to Tom and Tony. Tony offers Ryan an apartment at the brownstone. Dominique and Scott learn that they have made the papers. Felicia meets Ryan.  

July 1, 1992 - No Commercials - Father Martin tells Romero that Paloma has been spotted in San Sebastian. Sean ties Romero to General Santiago, head of the San Sebastian military dictatorship. Romero wants Paloma alive to lead him to the emerald minds. Karen is still upset with Rhonda over the spectacle she made of herself at the Q party. Julia calls Ned with the news that Romero is indeed bidding against them for the hotel. Tracy offends Alan and Monica with her comments about AJ and Jason's choices in women. Paul thinks Tracy is being a snob. Bill asks Jenny to fill in for him at parent day at Sly's camp, as he will be out of town on business after the opening of the pier. Mac shows Holly a picture of Romero and Santiago together but she does not think the photo proves anything. Mac pushes Holly to go to Sean. Ned and Julia meet with Romero about the hotel bid and he agrees to withdraw his bid. Jason invites Karen to the pier opening but she tells him that their relationship will not work as they are from two different worlds. Julia learns that Scott and Dominique have been arrested. Mac learns that Holly lied to him.

July 2, 1992 - No Commercials - Felicia moves into her old apartment in the brownstone. Felicia tells Bobbie she got another call from Adkins. Mac comes clean with Sean. Julia learns Dominique and Scott have made the papers and Bill has a few laughs at her expense. Scott learns his and Dominique's trial has been set for later next week so they are stuck in Texas. Jessica finds Scott but she ends up leaving them to sit in jail. Mac tells Sean where Rick is hiding out. Karen blows Jason off when he tries to talk with her. Scott can't get a hold of Julia so he is forced to call Bill. Scott asks him to fill in for him as coach of Sly's baseball team. Jessica reconsiders and gets Scott and Dominique's trial moved up. Dominique and Scott go before the judge. Felicia brings Maxie to Ryan to treat her earache. Ryan learns Felicia has amnesia. Bobbie learns Adkins did not make parole and he threatens her for not helping him at the hearing. Bill fills in for Scott, and the team celebrates a win at Kellys. Ryan drops off a gift for Maxie. Jessica gets Scott and Dominique off the hook but the press is all over them. Mac meets Ryan. 

July 3, 1992 - No Commercials - The Pier 5 opening party gets underway. Holly learns that the PCPD raided Rick's room but he got away. She knows Mac went to Sean. Ned wants Julia to come with him to the Pier 5 opening. Romero plots for Holly to learn Paloma has been spotted in San Sebastian so she will want to go back with him. Rick tells Holly the news and that he will be going back immediately. Scott and Dominique are back in PC and the press is hot on their trail. Nikki is awake and wants to see AJ. Alan and Monica think AJ should put some distance between himself and Nikki. AJ breaks down at Nikki's bedside but Nikki insists he saved her life in DC. The ribbon is cut on Pier 5. Holly sees Bill and Chris with blueprints of the ship they are planning to sail to San Sebastian. Holly confronts Mac about going to Sean. Julia tells Scott and Dominique that their escapade to Texas will more than likely cost them with Deception sales. Jenny gives Paul watercolor paints as a gift. Det Garcia wants to question AJ but Alan and Monica want to get him a lawyer first. Bill finds Holly looking at his ship blueprints.  

July 6, 1992 No Commercials - Jason is ticked when he sees Jagger with Karen at the Pier opening. Holly covers when Bill finds her with his blueprints. Bill denies he has plans to transport refugees. Nikki lies to Garcia and tells him that she was driving the car at the time of her and AJ's accident. Sean confronts Holly about lying to him about her involvement with Rick. Connor's birthday is celebrated at The Outback. Karen tells Jason that she was not “with” Jagger for the opening. Nikki admits to AJ that she lied to save him from a jail sentence. Holly invites Felicia to lunch with her and Tiffany. Nikki offers AJ her apartment to stay in while she is in the hospital. An old friend of Jaggers tells him of a place to rob for cash. Connor sings his new song at The Outback. Sean's fatherly advice rubs Conner the wrong way. Felicia gives Mac a lead on a PI case. AJ tells Alan and Monica that he is not going home with them. PC watches the fireworks at the pier. Bill and Holly share a dance.

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