Complete GH Episodes 1996 recaps begin on July 22, 1994 and is a good resource into maybe 2002. The recaps are more erractic from 2003 onward. You can read my descriptions for GH 1996 below. is another great source for daily episode descriptions. Their recaps begin Nov 4, 1996 - current time.

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1995 - January 4, 1996 - 12/29/95, (1/1/96 no show), 1/2-96, 1/3, 1/4/96 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5-19, 1996 - 1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10 [Episode Descriptions]

January 11-16, 1996 - 1/11, 1/12, 1/15, 1/16 [Episode Descriptions]

January 17-22, 1996 -1/17, 1/18 Mary Mae's death, 1/19 Mary Mae's funeral, 1/22 [Episode Descriptions]

January 23-26, 1996 - 1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26 [Episode Descriptions]

January 29 - February 3, 1996 - 1/29, 1/30, 1/31 Jax arrives, 2/3 [Episode Descriptions]

February 4-7, 1996 - 2/4 & 2/5 Sonny & Lily's wedding,  2/5, 2/6, 2/7 [Episode Descriptions]

February 8-13, 1996 - 2/8, 2/9, 2/12, 2/13 [Episode Descriptions]

February 14-19, 1996 - 2/14 Valentine's episodes, Brenda meets Jax and has dinner with him, 2/15 Eddie Maine Concert at the Outback, he sings "Lyin' King" in Edwards's honor, 2/16, 2/19 [Episode Descriptions]

February 20-23, 1996 - 2/20 Jason returned to the scene of the accident, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23 [Episode Descriptions]

February 26-29, 1996 - 2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 2/29 [Episode Descriptions]

March 1-6, 1996  - 3/1, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6 [Episode Descriptions]

March 7-12, 1996 -  3/7 Lila has a fantasy of Edward in leather pants (ala "Eddie Maine"), 3/8 Jason & AJ fight, 3/11, 3/12 [Episode Descriptions]

March 13-18, 1996  - 3/13, 3/14 Jason meets Robin on the bridge, 3/15, 3/18 Ward House fire, Justus kills Damian Smith [Episode Descriptions]

March 19-22, 1996  - 3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22 [Episode Descriptions]

March 25 - 28, 1996: 3/25 Damian's non-funeral, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28 [Episode Descriptions]

March 29 - April 3, 1996: 3/29 & 4/1 "All For One" plays at Outback for a Ward House benefit, Brenda is hit by a car, 4/2, 4/3 [Episode Descriptions]

April 4-10, 1996 - 4/4, 4/5, 4/8 Jax takes Brenda to Malibu, enjoy a Malibu sunset, includes Rodeo Drive scenes, 4/9, 4/10
Carly arrives in town (on the 8th or 9th) [Episode Descriptions]

April 11-17, 1996 - 4/11, 4/12, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17 [Episode Descriptions]

April 18-24, 1996 - 4/18, 4/19, 4/22 Laura arrested for Damian's murder, 4/23, 4/24 Lily slaps Brenda at Canadian lodge, (no cm on 4/22-4/24) [Episode Descriptions]

April 25-30, 1996 - 4/25, 4/26 Brenda lost in snow storm, 4/29, 4/30 S&B trapped in cabin during snowstorm, great L&L kissing scene through the bars as Laura is in jail [Episode Descriptions]

May 1-6, 1996 - 5/1, 5/2, 5/3  Monica's surprise birthday party, 5/6 Carly meets and flirts with Jason at Jake's for the first time, Jax arrives in a helicopter and rescues Sonny & Brenda [Episode Descriptions]

May 7-10, 1996 - 5/7, 5/8, 5/9 Tom & felicia make love for the first time, 5/10 [Episode Descriptions]

May 13-16, 1996 - 5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16 [Episode Descriptions]

May 17-22, 1996 - 5/17, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22 [Episode Descriptions]

May 23-28, 1996 - 5/23, 5/24, 5/27 Carly & Jason sleep together for the first time, Officer V pulls over Jax and arrests him, 5/28 [Episode Descriptions]

May 29 - June 3, 1996 - 5/29, 5/30 (complete but no end credits), 5/31 Lily gets blown up in explosion, Brenda marries Jax, 6/3
(Note: 5/29 & 5/30 Sonny tells Brenda that Lily is pregnant, rain scenes) [Episode Descriptions]

June 4-7, 1996 - 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7 [Episode Descriptions]

June 10-14, 1996 - 6/10, 6/11 Laura cleared of murder charges, 6/12, 6/13 [Episode Descriptions]

June 14-19, 1996 - 6/14 Lulu becomes ill, and Luke & Laura rush the feverish baby to GH, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19 [Episode Descriptions]

June 20-25, 1996 - 6/20 Simone suspects Lulu may have aplastic anemia, 6/21 Nurse's Ball, 6/24, 6/25 (pre-empt during Lucky scene) [Episode Descriptions]

June 26 - July 1, 1996  - 6/26, 6/27, 6/28 Stefan appears, 7/1 [Episode Descriptions]

July 2 - January 3, 1997

Expanded Descriptions

December 29,1995 - January 4, 1996:  12/29/95, (1/1/96 no show), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

December 29, 1995 - With Commercials - Ned arrives and finds Jason lying unconscious after being thrown from a car driven by a drunk AJ. Sonny tells Luke that he is a free man. Alan and Monica argue about what to do about AJ’s drinking. Ned covers for AJ by saying he was driving. Damian gets a call from a friend of Cassius wanting a meeting. Sonny and Lily plan their wedding. Lily knows that Sonny is not in love with her but in time she hopes things with change. Alan explains to Emily that his relationship with AJ is complicated. He is not trying to punish AJ but trying to help him. Brenda learns that Sonny is a free man and sees a happy Sonny and Lily. The Qs learn about Jason’s accident. Damian meets with Cassius. Ned calls Lois and tells her about the accident. Tony tells the Qs that Jason’s injury is serious. On the docks, gunfire erupts at Damian’s meeting.

January 2, 1996 - With Commercials - Tony tells the Qs that Jason has swelling of the brain. A hung-over AJ learns from Reginald that there was a car accident. Ned arrives and tells AJ that he may have killed Jason. Ned tells AJ about the cover-up and he will say nothing to the contrary. AJ now answers to Ned. A ruffled and hurt Damian arrives at Sonny’s penthouse wanting answers. He tells Sonny about his meeting on the docks. Lily takes care of Damian’s wound. Damian wants Sonny to find out who tried to kill him while he goes underground. AJ arrives at GH and lies to Alan and Monica. Ruby tries to rally a depressed Brenda. Keisha and Justus arrive at GH. Brenda arrives at the penthouse wanting to see Sonny. Brenda learns that Lily and Sonny are getting married. She and Lily argue and Sonny breaks up their fight. Keisha questions AJ about what happened. AJ vows to never drink again. Sonny calls Rivera about the attempt on Damian.

January 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy and Kevin continue their adventure on the island, as do Mac and Katherine. And now the roof is leaking, Katherine and Lucy want to go home. The gang has to get creative for breakfast. Sonny finds a letter that Stone left for Robin. Justus tells Simone about Jason’s accident. Justus admits to her that he is starting to feel an attachment to the Qs. Damian suspects that Sonny has thrown in with Lily’s father. Tom offers to watch Tommy while Simone and Justus are on their honeymoon. Robin reads Stone’s letter. Robin warns Sonny that him getting married to Lily would be a mistake. Lucy assures Katherine that she will not blow her hideout location. Mac learns that Sonny was not indicted therefore will not be giving Damian up. Mac now wants to get back to PC and find get her some protection. Luke learns Lucky is hustling in a weekly poker game at the bike shop. Luke gives him some fatherly advice. Justus tells Robin about Jason. (Note: Slightly glitchy picture for the last 10 minutes of this episode) Mike learns that Sonny made a deal with Rivera. The phones are up and working and Kevin and Lucy are thrilled to leave the island. Kevin wants to make up his disastrous vacation to Lucy with a week in Paris.

January 4, 1996 - With Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly…a few seconds lost - Lucy and Kevin are thrilled to be back home in civilization. Robin visits Jason. Ned worries that will happen to his family if Jason dies. AJ sticks with Ned’s story with Robin. Mac and Garcia meet to discuss Katherine’s security. Garcia wants Katherine out of town pronto. The papers are reporting that Damian is Sonny’s financial backer. Damian shows up at Lucy’s door. He passes the investigation off as nonsense. AJ goes to talk with Kevin. He comes clean about his drinking over the last 3 months and his part in the accident. Kevin thinks he needs rehab, but AJ does not want to leave his family now. Kevin agrees to see him one on one for now. Tom and Felicia plan an outing with their kids. Robin suggests she go to Katherine’s apartment and get some clothes for her trip. Ned wills Jason to recover. Damian sees Robin leave Katherine’s building and follows her. Jason goes into shock.

January 5-10, 1996:  1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10

January 5, 1996 - With Commercials - Sonny gives Lily her engagement ring. Robin visits Brenda. She tells Brenda about Jason. They talk about Sonny and Lily. Tony examines Jason and tells Ned that Jason’s chances for a full recovery are slim to none. Damian arrives at his rented secluded cabin. Mac and Katherine plan to head to Miami. The Qs learn that Jason blood pressure is rising due to shock. Tony hopes to stabilize him with meds. AJ tells Alan and Monica that he is starting therapy. Ned is livid when he learns that AJ told Kevin the truth. Ned wants assurances from Kevin that what AJ told him will be kept in confidence. Jason’s pressure stabilizes and he opens his eye. Lily and Sonny make love. Katherine gets spooked and heads to the Outback where Mac is. From her bedroom window, Lucy sees Katherine arrive at the club. Damian kidnaps Katherine.

January 8, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy sees Katherine’s car peal out of The Outback parking lot. With Lila’s preparing for Jason homecoming, Emily thinks Edward is wrong to not tell Lila the truth about Jason’s condition. Tony tells the Qs that despite opening his eyes, Jason is not fully conscious yet. AJ convinces Alan and Monica to get some rest. Damian arrives at the cabin with Katherine. Damian drugs her and goes to work on an elaborate setup. Edward admits to Justus that he is scared. Alan tells them that Jason is coming around but there are a lot of unknown factors. Mac starts to worry when he can’t find Katherine and calls Garcia. Monica and Emily share a hug after Emily tells her that she is relived with the news about Jason. Lois calls Ned from Argentina. She is coming home tomorrow.

January 9, 1996 - With Commercials - Felicia calls Simone when Georgie comes down with a fever. Lucy mentions to Kevin that she saw Katherine last night. Kevin thinks she should butt out and not tell Mac. Damian’s setup continues. He plants Katherine in her car in front of her apt building and calls the police. After Simone arrives for a house-call to check on the baby, Felicia laments about her lack of a social life. Simone tells Felicia that Tommy is still having a problem with her upcoming marriage The PCPD find Katherine passed out in her car. The officer notices that Katherine’s hand is bandaged with Damian’s monogrammed handkerchief. A dazed Katherine remembers nothing after she went to The Outback. Tom has a session with Kevin. Lucy asks Luke if now that Sonny is cleared, he will want the club back. Garcia informs Mac and Katherine that Damian is missing. The PCPD have found Damian’s cabin and there is evidence of a struggle. Garcia wants Katherine to come downtown. Tom cheers Felicia up.

January 10, 1996 - With Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly - Justus arrives to represent Katherine while Garcia questions her. Garcia confiscates Katherine’s shoe when he notices blood on it. Lucky buys Luke an expensive gift with his bike shop poker winning. Mike thinks that Lucky is becoming quite the gambler. Lily receives her mother’s wedding dress from her father. Brenda does some cleaning. Ruby thinks she is trying to erase memories of Sonny. Robin tries to talk some sense into her. Brenda is still hoping that Sonny will break off his engagement, but knows that Sonny can only save himself by going through with the marriage. Mac goes to Luke for a safe place for Katherine to stay while he does some investigating. Luke learns that Damian may be dead. Mac asks Sonny for help to find out if Damian is indeed dead. Lucy and Kevin leave for Paris.

January 11-16, 1996:  1/11, 1/12, 1/15, 1/16

January 11, 1996 - With Commercials - Maxie asks Felicia if she likes Tom the way she likes Mac. Later, Felicia has a fantasy about Tom. Garcia has a warrant for a sample of Katherine’s blood. Rivera assures Sonny that he has done nothing to Damian. Lily and Sonny set a wedding date. Finding all the evidence too neat and tidy, Mac thinks that Damian has set up Katherine for his murder. Mac goes over the case with Felicia. He wants Felica’s help to go over the evidence at the cabin. Mike and Brenda talk Sonny. Mike advises her to do nothing. Felicia has another fantasy…a caper with both Mac and Tom. Tom learns about Damian banking his blood at GH and alerts Mac. Mac thinks that was all part of the setup.

January 12, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason continues to make progress. Keisha convinces AJ to go home and gets some rest. Lucky asks for extra allowance from Luke. He learns Lucky has been gambling on credit. With Emily’s birthday coming, Justus’s wedding, and the news of Jason’s progress, Lila suggests a party to direct the Qs energy to the positive. Brenda visits Jason and pleads with him to wake up. Lucky gets in deeper in another poker game. He has three days to come up with the cash. Justus tells Luke that he has been asked to resign his seat on the City Council. Luke feels responsible for asking Justus to defend Sonny. Lila invites Luke to the Q party. Katherine and Robin bond. Garcia arrests Katherine for Damian’s murder. Ned learns that Lois’s plane went down in Brazil.

January 15, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucky admits to Luke that he has money trouble in the bike shop poker games. He needs money fast. Luke presses him to find another solution that does not include a loan from dad. Garcia lays out the evidence against Katherine. (Note: video jump but nothing is lost) Mac calls Justus. Ned lays the fact that Lois was even in Argentina at Edward’s feet. Ned calls in favors to find out what happened to Lois’s plane. Justus tells Katherine the details of how the PCPD suspects she killed and disposed of Damian’s body. Garcia questions Sonny about Damian. Edward tells Brenda about Lois. Being helpless, Ned is frantic. Justus tells Katherine to expect a steep bail. Sonny tells Luke that Katherine has been arrested. Luke and Sonny speculate if Damian is really dead. Ned and Edward get news on Lois’s plane. A search and rescue team has been sent.

January 16, 1996 - With Commercials - Alan and Brenda wait with Ned for news on Lois. Ned gets news on the plane. Katherine is anxious to make bail. She wants to ask Edward for the money. A very much okay Lois calls Ned. Lily stashes her wedding gown at her room at Kellys. Lucky has an idea about who could be his mark that could afford to lose the $480 he owes. Katherine makes her plea for money to Edward with her collateral being her ELQ stock. Monica gives Emily a letter from her mom. Harry assures Sonny that no one they knew took out Damian. A curious Brenda takes a look at Lily’s wedding dress and accidentally starts it on fire. Katherine returns home after making bail. Robin tells Mac that she has been tested again and her HIV status is “long term non-progresser”. The Q party gets underway. Emily opens her presents. Lucky goes to work on Edward.

January 17-22, 1996:  1/17, 1/18 Mary Mae's death, 1/19 Mary Mae's funeral, 1/22

January 17, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda puts out the fire. Ruby reads her the riot act. The Q party continues. Felicia asks around the party to try and find someone who saw Katherine the night Damian was killed. Justus and Simone arrive at the party. Sonny tells Lily that after they are married, he will be going back to his business. They discuss security. Brenda tells Lily her dress has been accidentally destroyed. Felicia and Robin surprise Mac on his birthday with cake. Robin tells Felicia about her low HIV viral status. Lily vows not to let Brenda ruin their day. She makes plans to get a new dress. Brenda tells Ned about the accident. Lucky takes Edward on in a poker game and wins. Mac and Felicia tell Katherine their plan to find someone who saw her to provide her alibi. Justus calls Simone with the news that Mary Mae was passed away.

January 18, 1996 - With Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly but nothing is lost - Felicia and Mac investigate the cabin that Damian rented. Katherine feels a sense of weirdness in the cabin. Lois returns home from Argentina. Ned has to tell her that Mary Mae has died. The Wards and Spencers share their grief. Ned and Lois have to tell Edward that Mary Mae is gone. Brenda tells Mike about the fire that destroyed Lily’s dress. Mike apologies to her for jumping to the conclusion that she did it on purpose. Lily sees what is left of her dress. Justus and Simone decide to postpone the wedding for a few weeks. Justus asks Lois to speak at the service.

January 19, 1996 - With Commercials - Robin visits Jason. He squeezes Robin’s hand. He speaks to Alan. Ned wants to call Edward’s bluff when it comes to L/B. He tells Lois that they should book The Idle Rich into The Outback and damn the consequences. They do not think Edward wants a public brawl. Simone tells Tom and Felicia about Tommy’s reaction to Mary Mae’s death and the postponement of the wedding. She wants Tom’s professional opinion on how to handle things. Felicia is impressed with how Tom is now handling the situation. Lucy and Kevin return home early from Paris to attend Mary Mae’s funeral. Kevin gets the skinny on Katherine case. He tells Lucy that she may hold Katherine’s fate in her hands as she saw her the night of the murder. Keisha, Laura, Luke, Lois, and Justus, speak at the funeral. Episode ends with flashbacks of Mary Mae.

January 22, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda tells Lois about torching Lily’s dress. With Mary Mae’s passing, Keisha’s father thinks that she will be coming home with him. Keisha sets him straight. Lucy tells Katherine that she saw her in The Outback parking lot the night Damian was killed. Lucy gloats a bit about being the only on that can get her off the hook. Alan explains to Jason who he is and what happened to him. Ned tells Brenda about his plan for a The Idle Rich concert to push Edward’s buttons. Mac shares the news of Lucy seeing Katherine with Justus. Justus calls the DA’s office about his new witness. Lois books the gig for the Rich. Keisha is taken back when Jason has no idea who she is.

January 23-26, 1996:  1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26

January 23, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy meets with the ADA about Katherine. Lois helps out at Ward House. Sonny stops by and he and Lois talk about his upcoming marriage. Lucky’s pal invites him back into the bike shop poker games. Lucky tells Emily and Sly about owing money from the last go around and swearing off playing. But later he decides to join a big time game. Tom talks with Tommy about Simone’s marriage to Justus. Mike sees just how deep Lucky is in playing cards. Justus opens Sonny’s donation to Ward House. Justus still gets the cold shoulder from Tommy. Luke almost catches Lucky taking money from his emergency backpack. Katherine worries about Lucy testifying for her in front of the grand jury.

January 24, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois visits Jason at GH and tries to comfort Keisha. Simone and Tom set some ground rules for Tommy about how he treats Justus. Justus and Tommy agree to start over. Lucky takes money from his emergency backpack. Mac wants information from Luke on Frank Smith’s old organization. He thinks that Damian had help setting up Katherine. Luke points him in the direction of an old contact of Frank’s in Dallas. Lois and Lily talk about Sonny. Lily hopes that someday Lois will reconcile with Sonny. Tommy pulls a fast one on Tom. Felicia helps Tom search the brownstone for him. They call they police. Lois and Brenda plan Ned’s gig at The Outback. Simone learns Tommy is missing. Lucky joins a high stakes poker game. Edward learns about the Idle Rich gig.

January 25, 1996 - With Commercials - Justus tries to calm a very nervous Lucy before her grand jury testimony. Mac tries to keep Katherine’s mind off what is happening at the trial. Bobbie and Felicia wait with a frantic Simone who is waiting for news on Tommy. Felicia brings the local media into the search. Lucky wins in the poker game and gets an open invitation to come back. Another witness at the trial blows Lucy’s testimony out of the water. Lucy has to refute her testimony. Lucky tells Emily that he did not quit playing cards and he won big. Lucky hustles more money out of Edward with a card trick. Lucky returns his emergency stash. Bobbie and Felicia help Tom and Simone search the brownstone again for Tommy.

January 26, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy has a vision of an alive Damian. Lucy believes she can save Katherine by letting her visions proof that Damian is not dead. Simone finds Tommy, after he became hungry while hiding out in the attic. Lois wakes up after she has a bad dream about The Outback gig. Monica fills Jason in on some aspects of his life. He is tired of everyone pushing him to remember. Kevin tells Mac about Lucy’s Damian visions. Mac recognizes Katherine when she arrives at The Outback in a disguise. She is not about to miss another Q blowout. Luke does not think that even if Damian is alive he is not about to blow his cover to off her in a pubic place. Just as he is about to take the stage, Ned gets served with a restraining order baring him from playing. Ned takes the stage regardless. Lucy tracks down Madame Maya. Ned is arrested.

January 29 - February 3, 1996:  1/29, 1/30, 1/31 Jax arrives, 2/3

January 29, 1996 - With Commercials - Ned is taken to the PCPD, where Justus represents him. Ned rails on Edward to the press. Edward arrives and puts Lois and Ned on notice. Justus tells Edward that Ned could countersue him Maya tells Lucy the truth about Damian hiring her. She encourages Lucy to trust her gift with regards to Damien's disappearance. Felicia admits Tom that she fears that they would bring a lot of baggage to any kind of romantic relationship. They agree to take things slow even though they are very attracted to one another. Bobbie is weirded out when Jason flirts with her. Edward visits Jason. Lois calls her mother for advice and Gloria suggests Lois make a trade with Edward. Tom tells Simone that he is finally ready to move on with his life. Lois asks Ned about the ELQ Tokyo deal. Lucy admits to Kevin that she went to see Maya.

January 30, 1996 - With Commercials - Tony tells a frustrated Jason that in time he will walk again. He pitches a fit when Tony wants to tell the Qs about his latest round of tests. Robin thanks Lily for all that she did in Stone’s final days. Lois asks for Mac’s help to beat Edward at this own game. Mac recommends corporate raider Jasper Jax. Tony reminds the Qs that Jason does not know them and any anxiety they have is disturbing to him. Tony recommends Jason see Kevin to run a series of cognitive tests. Jason lashes out at the Qs. Robin asks Sonny if she can come to his wedding. Later, Robin explains her wanting to go to the wedding to Brenda. Lois gets shutdown when she tries to make an appointment to see Jax of the J&J Company of Alaska. Brenda calls Miguel and tells him that Sonny and Lily are getting married.

January 31, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois leaves for NYC without giving Ned many details. Lucky asks Luke if things are still okay between him and Laura with Laura being so busy. Lucy tells Mac and Katherine that Damian is still very much alive, in her mind that is. She saw him in front a mission. Sonny invites the Spencers to his wedding. Luke wants to plan a bachelor party for Sonny. Katherine, Lucy and Sigmund get subpoenas to testify. Lois meets Jasper Jax (Note: First appearance by Ingo Rademacher as Jax) Lois wants Jax to buy the Tokyo pharmaceutical company that Edward wants for ELQ. Lois has one condition; Jax must insist that Edward give L&B back to Lois first. That is her "commission" for bringing the information to Jax. Lucy is forced to bring Sigmund to court. Lucy has another vision of Damian. Sonny invites Mike to his wedding.

February 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy and Sigmund take the stand again in front of the grand jury. The ADA wants to test Sigmund’s reaction to Katherine. Lucy has some explaining to do when Sigmund has a non-reaction. Justus suggests that declare Sigmund a hostile witness. Kevin meets with Jason for his cognitive tests. He quickly gets agitated. He does not want Kevin’s help and just wants to leave the hospital. Jax flies Lois on his private plane to his family’s home in Alaska. Lois meets Jax’s mom, Lady Jane. The Jaxs finalize their deal with Lois. Lucy tells Luke about her visions and he suspects Damian is in San Antonio. Lucy is anxious to go there and find him. Luke throws a small bachelor party for Sonny in the back room of his club. Ned is not happy about Lois doing business with Jasper Jax.

February 4-7, 1996:  2/4 & 2/5 Sonny & Lily's wedding, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7

February 4, 1996 - With Commercials - Sonny and Lily’s wedding day. A sad Brenda comes to the gatehouse wanting to talk with Lois. Jax and Lois take Jax’s private plane back to PC from Alaska. Jax admits he went through with the deal, only because he could not resist Lois. He wants to take Lois to Galloway Bay for oysters on the way home. Lois convinces him she needs to get home. Lucy tries to convince Katherine and Mac that she knows through her visions that Damian is in San Antonio. She needs backup if she is going to find him in Texas. Mac calls Kevin but he can’t convince her not to go. Miguel arrives back in PC. Brenda is anxious to stop the wedding but Miguel convinces her that there is nothing she can do. Robin helps Lily get ready. Sonny and Lily’s wedding begins with Brenda watching, but it is Lily who stops the ceremony.

February 5, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac tells Kevin that Lucy left for San Antonio by herself. Mac and Kevin both decide to go after her. Sonny convinces Lily to go through with their wedding. Lois worries about what she is going to tell Ned when she returns. As the CEO of ELQ, he can’t know anything about her deal with Jax until it is a done deal. Keisha visits Jason. They discuss how difficult it is for him to react in the certain ways she expects. This concept is hard for AJ. Sonny and Lily have a small reception at Luke’s Club. Mac and Kevin tell Luke that Lucy has gone to Texas to find Damian. Luke insists he go with Mac and bring her back. Brenda tells Ned that Sonny went through with the wedding. AJ takes another drink. Lois is back in PC, but she tells Ned he has to wait till tomorrow to hear about her trip. 

February 6, 1996 - With Commercials - Jax and Ned meet. Ned is livid when he gets the skinny on Lois and Jax’s deal. Lois explains. Emily and Bobbie have a chat over hot chocolate at Kellys. Emily tells her about a dream she had about her mother. Simone and Tom remember that today would have been their anniversary. Justus tells Simone about his upcoming meeting with the president of the city council. Simone wants to put off the wedding again for Tommy’s sake. Reluctantly, Justus agrees. Ned and Lois lay out their deal to Edward to get L/B back. Edward pitches a fit and gets a pain in his chest. Justus refuses to resign from the city council.

February 7, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac asks Felicia to cover for him at The Outback while he goes after Lucy in San Antonio. A drunk AJ shows up at Kevin’s office asking for help. Ned debunks Edward as faking his attack. Edward has no choice but to agree to a deal with Lois and she gets L/B back. Mac tells Justus about going to Texas and Katherine being left alone and wanting him to check in on her. Justus springs a wedding this weekend on Simone. She turns him down. Justus is ready to call off the whole wedding. Luke swindles the ELQ jet out of Edward for his trip to Texas. Jax wants to celebrate with Lois and Ned, but Ned is quick to toss him out the gatehouse. Tom surprises Simone when he tells her that he agrees with Justus about her getting married soon. Ned and Lois celebrate. 

February 8-13, 1996:  2/8, 2/9, 2/12, 2/13

February 8, 1996 - No Commercials - A very happy Ned and Lois annoy Edward. Justus tells Keisha about Simone wanting to wait to get married until Tommy is more excepting of the idea. Keisha pushes him not to give up. Tom gives Simone some advice. Monica asks Edward if he is her secret admirer. Bobbie makes an effort with Monica. The two ladies later get into a food fight in the Q kitchen and agree to call a truce. Before Jax will sign the papers to hand over the pharmaceutical company to Edward, he wants a private meeting with Lois. Justus and Simone can’t come to terms on the wedding. Monica comes clean with Alan about receiving the secret admirer gifts. Jax wants Lois to come away with him for a weekend to prove he is guy she belongs with.

February 9, 1996 - No Commercials - Brenda learns that Lois has got L/B back. Lucy arrives in San Antonio and has another vision of Damian. She plans a meditation session. Mac wants assurances that Luke is going to bring Damian back to PC alive. Sonny and Lily on their honeymoon in Vermont. Lois agrees to a trip with Jax. Lois swears Brenda to secrecy where her trip with Jax is concerned. Brenda lies to Ned. She gets him out of the gatehouse so Lois can come back and pack. She leaves Ned a note. Kevin arrives at Lucy’s suite in San Antonio. Mac and Luke arrive in San Antonio and start strategizing with Lucy and Kevin. Ned gets Lois’s note but he is too late to stop Jax’s plane. .Jax and Lois fly out in a small prop plane.

February 12, 1996 - No Commercials - Lois gets Jax to sign the sale papers and jumps out of his plane. Brenda stops Ned from hunting Jax down. Justus pays Katherine a visit. They discuss his broken engagement and her case. Lucy tells the guys that they can find Damian without even leaving her hotel suite. She leads them in an exercise to focus her psychic attention. Lucy has more visions of Damian at a spa called Sybarites. They come up with a plan to infiltrate the place. After he admits that he is her secret admirer, Alan and Monica make love for the first time since her cancer. Lois calls Ned to come and pick her up in a field. When he arrives he has to rescue her as her parachute has gotten caught in a tree.

February 13, 1996 - No Commercials - Lois delivers the pharmaceutical signed papers to Edward. The Q’s learn that Alan was Monica’s secret admirer. Lily and Sonny arrive home from their honeymoon. Tom asks Simone how she going to tell Tommy that she and Justus are not getting married. Lois receives an emerald ring from Jax. Sonny warns Lucky to stay away from the card games happening at the pool hall. Lily moves the rest of her things into Sonny’s apartment. Ned thinks that Brenda is just the thing to distract Jax. Brenda agrees to return Lois’s present herself. Alan and Monica indulge in a little love in the afternoon. Mike asks Sonny about his business plans. Brenda walks in on Jax.

February 14-19, 1996:  2/14 Valentine's, Brenda meets Jax, 2/15 Eddie Maine Concert at Outback, 2/16, 2/19

February 14, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac and Luke get into their disguises to infiltrate the Sybarites Spa. Brenda returns Lois’s gift to Jax. Jax takes her out to dinner at The Outback. She tries to make him promise to leave Lois alone. Later she invites him to see Ned sing at Luke’s. Felicia gets trapped on the brownstone roof .Tom stupidly gets them both trapped. They are both freezing to death. Luke sees Damian at the spa and reports back to Lucy and Kevin. They plot their next move.  Bobbie rescues Tom and Felicia. Luke informs Kevin and Mac that they need to dress up at Norma and Eve to protect Lucy when they go back to the spa.

February 15, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda tells Lois and Ned about her date with Jax. After being released from GH, Jason returns home to the Q mansion. Things are tense, so Alan calls Ned to help. Kevin hates the idea of getting dolled up again as Norma but Lucy and Mac convince him. They go shopping and Lucy tries to help them shave. Ned talks with Jason about taking it easy on the Qs and invites him to his gig at Luke’s. The Idle Rich play their gig at Luke’s Club. Jax joins Brenda at the club but she sees that he is still very much after Lois. Jason freaks out on Keisha and brings the show to a screeching halt. Sonny helps Jason get home after he storms out.

February 16, 1996 - No Commercials - Mac fills Katherine in on what is going on with the plan to get Damian. Justus tries to get Keisha to not take personal Jason’s blowup at the club. Ned tells AJ to lay off Jason. Ned tells Jason that the people who loved him before are going to make mistakes when it comes to handling the situation; he needs to keep that in mind. Katherine tells Justus that Damian is alive. Lucy helps “the girls” prepare. Simone and Justus argue about Tommy and their relationship. Eve and Norma check into the spa. Jax rubs Ned the wrong way. Ned wants a background check on the Jax family. Justus tells the ADA that Damian is alive. Simone tells Keisha she thinks that she and Justus are over. Lucy gets a message to Damian to meet her. 

February 19, 1996 - No Commercials - Ned thinks Brenda should go after Jax but wants her to be careful. Ned thinks Jax is after more than just Lois. Sonny questions Lois about Brenda and Jax. Lois and Sonny find a very down Justus drinking his sorrows away at the PC Grill bar. Brenda makes a date with Jax for a ride in his private plane. Damian has Lucy’s room bugged, which Mac and Kevin promptly sniff out. A disguised Luke and Damian bond. He and Lucy set the trap for Damian. Ned has Lois’s parachute made into a cute nightgown for her. Sonny wants Harry to find out the skinny on Jax.

February 20-23, 1996:  2/20, 2/21, 2/22, 2/23

February 20, 1996 - With Commercials; Note: Episode starts abruptly, few seconds lost - Ned gets his report on the Jax family. Jax takes Brenda for a ride in his prop plane. He lets her fly. Luke and the gang plot their next Damian move. Jason pays a visit to Lois and Ned at the gatehouse. Ned shows him the accident site and feels in some of the blanks for him. Jason learns that Ned was driving. Later, Lois tries to get Ned to talk about the accident. Sonny gets a slight case of jealousy when he sees Jax and Brenda have dinner together at Luke’s. A drunk AJ shows up at the gatehouse. A livid Ned has to cover before AJ tells Lois the truth about the accident. Ned unloads on Lois about being sick of AJ. Damian orders more bugs to be planted in Lucy’s room at the spa. Harry reports back to Sonny about Jax.

February 21, 1996 - With Commercials - Robin and Keisha discuss Jason. Monica takes Emily to GH after she gets a splinter in her eye. Brenda tells Lois and Ned about her date with Jax. Ned fishes around to see if Jax mentioned anything about ELQ. Justus learns that the mayor is hoping that 20% of his constituents will sign a petition to remove him from the city council. Brenda and Jax plan a trip to Ireland for oysters. Keisha learns AJ is drinking again. She pushes him not to give up on himself. Bobbie admits to Tony that she may be jealous of Monica and Emily’s new mother and daughter bond. She is missing BJ. Ned gives Sonny the name of a good investment counselor. Brenda lays into Sonny about not waiting around for him anymore.

February 22, 1996 - With Commercials; Note: Episode starts abruptly, few seconds lost - Lois and Sonny discuss Brenda’s trip with Jax. A limo and driver pick up an excited Brenda. Luke has Lucy write a letter to Damian wanting to “strike a deal” with him. Jax arrives at Kellys to pick up Brenda and learns that she already left with a limo driver. Jax arrives at the gatehouse wanting to know what happened to Brenda. Jax suspects Sonny knows more than he is saying. Damian’s bodyguards discover that Eve and Norma are really men. Lucy gives them a note for Damian. Justus is quick to turn down Edward’s proposal of help with the fight for him to stay in office. With Sonny going back to work soon, he puts a bodyguard detail on Lily. Damian gets Lucy’s note. Sonny makes plans for his business. Brenda returns to the gatehouse telling Lois that Sonny sabotaged her trip.

February 23, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois thinks that Brenda should let the fact that Sonny sabotaged her trip go. Brenda is hell bent to confront him. Damian wants Lucy to meet him in the sauna. Eve and Norma have to find a way to discretely follow Lucy. Later, Damian’s bodyguards lock them in the sauna. Lucky gets involved in another high stakes poker game. Sonny tells Brenda it was his natural instinct to protect her from Jax. Lily walks in on them talking. Brenda wants a raincheck from Jax, but he has an alternative suggestion. Lucky gets into deep trouble at the poker game, but his luck changes. Damian and Lucy come face to face.

February 26-29, 1996:  2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 2/29

February 26, 1996 - With Commercials - After their called-off trip to Ireland for oysters, Jax vows to bring “the island” to Brenda. He flies in some to PC. Mac and Kevin bust out of the locked sauna and take care of Damian’s bodyguards. Lucy tries to pacify Damian but he is quick to threaten her life. Jax asks Ned and Lois out to dinner with him and Brenda. At dinner, Jax agrees to stop his pursuit of the married Lois. Emily is quick to realize that telling Jason what he used to do really irritates him. Emily wants to make sure he is not lonely and tells him that the Qs are hard to figure out sometimes. Lucy fears for her life until Luke shows up.

February 27, 1996 - With Commercials - Luke and the gang take Damian by force for the trip back to PC on the ELQ jet. Ned questions what Jax is up to. Jax accuses him of being paranoid. Simone and Felicia have a woman-to-woman chat. The gang celebrates with champaign on the flight back. Tom worries that he has been a bad father to Tommy. Felicia convinces him that he is doing fine. Tom and Felicia share a kiss. Damian tries to explain things to Det. Garcia. He takes Damian into custody. Lily meets her new bodyguards.

February 28, 1996 - With Commercials - Katherine welcomes Mac home. Mac fills her in on what is happening with Damian. Laura has some ideas for Justus on how to turn his constituent’s minds about him back to the positive. Justus asks Luke to be his campaign manager. Justus hires Laura as his campaign manager. Garcia questions Damian. Bobbie convinces a young mother, Diane, to give up her baby for adoption like she promised to do. Katherine sort of thanks Lucy. A released Damian shows up on Sonny’s doorstep. Sonny wants him to leave PC for good.

February 29, 1996 - With Commercials - Bobbie has a strange dream. Jason blows his lid with Edward and Lila. He wants to blow on out of the mansion but the Qs insist he stay as part of his rebilitation. Alan and Monica disagree on how to deal with Jason. Katherine fears that Damian will not be charged. The charges against Katherine are dropped, as there is no evidence that Damian framed her. Katherine airs her frustration to Garcia. Luke tells Justus that he is now on Damian’s hit list as well. AJ tells the Qs that he wants to help out on the recall election for Justus. He hits them up for donations. Tom suggests a late ice skating date with Felicia. Jason apologies to Lila complete with flowers. Damian makes an appearance at The Outback. Mac warns him to stay away from Katherine.

March 1-6, 1996:  3/1, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6

March 1, 1996 - With Commercials - Jax delivers “Ireland” to Brenda at L/B. They and Lois indulge in oysters and stout beer. Jax continues to rub Ned the wrong way. When Jax leaves abruptly, Brenda questions if she is losing her sex appeal. Maxie and Bobbie remember BJ together. Lily suggests a vacation for her and Sonny. Sonny wants to know what the rush is. But agrees to take a trip to her father’s ranch. Katherine thanks Edward for the bail money he put up. Katherine tells Edward that she has changed. Damian is watching Katherine. He questions what new scam she is planning. Bobbie has another weird dream.

March 4, 1996 - With Commercials - Laura is busy with Justus’s campaign business. Brenda learns that Jax owns a cosmetics line. Keisha and Robin prep Justus for his press conference. The mayor pressures him to just resign. Lucky joins another poker game, this time with disastrous results. Edward shows up at Justus’s press conference for moral support. Justus is surprised to see Simone there as well. Brenda and Jax have lunch at The Grill. She is having a hard time figuring him out. Justus tears down Damian in his press conference. The press jumps all over the Justus and Sonny connections. Laura steps in for some spin control. Keisha tries a more direct approach with Jason, which blows up in her face. Lucky has to think fast when Harper from the poker game calls demanding his money. Damian makes Justus an offer for Ward House for another site for his CS Emporium.

March 5, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucky gets an extension to come up with the money. He lies to Luke and Laura. Luke is suspicious. Lily wants to redecorate the penthouse. Justus turns down Damian, but learns that Damian has bought the surrounding 2 block properties. Jason warns Keisha to stop coming on to him. She admits she made a mistake. He makes it very clear that he has no feelings for her.  Justus tells Luke and Laura about Damian’s play for Ward House. Keisha tells AJ that her and Jason are over for good. Missing Stone, Robin goes to talk with Sonny. Lily tells Sonny that she has been asked to resign. Lucky hustles Justus out and Luke and Laura upstairs so he can go out and pay the money he owes from his emergency backpack money. Episode ends with Stone and Robin flashbacks.

March 6, 1996 - With Commercials - Justus gets a load of bad press. Mac and Felicia have some advice and help for him. They want to investigate Justus from his enemy’s point of view. Bobbie’s dream continues to haunt her. Tony questions if the dream has anything to do with BJ. Felicia agrees to a weekend away with Tom. Sonny handles things with the principal at Lily’s school. Lily is reinstated. The mother that Bobbie convinced to give up her baby shows up GH wanting Bobbie’s help to get the baby back. She at least wants to make sure the baby is okay and Bobbie agrees to help. Citing work, Felicia tries to cancel her weekend with Tom.

March 7-12, 1996:  3/7 Lila’s fantasy of Edward singing in leather pants, 3/8, 3/11, 3/12

March 7, 1996 - With Commercials - Edward bellows to Ned about Deception’s plummeting sales. Edward is ready to sell it. Alan and Monica discuss what Jason’s future education plans should be. Bobbie digs for information on Diane’s baby. Jason finds his checkbook and car keys and takes off. Lila has a fantasy of Edward as a rock star. Monica receives another secret admirer gift that she thinks is from Alan; it is not. Jason pays Sonny a visit at Luke’s Club, that is until the cops show to take him home. Ned is livid the Qs called the police on Jason. Lucy mistakes Jax for a male model and gets him out of his shirt. Lucy ponders if Jax would want to buy Deception for his own Jax cosmetics. Mac warns her that Jax is a shark that dismantles companies. Jason rides into the Q den on a motorcycle.

March 8, 1996 - With Commercials - Bobbie thinks of BJ. Tom has a surprise for Felicia. Edward talks with Jason about his attitude. Lucky looks for ways to make extra money to repay the money from his emergency backpack. He tells Emily about his predicament. Bobbie tells Luke about her dream. Lucky steals money from Luke’s petty cash fund at the club. AJ questions what went down between Jason and Keisha. Jason thinks that AJ wants Keisha for himself. They come to blows and Alan has to break it up. Felicia covers for Bobbie when she forgets to pick up the kids. Felicia questions if she is okay. Tom brings “Paris” to Felicia, that is until the rain hits. More dreams for Bobbie. Monica finds Jason tearing up his room. He leaves the Q mansion.

March 11, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucky tries to get a cash advance on his emergency credit card. Harper shows up at Lucky’s house demanding his money. Emily wants to help Lucky. He convinces her to steal from the Qs. The Qs are quick to blame AJ for fighting with Jason before he split. Ned reminds AJ that this is all his fault. Laura sets up an interview with Justus with WLPC’s Veronica Bowles. Mac confirms that Damian has indeed bought the properties around Ward House. The press is making up stories about Justus’s “affairs”.  Simone gets word that Tommy has been in a fight defending her honor. Jason learns his credit card has been cancelled. Bobbie sees Kevin about her dreams. Lucky and Emily take a vase from the Q Den. With no money, Jason is forced to return to the Q mansion.

March 12, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason is driving the Qs crazy by bagging a basketball on the floor of his room. Justus is interviewed by Veronica Bowles. Luke and Laura fear he did not sound like a winner in the interview. Justus is upset the mudslinging is affecting Simone and Tommy. Justus gets word that Ward House is being investigated for health code violations. Tom and Simone talk with Tommy about the fight he got into. Justus and Luke inform Edward of Damian coming after Ward House. Laura and Simone chat about what went wrong with Justus. Bobbie visits BJ’s grave. Edward pays a visit to Damian. Alan offers Jason help as to how he is going to live if he wants to be away from the Qs. Edward reinstates Jason’s credit but only if he stays. Jason wants to leave on his own terms and splits. Mac digs up a scandal on the mayor. Justus is not happy about using dirty tactics. Kevin punches Damian in front of the Luke’s Club.

March 13-18, 1996:  3/13, 3/14 Jason meets Robin on the bridge, 3/15, 3/18 Ward House fire, Justus kills Damian Smith

March 13, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason takes a joy ride on a motorcycle. Lucy thanks Kevin for defending her honor at Luke’s. They make love in Kevin’s office. Lucky tells Emily that he hocked the Q vase but he still does not have enough money to pay his poker debt. Ruby agrees to Jason’s suggestion that he help out at Kellys in exchange for food. Sonny offers Jason a loan. Lila notices the vase is missing. Edward is quick to blame Jason. Lucky is beaten up by Harper’s thugs when he is short with the money he owes. Damian comes to his rescue. Ned suggests that all the Qs give Jason 1% of their ELQ stock. Later Ned admits to Lois he has an agenda when it comes to the stock transfer. Lucy makes a play to Jax regarding a merger between Deception and Jax cosmetics. Brenda is worried that Jax is giving up on Lois and is ready to leave town. Brenda makes a promise to deliver Lois.

March 14, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucky lies to Luke and Laura about his beating injuries. His parents know he is lying but agree to let him work things out on his own. Lois fears that Brenda is just hanging with Jax to make a point to Sonny. Brenda wants Lois to show some interest in Jax so that he will stay in town. Lois convinces Ned to join Brenda and Jax for dinner. Jason gets a job at Luke’s parking cars. Veronica Bowles interviews Damian. Bobbie and Damian go a few rounds on the air. Jason and Robin run into each other on the bridge. Lily and Sonny show up at the Outback for dinner as do Jax and Brenda. Brenda plants on kiss on Jax for Sonny’s benefit. Damian tells Luke and Laura the truth about Lucky’s beating. Laura punches him.

March 15, 1996 - With Commercials - Katherine gives Justus and Keisha some advice about Damian. She offers her PR help. Luke and Laura confront Lucky about lying about his beating at the hands of Harper’s thugs. They learn he stole from the Qs and Luke’s petty cash fund. Later, Luke and Lucky have a talk about how he mishandled things. When Damian pays a visit to the Foundation Office, he and Justus come to blows. This time Tom brings a “the Arabian Nights” theme to Felicia on the brownstone roof. Tony pampers Bobbie after she has a rough day at GH. She has a bad reaction when he gives her an antique doll he saw her staring at. Damian starts a fire at Ward House. Laura, Lesley Lu and baby James are trapped inside.

March 18, 1996 - With Commercials - The fire rags at Ward House. More dreams for Bobbie. As she recounts the dream to Tony, Bobbie fears she is losing her mind. Tom and Felicia fantasy night continues. Luke runs into Ward House to get Laura and Lesley Lu. Justus pulls a dead Damian from the fire. Sonny tells Rivera that he is ready to take back his territory. Mac is not happy that Katherine wants to work for Justus. Lucky is released when Luke and Laura emerge from the burning building. Lucy and Kevin learn that Damian is dead. Lily tells Sonny the news. Garcia suspects Damian got caught in his own trap, but Luke does not think it was that simple. Luke fills Mac and Katherine in on Damian. Bobbie and Tony take baby James home for the night.

March 19-22, 1996:  3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22

March 19, 1996 - With Commercials - Edward learns about Ward House burning down. Bobbie is bonding while taking care of Baby James from Ward House. The Qs do their best to comfort Justus. Edward vows to rebuild Ward House. Jason is living in an old box-car and shows up for his first day of work at Luke’s Club. Keisha has another run in with Jason. Later, she talks with AJ about having to watch her house burn down. She wants to go back to Phili, AJ tries to convince her to stay. Emily has to come clean with the Qs about the vase. Lucky return the vase to the Qs with an apology. Tony talks with Kevin about Bobbie’s dreams and James. Justus gives Edward a picture of Bradley salvaged from Ward House. Jason takes Robin for a ride on his bike.

March 20, 1996 - With Commercials - Lily questions Sonny about the fire and why Garcia is anxious to talk with him. Edward wants Ned to get rid of Deception. Brenda wants to strike a deal with Jax to make Sonny jealous. Lois wants to set up a benefit for Ward House. Garcia questions Sonny. Steve asks Kevin to head up a new experimental study on twins raised apart. Ned tells Lucy that ELQ will be getting rid of Deception. Later, Lucy pleads her case to Edward and he lays out a proposition for her. Kevin wants to make sure that Bobbie does not have a desire to keep baby James. He thinks it best that she call social services to take him to permanent foster home. Brenda tells Lois about her plan. Lucy tries to strike a deal with Jax.

March 21, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac, Katherine, Bobbie, Lucy and the Spencers get invitations to a meeting about Damian’s last wishes. Lois has some harsh words for Ned when he tears down AJ. Again Ned reminds AJ that he owns him. AJ questions what if Lois found out the truth. Ned calls his bluff. Bobbie has a hard time giving up baby James. Garcia sits in on the meeting of Damian’s last wishes. A videotape of Damian is played and everyone gets a little gift from Damian. Damian leaves everything to Katherine. Lucy is teed she got none of the money. AJ bellies up to a bar.

March 22, 1996 - With Commercials - Katherine does not want Mac to go to Damian’s funeral with her. Bobbie tells Tony that she has figured out what her dream means. Robin and Jason find AJ passed out on the docks. Later, AJ tells them he was responsible for the accident. Tom leaves clues for Felicia about next date. Sonny tells Luke that Garcia is very curious with questions for him about Damian. The gang at Luke’s celebrate Damian’s demise. Katherine and Ned are the lone mourners at Damian’s funeral. Bobbie goes to an adoption agency looking for information on the daughter that she gave up when she was 16. Tom and Felicia latest date has a sea theme. But the night is ruined by Felicia’s food allergy. Garcia tells the gang at Luke’s that Damian’s death was no accident.

March 25-28, 1996:  3/25 Damian's non-funeral, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28

March 25, 1996 - With Commercials - Garcia goes over the facts of the Damian murder case with the suspects. Brenda is quick to jump to Sonny’s defense. Ned dwells on Damian’s pathetic funeral. Lois wants Ned to give AJ a break. Jason is angry that Ned lied and confronts him. Robin tries to explain why Ned felt he had to lie. Lucy thinks Katherine had the most to benefit from Damian’s murder. Garcia tells Mac that a PCPD cop was on Smith’s payroll. Mac is game to go to Albany but he can’t tell Katherine anything about the trip. Luke and Laura throw together a birthday party for Tony. Bobbie forgot his birthday. Kevin tells Lucy that his is going to England for a twin study. Lily tells Sonny that she thought she was pregnant but she is not. Jason and Robin talk about trust. Jax wants to take Brenda to Madrid. Lois overhears Ned and AJ arguing about the accident.

March 26, 1996 - With Commercials - The Qs celebrate Edward and Lila’s anniversary. Ned and Lois argue about his accident cover-up. Ned wants her assurance that she is with him. Brenda agrees to go to Madrid with Jax but her mind is clearly on Sonny. Tony thinks Bobbie needs a vacation. They decide to go to Nashville. Brenda’s car gets a flat tire and she ends up at Sonny’s penthouse to use the phone. Lily walks in on them. Lois tells the Qs that AJ was driving the night Jason got hurt. Ned is angry that Lois went behind his back. Katherine gets tipsy at Luke’s. She tells Luke she is going to spend every dime that Damian left her. Tony and Bobbie’s trip is dashed by an emergency at GH. Ned tells Lois that the Cerullo rules do not play in the Q house. Lois leaves the gatehouse.

March 27, 1996 - No Commercials - A hung-over AJ does not remember telling Jason the truth and learns that all the Qs know. Edward takes AJ to task and wants the Qs to keep the truth under wraps. Lois shows up at Brenda’s room at Kellys. Lois can’t tell Brenda the whole truth though. Keisha tells Justus that after his re-election she wants to go back to Philadelphia. He wants her to stay. She agrees to stay until they rebuild Ward House. AJ almost tells Keisha the truth. Monica reminds Alan that AJ needs them. Tom and Tony disagree again with Dorman about how to run GH. Brenda asks Ned what happened between him and Lois. Ned explains things to Emily. Alan intercepts Monica latest secret admirer gift. Bobbie decides to hire a PI to search for her daughter.

March 28, 1996 - With Commercials - The newly rich Katherine goes shopping with Robin and decides to buy a new apartment. With his approval rating up, Justus thanks Katherine for working her PR magic.  With the investigation in full swing, Justus thinks Katherine is going overboard spending Damian’s money so quickly. Bobbie hires a PI. Garcia wants to question Katherine. Justus accompanies her to the questioning. They meet Daria Jenson, the new assistant ADA. Katherine tells Garcia that Damian feared that Sonny would do him in. Brenda pushes Lois again to talk with Ned. Monica and Bobbie teach Emily to jitterbug for a 1950’s style dance at school. Emily calls Monica “mom” for the first time. Robin witnesses Jason riding dangerously and almost crashing his motorcycle. Robin tells him about her boyfriend dying. Bobbie’s PI is flying to Fort Lauderdale for a lead on her daughter.

March 29 - April 3, 1996:  3/29 "All For One", 4/1 "All For One", Brenda is hit by a car 4/2

March 29, 1996 - With Commercials - Note: Glitchy picture for the first 10-15 seconds of this episode. Ned thinks that his Eddie Maine performance at the Ward House Benefit is just the thing to win Lois back. Lois tells Brenda that she has booked the band “All For One” for the benefit instead of the Idle Rich. Kevin surprises Lucy by being home from England earlier than planned. Keisha convinces AJ to go to the benefit with her. Jason quits Luke’s Club thanks to Edward. Luke makes Edward park cars instead. Tom is anxious to learn what Felicia has planned for her fantasy date for them. Her plans for their date hit a sour note for him and he ends up leaving. “All For One” play the benefit. Despite Lois kicking him off the bill, Ned sings anyways. Lily saves Brenda from being run over by a car in the Luke’s parking lot.

April 1, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda is knocked unconscious. Both Brenda and Lily are taken to GH. Alan and Tony treat Brenda. Jax wants a top specialist for Brenda. Robin finds Jason walking the wet bridge wall. Dara has a drink with Justus. Laura tells Justus that the night was a success in terms of raising money for Ward House. Garcia questions Lily. Sonny attacks Garcia when he tells Lily that it will just be a matter of time before she is hurt being the wife of Sonny. Lily tells Sonny that she knows that the almost hit and run was not an accident. Ned waits with Lois for news on Brenda. Robin learns about Brenda. Brenda goes into cardiac arrest and is revived. Luke points Jason in the direction of work on the docks. Sonny wants a meet with Rivera in NYC.

April 2, 1996 - With Commercials - Bobbie hears from the PI looking for her daughter. Alan tells Lois and Ned that Brenda is holding her own. They get into it again about Ned’s lies. Sonny meets with Rivera in NYC. (Note: video jump during the scene) Sonny wants to know what Rivera knows about the “accident”. Bobbie visits Laura and Lesley Lu. Lois tells Jax that her marriage is on the rocks. Lois suspects that Jax is starting to have feelings for Brenda. Garcia haul Sonny in for questioning about the Smith murder. Brenda has a dream about Sonny coming to her and telling her that that they belong together. Jax makes plans to stay in PC indefinitely. Sonny visits Brenda. Bobbie gets word from the PI that it will cost her $20,000 for current information from the lawyer that set up the adoption of her daughter.

April 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Alan and AJ get into a fight when Alan gets the wrong idea that AJ is drinking. Monica breaks up the fight after Alan attacks AJ. AJ is ready to move out. The Spencers get a computer for Lucky but it comes with strings. Bobbie learns that a shady lawyer sold her baby. Bobbie scrambles to get the money for the information. She decides to borrow the money and seeks Harry’s advice. Felicia accompanies Tom to a murder crime scene that Tom is working for the PCPD. Felicia shows up Tom but ultimately helps him. Garcia now wants Tom and Felicia help with the Damian murder case. Monica finds the secret admirer gift Alan intercepted in his coat pocket. Bobbie is forced to make a deal with a shady loan shark for the $20,000. Lucky discovers blackjack on his new computer.

April 4-10, 1996:  4/4, 4/5, 4/8 Jax takes Brenda to Malibu, Rodeo Drive, 4/9 Carly arrives in town, 4/10

April 4, 1996 - No Commercials - Brenda has another Sonny dream. She awakes to find Jax at her GH bedside. Jason starts work on the docks. Robin gives him a gift of a hard hat. Jason tells Robin he is going by “Jason Morgan” now. Katherine continues spending to furnish her new penthouse. Mac is back from Albany and is not happy about her purchases.  Ned’s mind can’t concentrate on business; Edward pushes him to talk with Lois. Lucy visits Brenda. When Lois visits as well, Brenda wants to know what progress she and Ned have made. Jax gives Lucy the go for a deal between his Jax cosmetics and Deception. Mac tells Garcia that he discovered it was the police commissioner that was in Damian’s back pocket. Mac is mad that Garcia questioned Katherine while he was out of town. Ned and Lois go another round. Jason angers Robin when an almost accident occurs on the docks and he does nothing to help himself.  Lucy accompanies Kevin when Garcia interrogates him. Robin visits Brenda. Katherine talks with Edward about how her newfound wealth can gain her respect. Mac and Katherine make up.

April 5, 1996 - No Commercials - Sonny visits a sleeping Brenda. Jax and Sonny run into each other outside. Lucy tells Edward that she has raised the money to buy Deception but she will not be selling her ELQ stock to him in the process. Edward tells her the deal is dead that is until Lucy offers him more money from her and her partner. Edward finds out who is backing Lucy. He calls Katherine and asks her if she wants to be the co-owner of Deception. Garcia questions Bobbie about Damian’s murder. Lily asks Harry if Sonny has been spending time around GH. Later, Lily ask Sonny if he wants out. He insists he wants a life with her and to prove it to her, he wants a second honeymoon. Jax suggests a restful vacation for he and Brenda while he competes in a lifeguard triathlon. Lois has a chat with Lila. Bobbie is worried when she can’t get a hold of the PI she hired, Harry agrees to look into the guy for her and tells her that she has been conned. Lucy celebrates with Jax. The shady PI gives $500 of the money to a young blonde woman. (Note: First appearance by Sarah Brown as Carly)

April 8, 1996 - No Commercials - Brenda is released from GH. Jax whisks her away in a limo to the airport. Katherine accepts Edward’s offer of Deception in exchange for her ELQ stock. Edward and Katherine stick it to Lucy. Bobbie tells Luke about needing to pay back the loan shark. Luke agrees to pay back the money for her. Luke handles Bobbie’s loan shark with the help of Sonny. Bobbie tells Luke the truth about wanting to find her daughter. Brenda and Jax arrive at his house in Los Angeles. (GH on location) Katherine has a pang of guilt for taking Deception from Lucy. Carly Roberts packs.

April 9, 1996 - With Commercials - GH on location in LA with Brenda and Jax continued. Carly Roberts arrives in PC. Ned gets word that his wife was admitted into GH. Ned arrives to find his ex-wife Jenny in labor. Jax and Brenda hit Rodeo Drive. Lois and Bobbie discuss honesty in relationships. Lois gets the wrong idea when she gets word that Ned is at GH in emergency. Lois arrives to find Ned with Jenny. They both coach Jenny through her labor and she gives birth to a baby boy. Carly rents a room at Kelly’s. Jax and Brenda share a kiss.

April 10, 1996 - With Commercials - Kevin comforts Lucy. Kevin encourages her to get even. Mac and Kevin disagree on who was wrong in the takeover of Deception. Emily pays Jason a visit at his job on the docks to make sure he is alright. Emily tells Jason that a sick Lila has been worried about him. Jason pays Lila a visit and brings her some candies. But Lila is dismayed to hear that he stole them. She learns about his name change. AJ leans on Keisha. Laura tells Justus that support for him is growing on the city council. Dara and Justus discuss the Damian Smith case. Robin visits Jason’s box car. Mac and Kevin make a deal not to let their girlfriend’s fighting affect their friendship. AJ and Keisha share a kiss.

April 11-17, 1996:  4/11, 4/12, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17

April 11, 1996 - Jax & Brenda in Malibu. Brenda walks the beach, thinking of Sonny and Puerto Rico. Later they drive up Mulholland as the sun sets. Lily makes dinner, then deliberately ruins it so she can use it as an excuse to get Mike to come over to rescue the fiasco. Sonny soon arrives and they argue over how to cook a roast. Lily invites Mike to dinner but he declines and leaves. Sonny and Lily argue over Mike and the roast really does burn. Kevin’s first day of the Twin Study. Lucy comes by the office and he makes love to her on the coffee table. Tom and Felicia are looking at pictures trying to figure out who the murderer is. Felicia sees Mac's picture and Tom's list about him. Tom and Felicia argue, flirt, kiss.

April 12, 1996 - No Commercials; Note: Very low audio hum for the first 7 minutes of his episode - Brenda and Jax fly back to PC. Lois meets Carly at Kellys. Carly chats with Lois about planning to stay in PC and getting into nursing. Lois tells her about Monica looking for Wellness Center at GH. Garcia asks Luke in for questioning. Monica confesses to Alan she found his next intended admirer gift in his pocket. Alan continues to take credit for the gifts. Lucky is worried that he gave Luke a good reason to kill Damian. Jax and Brenda return to Kelly's. Brenda dishes to Lois about her trip. Ned arrives with flowers for Brenda. Ned tries with Lois. Luke reminds Laura that she is a suspect to in Damian’s murder. Garcia orders a test on something that belongs to Luke. Lucky tries to give his father an alibi but instead manages to blurt out the story of his gambling losses and Damian's intervention on his behalf. Lucky confesses to the murder himself, but Garcia knows he is lying. Lois tells Brenda that she may be pregnant. Alan lets Monica find the latest admirer gift. Carly works over Monica in hopes of getting a job. Garcia learns that the weapon used to kill Damian was a baseball bat. Garcia plays the tape of Lucky mentioning that Luke got some baseball equipment for the Ward House.

April 15, 1996 - No Commercials - Garcia tells Luke and Laura about Lucky’s attempt to protect him and questions Luke about the baseball equipment. Luke is questioned at the PCPD. Edward complains about Ned neglecting ELQ. They talk about Lois. Brenda and Lois  talk about her possible pregnancy. Lois is still very torn. Alan tells Bobbie that he is not Monica’s secret admirer anymore. Ned finds out about Lois’s pregnancy from Amy. Lucy cleans out her office at Deception. Jax arrives and Lucy is angry that he did not tell her about the bad blood between him and Edward. Lucy could have got ownership of Deception another way. Lucy wants to team up and put the screws to both Edward and Katherine. They decide to use Brenda in the first part of their plan. Lucy asks Brenda to step down as the face of Deception and be the face of Jax Cosmetics. Lucy asks Jax for a position for herself. Jax wants Lucy’s 10.63% of ELQ stock and his company is hers. Lucy needs time to think. Monica hires Carly as a volunteer at GH. Ned asks Lois about the baby.

April 16, 1996 - No Commercials - Jax meets Katherine. Brenda thanks Lily for saving her life. Jax tells Brenda he plans on trading his perfume company to Lucy in exchange for her ELQ stock. Sonny and Lily make plans for a trip to Canada. Jason pays Lila a visit. Jason complains about the Q’s and Monica overhears their conversation. Monica is sad that Jason hates the Qs so much. Later, Monica tells Alan what happened and they argue. Lois and Ned discuss the future. Lois tells him she doesn’t want to raise a child with Q values. Ned apologizes and complains about Lois putting him between a rock and a hard place. Lois tells him that she needs time away. Ned heads to Brooklyn. Gloria is not thrilled to see Ned They are both surprised that Lois has still not informed her mother of her pregnancy. Katherine thinks Mac would be a great police commissioner. Jason is interrupted on his way home by a gunfight. The shooters kill each other and Jason comes out of hiding, picks up a bag and runs. The bag is full of cash.

April 17, 1996 - With Commercials - Luke and Laura discuss Garcia's questioning of Lucky. Lucy wants to make changes at Luke’s Club. Laura questions if the redecorating is about losing Deception. An upset Lucy shares her plan to get back at both Edward and Katherine. Monica pays Jason a visit. Harry tells Sonny that a Northeast courier was ambushed and that money is missing. Sonny wants to find out who took it. With Monica late, Carly takes over a Wellness Center donor’s meeting. Justus tells Luke that the evidence against him in Damian’s murder is circumstantial. Luke does not want Justus as his lawyer because of his re-election campaign. Lucky tells Emily about his questioning by Garcia. Jason quits his job on the docks and goes to the bus station. Lucy gets one of her psychic visions. She sees something that looks like a mug-shot. She sees L. Spencer and tells them that Luke is going to be arrested.

April 18-24, 1996:  4/18, 4/19, 4/22 Laura arrested for Damian's murder, 4/23, 4/24 Lily slaps Brenda at Canadian lodge

April 18, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason returns to the box-car to find Robin asleep. He tells her that he thought about leaving town but realized it was dumb move. He shows her the money he “found” from two dead guys. Robin thinks that Jason should turn the money over to Sonny. Ned arrives back at Lois’s parent house wanting to speak with her. Ned and Carmine have a talk about compromise. Mike tells Sonny about the night he was born. Brenda overhears Lily making plans for her ski weekend with Sonny. Lois and Gloria talk about the baby. Lucy agrees to Jax’s deal of his cosmetic company for her ELQ stock. Jason turns the money to Sonny. Sonny offers him a job. Ned agrees to give Lois some space but he is not giving up on them.  Brenda proposes a weekend of skiing to Jax.

April 19, 1996 - With Commercials - Robin quizzed Jason about what happened when he returned the money to Sonny. He tells about the $50 reward; she suggests they spend some of it on a present for one of the Ward House kids who is sick. They make plans for dinner later. The press is all over the Spencer house. Luke wonders why Garcia hadn't arrived yet to pick him up. The Spencers’ are surprised when Edward appears on their doorstep. Edward throws his support behind Luke. At the Charles Street Foundation, Justus, Keesha and A.J. talked about Luke. A.J. puts the moves on Keesha but she tells him she is on the rebound. He agrees not to push her. Kevin and Lucy have lunch. Lucy tells him about her deal with Jax. Tom takes offense when Steve accuses him of neglecting his hospital duties to pursue yet another hobby…forensic investigation. D.A. Dara announces to Justus and Keisha that an arrest is imminent in Damian's murder case. Justus phones Luke. Garcia has a warrant for Laura’s arrest.

April 22, 1996 - No Commercials - Laura is taken into custody. Her prints are all over the bat that was used to kill Damian. Robin is devastated by the death of little Jenna, an aids baby from Ward house. Jason stops her from contemplating jumping off the bridge. Robin tells him about her HIV status. Jason tries to kiss her. Robin stops him and Jason is confused at why she is upset. Edward stops Justus from making a call to Garcia. Edward asks him if he had a hand in Damian’s death and Justus comes clean. Luke now wants Justus to represent Laura. Edward and Justus learn Laura has been arrested. Edward convinces him that it is in his best interest to keep quiet for now. Laura has to spend the night in jail.

April 23, 1996 - No Commercials - Brenda and Jax arrive at the ski lodge in Canada. Lily is anxious to hit the slopes with Sonny. Brenda learns that Sonny and Lily have already checked in. Ned is happy to find Lois back at the gatehouse. Lois invites him to her doctor’s appointment. They hear the baby’s heartbeat. Carly meets Bobbie. Carly overhears Amy tells Audrey that she wants to apply for a PT position at GH. Ned and Lois have a doctor’s appointment at GH. Carly worms her way into the running for the job that Amy wants. Audrey is torn about who to give the job to. Bobbie and Monica go to bat for her and Carly is offered the job. Audrey breaks the news to Amy. With Lois back home, Ned offers to move to the main house, but she asks him to stay. Jax and Brenda run into Lily and Sonny.

April 24, 1996 - No Commercials - Everyone suspects Brenda planned the two couples running into each other at the lodge. Brenda pleads innocence in front of Lily and Sonny. Not being informed of her plan, Jax is done playing the game and packs. Justus takes Laura’s case. Edward wants Justus to step aside and let the lawyer he flew in from NYC defend Laura. Justus defers to Edwards attorney’s expertise. Edward reminds Justus that a jury will never convict Laura so his confession is not needed. Katherine presses Mac again to go for the police commissioner’s job. Laura is denied bail. Katherine goes to Edward for his clout to get Mac the commissioner’s job. Mac turns down Edward’s help; he does not want the job. Lily and Brenda face-off. Sonny has to break it up.

April 25-30, 1996:  4/25, 4/26 Brenda lost in snow storm, 4/29, 4/30 S&B trapped in cabin during snowstorm, great L&L kissing scene through the bars as Laura is in jail

April 25, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois asks Ned what the Qs said about the baby and learns that he has not told them yet. He wants to keep their baby save from his family for now. Mac turns down a very pricey watch from Katherine. Mac is not a flashy kind of guy. Audrey shows Carly around GH. Chaos breaks out in the ER. Carly helps out. Mac finds Robin at home with a cold. Mac thinks Robin is putting on a happy face despite being scared and missing Stone. They have a heart to heart. Ned and Lois tell the Qs about the baby and the family takes over. Katherine questions if Mac is uncomfortable that she has more money than him. Katherine buys the Scorpio’s a new big TV claiming it is for Robin.

April 26, 1996 - With Commercials - Avalanche warnings are issued in Canada. Brenda goes out on a ski run and purposely separates from her ski group, hoping that Sonny will come looking for her. Luke visits Laura in jail. The Grand Jury is ready to hand down an indictment against Laura. Simone questions why Justus is not representing Laura. A defeated Justus claims it is because he is tainted goods. She tries to pull him out of his funk. He asks her to marry him again but she does not think it is the right time. Laura’s lawyer is anxious to plead her out. The Spencers refuse to take a deal. Thanks to Veronica Bowles, Garcia has more evidence against Laura. Sonny and Lily learn that Brenda is out on the slopes and got separated from her ski group. Sonny goes after her.

April 29, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda begins to really freeze and takes shelter in a nearby cabin. Luke makes a scene in court. Laura’s bail is denied again. Luke fires Laura’s attorney. Luke is suspicious of Edward’s interest in Laura’s defense. Luke wants Justus to take over Laura’s case. He insists her can’t and Luke tells him that he has to tell Laura. Carly meets Lucas. Carly sucks up to Tony. Sonny finds Brenda at the cabin. He deduces that she planned to have him rescue her and is livid. Justus visits Laura in jail. He tells her that he wants to represent but explains why he can’t. Luke is ticked that Justus has let Laura down.

April 30, 1996 - With Commercials - Sonny and Brenda are trapped by the storm in the cabin. After they argue, Brenda goes out into the storm and gets caught in the avalanche. Sonny takes her back to the cabin. She has a sprained ankle. They now have to ride out the storm. Justus changes his mine and tells Luke he is now ready to defend Laura. Luke and he go over the evidence. Felicia agrees with Katherine that Mac would be a great police commissioner. Mac is still not convinced. Justus tells Edward that he is representing Laura and there is no way he can talk him out of it. Luke pleads his case to Mac that him taking over the police dept would help Laura. Later, after he visits Laura, they agree not to run again. Mac reconsidered the police job. Edward introduces Mac to the Mayor.

May 1-6, 1996:  5/1, 5/2, 5/3 Monica's surprise birthday party, 5/6 Carly meets and flirts with Jason at Jake's for the first time, Jax arrives in a helicopter and rescues Sonny & Brenda

May 1, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac checks out his new office at police headquarters. Katherine starts her new reign at Deception as well. The Quartermaines learns that Jax is ELQ’s new stockholder. Lucy gets the scoop on Kevin’s twin study research. Lucy is anxious to tell everyone that she now owns Jax’s cosmetics. The PCPD arrest Jason for train surfing. Jason calls Robin. Alan and Monica get the brush off when they arrive at the police station. Mac is worried about Jason and Robin’s “closeness”. Edward tells Ned and Lois that he is setting up a trust as well as an ELQ stock transfer for their baby. Kevin is also participating in the Oxford Twin Study. Lucy gloats to Katherine that she owns Jax Cosmetics. Lois and Jax talk about Brenda. Robin pays Jason’s bail.

May 2, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac and Garcia go over the Damian murder case. Mac reopens the case and wants Garcia to look into the other suspects besides Laura. Carly overhears Bobbie and Tony talking about a surprise birthday party for Monica. Carly offers to help Bobbie get Monica to the surprise party and snags herself an invite. Sonny and Brenda are still trapped in the snowstorm at the cabin. They argue about his marriage. He is angry she rolled the dice with both of their lives. Laura gets a taste of prison life and is threatened by another prisoner. Luke assures Mac that he will be looking for the real murder of Damian. Luke gets a gander at the interrogation tapes and case file thanks to Mac.

May 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Carly gets a tour of the Q mansion. Luke tells Justus that he thinks Edward knows more about Damian’s murder than he is willing to admit. Brenda and Sonny are running out of food and firewood. Lily waits for word on Sonny and calls Jax and Harry. Edward continues paving the way for his new great-grandchild despite Lois’s objections. Carly helps get Monica to her surprise birthday party. Edward gets a visit from a man named Harper who has a videocassette implicating Justus in Damian’s murder. Emily recognizes Harper as the card shark who Lucky got involved with. Jax arrives back in Canada and starts the search. Brenda and Sonny share a kiss. Just as Sonny admits that he can’t keep denying that he does not want her anymore. Bobbie agrees to help Carly get into the GH nurse’s program.

May 6, 1996 - With Commercials - Luke arrives at the Q mansion to talk with Edward asking how far he would go to cover his butt. Sonny wants Brenda to keep what happened between them a secret. Jax rescues Brenda and Sonny. Jason and Robin talk about what he can do to make money. Dara and Justus spar about Laura’s case. Monica learns that Alan is not her secret admirer anymore. Carly and Jason meet for the first time at Jake’s Bar. Brenda thanks Jax for rescuing her and Sonny.

May 7-10, 1996:  5/7, 5/8, 5/9 Tom & felicia make love for the first time, 5/10

May 7, 1996 - With Commercials - Brenda tells Robin about Sonny’s confession at the cabin. Luke brings Lucky and Lulu to see Laura in prison. Sonny assures Lily he does not regret marrying her. Luke and Justus go to Mac to convince Dara to reconsider on Laura’s bail. Mac is not so sure that L/L will not skip town if Laura does get bail but goes to bat for the Spencers. Lily is concerned that Sonny will go back to Brenda. Justus goes to work on Dara for Laura’s bail. Mike questions Sonny about what really happened in Canada. Brenda sees Jax wanting still to be friends.

May 8, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy rents office space for Jax Cosmetics on the top floor of the PC Hotel. Katherine wants to renew Brenda’s contract with Deception but Brenda is quick to tell her that she is pondering another offer. Lucy and Katherine fight over Brenda. Bobbie pays Laura a visit in prison. Brenda goes to Jax to help her make the decision about who she wants to work with. Jax makes himself clear that he does not want to even be friends with her. Laura assures Dara that she will not be a flight risk if granted bail. Dara petions the court for a bail hearing.

May 9, 1996 - With Commercials - Lily invites Robin and Jason to dinner. Jax informs Brenda he is going back to Alaska. He chances gears and surprises her by asks her to marry him. He decides to leave town and give her two weeks to make her decision. After dinner, Lily teaches Jason to dance. Jason agrees to a job with Sonny. At The Outback, Felicia gets a surprise when her credit card is denied. Tom convinces her to take care of it tomorrow. Back at his place, they finally make love.

May 10, 1996 - With Commercials - Laura is released on bail just in time for Mother’s Day. Edward puts up Laura’s bail; making Luke suspicious. It hits Lois that she is soon going to be someone’s mother. Tony and the kids make Bobbie breakfast as an early mother’s day gift. Bobbie realizes just what she has in her life to be grateful for. Alan and Monica argue over AJ again and their lack of communication, which causes Lois to head for the gatehouse. Laura’s first day in court. Justus tries to get the case dismissed but his motion is denied. Harper shows up in court to put the screws to Edward. Dara tries to get Justus thrown off the case. Carly shows up at the Brownstone.

May 13-16, 1996:  5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16

May 13, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason gets the boot out of his boxcar. Robin learns that Jason is going to start working for Sonny. After dropping by the brownstone, Carly gives Bobbie a present. The Jones’s invite her to diner. Carly tells Bobbie about her family. Citing a conflict of interest, Dara tries to get Justus thrown off Laura’s case. Lucky notices Harper talking with Edward and tells Luke. Jason gets an advance on his salary so he can get a new place to live. He takes a room above Jake’s Bar. Dara offers her opening statement in Laura’s trial. Edward makes a deal with Harper for the tape.

May 14, 1996 - With Commercials - With Mac working late, Katherine brings take-out of him. They christen his office. Later, Katherine is anxious for Mac to accept an invite to a cocktail reception at the Qs and take her. Robin goes to Sonny concerned that Jason starting to work for him could put him in danger. Jason and Carly shot some stick and share a dance at Jake’s. Sonny finds Brenda waiting for him in his car. She presses him about what he said to her at the cabin. Sonny tells her that she has to move on. Lily goes to the PCPD after she is mugged. She does not want a report to be filed. Robin and Jason share a kiss on the bridge. Sonny learns about Lily’s mugging.

May 15, 1996 - With Commercials - Ned brings Lois some food that she has been craving. Katherine and Lucy face off at the Deception Spa when Katherine assumes control over one of Lucy’s fragrance in development called “Heat”. Lucy is livid with her chemist and wants him to steal the formula back from Katherine. Laura’s trial continues. Justus makes his opening statement. Luke gets Harper’s address from Mac and tries to pay him a visit. Brenda tells Lois about Jax proposing. Garcia and Simone take the stand at the trial.

May 16, 1996 - With Commercials - With a heat wave hitting PC, Jason and Robin secretly go swimming at the Q lake. Carly teaches Tony and Lucas to rollerblade. Carly and Lucas bond. Things get hot and heavy between Felicia and Tom on the brownstone roof and they are almost caught by Bobbie. Harry wants to make sure that Sonny is not thinking of hooking up with Brenda again as it will ruin the business he took over from Rivera. Brenda tries one last ditch effort with Sonny. She tells him that she loves him but she knows that he can’t leave Lily. Telling him that no amount of pride is worth not being with him, she proposes being his mistress. He refuses. Lily sees the two in an embrace together.

May 17-22, 1996:  5/17, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22

May 17, 1996 - With Commercials - A hurt Lily tries to avoid Sonny. AJ takes over for Justus when the press is all over him outside the courtroom. Harper is back looking for another payday from Edward. Edward tells him to take a hike. Bobbie takes the stand in court. Harper is now ready to give the videotape to the highest bidder…Edward or Luke. After a vision of Ryan, Kevin has a panic attack in court. He passes it off due to the heat. Justus and Dara get trapped in an elevator together. Edward comes through with more money for Harper. Luke finds the two men on the docks and goes after Harper. Harper and Luke go into the water and Harper disappears. The videocassette goes into the water.

May 20, 1996 - With Commercials - Justus and Dara continue to be trapped in the elevator. Dara is claustrophobic and is freaking out. Justus tries singing to calm her down. Rivera pays Brenda a visit. She realizes that it was him who set up her hit and run accident. He warns her to stay away from Sonny. Kevin admits to Lucy that he has had a previous panic attack. He claims it is stress related. Later, Kevin gives Lucy an idea about how to trip Katherine up with the perfume they are fighting over. Lucy gets her chemist to tinker with the “Heat” formula. Edward lies to Luke about his association with Harper, but Luke is not buying it. Justus questions Bobbie on the stand.

May 21, 1996 - With Commercials - Katherine gets ready for the Q cocktail party. Mac gets word on Harper disappearance and has to bail on the party. Jax is back in town for the party. Tommy is not happy about Tom and Felicia budding romance. Tom and Simone discuss how they are going to handle things this time. At the Qs, Lucy tricks Katherine into putting on the tainted “Heat” perfume on herself. Katherine begins to make a stink. Robin and Jason talk about taking the next step and what could happen if they do. Ned and Lois talk with Jax about his proposal to Brenda.

May 22, 1996 - No Commercials - Katherine is worried the whole town will be laughing at her for months. She wants revenge on Lucy. Laura’s trial resumes. Veronica Bowles takes the stand. The videotape of Laura threatening Damian is played. Lucy gets busy planning the Nurse’s Ball. Carly insists Tony have a physical therapy session with her when he pulls his hamstring. Dorman comes clean about being Monica’s secret admirer. Monica is flattered but insists on returning his gifts. Katherine offers to underwrite the Nurses Ball but she wants to remain anonymous. Mac tells Luke that Harper has been found dead. Katherine pulls a little switch-a-roo with Lucy’s perfume in her purse. Lucy is a stinky mess within 15 minutes. Mike takes the stand.

May 23-28, 1996:  5/23, 5/24, 5/27 Carly & Jason sleep together for the first time, Officer V pulls over Jax and arrests him, 5/28

May 23, 1996 - With Commercials - AJ helps Keisha move into Kellys. Lois is worried when she can’t reach Brenda. She finds her hold up in her room at Kellys. Lucy is taken back when Kevin has no memory of giving her the idea to set up Katherine. Felicia learns her medical insurance has been cancelled. Everyone at GH is stunned when Kevin goes off on Alan for no reason and then has no recollection of doing it. Keisha stops Ned from bullying AJ. Brenda tells Lois and Ned that she has decided to give up on Sonny. Lois asks Brenda to be the baby’s godmother. Keisha and AJ make love. The phone company shuts Felicia’s phone off.

May 26, 1996 - No Commercials - Lily gives Sonny the cold shoulder. At Laura’s trial, Dara gets an audiotape introduced into evidence that pinpoints the time of Damian’s death. Sonny tells Luke that he is keeping his ear to the ground about who really murdered Damian. Jason takes Robin on a date. Sonny tells Brenda that his marriage to Lily is over. He wants to set things right with Lily and then be with Brenda. Luke finds the videocassette on the docks that was lost in his scuffle with Harper. Lily finds out she is pregnant.

May 27, 1996 - No Commercials - Sonny assures Brenda he is done with the charade. He is set to break his deal with Rivera. Things get hot and heavy for Robin and Jason, but she thinks of Stone and puts the brakes on. Luke goes to Mac to restore the water-logged videotape. Sonny tells Harry that he is leaving town. Luke is clearly edgy around Justus and accuses him of protecting Edward as Damian’s real murderer. Luke asks him about how Edward and Harper are connected. Brenda tells Robin that she and Sonny are going to be together. Jason and Carly have sex. Brenda and Sonny prepare to leave town together.

May 28, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason and Carly wake up in bed together. They decide to keep their identities a secret. Felicia is set to start investigating all the financial problems she has been having. She is worried that this is some twist on identity theft. Tons of flowers start arriving for Felicia. One bouquet contains a black rose. Laura’s trial continues. Justus calls Mac to the stand. Justus parades a bunch of character witnesses to paint a picture of what kind of man Damian was. Tony has another therapy session with Carly. Robin goes to Jason telling him that she is sorry that her past emotional conflict are getting in the way of their new relationship. AJ wants Justus to focus some attention on his campaign but Justus is adamant on devoting all of his attention on the trial. Everyone at the brownstone starts to get sick from the flowers and a hasmet team is called. Laura is anxious to take the stand in her defense but Justus is against it.

May 29 - June 3, 1996:  5/29 Rain scenes when Sonny tells Brenda that Lily is pregnant, 5/30 S&B rain scenes cont (complete but no end credits), 5/31 Lily gets dies in explosion, Brenda marries Jax, 6/3

May 29, 1996 - With Commercials - The brownstone is all clear after being fumigated from the toxic flowers. The adoption agency contacts Bobbie at the brownstone. Tony answers and Bobbie covers. Alan voices his concern to Audrey that Mercy Hospital is going HMO. Amy suggests Carly be Lucy’s dresser for the Nurse’s Ball. Kevin apologies to Alan for his outburst. Lily tells Sonny that she is pregnant. Monica returns the secret admirer gifts to Dorman. Bobbie and Audrey tell Carly about a spot becoming available in the nursing program. Carly has to do some fast changes when it comes to her records. Audrey sets up a dinner with Tom/Felicia and Kevin/Lucy. Brenda gives Lois gifts for the baby. The GH doctors disagree on the HMO issue. Sonny tells Brenda that Lily is pregnant.

May 30, 1996 - With Commercials - Luke takes Laura out on the town. He tells her about the videotape. Audrey has dinner with Tom/Felicia and Lucy/Kevin. Brenda is devastated by the news that Lily is pregnant. Sonny returns to find Lily gone and her wedding ring on the table. With Harry’s help, Lily arranges to leaves for San Juan to go and see her father. Sonny stops Lily from leaving. Carly meets Luke. Jax returns to PC to find Brenda standing alone in the rain. The two make love back in her room.

May 31, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois and Ned celebrate an anniversary. Ned blows off covering for Edward at ELQ to be with Lois. Laura’s trial resumes. Katherine and Mac are recalled by Justus to the witness stand. Jax expects an answer from Brenda about his proposal. Justus confronts Edward about his payoff of Harper. Lily wants to go to Puerto Rico to tell her father in person that she is pregnant. Sonny insists on going with her and they arrange to leave tomorrow. Brenda accepts Jax’s proposal and the two take off on his yacht to get married. Sonny takes Lily out to Luke’s to announce to all of PC about the baby. Lily takes Sonny’s keys to drive them home. She leaves him to go and get the car. It blows up minutes later with her inside.

June 3, 1996 - With Commercials - Luke and Mike grab Sonny, holding him back, but he breaks free and starts to run for the car, Jason grabs him and stops him. There is another explosion. Brenda and Jax enjoy their reception and honeymoon on the yacht. Jason tells Robin and Mac about the explosion and they head for Luke’s. The PCPD arrive. Luke takes a devastated Sonny home, but Sonny wants to be alone. Robin sends Jason to make sure Sonny is not alone. An angry Sonny tells him to leave, but Jason insists on staying.

June 4-7, 1996:  6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7

June 4, 1996 - With Commercials - PC reels from the news of Lily’s death. Bobbie and Carly talk about Lily’s death and how sad it is to loose someone you love. Jax’s friend, Tao, surprises him and Brenda on the yacht. Jax and his socialite friends throw a party and get to know the new Mrs. Jax. They indulge in some games of chance. Jason insists on accompanying Sonny to his meeting. Mac and Robin check in on Sonny at his penthouse and find him gone. Sonny and Jason arrive in San Juan to meet with Rivera. Rivera has had a stroke since hearing the news about Lily. Sonny accuses Rivera of setting the car bomb for him. With Sonny’s help, Rivera commits suicide. Carly surprises Bobbie and Tony with a candlelit lunch. Carly insists Tony take the credit, but he does not feel right about it.

June 5, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac questions Sonny about Rivera’s suicide. Mac wants Sonny to keep Jason out of his business for Robin’s sake. Felicia gets the forensics on the toxic flowers that were sent to her at the brownstone. She fears for her children’s safety. Tom thinks it is time to see Mac. Mariah surprises Felicia with her visit that Felicia forgot about. Laura convinces Justus to let her take the stand in her own defense. Robin questions Jason about what happened in San Juan with Rivera. On the stand, Laura recounts what happened at Ward House the night Damian was killed. Felicia and Tom talk with Mac about the threats to her and the girls. Sonny now wants Jason to reconsider working for him but Jason is adamant that he wants the chance. Felicia returns home finding people looking at her apartment hoping to rent it.  She learns an ad in the paper has been placed. Daria goes on the attack about Laura’s past.

June 6, 1996 - With Commercials - Felicia kicks all of the would-be renters out of her apt. Felicia tells Maria about the stalking.  Mariah decides to take the girls with her. Dara continues her questioning of Laura. AJ and Ned discuss why Edward is spending so much time at the courthouse. AJ theorizes that he may be grooming Justus to become the new ELQ counsel. Alan and Ned jump all over AJ. Monica and Keisha defend him. Alan and Monica argue about blaming each other for their son’s issues. Later, Ned and Lila talk about he role as family protector and what being a father will mean. Lila muses that Ned is jealous of Edward paying a lot of attention to Justus. AJ and Keisha talk and he admits that things are going well for him but he's not ready to leave the mansion yet. Justus contemplates admitting his guilt in his closing argument.

June 7, 1996 - With Commercials - Justus has a dream about admitting his guilt in open court. Kevin meets with Tom to discuss GH matters. They talk about Ryan and the twin study. Kevin mentions that he's thinking about teaching a Psychology class after his twin study is over. Tom thinks that Kevin must be trying to avoid something or he wouldn't be heaping more work on himself. PC gathers for Lily's funeral service. Jax and Brenda discuss returning to PC and telling people about their wedding. Jax wants to take Brenda to Alaska to meet his family. Sonny grieves over Lily's grave saying he would change things if he could. Harry visits Lily’s grave and Sonny knows it was him that was giving information to Rivera. Sonny orders Harry to leave town fast. Kevin loses his cool with Lucy again. Hurt, she gets up and leaves. Afterwards, Kevin realizes his error and rushes after her. He says he doesn't know what came over him. He is edgy and tired and he is sorry. Justus and Dara give their closing arguments. Justus has an outburst in court.

June 10-14, 1996:  6/10, 6/11 Laura cleared of murder charges, 6/12, 6/13

June 10, 1996 - With Commercials - Carly has to think fast when Bobbie finds her with her hand in the till at Kellys. With the verdict expected, Laura makes the front page of the PC Herald. She worries about what will happen to her kids if she is convicted. Luke is ready to run if that happens. Justus is adamant that Laura will go free today one way or another. Edward pays Laura a visit. Luke questions Justus about what happens if he finds new evidence that clears Laura before the verdict comes in. Lucy plans the Nurse’s Ball. Lucy and Katherine squabble about who will do better in the perfume biz. Lucy finds out that it is Katherine that is underwriting the Nurse’s Ball. Bobbie promises Laura that she will be there for Lucky and Lulu. Luke gets a gander at the water-logged tape that the PCPD is trying to restore. Luke sees Justus on the tape.

June 11, 1996 - With Commercials - Justus and Dara congratulate each other on a hard fought trial. Lois does some baby research. Ned thinks she is planning too much. A PCPD tech finally makes headway on the tape and Luke sees Justus coming out of Ward House the night Damian was murdered. Dr. Dorman and Tony get into it over a patient. Monica has lunch with Dorman to discuss a patient…so he says. Ned and Lois see them at Kellys today and suspect something is up. A not guilty verdict is handed down against Laura just as Luke arrives with the tape. Luke confronts Justus about letting Laura go to trial when he killed Damian. Carly and AJ discuss life at the Qs.

June 12, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy complains to Kevin about Katherine having a say in the Nurse’s Ball. Kevin thinks it is time for Lucy to rise above her differences with Katherine. Kevin is getting ready to interview teacher’s assistants for his summer psych class. He interviews a bevy of wrong candidates before he meets Gina Williams. Kevin realizes that Gina is Stone’s sister. Jax and Brenda arrive in Alaska to tell his parents about their marriage. Lady Jane wants to make sure Jax did not rush into marriage. Mike checks in on Sonny, who is taking Lily’s death very hard. They come to blows and Sonny attacks Mike. Lucy makes an effort to plan the Ball with Katherine, who wants to change all of Lucy’s plans. Lucy sabotages Katherine’s plans.

June 13, 1996 - No Commercials - Lady Jane is anxious for Brenda to show her what she is made off. They settle on board games. Sonny orders Jason to get the piano he bought for Lily out of the penthouse. Later, he ends up destroying the piano with a fireplace poker. Mac tells Felicia and Tom that he has no leads on who is stalking her. Mac wants a list of all of her PI clients. Mac is very interested in an investment firm she worked with last. Carly and Robin meet. Later, Tom tries to distract Felicia from her problems with a night out slumming at Jake’s Bar. Robin finds Jason practicing firing a gun that Sonny gave him. Robin finds an injured Sonny. Carly and Jason meet at Jakes and head for his room upstairs. Jax and Brenda are set to head back to PC.

June 14-19, 1996:  6/14 Lulu becomes ill, and Luke & Laura rush the feverish baby to GH, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19

June 14, 1996 - With Commercials - Jax and Brenda arrive back in PC. Lois pay Sonny a visit and finds out that Jason is staying with him. Lucky asks for money from Luke and Laura to take a girl out. Luke and Lucky have a chat about first dates. When Bobbie visits the Spencers for dinner, she notices that Lesley Lulu is running a very high fever. She and Laura take her to GH, where Alan and Simone treat her. Luke visits Sonny. Ned worries when Lois tells him that Jason is staying with Sonny. Jax and Brenda tell Lois and Ned that they are married. Lois has the task of telling Brenda about Lily’s death. Brenda insists on going to Sonny. Sonny tells her that the bomb was meant for him. Jason shows up at the gatehouse. Ned apologies for lying to him and the two make peace. Simone notices bruises on Lulu’s back and wants to run more tests. Bobbie tells the Spencers that it could be Leukemia.

June 17, 1996 - With Commercials - Lois practices for the upcoming 2am baby feedings. She plans to design her own crib for the baby and have her mom come to stay for a few months. Alan and the GH staff work to break Lesley Lu’s fever. Alan and Dorman square off over Dorman’s crap bedside manor. Brenda feels bad about all the times she treated Lily horribly. Jax and Brenda make love. After, Brenda is curious as to why Jax has not asked her what happened when she saw Sonny. Lulu gets a nosebleed. A sad Monica remembers with Ned and Lois that today marks the day that Paige died a year ago. After seeing Dorman perform surgery, Alan puts his hand threw a glass cabinet. Mac asks Katherine if she wants kids. Tony stitches up Alan and he admits that he hated watching Dorman perform surgery. Tony asks him if he ever considered having surgery on the nerve damage in his hand. Alan learns that Dorman could perform the surgery. Simone wants Lulu to have a bone marrow test.

June 18, 1996 - With Commercials; Note: Episode starts abruptly, few seconds lost - With her Deception contract expiring today, both Katherine and Lucy pay Brenda a visit. Brenda wants more time to decide between the two companies. Felicia and Robin arrive at The Outback to find it has been closed by the PC Board of Health. The lawyers of Rivera pay Sonny a visit with the news that with Lily gone he has inherited Rivera’s whole estate. Robin invites Jason to the Nurse’s Ball. Jax gives Brenda her engagement ring. Sonny visits Lily’s grave. Robin visits Brenda after she learns that Brenda got married. Robin questions if she is still in love with Sonny. Felicia gets a message from her stalker on The Outback computer. Kevin flips out again.

June 19, 1996 - With Commercials - The Qs go a few rounds when Lois confronts Edward when she learns that he enrolled her baby in St. Swithin's pre-school. Lois gets a case of Q family overload and thinks she and Ned should move to Bensonhurst. Lucy prepares for the Nurse’s Ball with rehearsals. Katherine is busy putting in her two cents. Lucy learns that Katherine plans to perform as well. Felicia is running security for the ball. Alan and Monica snipe at each other again. Dorman pays Alan a visit to give him some information about his hand surgery. Dorman and Monica flirt a bit. Felicia gets a black rose from her stalker. Alan catches up with Tony at the Nurses' Ball rehearsals and scolds him for blabbing to Dorman about him thinking about surgery. Alan is afraid it's too late but Tony thinks that he should still explore the possibility.

June 20-25, 1996:  6/20 Simone suspects Lulu may have aplastic anemia, 6/21 Nurse's Ball, 6/24, 6/25 (national pre-emption during Lucky scene)

June 20, 1996 - With Commercials - Lucy learns that Katherine has gone behind her back and put Deception favors at the Nurse’s Ball place settings. She replaces them with hers. Felicia goes over security protocol with Officer “Willis”. With the Lesley Lu’s first biopsy inconclusive, Simone wants another bone marrow sample. Mac and Luke discuss the videotape from Ward House. Mac tells him that the Damian Murder case will be going on the books as unsolved. Felicia pegs Officer Willis has a stalker. He is quickly apprehended by Mac. Bobbie sprains her ankle in the scuffle and Carly is tapped to take her place. Dorman puts the moves on Monica in the scrub room. Robin explains to Jason why it is important for her to give a speech at the Nurse’s Ball. Simone explains to the Spencers what she is looking for in Lulu’s second bone sample.

June 21, 1996 - With Commercials - The Nurse’s Ball begins. Alan sings “Beautiful Girls” to open the show. Carly takes Bobbie’s place to sing Together, Wherever We Go”with Tony and Lucas. Ned sings. Sonny gives a 30 million endowment to GH for the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing. Lucy and Katherine sing “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Friend”. Jax has to leave the ball early on urgent business. Lucy announces the sad news of the death of Jon Hanley (Lee Mathis). Janis Ian sings. Mac talks about Stone, and presents Robin with a section of the AIDS quilt in Stone's honor. Robin, the keynote speaker, delivers her speech.  At the conclusion, Jason, who was watching from the back, comes to the stage, picks her up, and carries her out. Carly is surprised at seeing Robin and Jason together. The chorus line number. Back at home, Sonny answers the door to find Brenda.

June 24, 1996 - With Commercials - Robin thinks that she blew her speech but Jason corrects her saying that it was a great. They talk about Stone and their future. Brenda consoles Sonny. Things get hot and heavy until Sonny sees her wedding ring. Luke and Laura tell Lucky that Lulu has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and that he could be a bone marrow match for her. Lucky is tested but he is not a match. Mac is not pleased at all with Katherine’s antics at the Ball. Mac points that the evening was not about her rivalry with Lucy, but about AIDS and Robin's future. She apologizes. Carly tells Jason that she saw him at the ball. She questions if he has been with Robin. He hasn’t been and they head upstairs to his room.

June 25, 1996 - With Commercials - Jason and Carly in bed together. Later, he is ticked when he finds her rummaging through his things. He walks out when she begins asking questions about his past. Justus’s re-election vote is today. Lucy tells Kevin about how embarrassed she is about ending up in her underwear at the Nurse’s Ball again. Luke and Laura insist they want to be tested to see if they are matches for Lulu. (Note: Newsbrief interruption 2 minutes lost) When Bobbie sees how upset Lucky is over not being a match for Lulu, she goes to Kevin for some emergency counseling for him. Robin thanks Sonny for his contribution to GH in Stone’s name. Lucky breaks down when he speaks with Kevin. (Note: Another newsbrief interruption, another 2 minutes lost) Alan sees that Jason is working for Sonny now. Carly quizzes Robin about Jason. Bobbie tells Luke that she wants to be tested too. If all else fails, Luke and Bobbie need to find her daughter.

June 26 - July 1, 1996:  6/26, 6/27, 6/28 Stefan appears, 7/1

June 26, 1996 - With Commercials - Alan tells Monica that Jason is working for Sonny. They two argue about whose fault that it. With all their fighting lately, they question why they are staying together. With the poles about to close, Keisha and AJ ponder what happened to the awol Justus. Luke wants Laura to take a break from GH and gets some rest. When she mentions checking on Justus, Luke lets his distain for him show. Tom is leaving tomorrow for a conference in San Francisco. He invites Felicia to join him, but she declines since her girls will be home soon. Justus retains his council seat, but when he finally shows at Luke’s he gives it up. Justus wants AJ to take his seat. After Monica looses her cool with a few resident at GH, Dorman takes her for a walk in the park. Alan and Lila have a heart to heart about him thinking about having hand surgery to repair his nerve damage. He couldn't live with himself if he had the chance and didn't take it. Lila wishes him well. Edward offers Justus the ELQ legal council job.

June 27, 1996 - No Commercials - Edward discusses the ELQ legal counsel job with Justus. A jealous Ned makes snide remakes and tells Edward he can’t offer Justus the job without his consent. Ned warns Justus against letting Edward control him. Brenda wants to give Jax “the insiders tour” of PC. Jax invites Robin as he knows Brenda misses her. Later, Mr/Mrs Jax and Robin hit the beach. Carly returns Bobbie’s dress she borrowed for the Nurse’s Ball. She and Tony talk about how nervous she is about the Nurse's Program entrance examination. Tony helps her. Alone in Bobbie’s bedroom, Carly pokes around through Bobbie’s clothes and jewelry. Bobbie catches her and they have a mother-daughter type chat. At Edward’s request, Luke shows up at the Q mansion. Edward tries to bribe Luke to make sure he is going to keep quiet about Justus’s murder of Damian. Luke asks Justus if it's worth it, selling out to the Q's. Carly tells Tony that she'd like to do something for Bobbie, like throwing her a birthday party. Ned gets a message from Tracy.

June 28, 1996 - With Commercials - Felicia gets a few strange hang up calls. Mac and Katherine plan to leave for Bermuda. The Spencers learn that everyone in their family are not matches for Lulu. Carly asks Bobbie if she can be tested. Robin tells Jason that Mac likes him but does not agree with his career choice. Jason does not want to put Robin in the middle. Luke presses Bobbie again about finding her daughter. Simone admits to Felicia that she is jealous of her and Tom’s relationship. After another hang-up call, Felicia calls Mac. After checking, Mac learns that Willis has supposedly escaped from jail. Mac cancels his trip with Katherine to stay with Felicia. Bobbie tells Laura about the daughter she gave up. Carly wants a relationship with Jason beyond sex. Time is now critical for Lulu. A mysterious Cassadine gets word of Lulu’s condition.

July 1, 1996 - With Commercials - Mac and Felicia discuss Willis and her strange calls. Lulu has developed another fever.  Carly tells the Spencers how sorry she is that she is not a match for Lulu. Tony tries to convince Alan to have his surgery. Alan tells Tony that he decided to go ahead with surgery but is not too wild about Dorman performing it. Felicia and Mac discuss Katherine. Felicia thinks that he’s avoiding commitment. Mac gets word that Willis could not have made the calls to Felicia. It must have been a prank. Dorman throws a hissy fit when he looses a patient in surgery. Monica tries to calm him down. Carly steals a copy of the nurse’s examination test from Bobbie and makes a copy. Mac and Katherine bicker. She explains how she feels about Felicia being his past lover and his lack of respect for her. He tells her that Damian is much more influence over her than Felicia could ever be. Katherine offers to give Damian’s money away if it’s causing so many problems. They kiss and make up. Lucky asks Laura what she and Luke are keeping from him. The mysterious Casadine gets told that time is running out for Lulu.

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