Complete Original GH Episodes 1983

The GH 1983 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. These write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible!

December 29, 1982 - May 3, 1983, May 5 - September 1, 1983, and September 6, 1983 - January 5, 1984

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1982 - January 4, 1983 - 12/29/82, 12/30/82, 12/31/82, 1/3/83 no cm, 1/4 Jimmy Lee arrives [Episode Descriptions]

January 1-11, 1983 - 1/5, 1/7 Luke caught in avalanche, 1/10, 1/11 [Episode Descriptions]

January 12-18, 1983 - 1/12, 1/13, 1/14 Robert is told Luke is dead, 1/17/83, 1/18/83 Blackie marathon episode, Crane Toliver arrives [Episode Descriptions]

January 19-24, 1983 - 1/19, 1/20 Luke's Memorial, 1/21 Lila Q is a bigamist!, Luke is paralyzed 1/24 Grant Putnam arrives, Holly is pregnant [Episode Descriptions]

January 27 - February 4, 1983 - 1/27 Noah Drake's last day, Robert proposes to Holly, 1/28, Added Episode not dated falls between 1/31-2/3, 2/4 [Episode Descriptions]

February 7-15, 1983 - 2/7 Partial episode - continued on next dvd Robert & Holly marry 2/7 continued, 2/9, 2/10, 2/11 Susan Moore is murdered, 2/14, 2/15 [Episode Descriptions]

February 16-21, 1983 - 2/16, 2/17, 2/18 Robert arrests Scotty, 2/21 [Episode Descriptions]

February 22-28, 1983 - 2/22, 2/24, 2/25, 2/28 Jake Myers arrives, Holly has a miscarriage [Episode Descriptions]

March 1-4, 1983 - 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4 [Episode Descriptions]

March 7-10, 1983 - 3/7, 3/8, 3/9 Monica's press conference, 3/10 [Episode Descriptions]

March 11-16, 1983 - 3/11, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16 [Episode Descriptions]

March 17-22, 1983 - 3/17 Ceila arrives for big Quartermaine party, 3/18 Party continues, Toliver stabbed, 3/21, 3/22 [Episode Descriptions]

March 23-28, 1983 - 3/23 Crane Toliver dies, 3/24 Edward & Lila remarry, 3/25 Scorpio house warming party, 3/28 Constance Towers arrives [Episode Descriptions]

March 30 - April 7, 1983 - 3/30, 4/1, 4/5, 4/7 [Episode Descriptions]

April 8-15, 1983 - 4/8, 4/11,  4/14, 4/15 [Episode Descriptions]

April 18-26, 1983 - 4/18 (begining glitchy), 4/22 Waterfront Clinic reception, R&H first kiss 4/25, 4/26 [Episode Descriptions]

April 27- May 3, 1983 - 4/27, 4/29, 5/2, 5/3 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

December 29, 1982 - January 1, 1983:  12/29/82, 12/30/82, 12/31/82, 1/3/83 no cm, 1/4 Jimmy Lee arrives

Monday, January 3, 1983 (no commercials) - The Canadian DIM calls Luke and informs him of the statement Holly made absolving Percy of blame. Luke is totally stunned that Holly lied to him again. David is flirting with Bobbie but she insists they are only friends. The Mayor wants Robert's first job as Police commish to clean up the waterfront mob scene. Brian tells mobster Hand that he knows he was behind the Sportscenter bust. Hand threatens him. Luke and Holly in another furious fight. He runs away to the mountains to think. Blackie is let off the hook with the cops. Luke meets Ben a friendly mountain man. Robert comforts a depressed Holly.

Tuesday January 4, 1983 - Heather warns Anthony Hand that Robert is the new Police Commish. Bobbie still romanced by the visiting DR. She is using him to get to Noah. Jimmy Lee Holt arrives, (Steve Bond's first show) and he shows up at the Q mansion. Stella won't let him in and he goes away. Hand wants Heather to get him the info on Scotty's business. Alan asks Rick for some advice on Scotty and Susan and they talk of the past with his affair with Monica. Lesley and Rick plan a romantic evening. Rick and Alan in a friendly scene. Noah and Tiffany at the art gallery. Tiffany goes off and Noah bumps into Bobbie. They both admire a particular painting. Later, Dr Arlin shows up. Jimmy Lee shows up again and finally greets Edward to tell him he is his son! DAYTIME DILEMMA WITH OLTL AND GH

January 5-11, 1983:  1/5, 1/7 Luke caught in avalanche, 1/10, 1/11

Wednesday, January 5, 1983 - Stella lets slip to Edward that Robert was hired by Lila a year ago to track down his son Eric (Jimmy Lee). Jackie is getting jealous of Robert's fawning over Holly. Edward, Alan and Monica discuss Jimmy Lee's story. Crane Tolliver starts stalking the Q mansion. An accident on the waterfront lands Jimmy Lee in at GH. Monica treats him but doesn't know he is Edward's son. Robert gives Edward all his notes on his investigation on Eric. He tells Edward how to prove if he is a phony or not. Holly is job hunting. Crane stalks Jimmy outside his hospital door and later spies on the Q's.

Friday, January 7, 1983 - Noah and Bobbie the aftermath of making love. He is devastaed at hurting Tiffany. Luke in the mountains is being watched by a scruffy looking fugitive. On Scott's advice (to get news about Robert's activities), Heather rents a bedroom with Jackie and Tiffany. Noah wants to see Tiffany and she thinks he is going to propose. Robert stops Holly from running after Luke. He hugs her as Jackie watches from afar. Luke is knocked out by the fugitive who takes his gear and half a six pence necklace. Noah explains to Tiff that he wants to be free to date other woman. Tiff is stunned. Jackie takes out her rage on Robert and later Holly who Robert defends. While tracking the thief both he and Luke are caught in a massive avalanche.

Monday, January 10, 1983 - Luke's lifeless body is found by two park rangers. Mark tells Susan he wants her to see a new Dr arriving in PC next week DR Grant Putnam. Holly and Robert hear about the avalance hitting the area that Luke is in. Jackie walks in on Robert comforting Holly again. Scotty uses Jason's trust fund to renovate the waterfront area and open a mall. Jackie attempts an apology to Robert but he rebuffs her. Tiffany catches Heather wearing one of her dresses and a furious arguement ensues. Mark tells Dan he thinks Scotty is using Susan. Dan hires Holly to work at GH as patient liason. Scotty catches Heather trying to break into his safe.  

Tuesday, January 11, 1983 - Jimmy Lee is entertaining the nurses and patients of GH with his down home charm. Robert questions him as to see if he is really Edwards son. Noah is concerned because Bobby is playing it cool with him at work and off. Robert tells the Q's that he can prove if Jimmy lee is Edwards son. He makes matches on the footprints from his birth certificate as Crane Tolliver is watching. Rick and Rose:  She is depressed over Joe's departing. Rick encourages her to take some night classes at PCU. The tests are back and Robert breaks the news to Edward. Jimmy Lee is definately his son. Noah goes to Tiffany and tells him he has a strong attraction to Bobbie again. DAYTIME DILEMMA WITH OLTL AND RYAN'S HOPE

January 12-18, 1983:  1/12, 1/13, 1/14 Robert is told Luke is dead, 1/17, 1/18 Blackie marathon episode, Crane Toliver arrives

Wednesday, January 12, 1983 - Rose shows the headline in the paper to Robert and Holly. More avalanche victims recovered. Robert blows up at Jackie for keeping the information secret. Noah tells Bobbie he wants to be with her professionaly and personally. Bobbie turns down a date with Noah to go out with David, but Noah learns she is lying to him. They end up going out for the night. Lesley makes romantic plans with Rick for two, but Rick informs them he invited Mark and Rose over for dinner. However Blackie and his frat team arrive at the Webbers and start to party.  Robert and Holly continue to worry over Luke. Robert holds her hand. The rangers find Luke's ID and half a six pence on the body of the fugitive.

Thursday, January 13, 1983 - Susan finds a note from the bank regarding Jason's trust. Alan finds the Quartermaine birthmark on Jimmy Lee's right arm and realizes it's true. RIck and Lesley in the aftermath of the Frat party, the Webber house is trashed! Lesley goes temporarily crazy and hits Rick on the head with a pillow! (Clip is from the GH 83 anniversary commercials) Susan confronts Scotty-she knows half of Jason's trust went to the Waterfront project. Alan Monica and Edward:  Edward learns that Beatrice (Jimmy Lee's mother) was never using the money he was sending her every month. Beatrice sent Jimmy Lee (Eric) to stay with cousins in the mid west who actually raised the boy. Hand demand that Heather get news on Scott for his superiors. Heather tells him about Jason's half a million dollar trust fund.  Susan removes Scotty as power of attorney for Jason. Edward tries to write off Jimmy Lee but he refuses the money. 

Friday, January 14, 1983 - Amy, Noah and Bobbie at the nurses station. Robert and Holly hear a news report about finding a young hiker alive after the avalanche. They assume it's Luke. Robert tries to charter a helecopter to fly out to the scene.  Scott tells Hand he plans on having Susan's money any day now. Hard warns him to stop stalling. Lunch kisses with Bobbie and Noah at his place. Robert stopped cold by a call from the ranger station, they found Luke's body and he didn't make it. Robert breaks down.  Later he informs Holly. Scotty wants to know from Heather how she found out about his plans for Susan. Heather later blabs to Susan that Scott took Jason's money to invest in the mall. But Susan already knows. Robert calls a meeting with Bobbie, Holly Ruby to tell them about Luke. Everyone breaks down but Holly refuses to believe Luke is dead.  

Monday, January 17, 1983 - Jimmy Lee literally bumps into Monica at the hospital (funny scene). A terrible blow awaits Robert and Holly as they go to the morgue to identify Luke's remains. Holly refuses to believe it's true until she finds Luke's other half a six pence chain. Heather tells Hand that Scotty no longer has control of Susan's money for the mall. Hand informs Scotty that his health is in deep trouble.  Hand goes to Susan and tries to get her to invest Jason's money in the project but she throws him out. Hand warns her that her actions will rub certain people the wrong way. Scott is sent to the docks with a fake phone call from Blackie.  Heather gets a call from the real Blackie and races to Scott's aid, only after he is beaten to a pulp by Largo's men.  A sullen Robert and Holly return home with dire news for Bobbie and Ruby. In Luke's stateroom, Holly begins to take out her rage, until Robert comes to her aid.  

Tuesday, January 18, 1983 (Aired during "They Started on Soaps" marathon - John Stamos/Blackie episode) - The news of Luke's death hits PC from Scotty and Susan to Blackie and the Webbers. Blackie is in such a rage he takes off.  Tiffany returns and goes to Noah looking to try and work things out. Noah tenderly tells her the news about Luke. If Susan doesn't give Scotty the money for the mall, he tells her he will be as dead as Luke. Susan won't budge. Blackie sells his textbooks to raise bus fare. But fortunately Rick and Mikey are able to talk him out of running away as it's not what Luke would have wanted. Steve, Audrey, Bobbie and Dan at Ruby's to offer their sympathy. Susan answers the door to a down on his heels older man, Crane Tolliver. Tolliver says he has come to do her a great favor.

January 19-24, 1983:  1/19, 1/20 Luke's Memorial, 1/21 Lila Q is a bigamist!, Luke is paralyzed 1/24 Grant Putnam arrives, Holly is pregnant

Wednesday, January 19, 1983 - Jimmy Lee, Alan Monica at GH. Alan demands to know from Jimmy Lee what he is up to? Tolliver tells Susan that he has information that could blow the Q's out of the water. Susan ends up throwing him out. Backing Hand against the wall, Scott threatins him and tells him that was a stupid move trying to get him killed. Hand swears Largo is the one that ordered the hit. Scott tells Hand to go back and convince Largo to give him another few days. Jimmy Lee embarrasing Alan and Monica by flirting with all the nurses. Hand tells Scott that Largo no longer needs his money or him. He is going to invest in the mall himself. Scott vows he will have the money in 2 days. Crane pushes his way back into Susan's cottage and gets right to the point. He tells her there are no Quartermaine heirs because Lila Quartermaine is still married to him! An early marraige to Lila ended when Crane went to jail. The divorce was never finalized. Armed with this information Susan's mind starts reeling. Alan tells Jesse to stop having her nurses hang around Jimmy Lee. Steve, Audrey, and Tommy at home. Scotty and Susan in a furious argument She throws him out of the house. 

Thursday, January 20, 1983 - Heather and Scotty spent the night on his couch at the office. Luke's Memorial episode. In the small close knit company of Luke's nearest and dearest friends aboard the Star. Holly manages to smile and greet them with joy. Robert, Tiffany, Noah, Bobbie, Ruby, Dan, Jackie, Blackie and Rose remember many of Luke's tender and zany moments. Scott has a plan to gain control of Susan's money. He forges Susan's signature on court documents, giving him power of attorney. The Bank manager phones Susan to confirm she gave the authority, but is talking to Heather instead! "Susan" gives Mr. Carlson permission for Scott to invest the money in the mall project. 

Friday, January 21, 1983 - Monica, Alan and Edward are puzzled to receive invitations for a meeting with Susan at the cottage. Luke regains consciousness in a mountain top hospital and overhears the DR's say that he may never walk again. Luke flashes back to his many action adventures. Blackie and Tommy at school.  The Q's arrive at Susan's and she drops the bombshell just as Jimmy Lee shows up too. Susan tells them that Lila is living a bigamist marraige to Edward!  She never divorced Crane Tolliver. Poor Lila nearly faints. Luke has images of the future: Holly trying to take care of him as a cripple. Rick and Lesley dealing with Blackie's school problems. Bobbie thinks Holly might be pregnant, so she has her go in for a check up. 

Monday, January 24, 1983 - Susan tells Tolliver the plan is working. Newly arrived Dr Grant Putnam (Brian Patrick Clark's first show) arrives at GH greeted by Bobbie and Mark. Steve, Audrey, Rick and Lesley all staying at the Hardy's together. Blackie and Tommy causing the usually noisy teenage activities. The tests are back and Holly is indeed pregnant with Luke's child. Robert tells Ruby, Tiff and Jackie he has a firm offer to buy the Star and it's finally sold. Holly recommends that Jimmy Lee take a room at Kelly's. Susan asks Jimmy Lee to become partners with her in the war with the Q's. Mark and Grant give Susan a check up. Grant meets Jimmy Lee for the first time. Holly tells a delighted Bobbie about the baby. Steve and Jesse welcoming Grant aboard. Grant is engaged to Celia Quartermaine who will be arriving shortly. Robert tells Jackie his first order of business as Police Commish is to clean up the waterfront. Holly thinking of Luke as "Baby come to me" plays.

January 27 - February 4, 1983:  1/27 Noah Drake's last day, Robert proposes to Holly, 1/28, Added Episode not dated falls between 1/31-2/3, 2/4

Thursday, January 27, 1983 RICK SPRINGFIELD'S FINAL SHOW (Till 2005) - Ruby comforts Holly who worries about being deported. Trying to make amends with Tiffany, Noah begs for another chance. Despite her love for him she doesn't trust him. Noah's term at GH is up and decides to leave town accepting a job offer in Atlanta. Scotty nervous when he finds a letter arrival from the Bank. Not wanting Susan to see the letter authorizing his power of attorney, he is able to pocket it after several missed attempts. Noah at GH saying farewell to his friends Steve, Audrey , Mark and Jesse. Robert tries to pull strings to get Holly a green card but fails. Mark treats Lila at GH who is there for a check up. Lila runs smack into Susan and the two exchange words. Mark, Amy and a few Nurses show up at Noahs for a farewell toast and make his last moments in PC a happy one. Holly is at the end of her rope She's about to be deported. Robert makes the final option, and he asks her to marry him to stay in the country!

Friday, January 28, 1983 (no commercials) - Rick gets an eviction notice for the Clinic which is being torn down for the new mall. Monica finds Alan with his gun and she orders him to put it away. Heather worries that Scott will be found out by Susan. Holly turns down Robert's offer of marraige, but realizes that it may be the only way to give Luke's child a name. Lee helps Rick to find out how he can save the clinic. Lila, Alan, Edward and Monica: Edward hires a PI to find Tolliver. Outraged, Lee warns Scotty that he will stop his heartless son. Jackie comes to Robert to beg forgiveness. Robert drops the bomshell that he asked Holly to marry him. Jackie puches Robert who goes flying over the couch. Lesley trying to restore order to the Hardy's from Blackie's rock and rolling radio to Mikey's obnoxious behavior. Jackie takes out her anger on Holly. The Q's worry that Cousin Herbert will find out about Lila being a bigamist and claim all money from Edgar's will.

Next Episode = Incomplete - Falls between January 31 - February 3.  Jimmy Lee and Rose at Kelly's. Farrel from immagration arrives looking for Holly. Jimmy Lee catches Blackie admiring his bike. Lee shows Scotty a 30 day court order to save the waterfront tenents from eviction. Grant arrives and meets the Q's. Grant is engaged to Edward's cousin Herbert's grandaughter, Celia.  Edward, Alan and Monica worry that Grant will be uncovering the Susan scandal and try to bumble their way into welcoming him.  Just then, Susan shows up unexpected. Tolliver is listening in outside on the patio. After they shuffle Grant out, Susan informs them she dissed Edward's PI and she demands he fire him. Hand's goon tells him about a newly arrived busload of runaway girls coming to town, includes Lou. Bobbie, Ruby and Holly. Rose calls Holly to tell her about the immagration man. Farrel tells Holly they will not give her another green card and she must leave within 24 hours or be arrested.  Susan is spooked by Tolliver when he coldly tells her that he didn't like her going to the Q's. Later, an unseen person sneaks into the Q mansion and removes a gun from the dresser.  

Friday, February 4, 1983 - Susan finds Tolliver sitting in her living room. He demands to know why she is stalling with the Q's. Blackie continues hiding Lou. Luke recovers from surgery, but has a long way to go before walking again. Susan gives Tolliver $500.00 up front, and then heads to the bank to check her funds. While she is there, she is agast to find Scotty now has power of attorney. Lou complaining to Blackie about hiding out. Holly tells Rose about Robert's proposal. Holly decides to leave with Farrel. she quietly packs and Rose places an urgent call to Robert. Robert rushes to the airport and throws his badge around to stop the plane. He yanks Holly out from Farrel and annouces that she is engaged to him. Luke tries to get up and walk but can't. His Spencer temper flares up. Later he meets Ben a friendly mountain man. Holly concedes to marry Robert. Susan tells Alice that she is going to ruin Scotty. OLTL/EDGE promo

February 7-15, 1983:  2/7 Partial episode - continued on next dvd Robert & Holly marry 2/7 continued, 2/9, 2/10, 2/11 Susan Moore is murdered, 2/14, 2/15

Monday, February 7, 1983 - Concocting a false arrest, Robert shuttles Holly out from Farrel's custody and takes her to the Mayor's mansion where they are both married in a quicky ceremony. Lesley, Steve, and Audrey at GH. Susan starts toying with Scotty, then calls Heather and tells her to come over. She tells them both she knows what they did with Jason's money and they are going to pay dearly for their actions. When Farrel comes to collect Holly, she makes the statement that she is pregnant with Robert's baby, and they also were just married. Farrel gives up, but tells her he will be watching her closely. Robert comes to the fact that he and Holly will have to tell everyone the baby is their so immigration will leave her alone. Susan tells Scott she is prosecuting him to the fullest for forging her name. 

Wednesday, February 9, 1983 NO COMMERCIALS - Blackie finds Lou is missing. Grasping at straws to head off Susan's forgery charge, Scotty attempts to extract information from the Q's. Robert and Holly having breakfast and dealing with the fact that they have to tell everyone about the marraige. Robert tells Rose. At the same time, Lou comes in and steals some food. Robert wants to arrest her but Rose stops him after Blackie shows up and heads out after her. Holly breaks the news to Bobbie and Ruby. She tells them nobody must know the baby is Luke's. Mr Carlson confirms to Susan that her signature was forged. Despite Scotty's friendly manner, the Q's refuse to reveal any details of the family troubles with Susan. Susan returns to her cottage to find it ransacked. Kane hands Edward the documents of Lila's marraige to Tolliver but Susan calls and tells him it's only a copy. Robert informs a stunned Tiffany of his marraige to Holly. He tries to call a truce with Jackie, but when she learns the news she runs away in tears. Scott and Susan threatin each other.  

Thursday, February 10, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - Susan demands Tolliver give her the divorce papers. Heather and Scotty in Bed. Lesley, Rick and Rose discussing how to save the waterfront people from being evicted. The Mayor shows Robert around his new high tech townhome. Holly feels uncomforable. Blackie drops in to admire Robert's new digs. He has Robert run a search on runaway girls on the computer, but turns up nothing on Lou, or her pimp Augie. Heather overhears Susan leave a message for Jackie. She has important information on the Q's. Edward asks Jimmy Lee if he is in on the blackmail with Susan. Furious, Jimmy Lee storms out. Heather tries to warn Monica that Susan's about to drop a bombshell on her family with Jackie. Holly and Robert bump into a vindictive Jackie at Kellys. Edward, Alan and Monica all wish Susan was dead. Susan has a 10pm deadline with the Q's. 

Friday, February 11, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - Jackie tells Susan she will be there at 9:45pm.  Tolliver overhears Susan wanting to spill the beans to the press about their blackmail with the Q's. Warning Susan to play it straight, Tolliver gives Susan the original documents. He will return tonght for his share of the loot. Monica, Alan and Edward all sneak away for a few hours on their own. Grant arrives, just missing all three of them. Rick sees Alan departing the ER at 8:50pm. While Susan draws a bath, Heather slips into the cottage and goes upstairs. Sensing someone behind her, Susan turns around. A shot rings out and Susan is dead!  Rick and Lesley and Alice at Kelly's discussing Susan's state of mind.  Heather runs downstairs dropping her purse, she retrives everything but her lipstick that fell into the corner. Edward, Alan and Monica sneak back into the mansion separately. Jackie arrives and sees the water dripping from upstairs. She screams as she finds Susan's body. The Q's arrive shortly after and Alan notices his gun on the floor.  

Monday, February 14, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - Jimmy Lee is arrested en route to Susan's cottage. He is thrown in jail with an old man resembling Tolliver.  Heather returns home all shaken. Scotty is suspicious to find her still dressed. Robert and Ramsey arrive at the cottage with a battery of cops. Each Quartermaine gives him an alibi and excuse, none of which ring true to him. Robert breaks the news of Susan's murder to Lee and Gail. Later, he finds Scotty at the apartment who is in a state of shock. Both Heather and Scotty accuse each other of killing Susan. Heather tells Alice who becomes emotionally hysterical as nobody knows where Jason is.  Robert finds that Jason is with the sitter, and Alan is relieved. Robert finds Susan's notepad with mysterious scribblings and bags it. Robert then confronts Scotty and Alice shows up accusing him of murder. The Q's break the news of Susan's murder to Lila. OLTL/EDGE promo. 

Tuesday, February 15, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - As Jimmy Lee is being released from jail, heoverhears a man named Tolliver is being released too. Holt knows this is the man the Q's have been looking for. Robert comes home but tells Holly he has to go out again for more investigation. Later, Holly shows him the flaming headline in the paper about their marraige, courtesy of Jackie. Alan and Monica in bed and discussing Susan's murder. Robert and Holly in the communication room chating with Burt on the closed circuit monitor at the scene of the crime. Burt finds the lipstick that Heather dropped. Insisting he is not a murderer, Edward makes a fervent plea to Jimmy Lee to keep silent about Tolliver and Susan. Astonished by his father would beg him for anything, Jimmy Lee will think about it. Robert begins the Susan Moore murder investigation. He question's Alice and she relates the arguement that Susan had with Scotty. Next, Robert grills Heather and Scotty who both throw him off the track with false stories. The Q's decide to act as if the gun found at the scene of the crime was stolen as far as the police are concerned.  Robert questions Carlson from the bank and gets his first real lead, the last will and testiment of Susan Moore! Amc Promo

February 16-21, 1983:  2/16, 2/17, 2/18 Robert arrests Scotty, 2/21

Wednesday, February 16, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - Lou is getting restless in the rundown shack Blackie is hiding her in. Susan's will has left Alice Grant everything---Scorpio ponders this new information. Rick tells Robert that Alice was at the cottage when he examined Susan.  Finding her prints on the watch pin found at the scene of the crime, Robert questions Alice. Heather is stricken when Robert reels off his evidence and becomes even more upset when learning that Susan left everything to Alice. Blackie brings Lou to the Webber's. She takes a shower and he fits her in Amy's clothes. Robert checks out the purchase of the lipstick at the dept store and finds it was purchased by Joe Kelly in 1981. Scotty and Heather at the Croydon. Heather is in a panic with Scotty comforting her----they make love. Blackie then hides Lou in the trailer at the construction site. Via his computer, Robert gets the message from Joe Kelly. Joe tells Robert that he bought the lipstick for Heather when he was seeing her. 

Thursday, February 17, 1983 (complete but no commericals or credits) - Alan Monica and Edward all jumpy waiting for their time the cops will find the murder weapon was Alan's gun.  Robert is infuriated with HEather repeatedly lying to him about the lipstick. Robert's grilling Heather is interupted by Ramsey with ballistic reports.  Eavesdropping, Heather overhears Ramsey say to Robert that it's Alan's gun found by the body. Lou hiding in closet at trailer misses both Jimmy Lee and Toliver. Toliver asking Jimmy Lee for work. Jimmy Lee locks the closet with Lou inside. Holly at her check up, the Dr wants to see Robert, the baby's father. Robert runs into Holly. Later, he meets Grant for the first time and questions him. Then Robert grills Alan. Blackie arrives and lets's Lou out of the closet. Robert "shocks" Alan with news the gun that killed Susan was his. 

Friday, February 18, 1983 - Robert leaves and Alan calls Edward. Later Robert meets with Edward and Monica and they both concur about the gun. Holly overcome with memories of Luke has flashbacks. Blackie takes Lou to the University to hide out. Lou's scavenger like behavior attracks Rick's interest while at the University. Stella tells Robert that Scotty had access to Alan's gun when he came by the mansion. Holly is helping Robert with the case. Robert impressed with her keen observations. Alan, Edward and Monica bickering over who shot Susan. Heather tells Scotty she's spooked to go back to the cottage. Questioning Carlson from the bank, Robert learns that Susan had onto Scotty's forgery. They examine through Robert's computer the difference between the two signatures. Holly, Lesley and Rose at Kelly's. Holly questions Lesley about Alice's whereabouts the night of the crime. Later, Ramsey pipes into Robert's computer and shows him the message they got off the notepad....CALL BANK REGARDING SCOTTY'S FORGERY. Robert books Scotty for Susan's murder. EDGE promo 

Monday, February 21, 1983 No commercials -  DA Richardson sensing an open and shut case is ready to close the book on Scotty. Not so fast says Robert. For one thing, Susan's note to call bank regarding Scotty has not yet been located. Horrified to read about Scotty's arrest, Heather races to jail. Heather admits to Scott that she took the note and still has it. Scott urges her to burn it immediately. Tiffany returns from NY. She invites Holly and Robert to lunch. Scotty tells Lee that Susan was blackmailing the Q's. Lesley, Rick and Steve at GH. They discuss Scotty and the murder. Dressing to meet Holly and Robert, Tiffany is trying to locate her earings. She finds them in Heather's room, along with the missing note! Taking the note she plans to give it to Robert. Later, a scatterbrained Tiff forgets to show Robert the note when she gets good news from her agent. Heather later rips the apartment to shreds trying to find the note. While attending patients at the clinic, Claudia and several others become deathly ill when drinking the water. Rick and Lesley are appalled at the idea of another epidemic.

February 22-28, 1983:  2/22, 2/24, 2/25, 2/28 Jake Myers arrives, Holly has a miscarriage

Tuesday, February 22, 1983 - Heather fails to find the note. The Q's besieged by reporters, finally agree to grant Jackie the exclusive. Confronting Alan with questions like Scotty's murdering Susan, Jackie is handed bland and vague answers. Robert later grills the Q's again but gets the run around. Mark helps Rick with the epidemic at the Clinic. They see a man drink the water and collapse. Lab tests later confirm that pottassium cyanide is to blame. Heather tells Scotty that the note is missing. Alan allows Alice to take temp custody of Jason. Robert continued questioning goes from Grant, to Mark and Steve at GH. Then later he visit's Rick and Leslie at the clinic. Learning of the missing note, Lee tries to convince Scotty that Heather could be the real murderer. Returning to the apartment with Holly, the note falls out of Tiff's purse. OLTL/EDGE promo 

Thursday, February 24, 1983 - Photographs of Susan's funeral are piped through Robert's computer. Robert and Holly pour through them. Rick reports to Bobbie about the poisoning. A furious Brian wants to go after Hand or Scott, whoever put Claudia in the Hospital. Jackie has found the elusive note on the apartment floor and realizes she has the scoop of the century!  Hand blasts his right hand man Augie for messing up the poisoning of the clinic. Trying to forget Luke, Holly takes delivery of several heavy antiques for the townhome. Hand and Augie attempt to break into Scotty's safe. Robert struggles with Augie, but Hand escapes. Lifting too many pieces of furniture, Holly gets stomach cramps. Robert puts Hand in his place. He knows that he tried to rob Scott's safe and has a clear picture of his mob activities on the waterfront. Concerned about Holly's aimless business, Bobbie goes to the Scorpio's. Examining Holly, Bobbie fears the worst.  OLTL/EDGE promo 

Friday, February 25, 1983 - no commercials slightly cut. Holly is hospitalized. Robert stands vigil over her bed and he was up all night. Robert is furious at the headline of Jackie's in the paper printing the missing note of Susan's. Showing the note to Robert, Jackie mainly did it for spite against Robert. Robert and Jackie go head to head. Heather is stunned to see the morning headline. Also shocked, Scotty realizes that Heather was right, Jackie did steal the note. Lee tries to turn Scott against Heather and tells him that she could be the killer. Robert puts Bobbie in her place when she gets ticked off at Holly's condition. She blames Robert for her possibly losing the baby.  Robert confronts Scott and Heather about the note. Both claim innocence. Tiff later tells Robert she found the same note in question in Heather's room. Faced with the truth, Heather admits she was in the cottage the night of the murder. Heather replays the story. She hid in the closet when she heard Susan scream and the gunshot rang out. She dropped her lipstick but didn't see who killed Susan. 

Monday, February 28, 1983 - Holly stirs in the hospital bed. Meanwhile, Luke is still refusing to give out his real name to the mountain doctors. Paralyzed from the waist down Luke is about to be transferred to the State Hospital, when a kindly mountain man named Jed offers Luke to stay and work with him. Lesley, Brian and Claudia at GH. Claudia is much better. Brian has proposed and Claudia accepts. Lesley says the poisoning was the last straw for the clinic which is definately going to be shut down for good. Robert continues standing vigil over Holly. Jake Meyer (SAM BERHAN'S FIRST SHOW) a young and hotshot attorney has been appointed for Heather's case. Immediately Heather steers Jake in the direction of the Q's. A tired Robert arrives home and begins more investigating via his computer. Robert matches Scotty's office number with a list of calls made from the bank. He now knows that Scotty had Heather impersonate Susan to help him with the forgery. Bobbie and Ruby are informed that Holly has lost the baby. Robert puts Scotty and Heather in the same room together. He monitors their conversation but is interupted to hear about Holly and the baby.  Immediately he drops everything and races to GH. OLTL/EDGE promo

March 1-4, 1983:  3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 3/4

Tuesday, March 1, 1983 (Grainy picture looks like a copy) - The Q's are not amused to receive invitations for cocktails from Robert Scorpio.  Even worse, they won't have the time to rehearse their collective stories. DR Mason, Bobbie and Ruby trying to cheer up Holly still depressed over her losing the baby. Lesley offers sympathy to Holly, she knows the baby was Luke's. Lou getting into trouble at PCU. Alan and Monica are the first to arrive at Robert's. Robert brings up the topic of blackmail. Repeating the tale of Lila's affair with Arthur Chesler (AKA Tolliver) the Q's relate it's a personal family issue and had nothing to do with the murder. When they leave, Robert activates his computer and learns to his astonishment that Lila's married name was Tolliver. He tells Ramsey that Lila's marraige to Crane is an open invitation to murder. Ruby finds Holly trying to grab a baby at GH and takes her back to her room.  

Wednesday, March 2, 1983 - Robert and Ramsey going over the evidence in the murder. Jimmy Lee is the Q's next problem. He knows the true blackmail issue with Susan but will he keep quiet? The family has got to be nicer to him. Holt receives and unexpected call from Lila, (with coaching from Edward) Jake is fed up with Heather since she keeps telling one lie after another. He's ready to pack it in and quit, until she makes the statement she knows who killed Susan. Lesley, Rick, and Jimmy Lee at Kelly's discussing Holt's invitation to the Q's. Robert and Burt are in the midst of questing Mrs. Bowman the babysitter. She tells them about Susan finding house ransacked and then made a threateing phone call to Edward. Claudia is released from GH. Steve and Audrey kissing. Heather makes the brash statement to Robert that when she opened the closet door she saw Monica killing Susan. Despite Robert's aggravation at Heather's sudden convenient recollection, he agrees to release her on bail. Brian, Claudia, Rick and Lesley at Kelly's. Jackie tries to squeeze information about the murder from Grant, but he puts her in place. Jimmy Lee quickly sees through the Q's good wishes. They want Holt's silence, but it will cost them. Jimmy Lee leaves them with the statement he doesn't want money but he will be in touch.  Grant informs the Q's about Jackie's snooping. Robert makes plans to visit Monica. 

Thursday, March 3, 1983 - Holly is ready to leave and she is totally depressed. Bobbie tries to cheer her up. Monica is shaken when Robert visits her at GH. He asks her about her visit to the cottage shortly before the murder. Monica denies being there, but Stella has already confirmed she finished dinner early that night. Faced with the truth, Monica admits to going to Susan's, but only to plead with her, not kill her. Heather and Alice in a shouting match when she won't foot her bail money. Robert tries to comfort Holly. Scotty pays out Heather's bail money. Immediately she goes to the cottage and bangs out a Monica Death Threat note on the typewriter. Heather sneaks into the Q house to plant the note, but instead finds in the basement a bullet ridden photo of Susan's! What a break!  EDGE PROMO 

Friday March 4, 1983 - No commercials. Monica is furious to learn from Robert that Heather is accusing her of murder. Rick, Lesley and Amy. Amy is ticked that somebody is stealing her clothes. Heather disguises her voice and lures Robert to the Q's basement. As Heather relaxes, Monica barges in and the two engage in a cat fight. TIffany breaks it up. Blackie and Lou at the University. The Q house is in chaos, Robert is in the celler and finds the bullit ridden picture. Alan admits it was used only as a stress reliever. He never intended to shoot her for real. Burt learns from Rick that Alan left the hospital early the night of the murder. Robert learns that Tolliver was in jail the night of the murder.

March 7-10, 1983:  3/7, 3/8, 3/9 Monica's press conference, 3/10

Monday, March 7, 1983 - Family squabbling with Rick, Lesley, Blackie and Amy. Alan and Monica in bed.  Back home a sullen and totally depressed Holly listens as Robert learns via his computer that Lila's Edward;s marraige to Lila is not legal since she was still married to Toliver at the time. Robert is worried over Holly's severe depression. Nothing he, or Bobbie says can snap her out of it. Finally Robert has has enough. He explodes showing Holly her face in the mirror, a dirty unkept woman. This is NOT what Luke would have wanted her to become. Grant agrees with Monica that he can prevent the police from questioning Lila due to her health. Later Robert returns to Holly and she has transformed into a radient beautiful woman. Questioning Rick and Steve, Robert finally gets Alan to crack. He went to Susan's before the murder, but left when he heard Susan and Scotty arguing. Alan, Monica and Edward discussing the murder. Holly learns and tells Robert that Jimmy Lee was in jail the night of the murder along with Tolliver.  AMC/EDGE promo 

Tuesday, March 8, 1983 - Blackie, Amy and Lesley. Blackie stealing food from the kitchen for Lou. Heather goes to see Robert and shows her the black eye she got from Monica. ABC NEWS INTERUPTION for 5 minutes. Robert questions the desk officer on duty the night that Tolliver and Jimmy Lee were in jail. Led into a trap by Robert, Edward admits that going to Susan's cottage but insists he was only attempting to talk with her. Shown the match up between Lila and Tolliver on his computer, Edward maintains that his wife was legally divorced even if he can't prove it. The news of Heather's sneaking around the Q's house appalls Scotty. Blackie trying to teach Lou some manners a la My Fair Lady. Gail speaking on Monica's behalf tries to convince Robert that Heather is a pathological liar. But Gail is stopped cold when Robert shows her the bullit ridden photo of Susan found in the Q basement. Heather calls Jackie to give her the scoop on the Q's. 

Wednesday, March 9, 1983 - Alan and Monica read the scandalous headline in the morning paper: "WHY HASN'T MONICA QUARTERMAINE BEEN ARRESTED FOR MURDER?" Scorpio blasts in to Ian's office demanding answers. He gets into a shouting match with vindictive Jackie as well. Edward asks Jimmy Lee his price for his silence. Jimmy Lee doesn't want money, he only wants a party! A party to introduce him to all of PC as a Quartermaine. While Edward talks with Jimmy Lee, Tolliver interrupts. Jimmy Lee introduces him as Calvin Brown. Gossipy Amy is bothering Grant while Dan and Lesely watch. Dan orders her to stop the gossip or she loses her job. Robert questions the officer on duty the night that Jimmy Lee was in jail. Having no choice, the Q's begin to prepare Jimmy Lee's party. Robert questions Georgia about the week she worked with Susan before her murder:  Did Susan have any contact with Jimmy Lee he ponders? Later he questions Lesley and learns that Mark and Grant met Jimmy Lee at Susan's before their examination of her. Against hospital procedure, Monica holds an impromptu press conference denying any truth to the rumors on the PC Herald slandering her in the murder. She turns the tables on Heather calling her a pathalogical liar.  

Thursday, March 10, 1983 - Alan and Monica with the aftermath of her comments about Heather. Alice shows Monica's rebuttal to Heather in the morning paper. Robert questions Jimmy Lee to his connection with Susan. After hearing the news on the radio, Scotty demands to see Heather. Remaining cool, Jimmy Lee admits Susan wanted him to ruin the Q's and he refused. Later, Holt admits to Edward, and Alan that Robert has linked Tolliver to Susan. Amy, Lesley and Rick at home. Jake confers with Heather about breaking into the Q house and finding the picture of Susan. Lee talks with Lesley and Rick on the closing of the clinic. Holly and Robert going over the case: Holly finds a canceled check for $500.00 labeled Donation C.T. Robert figures out CT must have been Tolliver, he was the blackmailer! He asks his computer to pipe through the Tolliver mugshot, but the picture is from the 1940's and is of a young Tolliver. Lee tries to impress Robert to drop the charges against Scotty. Heather and Scotty jail kisses. Robert drops in on the Q's with the bombshell that Tolliver was in on the blackmail against them.

March 11-16, 1983:  3/11, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16

Friday, March 11, 1983 - Blackie, Rick, Lesley and Amy preparing a Claudia's wedding shower. Tolliver tells Jimmy Lee he is moving on. Jimmy Lee tells him to come by later for his final check. Edward admits to Robert that his computer is a lie. Lila is no bigamist, and then denies Tolliver was blackmailing them. With or without his help, Hand will take care of the clinic. He tells Augie to persuade Rick to abandon the joint. Later he argues with Scotty about giving Rick an extension on the clinic. Blackie and Lou at PCU. Bobbie invites Holly to to Claudia's shower, but Holly declines, instead wishing to help Robert with the case. Robert has Alice over and questions her about Susan's blackmailing the Q's. A delivery arrives for Robert. the police artists sketch of Tolliver as he would look today. The wedding shower for Claudia at the Webber home is interrupted by when Augie demands to know Rick's whereabouts. Stupidly, Amy blabs that he is at the collage. PICTURE BLACKOUTS CUT OUT--- THE LAST 20 MINUTES.  

Monday, March 14, 1983 NO COMMERCIALS - The Q's and Jimmy Lee discuss trying to keep the Blackmail story quiet. Tolliver has been arrested. Robert learns that a body was found in the woods which the Sgt recognizes as the "Tolliver" that was tossed in Jail the night of Susan's murder. Suddenly Robert suspects a hoax. Rick and Lesley invited by the Q's for Jimmy Lee's party. Blackie suggests that Miss Loudmouth Lou needs a bath and some manners. He sends her to the girls shower room. Grant surprises the Q's with the news that their Party will be even more exciting because Celia is coming to town. Smirking, Tolliver insists that Scorpio has no proof of his guilt. Dressed in his checker jacket, Tolliver is ID'd as the man in the drunk tank the night Susan was murdered. Everyone in the Hospital is all abuzz by the Quartermaine party. Rick gets a call from Rose. Patients are lining up outside the clinic she has been told. When Rick gets there nobody is outside except Hand. Rick takes a swing at Hand and the two engage in a fight. Rick flattens Hand, and Rose falls into Rick's arms. Lesley happens to observe the embrace. Robert questions Jimmy Lee about his hiring Tolliver at the construction site. Jimmy Lee lets Blackie keep Lou hidden at the trailer. Robert heavily grills Tolliver hoping he will crack. 

Tuesday, March 15, 1983 - Holly and Bobbie having lunch in the GH cafeteria. Lee tells Scott that he might learn something from the Q's at the upcoming party. Tolliver clams up under Robert's heavy questioning. Bobbie and Holly go on a NY shopping trip. Bobbie decides to invite David Arlen to the Q's party. Mark and Rose at Kelly's. Mark asks her to the Q party. The bartender at the Bucket of Blood identifies Tolliver as the man that was getting drunk the night of the murder. He relates his side of the story on how he came to be arrested.  Heather visiting Scotty in jail. He doesn't want to see her anymore till he is released. oand Scotty's jail. Heather is ordered to Scorpio's office.  Robert runs over a list of her crimes as of late. Jake arrives and has pretty much had it with Heather and her lies. Robert releases Tolliver. While Tolliver waits to be released, he overhears Ramsey telling the desk Sgt that Robert has an eyewitness to Susan's murder. Tolliver goes into a panic. ONTL/EDGE promo 

Wednesday, March 16, 1983 - Party night approches and the Q's are as nervous as cats. A radio broadcast relates the news that Heather has retracted her story about Monica. The rest of the family worries about who will be next. Tolliver hears the news too and standing in the Croydon hallway, he overhears Scorpio grilling the desk clerk. Bribing the desk clerk, Tolliver learns that Robert has arranged a meeting with Heather. When the old man approaches Kelly's, he observes Heather arguing with Scorpio. Bobbie and Holly back from their NY shopping spree. Revealing Heather and Scorpio's scheme to his father, Scott begs Lee to get him out on bail. Tolliver is stalking Heather and he watches as she leaves the Police station. Edward, Lila, Alan, Monica all plotting and scheming before the party begins. Tolliver sneaks into the apartement and hears Heather telling Alice she will house sit at Susan's cottage that night. Tolliver goes to the trailer and removes the documents from under the drafting table. Tolliver bumps into Jimmy Lee outside Kelly's and Mr Holt lashes out at Crane, telling him not to mess with the Q's. Robert tells Holly tonight's party could be a very dangerous night for several people. OLTL/EDGE promo

March 17-22, 1983:  3/17 Ceila arrives for big Quartermaine party, 3/18 Party continues, Toliver stabbed, 3/21, 3/22

Thursday, March 17th, 1983 - A nasty storm is closing in on Port Charles. Lee argues with Robert about the so called mystery witness he has. Jackie tells Heather she is going on assignment to the mid east for in indefinate period of time. Lee calls in a favor from the judge and gets Scotty released on bail. Heather leaves the apartment and is followed by Tolliver. Grant is about to pick up Celia from the airport when he gets a call from the hospital. Edward dispatches a limo for Celia and prays for a flat tire.  A nervous Alan has started drinking even before the party starts. Scotty goes to the apartment to find Heather but she is already gone. He tries to find out who the mystery witness is but Jackie is not saying. Holly looks gorgeous in her party outfit an observation that doesn't escape Robert. The party is in full swing with everyone arrived. Jimmy Lee plans a big announcement. Mark is with Rose, Blackie with Tiffany, and Bobbie with David Arlen. Also attending the party are Rick, Lesely, Brian, Claudia and Lee and Gail. Heather is alone at the cottage when Tolliver tries to break in. Scotty shows up and he hides. Scotty wants to make love, but Heather has to practically push him out the door. The beautiful Celia Quartermaine arrives as the party is in full swing. Immediately, Jimmy Lee is smitten. Celia is more interested in catching up with her old friend Celia who she knows from finishing school in England. The Q's are very uneasy to see Robert. Edward makes special toast to welcome his natural son Eric Quartermaine, aka: Jimmy Lee Holt. The crowd is stunned. Jimmy Lee announces he will be working at ELQ, but he prefers to keep using his humble name. Alone at the cottage, Heather goes upstairs and Tolliver sneaks in with a knife. OLTL/EDGE promo 

Friday, March 18, 1983 - Tolliver sneaks up behind Heather with a knife. She saw him kill Susan and and now she must die. The Q party is still in full swing. Holly wants to know when Robert is going to make his announcement. Escaping to the bedroom, Heather tries to make a call to Robert but the storm has downed the lines. Convinced that he's got the upper hand, Tolliver willingly reveals his blackmail scheme to Heather before he kills her. Susan's snitching to Jackie and his finding a drunken bum, and using him as a double for himself in jail the night of the murder. When the call doesn't come as planned, Robert races to the cottage. Grant finally turns up and Celia flies to his arms. Jimmy Lee gets drunk and tries to make a pass at Celia. She ends up slapping him across the face. Tolliver closes in on Heather with the knife. Just then, Robert bursts in and arrests Tolliver for Susan's murder. Heather never really saw Tolliver shoot Susan, but agreed to act as if she did to catch him. Everyone awaits the squad car when the doorbell rings. As Scotty runs in, the lights go out due to the storm and Tolliver makes his escape. Scorpio fires critically wounding the old man. Clutching his bleeding chest, Tolliver staggers to the Quartermaine party and finds Jimmy Lee licking his wounds in the garden. Tolliver dying, tells Hold to take the papers as they are as good as gold! OLTL/EDGE promo

Monday, March 21, 1983 -  Heather tends Scotty. SHe tells him that she helped Robert set a trap for Tolliver.  Robert trails Tolliver to the Q mansion just as Jimmy Lee carries the critically wounded man in the living room. Awaiting the ambulance, the Q's nervously overhear Scorpio questioning Jimmy Lee. Holt says nothing about seeing any documents. Edward, Monica, Lila and Alan speculate on what to do if the papers are discovered. Holly and Celia. Celia is intrigued by Jimmy Lee and asks Holly to tell her about him. Robert gives Lila a few minutes alone with Tolliver. Despite his grave condition, Tolliver won't tell her where the papers are. Heather and Scotty show up at the mansion. Monica has a fit and calls Heather a lying tramp. The ambulance finally arrives after a great delay from the storm. Celia walks in on Jimmy Lee as he is undressed and changing clothes. Discovering Celia outside the bedroom, Grant can't understand why she is so distant and edgy. He tries to kiss her but her mind is on Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee opens the papers astonished at what they contain. AMC/EDGE promo

Tuesday, March 22, 1983 (THIS SHOW OUT OF SEQUENCE) - Amy and Lesely in the Webber kitchen. She thinks she knows Tolliver from when he was wandering the hospital. Robert is searching through Jimmy Lee's room over Kelly's. Ramsey is searching the construction trailer. Blackie shows up with Lou and he introduces her to Robert and Burt. Steve and Rick pondering surgery for the ailing Tolliver. Edward is anxious for Tolliver to croak so the secret of Lila will remain buried. Monica says that still doesn't solve the mystery of where the papers are. Lesley congraduating Blackie on his high math grade. Edward wants Robert to hide the truth to why Tolliver was in town, but Robert refuses. Robert questions Jimmy Lee to his involvment with Tolliver and later frisks him to find the missing papers. Holt denies any knowledge of blackmail. After Robert leaves Jimmy Lee tapes the papers and puts them behind a wall that is under construction at the PC University. Rick nearly loses Tolliver during surgery but he pulls through at the last minute. Celia answers the door and finds Jimmy Lee there. Holt and Celia try to deny their obvious attraction to each other. Edward, Alan and Monica get into a furious argument causing him to storm out. EDGE OF NIGHT PROMO

March 23-28, 1983:  3/23 Crane Toliver dies, 3/24 Edward & Lila remarry, 3/25 Scorpio house warming party, 3/28 Constance Towers arrives

Wednesday, March 23, 1983 - No commercials. Heather and Scotty in bed. David comes by with flowers for Bobbie as Dan and Ruby are helping her in the kitchen. Steve and Rick watching over a still gravely ill Tolliver. David asks Bobbie to go to Venice on a conference with him. Tiffany totally disgusted to find Scotty has spent the night at the apartment with Heather. Scotty offers to pay for his stay a month in advance. Tiffany seeing the check, can't deny him from staying. Scotty gives Heather the combination to his safe at the office. Grant and Celia at GH. Celia runs into Jimmy Lee. Scotty is at the bank convincing Carlson to forget the forgery charges between him and Susan. Meanwhile Heather cracks Scotty's safe and finds it empty! When she confronts Scotty in a rage, he immediately assumes Hand is responsible. Robert talks with Tolliver. He demands the divorce papers, but Crane refuses to tell him anything. Ruby is dead set against Bobbie going to Venice with David. Alan and Monica try to reason with Tolliver but he keeps silent. Scotty confronts Hand in a rage, and nearly chokes him until Hand tells him that Robert is responsible for his empty safe. Bobbie thinking David is just taking her to Venice so he can take her to bed, tells him to forget it and get lost. Robert and Tiffany having lunch. Scotty barges in and demands his papers. Reluctantly Scorpio gives them to him but warns Scotty to stay out of mob business because he intends to clean up the waterfront. Crane urges Jimmy Lee to use the papers against Edward. After Holt leaves Crane reaches to disconnect his IV, but has a heart attack and dies despite Rick's efforts to revive him. 

Thursday, March 24, 1983 - Alan and Monica break the news to Edward that Tolliver is dead. Rick tells Robert that Jimmy Lee and the Q's visited Tolliver before he died. Celia visits Jimmy Lee at the trailer. Robert arrives and questions Holt about the documents whereabouts. The Q's learn that Robert is going to hold a press conference, so Edward goes to see Robert, but runs into Holly instead. Robert holds the press conference with Edward in attendance. Ian grills Robert about the blackmail. Edward is spotted, and Ian begins digging for clues. Edward says only there was a small personal embarrassment with regards to Tolliver. Holly and Celia at lunch. Holly's nervous when Celia questions her on how she met Robert and fell in love with him. Jimmy Lee and Lu at the trailer. A judge marries Edward and Lila in a private ceremony at the house. AMC/EDGE promo  

Friday, March 25, 1983 - Holly is thrilled to be having a housewarming party for all their friends. Scotty and Heather trying to figure out a way to get out from under the mob's thumb. Luke and Jed at the cabin.  Luke is doing his chores. Lesley and Rick getting ready to attend the Scorpio party, when Rick decides to stop by and see an ailing Rose. Mark offers to take Lesley to the party. Rick finds Rose in a state of depression regarding Joe not being able to visit her. Later, the party is under full swing. The Scorpio party: The Mayor, Grant, Celia, Bobbie, Claudia, Brian, and Tiff are all attending. Holly makes a grand entrance in a stunning and beautiful dress.  Rick arrives and sees that Lesley has had a few drinks too many. Rick ignores her and takes Rose on a tour of the house. Claudia sees Rick and Rose embracing and comes to the wrong conclusion. Jimmy Lee arrives late and Celia is all flustered by his appearance that Grant takes notice of.  Heather and Scott have no luck convincing Hand to pull out of the mall project. After the party Robert helps a tipsy Holly upstairs to bed. He stands outside her door lost in thought. Luke makes an effort to get out of his wheelchair and spills hot soup on his legs. He screams to Jed that he can feel the pain! OLTL/EDGE promo 

Monday, March 28, 1983 - Mark finds Rick and Lesley alone at the clinic, facing an empty room. He urges Rick to give up and close the place. A beautiful woman arrives on the Scorpio doorstep asking to see "Robbie". Connie is a old WSB colleague(and an old flame) of Robert's. Holly tells Robert and insists that he is free to see Connie since their marriage is in name only.  Robert barges into Scott's office demanding he stop the destruction of the waterfront. Robert asks the Mayor and has Scott's demolition permits revoked. Hand is not happy and goes directly to Scott. Rick and Rose at Kelly's. Mark and Lesley offer a plan to Rick about using a shuttle from the waterfront to GH. However Rick rejects the idea. Despite Hand's threats, the construction workers refuse the continue demolition of the waterfront. Robert and Connie have lunch and reminisce over old times. Robert decides he would like to see her again and Holly doesn't object. Robert makes a date with Connie.

March 30 - April 7, 1983:  3/30, 4/1, 4/5, 4/7

Wednesday, March 30, 1983 - Alan tells Lila that he has a surprise for everyone later on. Holly is making fun of Robert on his excersise equipment when Connie arrives. Robert offers Connie his computer to do some WSB work. Alan finds Monica having a bad day at GH. Heather has plans to get information for Scotty about Hand by coming on to his thug Augie. At lunch, Bobbie has a strong desire to take a vacation and asks Holly to go with her. Holly would be glad to get away. Meanwhile Connie is interested in rekindling her personal relationship with Robert. Although Scorpio initially kisses Connie passionately, he is unable to respond to Connie's kisses. Brian and Claudia dining at the Rib, are horrified to see Heather walk in with Augie.  Brian alerts Scotty.  Monica walks in and finds Alan playing with Jason and AJ. Monica is horrified to find both children together. Augie takes Heather back to her apartement and starts coming onto her when Scotty bursts in and orders him out. AMC/EDGE promo

Friday, April 1, 1983 - Before Connie leaves, she is allowed by the WSB to share some information with Scorpio. Luke is starting to have some feeling in his legs. Rick, Lesley and Amy at home. Because of Rick's involvement with the Clinic, he and Lesley have reached an impasse. She insists that Rick is neglecting his family duties. Rick storms out. Blackie must attend a science fair in NY city. Lu wonders what she is to do while she is away. Connie tells Robert that the WSB wants to work with him again if he wants. According to her information, their is a spy ring descending upon PC. Holly is enthusiastic about Robert working for the WSB again. She wonders what kind of agent Luke would have made. Robert and Holly have an awkward dinner with Grant and Celia. Grant can't keep his mind on his upcoming marriage. Luke struggles with his crutches. When Jed has a heart seizure, Luke must drag his feet across the room to get his medicine. Both men realize they are keeping each other alive. Rose finds Rick sitting alone in the clinic. Overhearing Rick on the phone initiating a new plan to revitalize the clinic, Lesley sadly realizes that her husband has made his choice.  Robert produces a beautiful ring that Holly might want to wear in public. Uncomfortable but moved, Holly puts on the ring and stares at it, while Robert puzzled at himself, watches her. Luke finally tells Jed his real name, life story etc. He plans on getting back on his feet and going back to his girl Holly, who he just knows is waiting for him. OLTL/EDGE promo. 

Monday, April 5, 1983 - Joined in progress....missing the first 10 minutes. Holly making breakfast for Robert. She's still uncomfortable about the ring he gave her. Scotty tells Tiffany that he and Heather are done with. Lou at PCU getting into arguments with a couple of students. Holly and Bobbie at lunch making plans for their trip. Tiffany makes plans to get together with Senator Drake. Scotty tells Tiffany that he has investments pouring in totaling 20 K for the new waterfront mall. Later, pretending to make a phone call to a business accociate, (It's actually Heather) Scott puts on a performance for Tiffany. Scott hopes to get Tiffany to help him invest in the waterfront project, but Tiffany isn't interested. Lou remembers the night she escaped from Hand and Augie. Lou becomes hysterical when she remembers that her friend Jody was murdered by Augie. 

Wednesday, April 7, 1983 - Holly making fun of Robert who is doing his excercise on the stationary bike. Jed tells Luke he needs to slow down as Luke is furiously pushing hard trying to walk again, but keeps falling down in the attempt. Lesley and Claudia at the clinic, waiting and waiting, but nobody shows up. Alan and Monica arrive wanting to lend a helping hand at the empty clinic. Suddenly Emma arrives at the clinic with her neighbors. Holly is sweating purfusely after her work out on the bike. Unknown to Grant, Celia is working on a bust of Jimmy Lee. Holt plans a surprise picnic lunch with Celia, but she stands him up when she runs into Grant and Mark at Kelly's. They detain her for lunch, while Jimmy Lee paces in the studio. Robert and Holly pay a visit to Delfina's and Robert helps Holly pick out some clothes for her trip with Bobbie. Robert secretly buys Holly some excercise clothes while she is in the dressing room. Jed talks Luke into getting some braces to help develop his muscles. A furious Jimmy Lees smashes Celia's sculpture and begins eating the food by himself. Finally Celia arrives but Holt storms out. Back at the Scorpios, Holly gets the surprise excercise clothes from Robert.  Luke decides to do whatever he can to try to walk again to get back to Holly. Meanwhile, Robert and Holly acting all playful when Holly begins trying out her new excercise clothes.

April 8 -15, 1983:  4/8, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15

Thursday, April 8, 1983 - Holly has eagerly begun her excercise program and Robert lights up simply watching his sexy wife working out. Luke and Jed at the Hospital. Luke is surprised when his new leg braces arrive. It's a wonderful day for Scotty and Heather when Hand stalks into Baldwin's office. Thanks to all of Robert's police pressure, the mob is pulling out of the waterfront project. Scott is on his own. Hand returns home in a foul mood and blasts his lackey Augie for coming onto Heather. From now on they lay low. Into his new braces, Luke is overwhelmed with pain, but persists. A new therapist Natalie Dearborn is taking over Luke's case. Natalie puts her aggressive good nature to work. Tiffany dines with Senator Drake and informs him of the waterfront project investment. Martin is intrigued with the deal. The Scorpio's plan an impromptu picnic in the park. When Holly gently kisses him on the cheek, Robert becomes so nervous he can't think straight!  Heather and Scotty starting to make out at the apartment when Tiffany suddenly arrives home. Heather hides on the patio. Robert massages Holly's sore muscles, and she falls asleep on the couch under his care. Robert must force himself not to touch her. Luke arrives back at the cabin with Natalie and he is totally giving up trying to walk. But Natalie tries to install some kind of hope in his attitude. Ryan's Hope promo 

Monday, April 11, 1983 - While reading the front page of the paper, Blackie is shocked to read that the police have found Jody's body. Lesley tries to get Blackie to confide in her Lou's troubles. Robert gets a notice on his computer that Holly has gone out of town suddenly and will be back in a few days. Robert and Ramsey digging up leads on Jody's murder, and they are getting closer to nailing Hand and Augie. Tiffany finally tells Scotty about Martin's proposal of helping out with the mall funding. Scotty is thrilled and promises to leave Tiffany alone so she can work on Martin. Incensed at the amount of clerical work they are doing, the GH nursing staff have gone on the uprising. They demand that some non medical clerks be hired and trained. Steve puts the decision in the doctors hands, and except for Lesley they veto the idea. At lunch, Martin informs Scott and Tiffany that he's gotten a commitment of 10 million. Content to be halfway home, Martin gives Tiffany a jeweled pin. Later, Martin verifies the mall's legality with Scorpio. Advising the senator to round up the other 10 million, Robert points out that as soon as the mall is legally financed, work on the construction can officially begin. Later on, Blackie discreetly visits Robert and through his computer, he learns that Lou is being sought by the police for questioning. AMC/ Edge promo 

Thursday, April 14, 1983 - Rose tells Celia that an epidemic of food poising has hit the nurses of GH. Natalie massages Luke's legs and he begins to feel the movement. Holly returns home from her trip to NY to a put off Robert. He is upset she left and only left him a note on him computer. Jed encourages Natalie to get Luke to contact PC. Jesse and Audrey are recovering from the food poisoning. Grant, Mark, and the entire staff of DR's attend to nurse duties while the the nurses recover from the poisoning. Blackie and Lu at PCU. Ramsey and Robert question Augie on the murder of Lou's friend Jody. Holly and Bobbie agree to postpone their cruise. Brian and Claudia postpone the wedding. Augie is released and heads over to a furious Anthony Hand. Robert puts a tail on him. Luke shows Natalie and Jed he can stand without the crutches! Robert questions Blackie's interest in Augie Nash. Blackie plays dumb, even though he knows that it's a matter of life and death for Lu. Rick and Lesley tend a group of ill nuns at GH. Grant, Celia and Jimmy Lee at GH. Trusting Natalie, Luke finally admits his real identity. Robert and Holly dining at Kelly's. 

Friday, April 15, 1983 - Luke in a whirlpool, and he happens to find a newspaper beside him. Shocked he realizes it's from PC! Reading that Bobbie is sick from poisoning, Robert is the Police commissioner, he begs Jed to call GH and find out Bobbie's condition. Jed does so and Luke wonders about his other friends. More pandamonium at GH as the nurses are still recovering from the poisoning. Celia claiming to Grant that she needs to be with Holly to help her prepare the dinner tonight, heads over to her studio for a rendezvous with Jimmy Lee. Celia and Holt melt in each others arms and share passionate kisses. Celia pulls back, confused and mentions her upcoming wedding to Grant. Celia quickly goes to the Scorpios and changes her dress before Grant arrives. Luke can't deny he's curious about the goings on in PC. Natalie makes him an offer, she will go to PC and check up on things.  Luke accepts her offer. Steve, Mark, Rick, Lesley and the Q's all at GH struggling with the recovering nurses. After dining with Grant and Celia, Robert and Holly wonder why they seem happier as a "couple" than their friends do. Holly and Robert say goodnight and go into separate bedrooms. Robert's desire for Holly burns within him, as does Holly's desire for Robert. Holly sits up in her room and stares at her hiking boots and wedding ring.

April 18 - 26, 1983:  4/18 (begining glitchy), 4/22, 4/25, 4/26 

Monday, April 18, 1983 - GLITCHY PICTURE NO COMMERCIALS - Alan and Monica in bed. Under orders from Edward, Monica is assigned the task of doing research at Bohlen Pharmaceuticals in Topeka Kansas. That's one of the key cities in the espionage ring that Robert is investigating. Holly snoops around for Robert and learns through Celia that Monica is going to Topeka Kansas on a trip. Meanwhile, Jimmy Lee and Rose take in a Laurel and Hardy movie at the theater. Naturally Grant and Celia show up and sit right behind them. Natalie arrives at GH and is greeted by Steve. She meets Bobbie. Luke is so excited that Natalie is in PC, that he goes walking in the woods with his walker. Scotty shows Robert his "legal" endorsment from Senator Drake on his housing project. Later, Robert catches Monica before she goes to Topeka and Monica reluctantly agrees to keep an eye open for any strange goings on at the plant. Luke makes friends with a deaf boy at the Hospital. Natalie bumps into Holly at the Rib. Holly learns she is from Indianhead Lake and becomes all misty eyed. Grant, Celia and Robert arrive, and Natalie is shocked to learn that Holly is married to Robert. 

Friday, April 22, 1983 - At the clinic, everyone greets Brian and Claudia after their marriage. Robert meets with the mayor and is introduced to a visitor from the state department. To his suprise, PC has been selected to host an International Exposition in the fall. The government will be leasing part of the waterfront owned by Scotty for part of the expo. Natalie arrives home and tells Luke that he saw his sister and Holly. But she doesn't let on about Holly and Robert. Rick and Lesley are stunned when Scotty presents them with a 20 year lease to keep the clinic going and even more so when he has rounded up waterfront people who support the decision. Brian and Claudia are equally touched by his generosity. Holly and Robert dance at the reception. Natalie breaks the news to Jed about Holly and Robert being man and wife. Grant and Celia bump into Rose and Jimmy Lee at the Rib. Grant gets a call and leaves his future wife alone. Unable to sleep, Jimmy Lee wanders over to the mansion and spies on Celia pacing back and forth. Robert and Holly take in a classic old movie "Rebecca". Holly infatuated, is caught up in the movie, and blurts out that she wishes she and Robert could have a mansion someday like the one in the movie. Robert nervously asks Holly is she is happy to be married to him. Holly tenderly tells him yes. They kiss for the first time. Holly backs away and heads upstairs all confused.   

Monday, April 25, 1983 - Audrey presents a picket sign to Rick and Lesley at the clinic. She is trying to save the Greenwood building that Scotty is going to tear down. Heather is upset with Scott for taking Bobbie to Brian and Claudia's wedding. Robert brings breakfast in bed to a flustered Holly. He wants to talk to her about last night though Holly wants to forget what happened between them, Robert admits he is falling in love with her. But she says that Luke is still in her heart. Luke is in the whirlpool and is puzzled when he learns that Natalie took his case even before she even met him. Natalie tells Luke that she has a deep interest in his case because her finance lost his legs in Vietnam, and subsequently committed suicide. Robert and the Mayor meet with Scotty to work out plans for the waterfront. They mutually agree to divide the property between the city and Scotty's owned property. Scotty tells Rick, Lesley and Audrey that the Greenwood building that she is picketing to save, is now owned by the city. Robert arrives home, turns on the stereo and starts dancing by himself. He encourages Holly to join him and Holly gets caught up in the moment. He plants a kiss on her lips. Robert suddenly walks off leaving a flustered and confused Holly. Meanwhile, Luke has progressed to the point that he can walk without his walker. RH/OLTL promo. 

Tuesday, April 26, 1983 Blackie finds Lu dancing with Jimmy Lee at the PCU. Robert invites a Government official over to his home to ask him point blank what the intentions are with the Expo. The man admits the project involves a project of highly top secret security. Something huge that will benefit the US. Celia informs the Q's that her grandfather has had a heart attack. Edward and Alan plot to keep the ailing Cousin Herbert from attending the wedding. Blackie is jealous of the attention that Lou is getting at PCU. Robert discovers a certain Prof Jerrold is doing classified research at PCU. Jerrold won't tell Robert anything except he answers to TR-733, the agent Robert knows as Connie Townley. Grant bumps into Celia at the University. She has been accepted for a summer job for sculpting. Grant begs off being her model, but later she puts an ad on the bullitin board looking for a subject. Jimmy Lee happens by and tears up her ad and offers that he will be her model! Robert learns via his computer that Connie is coming back to town.

April 27 - May 3, 1983:  4/27, 4/29, 5/2, 5/3 

Wednesday, April 27, 1983 - Robert and Holly bump into each other jogging .Holly keeps putting Robert off for their "talk".  When Dr Moreno orders Natalie off of Luke's case, she decides to resign her position. Refusing to let one the only people he trusts walk out of his life, Luke persuades Moreno that Natalie is essential for his return to PC. Hand and Augie plot to torch Rick's clinic, which is keeping Lesley and Bobbie very busy today with tons of patients. Not finding anyone to go jogging with her, Holly takes a sauna. Later, Robert gets the same idea. Draped in towels the two bump into each other once again. Confused, Holly walks out leaving Robert all alone. Luke and Natalie meet the local waitress at the mountaintop diner, Shirley Pickett. Later, Robert and Holly talk about their relationship. Holly needs time to think. She decides to go to to the mountain to bury her feelings for Luke.

(Missing 4/28 show that is missing is the episode where Anthony Hand is killed by his henchman and they set fire to Rick's clinic.) 

Friday, April 29, 1983 - The aftermath of the fire at the clinic. Rick, Lesley, Brian and Rose discuss what happened with the fire department. The police are called in when a body turns up in the rubble. Luke is walking more and more without the aid of the walker. Discovering Holly putting on her hiking boots, Robert learns that she is serious about going to the mountain. Later after Robert's helicopter drops her off, Holly stops by the diner and talks with Shirley. Natalie happens by and she is stunned to see her there. Running back to Jed's however she learns that Luke has already taken off for the mountain. Taking a jeep she tries to head him off before he bumps into Holly. Ramsey informs Rick that the body in the clinic was Anthony Hand. Celia and Jimmy Lee make love. Under pressure, Blackie tells Robert where he is hiding Lou but its too late. Augie has gotten to her first. Holly almost runs into Luke on the trail.

Monday, May 2, 1983 - Hearing Lou's screams, Robert and Blackie break into her dorm. Augie takes off and is gunned down. Ramsey tells Rick that Augie and Hand are the culprits in the arson. Lou tells Robert the whole story of how she came to town and got involved with Hand's prostitution ring. Every place Luke rests, Holly has gotten there a few minutes before. He finds her dropped handkerchief and smells her perfume. It gives him the energy go move on. Natalie finally tracks Luke down and convinces him to let her drive him the rest of the way. At the edge of the reservoir, Holly shouts out Luke's name and then tosses her half a six pence in the water. Later Luke arrives at the same location just missing her by a few seconds. Connie returns to Robert's townhome, and instantly comes on to him. Gently rebuffed, Connie plants a lipstick impression on the towels in the bathroom. Connie slips out and Robert learns a mole has invaded PC.

Tuesday, May 3, 1983 - NO COMMERCIALS - Ramsey questions Scotty in his involvment in the arson but learns he and Heather never left the penthouse apartment. Holly returns and plants a big kiss on his lips. Robert is floored and makes plans for big dinner with her. However, Holly finds the lipstick that Connie left in the bathroom and storms out. Yearning for Jimmy Lee, Celia can't get out of her lunch date with Grant. While they are dining at the Rib, Celia sees Robert having lunch with Connie, who kisses him on the cheek. DL Brock (David Groh) meets with Scotty about waterfront business. Celia is unaware that Connie is just discussing the existence in a spy in town. Heather makes plans to rent the former apartment of Anthony Hand. Brock needing to see a Dr, is sent over to GH by Scotty and told to ask for Bobbie Spencer. Celia and Jimmy Lee exchange kisses in the park. Holly happens by and is shocked to see what her friend is doing. Celia also warns Holly about Roberts indescretions with Connie. Alan and AJ at the Q house. Later Holly storms out on Robert leaving him wondering what is going on.

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