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Bad Guys

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Vampires The Order of Teraka Ted The Judge The She-Mantis Ampata the Mummy Anyanka Machida The Sisterhood of Jhe Fish Men The Bezoar Acathla Der Kindestod Claw The Gorch Brothers Eyghon, the Sleepwalker Moloch, the Corruptor The Brotherhood of Seven Werewolves


As the title suggests, the main foe in Sunnydale is the average bloodsucking vampire. The minute the sun sets you can be sure that there will be some creep searching the streets for a quick meal and, more often than not, ending up on the end of a stake wielded by our Buffy. So, what do we know about vampires? Quite a lot actually.
The Master

The undead feed off the blood of the living during the night as sunlight will cause a nasty effect culminating in spontaneous combustion. Vampires fear the cross and all things associated with the church as these will harm them, eg. Holy Water, and Angel should know. A vampire can only be truly killed through stabbing with a wooden stake through the heart although very old and powerful vampires either require their bones to be crushed or to be staked with one very big stake, a beam for example. Once staked, vampires will crumble to dust, thus eliminating the problem of what to do with the twice-dead corpses. However, Angel has already quite unfortunately encountered another method to kill a vampire; this being using a special poison. The only antidote to this poison is the blood of a points for guessing what happened there.

To become a vampire you must be sired. For this to happen a vampire must first drink the blood of the unfortunate victim. Next, the soon-to-be-undead has to in turn drink some of the sire's blood. Sounds like one big suckfest to me.

Throughout the series' we have also learnt about the demonic side of vampires. Once you have been sired, you die and your soul is lost. Soon enough, a demon comes along and "sets up shop in your old home" (Buffy - Lie to Me) and so it's a totally different being occupying your body which happens to remember your life. This demon has no soul and so has no conscience and guilt about their actions. As per usual, exceptions are in order of Angel who had his soul restored after a curse. Spike & Dru

Prime examples of vampire baddies are Spike and Drusilla. They entered Sunnydale in School Hard in Season Two and their aim throughout their stay was to eliminate the Slayer. They tried time and time again using other bad guys such as the Tarakan Assassins and The Judge but were not successful. They did profit from their stay at the Hellmouth by restoring Dru back to full health using her sire - Angel. They both left in the last episode of Season Two - 'Becoming', although Spike made a brief return in 'Lovers' Walk' in Season Three after Dru dumped him.

The Order of Teraka

The Order of Teraka are bounty hunters who can be identified by a ring which they all wear. Their sole aim is to find and destroy their bounty. Three were summoned by Spike in 'What's My Line', Season Two, to get rid of Buffy. We have found out that they are not all human (eg. Maggot Man) and killing them is no use as others will come to take their place. We also know that they are widely heard of in the Slayer realms as Kendra had read of them in the writings of Dramius; I believe it was Volume 6.


Ted Ted appeared in Season Two's 'Ted' as Joyce's new boyfriend. Although the rest of the gang warmed to this new figure immeadiately Buffy kept him at arms length, and refused to eat any of his cookies or mini-pizzas. After a little snooping by Willow on account of the fact that Ted seemed to wake from the dead, the gang found that Ted's first marriage dated back to the 1950's. On inspection of his home, Xander finds Ted's first four wives dead in a closet and Joyce is intended to be the fifth. We soon find out that Ted is a robot who keeps marrying and imprisoning his wives, and keeps his 'friends' compliant by drugging the food he makes. Needless to say, Buffy put him on the scrap heap.

The Judge

Buffy encountered Big Blue in 'Surprise' and 'Innocence'. He is reputed to bring forth Armageddon or as Angel put it: "separate the righteous from the wicked, and to burn the righteous down". The Judge cannot be killed by any weapon forged and the last time he was fought it took an entire army to take him down. He could not be killed so instead he was dismembered and the parts were buried in the farthest corners of the earth. Dru decided to put him back together again. This time Xander came up with the goods - a rocket launcher - and The Judge was blown to little bits by a weapon that was made, not forged.


The She-Mantis assumed the character of a teacher, Natalie French, when she arrived in Sunnydale in the episode Teacher's Pet - Season One. The preying mantis' aim is to find two virgin males with whom she can mate and then in true mantis style, eat. Unfortunately, one of those chosen happened to be Xander who soon needed rescuing by his pals. Buffy used a recording of bat sonar to distract the creature before hacking its head off with a machete. The She-Mantis can turn its head 180 degrees even in human mode and is so powerful that even vampires such as Claw are afraid of her.

Ampata the Mummy

This mummy arrived in the episode Inca Mummy Girl - Season Two as a foreign exchange student who was to stay with Buffy. Or that is to say, the mummy attacked the student Ampata Gutierrez and took over it's personality. A mummy needs the life and blood of a human to keep their looks otherwise their body will shrivel and die. They take this life force through a fatal kiss. Ampata was the first girl other than Buffy to draw Xander's attention and her story was probably also the saddest of all the villains. Buffy identified with her because, at sixteen she was called by her Incan people to be offered as a sacrifice and to give up her life.


Anyanka is a demon who possesses the power of 'The Wish'. It is her job to avenge the wrongs of all men by allowing women to wish horrible things onto those who have cheated on them, hurt them, etc. Sounds good doesn't it? Not when Anya approaches Cordelia in The Wish - Season Three who decides that her life took a turn for the worse when Buffy arrived. She wishes that Buffy Summers never came to Sunnydale and this is granted. All of a sudden we are in a alternate reality. There is no Slayer, Xander and Willow are bad-ass vamps, and The Master is running the town. After a few hints from our Cordelia before she becomes alterna-Willow's snack, alterna-Giles hits on the idea of there being a demon involved and he tracks down Anyanka. During a struggle, Anyanka loses her pendant which grants her the powers and everything returns to normal except that the demon Anya is trapped in her teenage body to live out her days in high-school.


Machida appeared in Reptile Boy - Season Two. Buffy and Cordelia are invited to a frat party where they are drugged and chained up in the cellar by two frat guys. It turns out the the members of the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity worship a big half-man half-snake. Every year, the frat members bring it three girls as sacrifices and it in turn gives the members money and power. That is until the Scooby Gang show up and Buffy slices the snake in half.

The Sisterhood of Jhe

The sisterhood of Jhe appear in the episode The Zeppo - Season Three. Because we only see the action in this episode when Xander is around, the Jhe members are only featured a couple of times but their aim in Sunnydale is to open the Hellmouth and release all the demons currently trapped in hell. The Hellmouth does temporarily pen although we do not see it but in the end all is well and the Sisterhood retreat.

Fish Men

The 'Fish Men' are actually Sunnydale swim-team members who have been given steroids mixed with fish DNA by their coach. The overdose of these drugs leads to the members 'getting in touch with their inner halibut' and swimming off into the sea. Although no antidote for this effect has been found, Buffy caught up with the Team captain who ended up as fish-food. The fish-men were last seen off the coast of Sunnydale but they have never returned to land.


The Bezoar is pre-prehistoric parasite that lies dormant underground for thousands of years laying eggs. The young then attack humans and then gain control of thier motor functions through neural clamping; or they use people as hosts to dig out big mama. Buffy encounters the Bezoar in Bad Eggs - Season Two and manages to escape the eggs by killing the creepy-crawly that emerged. When she finally comes face to face with the parasite, she manages to hack it to death using a pick-axe.


The demon Acathla, when awoken, creates a vortex to hell as it draws its first breath. All living beings from this world will be sucked into the next where they will suffer eternal pain and torture, only demons will survive unscathed. Acathla can only be awoken and then stopped, through the blood of one chosen person, namely Angel. Angelus opened the vortex while in evil mode but Acathla only claimed one victim, Angel himself, as Buffy sent him to hell to save the rest of the world.

Der Kindestod

Buffy is sent to hospital in Killed by Death - Season Two after a bad case of flu and a run-in with Angelus. Whilst there, she sees a monster guy stalking children though she later puts it down to her being delirious. However, this guy is real and his name means 'The Child Death'. He preys on weak children while they have a fever and literally sucks the life out of them. Buffy realises that this guy killed her cousin Celia when Buffy was seven, leading to her fear of hospitals. Because Buffy is recovering, she drinks some virus to give her a fever once more and goes after Kindestod. After a struggle in the basement of the hospital, she snaps his neck.



Claw was once a follower of the Master but displeased him at some point and cut off his own hand as penance, replacing it with a 'big fork' according to Buffy. Claw was reputed to have been a ruthless oponent but even he is frightened of the She-Mantis who appears in the same episode. Buffy uses this to her advantage by using Claw to lead her to Natalie French. She then promptly dusts him. Tough? Nah.

The Gorch Brothers

Lyle and Tector Gorch are not the cleverest of foes. They arrived in Bad Eggs - Season Two but only Lyle had the chance to fight Buffy as Tector was eaten by the Bezoar. The brothers originated in Abeline, Texas and they massacred an entire Mexican village in 1886....before they became vampires.

Eyghon, the Sleepwalker

In his youth Giles raised a demon Eyghon with one of his friends, Ethan Rayne. Now this demon has come back to haunt him and is killing all of those who bear the mark of Eyghon, including Giles himself. So, in The Dark Age - Season Two, the demon comes after Giles but ends up possesing Jenny as she lies unconscious. Willow comes up with the idea of using Angel as a decoy because the demon only jumps to either unconscious or dead bodies. Eyghon jumps into Angel but the demon inside him is older and stronger and emerges victorious.

Moloch, the Corruptor

in the Middle Ages, Moloch the Corruptor was imprisonedin a book wgere he was meant to stay until the words of the book were read aloud. The school scans the book into the Internet and he is released out into cyberspace. Moloch prays on the young and impressionable, in comes Willow. She starts up a cyber romance with him, alias 'Malcolm Black'. In reality Moloch is building a body so that he can go out and kill. With the help of Jenny, Moloch is imprisoned in the body and Buffy electrocutes him.

The Brotherhood of Seven

The brotherhood both contains seven members and needs to harvest a fresh heart and brain every seven years. If not, then the demon will return back to it's true form from the body of a human. In The Puppet Show - Season One, Sid is discovered to be a demon-hunting dummy who has already killed six out of the seven demons. When they finally uncover who the last one is, Sid stabs him with a kitchen knife and his soul can finally pass to the next world.


In a word, Oz. Oz finds out he is a werewolf in Phases - Season Three when he undergoes some changes. Apparently he was once bitten on the finger by his toddler cousin who is also a werewolf. Oz changes three nights a month on and around the full moon. Luckily for him, Giles and the Slayer found out that it was him and shot him with a tranquilliser gun before Cain, the werewolf hunter found him. Cain uses the only known true method to kill a werewolf, a silver bullet, and he has managed to kill 11 in his time.

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