"If you have any questions about any of the edits, please contact Stacey at [two email addys- either is fine]:  
CurLyQgrL@aol.com or CurLyQgrL2001@yahoo.com 

I've activated my yahoo email addy as another way of contacting me. Aol has so many spam filters that they routinely bounce some of my incoming email, they won't accept some email from some ISPs and have so many spam filters that it occassionally doesn't work with the amount of email I receive. So if any email to my aol account bounces just try me at the yahoo addy, you can also post on my dreambook (my message board) though I get back to emails the fastest. Do not include URL's to my site if emailing me at the aol addy as that increases the likelyhood of it bouncing due to the amount of email my site receives.

Please specify which edits your interested in and whether on tapes or dvds. "

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