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Slayer Speak

Even the hugest Buffy fan can sometimes get a bit lost when the characters start speaking some new slang and it takes a bit of getting used to. This list of most commonly used slayer vocabulary should see you through the basics!

astral projection noun - the theory that while one sleeps one has another body, an astral body, that can travel through time and space.

brooding - verb - appearing deep in thought
Double Bowling Date noun - something that doesn't work out as anticipated, e.g., a disaster.
BtVS abbr. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Carbon-dated adj. Beyond Passé
chick fight thing noun - female street fight thing with hair pulling and nail digging.
childhood trauma noun - problem. as in . . "What's your childhood trauma?"
country music noun - the music of pain

Da bomb adjective - cool
dust verb - to eliminate vampires using a stake

Elsewhere to be n Another engagement far away (sarcasm)
Evita-like adj. Self-centred; arrogant; Madonna-like
Exorcist twist n Full turn of the head executed by teenage-boy-killing praying mantises and Linda Blair

funky adjective - not of the norm, unusual, odd
feeding verb - Drinking blood; a vampire's only means for survival.
Free n Study hall

Gene and Roger n Unsolicited criticism (as in Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert)

hitting a major backspace verb - losing points in popularity status
hootenanny noun - party chock full o' hoot with a little bit of nanny
hottie noun - attractive male or female-- including vampires. ie : Angel
harvest noun - a night once in a century when a Master Vampire can draw power from one of his minions while it feeds.
host noun - The person off whom the vampire feeds.
Helen Keller n Unobservant person ("my eyes are hazel, Helen Keller")

idiot box noun - any kind of computer

Just Friends phrase - opposite of "That Way"

kiss of death noun - the words "have a great summer" when written in a high-school yearbook

life noun - the act of living, but only when it includes elements of fun
Lose (one's) water v Freak out

much adverb - [Cordelia] great in degree - often used as a put-down, as in "Pathetic much?" or "Over-identify much?"
master noun - The most powerful of vampires, capable of destroying the earth
minion noun - a follower of the Master Vampire

Nothing's Gonna Happen sentence - something's gonna happen

One-Starbucks town n Boring burg

pos adverb - yes, affirmative . . opp. of neg



Salty goodness n Male treat for the eyes (synonym: a studly)
Scully v Explain paranormal activity with scientific rationale; homage to The X-Files' Dana Scully ("I can't believe you are trying to Scully me")
Keyser Sözed adj. Duped into believing in a non-existent villain by the actual bad guy, à la The Usual Suspects ("Does anybody else feel like they've been Keyser Sözed?")
Sabrina noun - A witch
She-Giles noun - female with Watcher's knowledge of the supernatural and slayer history
Shields, Brooke noun - creature from the blue lagoon
shindig noun - situation
slayer noun - a girl born once every generation with the strength and skill to hunt vampires, find them where they gather and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.
smoochies noun - kissing
so adverb - very much - as in Willow is so the net girl
spontaneous human combustion noun - el bursto into flamo-- like the human torch, except it hurts
superchick noun - abnormally powerful woman . . ; Buffy/Julie

tact noun - not saying true stuff
Tesh, John noun - 1. TV personality and composer of inspirational music 2. Evil incarnate-- the devil.
That Kind of Moron noun - someone who wants to return to Sunnydale
that way noun - Buffy doesn't think of Xander that way
tragedy masks noun - sad faces

Übersuck n Major bummer
undead adjective - vampire or zombie; dead but doesn't act like it

Vague that up v Make a completely foggy explanation more unclear (sarcasm)
vampire 1 noun - reanimated body of currently dead human who feeds on blood has pointy teeth and a generally nasty disposition
vampire 2 noun - Demonic creatures who live off the blood of humans; a vampire appears to be a normal person until the feed is upon them -- only then do they reveal their true demonic visage
vogue up infinitive - to beautify
vessel noun - a minion, bearing a three-pointed symbol, which can give the Master Vampire power by feeding

The wig n The creeps (also wiggins)
wacky, the noun - irrational behaviour caused by love, crazy things ("Love makes you do the wacky")
wiggins noun - the creeps form of wigged out . . as in that guy with a nail in his head gives me the wiggins
witch noun - one who casts horrible disfiguring spells, usually to become a cheerleader
watcher noun - person who finds the Slayer and leads her on her path; it is his destiny to guide the Slayer


yester adjective - In the past or history. Example: Buffy says, "That nail polish is so 'yester'.


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